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[Drama 2019-2020] Elegant Mother and Daughter/Gracious Revenge, 우아한 모녀


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Still haven't gotten down to watching the latest episode sorry guys. so the recap may be a bit late.


@Lmangla Thankyou for informing me of that drama. No I haven't watched it but it does seem interesting. Looked it up and found out that it happened in 2009. I started watching dramas from 2010 so I missed it by a year. It probably would be hard to find a good quality of that show at this time. A few earlier shows of that era that I have tried to locate are generally in the 360p or 460p quality at best and if I try and watch them in a go I end up with a headache as well as straining my poor eyes as well. Still will try and find it at some point.


@maribella I have no idea why Mi Yun's son is called Baby Face. I didn't come up with the name. @Takingthehighroad deserves credit for that. Since I was to lazy to come up with my own name for the time being I kept it. They probably named him that because he might have a baby looking face. It will be best if you ask them personally.


Anyway take care all of you and hope to see more of you taking part. Will try and watch the latest episode as soon as I get the time and will let you know my thoughts about it.

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10 hours ago, maribella said:

She was so stiff and wooden in that show. Why is it when Kdrama characters have a 'trauma' or a big secret, the act cold and distant?


Seems like she's a "serious actor"... I think she's been acting for a long time


On 11/15/2019 at 6:15 PM, yamiyugi said:

As for my suggestion of Mi Yun and company laying a trap with a false product or a better one for J Group to steal it only to be fooled by them. probably is a good idea if this was just an 18-episode drama or so but probably not in a 100-episode drama. Sure they can use it later on. Perhaps that is her aim with that Detox inventor since she is planning on him to expose J Group to the media. Let’s see how that turns out. Ooh you mentioned that she could pull a Nayeon. That’s a good one I wonder why I didn’t think about that and it would certainly be interesting if she pulls it of well and correctly. Yes, I am looking at you Sun Yuri in Unknown Woman she did it wrong at times.


Maybe around the 50-episode mark??


By a "Nayeon", I was referring to Lee Nayeon from Heaven's Promise when she recorded Yookyung hurting the grandma with dementia (forgot her name) and scheming. With some type of camera, and then broadcasted it during a board meeting. Iconic. 


I didn't like her until the middle of Unknown Woman honestly... I liked Seyun from Mysterious Personal Shopper way better! She was pretty, sassy and tough!


I'm irritated at the spelling of Carrie Jung for some reason...


And to point it out, the actress playing Eun Ha is the same one who played the aunt in Two Mothers. Never seen her play a villain before, so this is interesting.

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quick thoughts on ep 9 -- found it actually funny in quite a few bits. more like unintended humour. @yamiyugi ~ was cracking up at the assistant's face when hae joon mentioned amnesia. even the confrontation at the end where hae joon insists he knows yoora -- it was hilarious rather than romantic when he starts mentioning the tropes. I was wondering how many dramas has he seen that he starts counting them down. LOL. and I started giggling when he said that he didn't know how to pretend he doesn't know her when he does. my thought was "eh, how exactly are you in corporate fella? pretending and fake etiquette is the very art of business!" :sweatingbullets:...


am curious to see why exactly he still remembers her after 3 years. so far, all they have done is discuss gatsby which is one amazingly boring book (no one hit me). did he have no bookish friends to discuss the novel? what was so magical about their meeting really? maybe he didn't travel around and meet random people? and is yoora trying to make hae joon jealous by making it seem like danny is her boyfriend? right now, am not feeling the star crossed chemistry between hae joon and yoora at all. rather, she and danny have more of a nice vibe but he will probably end up getting heart broken.


and as for the meeting with miyun, I kept getting distracted by her earrings. it was huge and looked it was pulling on her ears. I kept thinking "wah, too heavy?" :sweatingbullets:.. and from the looks of it, not sure if miyun loved yoora at all. like @marrez1 points out, yoora was more like a soldier for revenge and one can't get too attached? otherwise, how to execute the revenge plan?


J thief keeps talking about wanting to push hae joon from a cliff that he might actually do it at some point :lol:...first he talks about it to eunha where he is exasperated. then he mentions it to eun kyung that tigers push their cubs to teach them and she wryly says it is supposed to be lions. LOL. also had to laugh when J thief got huffy and said baby face was acting like he was the only righteous one.

