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[Drama 2019-2020] Elegant Mother and Daughter/Gracious Revenge, 우아한 모녀


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Catching up right now, and popped in to say I LOL'd at the pictured they used at the plotting scene of Hae Joon where he is jogging at the park.  So, er, manly.  


I wonder how MY faked the family tree, and what she is telling the assistants re the revenge plan?  Do they think it is all work-related?

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that actress playing Hong Sera, she looks just like this girl from WJSN who is the actress member of the group.  But I can't remember her name or what she acted in recently, except that it was this show where she had a really messy house and had to get in roommates who all turned out to be frenemies from school or college or something, and she had to get this handsome consultant house cleaner to help her organize her life.


Here is one of their videos.  I wonder if it's her?  I'm at work and can't quite put two and two together.  


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Hullo forummers, 

Just watched episode 1.

I cannot watch 100 episodes so soon after my prettiest daughter, MY was the bad mother in it.


But I'll be dropping in regularly now that @yamiyugi is recapping. 
 I don't understand how MY was jailed for some perfume related stuff, she came out from prison and then stole a baby from a rich family? How did she do that? They would turn heaven and earth to find her.  She did not know that the baby was her real daughter too?  So complicated.

I am already watching VIP, which is keeping us guessing with whom the husband cheated or even if he cheated. Luckily, it has 16 episodes only.

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Took me longer to watch the latest episode since the site I watch and download them got it quite late. So had to wait for my lunch break at work to watch the show. But before I want to get into the drama I want to admit when I am wrong and also admit that @Lmangla is a better character judge than me.




Due to that I want to change my initial assessment of Mi Yun. Initially I wanted to give her a pass because she suffered numerous tragedies simultaneously without much of a break so I felt a bit bad for her. But after the way she treated her friend I am going with the fact that this is one extremely selfish woman and others saw it much earlier (even in the show). Just look at what she did when her friend died she stole her identity and this is when the friend was so good to her. From her three cellmates this was the only friend that stood by her. Granted the other two might have a longer prison sentence for their crimes but even then this was the friend that chose to look after her when they were released. So the friend was out busy working while Mi Yun was down in the dumps with her depression. But the most important thing about the friend was when her mother told her to come and live in Canada with her she could have chosen to do so on her own. Instead she even has the consideration to invite Mi Yun to come and live with her and not only that but she even allows her to use her mother’s wealth for the sake of her revenge. Showing that she was not only a better friend but also a good person as well. Mi Yun repays that by stealing her place. He poor spirit must be wandering the world unable to rest since she hasn’t gotten a proper burial or funeral. Yes, I predicted that Mi Yun might do something like this but it was still terrible to watch.


Come to think about it does anyone wonder why her dead husbands ghost prevented her from committing suicide. It probably wasn’t out of her sake and all. I figure that the husband finally got the peace and rest that he deserved far away from his wife. He probably realized that he would have to now spend an eternity with his wife if she too died therefore he prevented her from coming to him so soon. He wants his rest and relaxation to. The only reason that he was with her back then was because he loved her to much that he was probably willing to overlook her faults such as when J Cosmetics stole his invention he didn’t want his wife to know. It probably was because he didn’t want to hear her complaining all the time while he was busy thinking of ways to get the invention back.


Did anyone also notice the name of the company that Youjin/Janice/Yura (wait what are we calling her she has three names already and I still haven’t come up with a name for her. Probably call her Janice since that is an easier name to remember than the Korean’s one). The company is called J Group. Was the writer here totally unoriginal and had a difficulty coming up with another name or does the writer have a thing for the letter J. (Janice – J Cosmetics – J Group). Perhaps this is intentional on their part though. Mi Yun might have thought that it would be Karma if J Group ends up taking J Cosmetics. Though the thing that we have to wonder at this point is how exactly did she get the company. Is it some random company that they are representing and using for their plans of revenge or do they actually own said company. Probably the later since they must own 2 Million to purchase said painting from Eun Ha or the company is a bit lax when it comes to them since Janice is so good at their company and constantly gives them huge profits and all that they can indulge in a few of her demands (families). The reason that I wonder who exactly owns the company is because when Janice was in Korea for the first time she told Baby Face that she used to collect beer bottles to sell and used the money that she got to give it to her mother because they were poor. If that is the case, then we can assume that either Jailbirds mother wasn’t as rich as Jailbird thought or that she discovered that Mi Yun was faking to be her daughter so kicked her out. But that then brings us to the question as to how exactly did those two end up getting so rich that they can not only afford to fly first class but also purchase such an expensive painting. At this point I am not even going to bring up their other living arrangements as that is for all to see. I may not be good at math but I seriously doubt that her beer bottle collection would be enough to help pay for her college or even the fact that they can get so rich in 30 years.


Also as @Lmangla pointed out how the heck did Janice manage to come to Korea without her mother’s knowledge. She claimed that her trip was a stopover from China. Makes sense as a normal thing to do. But when we are on the point of revenge dramas this doesn’t make all that much sense. Consider the fact that she is her mother’s most important tool in the revenge. In that case it would make more sense if the mother kept tabs on her 24/7 that even includes when she takes trip outside. Also what was the trip to china for. Was it business or pleasure and why was she allowed to go. Yes, I clearly admit things don’t seem to add up here for the time being.


They also brought up the point about Reporters accident and how an innocent bystander could have been hurt. A good point but I think that Mi Yun wasn’t thinking straight since she probably did that to mimic her husband’s accident were also innocent bystanders could also get hurt. But on the other hand I think it also served another purpose regardless of whether or not someone else got hurt. For instance, if nobody got hurt then the reporter would be the only victim and ofcourse he was going to be unable to attend the function. On the other hand if he did end up hurting innocent bystanders then he would probably be arrested by the cops and she would like to see him try and get out of this way using his connections. She would probably then try and expose this to get him humiliated. We have already seen that he knows the police commissioner. So things are bound to get interesting at some point.


I wonder if Baby Face might figure out that Janice and Jane are the same person. It isn’t like he probably saw her ID at that time and not only that Janice and Jane sound quite similar (again) so perhaps if he had any brains her might think that her friends could call her Jane as that could be short for Janice (well not really but the similarities are a bit to strange)


Also while we are on weird things has anybody noticed Eun Ha’s new hairstyle. I really find it weird. She looked much better in the past. Now it seems like she doesn’t have time to style her hair due to her loss. She seems to be literally loosing it. Speaking of hairstyles, it seems weird that only Mi Yun has kept her own while the others have changed it. Perhaps she thinks that it will help them better recognize her when she shows up infront of them.


