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  1. BIOGRAPHY Name Kim Tae-Hee 김태희 金泰希 Date of Birth March 29, 1980 Height 165cm Weight 45kg Bloodtype O Birthplace Ulsan , South Korea Religion Roman Catholic Family Parents , Elder Sister (Kim Hee Won), Brother-in-law (Jung Cheol Woo), Younger Brother (Lee Wan), Nieces (Yuna and Sae Ah) Married to Jung Ji Hoon a.k.a Rain/Bi [soompi [Link] [Link]] Schools/University graduated from Ulsan Samshin Elementary School [link], Ulsan Daehyun Middle School, Ulsan Girls High School [link], Seoul National Univeristy (Major in Fashion Design) [link] Hobby Chatting on the telephone, Strolling her puppy, Jazz dance, Reading Special skills Dozing without considering the time and place, Glutton, Art, Piano performance, Making things, Skiing Favorite food Cold noodle, Sliced raw fish, All seafood products Favorite music All songs (like 'Dawn') by female singers with a sweet voice Other favorites Happiest when she prays before sleeping Books or movies which impressed her deeply A Perfect World, Amélie Favorite actor/actress Nicole Kidman Person who she respects Mother Facial features she likes best Eyes and eyebrows Most charming features Her plump lower jaw, Her mouth when it opens as she laughs Nickname Headbanging (When she slept during school time, her head fall was very large and so her high school friend attached that nickname to her) Motto Do not forget the fundamental purpose of life Wish Peace on Earth Popularly known in South Korea as CF Queen, Nation’s Goddess and Nation’s Uhm Chin Ddal * * Your mother’s friend’s brilliant daughter who constantly gets compared to Wikipedia AsianWiki Kim Tae Hee’s quote about beauty : "You can shine with beautiful skin, but a healthy mind and self-confidence in your beauty are things that really make a person shine." **************************************************************************************** FILMOGRAPHY TV Dramas 2020: tvN Hi Bye, Mama [AsianWki [lLnk]] [Soompi [Link]] 2015: [upcoming C-drama] Sage of Calligraphy Wang Xi Zhi [Soompi [Link] Private Preview Dec 2014 [Link] Trailer July 2016 [Link]] 2015: Yong-Pal [Wiki [Link]] [Soompi [Link]] [Recaps [Link][Link] [Link]] 2013: SBS Jang Ok Jung Living in Love as Jang Ok Jung/Jang Hee Bin [Wiki [Link]] [Soompi [Link]] [Recap [Link]] 2011: Japan Fuji TV Boku to Star no 99 Nichi as Han Yoo-Na [Wiki [Link]] [Promotion in Japanese TV [Link] [Link] ] 2011: MBC My Princess as Lee Seol [Wiki [Link]] [Recap [Link] KTH cuts at Christmas Concert in Japan [Link] [Link] [Link]] 2009: KBS IRIS as Choi Seung-Hee [Wiki [Link]] [Soompi [Link]] [Promotion in Japanese TV shows [Link] [Link]] [link] 2004: SBS Love story In Harvard as Lee Su-In [Wiki [Link]] [Soompi [Link]] [link] 2004: KBS A supplementary story of an old fox/Gumiho/Forbidden Love/Nine Tailed Fox as Yoon Si-Yeon [Wiki [Link]] [Soompi [Link]] [link] 2003: SBS Stairway to Heaven as Han Yu-Ri [Wiki [Link]] [Soompi [Link]] [link] 2003: SBS Heungbu aka A Problem at My Younger Brother's House as Park Su-Jin [Wiki [Link]] [link] 2003: SBS Screen as Kim So-Hyeon [Wiki [Link]] [Soompi [Link]] [link] 2002: SBS Let's Go as Kim Tae-Hee [link] Films 2010: Grand Prix [Wiki [Link]] 2007: Quarrel/The Fight/Venus and Mars/Ssawoom [Wiki [Link]] [soompi [Link]] [Full length movie [Link]] 2006: The Restless/Mid-air [Link] [Wiki [Link]] [Soompi [Link]] [Japanese documentary [Link]] [link] 2002: A short film, 'New citizen’ [Film Part 1 [Link] Part 2 [Link]] 2001: Last Present Music Videos Park Yong-Ha 'Please Don't Go’ Part 1 [YT Part 1 [Link]] Part 2 [YT [Link]] The Jun ‘Only’ [YT [Link]] God 'A letter’ [YT [Link]] Joy Project [YT [Link]] Variety Shows 2016: Return of Superman [Preview [Link] Part of the show with KTH in it [Link] KTH additional cuts [Link]] 2010: Come to Play [Part 1 [Link] Part 2 [Link] Part 3 [Link] Part 4 [Link] Part 