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[Drama 2019-2020] Elegant Mother and Daughter/Gracious Revenge, 우아한 모녀


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12 hours ago, Takingthehighroad said:

I'm still lurking & reading...hoping someone mentions a daily I haven't seen. In the meantime, I'm watching Turkish dramas where the chemistry between leads is "smoking" (At my age, I should stay away from "smoking chemistry" - it's bad on nonexistent hormones. 

LOL. yesterday, had to take a break from the turkish dizi I was watching (kara para ask) because the chemistry was too much. kekekke.... so yea, can understand :joy:


18 hours ago, maribella said:

@Lmangla @yamiyugi one day or one week of meeting and hanging out, and carry the torch for  3 years... still needs a stretch of imagination. Now if she got pregnant and the baby is a constant reminder, perhaps ok, I have seen a few movies  which turned out quite good. But for the guy to have such a big crush? 

exactly, if she got pregnant or something, it would make more sense. the way he kept asking "why did you leave 3 years ago?" made me wonder if he just never got dumped. maybe that is his problem. ^_^

9 hours ago, tulip06 said:

Most of today’s episode was pretty comical. I know the ending was supposed to be all intense and romantic, but meh.

it was really meh. the slap was such a snooze. she looked like she was giving him a pat on the cheek instead of a slap. hahahah.. and what was this "marry me" -- no bite, nothing. at least danny doing his fake "I am hurt" accident routine was kind of interesting as it showed how selfish and uncaring sera would be if this was real. she would be a hit and run kind of driver.


ep 16 -- as usual, the highlights were J thief and yoo kyung. apparently carrie is having an arts auction for charity and yoo kyung wants to donate. initially, J thief is like find something cheap but when he realizes it is carrie's auction, he is like "no it has to be expensive!" yoo kyung doesn't really want to donate anything too expensive but still wants to beat eun ha's potential donation. LOL.


found it interesting that janice finds in chul warm and supportive as a father but does not like eun ha. so she misses having a father figure. maybe that will be a sticking point later? apparently eun ha and inchul are quite in debt and the clinic has already been mortgaged. so not exactly a time to buy a painting but eun ha begs inchul to round up some cash to buy that painting from carrie. wonder if philip will turn up later. janice seems to have more interesting moments with him than baby face.

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I literally had to watch this episode in batches. There was just something about it that made me equally frustrated as well as laugh at the same time that I needed those breaks.


Anyway enough of that and here comes a recap for episode 16 as promised.




In the previous episode Inchul had mentioned to Janice that she was the same age as his lost daughter and that she too had come from Canada where he suspected his daughter was taken. Janice was clearly thinking that she was insulted for him trying to link her to his family. He probably realizes this so he corrects himself by pointing out that she just reminds him of his daughter as she was supposedly the same age as her and all and not to read much into his comment. Janice though suddenly realizes that she can use this fact to find out more information in regards to her since she apparently still hasn’t given up on finding the missing daughter (even though her mother is against this). So she asks him to give her information regarding the daughter and she hopes that she can help him in the search. Inchul is a bit surprised but extremely grateful at the same time in regards to her suggestion and is about to tell her more. But before they can do any of that they are interrupted by Mi Yun who has heard about the meeting from Danny in the previous episode. She had rushed over there before he revealed any details which would tip Janice of the truth. She makes an excuse that she was there to meet the café owner (probably making it seem like she was interested in purchasing the place). Meanwhile Janice receives a call from Danny who tells her to leave immediately. Janice uses this to excuse herself and leaves.


Inchul clearly didn’t get to have the talk that he wanted. But he has no choice to let it go and tells Janice that they will have to meet again for that talk to happen.


Turns out that two people are extremely interested in to the reason why Inchul wanted the meeting with Janice. They are namely Eun Ha and Mi Yun respectively and each are concerned for various reasons.


For Eun Ha she is worried what Janice is plotting and urges her husband not to comply to her wishes and inform her anything in regards to the missing daughter. He agrees though he must be wondering to himself whether his wife actually wants to find their daughter if so why is she giving up on a good source. This is even after informing her that Janice volunteered to help find the daughter considering that since they were of the same age and from Canada there would be a high chance that they might know each other or where she could have studied and use it as a basis to narrow down their search.


He wonders if they have received any more suspicious packages and asks her about them only to be informed that she hasn’t gotten any yet and wonders why.


As for Mi Yun she wonders why Inchul would be talking about his daughter to a random stranger and (to herself she must be thinking if he has caught on.) she also asks whether Janice actually still intends to find the missing daughter and is relieved to hear that Janice only volunteered to help out of courtesy but has no real intention to do so. Mi Yun also asks for more details about their conversation and gets the lowdown. She warns Janice that is Inchul’s way to warn her to stay away from Baby Face. Janice feels some fatherly affection from him or rather thinks that is how fathers should behave and feel like towards their children protecting them from all harm and pain even from the shadows. Mi Yun who actually knows the truth tries to divert her feeling by pointing out that if her husband was still alive then he would have doted on her with even more love than Inchul does towards his daughter. Janice seems to agree with this fact.


Eun Ha has turned into a Zombie while watching a video. (Quick change the channel). It is a video of baby Yura and this seems like a daily ritual where she talks to her missing daughter and promises her that she will find her soon and all. This is where Sera finds her and she can’t exactly snap her out of it. Eun Ha barely manages to snap out of her Zombie State and hopes to turn Sera into a zombie as well so invites her to watch the vide as well with her. Sera pretends to do so and seems to agree that they will find her soon and sympathize with her mother’s cause while all the way thinking that the daughter is never going to come home if she can help it. We then have a flashback of young Sera and why she despises her missing sister so much. Turns out that her mother never had time for her since she was always in a haze regarding Yura. Ask to play with her she gets pushed away and hurts herself but mother never seems to care. She then ruins Yura’s clothes (which will never fit her by now) and mother is so mad at her that she spanks her. No wonder she despises her sister so much. Atleast Sera got one thing right and that Eun Ha is a bad mother. Finally the show is over and Eun Ha is snapped back to her senses and decides to head for bed. Sera on the other hand hopes that her sister never returns so that her mother gets punished like her (wait what).


Apparently she clearly hasn’t learned her lesson from when she was spanked as a kid for ruining her sisters clothes she decides to get rid of the baby video. It must be for a good cause correct. She doesn’t want her mother to become a mindless zombie. Unfortunately for her Eun Ha seems to have forgotten something so she steps out of her room to witness her destroying the video. She gets beat up again from Eun Ha. Only this time it turns out that it was all a nightmare that Sera was having.


Dumb and Dumber are having another meeting and this time they actually discuss the blackmailer and the strange packages that they got and realize that they have something in common and wonder who that could be. They also confirm that the meeting at the park was no coincidence and that it was arranged by the blackmailer. Inchul has already prepared his golf club in case he bumps into the blackmailer to beat him up. As for J Thief he has finally gotten some herbal tonic and drinks it up to bring up his stamina to catch and beat the blackmailer. I love how Inchul wonders what the blackmailer could be reffering to and J Thief is like yes why can’t they be more specific since 30 years was the height of my prime. I was doing bad things on a daily basis. Inchul does wonder if it could be related to Mi Yun and her husband (he had to come up close so that their aides couldn’t overhear all of this part). J Thief is like but everyone in that party died so it can’t be them and Inchul plays along even though he knows otherwise. (J Thief still thinks that Mi Yun’s child is dead not realizing that his son is actually their son. But Inchul is aware of the baby swap). Even Inchul is stumped. J Thief is regretting that he didn’t record the phone call but Inchul being the smarter one these days informs him that he atleast had the foresight of recording the call but they wouldn’t be able to recognize him by the voice. I can only assume that was because it the voice was disguised. J Thief decides to form the Club “The Stupid’s” with them as the members and if that happned they would be able to get to the bottom of this and other mysteries such as do Aliens actually exist? Or the Kajus in Japan and where do they come from. Also why is Japan a target of so many Alien and Mecha attacks can’t they divert some of that attention to Korea. They would become famous etc.. Inchul seems to agree that this is a good idea and decides to team up with him as long as this remains between them and they don’t involve their families. J Thief is all good with this because he knows that if his family atleast discover his past he will be kicked out on the streets with nothing.


Meanwhile Mi Yun’s assistant is busy trying to persuade the detective to join their cause. He still seems to be hesitant to betray Sera’s family since he has known them for so long. He also is well aware of the fact that bribes are generally not enough. People pay a small amount and think that their loyalty can be bought. Since he currently works for a rich family he is going to be well taken care of (atleast he believes this) So Mi Yun’s assistant informs him that isn’t the case for the person that she works for and that she would compensate him well for services rendered and offers him an envelope full of money. The detective seems to be impressed. The assistant even tells him that if he were to accept their deal he could find himself in a win win situation if he still didn’t want to retire by first forwarding any information that he finds through them and feeding Inchul and family false information. This way he gets to be paid by both parties and thus he has nothing to lose but everything to gain. He seems to consider the deal


The three children on the other hand are figuring out ways to make the company profitable and Janice even seems to be a step ahead of Sera who offers a suggestion and Janice agrees that is a good idea and that she already has prepared a few models. Apart from this it turns out that another party is interested in doing an interview with Janice and Baby Face. Sera can’t but help notice that if this trend continues those two will become like celebrities. She clearly is a bit envious of this situation.


Danny is meanwhile prepping Janice about her upcoming date with Sleazebag. Turns out that he has already booked a hotel suite and plans to get real handsy with her. Fortunately, he tells her not to worry since he will manage to divert Baby Face towards her so that he can be her Knight in shining armour. She has her doubts what if he can’t convince him to come to the rescue. But he assures her that if all else fails he will have her back and to be careful till then and not consume to much alcohol. Mi Yun comes in and also warns her to be careful and tells Danny to make sure that he protects her and he agrees. Janice tries to reassure her mother that she will be okay since she has her lucky charm.


Mi Yun then makes a stopover at J Thief’s company and offers to make an investment to congratulate him on his son’s engagement. She also gives him advice how he can finally utilize that farm (the one that belonged to her husband where he did all that research and all) this is locked up in the greenbelt zone. This is by making it a Fashion Farm and that it will be the first of its kind in the whole world. To be honest her description is a bit to technical for me to make any real sense of it. Making it a fashion shop as well as a fashion museum and other variety of things. Clearly though this isn’t the case for J Thief. He seems to love the idea. J Thief is so impressed by her suggestion that he even gives her the Red Carpet Treatment when she leaves and she is all “for now you have bent a bit but by the time that I am done with you. You will be bending on your knees and begging for forgivness.” As soon as she leaves J Thief who is still in a good mood asks his assistant to get the legal team to send him all the papers regarding the farm since he wants to implement her plans ASAP.