Now who could be the new young guy that has a crush on Janice and is loyal to the family. What can his story be? I am hoping that he is another child of one of the victims that J Cosmetics caused. We know that to even this day the Thief is still up to his old tricks of stealing other peoples hard work and all and claiming it as his own. So it would probably be safe to assume that there were other families that were ruined like Mi Yun and that they too would want justice. It would make equal sense that if Mi Yun was actually smart she would search out for other people like her and assemble them. this way they would all get a piece of Justice when J Cosmetics would fall and their true nature be revealed. Atleast this would be much more interesting in my opinion than some guy following her plans because he had a crush on her daughter and hopes to get the girl this way.


Then we have the Mi Yun and Janice relationship. It is so hard to read what they actually feel towards each other. For Janice it isn’t so hard. She wants to be accepted and loved for by her mother but the mother reaction isn’t always so clear. Does she feel bad for using her daughter like that and is only nice to her for that sake since she doesn’t want to lose her greatest instrument or has she actually discovered that she has genuine feelings for her since they lived together for the past 30 years or so. I really hope that the latter is true but I wouldn’t hold my breath. But while we are on the topic of Mi Yun has anyone noticed that she tends to sleep on the couch rather in a bed comfortably like her daughter. I suspect that this is the case because she still feels guilty to an extent that she still lives while her family has died and moved on. This is her form of punishing herself. She probably refuses to do so until her revenge is done but what comes after. I get the feeling that she is thinking of committing suicide once it is done as she will have no more reason to live and that she missed her husband and son. Though I feel like Karma is already getting back to her to an extent. She has stolen Janice from Eun Ha and wonders is Eun Ha will be a good enough mother to recognize her own child when they face each other but she is in the same boat as she can’t recognize her own son when they will meet (and have met)


A shame that neither can see the similarities or differences in Baby Face. For Thief it is understandable since he knows for a fact that he isn’t the biological dad and all. Though people still might say that he resembles the dad since they don’t know the truth but what about Yoo Kyung does she see her loves resemblance in him or something of herself that she still believes him to be her kid. Probably we shouldn’t answer that question. But while we are on the topic of people failing to recognizing family and all. Does anyone wonder how Mi Yun failed to do so for the dead baby. For Yu Kung I can probably give her a pass since she only got to see her child briefly when he was in the incubator so she probably didn’t get a good view of him. But this isn’t the case for Mi Yun. She actually held her child in her arms a few times. Meaning that she had a good look at her child. I can understand why Eun Ha wouldn’t want Mi Yun to inspect her child when she was informed that it died because she would have instantly recognized that something was wrong but later on when he was in the morgue and later during the time for the funeral are you trying to tell me that Mi Yun was so out of it that she never bothered to see her child one last time before sending it of (especially if she was going to cremate the child). This is just plain weird. Perhaps the writer is trying to make it seem like she was so out of it due to the multiple tragedies that were going around in her life or the fact that they are probably trying to justify that all babies look alike at that age that she didn’t notice said differences. Then if we add the fact that she wasn’t in her right mind due to losing her baby and her husband in the ICU that she failed to notice them as well. I wonder if that does make her a bad mother.


Also while we are talking about parenting skills and whether she brainwashed Janice or abused her I would probably go with the later. For instance, we have seen how traumatized Janice was once she found herself in the dark. The reason being she was locked up all alone in her room. Some have suggested that Mi Yun probably left her like that when she went off to work but to me it could also be a means of punishing the child. If you don’t do as I say, then you are locked up all alone in the dark. Eventually she would realize of what to say and do infront of her mother and that punishment wouldn’t be used anymore. It is also possible that she also left her like that when she went off to work. But the question then would be why leave her like that. I can understand that she couldn’t afford a baby sitter or daycare for her daughter so leaving her like that makes sense. But the room was just too small in my opinion for just the two of them. I doubt that Mi Yun could live or fit in that room and add a child into the mix as well. Therefore, I suspect that was a punishment room specially kept for Janice. I am guessing that at some point she started feeling a bit bad for treating Janice like that and sort of realized that she wasn’t exactly to blame for her parent’s actions so she started to open up a bit more to her. But even then I still can’t tell about her true feelings towards her. Even what she says can be taken to have double meanings pointing in either direction. I guess this is why this drama is interesting.


For me the justice comes later but more important for me is finding out the mother’s feelings towards her so called daughter and therefore I don’t want to be disappointed by the end if all she saw her would be as a tool for revenge.


So the sisters will end up fighting over the same guy. Can’t say that I am surprised. But I do wonder what Sera’s reaction will be when she discovers the truth. We have already seen how jealous she is of her missing sister. So the question is will she want to reveal Janice’s identity to her parents or anybody else. She would have to realize that if her parents were like that when she was missing they are going to be even worse when they discover the truth and that she is going to be one forgotten once again. Though the problem would be how will she keep it to herself. If she reveals it to even Baby Face in the hopes that he will breakup with Janice she would know that he would reveal this revelation to her parents. Unless she gambles that he will breakup with Janice and that is all that matters since she expects that he will come back to her and that is more important than her parents love and all. So while the parents can have the sister she will still have her man. We know just how selfish she can be when some people pointed out here that she had her engagement party on the same day that her parents would be mourning due to her sister’s disappearance and all.


I wonder how Thief will fail to recognize Mi Yun. Infact I wonder how everyone else will do that as well. Was she so insignificant that they failed to do so. They did remember her after her two years in jail but 30 years not so much especially when you consider that she seems to be the only one that still looks the same. She only looks for rich now compared to then. Can she perhaps pretend that Mi Yun was a long lost twin while we are at it? Also while we are on the topic or realizing and recognizing facts I wonder why Yoo Kyung is still in the dark regarding his true nature and the past as well. For instance, we know that Thief is still robbing people blind. But his wife hasn’t caught up to it. His son seems to be more aware of it to the extent that he is actually listening to the inventor and trying to do him right. But not his wife. I can understand in the past when Mi Yun came to the company she had her doubts and let’s say that is understandable. I could probably let it slide if that was just a one of incident. But recently we know that another person has come forth with similar complaints. That can’t be a coincidence now can it. Point to note is that we are only aware of these two. It might make sense that others might have done the same over the years. Still even if we assume the fact that Yoo Kyung is only aware of these two facts shouldn’t she get more suspicious and perhaps try and look into the matter once again. Though given the amount of time that has passed away it might be difficult and the people involved at that time are probably dead according to her knowledge. Still she should try and perhaps rectify the situation in some way.


