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Jung Ji Hoon * 정지훈 * 鄭智薰 * (aka Rain/Bi / 비 / ピ) I [Upcoming Drama 2024] Red Swan


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***  This thread is solely for Rain’s acting endeavours  ***


For information regarding his singing projects in Soompi...



...please click here : Rain’s Soompi Official Music Thread

















Name  :  비 / Bi (Rain)
Real Name  :  정지훈 / Jung Ji Hoon
Also Known As  :  Rain (West) / Pi (Japan)
Nickname  :  Dog (Collie)
Profession  :  Actor - Singer - Model - Dancer - Producer
Birthdate  :  1982-Jun-25
Birthplace  :  Seoul, South Korea
Height  :  184cm
Weight  :  75kg
Star Sign  :  Cancer
Blood type  :  O+
Family  :  Father & Younger Sister
Education  :  Kyung Hee University (Post Modern Music)
Languages  :  Korean, Mandarin, and English
Religion  :  Christian (Roman Catholic)

Married to : Kim Tae Hee [Soompi]

Agency  :  R.A.I.N Company


More information : Wikipedia












Rain's TikTok:@rain.xix

Rain's Vlive on Let it Rain

Rain’s Official Web Site

Rain’s Twitter

Rain’s Instagram

Rain’s Weibo

Rain’s Facebook

Rain’s Official Youtube Channel

Raincompany_The Official Blog (Naver)

















2019 Welcome 2 Life (MBC) 

2018  Sketch (JTBC)

2017 [C-drama - airing date not confirmed yet] Endless August/August Not The End (八月未央)

2016 Come Back Mister (SBS)

2014 My Lovely Girl (SBS)

2010 The Fugitive : Plan B (KBS)

2005 A Love to Kill (KBS2) and Banjun Drama
2004 Something to Tell You; Romance Solver; Full House (KBS2)
2003 Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (KBS2)
2002 Orange (SBS)






Uhm Bok Dong / 엄복동 (Upcoming)



















2019: Uhm Bok Dong / 엄복동 (K-movie)

2014: The Prince (Hollywood movie)

2014: For Love or Money (C-movie)

2012: Return 2 Base (K-movie)

2009: Ninja Assassin (Hollywood movie)

2008: Speed Racer (Hollywood movie)

2006: I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay (K-movie_


* * * * * *


Ninja Assassin exercise - training - fight

2009 Star Movies VIP Access interview




* The Best Male Style Icon of the Year (2008)
* President Prize on The National Day for Saving (2008).
* Korea Image Stepping Stone Award (2008)
* 13th CineAsia Awards: Male Asian Star of The Year Award (2007)
* Korean Movie Star Awards: Best Male Newcomer Award (2007)
* 44th Grand Bell Awards: Overseas Popularity Award (2007)
* Hallyu Grand Award (2007)
* People Magazine Awards: World's 100 Most Beautiful People 2007 Award (2007)
* 59th Berlin Film Festival: Alfred Bauer Prize (I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK) (2007)
* 43rd Baeksang Art Awards: Best New Actor (I'm a Cyborg, But that's OK) (2007)
* Time Magazine Awards: 100 Most Influential People Who Shape the World Award (2006)
* Asia TV Awards: Best Movie Style Award for A Love to Kill (2006)
* KBS Awards: Excellence Award for A Love to Kill (2005)
* KBS Awards: Excellence Award for Full House (2004)
* KBS Awards: Best Couple Award (with Song Hye Kyo) (2004)
* KBS Awards: Popularity Award (2004)
* KBS Awards: Netizen Actor Award (2004)
* 40th Baeksang Art Awards: Popularity Award for TV Part Award (2004)
* KBS Awards: Best Male Artist Award for Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (2003)
* KBS Awards: New Actor Award for Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (2003)
* KBS Awards: Netizen Award for Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (2003)
* KBS Awards: Best Couple Award (with Gong Hyo Jin) (2003)


More information : Wikipedia


* * * * * *


August 2007 Rain Makers Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

2008 TIME magazine interview

August 2010 Rain is Coming MBC Special Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

2009 CNN Talk interview

May 2009 Hip Korea Discovery Channel (Eng Sub) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Oct 2009 MBC Section TV interview in New York
























LaCloud Boyfriend (SK)

Grekriti (China)


Cuckoo (Sk)

Ninedot (SK)

Magic Show (China)

Ming Zhuang (China)

Wellcarefit (China)

Lovo (China)

YSL (China)

LAviva (China)

JVJQ (China)

Mentholatum (China)

Adidas (Korea)

Coupang (Korea)

DOHC Clothing Line (Korea)
Tous Les Jours (Korea)
Nature Republic (Korea)
Pizza Hut (Korea)
Clear Shampoo (Korea,Vietnam, China)
Samsung -Anycall (Korea)
Calvin Klein Jeans (Korea)
Miiow Sport (Korea)
J. Tune Creative (Sunglasses) (Korea)
Six to Five (Korea)
MAMA Noodles (Thailand)
Fu Ma Cupcakes (China)
Pantech Mobile Phone (China)
DHC Cosmetics Career (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan)
Pepsi (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan)
Ralph Lauren BMW (Korea)
Giordano (Korea)
XTM (Korea)
LG X-Note (Korea)
Daewon Cantaville (APT) (Korea)
KB Star Card (Korea)
Dutch Mill (Thailand)
Today's Tea (Korea)
O Hui for Man (Korea)
Nikon Imaging (Korea)
Giordano (Korea)
SK telecom "Nate" (Korea)
Lotte Dutyfree Shop (Korea)
Europe Unilever (covering all Asia)
Korea National Tourism Organization "Korea Sparkling"














Feb 2017 Nylon photoshoot video

May 2016 Cosmopolitan photoshoot video

Feb 2016 Singles Magazine photoshoot video

August 2015 Diamond Lover Femina Magazine photoshoot video

May 2006 Cosmopolitan photoshoot video












Rain’s Official Fan Club



Japan Official Fan Site


Korea Benamoo Cafe

























Credit all images : as tagged/owners

This first post was posted by ~*kYo*~. I assumed the administration of this post on 26.1.16.