Janice is finally on her date with Sleazebag. He informs her that he made a bet with Baby Face whether or not he can date her and that it would be nice if she helps him out. She seems to consider it. She then decides to use this to find out more about Baby Face. She is told he is too much like a perfect gentleman and that he is in a relationship for the long haul. Meaning no cheating on his part or even be willing to go for a one night stand as a lot of other people tend to do. She wonders if this will mean that he would be interested in one. He takes that as a sign that she would be okay with that. To which she tells him that to get into the mood she would like a drink as well as a place with a good view. He seems to get onto it right away.


While going for the drink they manage to bump into Baby Face who is here to meet with Clark Kent. Sleazebag immediately thinks that he is there to keep tabs on him and tells him not to worry because it seems like he is about to win their bet since Janice has agreed to go up with him. Though he does clarify that for now it is only for drinks at the top of the hotel bar but after that anything is on.


Before anything else happens Danny Kent finally shows up for his meeting with Baby Face. He brings up Sleazebag and how Baby Face is aware of him. This surprises Baby Face who tells him that he was his classfellow but how does Danny Kent know about him. Danny Kent clarifies that he only knows him by reputation and how for instance he (Sleazebag) was known to take secret videos but that he had been quiet for some time but he guesses that Sleazebag is about to make some noise. Clearly those hidden videos wouldn’t be something kids would want to watch and would be for adult eyes only. Baby Face is clearly uncomfortable hearing about this but lets it out of his mind for the time being and is back to business and checking over the contract that he is given.


Janice who had taken a short toilet break to freshen up is back with her date with Sleazebag. He tries to impress her by telling her to pick up the most expensive drink. She on the other hand informs him that she has managed to outdrink Russian Generals (Oh wait wrong show. That’s Lois Lane from Smallville) so she is okay with the strongest drink here. He clearly gets the idea and informs the waiter to get them the strongest drink available. His intent his clear.


Sera meanwhile has the family detective look up information on Janice and is surprised that she has no medical history regarding her claustrophobia that she has him look into the matter thoroughly even if he has to do a background check on her from her last company in Paris or in Canada. He does tell her that everything seems legit for the time being and that Canada is a bust will look into it again. This makes Sera suspicious as to why would Janice try and hide her phobia from people and not only that but if she could hide that what else was she hiding. She looks forward to finding out and exposing all her secrets one by one. She then notes that quite some time has passed and that Baby Faces meeting must be over. At first she wonders if she should call him to find out. But then decides that it would be better if she goes and surprises him. She really isn’t clingy at all.


Eun Ha clearly has the painting at the auction in mind (the one that Mi Yun won and has agreed to sell it to her if she is interested). Inchul has no idea what a painting could do and if any painting could even be worth that much. He also points out that she has already mortgaged her clinic (interesting) so is it even possible for her to get that much money. She wants him to use his connections so that a loan is possible as that painting means a lot since it calms her and helps her think about Yura. She also mentions that Yoo Kyung also has offered to loan her the money but she has to refuse because they are now In-laws and it isn’t the same as when they were just friends. Inchul seems a bit hesitant to go through with it but tells her that he will look into the matter. To further get him on board she even tells him that since it is for charity it will look good for him as well.


J Thief is busy meditating thinking about all the money that he will be making by taking into Mi Yun’s request and loving it. Unfortunately for him his meditation is disturbed when his wife enters with a pot and asks for his opinion. At first he is angry at her plus he doesn’t want to sell something that her mother left them (especially considering that it was a chamber pot) and that she should give some cheap paintings. But his tune instantly changes when he discovers that the charity auction was Mi Yun’s idea and he is all go for it but give something expensive and she is like don’t worry we have to beat Eun Ha and her donations etc..


Baby Face finally agrees to sign the contract and gives it to Danny Kent who then informs him that this means that the contract is now in effect (the one where they and Nora Fashio [I assume Detox Inventor’s company] will do the joint investment together). Baby Face does wonder if the Detox Inventor got an investment from somewhere. Danny Kent pretends that isn’t the case to the best of his knowledge. Baby Face doesn’t seem convinced but lets it slide for the time being. Since Sera calls him at this moment he tells her that since he is finished he will contact her when he arrives home. Just as he is about to leave he asks Danny Kent whether they have met before since he looks familiar. Danny Kent reminds him that they met earlier in the police station. But that isn’t the case and he wonders if it was before that to which he is informed that isn’t the case.


Baby Face is back in his car but instead of leaving immediately he can’t help but remember what Danny Kent informed him of Sleazebags latest hobby. He has a bad feeling about it so decides to confirm whether or not it is true. So he heads back in and towards Janice and company


Turns out that Danny is back on observation duty. Since his pay was probably docked since last time he was sleeping on his job he is more vigilant. He has managed to sneak a camera where Janice is supposed to be with Sleazebag and has an idea of the situation. Janice is slightly taking a break away when he gives her a call (or perhaps she excused herself when he called) and he informs her that Baby Face is heading her way so get ready for the next act.


She then pretends to be drunk and heads back. Apparently some of Sleazebags friends have heard of his new date and want some of his private videos. Especially of this date. He has to cancel the call complaining about how everyone critiques his videos and all. He is back to trying to take advantage of Janice’s supposedly drunk state by taking pictures of her and wondering if it would be okay for them to move to the next location so that they can get things done. She seems to be to out of it though. Baby Face finally makes his appearance and is ticked off at this site of how a man is trying to take advantage of a drunk woman.


Unfortunately for Danny he has to leave his observing spot when he notes that Sera has made an unannounced visit to the hotel and that she is probably there to meet up with Baby Face. If this happens then their entire plan would go to waste. So he decides to take one for the team and runs infront of her car and gets hit because she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings. She was looking for Baby Faces’ car. He then confronts her and tells her to get out so that they can discuss this like normal people. She is hesitant but apparently it seems that she has no choice but to comply.


Baby Face inspects Sleazebags work and is not impressed. He deletes all the pictures that he took of Janice and when he tries to take back his camera from Baby Face all he receives is a punch in his face and tells him that he should be thankful that he is a friend otherwise he would have to take a trip to the police station and to get his act straight. He then grabs Janice arm and drags her out from there who is still pretending to be drunk. Though he does inform Sleazebag that he would be okay with him sending him the hospital bill (for the injury from his punch)


Sera meanwhile is trying to contact Baby Face who still isn’t answering her calls. Finally, she decides to tell Danny to go to the hospital and get a checkup and give her a call in regards to the results and she will pay for them (she gives him her his card) he insists that she comes with him or they can go to the police station where he can file a report against her. She is confused why she should go with him since he isn’t even bleeding so he probably isn’t badly hurt. He is frustrated that he is dealing with an idiot who probably hasn’t even heard of internal bleeding. She tries to call Baby Face one more time but at this moment Danny notices that Baby Face is leaving with Janice so to divert Sera’s attention so that she doesn’t notice this he pretends to be in pain again. While she gets worried and checks on him if he is okay he manages to remove one of her bracelets without her being aware. He then manages to pull himself up but before she can turn and notice Baby Face and company leaving he grabs her in a hug. She is like hey I only hug my man you can’t steal my first hug but he desperately keeps a hold of her until Baby Face leaves.


Janice asks Baby Face to pull over since this constitutes as a kidnapping and he is sure believe whatever you want. Janice tells him sure keep thinking that. Nobody wants to hang with a kidnapper and tries to jump out of the car. Clearly she must still be drunk or that is what he believes so he stops the car and chases after her to not only talk some sense into her but wonder what they are to do about this current situation. For all his efforts he receives a slap. She tells him dude please make up your mind. First you not only tell me to go date someone you even set me up with said person then you drag me out of it. Why are you sending me mixed signals what am I supposed to do? He tries to point out that Sleazebag is a total jerk and that he was looking out for her but she informs him that since he is getting married he should mind his own business and let her worry about her own life etc.. she does give one bit of honest comment that she should never have met him three years back though before she can explain it she changes it that she shouldn’t have returned. Baby Facce is equally frustrated by all of this as well. He has no real idea of what he should do and why she deiced to return after 3 years and not earlier and why doesn’t she explain why she had to run of like that back then.


Turns out that while all of this is going on Sera and Danny Kent have finally come to an agreement. He tells her that he will get an X-ray and if everything is okay she won’t hear from him again but if not he will let her know the doctor’s opinion. She seems to agree with that little does she know that since he has her bracelet he is going to use that to call her so that they can meet up. She then tries to give Baby Face another call but to no avail. She then realizes that he may be with Janice even after her warning him to stay away from her. So she immediately contacts Sleazebag to get tabs on him. (is he still with Janice)


LoL Sleazebag wonders if he is in some love triangle and Sera is wondering what he is all about when she spots him and his bruised face. She wonders who had the audacity to hit him like that and if he still gets into fights these days. He instead reveals that it was Baby Face that not only punched him like that but also grabbed Janice and took her away from there. (she is like wait how did he get past me is there another exit here). Regardless Sera is shocked to hear all of this. How could her man take someone else’s girl like that? Did he think that he was a male lead in some drama?


Meanwhile Janice and Baby Faces conversation is going as well as can be expected. Both seem equally frustrated at the current status quo. He wants to know why she left 3 years back and she is like forget about the past I want to know how you feel now etc.. and what they should do. Baby Face has no idea of what to do since he has to deal with two women problem at the same time. An issue that hasn’t happened to him previously. He can’t continue to cheat on his fiancée but he can’t help what he feels for his first love. Janice clearly has a better idea of what should be done and lets him know. She tells him that they should get married and gives the most unromantic proposal by asking him to marry her at this point. The episode now ends.



Some thoughts regarding the episode.




WoW Baby Face is still an idiot. Wasn’t Janice supposed to be drunk. She snapped out of it fairly quickly and came up with this. I certainly hope that he doesn’t think that she is drunk talking and decides to chalk it of like that.


Not only that I am still wondering about that Danny transformation and how he can’t see through this. I know if I was watching a Superman movie or even TV show I would expect something like that. Because for whatever reason that happens in the comics and I am kind of used to it. But in a show that shows no signs of superpowers or anything like that it makes little to no sense. Then again this is the same show where nobody can seem to recognize Mi Yun who looks exactly the same as she did 30 years ago.


When I saw Eun Ha watching that video of her daughter I was actually wondering why she doesn’t make a copy of it and also convert it on a cd/DVD. This way she would have multiple copies incase one would get bad. Regardless that was a pretty good nightmare that Sera had. Due to the fact that I couldn’t even tell that was her dream until she woke up from it unlike that time when Mi Yun had her nightmare that Janice found out the truth that she wasn’t her daughter which was very obvious due to a few reasons. Gosh speaking of Sera she certainly has issues and no matter what she does she is never going to win. If her lost sister never shows up, then her family is always going to be in limbo and they won’t pay any attention to you and if they do manage to find her then they will be so focused on her to make up for all the lost time that you will still be forgotten. Though I am not sure I understand her thinking that she wants her mother to continue suffering by not being able to meet her daughter as a punishment for treating her like that.