As for Thief he may be a villain but there seems to be one thing that I actually like about him. Yes he may be a thief and also be ambitious at the same time (still in power I see) but the thing that I like about him is that he genuinely seems to love and care about his son. This is after the fact that he knows that the son doesn’t share a drop of blood with him. This could be evidenced when he pushed his son away from him when he was involved in that accident that Mi Yun had arranged. So he gets some brownie points from me. Even after this and how much his son frustrates him in trying to do the right thing he is still there. By the way has anyone seen the Chairwoman after the time skip. I might have missed her. So is she still in power or is she enjoying her retired life. If she is dead, then I think that Karma failed to get her. I want her to be alive so that she can witness the end of her bloodline due to her own actions and all.


@chococarmela The name Mansoo seems to elude me which drama was he in. Also as to the matter of not waiting 20+ episodes for her revenge is certainly interesting I do wonder if your assumption is correct that if she were a male we might have been a bit more understanding. Not sure where I stand in that department. As for her playing their game I feel like there could be better ways for her to do that. For instance, she could find some way to trap them and thus suffer great loss and embracement at the same time. Such as she knows that they still like stealing inventions and all. So in this case she could have found someone who might be able to make something that she knows would catch J Cosmetics attention. She then lets out rumors that person X is making product X and how great that is. They would approach the inventor only to be refused. At this point they would go back to their old method of trying to sabotage him and steal his research and claim it as their own. Only problem is that they would have fallen for her trap. The research that they stole would be incomplete or faulty. Thus when the users would use it they would have issues. At this point the real inventor would not only release his actual product but also reveal to the world that J Cosmetics stole from him his incomplete work and thus that is why the people are suffering for using defective goods. That means J Cosmetics would not only be embarrassed but also suffer huge losses along the way. In a way Mi Yun would have gotten partial justice. But perhaps this action would be enough for other victims to come forth and this would be more of an issue for J Cosmetics. I doubt that they could silence all of them. Now if the truth regarding her husband’s product gets revealed along the way then that would be a true victory for her. But instead she had to go this route. I might even be willing to give her some slack but her using a little kid for her revenge makes me question her. Also like I said abusing said kid for her revenge probably puts her further down my list of likable people. So I could have liked her better if she atleast treated her daughter better than just a tool.


@tulip06 I guess the police failed to recognize the fake Mi Yun because they were doing their job by the book and not by their brains. So as procedure they had to ask someone that knew Mi Yun if they recognized her not as a final verification. For them they thought that they had the right ID otherwise they would have to search for said person’s ID and all. The problem with them perhaps not being able to properly ID the victim could be for two reasons. Firstly, the ID card for Mi Yun was slightly damaged so they couldn’t get a clear image of her and needed somebody else to ID the body. Also we are never shown Jailbirds face after the fire. It may very well be possible that her face wasn’t recognizable due to the fire. Mi Yun only seemed to recognize her due to that tattoo on her wrist. Well she was in shock that her friend died so there might be that as well and thinking that could have been her if she hadn’t thought of leaving at that time and all. That does leave the fact why the police didn’t realize something was wrong when the news apparently used the correct picture for Mi Yun. How did the news get that image is another story altogether but it could probably be explained by the fact that none of the police that were investigating the case watched said news thus they probably missed the report and the picture of the real Mi Yun.


@maribella Mi Yun was arrested on fake charges of embezzlement. She claimed that she took out a loan for the amount that she was charged of stealing but the bank apparently doesn’t have any record of her doing that. Probably J Cosmetics bribed them to lie. The rich family did try and find their baby but we have to remember that she was supposedly dead in the fire at that time so she wasn’t part of their suspect list which she used to her advantage. She instantly left the country after kidnapping the child so while the family searched all over in Korea they probably didn’t think of doing that and by the time it may have come to them that someone might have found and adopted their daughter it would probably have been to late.



Anyway getting back to work now. Will catch up with all of you later on. So till then take care and keep posting. Will try to recap episodes whenever I get the time and chance. Good watching.

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12 minutes ago, yamiyugi said:

The name Mansoo seems to elude me which drama was he in. Also as to the matter of not waiting 20+ episodes for her revenge is certainly interesting I do wonder if your assumption is correct that if she were a male we might have been a bit more understanding. Not sure where I stand in that department. As for her playing their game I feel like there could be better ways for her to do that. For instance, she could find some way to trap them and thus suffer great loss and embracement at the same time. Such as she knows that they still like stealing inventions and all. So in this case she could have found someone who might be able to make something that she knows would catch J Cosmetics attention. She then lets out rumors that person X is making product X and how great that is. They would approach the inventor only to be refused.


Mansoo was in Shady Mom-in-Law, a bad drama that I will never watch again. 


The only reason why I said "male" is because everyone was going gaga over Kwanjil and Namjoon, talking about how they had reasons for being a villain, how they supported them, blah blah blah... There seems to be a double standard when it comes to this. Why can't a woman be an anti-hero too?


Well they did kill her husband and steal/"murder" her child. This was the mistake that Kyungchae made in The Women's Room. She was too nice with Heesoo during her revenge. In this drama, Mi Yun is not playing nice, and I like strong female characters. 


But I do agree with that viewpoint, she could trick them... later on. It seems a bit early to do that. Maybe even pull a Nayeon and haunt/eavesdrop on them. Take away the company. Actually get her hands dirty. That strategy you came up with is brilliant.


Wonderful analysis as always, @yamiyugi. Take care. :heart:

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1 hour ago, chococarmela said:

The only reason why I said "male" is because everyone was going gaga over Kwanjil and Namjoon, talking about how they had reasons for being a villain, how they supported them, blah blah blah... There seems to be a double standard when it comes to this. Why can't a woman be an anti-hero too?

great question and I had to think about it. so my answer is that it depends on whether the actor is able to pull of this certain kind of vulnerability or conflicted feel where a viewer is able to see the duality -- that there is still goodness despite all this questionable/bad actions.


in this drama, am surprised to find myself moved by eun ha's position in this episode. for her action to pass off hae joon as eun kyung's child, she had to marry a man she wasn't in love with. while she makes peace with that, her daughter who she loved gets stolen without any explanation. death can give closure but a kidnapping with no clues leaves questions in the heart. for 30 years, she has been in limbo waiting and hoping for something. there was something rather tragic when she said that she tried to soothe herself with a painting but even that got cancelled and now she can't soothe herself with drink either. how many nights did she spend looking up old videos and photos of yoora? she is lucky that she has a very understanding husband but her other daughter resents her. she tells eun kyung that she is okay as she has had practice of 30 years -- so she pretends that she is alright in front of others when she is still grappling with the kidnapping of yoora so many years on.


it made me think that despite appearances, eun ha has already suffered for 30 years and there is actually no need for further revenge on this family. miyun has in fact already achieved that. the family may have had money but certainly no peace or joy or connection to each other and instead, lived with a sense of quiet despair in all their hearts. however, miyun will not recognize that because she only sees her own pain and wants more flesh. while eunha is definitely not a hero, am not able to see her as 100% villain either unlike J thief who sees it as right and keeps repeating his actions. so in that sense, maybe eunha is a woman anti-hero to answer your question...



