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[Drama 2019-2020] Elegant Mother and Daughter/Gracious Revenge, 우아한 모녀


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despite the many slaps, the episode felt like bit of a snooze. ^_^ part of it is the lack of chemistry between baby face and janice. what difference does it make if she is jane or janice? with the lack of chemistry, you are left wondering if baby face never travels and why he is obsessing with someone he met 3 years once on a train. baby face is such an idiot because he goes along with the lie that janice says -- he was whispering to her (eye roll) and it was not an almost kiss.


sera is so desperate to believe that she goes along with it even though she knows something is off. but baby face still gets an interrogation. when sera asks logically why would a manager be whispering in an employee's ear when they are not friends, he does not answer. instead, he does a classic deflection by saying that she has to trust him and asks why she is so sensitive about janice. does hae joon have experience in cheating? or maybe he picked up some cues from J thief on how to cheat people? he manages to turn around the situation and make sera feel like the crazy one. she says her "this is going to end badly" senses are tingling. well, she isn't wrong on that one. to pacify her, hae joon agrees to set a wedding date quickly.


there was more interesting stuff with the other players -- inchul and eunha have a detective who has been working on the case for the 30 years. he has looked at the people who left the country at the time and narrowed it down to 10 people who traveled with 1 year olds. while they have managed to track 7, they haven't been able to find 3 and he states that all 3 went to canada. danny reports this to miyun and she orders ms oh to get the detective on their side


@philosophie ~ instead of wondering who will find out first, am more curious about why danny and ms oh are working for miyun and how much do they know. are they like janice who knows some part of the story but not all? who is this mysterious ms oh and danny?


@tulip06 ~ sera may be a nutter indeed. she found the baby dress and was wringing it like she wanted to rip it apart. found that really strange. okay, you resent your unknown sister but nothing drastic has happened yet to even start dress ripping.... and she finds out that janice is claustrophobic. who wants to bet that sera is going to lock up janice in dark, cold room at some point?



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@Lmangla I totally believe that Sera is going to lock up Janice, and that Haejun will rescue Janice.  I've been watching Extraordinary You.  I know all the tropes now, lol!


Also, what was that detective doing for 30 years that he only thought now of searching for people who left the country with 1 year olds? 



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Here is the recap of the next episode as promised. sorry I have gotten behind in the show. So they might come a bit slower. Hope that is okay with all of you.



The episode starts with Baby Face trying to convince the Detox Inventor to take him hostage to no avail and Janice using this moment to elbow him and escape. Unfortunately, as he is falling he tries to grab her coat which results in her falling of the roof. Baby Face not caring about his own safety dashes after her in the hopes of catching her before she falls over. Perhaps he thinks that he is faster than a speeding bullet. Unfortunately for him this isn’t the case and while he does manage to catch her they still fall down the roof. (clearly done by wire work. It’s to darn obvious). Anyway gravity does the rest fortunately for all of us since they are the main leads they manage to survive as the police had already placed a protective cushion where they would fall and they had safely landed on it.


Unfortunately for Baby Face she lands on top of him and her weight probably injures his chest but he is more concerned about her safety. They share a moment but she faints before thinking to herself that this is just the beginning. Danny who was supposed to be monitoring the situation and protect Janice is frustrated that he couldn’t do anything about this.


Fortunately, the medic team is nearby on response and they rush Janice to the hospital. Baby Face who is also injured tries to get on the ambulance but is nearly stopped by Sera who is such a terrible fiancée that she doesn’t even notice his injury and asks him where he is going. I guess since he doesn’t want her to worry he tells her that he is accompanying Janice to the hospital as her Guardian. She is clearly frustrated to hear this but can do nothing about it.


As for Danny he manages to contact Mi Yun who is just as worried about Janice and informs her that she is okay but he is going to check up on her at the hospital. The police meanwhile have arrested the Detox Inventor and due to his actions the public seems to have a mixed reaction. Some are blaming him for being a terrible person while others seem to sympathize with him and seem to recall how J Group pulled a similar stunt in the past (of stealing someone else’s invention and claiming it as their own) some even decide to boycott J Groups products. This seems to frustrate J Thief greatly who is wondering what the company is doing for damage control. Being on top of a media search isn’t all good if people have negative things to say about you and all. His advisors are initially suggesting that he punish Detox Inventor and they can also use this incident to their advantage as making him appear to be an unhinged person who also attacked one of their own. It seems that by the end of the day J Thief is going to need to take some High Blood Pressure Medicine.