5 [Link] Part 6 [Link] Part 7 [blocked] Part 8 [Link] Part 9 [Link]] 2010: Win Win [Part 1 [Link] Part 2 [Link] Part 3 [Link] Part 4 [Link] Part 5 [Link] Part 6 [Link] Part 7 [Link]] 2007: Gag Concert [Link] 2006: Infinity Challenge [Link] **************************************************************************************** COMMERCIALS 12Plus Colorista [Website [Link] FB [Link]] CF making 2013 [Link] CF [Link]] [CF making 2014 [Link] CF [Link] [Director’s Cut Version 9/14 [Link]] Allerman [Website [Link] FB [Link] CF making [Link] [Link] [Link] 2015 [Link]] [CF 2013 [Link] 2014 [Link] [Link] 2015 [Link] [Link] [Link] 2016 [Link] 2017 [Link] [Link] CF making [Link] CF [Link]] BC Card (2007) [link] [CF making [Link] [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] Beans Avenue (Haitai Beverage) [link] [CF [Link]] Blacksmith [CF making [Link] [Link] [Link]] Calli Hydro Vita (Hankook Cosmetics) [link] [CF [Link]] Celltrion Skincure / Hanskin [Website [Link] FB [Link] Cellcure FB [Link]] [CF 2015 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 2016 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] [CF making 2015 [Link] 2016 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 2016 CJ Mall online shopping promo [Link] 2016 Oct Celltrion Skincure Big Concert [Link] [Link] [Link] 2017 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link][[Link][Link][Link][Link] 2018 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 2019 [Link] [Link] [Link]] Choco-heim (Crown) [link] [CF [Link]] Coupang [CF making [Link] [Link]] [CF [Link]] Crencia (Crencia) [link] [CF [Link]] Cyon (LG Eletronics) [link] Daewoo LCD TV (Daewoo) [link] Elastine Shampoo [Website [Link] FB [Link] CF interview [Link] News [Link] CF making [Link] [Product Info [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Product Promo [Link] Everon [Website [Link] FB [Link] [Link]] [CF and CF making [Link] 2017 [Link] [Link] 2018 CF making [Link] CF [Link] Hanoi visit [Link] [Link] Korea Friendship Night, Hanoi [Link]] French Cafe [Website [Link] FB [Link] [CF 2010 [Link] 2011 [Link] [Link] [Link] 2012 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 2013 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] Tasting Day [Link] 2014 [Link] [Link] [Link] 2015 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 2016 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 2017 [Link]] Hana Financial Group [CF [Link] [Link] [Link]] Hanwha [CF making [Link] [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] Haustory [link] Hera (Amore Pacific) [link] Housing & Commercial Bank PR (Housing & commercial bank) Hyundai Capital (Hyundai Capital Services) [link] Hyundai HCN (Website [Link] FB [Link]] [CF 2013 [Link][Link][Link][Link] 2014 [Link] [Link] 2015 [Link]] Innisfree (2001 ~ 2002) [link] [CF [Link]] Iriver Dicple (Reigncom Ltd.) [link] [CF making [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link] [Link]] JKO Mask [JKO Weibo [Link]] [CF making [Link] CF 2014 [Link]] JM Solution [Website : [Link] [CF : [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [CF making: [Link]] JVJQ (Website [Link]) [Video message 2015 [Link] 2016 [Link]] Klasse (Daewoo Electronics) [link] [CF [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] KT smart card 1'ts (2003) [link] La Cloud, Bodyfriend [website : Link] [CF : [Link] [Link] [Link]] Laneige (Amorepacific Hyang Jang) (2000 ~ 2002) [link] LG Dios [News/Interview [with Joo Woo Sung [Link] [CF making [Link] [Link] CF [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] [Events April 2011 [Link] [Link] [Link] Oct 2013 [Link] [Link] [Link]] Lotte Zec (Lotte) [link] [CF [Link]] Matiz (Daewoo) [link] Maxwell House Can Coffee (Dongsuh Co.,Ltd.) [link] [CF making [Link] [Link]] [CF [Link] My Root (Apartment of Namkwang Engineering & Construction) [link] [interview and