2 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

also admit that @Lmangla is a better character judge than me.

awww, thanks for the compliment. it is okay if others like miyun or see her differently than we do. :) it makes for great discussions and also unpredictable stories. for an anti-hero to work, there has to be a certain amount of vulnerability where they are aware of the conflict in their actions. for me, thats missing with miyun and her actions come off as entitled and selfish. instead of sympathizing, it makes me feel "are you the only one suffering?" .. however, there may be others who are able to see her actions as a result of the past and be more sympathetic.


@yamiyugi ~ think eunha's bad hair is a deliberate choice by the stylist to show how frazzled and worn out eunha has become from the kidnapping of yoora. great points on how miyun herself won't be recognizing hae joon either but she is gloating that eunha is not recognizing yoora. am looking forward to seeing the fall out where both these mothers then turn on each other like screaming bees! ^_^ hopefully miyun told that friend's mother what happened. maybe that is how they ended up poor in canada?


something I am still not able to get is the dynamic between yoora and miyun. is it loving? is miyun simply using her? is it a mixture of both? in the previous episode, she says "dont' resent me, this is your fate as my daughter." -- I wasn't sure what she meant by that. does she mean that she wishes yoora didn't have to do this revenge arc but it is unavoidable? or did miyun mean that this was yoora's punishment for being eunha's daughter? it is interesting to see parallels between yoora and sera where both girls keep their private feelings to themselves. both felt they tried to soothe their mother's pain. while sera gave up long ago and started resenting her mother, yoora is still trying. 

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4 hours ago, Lmangla said:

however, miyun will not recognize that because she only sees her own pain and wants more flesh. while eunha is definitely not a hero, am not able to see her as 100% villain either unlike J thief who sees it as right and keeps repeating his actions. so in that sense, maybe eunha is a woman anti-hero to answer your question...


it makes for great discussions and also unpredictable stories. for an anti-hero to work, there has to be a certain amount of vulnerability where they are aware of the conflict in their actions. for me, thats missing with miyun and her actions come off as entitled and selfish. instead of sympathizing, it makes me feel "are you the only one suffering?" .. however, there may be others who are able to see her actions as a result of the past and be more sympathetic.


Well Mi Yun does seem selfish, yes. I can't deny that. But she seems to regret it, at least partially. I do see it as a result of the past.


Eun Ha... Hmm... My position with her is tough. She did something cruel and that was just karma catching her for her actions. I do understand her pain though. But Sera... She feels neglected. I'm kinda torn in that area.

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12 hours ago, Lmangla said:

made me think that despite appearances, eun ha has already suffered for 30 years and there is actually no need for further revenge on this family. miyun has in fa

By stealing another woman's child, even though not for herself, she has killed the baby in the mother's heart. They are not even. MY did no harm to her to deserve it.


14 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

bit bad for her. But after the way she treated her friend I am going with the fact that this is one extremely selfish woman and others saw it much

I can imagine two people going through the same tragedy, they take different routes. We can make guesses. But I have met women who became terribly embittered by failed marriages so MY has turned into a vengeful woman by a horrifying loss of loved ones, being falsely accused and imprisoned for it. It does seem probable.


There is something about KDramas which we seem to be prepared for. Shady mom had kidnapped a girl and brought her up as her daughter too. But as in all 100 plus drama endings, she was forgiven. :D  I am ready for a kumbaya ending. 

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4 hours ago, maribella said:

By stealing another woman's child, even though not for herself, she has killed the baby in the mother's heart. They are not even. MY did no harm to her to deserve it.


I can imagine two people going through the same tragedy, they take different routes. We can make guesses. But I have met women who became terribly embittered by failed marriages so MY has turned into a vengeful woman by a horrifying loss of loved ones, being falsely accused and imprisoned for it. It does seem probable.


There is something about KDramas which we seem to be prepared for. Shady mom had kidnapped a girl and brought her up as her daughter too. But as in all 100 plus drama endings, she was forgiven. :D  I am ready for a kumbaya ending. 

ooh, some great thoughts to think about. from my perspective, it was a child for a child (as in eye for eye). just as miyun feels the loss, eun ha is still suffering as she has no idea what happened to her child. guess my question is at what point would it make it even? how much would a character have to suffer in order to even out a wrong?


and yea, it can be surprising how people respond to tragedy. over the years, have met a few moms who lost their child and I was dumbfounded when I found out because nothing about their attitude or living indicated such a loss or tragedy. they were cheerful, resilient and very strong women. if I had to find a common thread, then it would be their belief that struggle, tragedy and loss is part of life's journey. so it helped them to accept and move on from the grief in a more healthy manner.


it doesn't bother me often that a bad character gets forgiven provided there is a real process and you feel like there is genuine change and acknowledgement. however in some dramas I was ready to throw something at the computer. :lol: I have seen this actress who plays miyun in another drama and the whole time I was rolling my eyes and getting aggravated. rather than feeling sorry, I was throwing my hands in the air and muttering "okay move on lady. it is not all about you." :sweatingbullets: I have a feeling, I might be doing the same here.

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@Lmangla I feel EH was paying for what she did. It is tantamount to killing. She was a doctor, doing that to her patient?? 

MY's only guilt was to give birth at the same time as the rich woman. As long as MY did not find out that her son was alive, EH has no right to know where her daughter is.

MY will need to pay for her deeds too but that would be between her and the girl's family. Seems to be innocent in the baby switch but their hands are not clean either.

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I am going to be more severe than others here: for me MY does not like her daughter, she kidnaps her for revenge with hate, and to make  her a soldier for her revenge. This is the  truth ,  for those who have seen yesterday's episode look at how she was excited  and smile when the mother EH  saw her real daughter without recognizing her.

I'm not saying that I'm against her,I AM against  everyone  HERE    she's getting so much revenge but she knows that her so-called daughter will suffer first

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Okay time to try and recap episode 9 for all of you.




In the previous episode Janice had introduced herself to Baby Face and pretended to recognize him from earlier (when he had mistaken her for Jane). At this point she asks him if he still mistakes her for that person. But before he can tell her anything Sera enters the room to inform him that the fabric that they want to market is ready for them to inspect. For those of you don’t recall this is the current thing that J Cosmetics have stolen. With this she leaves the office with Sera.