Janice finally awakes and finds herself at the hospital and Baby Face next to her. She wonders how she got there. Baby Face worried that she might have amnesia reminds her that both of them fell of the roof. But then he suddenly realizes that perhaps her initial amnesia is over and she remembers everything about them and that she really is Jane. So he tries to test her by asking how many fingers he is holding and if she knows who she is. Janice must be wondering what is up and if he thinks that they are in some sort of drama asks him what he is doing. He simply replies that he was worried that due to the fall she may have ended up with a brain injury and might have forgotten who she was etc.. she tells him that everything is okay much to his happiness and sorrow. (happy that she is okay sorrow since she still doesn’t remember her time as Jane). She then wonders if he is okay and it seems like his rib injury decides to act up now and she seems a bit worried. But noticing her concern he quickly pretends that he is fine. She then wants to get back to work to resolve the situation. He informs her that won’t be necessary since he has a very competent assistant and thus Detox Inventor was already arrested for his actions.


At this point he gets a call so he excuses himself and during this time Danny who was worried sick about her (and perhaps feeling guilty for not doing his job properly) rushes in to check if she is okay. She is worried that they might get caught and the gig would already be over telling him to leave but not before informing him that she was pretending to be injured to gain brownie points from Baby Face and company so he could also tell her mother that she was fine and not to worry. This clearly frustrates Danny but he is forced to leave. He passes by Baby Face who fails to notice a suspicious looking guy probably due to his concern about Janice.


Danny is back with Mi Yun and is equally frustrated at mother and daughter at taking such risks. He wants Mi Yun to convince Janice not to take risks like that especially if they are out of script (blame the writer) as that could endanger her life. Mi Yun on the other hand is like who cares if it all works out in the end. Infact this is probably good because then this way Baby Face may fall for her and when she breaks his heart there could be no better revenge and if Danny is really worried about Janice he should do a better job of protecting her. She then tells him to get on to the next stage of their plan regarding Detox Inventor. Danny agrees and leaves.


Janice finally gets to watch the video of her falling of the roof with Baby Face and decides to use this as free marketing and all. Baby Face tries to remind her that they nearly died but she tells him that it is okay and that she is ready to give her life for the company so this is nothing. (really these people can be extremely frustrating). Fortunately, this gives her an idea and tells him to call for an Emergency Board Meeting to take care of the negative comments etc and finally before leaving she manages to thank him for saving her life. He really wants her to rest but I guess that this is the best that he will get from her.


Meanwhile Mi Yun contacts Eun Ha and pretends to have just heard about the incident and seems to be disappointed in this development and wonders if it was a good idea to invest in their company. Her trust has been shaken and all that. Eun Ha tries to convince her that all of this is a huge misunderstanding and that it will be resolved soon so Mi Yun shouldn’t take back her investment. Mi Yun agrees to consider this fact and leaves it for the moment. Eun Ha did mention that the police would look into the matter and clear it up but Mi Yun is fully aware of how the police can be bought but pretends to buy it.


Eun Ha then takes out her frustration of the incident on J Thief who tells her that he is taking care of the matter on his end but she and her husband should do their part as well. She should inform Mi Yun that this is all a misunderstanding (which she already has) and to use her husband’s connections so that the media either don’t hear of it or if they do then to spin it in their favour. He then heads out to the emergency board meeting that Janice had summoned to deal with this incident.