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ep 10 --well that certainly took the notch up! hahahahah.... so kdrama is full of those scenes where the female lead falls and the guy catches her? here, he catches her and they end up leaping off the building! one way to certainly end the episode. ^_^hahaha...


inchul gets a package at home containing baby clothes. eun ha has a bit of a meltdown feeling that inchul doesn't care. I was wondering why inchul does not call the police and why he is opening unnamed boxes. he seems to call someone to check it out but it doesn't look like it is the police...


did anyone else get killer vibes off from miyun in the restaurant scene? when eun ha sees this young girl, she temporarily loses it. miyun anxious about yoora noticing all this quickly pulls eun ha into her office. yoora is a bit stunned by this scene and wondering who is this "yoora" and whether there is another child. she even asks sera but sera denies having a sister. guess, in sera's mind, there is no other sibling. yoora is also really strange in that she says danny is her younger brother when sera asks. I was expecting the guy to get friend zoned as the second lead but he got brother zoned. ouch! sera seems overly inquisitive about yoora's personal life but hae joon seems relieved.


eun ha is naturally embarrassed by her meltdown in the restaurant corridor and miyun does fake comfort. eun ha then reveals that she too lost a child. it is a bit creepy to hear miyun's thoughts . "no, your child is still alive" -- it made me wonder if miyun would have gone as far as to kill yoora to even out the loss if it wasn't for her grand revenge scheme. maybe it was just the delivery of the line that had real killer vibes.


it is quite clear that miyun's grand revenge scheme has too many moving parts and could genuinely hurt other people. so they have pushed this detox patent owner to put an interview and also stage a protest in front of the company. janice purposely goes down to pacify presumably to win brownie points but then he gets agitated and pulls a knife and holds her hostage. they go to the roof. when hae joon finds out, he rushes to the roof and tries to pacify him. yoora manages to push off detox patent guy but in the process, loses her footing. hae joon then leaps like superman and catches her as she is falling. luckily, police already had this big gas bag lined up in case somebody does fall.


miyun watches the news and is horrified but her assistant assures her that the situation is under control and calls danny. till that point, I was actually wondering if yoora taken hostage was also part of the plan but detox guy took it further. whatever it was, I was left with the question if miyun is any different from J thief. since her husband's patent was stolen, she should have been more sympathetic. instead, she was looking at exploiting this man for her own benefit. she invests in this company with a huge sum and danny pushes this guy to stick to this plan. what exactly was this plan? what happens to him from the fallout? the detox guy has nothing to do with her past. so was it okay to just use him? if he was also wanting revenge of some sort, then enemies being friends makes sense. but the way it played out makes me feel that detox patent guy is going to end up in jail and promptly forgotten.

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Gosh, I love the recaps and thoughts from both @Lmangla and @yamiyugi.  They are both writing for me! 


Sera is a nutter.  I think they all are, to some extent, even HaeJin, who is clearly living his best Kdrama Life, but if someone is going to go off the deep end and kill someone, or kidnap or torture or what have you, it's Sera.

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@tulip06 @chococarmela ~ basically both the sisters are nuts! LOL....


so all I could think was "poor danny" and "what is with those boss coats" in ep 11. not sure what the stylist is thinking but basically both eun ha and miyun have these weird coats that look like they should be mafia queens. :lol:.. so the fall was all beautifully filmed and goes viral. janice faints and hae joon goes in the ambulance with her. danny is really shaken but can't approach janice. so he waits till there is a small window when hae joon takes a phone call. it turns out janice faked fainting!!!! at this stage, am wondering if she leaped off the building knowing hae joon will try catch her like superman. if he didn't, then she still gets to fall on the cushion bag? danny is so horrified by all of this. he tells miyun that janice can't be taking such risks and she instead approves of janice actions! a hostage situation brings a woman and man together is her reasoning -- the woman should have been head of a spy agency where she can send her agents on honey traps. ^_^


janice tells the board to settle with detox patent guy by making him co-founder and use this as an opportunity to look sympathetic. sera feels this is nuts but no one in the board looks at her. hae joon suspects that there is someone behind detox patent guy. he meets danny as detox's lawyer but doesn't recognize danny as the brother he saw from distance. with the news being turned around, J thief is escastic and finds the falling viral video hilarious. perhaps, he was just thrilled that someone fulfilled his long wish of pushing hae joon from the cliff. LOL. he loves that janice is opportunist who turns around a situation like this and is beaming like a proud papa when he sees her. he likes her so much that she gets invited for lunch, along with miyun, eun ha and family.