Janice then informs Sera that she is planning on dropping the Detox Line. This seems to baffle Sera because the material is already out as well as the fact that they are near the launch date. It also doesn’t seem to make sense to her as cancelling this line would cause the company loss and Janice is supposed to make profit for them. Janice tries to imply that this is all part of her marketing strategy which she will explain in a board meeting that she had called for. Sera who doesn’t want to give up on this project invites Janice to inspect the laboratory and see the product herself before she gives the final verdict. To this Janice agrees. But not before apologizing for not noticing Sera at the airport (since she personally came to receive her) and tells her that she will treat her out for a meal to make it up to her.


Meanwhile Baby Face who has apparently watched to many Korean Dramas feels that something is wrong regarding Janice and is still positive that she is Jane. So he tells his assistant that she must have a bout of amnesia due to a possible accident or something along the line. So he asks him to do a secret background check on her. The poor sidekick agrees to his bosses’ request. Probably wondering if his boss has also become like a rich drama boss that makes him do background checks on people and what not, Sera enters his office (just as the sidekick leaves) in a huff because Janice wants to cancel the Detox line and is adamant that she won’t give up on it. Only to be informed that Janice wants to even cut the brands in half. Sera wonders if Janice is trying to kick them out that came first and has some other ulterior motive. She then informs him that she has invited Janice to the laboratory inspection. He agrees but he wants to settle the patent issue first. But I guess that isn’t going to happen.


Janice is now visiting her new team that the company as assigned and is already trying to impress them with her knowledge and all. She starts by noticing that one of the employees is wearing a shirt from a rival and asks whether she knows what the rivals did to market their product. When she realizes that they have no idea she gives them a brief history of it and thus impresses the staff. Her point being is that she prefers her staff to do literal market research rather than sitting in their offices and doing it. As to how better are they going to know the product than to the people they are selling and getting their response.


Mi Yun by this time has also come to the company with her female assistant. She plans on meeting Eun Ha and J Thief. During her trip to them she runs across Baby Face that is leaving with his assistant. They briefly stop after crossing each other before they move on. Does he sense a bit of familiarity from her or does she remind him of the woman that once came to the company and handed him his ball (probably too young for that). Anyway nothing much happens of this encounter and they head their independent ways)


Meanwhile Eun Ha and J Thief are discussing the current situation regarding the Detox Line and she is wondering why do they have to negotiate with the actual creator when the could simply be taking legal action against him etc.. She is worried that Baby Face might cause problems down the line if he continues on this path after they receive some investment. (clearly the investor would plan on backing down if they discovered that the technology had been stolen) Dad has no idea why Baby Face is like that and even admits that if he wasn’t his son he would have been buried six feet under and all. Eun Ha clearly aware of the truth must be wondering what is up with J Thief has he already forgotten that he and Baby Face don’t share a drop of blood between them. (this is apart from her baby swapping shenanigans in the past). Anyway at this point they are informed that a Carrie Jung has come to see them. this gets them excited because she is supposed to be a major investor and all. Turns out that this is the identity that Mi Yun is currently using. So now these three people finally meet each other after 30 years. Will they recognize each her or will her identity be safe for the time being? Guess it is the later as they don’t seem to recognize her for the time being but she clearly remembers how each of them wronged her. Thanks to them not recognizing her they sign the contract with the devil agreeing to sell their souls for investment. Okay fine they don’t sign a deal with a devil but certainly a contract to their unaware doom. Mi Yun is secretly glad that plans for her revenge are going as planned. Though she notices a couple of pictures of a farmhouse in the office and she asks about it. (the pictures are those of her husband and where they created their perfume that was stolen by J Cosmetics). J Thief by this time has not only the gall to claim it as the company product but as something that he came up with himself etc.. and that this was something just before their company managed to branch out in other areas due to it’s success. Mi Yun clearly recognizes it for it is and knowing the truth barely controls herself from going postal and all. Especially since she knows that it was her husband’s hard work that was stolen. J Thief does tell her that currently they can’t do anything about the farm since it is in a restricted zone (greenbelt zone). So I guess they can use it for farming purposes but not for land development and all. Mi Yun calmly reminds him that people like him bend the law all the time and that she is sure that if he could find a way he should especially since she has a few ideas of how to use that place and that she would love to visit it sometime. J Thief agrees to this request. Once the contract has been signed J Thief even tries to give a motivational speech as they are all connected they hope to succeeded no matter what. Mi Yun just has him promise that they don’t go under and suffer losses. He clearly thinks that she is joking and agrees.


As for Baby Face he is still trying to get in touch with the Detox Inventor but to no luck since the guy has now even shut down his phone. He also wants to talk with him because the inventor is now asking for five times the development and research budget. Baby Face has a bad feeling about all this and instructs his sidekick to continue to find a way to reach the inventor before Baby Face rushes out. He has to go to their own detox lab with Sera and Janice. I do feel bad for his sidekick as he now has to continue to contact the researcher as well as secretly do a background research on Janice. Unless he is good at delegation.


Mi Yun and Eun Ha are sitting down in the company (I guess their public area) discussing things when Janice makes her entrance and passes by them. Janice had planned her timing since she knew that Mi Yun was already in the company due to receiving a message for they guy that likes her (and who works for them). This is also a part of Mi Yun’s plan to see if Eun Ha can recognize her daughter if she sees her face. Clearly this doesn’t happen even though Janice gives them a glance and all but walks her separate way. Eun Ha then brings up her daughter and Mi Yun thinks am I caught already. But turns out that Eun Ha is referencing to Sera and her position at the company. Mi Yun does congratulate Eun Ha on Sera’s engagement. This brings up to another point. Eun Ha is really trying to get on Mi Yun’s good side so she offers to be her friend as well as introduce her to Yoo Kyung as they are all good friends and it would be nice to join up as a group. As they like to say birds of a feather flock together. Mi Yun agrees to think about it.


Baby Face and company are at the lab as planned and like the sample that they are shown and even the dyes. Janice wants more samples made for better result and even tastes some of the dye (she probably watched Band of Sisters and wanted to look cool). Baby Face not wanting to be left out does the same. Sera is the only one that thinks that is weird and says what are you thinking that isn’t what rich people do and all. But before he can defend himself he leaves the two girls on their own as he has to answer his phone. During their time alone Sera is glancing around when she spots some bugs in a jar. (probably the lab guys use them to produce dyes or something). This freaks her out and bumps into the shelf that they are in. this results in some powdered samples to fall down. Janice who spots this gets her older sister genes kick in and manages to successfully push Sera out of the way in the nick of time. Thus those samples fall on her. Baby Face enters the room around this time and has eyes only for Janice and rushes over to her asking her if she is alright and all. Sera feels a bit jealous as to why her fiancée is acting like this to a stranger when she was there as well. So she pretends to be in pain that Baby Face shifts his attention to her asking if she is okay. She claims to have gotten a sprain so he rushes her out to treat her ankle and all. Janice just looks on at them. Letting them be like that for when she takes her revenge she is going to get them to breakup so that she can take back her man only to dump him later on due to her revenge. (kind of feel bad for her)


Oh and is Sera grateful for the rescue. Nope she blames Janice for pushing her and thus ending up with a sprain. LoL yep she really is a classy lady isn’t she. Anyway they have to leave now. Janice is already with her guy (sidekick? Minion? etc.._) He is like you should have let the samples fall on Sera why did you get involved but Janice can’t explain her reasoning. They get into their car and leave but not before Baby Face and Sera spot them. Sera is like you didn’t just sign up to a buy one and get one free worker and is this bring your boyfriend to work day is it. Baby Face sensing a rival in love assures her that he will look up the mystery guy to Sera.