Janice is all about the company cutting their losses and agreeing with the Detox Inventor to be co-inventors. Initially the board members are hesitant to go along with this because then it will feel like they are indeed guilty and admitting to it. Plus, since the inventor is a particular nobody who is going to believe him. But she manages to convince them that some of the public might see it like that but others (those that are already seeing them negatively) aren’t going to buy that. Plus, the longer they don’t settle with the Detox Inventor he is going to continue to pull stunts like that which will make the company suffer more losses in the long run. So please look at the bigger picture. Baby Face even spins them a story that they can use for damage control which is that they were always going for a joint partnership with the Detox Inventor but he misunderstood and thus his stunts. Ofcousrse Detox Inventor would have to relay this to the press and this way everyone wins and they get to keep their good image as well. (Baby Face must be very happy that justice of sorts was finally served). J Thief is clearly frustrated but it seems like he has no choice but to go along with this plan. Thus Baby Face is sent to finalize the deal with the Detox Inventor.


Janice finally feels that she deserves a coffee break so she is at the company rest room preparing one for herself when she is joined by Sera. She is furious at Janice for a couple of reasons. Firstly, she placed Baby Face in a dangerous position and the stunt could have hurt them seriously. On top of all this she was also irked that Janice summoned a board meeting something that a normal person shouldn’t do. Janice points out to the above statements that it shouldn’t really matter who does what if it is for the good for the company. As for the stunt that was pulled it to was a win - win situation since this way their company also looks like the victim. Had this been the past then this wouldn’t have been necessary as the company could have easily handled the matter but nowadays thanks to the internet it isn’t always that easy and the company might have been mistaken as a thief. Sera clearly realizing that this is a lost cause moves onto what is really frustrating her. She has noticed the way Baby Face is reacting towards Janice and this isn’t normal behavior for him. She naturally assumes that Janice is the one going after him and warns her to stay away from him since he is already taken. Janice calmly tells her that she has style so she doesn’t go after taken men or even glance in their direction but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Baby Face who can’t help but look at her. Knowing that she has hit her mark Janice leaves the room. Poor Sera her frustration isn’t resolved one bit.


Baby Face is trying to resolve the situation with the Detox Inventor but he seems to have no interest to play ball at this point and tells him to “Just Beat Hit” (perhaps they should have played this in the background for double meaning). Baby Face seems to be suspicious of his actions and asks him who is backing him. Detox Inventor denies this and tells him to deal with his lawyer as he would rather go to jail than deal with a bunch of snakes like them.


Baby Face then searches the police station for his lawyer. It turns out that it is Danny who is apparently Clark Kenting. Thus Baby Face doesn’t seem to recognize him from earlier. They exchange cards and come to some sort of agreement (implied)


Mi Yun has finally gotten in touch with Janice and tells her how worried she was in regards to her and tells her to be more careful since if she gets hurt her revenge will have no meaning etc.. Janice tells her that everything will be fine etc.. For a moment it does certainly look like a worried and loving family. Danny is at her place cooking her dinner and he even complains to her mother how she keeps him Brother Zoned but still won’t call him Oppa. Etc.. Mi Yun decides to leave the two for their meal so wishes them well.


Janice does ask him his opinion on Baby Face. So he warns her not to underestimate him like the rest of J Group who apparently are idiots or greedy for money because he already figured out that somebody was behind Detox Inventors recent actions and if she isn’t careful then the game would be up to soon. She reassures him that she will be careful but can’t help but remember the incident from that day (when they fell from the roof) clearly it is affecting her to an extent but she can’t exactly tell anyone that. She does mention that her mother hasn’t fully moved on from the tragic incident of the past and how difficult it must be for her. Danny the only one that seems to show some concern for her tells her that she equally suffered back then so it isn’t fair on her as well. She tells him that once the revenge will be done she will help her mother finally heal and live a happy life.


Since it is meal time let’s move on to Baby Face and his family who are also having their meal. His mother is concerned about his ribs since she is aware that he doesn’t have Ribs Of Steel. She also lets us know that she doesn’t approve of anyone that endangers her kid. (Janice). For her Baby Face’s health and safety is more important than anything else even the company and lets him know this. J Thief on the other hand is extremely impressed that Janice was so quick on her feet that she decided to use the incident as a tool for marketing. Lol one may approve her as their Future DiL if things go that way while the other would be against it. Since J Thief is so glad that things happened this way he thinks that it may be a good idea to invite her and Mi Yun for a family meal on the weekend. Yoo Kyung doesn’t want to be left behind so agrees to it on the condition that Eun Ha and family should be invited as well. It seems to be agreed.