for all the crazy, it looks like eunha and inchul have a real strong marriage. they are looking at the box and wondering how 1 year old clothes and newborn ID tags are linked when she gets a light bulb and wonders if it is linked to what happened 30 years. sera interrupts them but both parents dont' say anything. so basically these two are a team whereas sera is just tag along. sera is basically jealously pouting and wants the viral video to be deleted. eun ha just rolls her eyes and tells her to grow up, stop acting so insecure and be a professional. LOL. :lol: had to laugh at that. poor sera -- no one has time for her insecurity. she tried to act like the classic second lead in many kdramas by saying "don't look at my man" except here janice turned it around and said "I am not looking but he is!" :lol:


so at the sunday lunch, danny drops off janice and gives her long deep hug like he is sending her off to war. does janice not know how he feels? does she not care? does she just like his hugs though? and why is danny even helping this mother and daughter? what is their relationship? hae joon who is spying from his window wonders what kind of brother-sister hug this is. despite the many drama tropes he listed, he is apparently not familiar with the kdrama trope of fauxcest. ^_^


the sunday lunch was pretty much boring except for the info that hae joon was in an accident 3 years ago and was really hurt. janice is then wondering whether he got hurt while waiting for her. well at least now we know why he still remembers her -- he got into an accident while he got stood up. pretty memorable way to be dumped!

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So Sera is  EunHa's daughter with someone else? She seemed ok, but I have only watched a few eps. I  get updated by @Lmangla and @yamiyugi most of the time.


Her coat dress would look nice if it falls closer to the knees. I thought at first she looked like she forgot her pants. Esp. when she seemed to be exiting the Ladies.

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@maribella ~ blood wise, sera and janice (other names: yoora, yoojin) are full sisters and they share the same mother and father -- inchul and eunha. yea,  this seems to be a weird fashion trend where the coat is worn like a short dress almost and there seems to be just shorts underneath. saw this in another drama as well. if she was supposed to be this rich jobless girl, it is fine but she is supposed to be in corporate, so not exactly appropriate. maybe thats why the board pretty much ignores her. ^_^

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@Lmangla Loving the recaps!  I felt like I was enjoying the show all over again.  And yes, I think Sera's clothing is totally inappropriate for the office, but has seen that "officewear" many times in dramas.  Someone told me, though, a fellow Pakistani, that it's perhaps to show that the character is "modern" and "cool" and "sexy." Okay, then.


Also, Danny calls Miyun Omma, so I don't know what the relationship really is.

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thanks @tulip06, this drama is cracking me up when I am not taking it seriously. there is so much unintended humour. ^_^.. and it is funny that viewer is supposed to get the modern, cool and sexy vibe from that outfit because sera is nothing but cool and is like a throwback to the typical second lead. the only difference is that she actually seems to work in an office, has responsibilities and does use her brain. I wonder if the actor that inchul is actually not that old because they seem to be fake dying his hair with a few white strands?

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Finally got down to watch episode 10. I will admit that it had its moments but overall it was okay. Anyway here is the recap for it. Sorry for the delay.




The episode starts after Baby Face has asked his list of Drama Tropes regarding Janice. (did you have an accident; did you end up with amnesia etc.) Janice is clearly frustrated at his questions that she tells him to get out and just incase he still doesn’t understand Korean opens the door for him to leave. It is at this point that Sera walks in. Perhaps she is wondering if Janice as a Sixth Sense due to her perfect timing but then she spots Baby Face in there as well and senses the tension in the room. Janice to break the ice decides to invite Baby Face out to lunch as she had already made reservations at a restaurant (from what I gathered it seemed that she had earlier at some point invited Sera who had accepted it or perhaps this was the meal that she promised her for not spotting her at the airport and made her wait.) either way it seems that they agree to this.


Sera who had noticed the earlier tension in the room asks Baby Face what it was all about and why Janice was so mad at him that she had to kick him out. He plays it of as nothing. She tells him to be thankful that it was her that had witnessed this scene as it could be considered Mutiny by the other workers. Baby Face tries to convince her that it must be a cultural difference thus Janice probably isn’t aware of how things work here. Etc. Though Sera then wonders what exactly was he doing in Janice’s office. Since she was his Junior in rank she should have gone to his office. He quickly defends Janice by pointing out that since this was Janice’s first day here she might have a hard time locating his office so he was there to save some time. Apparently Sera buys that and they head out.