behind the scene [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link]] Nestea (Coca-Cola) [link] Nutrione Life [Website] [FB] [2018 CF [Link] CF making [Link]] Ohui (LG care) [Ohui website : [Link]] [FB [Link]] [CF making 2006 [Link] [Link] 2007 [Link] 2013 [Link] 2014 [Link] [interview 2005 [Link] 2006 [Link] 2014 The Delightful Change Interview [Link]] [CF 2006 [Link] [Link] [Link] 2007 [Link] 2012 [Link] 2014 [Link] 2015 [Link][Link]]] Ok Su Su Tea Drink (corn silk tea) (Kwang Dong Pharm Co. Ltd) [link] [CF making [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] Olivia Lauren [CF: [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] Olympus Digital Cameras (Olympus) [link] Paris Baguette (Paris Baguette) [link] PNS Window [Website [Link]] [FB [Link]] [CF making and interview [Link] [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link] 2015 [Link] [Link] [Link]] Prugio Apartment (Daewoo Construction) [link] S-Oil [link] [CF [Link] [Link]] Samsung My-jet (Samsung Electronics) [link] [CF NG content [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link]] Serybox [Link] SK Caspi [Photoshoot [Link]] Shin Sokenbicha (Coca-Cola Japan) [Website [link]] [Product Introduction [Link] [Link]] [CF [Link]] Smart Cable Real Digital [Website [Link] FB [Link]] Digital Cable VOD [CF [Link] [Link] [Link]] T-Broad [Website [Link]] [CF making [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [HCN 2015 [Link]] Toyota [Film making [Link] [Link]] [CF [Link] [Link] [Link]] White (Yuhan-Kimberly) [link] [CF [Link]] CFs 2001 - 2003 [Link] Exclusive model Jinro (Chamiseul) [link] [CF making [Link] [CF making and CF [Link]] [Interview part 1 [Link]] part 2 [Link] [Interview [Link]] Isabey De Paris [Photoshoot, interviews, fanmade & photogravure 2011 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 2012 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] 2013 [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] Vivien (Namyeung L&F) [link] [Interview and CF [Link] [Link] Rapido (Samsung Cheil Industries) (with brother, Lee Wan) [Behind the scene [Link] [Link]] Si (Sinwon) [link] **************************************************************************************** INTERVIEWS/DOCUMENTARIES Documentaries/Commentaries/Interviews/TV Shows 2016: Get It Beauty [Link] 2015 : Daily Sports [Link] 2015 : Q&As [Link] 2014: OHUI Beautiful Bazaar [Link] 2014: KBS Entertainment Relay [mins. 42:06 to 47:49 [Link]] 2014: Showbiz Korea - Actress Kim Tae Hee on Star Chronicle [Link] 2014: Bring You To The Stars [Link] 2013: OHUI Beautiful Bazaar [Link] 2013: Jang Ok Jung Living in Love [Interview [Link] [Link] [Link] [Commentaries [Link] [Link]] 2012: Korea Beauty Secret ‘Kim Tae Hee’ with Jung Saem Mool [Link] 2012: 100 Women Kim Tae Hee’s True Real Skin Make-up with Jung Saem Mool [Link] 2011: Kim Tae Hee Rediscovery [YT [Link]] [Videos, only on parts of the documentary [Link] [Link] [Link] [Full version with Chinese subtitles [Tudou [Link] [Youku [Link]] 2011: Boku to Star no 99 Nichi [Link] 2009: Iris [Link] 2009: Park Joon Hoon Show [Part 4 - not clear [Link]] 2009: Kim Tae Hee's make-up for 2009 KBS Award [Link] 200- : ML Show [Link] 2005: Seoul National University Graduation [Link] 2001: Kim Tae Hee interview part 1 [Link] part 2 [Link] 2001: Kim Tae Hee first step in entertainment [Link] **************************************************************************************** MAGAZINES Behind the scene magazine photoshoot & interview videos 2016 Instyle Korea Magazine [Link] 2014: Instyle Korea Magazine ‘Shining Stars’ Love Actually campaign [Link] 2012: JLook (in Paris, France) [Photogravure [Link]] 2011: Instyle Korea Magazines [Link] 2011: Marie Claire Korea Magazine [Link] 2011: 25ans Japanese Magazine [Link] 2010: Hera Magazine [Link] 20---: Elle Korea Magazine [Link] 200-: Japanese Magazine [Link] 200-: Ceci Korea Magazine [Link] 200-: Instyle Korea Magazine [Link] 200-: Korean Ad/Magazine [Link] 2018 - Elle Korea Preview [Link] BTS [Link] Google translation of interview [Link] **************************************************************************************** PUBLIC APPEARANCES MC 2004: SBS F Concert for helping families of single parent [Backstage and behind the scene [Link] [Link]] Award Ceremonies 2007: Pusan International Film Festivel [Red carpet [Link]] 2006: Pusan International Film Festival [Red carpet [Link]] 2005: Baeksang Award Ceremony [Red carpet [Link] [Link]] Promotion Ambassador 2011: Promotional Ambassador for Jeju Island’s campaign for 7 New Wonders of Nature [YT [Link]] 2007: 25th AdAsia Jeju Honorary Publicity Ambassador 2005: Prudential life Insurance company of Korea Ltd., Foundation for accomplishment of wishes of children with Incurable disease, Make-A-Wish of Korea 2005: The 2nd Honorary Public Prosecutor 2005: Swiss Amity Cultural Ambassador [YT [Link]] 2004: Campaign of "I love companies" by Herald-Media Charities Make A Wish Foundation [Videos [Link] [Link] [Link]] 2014: OHUI Beautiful Face Campaign [News [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link][Link]] 2013: OHUI Charity Bazaar [News [Link] Arirang Showbiz [Link]] 2012: OHUI Charity Bazaar [ Arirang Showbiz [Link] MV [Link]] Special projects/Campaigns 2012: Love Kiss Campaign [Photoshooting [Link]] [Music Video [Link] 2011: Project Runway [YT [Link]] 2010: Pink Ribbon with Hera [Link] 2009: I Love Asia [Interview [Link]] [KTH’s cut on singing [Link]] [MV [Link]] 2007: Pink Ribbon with Hera [Link] [Link] [Link] 2006: School Special Project [Link] Fan meeting/signing events Celltrion 2016 Dec fan signing event [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] Elastine [FM [Link] PNS Window [Link] 2013: PNS Window [Link] Endorsed brands’ events 2014: PNS [Link] Hanwha [KLPGA Tour Hanwha Finance Classic [Link] [Link]] [SNU [Link]] 2013: LG Dios factory visit [Link] Brands’ events 2017 Bonia Fashion [Link] 2005: Bvlgari Presentation in Hong Kong [Link] Singing with brother, Lee Wan 2004: KBS Drama Award Ceremony [Link] Movie premieres 2014: Obsessed [Link] [Link] 2013: The Suspect [Link] 2008 : Lee Wan’s Boys Don’t Cry [Link] Airports (Arrival/Departure) 2014: Arrival at Hangzhou [Link] 2013: Leaving Thailand [Link] [Link] **************************************************************************************** AWARDS 2015 Most Influential Person Award, Sina Weibo Night [Link] [Link] [Link] At airports [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link]] 2013 Cosmo Beauty Award, Shanghai [Link] 2010 China Music Award and Asian Influential Award, Style Award [Videos [Link] [Link]] 2009 South Korea A National Assembly Award [Video [Link]] KBS Acting Awards Drama section - Excellence Award [Videos Red Carpet [Link] [Link]] [Videos award ceremony [Link] [Link] [Link]] KBS Acting Award - Best Couple (with Lee Byung Hun) [Video [Link]] 2007 Baeksang Arts Awards : Popularity Award under Movie section [Video [Link]] 3rd Andre Kim Best Star Award [Link] 44th Daejong Film Awards: Overseas Popularity Award-Female (The Restless) 2005 Baeksang Arts Awards : Popularity Award under Drama section 2004 KBS Drama Awards : New Actor Award (Nine Tailed Fox) SBS Drama Awards : Top 10 Stars Award SBS Drama Awards : Most Popular Actress Award (Love Story in Harvard) 2nd Andre Kim Best Star Awards 2003 SBS Drama Awards : New Star Award (Stairway to Heaven) **************************************************************************************** ARTICLES Selected articles [10 Line] Kim Tae Hee [Link] Kim Tae Hee’s movie picks [Link] Korean Actress Kim Tae Hee Picks Her 5 Favourite Dramas [Link] Kim Tae Hee Reveals How She Got Into Seoul National University [Link] Kim Tae Hee, The Human [Part