As for Janice since she is so good at lying she can easily make up a story as to why she had to leave 3 years back and still get Baby Face to be with her. For instance, she can tell him that her mother suddenly got sick so she had to rush back to take care of her. He already knows that she has a strong bond with her since she was even willing to stop smoking because her mother asked her to. This way he will be more than willing to believe her and understand her actions and thus forgive her. She can then either tell him that the mother is okay now so that is why she returned or is dead either one would work.


I just spotted another painting that Eun Ha might like. There happened to be one at the contract signing where Danny and Baby Face met. Speaking of paintings, we discover that Eun Ha has mortgaged her clinic. Only two places that money could have gone. Firstly, in the search for her daughter or secondly her other hobbies such as these paintings. No wonder Mi Yun bet 2 million for said painting and is willing to sell it at that amount. She probably knows the exact financial condition of Eun Ha thanks to her research on the two families. Also this probably will place Inchul in a jam since he is going to try and use his connection to get the loan approved. Either that or Mi Yun is going to get them charged with embezzlement as well by making the bank claim that they never issued the loan in the first place because she was already over the limit. Though her doing something like this would probably make more sense for J Thief since he was the one that had framed her. Unless her plan is for Inchul to come to her for help and she refuses to do so unless he can bring some proof of his innocence like he did back then.


Interestingly Sera has hired the same detective to do a background search on Janice. Unless she has been lying on her specs about working in Paris she seems to be safe for the moment. But this will certainly complicate matters since the detective is also looking into the missing sister and will eventually realize who she is or rather since he won’t figure that out right away he will be reporting his findings of Janice to Sera first who will probably figure out her identity first but will try and keep it a secret from everybody else. I can’t wait to see her face when she realizes that she lost out to her sister once again.


It does seem that Inchul might have an idea regarding Janice but he just doesn’t know how exactly to voice it without sounding like a crazy person or offending the other party. Then again he isn’t the smartest person on the block so that may not be the case.


Speaking of him I enjoyed his private time with J Thief. These two together always steal the scenes. I think I would rather prefer watching more of them than the others who are busy scheming something or the other. Though after rewatching their scene I guess that Inchul isn’t carrying a golf club but rather a hiking/walking stick. Good luck in finding out who the blackmailer really is. To be honest I was hoping that each one of them figures that the other was the blackmailer but this might turn out to be equally fun. Watching their way bungling things up etc..


I really hope that Danny is okay and isn’t seriously injured by the stunt that he pulled. Now even I am wondering if Mi Yun’s team didn’t have a lot of practice conning people and hanging around thieves like pickpockets and all.


Another thing that I am curious about is the fact what people will do when they realize the Janice/Yura connection and relationship with Baby Face.


We already know what Sera is going to be like. The interesting thing though will be Eun Ha’s reaction though. Will she be so happy to have her daughter back that she will be willing to let her have Baby Face though she was initially for Sera to have him. She as usual won’t care about the pain and suffering her other daughter must suffer as usual


As for Baby Face I also wonder about his reaction to both this as well as his true identity and how he plans to make it up to all the families involved. Regardless he seems to be in a pickle even now. Wondering whether or not Janice will even accept his marriage proposal what if she decides to bail on their wedding day without a sign like last time. It’s not like he can ask Sera to take him back. Well he probably could and she probably would but that would just be plain wrong. Her mother might make another issue about it and tell her daughter to get some pride and not fall for a man like that but knowing Sera’s personality she might not care about any of that. Heck knowing her she might just lure Janice out on her wedding date and have her locked up somewhere dark to make it seem like she won’t show up.



This covers most of my points so let’s move onto other stuff.




@maribella I am starting to agree that their initial romance was just too short for it to have a lasting impact that he still wasn’t over her until now. I guess the best thing that I can say why he didn’t forget her is that because he never had a proper closure from her. If she told him that she wasn’t interested, then it would have probably been over but her suddenly disappearing and then him getting involved in an accident might have caused him to stay stuck where he was. Plus, he probably really wanted to know what she thought about the book and wanted to discuss it to the point that he hasn’t read any other book till now. He must still be re reading that book hoping that they can continue on that conversation as well from when they left of.


@Takingthehighroad I have seen a few of those dramas that you mentioned and I would really like to watch the rest that you recommended. Especially both versions of Jang Bori is here. Please PM me a link to those shows.


Some of my thoughts regarding the shows that i watched from your list


Secret of My Love – interesting show even the ending was okay. I did have a small question about how many people actually knew that the second lead was still alive by the end. Other than that was nice.

Golden Pouch – Nice. Ending was also good. Speaking of Eun Ha’s actress she was in that show as well. Clearly she wasn’t the good sister. But overall almost everyone got a happy ending by that show which I guess was good.

Golden Rainbow. – Been a long time since I watched it that I don’t remember much of it and the ending but I know that I enjoyed it. I think Janice’s actress was the second lead in that show and the only other drama that I saw of her. Might recommend it to others.

Heavens Promise – Was good once the female leads revenge started. Prior to that she was pretty weak. Her death changed her a lot. My only issue was the ending. It was just to unbelievable to believe. I get a lot of this happens in drams but for that I was literally laughing I found it funny to that level. Otherwise will recommend that as well.

I haven’t watched any of the others so I can’t comment on that so other than Jang Bori is here I might be willing to find and watch Apgujeong Midnight Sun since I have heard positive reviews about it. I don’t think that I have searched hard enough for it though.


Also I am glad that you are still lurking around. Hope that you eventually manage to find a drama that you like. Have never watched a Turkish Drama so will give it a try someday. Thankfully my friend has Netflix and he tells me that it has a few of them on it. So I might ask him to let me check them out someday.


@Lmangla LoL about Baby Face never getting dumped before. Other than that you covered most of my other points better. Thanks for that and sorry for the delay with the recap. Got stuck at work longer so I couldn’t post earlier.



Anyway this covers my entire post so take care all of you and keep posting. Waiting for the next episode. I guess this means I get to watch some other drama till then.

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@yamiyugi I lol'd at Clark Kent!  How stupid is Baby Face?  This is getting to Unknown Woman levels now.


As for Sera's hurt later on, it will probably be assuaged by Danny.


Urgh, again, they are late with subs today.  They usually are ready by now, in fact sooner.  Am I supposed to watch that horrid Unasked Family where "good women are slaves to men and mothers-in-law" and "bad women screech"?

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1 hour ago, tulip06 said:

Urgh, again, they are late with subs today.  They usually are ready by now, in fact sooner. 


Just PM you a link which says that they have the subs out check it out and leet me know. Bit busy so can't check them for now.

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1 hour ago, chococarmela said:

I'm watching this drama because I'm bored.


Seriously, it's so unrealistic! How stupid can that family be?

Dramas tend to be unrealistic, especially dailies. That’s the point, escapism and fun as we laugh at the craziness.

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4 hours ago, tulip06 said:

Dramas tend to be unrealistic, especially dailies.


At least other dailies had good messages. And they were slightly realistic too, because some of these things do happen in real life.


But this? It's just... Are you serious??

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10 hours ago, chococarmela said:


At least other dailies had good messages. And they were slightly realistic too, because some of these things do happen in real life.


But this? It's just... Are you serious??

Stop wasting your time on it, then.  Try another show.  Life is short!

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5 minutes ago, chococarmela said:


But what if I go through another drama drought?



There's that unasked family one, and all sorts of old shows.  And the Chinese shows too. :)  You'll be fine.  Don't suffer through a show you hate when there are all sorts of options out there, especially ones with Lee Yoori and other great actresses.  


Speaking of Chinese shows, Conspiracy of Love is getting subbed on youtube and the heroine is a downright sociopath...

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44 minutes ago, tulip06 said:

and all sorts of old shows.  And the Chinese shows too. :)  You'll be fine.  Don't suffer through a show you hate when there are all sorts of options out there, especially ones with Lee Yoori and other great actresses.  


... Yeah. I should continue those other dramas I'm watching. I love Lee Yoori too!


Ooh, I wanna watch a Chinese harem drama now...

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23 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Apgujeong Midnight Sun since I have heard positive reviews about it. I don’t think that I have searched hard enough for it though.

Off topic but (actually no because if I go on a spiel about how the main female lead in that show is similar our female lead here...there are a lot of similarities and they both don’t start off as goody two shoes right off the beginning soo mods please don’t be mad) I love that daily! That and Golden pouch are my favorite (totally not because my favorite pairings are oppa and MC).  @chococarmela I recommend those two if you need another daily to watch...that are complete too so you can binge :) I can also PM you if you need a site to watch the English subbed eps. 


Of course I understand in dailies there’s bound to be some fillers, inconsistencies, and plot holes because of so many episode. However (besides the weird inability to recognize J’s brother Superman style as you said, because it really is absurd with simply glasses and different hair he doesn’t recognize him but oh well. I was also wondering why in the world when Phillip and SR were at hotel, everyone was meeting in garage. Aren’t these rich folks wealthy enough to use valet??) I do have an issue with MY’s ‘revenge plot’ because  here she is giving her daughter the responsibility to seduce someone while she comfortably hangs out in the shadows. Why doesn’t she seduce one of the fathers? 


Im a but confused on the painting. I feel like it’s important, but what’s the story behind it? Who painted it? Why is it so important to EH and why is MY keeping it?


SR...sometimes I sympathize with her other times I disapprove of her. If she wasn’t such a brat I would understand her desperation to keep HJ by using J’s claustrophobia weakness and sabotaging your big sisters stuff. I know she’s jealous and her mom neglected her and she is an insecure person so HJ straying Away pushes on those insecurities she’s had since young with her mom ‘loving her uni more’ than her. The thing is, we brushed over it ourselves how compared to other dailies with pitiful and athletic characters that have gone through far worse than SR, and kept acting like goody two shoes. And many of them were poor orphans that never behaved close to how SR acts out in her tantrums. I actually do hope she ends up with the brother, I feel like if she falls in love with someone else (though again it’ll be another vicious cycle not only being dumped for revenge but if he also shows hows he in love with J when already she dealt with thst scenario with her ex fiancée...I just want SR to stop having such bad blood and become on friendly terms with J, I hate seeing sisters pit against each other like this.)