Speaking of Eun Ha and Inchul they are wondering what the two mystery packages have in common. They tried to track down the sender but to no avail. Suddenly Eun Ha connects the dots and realizes that the timeline matches the incidents of the past. How she swapped the baby and when her daughter was kidnapped. Inchul is like sure but who exactly would know the details of that time. Let’s narrow down a list of suspects. Unfortunately for Eun Ha the list is quite small. The only people that are aware of it are in the room (her dad wherever he is and he wouldn’t blackmail his own precious daughter would he). The other two would be Mi Yun but she is dead and dead people can’t do that so it only leaves the nurse. Inchul is well then let’s get on that ASAP. When did you last see her. Find out what her game is etc..


Sera enters the room at this point and the parents quickly hide the items. The message is quite clear. Hey kid we have a family secret but you are still to young to learn about it we will tell you all about it later on when you grow up. She is like but wait I am an adult now a woman how can you still treat me like that.


Regardless it seems like Sera has something on her mind and needs her parents help. She initially asks her dad to use his connections to have the video of the hostage situation removed from the internet. Dad is a bit confused since as far as he knows the video is good for her companies’ advertisement and they are getting positive reviews regarding it. Eun Ha on the other hand seems to catch her daughter’s uneasiness and realizes that she seems to be uncomfortable since Baby Face rescued Janice for the whole world to see. She tells her daughter to have more confidence in herself as she has nothing to lose. Infact Baby Face owes her (Eun Ha) his life since she saved his life when he was ill so he will have no choice to be with Sera if she uses this card. Sera seems to feel a bit better hearing this and leaves for her room. The only one who seems to feel some sort of guilt is Inchul since he knows the truth and tries to tell her not to keep taking credit for something that she really didn’t do. Unfortunately, Eun Ha is so thick skinned that she doesn’t seem to care or believes this lie at this point. Either way this lie has kept her in Yoo Kyung and her families good grace that she isn’t go to be honest at this point.


The next day Eun Ha goes to visit the nurse and find out if she is the one sending her those packages and if so what her reason is. Unfortunately, this seems like a dead end since the nurse seems so out of it that she can’t seem to recognize her or even the significance of the Baby Tags that were shown to her. This brings Eun Ha and Inchul back at square one. They decide to be on the lookout for anyone strange and suspicious and to also warn Sera to be on the lookout and be careful. That is the best that they can do at this moment.


Mi Yun and her team minus Janice are looking into orphanages and anything else that Eun Ha and family sponsor in search for clues regarding the location of the nurse. Danny points out that the only thing that he found suspicious was a nursing home that they had no reason to sponsor as it had nothing to do with their missing daughter might be a likely place to look into.


Back to the Video of the Day. It seems like it is J Thieves turn to watch it and he seems to enjoy doing so. Even to the extent that he gives a villain laugh at it. He loves all the positive publicity that the company is getting due to it. Janice then shows up at his office even though he told her to rest for a few days but she tells him that idle hands would drive her nuts so she needs to do some work to remain busy. Regardless he is so happy with her results that he tells her that she has free reign to do whatever she wants and she will have his backing. She thanks him for it and leaves.


Since the video is really popular and we can’t get enough of it (what has it been watched 4 to 5 times already), Baby Face is rewatching the video and noticing how the video is in such High Definition that he can make out the facial features of Janice and all. While he seems to be thinking about it, it seems like there is someone that is frustrated in regards to it. That person happens to be none other than Sera herself.


Janice who has left J Thief’s office bumps into some of the board members (those that were against her and wanted to earlier fire her at her first board meeting and then later on weren’t ready to agree to her terms of joint co inventorship with Detox Inventor) and finds out that she has a small but loyal celebrity status (due to fall incident). Just like J Thief. She thanks them for their kind words and moves on where she spots Baby Face and Sera. Sera is clearly jealous of the attention that Janice seems to be getting and also points out how she seems to like accepting someone elses credit. It seems like Janice may have heard this because she informs them that she has to appear for another news/magazine interview. Baby Face congratulates her for it and I think Sera mentions how she is taking credit that doesn’t belong to her or something because Janice decides to rub salt in Sera’s wounds by pointing out that this interview is going to be done together with Baby Face and makes sure to mention that she was invited to lunch at his place before leaving. This clearly frustrates Sera because she thought that the meeting was only for her family and Mi Yun.