At Eun Ha’s residence a servant finds another unmarked box sent to their place and gives it to Inchul. At first he wonders what it could be before realizing that it could be from the previous sender. So he quickly rushes into his room and opens it. Inside he finds a pair of Pink baby shoes and a baby dress as well. At first he is like what the heck is all this. Until he realizes the significance and tries to hide it before Eun Ha spots it and throws a fit. Unfortunately, he has bad timing since Eun Ha choses this exact moment to come out of their room and spots the box in his hands (He had managed to stuff the items back). She wonders what that is but he tries to prevent her from looking by telling her that it is nothing. She doesn’t buy any of that and takes the box from his hand and empties the content. As predicted she has a reaction to said items and believes that they must belong to her long lost daughter (Yura). Inchul tries to convince her otherwise by mentioning that the only thing in common is that they are the colour pink. Even the clothes are new. But Eun Ha has none of that. To prove her point she rushes into her room and go over one of the photo albums to find one of Yura’s pictures wearing the clothes that she was wearing when she was kidnapped. Inchul continues to insist that the two items are different (By the way he is correct)


Inchul realizing that he is fighting a losing battle even tries to offer her meds to her but she is frustrated at him being so dense and not being to identify his daughter’s things tells him to take the meds himself as she is perfectly fine. She wonders if the kidnapper is trying to send them a message. Inchul continues to convince her to no avail. She even hurts him by saying mean things to him (clearly since she isn’t in her right mind) such as he was a bad father, he didn’t want Yura stuff like that.


Inchul who has finally had enough leaves the room. He probably thinks to himself that the kidnapper has made a mistake because they have no idea who he is and that he has connections now. So he phones said connection and asks them to look quietly into this matter who is sending these unnamed parcels and heads out to wherever he was going before his day was ruined with the current parcel.


Mi Yun is still trying to locate the Nurse (the one that was a witness to Eun Ha swapping the babies and was bought off by her). Unfortunately, her assistant tells her that they don’t have much success in that department. they did manage to locate her in the States but her daughter had passed away in an accident and after that she had returned to Korea but after that her trail had gone cold once again. But they know that she must still be alive since there hasn’t been any death certificate under her name. Mi Yun tells them to continue the search and she is positive that Eun Ha must somehow be involved with the Nurse. The assistant promises to look deeper into the relationship and if there is anything in common they will find it.


Janice is in her office making final preparations before she heads out for her lunch meal. Apparently it seems like she still hasn’t gotten over the colour pink since it seems like even her office wall papers have a shade of pink in them as well as her laptop. Hey Eun Ha check this out perhaps you might find your daughter yet with all these clues.


It seems like the mother and daughter duo have planned the lunch meeting at the same spot because it turns out that Eun Ha is also at the same restaurant. Apparently J Thief and her are there to meet Mi Yun (or Carry as they know her) though Eun Ha has arrived first and while she is waiting for the other two to show up she spots the same painting that she lost at that auction. At first she assumes that it must be a replica and she wasn’t aware that those were made as well. Mi Yun arrives this moment and notices that Eun Ha has noticed the painting (clearly it was deliberately placed there for this exact moment). Probably it was Mi Yun who had invited them over to the place. Since Eun Ha is curious if Mi Yun was aware of this restaurant before only to be surprised to find out that Mi Yun is also the owner of it. (WoW this person seems to be multitalented) Eun Ha at this point seems to realize that Mi Yun may have been the actual buyer of said painting which Mi Yun shortly confirms and tells her that somebody else must be equally interested in acquiring the painting as they keep trying to contact her. Eun Ha excuses herself for a moment before contacting her agent and tells them to stop searching for the buyer afraid to offend Mi Yun now since she is a major investor and tells them that she has already found out who it is.


Janice who has arrived at the restaurant bumps into a little girl who has dropped her doll and hands it over to her and notes that she to enjoys the colour pink.


Other than that Eun Ha and Mi Yun are back to their conversation in regards to the painting and the topic comes to her children. Mi Yun just tells her that (she just had a husband and son) who passed away in an accident in Canada when they were young. Clearly trying to gain sympathy from Eun Ha and succeeds. She plays it of as something that a few people have gone through and she is one of them. this part is clearly targeted at Eun Ha. (my bad this is the part where she mentions that somebody else wanted the painting. So continue after that) J thief is who has finally arrived is giving Mi Yun company for the time being.