HJ...devils advocate, J’s intentions towards him are not pure and seeing how in future we don’t know what she has in store for him, giving her a run for her money and toying with her like this is only making up for the karma that will come back to him. Yet I know I posted about this before, but I just can’t stand how the writer makes his character. She proposed to you! She says she likes you. Since you had to string along SR because you were unsure if feeling was mutual with J, now you can stop all that and actually be honest with yourself. J was spot on, he’s no better than Phillip because he lies to himself. And we can sympathize with his accident three years ago and his circumstances now being engaged, but I hate how it somehow makes sense for him to be in love with her after all these years when they only even spent like one day together and knew each other for that long too. Yet it doesn’t make sense for him to drop everything to be within this girl he has supposedly been waiting for after nearly dying with her from falling down building and saving her from being played by a bad guy. What other situations do they have to go through to be together?! When they were through nearly none three else’s ago and he miraculously fell for her! It’s like the pace is all off snd wishy washy which is frustrating.

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This episode was more of a bore and I almost fell asleep a few times in it or maybe it was just me due to watching it late. Yes, that must be it.


Anyway no matter what here is the recap for episode 17.




The show starts with Janice asking Baby Face to marry her and he is shocked at her request and probably thinks that she must be out of her mind or still drunk.


As for Sera she has just been informed by Sleazebag that Baby Face ran off with Janice and this seems to confuse her as well. (how did he manage to get past me and why would he do that). She wonders where he ran off to with her but Sleazebag is extremely ticked off at him for treating him like that and ruining their friendship over a mere girl. He does wonder whether he was cheating on Sera and that is why she tried to set him up with Janice but she is in denial. He doesn’t care about it anymore and just leaves. Sera tries to contact him one more time but to no avail which makes her start to freak out and probably send her to a nervous meltdown if she has to go through any more of this drama.


Baby Face is still listening to Janice and he clearly thinks that she is joking when she asked him to marry her. But she insists that isn’t the case and that he should have expected this or that she was thinking that he would agree to this. She then warns him to mind his own business if he doesn’t intend on marrying her and marry someone else. She also tells him to stop sending her mixed signals which isn’t good for either of them. She also warns him to get his act straight because this way he is hurting both Sera and her by messing with their feelings and stringing both of them along.


At this point she receives a call from Danny who informs her that he can’t go home because Sera has arrived at their place and she would be able to recognize him since she saw him at the hotel plus she knows about the hotel incident since she was there to surprise Baby Face. Janice wonders why he simply doesn’t go in his Danny mode and perhaps be able to fool her as well. But he isn’t willing to take that chance so she informs him that she is on her way. I guess since Sera was so out of it she didn’t notice Baby Face’s parked car along the way or she took a different route to get there.


Janice knows that she can use this fact to cause confusion and misunderstanding between Sera and Baby Face asks him to drop her of at home. If so she wouldn’t press kidnapping charges against him. Though he is more interested to know that if he asks her to marry her will she even accept his proposal and she is the sooner the better. So even if you ask me to marry you with no prep time like even tomorrow I will be ready. She leaves him behind and heads to his car while he briefly wonders what even goes around in women’s heads and how he can’t ever seem to figure them out.


Sera is meanwhile still waiting patiently for Baby Face to drop of Janice at her home all the while trying to console herself that nothing must be going on between them and trusting their words to her. Baby Face to trust her and that he will be hers and that Janice wasn’t all that interested in him and that she was just being insecure. Danny on the other hand is still waiting patiently in the cold and hoping that they hurry back. Sera atleast has the car to stay warm in while he doesn’t (oh wait he does but it might be risky to go there at the moment.)


J Thief on the other hand is still over the moon over Mi Yun promising to invest in the kids wedding (Baby Face and Sera) that he is now letting Inchul know about this good news as well. Inchul is a bit surprised that she didn’t mention any of this earlier when she met him but J Thief doesn’t care about that and to see this as a positive sign. This means that they are already family and while on that topic he wants Inchul to do a favour. Which is to use is connections and all them to use the farm for their project. (they can’t do that due to it being in a greenbelt zone). Inchul looks at him (rather is phone since that’s how they are talking) like he has lost his mind but agrees to do that. J Thief is glad that matter has been resolved and tells him that he will then start to take care of matters on his end as well and ends the call. Yoo Kyung is finally glad that they can get rid of the land (farm) since she had a bad feeling about it since then. J Thief just tells her not to talk about the past.


Eun Ha and Inchul are having a drink (probably sad that they have to let their daughter go after she gets married). When she asks him whether or not he is aware of how J Thief actually bought the farm. When he corrects her that J Thief didn’t actually buy it but stole it from young people and by doing so killed their dreams along with it. She then informs him that it is good to keep reminding J Thief that due to this fact it is good to let him be aware that while they have been good friends and business partners they are also each other’s secret keepers. Inchul starting to feel uncomfortable about all this decides to change the topic and brings up Baby Face as the new topic. He clearly still feels uncomfortable with the lie that his wife has been living with. Unfortunately, she thinks that she was right to do so and even tries to justify her actions by pointing out that if she didn’t save his life (by switching his identity) then Yoo Kyung would have been suffering and at worst she would have gone mad with grief or would have ended up adopting another child and if none of that worked that J Thief might even had ended up having a kid from an affair so at best her family should owe and thank her for her actions (she even finds all this amusing) Gee lady your thinking is really messed up isn’t it. Inchul seems to this so because he realizes that he simply can’t seem to talk any sense into her so he drops the matter.


Mi Yun reports to her dead husband via his picture that she finally plans to visit their former farm and just how much it would have changed like her.


Sera has still been patiently waiting for Janice and Baby Face (to drop Janice at her home). Finally, they return but since Janice knows that Sera is waiting for her there (and also notices her car) decides to stay in Baby Face’s car for a bit longer and continue their discussion from earlier. He at first tries to ignore it by pretending that she didn’t mean her earlier confession (probably since she made it while drunk so it doesn’t count or because it was really unromantic). So she asks him a loaded question if he is actually marrying Sera because he loves her otherwise it would be unfair to her especially if he has feelings for another woman and is she even aware of such a fact. He is really in no mood to play her mind games and right out tells her that love isn’t as grand as he once thought because if you love someone then you should consider the other party’s feelings as well and in what kind of situation they might be. So it isn’t nice to crash other peoples wedding just because you were a past love or reveal this fact to them to hurt said party. Also just because someone is in love doesn’t entitle to come and go in the other person’s life without any warning etc.. She seems to agree with him but she informs him that the difference between the two is that she atleast still admits what she feels and is honest in that regards unlike him who is denying what he feels between them and is willing to move on and marry someone else in that situation.


Sera meanwhile is getting uncomfortable for the time that those two are talking about and wonders what their conversation could be about. If he was just being a gentleman, then he should have dropped Janice at her home and left immediately but this wasn’t the case. Janice feeling that she has made her point and put on her show long enough for Sera decides to leave at this point. Sera finally seeing her chance calls Baby Face once again. Probably hoping to catch him out in a lie and asks where is at that moment. He tells her that he is tired and is heading home and will talk with her later. (technically that is true at the moment.) She does question him as to why he didn’t pick up her earlier call but since he is to tired to have this conversation with her he tells her to do it later since he didn’t notice her call and all. She has no choice but to leave it at that for the time being.


Danny finally joins Janice at their place when Sera leaves. She didn’t even prepare a glass of hot chocolate for him. What a great sister (even tea or coffee would have been nice). Though before he entered she was thinking about her conversation with Baby Face and she clearly is affected by it to an extent. As for Danny he was more surprised that Sera didn’t make a scene on the spot or after Baby Face left. She explains that Sera didn’t confront Baby Face due to the answer she could hear. Such as he might get tired of her drama and decide to dump her on the spot. Danny though is curious as to what Baby Face is going to do now that she proposed to him. She on the other hand is confident that he will eventually be won over to her side and come willingly to her.


Baby Face has finally arrived home where J Thief can’t wait to share his good news that Mi Yun is willing to invest in his marriage. Apparently he is in one of his smart phases for the time being and feels something is fishy as to why would she want to invest in his marriage and what she will gain from all of this. J Thief who only sees dollars in his eyes isn’t thinking straight and tells him about how since she doesn’t have any kids of her own probably wants to make him her heir so he should be nice to her. This way they would all benefit from this relationship so he should be nice to her. LoL J Thief even tells him to treat Mi Yun as his mother. Baby Face is still suspicious and is sure that she probably has some sort of agenda behind her request. But J Thief who is blinded by greed refuses to see and accept this. He is confident if they sign a good contract without any loopholes then they would all benefit from this deal so Baby Face should just get on with the program and not be a wet blanket. The noise of this argument even brings Yoo Kyung out of her room. She tries to get them to calm down


Since Baby Face seems to be influenced by Janice’s words he asks them if the deal would still be in effect if he doesn’t marry Sera. His mother is concerned about this but J Thief who always follows the money tells him not to be absurd and have strange thoughts and go forward with the marriage. Baby Face tries to tell him that neither of those two items go together and he shouldn’t mix them as well. But he just tells him that they always go hand in hand so don’t mess things up. Baby Face leaves for his room frustrated and wonders what is wrong with his father.


Yoo Kyung after managing to calm her husband down heads to her son’s room wondering if everything is fine. He tries to raise the same point that he finds it odd that Mi Yun wants to invest in his marriage. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to get it as well and is on her husband’s side and even tells him that she seems like a nice person. So he asks her how does she even know that. Since they only met recently. She could be making up stuff and it isn’t like his mother verified any of these details. She wonders what is up with her son since he isn’t being his usual self and asks whether he is this testy because he had a fight with Sera. He tells her that isn’t the case.


As for Sera she is ticked off at Baby Face that she even makes funny faces while speaking to his picture and tells him that he will pay for hurting her. Early in the morning she decides to head out when she is stopped by her mother who is initially concerned that she may not have had enough sleep since she came home late and is leaving so early. But she then informs her of the good news that Mi Yun plans on investing in her marriage.


Mi Yun has contacted J Thief and wonders if he is available since she wants to inspect the farm. He is ready to oblige her request and even lies that he is free and that he can send a car for her. She tells him there is no need since she already got directions so she will come on her own. He is okay with that. Baby Face is about to head to work when J Thief tells him to come to the farm with him. Clearly he has ulterior motives but Baby Face has no choice but to comply.


As for Sera she is about to have a slightly bad day. She intended to have a chat with Baby Face but is told by his assistant that he headed straight to the farm with his dad. Mi Yun would be joining them. at first she is curious why Mi Yun would want to go to the farm and is told that Mi Yun wants to transform it into a fashion park for her wedding gift and this brings her in a good mood. But all of that changes when she heads to her office to discover that Janice has also gone to the farm and this means that she would spend some alone time with Baby Face. She is furious to hear this and wonders who gave her permission to go. Also if the farm was supposed to be her wedding gift then it should have been her that was asked out instead of Janice. Poor workers have to bear the brunt of her crazy. Finally, she decides that this just won’t do and that she should head out to the farm herself.