Now we finally move to Yoo Kyung and her meeting with Mi Yun. Yoo Kyung is at an orphanage where she performs her roles of charity. Something that she has been doing for quite sometime. She starts to cough when someone offers her a handkerchief to use. Turns out that this is the way that Mi Yun is introducing herself. Yoo Kyung fails to recognize her as well and tries to initially refuse it as she would use something else (tissue or gauze) but since she doesn’t find any she is forced to use what Mi Yun is offering her. Mi Yun plays the mysterious woman role and moves out of the room and heads elsewhere. Sometime later Yoo Kyung heads over to the toilet with a bunch of dirty laundry where she finds Mi Yun washing the dirty diapers. They bring up the conversation as to how Yoo Kyung couldn’t do that and Mi Yun admits that she was like that before but now she is used to it etc.. The mothers still seem to be in a better position etc.. Anyway after washing she Mi Yun leaves but forgets her ring on purpose (atleast I believe that it was deliberately). Yoo Kyung who is also leaving at that time comes inquires about her from the head sister who informs her that Mi Yun is a generous contributor to the orphanage for quite some time but this is the first time that she has actually made an appearance. During this time one of the worker finds Mi Yun’s ring and brings it up to Yoo Kyung thinking that it might be hers. But Yoo Kyung realizes that it must be Mi Yuns and honestly says so. Thus when Mi Yun is informed she tells them that she will send her assistant to them the next day to pick it up.


Janice finally returns to Mi Yun’s current home only to find herself alone. So to pass the time she gives us a flashback of the past and lets us know some of the hogwash her mother fed her back in the day to get her to go along with her revenge plans on the current families and how she couldn’t do it on her own and in return she would be a better mother to her and only live for her. Calling Mi Yun out on her lies already. Janice who desperately wants a family like all the others agrees to help her mother in her plans for revenge. But since her mother still hasn’t returned she tries to experience some of what her mother does on a daily basis and falls asleep on the nearby couch where Mi Yun finds her when she returns.


Mi Yun finally shows some motherly instincts towards her by trying to cover her up so that she doesn’t catch a cold but this wakes her up. So Mi Yun offers to give her some dinner that she has made and tells her to be careful as they can’t be seen together as that could jeopardize their plans if they get caught etc.. Janice agrees to be more careful and that it just felt weird not being able to recognize her earlier. This brings up the fact that Eun Ha for some reason felt familiar to her as well and that she was prettier in real life. Mi Yun clearly is a bit nervous of the fact that those two may realize who each other is so she changes the topic and tells her that she will pack up some of the home cooked meal so that Janice can take it with her.


J Thief and Yoo Kyung are having their evening tea and J Thief can’t help but praise Mi Yun. It almost seems like he has a crush on her. To this Yoo Kyung mentions that she met a similar person like that at the hospital that she sponsors (okay so it was a hospital and not an orphanage as I assumed but what can I do it really looks like one to me.) Anyway she even mentions as to how Mi Yun was washing all those dirty diapers something that Eun Ha would freak out if she was there. J Thief assumes that would make Mi Yun a laborer and she was probably born to do stuff like that. But is surprised when he learns from his wife that she was actually a benefactor and he is wondering why a rich woman would want to dirty her hands like that when she could easily hire people to do that. He clearly is one that thinks work like this should probably be done to improve the company’s image but not actually do said work etc


Baby Face returns home and informs them that he has already had his dinner. His dad tries to convince him to go along with his shady dealings. Or rather let the matter slide regarding the detox materials and they will all be happy and all. Since Baby Face doesn’t want to get into an argument with his father he just leaves for his room which frustrates J Thief to no end. Yoo Kyung tries to convince him to show more love and J Thief tries to justify his actions by telling her that he wants him to grow up well with though love and not be a naïve fool and even tries to give an example. Though he gets his cats wrong. He mentions how tigers used to shove of their cubs down cliffs to make them strong (that is if they survived their fall). Yoo Kyung kindly informs him that lions do that instead of tigers. Clearly neither seem to be aware that the early Spartans did that as well to their young. Glad that has stopped


Baby Face who finally arrives at his room just can’t seem to get Janice out of his mind. He knows something is up but he just can’t place his fingers on it. He heads over to his bookshelf where he still keeps his traded copy of The Great Gatsby and we get a flashback between him and past Janice and of their meeting as well. They even made plans to finish the book and discuss it on Friday. Clearly he either forgot that she was leaving on that day or he had planned to meet her before she left. Either way all that I will say is that they made a sweet couple back then and I feel sad that they had to end up enemies like that. He leaves for his night jog to run out of frustration and all.


Why should we leave out Eun Ha’s meeting with Miyun. So that is what we get now. She is talking about it with Inchul. It seems like she isn’t totally fooled by Mi Yun mentioning that on the surface she seems like a decent person but who knows what is in her inside. Since Mi Yun is well of Inchul is wondering if he can make use of her as well such as using her influence in politics and all. Perhaps have her help by using her funds to even further his own ambitions. Eun Ha tells him that she will invite Mi Yun over and they can all discuss it together and he seems to like that idea.


Eun Ha then turns to Sera who is also present and asks her about her day and how was Janice. Sera is like I am dealing with someone impossible and she even wants to cancel the Detox Line. Eun Ha tells her to let Janice be since she is soon going to learn her place. She has no real power and that they are the kings since they have the main investors backing so Janice isn’t going to be able to do anything to them but go along with their plans. This seems to work for Sera and she wants to see Janice fall at the board meeting the next day.


The board goes as one expects. Janice pretends to be against the Detox Project and offers alternatives but the board is against all of that. She even brings up the point that someone else is claiming that J Group stole his invention and that they are thieves. J Thief and the rest of the board are outraged and call him a liar. Janice who is aware of the truth pretends to believe them but warns them a single rumor could sink a ship but since she is pressurized to go with what the investor wants agrees to their terms and promises to raise their profit by 20% and all and leaves.