One] translated by The Real CZ at Hallyu Interview [Link] Kim Tae Hee, The Actress [Part Two] translated by The Real CZ at Hallyu Interview [Link] AGENCY Currently: Story J Company (website) Formerly: LUA ENTERTAINMENT 서울시 성동구 독서당로 166번지 성원상떼빌 1317호 우편번호 133-844 NAMOO ACTORS CO. LTD. **************************************************************************************** CONNECTIONS SNS Kim Tae Hee Instagram [@kimtaehee99) Kim Tae Hee Weibo [Link] Kim Tae Hee me2day [Link] Fansites Namoo Actors (formerly) [link] Fin.s (Official Korean Fansite) [link] Forever Love Story in Harvard (Korean) [link] Kimtaehee Naver Blog Verda (Korean) [link] KTH-Home of the Angel (English) [link] Soompi Kim Tae Hee thread (English) [link] Forever Angel (Philippines) [link] KTHHeaven (Thailand) [link] KTH Vietnamese Fanclub [Link] 絕對泰希 (Taiwan & HK - Chinese) [link] 金朝金希 (China - Chinese) [link] Kim Tae Hee and friends (Japanese) [link] Love Tae Hee (Japanese) [link] Quarrel Fan Blog (English) [link] Kim Tae Hee Club at Popcornfor2 [Link] Other related sites BiKim/KimBi (Rain and Kim Tae Hee) Couple Soompi Thread [Link] Kim Tae Hee & Bi Rain Real Life Couple Kimbi Facebook [Link] SK online news portal search on Kim Tae Hee Naver [Link] Nate [Link] The thread was started by 9ucci, who obtained information compiled by beary and syah from various websites with special thanks to Namoo Actors and Fin.s. I assumed the maintenance of this post with effect from 23 June 2014. CREDIT ALL INFORMATION, ARTICLES, VIDEOS, PICTURES AND WALLPAPERS IN THIS POST : WRITERS / CONTRIBUTORS / TRANSLATORS / UPLOADERS / OWNERS. Please PM me if you wish to send me any updates or information or wish to make any enquiries. Thank you.
  2. *** This thread is solely for Rain’s acting endeavours *** For information regarding his singing projects in Soompi... ...please click here : Rain’s Soompi Official Music Thread ************************************************************************************************************************** BIOGRAPHY Name : 비 / Bi (Rain) Real Name : 정지훈 / Jung Ji Hoon Also Known As : Rain (West) / Pi (Japan) Nickname : Dog (Collie) Profession : Actor - Singer - Model - Dancer - Producer Birthdate : 1982-Jun-25 Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea Height : 184cm Weight : 75kg Star Sign : Cancer Blood type : O+ Family : Father & Younger Sister Education : Kyung Hee University (Post Modern Music) Languages : Korean, Mandarin, and English Religion : Christian (Roman Catholic) Married to : Kim Tae Hee [Soompi] Agency : R.A.I.N Company More information : Wikipedia **************************************************** CONNECT WITH RAIN Rain's TikTok:@rain.xix Rain's Vlive on Let it Rain Rain’s Official Web Site Rain’s Twitter Rain’s Instagram Rain’s Weibo Rain’s Facebook Rain’s Official Youtube Channel Raincompany_The Official Blog (Naver) **************************************************** DRAMAS 2019 Welcome 2 Life (MBC) 2018 Sketch (JTBC) 2017 [C-drama - airing date not confirmed yet] Endless August/August Not The End (八月未央) 2016 Come Back Mister (SBS) 2014 My Lovely Girl (SBS) 2010 The Fugitive : Plan B (KBS) 2005 A Love to Kill (KBS2) and Banjun Drama 2004 Something to Tell You; Romance Solver; Full House (KBS2) 2003 Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (KBS2) 2002 Orange (SBS) **************************************************** Uhm Bok Dong / 엄복동 (Upcoming) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MOVIES 2019: Uhm Bok Dong / 엄복동 (K-movie) 2014: The Prince (Hollywood movie) 2014: For Love or Money (C-movie) 2012: Return 2 Base (K-movie) 2009: Ninja Assassin (Hollywood movie) 2008: Speed Racer (Hollywood movie) 2006: I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay (K-movie_ * * * * * * Ninja Assassin exercise - training - fight 2009 Star Movies VIP Access interview **************************************************** AWARDS * The Best Male Style Icon of the Year (2008) * President Prize on The National Day for Saving (2008). * Korea Image Stepping Stone Award (2008) * 13th CineAsia Awards: Male Asian Star of The Year Award (2007) * Korean Movie Star Awards: Best Male Newcomer Award (2007) * 44th Grand Bell Awards: Overseas Popularity Award (2007) * Hallyu Grand Award (2007) * People Magazine Awards: World's 100 Most Beautiful People 2007 Award (2007) * 59th Berlin Film Festival: Alfred Bauer Prize (I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK) (2007) * 43rd Baeksang Art Awards: Best New Actor (I'm a Cyborg, But that's OK) (2007) * Time Magazine Awards: 100 Most Influential People Who Shape the World Award (2006) * Asia TV Awards: Best Movie Style Award for A Love to Kill (2006) * KBS Awards: Excellence Award for A Love to Kill (2005) * KBS Awards: Excellence Award for Full House (2004) * KBS Awards: Best Couple Award (with Song Hye Kyo) (2004) * KBS Awards: Popularity Award (2004) * KBS Awards: Netizen Actor Award (2004) * 40th Baeksang Art Awards: Popularity Award for TV Part Award (2004) * KBS Awards: Best Male Artist Award for Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (2003) * KBS Awards: New Actor Award for Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (2003) * KBS Awards: Netizen Award for Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (2003) * KBS Awards: Best Couple Award (with Gong Hyo Jin) (2003) More information : Wikipedia * * * * * * August 2007 Rain Makers Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 2008 TIME magazine interview August 2010 Rain is Coming MBC Special Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 2009 CNN Talk interview May 2009 Hip Korea Discovery Channel (Eng Sub) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Oct 2009 MBC Section TV interview in New York **************************************************** COMMERCIALS LaCloud Boyfriend (SK) Grekriti (China) Healthhelper Cuckoo (Sk) Ninedot (SK) Magic Show (China) Ming Zhuang (China) Wellcarefit (China) Lovo (China) YSL (China) LAviva (China) JVJQ (China) Mentholatum (China) Adidas (Korea) Coupang (Korea) DOHC Clothing Line (Korea) Tous Les Jours (Korea) Nature Republic (Korea) Pizza Hut (Korea) Clear Shampoo (Korea,Vietnam, China) Samsung -Anycall (Korea) Calvin Klein Jeans (Korea) Miiow Sport (Korea) J. Tune Creative (Sunglasses) (Korea) Six to Five (Korea) MAMA Noodles (Thailand) Fu Ma Cupcakes (China) Pantech Mobile Phone (China) DHC Cosmetics Career (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan) Pepsi (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan) Ralph Lauren BMW (Korea) Giordano (Korea) XTM (Korea) LG X-Note (Korea) Daewon Cantaville (APT) (Korea) KB Star Card (Korea) Dutch Mill (Thailand) Today's Tea (Korea) O Hui for Man (Korea) Nikon Imaging (Korea) Giordano (Korea) SK telecom "Nate" (Korea) Lotte Dutyfree Shop (Korea) Europe Unilever (covering all Asia) Korea National Tourism Organization "Korea Sparkling" **************************************************** MAGAZINES Feb 2017 Nylon photoshoot video May 2016 Cosmopolitan photoshoot video Feb 2016 Singles Magazine photoshoot video August 2015 Diamond Lover Femina Magazine photoshoot video May 2006 Cosmopolitan photoshoot video ******************************************************************************************************************** OTHER FAN SITES Rain’s Official Fan Club CloudUSA Rain-USA Japan Official Fan Site Rain-Germany Korea Benamoo Cafe ************************************************************** ************************************************************** Credit all images : as tagged/owners This first post was posted by ~*kYo*~. I assumed the administration of this post on 26.1.16.
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