Back to Janice and company who are trying to have their meal. Clearly the tension is still there that Sera is wondering what is up. Baby Face is like no not tense at all. Janice seeing that is the same. Just blamed it at work. But when Sera wonders what it was. Janice said since I am of the clock I don’t want to think about it you can ask Baby Face later on if you are still interested. Sera seems to agree to that but then decides to get a bit personal especially since she was curious about the mystery guy that she spotted Janice with the previous day. Wondering if that guy was her boyfriend. Only to learn that he was her brother. Baby Face probably sighed in relief thinking that he still had a chance to get back with Janice but that was dashed when Janice asks Sera if she herself was dating anybody. To which Sera points out that she and Baby Face were now engaged. Janice congratuatles them and wonders when the wedding will take place (perhaps she is planning on crashing the wedding at the last moment) only to be informed that they are still working out the details. Perhaps they are also wondering if they should invite her and if that is the case should they also invite Danny (her supposed brother as well etc..)


Now let’s briefly move on to the other party’s lunch meal. Clearly the Crooked Duo are ticked of that Janice tried to have the Detox line cancelled and want Mi Yun to use her influence as an investor and back them down and insist that Janice goes along with their plans (in regards to the Detox Line). J Thief even tried to make himself look good by trying to point out that the other board members were furious at Janices actions and wanted to fire her by paying the penalty and that he barely convinced them not to. Mi Yun pretends to play along and be impressed by that. She does point out that she didn’t have any real interest other than investing in that company but since they insist so much she will consider it so they should send her the documents before she back them. Both of the Crooks are glad to hear that and promise to do so as soon as possible.


We then find Eun Ha in the washroom after her meal talking with Sera and tells her not to worry about Janice as they have Mi Yun’s backing. She tries to bring up Yura to her as well but thinks better of it. She does mention to her that she is having a meal at Mi Yun’s restaurant and is surprised to learn that she is also there for her own lunch meal. Eun Ha decides to use this to their advantage and informs her that she should come and introduce themselves to Mi Yun. It seems that Sera agrees to this. Meanwhile Janice had also arrived in the washroom and had calmly been eavesdropping on it. Also she must be laughing to herself wondering how Eun Ha doesn’t know her yet and how she could talk about her like that behind her back. Eun Ha who has finished her conversation points out to her that it is rude to eavesdrop like that. Only to be informed by Janice that she couldn’t help but notice such a pretty woman that she was mesmerized by her beauty.  


Eun Ha wondering what kind of nut case this was heads out. She nearly forgets her phone but Janice manages to hand it to her in time. She doesn’t receive any thanks from her though. Once Eun Ha is out she bumps into the same little girl that Janice had earlier and notices that the girl is still dressed in pink. Naturally she mistakes her for Yura and keeps calling out her name. The little girl’s mother quickly rushes out to rescue her daughter from this weirdo. (the mother should also supervise her kid better. This is the second time that we found her alone that someone could approach the kid like that. Granted the mother was nearby thankfully but still) anyway this is how Janice finds her when she comes out of the washroom and wonders what exactly is going on. Mi Yun who has come out to see what the delay is notices this and fears that this might trigger something in Janice so quickly ushers Eun Ha out of there and probably takes her to her private office at the place and waits till Eun Ha opens up. She even uses the friend card. It seems to work. As Eun Ha confides in her that she too suffered the same loss as her and thus knows the loss of a child and that she feels that if she ever bumps into her daughter she will be sure to recognize her but as of now even little things seem to trigger her. Mi Yun pretends to console her but in reality she is mocking her that she hasn’t recognized her daughter yet who she has come face to face a few times already.


Janice is left wondering what this was all about. Also it seems like she was affected by this to some extent and also left wondering who exactly is this Yura person. She heads back to her lunch date to find that Baby Face and Sera are having a good time catching up on facts etc.. She does ask Sera if she had an older or younger sister but Sera instantly denies this fact. More mystery for poor Janice to solve. She is planning on leaving but she is informed by Baby Face that Mi Yun and J Thief are also at the restaurant so she should greet them first. She agrees to that.


Clearly J Thief is getting jealous of those two girls spending quality time alone and wants in on the action. Perhaps he just wants to be surrounded by pretty women so he has Mi Yun’s assistant look for them. she conveys his message. So Mi Yun tells Eun Ha to go ahead and she will join them shortly. Once left alone with her assistant she inquires whether Janice had any reaction to Eun Ha and try and find out why she was acting like that. But she is reassured when she learns that Janice headed straight for her own party.