Unfortunately, just before she leaves she gets a call from Sleazebag who informs her that he is backing out from their deal to woo over Janice. She can’t seem to understand why he would want to do that. So she asks to meet up with him in person and have him tell her.


Mi Yun, her assistant and Janice have arrived at the farm first. They all seem to be affected by being there but Mi Yun is the one that seems most effected due to her memories of living and working there. Janice tries to calm her mother down. Fortunately, Mi Yun is able to come back to her senses in time when she is informed that J Thief and Baby Face have arrived. She makes the excuse for Janice’s presence by informing them that she invited her so that Janice could have a better idea of what to advertise and all regarding it. They seem to believe that for the moment.


Sera is there for her meeting with Sleazebag to find out why he is backing out at this point. Only to be informed by him that he is being threatened which seems to surprise her. He probably was by Danny who seems to be there as well secretly observing this conversation. Sleazebag leaves after informing her about this and how he would find a way to get even with Baby Face for beating him up and stealing his girl.


J Thief is giving Mi Yun and Janice a tour of the farm when she (Mi Yun) brings the fact that there was someone who claimed in the past that My Herb was stolen from his hard work. He merely claims that said person was lying since he was jealous and that it is hard to prove who came first in this invention race. Janice pretends to take his side and points out that this behavior is quite common even abroad and some of them pull this stunt to reduce the stock prices. He is glad that somebody actually believes and understands him and further lies that his company is based on hard work and honesty. Mi Yun also pretends to believe him but swears to make him pay for all the pain and suffering that he has caused her family.


Though at this point her attention is diverted when she spots Baby Face helping a worker over there. She is reminded of her husband by his actions. Perhaps she even senses a familiar presence or facial similarity in him but can’t seem to figure out why this is the case.


Eun Ha and Yoo Kyung are catching up and naturally Mi Yun’s wedding gift is brought up and they are thankful that she has become a friend like that to them. Yoo Kyung even suggests that it would be nice if she could become the kids (or was it the future grandkids) godmother. She is saying that out since she thinks that she is a nice person and all. But Eun Ha who seems to be greedy for money thinks that it will benefit the kids since Mi Yun has no kids of her own all that wealth will end up coming to their children and can’t believe that Yoo Kyung doesn’t see it that way and is too nice.


Inchul who had been smart enough to record the blackmailers recording is listening to it to get an idea of who it could be. But since that isn’t working out he tries to narrow down the search to the best of his ability. So he calls his assistant to give him the following instructions to find out the information of any person that sends him a package to his home and if they send it via courier to get the couriers id and information. A good plan if I don’t say so. Inchul wonders how the blackmailer will escape now.


Janice is doing a tour on her own and she isn’t happy with what she is seeing. The farm hasn’t been well maintained over the years. She is like if you steal something then atleast take care of it not abandon it like a toy that you have forgotten after you got tired of playing with it after a while.


She bumps into Baby Face and notes that he didn’t sleep well and if he had a lot on his mind. Clearly this wasn’t the case for her. She then continues with her mind games by pointing out that Mi Yun was going to invest in this farm for his wedding gift and turn it into a resort. So since he was gaining a lot from his wedding he would be a fool to turn it down and he would end up marrying Sera in the end. He tries to convince her that something is wrong as well as to why would a stranger invest a lot of money in another stranger.  She tries to pass it of as a quirk of rich people but he informs her that the richer the person is the more he wants to keep their wealth. So she points out that both he and his father are rich so this rule should apply to them as well. This brings him up to the next point as to how is father is suddenly acting out of character. He never trusts people and only money yet he is now blindly following all of Mi Yun’s suggestions. Janice tells him not to look a gift horse in its mouth and just take her suggestion at face value that it is a wedding gift and leave it like that. It’s not like he won’t get married.


This makes him wonder and ask her about her true intentions since he can’t seem to figure her out. On one hand she claims to want to marry him but on the other she is telling him to go ahead with his marriage plans with Sera. She explains to him that she is like that since she doesn’t want him hurt so he should just follow his heart. Meaning she wants him to be happy even if she isn’t. She leaves him at this point and he seems troubled by her words. He does ask her what she would do if he were to get hurt by marrying Sera (just before she leaves completely). She then asks him if this means that he will accept her marriage proposal. So he turns around to give her an answer. But it turns out that one of the things that she learned during her revenge planning was Ninja Lessons. So by the time he turns she has disappeared without making any noise. I guess she isn’t ready to hear his answer.


Mi Yun is walking with her assistant and asks her the current status of the nurse. She is informed that the nurse is still in the same state that she was last in but has a few random lucid moments. Mi Yun then informs her to search for someone that they can use to send undercover to the hospital to keep a better eye on the nurse and her progress. The assistant agrees to do that. The assistant receives a call so she excuses herself to answer it. While Mi Yun is waiting she spots Baby Face. Once again he seems to briefly transform into her husband before reverting to his normal self. This makes her wonder why she keeps seeing her husband in J Thief’s son. This just doesn’t make sense to her but before she can figure this out Baby Face approaches her for a chat. He asks her to reconsider her investment plan due to his marriage with Sera and not to mix personal and business relationship together. She pretends not to get what he means so he clarifies that both matters should be considered separately and not affect the other. So she informs him that since he was going to marry Sera it should be a done deal and he should be happy about it. But she agrees to not hold him responsible if it doesn’t work out. Unfortunately, before they can get deeper into this matter it starts to rain. Since he had been raised as a gentleman he raises his coat to cover her and take her out of it. He doesn’t tell her thought that she is probably the second woman that he has treated like this and the first one just so happened to be her daughter.


Apparently somewhere along the line she must bump into her assistant who brings her back to J Thief who is also waiting with his assistant. They decide to leave but since Janice is still somewhere on the grounds Baby Face apparently had volunteered to find her and bring her back to the city. Atleast that is what J Thief is informed by Mi Yun’s assistant. He seems to be okay with that. Thus they head back for Seoul.


It’s still raining heavily and Baby Face seems to have no luck in finding Janice even though he is calling out her name. So he decides to take shelter in one of the small empty sheds and continue his search after the rain stops or slows down. Fortunately, he doesn’t need to do that since Janice manages to find her way to the same shed.


Sera apparently is unable to head to the farm since she is still at the office. It is here when Danny Kent contacts her and informs her that he has a fractured rib from her hitting him with his car. She tells him to send her his bank details so that she can send him the money for his medical bills. He realizes that she somehow still hasn’t realized that her bracelet is missing so he gives her a hint. When she realizes that it is missing he agrees to hand it over to her if they can meet.


As for Janice and Baby Face things are awkward since he doesn’t know how to handle this situation. He can’t do anything to her that wouldn’t be taken in the wrong sense. Finally, he thinks just placing his coat on her will be okay and tells her that he is only doing that so she doesn’t catch a cold. He then tries to become a smooth operator and tries to slowly dry her using just his handkerchief. That goes as well as expected. It just leaves him in an awkward position when he touches her hair while doing this that he thinks that it is better to stop himself before he ends up doing something that he will regret later on.


Sera and Danny Kent manage to meet up. He shows her his medical report (unless it is doctored) and she agrees to pay him the money. Realizing that it would be over he mentions that he even has a small psychological problem due to the accident as well. She has clearly heard of all these things to extort money from people like her. Fortunately, she is willing to pay him even that so he should just add it on the tab and hand over her bracelet. Sera is apparently the smart one in this episode because she is getting suspicious of his behavior and wonders if he isn’t trying to scam her and if he intentionally got hit by her car. As proof she points out that he probably got her bracelet when he held her arm and if he was actually innocent he would have returned it then instead of waiting a day to do so. He realizes that he has to be quick on his feet otherwise the gig would be. So he tells her that he did that because he fell for her and not because he is some sort of fraud. He then asks her out in payment for his psychological damage and they could then call it quits. She clearly likes the attention that she is suddenly receiving and leaves without answering him. She must be thinking that he must atleast have a good choice in women. Anyway he leaves the ball in her court by telling her to contact him if she is interested in meeting up with him.


Apparently it is still raining where Baby Face and Janice are waiting. She pretends to wonder if they are being punished and if this rain is holding them a prisoner and all. Unfortunately for him the close proximity with Janice really isn’t helping his resolve. To the extent that he asks her to beat him to reality. She can’t seem to do that but at most allow some skinship by touching his face instead of slapping him. He seems to forget about everything else and decides to cheat on his fiancée and ends up kissing her and she kisses him back much to his joy. Episode ends at this point.



Well here go some of my thoughts regarding the episode.




Let’s start with the fact when Mi Yun and group arrive at the farm. They each seem to show feelings towards it. For Mi Yun and Janice it is totally understandable since it belonged to Mi Yun and her husband and Janice has grown up hearing tales about it that she thinks that it is part of her families. But this doesn’t explain why the assistant would also be attached to it. The only explanation that therefore makes sense is if she is a child of one of the workers at that farm that was somehow wronged by J Thief’s takeover of it. That is why she is also part of this revenge scheme. Though it will then be interesting to see who approached who first.


Speaking of the farm Eun Ha made an interesting comment regarding it. Apparently she was aware of how J Thief acquired it. Not only that when she told her husband that they should occasionally remind J Thief about their relationship of Secret Keeper as well as the others (friends and business partners) is interesting. Why that is simple. Currently she probably doesn’t seem to know that J Thief is also getting blackmailed but later on she might be able to use this to her advantage. Initially I was like J Thief and Inchul might mistake each other as the blackmailer but instead they have agreed to work together to find him. Now we know for a fact that Eun Ha has financial problems though she is loath to admit it. Her pride won’t allow her to ask Yoo Kyung directly but I feel that if she found an opportunity to do so indirectly she would be sure to take it. For instance, she may decide to become an actual blackmailer to J Thief until she gets caught. She is more than ready to still use the I saved your son card (when it isn’t true) so it won’t be that hard to believe that she can use a situation like this to her advantage. I wonder if this is indeed a part of Mi Yun’s plan.


Then we have the part where J Thief is asking Inchul to use his influence to allow him to use the farm as his next project area. Bet that won’t happen as planned. This is probably the second time that Inchul is probably using his influence to abuse his power so to speak. The first time is get more loan for his wife to purchase that painting and this second time is for J Thief to work his project in a greenbelt area. If the public find out about either he is going to get into a jam. Perhaps one action will lead to the other. For instance, he may think that he has gotten the permission for J Thief who will start to proceed with making that into his fashion park. Naturally Mi Yun is then going to get someone to protest about this matter of how people can use that area to build something like this. Public opinion is going to come into play and there will be an investigation which will lead to Inchul’s involvement. Perhaps that will lead to a further investigation into him which will then reveal how he pressurized a bank president to give him a loan when he was already maxed out. Since he apparently is going on the campaign that he is a clean and honest politician his career is going to be seriously affected by this.