While this meeting is going along Team Mi Yun are working on their next part of their plan. They have met the Detox Inventor (the male guy) and are assuring him that they have the reporters ready pretty soon where he can tell his side of the story and get public support. This will also embarrass J Group when the get exposed. The inventor does feel a bit bad since he has been ignoring all of Baby Faces call as per their request. He is then informed that he still has the chance to back down and they won’t hold it against him. I assume that he isn’t going to do that.


Janice who has by now left for her own office after being forced to go along with the J Group plan has also clearly ruffled the feathers of all the board members over there. Some of them clearly unhappy with her ask her to be fired and to pay the penalty. Only for them to be informed by Baby Face that they don’t have the money to do that. He then leaves the office to have a few words with Janice. Janice is clearly pleased that so far the revenge plan is going as planned when she informs her minion and how they used the investor card to push forward with the detox line as planned. They really counted on the greed of these people and it seems to be working. But she has to end the call when Baby Face enters.


Baby Face still hasn’t given up hope with his K Drama theory and this time asks her to her face whether or not she hasn’t been in Korea previously or had an accident and resulted with amnesia. Clearly frustrating Janice. Who refuses. But he still doesn’t give up and comes up with another K Drama Trope. The missing twin theory. Finally, Janice wonders whether he has a hard time understanding Korean and perhaps she should try telling him in another language that she isn’t the person that he thinks. So she uses English to not only tell him that he has the wrong person but to get out as well. She even opens the door for him to leave. Sera who has returned to her office is informed by Janice’s staff that Baby Face is there and if they have met. So she heads over to Janices’ office to find him there when the episode ends.



Thoughts regarding the episode.




Sera might get a bit suspicious as to why he is there but who cares. It isn’t like she can figure out at this moment that Janice was the girl from his past. She does know that he had one but she doesn’t seem to care. Another thing about Sera and her holding her engagement party on the same day as her sister went missing. Earlier I didn’t like that but after a bit of consideration I actually feel bad for her. Why is that one would ask. Well the answer is simple. If we consider the fact that her birthday is on the same day as her sisters kidnapping. It would therefore be safe to assume that her mother would be extremely sensitive on that particular day. We saw how she was that the engagement party was on that day. So we can assume what she was like in the past. This would mean that Sera never actually got to celebrate her birthday with her family nor the fact that her mother attempted to make Seaweed Soup for her on that day. Mi Yun whatever her issues are atleast seems to make one for Janice. So I guess that Mi Yun isn’t a terrible mother but she still isn’t a good one as well. Anyway as I was saying since Sera never got to celebrate her birthday thanks to her sister she may have thought to have some special occasion for herself and an engagement party seemed to do the trick. Since her parents would have to attend it. Guess what she even managed to cut a cake on it.


As for the fact of her and Baby Face I think that she is in a one sided love. He clearly still isn’t over his first love but more importantly it seems to me like he sorts of thinks of her as a little sister but is going along with the wedding plans because of the old family ties and all. His mother was correct in questioning whether or not he loves her or not and why he wants to marry her.


So in this episode 3 out of the 4 people managed to meet Mi Yun with none of them being the wiser. Will Inchul also be deceived or will he actually recognize her. I say that he actually has a better chance since he had the most interaction between the other three with her. I guess this means that the meeting between the two should be held off for as long as possible.


Yoo Kyung is doing charity work at a hospital. I wonder if that is a deliberate choice on her part. For instance, does she do it out of memory of Mi Yun and how she lost her child and this is her way of making things right between them. perhaps much later on down the line she did discover what her husband did to her family and out of guilt works there. If that is the case it is so sad to see her part of Mi Yun’s revenge scheme. But then again it might be enough to bring Mi Yun to her senses and do some damage control before it is too late.


This time it seems that Mi Yun and company are playing it smart when it comes to try and expose J Groups fraud. They plan on the Detox Inventor to give a report to the media. I can only assume that the report is going to be given on the same day that J Group launches their product to get the most from it. But we have to see just how successful they will be. J Group has a lot of influence so they might be able to control the press like last time and get to the reporters. This means that they might need to call the reporters over for something else and then drop this bomb on them so that J Group doesn’t have time to cover it up in time.


I also want everyone to be in the same room as Mi Yun while they don’t recognize each other so she can make a fool out of them.


But while we are on the topic of Mi Yun and these people I pointed out how J Thief was singing praises of her. Well in this case I really hope that the writer isn’t thinking of him wanting to have an affair with her which Mi Yun will pretend to play along before having it exposed to hurt Yoo Kyung. Whether the press finds this out or she lets it deliberately slip that Yoo Kyung catches them. While understandable as part of a revenge scheme it does make sense but at the same time I feel that it is disrespectful to her dead husband. Not that she will care or be thinking straight.


Baby Face is on the job and he is determined to find out about Janice’s past and the guy that she was with. Will he discover the truth first? But even then what can he learn. She herself doesn’t seem to know the full story as well being bad at math. Will get to that in a bit. But speaking of her in this episode did anyone notice that when she was at the lab the dye powders fell on her coat. Clearly it was still there when she left and she even pointed out that the smell would be there for a few days. But when she returned home there wasn’t a speck of powder on them nor did Mi Yun mention the smell when she saw her. Did she stop over on a very fast drycleaner and have it washed. Please recommend me one as well. Probably a fault with the prop department or to be more exact her scene must have been recorded earlier and then edited it to be later on. This way they just needed to get her costume dirty once. Then again what do I know about dramas and how they make them.


Now for the fact regarding her poor math skills. In the last episode when she met Sera for the first time at the company she thought to herself that Sera was the daughter of murderers and that her parents murdered her father and older brother. If this is the case didn’t she ever ask her mother when those two died and when she was born because it doesn’t make sense. We know that Sera and her were born a year apart at best. This is assuming that Eun Ha got pregnant with her as soon as she married Inchul. Two years later when Mi Yun was released Eun Ha was pregnant with Sera. This makes them have a difference of one year. Baby Face was already born making him 3 when the event happened. So how exactly did Mi Yun explain the math to her. Assuming that there is a year’s difference between her and Baby Face if my Math is correct but we all know that the husband and brother died at that time. So how did Mi Yun get pregnant with her. Clearly it wasn’t doing it with a ghost. Perhaps Janice thinks there is something wrong but is letting it slide just so that she can have her mother’s love which is so sad.