J Thief and Eun Ha are still waiting for Mi Yun to join them when Janice and company join them. They are here to introduce themselves to Mi Yun who joins them shortly. Everyone finds themselves a seat. It seems like Eun Ha is the odd one out in this seating arrangement. The girls all seem to be seated on one side and Baby Face joins his dad, so this leaves Eun Ha as the odd one out sitting on the guys table. Not important though. Mi Yun congratulates Baby Face and Sera one they are introduced for their engagement. But when she comes to Janice she tells her that the company had high hopes for her but she (Mi Yun) has to take charge the moment she invested in the company. Sera and company (Baby Face probably excluded) are happy that Janice is being taught her place. Janice apologies for her lack of skill and assures her that she will go along with her plans. As planned Mi Yun praises the hard work of the companies involved and that since it is a good product they should go ahead with it. Janice does try and point out that a patent issue is still pending. She probably would have also mentioned the real inventor and how he was accusing J Group as a thief and all if she wasn’t prevented from J Thief himself and tries to do damage control by pointing out that Janice isn’t aware of the full facts since she is new but he assures Mi Yun that there is no patent problem and they have already gotten one. Baby Face clearly knows the truth but stays silent since he doesn’t have much authority and as it would be rude to contradict his seniors in public atleast.


Yoo Kyung on the other hand is at some store (probably this is what she does in her spare time running it or is she here for some shopping). She is on the phone with the hospital where she and Mi Yun had volunteered and was inquiring as to when her next visit will be over there. Clearly she wants to match her own schedule with her and meet her again if possible and also wondering if Mi Yun picked up her ring that she had forgotten that day


Jance and company have already arrived at their company. Sera is gushing about how cool Mi Yun was and if she could become as cool as her when she gets old like her and even wonders what Baby Face thinks about her. Baby Face also thinks that Mi Yun is cool. But the question is does he think that she is as cool as his mother or cooler. Clearly he has things on his mind but whatever they are we don’t know what. Sera was also glad at the tongue lashing that Janice got from Mi Yun and she was glad about that. Oh what will be her reactions when she finds out that all of it was staged for their benefit. Janice on the other hand is wondering about Eun Ha’s strange behavior and is asking Danny about it on the phone and is wondering if perhaps Eun Ha might have lost a child earlier or something to that extent. Danny who has been sworn to silence by her mother in regards to this pretends to know nothing and convinces her to let it go since it has nothing to do with their revenge plan. Janice agrees to this. At this point she gets a call from Baby Face to report to his office. She then informs Danny of this development and tells him to post the article on the Inventor of the Detox procedure. She then heads over to see Baby Face.


Baby Face still has no luck in trying to get in touch with the Detox Inventor. Though he has to temporarily give up on that since Janice is here to see him and gives her material on what to prepare for her next presentation in regards to the Detox Line and is also curious as to how exactly she intends to bet her life like she claimed at the previous board meeting. She wonders out loud and asks him if he is afraid that she will skip town (again internally probably) if she fails. He tells her that isn’t the case (when he probably is indeed wondering about that) regardless she tells him to worry about his own problems than hers. Since the Detox Inventor has already published an article in regards to how J Group has stolen an invitation. This is news to Baby Face. Time for a product placement. The main leads apparently are using the new Samsung Fold (which to be honest kind of looks cool). Janice takes out her phone and shows him the published article. This puts Baby Face in damage control mode. He gets in touch with the legal department to take care of this problem and squash it before it gets out and other people find out. Oh thank god for the internet where were you 30 years ago. Also before Mi Yun the investor finds out about this and decides to withdraw her investment from their company. Anyway he rushes out of his office to try and get in touch with the Detox Inventor and try and come to some sort of agreement with him. The moment that he leaves Janice contacts her team and informs them of this development.


It seems like Detox Inventor was in the neighborhood waiting for his cue. So he ends up doing a one-man protest outside the company and telling all those that are willing to hear how J Group stole his invention and hard work and claiming it as their own. How he wants to talk about this with J Thief himself and make him admit this etc.. When the security come over to kick him out by trying to point that he is breaking the law and he is protesting on private property (so I guess he is trespassing according to them). He points out that he is a peaceful person and doesn’t want to do any damage etc.. and if they touch him he is going to add assault to the list of charges on J Group. Meanwhile Danny is silently observing this as per his orders by Mi Yun and company and promises to keep Janice safe. Clearly this guy falls asleep on his job somehow.