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Guest nchristi

Aigoo! :( Can hardly wait till we get more great pix of fabulous Bi! I love his personality... sooo sweet. Cute grin, too. :rolleyes:

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BI thread fighting!!!! fighting!!!! poor soompi...so are we making this the official Bi thread? :D


wendy, here's the translation of the clip the other day. :P

[Engl.trans]2005.10.03.kbs Yeoyumanman: Star Magazine

[RAIN is back for 'This Damned Love']

Reporter: Hello, how are you?

RAIN: Hi! How are you? This is Jeong, JiHun.

Reporter: You are much more handsome in person.

RAIN: Ah, Thank you!

Reporter: I believe many have told you so?

RAIN: Yes. I hear that... not often.

Reporter: Do you know why I dressed like this today?

RAIN: Why…wear…like…this…

Reporter: In our last news report I saw you fighting against 13 thugs. You were attacked so terribly. [image of RAIN fight against the thugs]. So, I dressed up like this to protect you from those thugs. Do you feel safe now?

RAIN: Now…I…feel…quite safe…yeah… (Laughs)

Q: Your feelings about being an action hero for the first time?

RAIN: It’s difficult, and I get hurt a lot. But, I think this will be a very new thing to the viewers, and also be an entertaining drama. Ah! And I will try hard to make this drama for you to have happy time in this winter.

[images of action; SangDoo; Full House; Concert]

Q: How would you describe Kang, BokGu the character you play?

RAIN: This time..Um. It is a street fighter, so to speak. He is kind of a born-fighter whose father was a mobster. But the character is not a properly trained fighter. He just fights with what he is good at. Anyways, the drama will be very interesting. Naturally, I am not doing if it is not interesting…(Laughs)

[images from when he was a member of the pop group FanClub; Sangdoo, Let’s go to school; Full House]

[in 2005 he is back with a total new look!]

Reporter: I can see your perfect preparation of being a street fighter, with the band-aid on your face, bandage around your hand.

RAIN: This is for the scene where I had some incident and hurt my hand, so I had to wrap the hand with the bandage. But, I must do it rough, not properly.

Q: Your comparison of Sangdoo, Youngjae and Kang, Bokgu?

RAIN: Well, Youngjae in full House was…really introverted, very cute and very sweet. But this Kang, Bokgu is very tough, manish, dedicated lover, and protects his lover with everything he has. A real melodrama hero will he be.

Reporter: I envy her…

RAIN: Well, you don’t need to…

[images of RAIN trying to shed tears; Sangdoo; Full House; 2004 KBS Best Singer Award; 2002 November video clip]

Q: How did you manage to show tears for the scenes?

RAIN: Every emotional scene has to be truthful, I think. Even during the acting, I have to know how I should respond to the situation. When I let my body and mind go with the flow, it gets easier to concentrate on the emotional scenes. To be truthful is the best way, I think.

Reporter: What was the today’s filming about?

RAIN: Yes…today’s is a hospital scene. My brother becomes a vegetable. So, we filmed that, and I must go to the set to film other scenes.

Reporter: You look thinner due to the busy schedule.

RAIN: (makes a funny face to show his becoming thinner) (laughs)

[Assistant director/camera director is making jokes all the time, so that RAIN laughs and finds it hard to concentrate on his act]

RAIN: (to the viewers) Yes, Ah, the viewers of Yeoyumanman, Ah, especially those mother-fans who are watching this, please show your power. It will be on October 31st, 9:50 in the evening. Please watch ‘This Damned Love’ (*The love he doesn’t deserve?? Still not sure…), and I hope you’ll enjoy it. You might want to reminisce about the love you felt in your twenties.

Thank you!


English translation by Genevieve of www.fanrain.com

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OK, to stop all confusion..let's be fair..this thread was started first , so Bi'ers can adopt this thread here if you choose to ! :D I definitely will. B)

lily potter, last seen Bi's thread was around 2443...! We can make it again, I'm sure ! :P

Jen & ceej, kamsahamida for your wonderful pics ! Make the page more colorful and vibrant. :lol:

Hi Mel...getting ready for HK ? All Bi'ers here will count on you guys to post the concert ! Especially Bam...I look forward to what she writes, if she comes down from cloud9 fast enough !!!

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Guest whimsical

BI thread fighting!!!! fighting!!!! poor soompi...so are we making this the official Bi thread? :D


wendy, here's the translation of the clip the other day. :P

[Engl.trans]2005.10.03.kbs Yeoyumanman: Star Magazine

Thanks for the translation Rica. I watched the clip yesterday and was lost. Now I understand. :lol:

Btw, I posted this in the old thread before Soompi crashes - any Bi'ers going to HK this weekend interested in a disneyland ticket for Monday Oct 10? Price = HKD 295. We booked an extra one on the net by mistake. PM me please. :P

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thanks guys...hehehehe...im just reposting the old ones...then after that...ill post the latest...hehehehe......tho ive got tons....youll surely see what ive posted before...hehehehe






oh so sexy...sexy..sexy...sexy..............:D


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