This will probably also have the added benefit of J Thief having to not only stop his project but also be unable to continue it as well. I wonder if that can be an excuse for Mi Yun to ask back for her investment at this point and if they have heavily invested in said project they may be short of funds and unable to pay her back. She may ask for something in return as a guarantee or something. Perhaps even the farm itself.


Inchul is far busier trying to track down the blackmailer. Him asking about the information of the couriers is actually a smart move. Everything eventually has a source point. This means that either the riders or their company actually have to be approached at some point by the blackmailer to hand over the package. He then plans on using that information to backtrack the blackmailer. Even if they used some random person as a deliver the same rules would apply if he knows their identity. Unless the blackmailer knows how to disguise themselves and sends the package to the delivery station in secret as well. But let’s face it just how practical is that. A fake rider using a fake company also won’t last long since a background check on him will also lead him to the blackmailer. Mi Yun probably has a backup plan to send him the next parcel in a different way. Perhaps she will use a stork to drop said parcel at their house. How will they manage to track the stork down?


As for Eun Ha she really isn’t helping me in liking her one bit. Sure I feel bad that she lost her kid but she is totally unrepentant in her actions of that day. She claims to care about her friend and her mental state but it more looks to me that she only cares about herself and her career. Loss is a part of life and people need to learn to accept it. Her way of defending her action about the fact that the family should be thanking her since the friend would have lost it or adopted some random kid or her husband would have cheated on her and brought some random kid. Well the way I see it the friend in a way has already done the second option she just isn’t aware of it so what’s the difference. I can understand the former but not so much for the later. For instance, why would J Thief cheat on his wife if their kid died. It was never his kid in the first place. He probably would have either been kicked out on the spot by the chairwoman or she would have been forced to amend her initial contract with him and thus allowed him to have a kid of his own. Since that would be the only way for her bloodline to continue. If she did have him divorce his wife (her daughter) then she probably could have found a new husband for her. Regardless him cheating on his wife probably wouldn’t help his cause as the wife could ask for a divorce is she wanted at this point so he might not even get a chance to stay at his throne. Thus I feel that her thinking is extremely weird and she probably should get a mental checkup at some point.


To be honest is it wrong of me to want her to end up in a mental hospital after the way she is treating people and how she will behave towards Janice her real daughter without being aware of this fact. Inchul can take care of her or if he has gotten better by the end of the show I wouldn’t mind him asking for a divorce and moving on with his life. Perhaps he will have a better and happier one.


The scenes at the farm between Janice and Baby Face seem to be trying to go for romantic but that isn’t how I saw it. It seemed more awkward and cringe worthy at times. Also didn’t like how he was willing to kiss her without properly breaking up with Sera. Also I can probably imagine how Sera is going to take the news once she discovers that the two of them are all alone at that farm and come back together. She will probably lose her mind one she finds out or sees them together.


Did anyone else also notice her expression when Danny asked her out that he likes her. She also didn’t correct him by informing him that she is already spoken for. It seems like this is the first time that someone has actually paid her attention or even called her pretty. Baby Face is with her but not in soul only in body so he plays along with what she probably wants but has done nothing to convince her that he has fallen for her. So I do wonder if she thinks that she can use Danny’s feelings for her to her advantage. She is after all her mother’s daughter isn’t she. So she might think that it might be a good idea if she can get Baby Face jealous and thus get him back when she spots him with Janice. So she would ask Danny to pretend to date her and have a good time only for it to not work. Baby Face might think that she has finally moved on from him so he will wish her to be happy much to her frustration. She might also end up falling for Danny not realizing that instead of him using her it is him using her. Though he might also fall for her by feeling bad for her and all.


I wonder when they can use the nurse to figure out the truth. Mi Yun though seems to be slightly faster in recognizing her son. Or rather she is more confused why Baby Face is reminding her of her late husband. As for Eun Ha she isn’t even close to in that department. it does seem like Inchul might have an inkling and thanks to his wife thinks that she might have stolen the picture. If that is the case, he might be wondering since the timing of the blackmailer and the picture thief can be connected. So it might make sense if this is the blackmailers idea of cruel justice to use his daughter for the sake of revenge but he can’t come out and say it out loud lest he sound like a mad man. Then again he may actually have no clue like he said.



Now on to other matters regarding the show.




@tulip06 I really don’t want to offend anyone of this show or Unknown Woman but I personally think that this is dumber than that one. Let’s see why. In Unknown Woman clearly everyone could see the resemblance in the first female lead and the current fake identity that she was using. Sorry I can’t recall the character names at this point or what her fake identity was. (was she Son Yuri or was that the identity that she took after she faked her death) either way she tried to then further mess with their heads by pretending that she was a different person by having her scar removed and then later on pretending to be her own long lost twin. But in this show the only thing that Danny is using to look different is a pair of glasses and Baby Face is fooled by that. Heck even Mi Yun looks almost the same from when they last saw her. She just looks more classy but other than that I atleast can’t tell much of a diffence. Yoo Kyung and Eun Ha have both gotten a different hairstyle but not her. So why people can’t recognize each other here is beyond me.


@chococarmela As to just how dumb can the families be. I would say very. They just seem to take turns that is all and when one decides to get smart the others become dumb that they aren’t willing to see or hear logic when someone else is pointing it out to them.


@tulip06 to be honest I am actually enjoying Unasked Family. The female leads MiL actually seems to be quite nice and reasonable compared to the normal MiL they get stuck up with. The only unlikable people are Diva and her family. Main female leads family can get annoying but atleast they seem to care about her to an extent. Take Brother Bum for instance sure he leeches of the family but he also tried to get a lawyer for her when he heard that she might not get that job due to a guy and this was for no personal benefit to him. The others in her family can be annoying (sis in law and brother bum) but they don’t go on the same level as Diva and her family.


@philosophie Yes please for the PM much obliged. Thanks in advance. As for the painting that I gathered it probably isn’t all that great as even her husband wonders if it is actually worth it. The reason that Eun Ha wants it is because she is attracted to it. No other reason than that. You know how some people are moved by certain paintings well this is the same case. She probably catches the painter’s intent in it when he painted the pair of a loving mother and daughter and she feels that she is connected to her own missing daughter this way. Clearly everyone interprets art in their own way. As for the painter he might have been famous. I doubt that Eun Ha would go for some nobody as a painter but just how much said painting could cost depends to be seen.


Good point in it being better for Mi Yun to perhaps seduce one of the dads. But the question at this point is which one. J Thief is someone that was directly responsible for her husband’s death (since he was murdered under his orders) and Inchul was indirectly responsible since he had the evidence but failed to use it just so that he could be with Eun Ha. Even pretending to like one might be hard for Mi Yun but more for the former. Still I can see ways for her to break up the marriage if she was smart or had more information. For instance, if she finds out that Eun Ha had a first love and that she only married Inchul because he blackmailed her she can use this to her advantage. Find the first love and reintroduce him in the picture and hope that Eun Ha ends up cheating on her husband. Now that would be some sweet revenge and if along the way she can get more information it would be even better.


I agree that Sera’s case can make one feel bad for the way that she was raised. Totally ignored by her parents since they were on the search for her sister. But that still doesn’t excuse her behavior towards others these days. Also people have grown up much better in similar situations as well so she isn’t excused from everything that she has done. Another example is as someone pointed out why set up someone like Sleazebag as Janice’s date. I figured out the reason and posted it earlier but like the other poster pointed out giving her a better man would have also worked out if Janice was sincere since she might have fallen for him and left her man alone.


Yes, it also would be nice if both sisters can actually work through their differences instead of pitting against each other but let’s face it that isn’t going to happen. Everyone in this show needs their share of conflict. For the older generation it’s the parents and for the younger generation it just so happens to be the sisters unfortunately.



Anyway since this post has gotten longer than I expected I will end it at this point. So take care all of you and keep posting as I look forward to reading them.

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Just wanted to inform people here that were looking forward to my recaps that todays will unfortunately be delayed. Just managed to download it before work so haven't even gotten a chance to watch it yet. So the recap will have to be done after work. Sorry about that once again.

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In this episode we finally get a confirmation just how long the main leads dated 3 years ago. But lets get to that later on.


For now, here is the recap for episode 18 as promised.




The show starts with Baby Face asking Janice to hit him. Instead of slapping him on his face she places her hand on his cheek hesitant to do anything more. Baby Face informs her that isn’t how you slap someone on the face but kiss them. then to further demonstrate his point he kisses her to show how it is done and she responds to him as well. Apparently that is one magical kiss because it stops raining as soon as it is done. Janice pretends to be flustered by the kiss that she tries to make a hasty get away by pointing out that it has stopped raining and leaves the shed. When he follows her (probably after wondering what exactly he has done). He tries to get her attention but she tries to change the subject by reminding him that they have a meeting the next day. This makes him ask her whether or not it would be hard working with her Ex especially when she still happens to have feelings for him. She simply informs him that she is a professional and can easily differentiate work from her personal life. He doesn’t find that hard to believe considering what he has noted of her after her return.


Janice then tells him to ignore the kiss that they shared and not to make a big deal out of it since nothing has changed between them ie he is still engaged to Sera and she is single. They were just catching up on their past feelings which they missed out back then. She also tells him that he doesn’t need to take responsibility for said kiss and if he is still bothered about it pretend like it never happened not her ever proposing to him. (clearly she must think that he is part robot since he should have this ability.) He just wonders what to make out of all this.


Sera and Danny Kent have just finished their conversation from the last episode when she leaves him. At this point she bumps into J Thief’s assistant who informs her that they will have a meeting later on since Baby Face hasn’t shown up yet. She gets real mad when she discovers that he staid back to bring Janice with him and when she wonders why Janice didn’t bring her own car she is told that it was because she accompanied Mi Yun who had left earlier. This seems to confuse Sera a lot because she is aware that Mi Yun was planning on gifting that farm to her as her wedding gift so it would have made more sense to have taken her instead.


As for Janice and Baby Face they are about to leave the farm when she decides to update him why she had to cut their meeting for the next day and leave so suddenly. According to her Danny was shot and had to even go through multiple surgeries before he survived. Since she was so worried about his health she left without a word. Since this is the age of smartphones he asked her why she didn’t bother informing him any of that via a phone call. So she makes up the excuse that in her panicked state she must have dropped it somewhere and only realized it later on. Since she didn’t have the time to remember his number she couldn’t contact him. He seems to believe this lie for the moment and does wonder if her brother is alright. Wait haven’t you already met him so you should know that he is fine. She then informs him about discovering his true identity only after his company scouted her and she learned about his connection after hearing about his father and his name. she then connected the dots. Since she wasn’t aware of his engagement she hoped that he would still remember her like she had and she wondered if she should let him know about her job offer or surprise him. Even considering that this must be fate about them reuniting like this after 3 years. Only to later on discover that he is engaged and she initially felt betrayed. She then admits that she even thought about breaking up his engagement but she was informed that as a female lead she wasn’t allowed to do such things thus she tried to ignore everything and pretend all was well when it really wasn’t.