Speaking of her love we saw how in this episode Mi Yun promised to live for her daughter after the revenge was done but in the previous episode it seemed like Mi Yun was planning on joining her family after the revenge was done. Clearly that isn’t going to happen once she realizes that her son is still alive but just how exactly will that change her plans and how will she discover the truth. Like I said there are only four people that are aware of it. Eun Ha and her dad and Inchul and then the nurse that left due to being promised that her daughter would be taken care of. I doubt that Eun Ha will try and bargain with Mi Yun to reveal where her daughter is in return for information regarding her son. Unless Eun Ha is dumb and can’t figure out the truth.


Another thing to note in this episode was how Sera was adamant that the Detox line must go through. What is up with that. While I can understand the other board members wanting to do that to line their pockets I couldn’t seem to understand her personal stake in the project. Was this her plan. Perhaps she is repeating history this time and she was the one that stole the technology instead of J Thief. Perhaps he actually is innocent this time. Probably not as a leopard can’t change his spots. But perhaps he stole it and gifted it to her so that she could have something to offer to the company and they could allow her to become part of the family. This way the board members might not question her if she got promoted to a better position. The question then we should be asking is whether or not she realizes the truth and what she plans to do about it. Perhaps she just doesn’t care as long as she can be with Baby Face.



Now to other matters regarding the drama.




@Lmangla Thanks for your explanations they make a lot of sense. Also I am also wondering about Mi Yun and Janice’s relationship. Like I mentioned earlier Mi Yuns words can have double meaning at times and it is probably upto us viewers as to how to take them. Perhaps this writer can use it however they like depending on the story. also would love to see the two mothers fight it out like screaming bees when they each discover the truth.


You also pointed out that Eun Ha has probably already been punished due to her daughter’s loss since she hasn’t had her closure. A good point but at the same time do you think that she has gotten her dose of Karma. I somehow feel like she hasn’t. Not in the department of her daughter’s loss. Perhaps you are correct that she has suffered enough in that department. In this case I mean more along the lines of doing the right thing. We know that she committed a grave sin due to pressure which ruined atleast two families and was even forced to marry someone that she didn’t love. But has she stopped doing such things or does she continue in her old ways. What I mean by this is that she seems to be aware of the fact that J Thief may have stolen the current Detox technique but she doesn’t seem to care about it as long as they can make a profit. This could have been implied when she asked why Baby Face was trying to cause an issue and try and negotiate when he simply could take legal action against the person who claimed to have invented the procedure or the fact that she hoped that Baby Face would stop once they received in investment. We do know that J Thief has a silver tongue so he could have convinced her that they actually invented the procedure and she could believe him. Especially considering the fact that her daughter is also involved in said project. But somehow I get the feeling that she knows the truth and doesn’t seem to care. In that sense I feel like she needs her dose of Karma. I guess her company going down should be good enough.


While we are speaking of her. I noticed that she is still being referred to as Dr. Eun Ha. I doubt that she is still a doctor at this point. So does it mean that reference is just out of respect and if that is the case what exactly does she do.


@maribella No doubt that we will get an ending that all the characters will be forgiven no matter what their crime in K Drama land. Pretty much expect it at this point. Just pointing out that she seemed a bit selfish and yes I do understand that her life choices made her do that. She suffered numerous tragedies in a row without much of a break and clearly she wasn’t in her right mind when she did what she did to the extent that she even tried to kill herself but stopped at the last second. But I want to see her try and make it upto all those people that she has harmed in the name of her revenge namely her dead friend and Janice currently.


@chococarmela Thanks for pointing out the character Mansoo. I only saw one random episode from the middle and that is why said character wasn’t in my mind. Also glad to tell me not to watch said drama. Didn’t really watch that many episodes of Left Handed Wife so won’t comment on Namjoon. As for Kwan Ill I liked him better when he was the victim as I could actually feel bad for him then. (not knowing the truth) after that I still gave him a few passes before giving up on him. I unfortunately didn’t complete that drama due to time but I didn’t care about him when I did. Yes, both cases could be made for his choices but I just wasn’t bothered (sorry fans of him) As for my suggestion of Mi Yun and company laying a trap with a false product or a better one for J Group to steal it only to be fooled by them. probably is a good idea if this was just an 18-episode drama or so but probably not in a 100-episode drama. Sure they can use it later on. Perhaps that is her aim with that Detox inventor since she is planning on him to expose J Group to the media. Let’s see how that turns out. Ooh you mentioned that she could pull a Nayeon. That’s a good one I wonder why I didn’t think about that and it would certainly be interesting if she pulls it of well and correctly. Yes, I am looking at you Sun Yuri in Unknown Woman she did it wrong at times.


@Lmangla that drama that you mentioned Mi Yun’s actress which one was that. It seems interesting. As long as it wasn’t Mysterious Personal Shopper.


As for Mi Yun and Eun Ha it seems that each are still suffering over the loss of their respective child. Neither seem to be over their trauma of losing them.


Also by the time this show ends I wonder what Janice’s reaction will be when she realizes that she has been taking revenge on her own family.



Anyway that covers most of my points regarding this episode. Let’s see what happens next. So till then take care all of you and keep posting. If I remember anything else, I will be sure to add it. Happy weekend as well.

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@yamiyugi ~ haven't watched ep 9 yet. will post my thoughts on it later. in regards to the drama I was referring to, it was a real oldie. think the actress tends to go for high voltage drama. LOL. so it was called "hateful once again" (also known as "again my love"). have you seen it? I watched it rather randomly after work once. I was super exhausted but after watching, was wide awake and thinking "omo, what on earth is this????" :joy:..


so just like in this drama, there is madness with the older generation with all sorts of crazy. then there is stuff happening with the younger generation and all these characters crisscross. it is only 24 episodes but would have been better if it was 20 or so. still, it was basically the OTP that I managed to sit through because I found them unusual. actually when I think about it, the OTP still remains unique in how they get together. if someone has seen something similar to this, I would love to watch for the dysfunction. LOL.


so miyun (the actress who plays her) has a slacker son who is wasting away his life. she notices that the son and this reporter girl have a spark. she decides that reporter girl would make a good daughter-in-law -- either she will force her slacker son to get more responsible or she is competent to take over the company. either way, it is a win-win in her view. so she essentially breaks the reporter girl and forces this girl to date/marry her son. he has no idea that he is being set up as a mark by his own mother and he falls head over heels for the reporter girl. she starts seeing him in a different light as she gets to know him and starts to feel really conflicted.... so yea, all sorts of madness in that drama!!!


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@Lmangla for a minute there I thought MY had found out her son is alive.


I saw the actress in mysterious shopper and she was the baby  kidnapper. She was so stiff and wooden in that show. Why is it when Kdrama characters have a 'trauma' or a big secret, the act cold and distant? In my prettiest daughter MY actress abandoned her daughter and there were a lot of histrionics, as usual. But I did enjoy it except for the ending.


@yamiyugi why is MY's son called Babyface?



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