J Thief is frustrated that nobody can seem to do anything about one single protesting guy and wonders where his team of negotiators are. Only to be informed that they all quit since he didn’t pay any of them but not to worry since Janice was taking that responsibility for the time being. Oh and she probably wouldn’t be charging him for her services so he had nothing to worry about. Good news for him but not so good for Janice since she clearly isn’t very experienced in this department. she introduces herself to the Detox Inventor but he has no interest to speak with the small fry and only wants to deal with J Thief in person. That ofcourse isn’t happening. But at this point things go of script for the team. The Detox Inventor suddenly notices that the security team is secretly surrounding him and plan on jumping him when he least expects it and get rid of him. So he takes out a knife that he apparently had on him and grabs Janice as a hostage. So much for being a peaceful and nonviolent person. You also might have just lost your public support due to this stunt. Danny who is still sleeping on the job is unaware of how things have gone of script or is wondering how to do damage control since he still hasn’t been shown. As for Janice and the inventor we get a drama logic fail because we find the both of them at the roof where he continues to hold her hostage and is back on his claims about wanting to talk with J Thief. (clearly giving J Thief a very bad headache by this point) J Thief is also wondering where Baby Face is since he was supposed to deal with this problem early on only to be informed that he is offsite.


Baby Face on the other hand is unaware that Detox Inventor is at his company so he is out searching for him and is on a call with someone to help him find out where he is. As soon as the call is done he gets a call informing him that not only is Detox Inventor at the company but he is holding Janice as a hostage. This is enough for him to make an emergency U Turn and head back to base. There he finds the situation and tries to negotiate with the Detox Inventor. He is initially prevented from doing so from Sera and the security but he still manages to go on. He tries his best to strike a deal with him but to no avail. Detox Inventor doesn’t believe his words and is certain that Baby Face is merely stalling for time and that he will backstab him like the rest of the company if given the chance. Baby Face tries to convince him to atleast switch hostages and even volunteers himself as one. After all he would have more worth as a bargaining chip (being the chairman’s son and all) compared with some random worker over there. Clearly he is trying to save Janice’s life as well. Unfortunately, Detox Inventor has all the drama for his life and threatens to take Janice down with him since he realizes that is what is fate is going to be so he might as well go down big. Janice finally has enough of being the damsel in distress so she tries to free herself from his grasp when he is distracted with Baby Face and company. (Baby Face had been slowly inching towards them so as not to panic the inventor and all) Unfortunately for Janice either her martial art classes weren’t sufficient or her dress code was the issue because when she elbows the inventor he nearly falls of the roof but to save himself he grabs her coat (this is why you shouldn’t wear coats people). This makes her lose her balance and starts to fall of the roof. Baby Face forgetting that he is human or perhaps he is informed that he is the Main Male Lead and thus can’t die so quickly launches after her and manages to catch Janice. Unfortunately for them he has no super powers and the laws of gravity catch up to them and they end up falling down the building. Fortunately for them the police had already been alerted about the situation and were on site by this point and had even set up the safety cushion incase someone fell from the roof.


The fall is televised and Mi Yun finally catches this and shows some sort of concern towards Janice and her welfare. Though we need to wonder if that concern is because she actually cares about her or if it was beause she would have a hard time to replace her with somebody new and if it would even have the same effect. Also Sera would be too old to mold as she liked she might have been wondering how hard it is to get new and good help these days. But she is reassured that Danny is on site and will take care of the matter. (finally the guy woke up). Even Sera was showing some kind of concern regarding this. But I doubt that sisterly concern was her issue and more about Baby Face and how he risked his life for a random and new worker like that anyway the episode ends at this point. Well Janice is looking at Baby Face who is under her at this point and probably wondering if that guy is crazy or still has feelings for her and how bad it is of her to use him in her revenge etc..



Now my thoughts regarding the episode.




Nothing really happened in character development. Though it does seem like Janice seems to be affected to some sort when she is with Eun Ha. That outburst was one. Other than that she seemed to be in control and had her normal attitude towards her.


Her pointing out the patent issue is interesting in the sense that it feels like she and Mi Yun are giving them a chance to do the right thing and admit their wrong doings. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening. They continue to insist that the Detox invention is their own work. They will go down for it eventually. Though the way J Thief interjects himself and tries to convince Mi Yun that they already have a patent makes me briefly wonder if Eun Ha is out of the loop and this as usual is entirely his own doing once again. It is possible but I have my doubts. I have the feeling that Eun Ha has become just as corrupt as J Thief along the way and all that she cares is about how to become more rich. She has after all already committed a crime and these may seem insignificant compared to that. Another thing that I am wondering is if the writer may think of having her and J Thief end up having an affair. Think about it these two seem to be quite close. Yes, it may be work related but it could possibly be more. Their respective others are doing other things so they even have less in common. Her husband is a politician and his wife seems to be uninterested in running the company and doing more of charity work and all. This means these two get to spend more time together due to work and their collaborations. Also if these two get caught having an affair through the media her husband is going to get embarrassed and it will severely affect his political career.