Hearing all this really doesn’t help his confused state and he lets her know as much. He therefore asks for some breathing room so that he can process all this information and let him make a clear and rational decision after that. This way he can decide whether to remain with Sera or to accept her. Janice seems to agree with his request for the time being. They probably head back to work after this.


Mi Yun has returned home after her trip to the farm. She can’t help but remember how for a brief second she was reminded of her husband when she saw Baby Face and wonders why this is. Before she can ponder more on this matter her assistant enters her room with an update on their current revenge plans and informs her that J Thief asked Inchul to help remove the restriction on the zone that the farm is in. (he is probably already doing this as planned). Mi Yun is glad that she banked on these peoples greed and wanting to make money. Clearly she has some agenda of her own because she informs her assistant to prepare some security agreement for the farm. The assistant agrees to do that. Mi Yun then asks for Janice’s current status and the infiltrator for the mental hospital. To which she is informed that Janice is returning back with Baby Face and as for the infiltrator the assistant offers Mi Yun a list of potential candidates and to take her pick. Before she selects one she asks about the nurse’s current status. Apparently she is still the same. Thanks to the drugs she is out of it most of the times but she has a few lucid moments.


Speaking of the nurse she is being moved in her wheelchair when she passes by the TV where she catches sight of the TV. This is where when she goes into a fit and the workers over they have no idea what triggered it. They quickly take her out from there with difficulty. Apparently Mi Yun even gets this status report and wonders if this was normal only to be informed that this is a recent development. So she asks her assistant to look into the source and find out what is triggering them. she then picks someone as her spy from the list.


Janice and Baby Face finally return to the office and head to their respective parts in it. Sera who has been waiting patiently for Baby Face uses a report that he needs to sign as an excuse to see him. She then tries to find out where he was last night and why he was in a bad mood that he abruptly even cut her call. (she actually wants to know if he will lie to her and that he is actually cheating on her with Janice). She lies to him that she only contacted him due to his mother’s request and since he cut her of like that she was extremely worried and couldn’t even sleep and it didn’t help matters by him leaving for the farm in the morning so she couldn’t even ask him about it then. He tries to have the matter dropped and tells her that they will discuss the matter after a meeting that they have to attend.


She then tries to kiss him but he manages to stop her. After all his lips now only belong to one woman and she just doesn’t happen to be said person. She seems offended by this since apparently she had full access to him. He tries to put it of by telling her that she caught him of guard. But she doesn’t seem to buy that and has a feeling in her gut that he is behaving like this because of Janice but can’t come outright and say it in case it turns out to be true. Too bad Baby Face isn’t a telepath otherwise he could have heard what she was saying and responded as much. Sera though manages to ask him why he likes to hang around Janice so much when he is totally aware of just how much this fact irks her. He on the other hand doesn’t want to deal with a child anymore but a woman so he heads out by telling her that they have to head to the meeting.


Finally, all the kids make it to the meeting with J Thief. Clearly he must be thinking that this must be his lucky year since he is very happy at the profit margin that has gone up. He congratulates Janice for her hard work but she tells him that it was achieved by teamwork. Sera clearly can tell that she is faking it but decides to play along and informs him that their previous interview helped a lot to the extent that they have even been invited to another one. J Thief is happy to hear this and reminds them to use this as well to advertise their products on it. Janice informs him that she is already on it. Since J Thief is so happy regarding this (even the other directors) he even offers Janice a wish and like Aladdin’s Gennie he will grant it. Janice tells him to hold on to that since she is going to get her wish in bulk and that he has to grant it no matter what. J Thief agrees to these terms. Unfortunately, before things can get any further Baby Face receives a call from the police who inform him that Sleazebag has reported him for assault. J Thief is shocked that somebody had the audacity to report his son to the police and wonders why that would be. As for Sera she quietly smirks when she hears this news. Don’t tell me that she is responsible for this.


Yoo Kyung and Eun Ha are at a store (I think that’s her store) and they start to bring up where the marriage venue should be held. Clearly here we can see some of the differences in their thinking. Yoo Kyung thinks that the event would have more impact if it is somewhere special and not necessarily expensive. Eun Ha is more about flaunting their wealth and wants it to be at some expensive and lavish place. Though their conversation is interrupted when Sera contacts her mother and informs her that Baby Face has been summoned to the police station for assaulting somebody.


Meanwhile Baby Face is getting a tongue lashing from J Thief for behaving like a gentleman. (to J Thief he acted out like a thug for hitting someone else) Even though Baby Face tried to defend his actions by pointing out that Sleazebag was behaving like a total jerk. Though J Thief is more concerned about the fact that Baby Face has messed with someone more influential than them so it would be very possible for him to get arrested. So he is told to make a settlement with him if he wants to prevent this from happening. He is then kicked out of the office.


Sera is meeting Janice to figure out what happened but she really isn’t interested in the explanation that Janice is giving. Instead she is back to her old story of trying to accuse Janice of trying to seduce Baby Face. Janice points out that Sera has gotten her priorities all wrong they need to first save Baby Face then play the blame game after that is done. Apparently this writer really likes repeating things because they don’t know what else to add so they even use similar lines by Janice to Sera about how she needs to trust her fiancée more than accusing someone else without any proof. Janice even volunteers to help out Baby Face by providing a witness statement but is told to butt out by Sera who claims to be able to protect her own man by herself and leaves in a huff.


Janice wants to contact Baby Face to lend him her support and help if necessary but stops herself when she remembers that he asked for time to clear his head before he could finally decide which girl he would choose. So she stops herself at the last moment.


Baby Face on the other hand is talking with his lawyer refusing to settle with a dirt bag like Sleazebag especially after the stunt that he pulled. Problem here is that he has no evidence to support his claims. He himself deleted all the pictures in Sleazebags phone and he is sure that Sleazebag probably did the same before he came forth with his accusations. The lawyer then suggests that Baby Face asks Janice to be a witness and give her statement but he doesn’t want to involve her. Sera then shows up and volunteers to help him clear his name even willing to have a talk with Sleazebag to drop the charges but he tells her that he will handle the matter himself. He then has to go to the police station to give his statement.


Janice, Danny and Mi Yun are also discussing the current events especially since this wasn’t part of their plan. Danny figures out that Sera is probably behind this and she must have instigated Sleazebag to report Baby Face to the police because the timing coincides with those two meeting after Danny Threatened Sleazebag to leave Janice. Since after the meeting Sleazebag went straight to the police station. They figure that Sera was hoping that the investigation would reveal that she was the woman being filmed and since Baby Face rescued her there must be something going on between them this would lead her to get in trouble with the parents for trying to steal a spoken man. Janice also figures out that this is why Sera didn’t want her to give a witness statement as this would allow her to be the hero and Sera wanted that role for herself.


Danny wonders if Sera claims to love Baby Face how can she harm him. Mi Yun points out that it probably isn’t love but obsession and greed which she has mistaken for love (so says the pot to the kettle. She must be an expert in this department) Though Danny thinks that this is a good opportunity for them as well. If they can find evidence that Sera set up the whole situation that Baby Face and his family would be so mad that they would break of the wedding and this would give Janice a way in. They do wonder what Sera has on Sleazebag that he would be so willing to comply to her request. Mi Yun figures out that she must have something to blackmail against him and they therefore need to use their information gathering team to figure out what it is and use it to their advantage.


Sera is on the phone with Sleazebag and is telling him how to play his next moves. She tells him to wait out a day by turning of his phone for a day and then the next day lay down his demands for a settlement. She then ends the call and starts plotting her next moves to get rid of Janice. She has a flashback to her conversation with Sleazebag and we realize just why he is so nervous. Apparently Danny or someone he knew hacked into Sleazebags account and stole all his dirty pictures and threatened to leak them if he didn’t behave. Due to this he is scared to get caught because he will be sent away. Apparently America has gotten strict in its accepting policies so he can’t go there but will be sent off to Africa. Sera tells him not to worry because with her help she will get him married to Janice thus he can get even with all the people that wronged him. He seems to like that idea.


Sera then moves on to her next plan to get rid of Janice by going over to Baby Faces’ house. His parents are all wondering why he is behaving so Out Of Character. She decides to play the victim and reveal that the other party was Janice and she is afraid that something is going on between him and her (Janice). Yoo Kyung refuses to believe that her son would be willing to cheat on anybody and that there must be some sort of misunderstanding. Sera continues to play the victim to gain pity points. I wonder how much she has racked up by this point.


Inchul is also getting this information for Eun Ha about how Janice keeps making a pass at Baby Face and he is astounded to hear about this. Eun Ha is all about how she knew there was a reason that she didn’t like Janice and how Sera was always suspicious about her as well. Inchul is ticked at Baby Face for his actions and wonders how Sera is handling the situation. Apparently it seems that sending Sera to gain sympathy points was Eun Ha’s idea since she believes that if all the parents gang up on Janice she will have no choice but to give up Baby Face. Best line by Eun Ha at this point. “How dare she covet what belongs to my daughter.”


Danny and Janice are having their dinner when he is curious about the current plan to seduce Baby Face and its progress. She tells him that it is a secret and has the subject changed. Which even he finds suspicious. They wonder how to get evidence that proves that Sera was the one involved in instigating Sleazebag to go after Baby Face. Danny suggests that each of them should go to where the evidence would likely be. Meaning she should go to Sleazebag to get hers while he would go to Sera.


Sera is still playing the victim card at Baby Face’s place and Yoo Kyung is doing her best to console her that it was all a misunderstanding and that he wouldn’t ever cheat on her. Sera points out that while she does trust Baby Face she can’t trust Janice since this isn’t the first time that she has pulled a stunt like this. Also Baby Face is spending more time with her than he should be. Yoo Kyung suggests that it must all be a misunderstanding and a coincidence and that she would talk with Baby Face to clear it up. Baby Face chooses this exact moment to return home.


J Thief at first asks whether or not he settled with Sleazebag. But when he hears that Baby Face was unable to do so he gets mad. One would think that was due to concern for his son and him possibly ending up in jail. But the truth was he was more concerned about how this would affect the company and how the stock prices could go down. Sera seems to enjoy this show. Yoo Kyung tries to calm her husband down and sends Sera to clear up her misunderstandings with Baby Face who has left for his room.


