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EVENT: memes & kdramas!   hi ya chingus! for those who haven't ventured outside the kdrama section, what do some of these other parts of soompi cover? the soompi hangout is just a genera

I think we can all relate to these, no?           cr. to owners   tagging more chingus: @booha @rocher22 @willenette @africandramalover @lebeauc

heyyyyyyy peopleeeeeee

it's time to switch the theme again!

Happy Parks And Recreation GIF

okay sooo since this website does have a lot of fangirls/fanboys on this website i wanted to make this week's theme about fangirls/fanboys/fandoms and all the weird things about them.


Fangirl MemesIf Fangirling Was a Subject in School Ooakelysium Fangirl Memes - Memexyz |  Meme on ME.ME

of course u can also make ur own custom meme using gifs and images (credit: @Lmangla)


me when i find out my friend is in the same fandom as me:

Happy Carlton GIF


@Lmangla @partyon @SilverDawn @nrllee @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali @Min2206 @Sejabin @corey @MayanEcho @Berou @Jillia @joccu @Alice Wonderland @YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ @kokodus @TiNaDo @Sarang21 @Thong Thin @pompyavi @larus @sadthe1st @cream cheezy @Fangirl22

hope u guys have a great rest of ur day/night! <3



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helloooooo peopleeeeeeee

it's time to switch the theme again :D

so this week's theme is snow/cold weather memes.

the reason i wanted to have this as the theme this week was because it snowed a lot yesterday and i hate snow.

i thought hmmmm let's post memes about my suffering.

so that's what we're doing!


40 Hilarious Winter And Snow Memes For When You're Freezing Your Face Off |  Winter humor, Snow meme, Snow humor11 Snow Memes To Help You Deal Now That Winter Storm Jonas Is Over

or u can also post custom memes by using gifs or images (credit to @Lmangla)


when it snows 6 inches overnight: 

Are You Crazy GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


@Lmangla @partyon @Jillia @Berou @Sleepy Owl @TiNaDo @cream cheezy @4evrkdrama @SilverDawn @MayanEcho @hqy @corey @pompyavi @Min2206 @Ameera Ali @larus @Alice Wonderland @Sejabin @celebrianna @Sarang21 @nrllee @joccu @Fangirl22 @sadthe1st @Thong Thin @kokodus 


if u r new to the weekly meme theme; welcome! it's great to see u here! <3

so basically every week i change the "meme theme" and select a theme for the memes to be posted for the week. 

if u have any questions/issues about my thread pls contact me via PM.

thanks in advance!

have a great rest of ur day/night! <3


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2 minutes ago, SilverDawn said:

@mirmz I love snow.... on tv! Where I live we are very dramatic when it comes to snow. I think it's in our DNA. The world stops, the end it near....


haha well im glad u like it, :D

but since i live in the midwestern us i get a LOTTTTT of snow.

it's just not my favorite. XD

Our Favorite 'Storm Nemo' Memes… So Far! | Winter humor, Snow meme, Weather  memesSnow Memes Winter Funny GIFs Fails Photos theChive 2018 : theCHIVE

Laugh Through the Next Nor'easter with Hilarious Snow Memes [NSFW

my cat does this too lol

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