Even if it isn’t true and Mi Yun and make it look like one it will be a good way to help her revenge cause. It will also be better if this will turn out true rather than her pretending to have an affair with J Thief as I feel that will be disrespecting her husband even if she was pretending.


Then there was the fact that Mi Yun told Eun Ha that it was okay to confide in her as they were friends and Eun Ha was okay with that. I get that Eun Ha doesn’t want to offend Mi Yun but I think that it was too soon of her to accept her friendship but then who am I to say anything. Heck in the previous episode she invited her to join her group with Yoo Kyung since Mi Yun was alone in Korea and didn’t know anyone over there.


Now for the matter about the little Drama Logic Fail that I mentioned earlier.


We have the Detox Inventor hold Janice as a hostage and managed to bring her to the roof. While I will admit that was impressive how come nobody managed to stop him from doing so. First of all, I doubt that the entire company security was outside trying to stop him I am sure that there were a few inside. Yet he managed to bypass all of them. granted that a hostage situation could prevent them from doing much. Even though he would have his back to either the team that was outside and the ones inside. But let’s ignore that for the moment and ask how did he get to the roof. Since he can’t fly the only two ways would be the stairs or the elevator. With the former he could have been out of breath (unless he has great stamina) and thus Janice could have either escaped or have been rescued (clearly she didn’t want to be escape) so it seems like the security was sloppy once again. As to the matter about using the lift where the heck was technical support. They could have stopped the lift somehow. (Shut Down the Building Power) and have trapped them in the lift and waited for him on the other end. Thus he wouldn’t have been able to escape and not only that but at the same time he couldn’t continue with his protests. This way the public would have eventually lost interest and moved on. Perhaps this company hires idiots.


Now on to Baby Face I actually feel bad for the guy. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place like they say. On one hand he needs to do what the company wants and go ahead with the Detox Line and on the other hand he needs to come up with some sort of compromise with the actual inventor. He also can’t speak negatively about the company such as to investors as they would end up suffering a loss and this would affect all the workers over there as well. He is trying to convince J Thief to do the right thing but we all know how that is going to work out. Another problem is that if they make the inventor a Co Partner then it is admitting to the fact that they stole his invention and that his claims are correct. And J Thief is smart enough to prevent this since he knows that others will pop up with similar claims and thus the company is going to get ruined. Which I guess is Karma for them.


So it seems like we have found out Eun Ha’s weakness. She can’t seem to think straight when she even sees little kids in Pink. She is fully aware that her daughter must be a grown woman by this time but her trauma is still strong that she seems to think that even little girls can still be her daughter. I guess if they want to play mental games with her they should hire a couple of little girls in various shades of pink and bring them infront of her every few hours or so. The woman will go mad and end up in a mental hospital.


As for Janice she still likes the colour pink which is interesting. But not only that she has managed to even get her office at the company even wallpapered like that. Did they ask her what kind of wallpaper she would like as part of the terms of hiring her?


Have nothing to say about Sera at the moment. Nothing seems to interest me in regards to her. The only thing here is that she senses something between Baby Face and Janice and she can’t seem to place her finger regarding it. But regardless of that she doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it.



Well anyway this covers my recap for the episode for the time being will add something else later on when I remember it. For now, I have to wait to watch the latest episode before I recap it. So till then take care all of you and keep posting.

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16 minutes ago, maribella said:

@Lmangla wasn't the doctor supposed to be pregnant and married a 'yes' man, sort of?  Or I may be thinking of another show.

different show. :D here, she only married him because he knows her secret and gave her an ultimatum -- marry me or confess you switched the babies and passed off a dead baby to another mom. she initially looked like she was going to throw up at the idea of marrying him but I guess time heals all wounds? hahahahah... they are fine now for the most part.

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58 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

different show. :D here, she only married him because he knows her secret and gave her an ultimatum -- marry me or confess you switched the babies and passed off a dead baby to another mom. she initially looked like she was going to throw up at the idea of marrying him but I guess time heals all wounds? hahahahah... they are fine now for the most part.

what show is that?  The one where someone is pregnant and marries a yes man.

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