Sera goes to his room and tries to play both sides. This time she claims that Sleazebag is probably doing this on purpose and that she should try and calm him down. She clearly wants to look good infront of him. But he tells her not to involve herself if she cares about his pride. He doesn’t want to talk more about it and wants to rest since he is tired due to the day’s events but still volunteers to drop her home. She refuses since she can go on her own. She wonders if the entire Sleazebag event was what he wanted to tell her earlier so he explains about it. He informs her that he chanced upon Sleazebag by chance at the hotel and was informed of his hobbies by Danny Kent. Sera pretends to be horrified to hear this and regrets setting him up with Janice as that could have endangered her as well. Basically playing the I am supportive girlfriend card as well pretending to be innocent in all of this with a touch of guilt tripping added to it as well. She is just glad that nobody else got hurt in all of this. She then brings up the trust card and how she trusts him and he needs to make sure that remains the case. He agrees to do that. So for evidence she asks him to kiss her. She is clearly expecting the hot and steamy kind from him. Unfortunately for her she just gets a kiss on her head like a brother kissing a younger sister. Clearly the guy doesn’t see her as a woman. She doesn’t like that but pretends to be okay before leaving.


She then leaves him by telling him to rest since she can tell that he has a long day and needs his rest. She manages to hold herself till she leaves the room. At this point she seems to have trouble holding back her tears because she is totally aware of why he has changed like that all of a sudden and that person is Janice. Baby Face is having conflicting thoughts about which girl to choose and be with. Janice on the other hand is just remembering the kiss that she had earlier with him (or were they both thinking about the kiss at the same time). She then remembers Danny’s advice how to gather evidence. So she contacts Sleazebag and arranges a meeting with him.


Sera is clearly having a bad day and hopes that by drinking all her problems will go away. This is where her father finds her and joins in as well. She is glad to hear that her father is on her side no matter what and wishes for her happiness but she doubts that her mother is the same since she is more focused on her missing sister. Dad tries to convince her that isn’t the case since both are their daughters they love them equally. But regardless of this she should be understanding of her mother considering the situation. She pretends to agree while privately thinking to herself that she has had enough of understanding her mother but she won’t do that anymore. She does seem to be grateful that someone is on her side.


Next day is one of J Groups event day. They are marketing their clothes in one of their stores. To this extent even the workers are wearing the clothes to show the customers how they would look like and even let them try them out. It seems that a lot of people are interested in this. Janice herself is marketing their products and is secretly being observed by Sera and Baby Face who are liking the sale of their products. Sera then brings up the matter of whether or not Baby Face managed to settle with Sleazebag and when he tells her that he still hasn’t she tells him to try again since the longer her takes the worse the situation will become. So Baby Face tries again and finally makes contact with Sleazebag and manages to arrange a meeting with him.


Apparently Eun Ha has managed to gather the funds to purchase the painting that Mi Yun bought at the auction. Mi Yun has her assistant directly send the picture at Eun Ha’s house instead of putting it on the auction site (they were going to do one for charity remember). LoL it turns out that this is infact a forgery and Eun Ha isn’t aware of this fact and dished out money for it. This brings up to Mi Yun to the next point. Apparently this is that one restaurant that people only like to visit in Korea since Baby Face has arranged to meet Sleazebag over here. The assistant informs her that he is probably here to settle with Sleazebag. To which Mi Yun notes that he is nothing like his father. The assistant seems to agree and suggests that he may be more like his mother Yoo Kyung.


Apparently Baby Face has been waiting for an entire hour for Sleazebag to show up. Apparently this guy also doesn’t have a sense of time or perhaps he can’t afford a good watch that actually works. Sleazebag eventually shows up just when Baby Face got tired of waiting and was about to leave. Baby Face is all about business and tries to settle with him on the spot and get the matter done with. Unfortunately, Sleazebag wants things to be done in the proper order such as apologizing to him first and settling afterwards. So Baby Face does that and asks for his terms again. Sleazebag demands that Baby Face send Janice back to him since he was the one that set up the date in the first place so it makes no sense that he then ruined it by taking her away. Baby Face can’t believe what he is hearing nor can Danny who has been secretly watching them by a hidden camera. The show ends at this point.



So here are my thoughts regarding the episode.




Since the ending is still fresh in my mind I am going to say I found it real funny when Sleazebag demanded to be set up with Janice again and when Baby Face asked him what he slowly spells out her name as if he was talking to an idiot.


So Mi Yun is now selling a fake painting to Eun Ha I wonder how that works out. Sure she makes up for her money this way but then where is the real painting. Did Mi Yun also purchase a fake one and perhaps later found out that it was a fake and that is why she is selling it to Eun Ha. This pretty much constitutes as fraud not that anybody cares at this point. I can see the embarrassment that it will cause Eun Ha when she discovers this but she is going to try and take it out on Mi Yun so does Mi Yun have a backup plan to get out of this or does she hope that her revenge will be done by this point so it won’t matter.


She now probably also has evidence that Inchuld used his influence for them to make that fashion museum in the garden that was in a greenbelt zone. This means public embarrassment when he gets caught.


Then we have Mi Yun’s comment that Sera only wants Baby Face out of obsession and greed and that she mistakes it for love. Does that mean she has also confused her own feelings for Janice like that?


Speaking of Janice, we have seen how Sera is doing her level best to turn people against her. But I doubt that J Thief is going to act the way that Sera is hoping. Sure he seems mad that Baby Face may be caught in a scandal especially so close to his wedding day and all but at the end of the day he is going to surprise everyone by his choice. Once he discovers that this is indeed true that Baby Face likes Janice and she likes him back he is going to take their side. Especially when Janice is going to use the card that you promised me anything that I want and this is that. J Thief is a greedy old man and he can see the profits and benefits that Janice is bringing and has the potential to do so. This means that he has nothing to lose by approving of her. Plus, if it is further revealed that Sera is indeed responsible for the current event with his son then there would be another reason not to accept her as she nearly endangered his company.


Janice volunteering to give a witness statement is laughable at best. Not that it might work. Well okay in a drama it would but not in real life. As usual there are flaws in it which the writer seems to overlook or the characters are just too dumb which might also be true. Remember she was supposed to be drunk at that time so how could she be aware of what was going on. Not only that but that then brings up the fact about how Sleazebag was secretly taking pictures of her. That guy then either is very good that she didn’t notice this or she did and consented to him doing so. This is assuming that she could recall all the other details of that night while claiming to be drunk. Like I said if those people were only smarter this revenge plot would have probably already failed at this point.


Did anyone notice what was the trigger for the nurse’s latest stroke. It was about a pregnant woman giving birth. Clearly the guilt of keeping what she knows a secret from her friend is starting to affect her at this point especially after her own daughter died and the real reason why she staid quiet back then. No wonder Eun Ha keeps her locked up like that.


I still feel that the kiss between the main leads was totally unromantic. I just didn’t feel the spark between them nor was I cheering for their first kiss. But speaking of them we finally find out that it was indeed just one day that they met three years back. Congrats to all the people that figured it out. Though the excuse she came come for leaving is eventually going to backfire on her. Personally I thought that she should have gone with the fact by claiming that her mother was sick as that would have been better. Instead she comes up with the fact that her brother was shot and had to go through multiple surgeries before he survived. So unless Danny actually has had a few surgeries this might get exposed as a lie. Then Baby Face is going to wonder just what else is a lie and why has she been lying to him all this time. True finding out that he has scars from surgeries might be hard to prove due to the fact that Danny is always wearing clothes which supposedly cover them up. But what if something happens where he may need to remove them and Baby Face notes the lack of them. this may be possible if they decide to go to a Sauna or Public Bath to bond with each other. In the later since you have to remove your clothes he can notice this fact and question him about why he doesn’t have any. Well I hear that you can remove scars nowadays through surgery so he may use that as an excuse or the best one. Oh you must be confusing me for my long lost twin. A twin that wears glasses by the way. Not like you have ever met him have you.


I like the fact that atleast Inchul is paying some attention to Sera though him willing to do anything for his daughter is not something that I like. Nor is Eun Ha’s reaction towards Janice. We know that due to this she is going to treat Janice pretty badly which she is going to regret later on once she discovers the truth. I also wonder what her reaction is going to be towards Janice and Baby Face’s relationship when she discovers the truth. Frankly like I mentioned the last time going by her personality she is probably going to approve of it.



While I probably have more to add I will leave it for now since I have a headache. So take care all of you and keep posting. Also sorry for the delay in the recap.

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ep 19 thoughts...


16 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

I still feel that the kiss between the main leads was totally unromantic. I just didn’t feel the spark between them nor was I cheering for their first kiss.

it was incredibly boring kiss; so usually in such dramas, there is a real spark in the air "I shouldn't be kissing you but I can't help myself" intensity. there was nothing. the romance is the hardest part to believe in this story. the actors seem to be sleepwalking next to each other.


16 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Instead she comes up with the fact that her brother was shot and had to go through multiple surgeries before he survived. So unless Danny actually has had a few surgeries this might get exposed as a lie.

hae joon has bad bad eye sight. he can't even recognize clark kent without his glasses. am sure he won't even notice the lack of scars... since it is winter, janice must feel that danny is going to be bundled up anyway. ^_^


16 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Since the ending is still fresh in my mind I am going to say I found it real funny when Sleazebag demanded to be set up with Janice again and when Baby Face asked him what he slowly spells out her name as if he was talking to an idiot.

this drama is really strange because I am enjoying these negative characters far more and actually find them interesting. @tulip06 ~ sleazebag is weirdly cute :sweatingbullets: and actually on point. he tells baby face that if he likes janice, then he needs to remove the ring. otherwise, it is considered cheating. felt like saying "bravo!" -- but baby face is the male lead and we are supposed to be cheering for him. so what does it say when we feel the negative character is actually spot on in his assessment? anyway, philip actually wants a date and janice agrees to go out with him once in exchange for settling. hae joon has no idea why philip settled. sera is fuming mad that he settled without speaking to her but philip is like "whatever".


it looks like philip may actually like janice for real as he was polite, honest and even apologized for his previous behaviour. janice uses this as an opportunity to get info on sera and find out what is their relationship. philip says they are not exactly close friends but they provide each other support. makes you wonder what exactly sera needed support from phiip of all people! philip who has a good read on people basically tells that sera is mentally unstable and has been negatively affected by the disappearance of yoora. basically, he knows that eun ha ignoring and blaming sera has had an effect on sera. again, it amazes me that sleazy has a better read on these characters and actually understands. can we have him on standby -- maybe that romance would be far more interesting?


while sera may have been ignored in childhood, her parents are not taking any potential break in engagement lightly. both mother and father go on diplomatic mission to make sure hae joon and his parents are not allowing any side straying with janice. inchul even threatens J thief that the two families are tied by the 30 year incidents and keeping secrets. so it will not end well if hae joon and sera's engagement break. J thief is not happy and is frustrated that he was placed in a position like that by hae joon.

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