Day of the lunch meeting finally arrives. Mi Yun and her assistant arrive just a few seconds ahead of Eun Ha and her family. Finally, all the entire first generation has met up. Turns out that even Inchul fails to recognize Mi Yun from back in the day though he does mention that she looks familiar. He attributes it to the fact that he had heard so much about her thus that might be the reason and Mi Yun lets it stand at that. After greeting each other they head inside where J Thief greets them while Yoo Kyung is getting ready


She joins them shortly and instantly recognizes Mi Yun as the one that was helping at the hospital that day. Mi Yun then seems to realize that is indeed true and what a coincidence this must be. (naturally all part of her plan). Nobody over there seems to find this the least bit suspicious and think that everyone here must have been destined to meet and for good things to happen. Apparently even Eun Ha was supposed to show up at the hospital that day as well but couldn’t make it due to last minute plans otherwise they would have all met earlier. Etc..


Janice is dropped off by Danny outside. He finally musters up his courage and gives her a hug telling her that he truly likes her and this isn’t part of the plan. Janice doesn’t care and heads inside. But what they don’t seem to know is that Baby Face was eagerly waiting for Janice to show up that he was even looking out of the window to watch whether or not she would show up. Thus he spots the hug and even wonders just what kind of relationship they have and do brothers actually hug their sisters like that. Does he suspect anything wrong. He wonders what’s wrong with him and that it is none of his business when Sera enters his room. She as usual as something to complain in regards Janice and this time it is about how late she is to the lunch meeting. Baby Face knows the truth that she is already there but says nothing as at that moment Janice rings the bell and arrives. Danny unfortunately isn’t invited as they might recognize him. I guess he isn’t confident in his Clark Kenting skills. Regardless Janice is introduced to everyone in the house. Mi Yun in particular is noticing Inchuls reaction towards Janice since Eun Ha has already failed to recognize her own daughter. Turns out that Inchul is the same and he too is unable to recognize his daughter. Victory for Mi Yun. They are shortly joined by Baby Face and Sera. (she had gone to his room shortly after coming. He had spotted Janice and Danny hugging from his room window)


Once they are all assembled they head out for lunch. During it Baby Face realizes that they are out of wine so he suggests getting some more from their collection and excuses himself. Sera wanting some quality time joins him shortly. Meanwhile one can guess what some of the topics that would be brought up at the meal. One such thing is the fact that Yoo Kyung is worried about Baby Faces Ribs and how he had injured them 3 years earlier. This was the exact same time when he was supposed to meet Janice and she realizes the connection. Apparently it was quite serious and famous that it was even out in the newspapers. Janice wants to do a full research on said incident so she excuses herself and looks up the article on her smart phone. Where she finds out about it. I guess she thinks that oh so I wasn’t stood up that day like I thought. So maybe he wasn’t playing with me and actually had feelings for me. While she is pondering about this Baby Face has finally selected the wine for the remaining meal and spots her there. Janice out of concern (due to his previous injury) asks him if he is okay and she hopes that he didn’t get injured because of her etc.. he tells her that he is fine but by this time he is certain that she never had amnesia and still remembers him but is faking it for some reason so he asks her point blank at this point how long is she going to maintain this charade of not knowing him. The show ends at this point.


Another topic that was brought up at the lunch meal was Janice’s dating status where it was revealed that she was still single. At this point a lot of people volunteered to set her up with someone if she was interested. This job was even passed onto Baby Face. The only one that seemed to be happy with this development was Sera as this would get Janice to either leave Baby Face alone or he would have to give up on her and stay with Sera. To this extent Sera even asked him personally when they were alone selecting the wine to whom he was planning on setting Janice up with,



Now on to the thoughts regarding the episode.




Boy is Sera clingy or not also she seems totally insecure in her relationship with Baby Face. It is possible that this is because she knows that he actually had feelings for somebody else a few years back and she fears what would happen if she were to ever return in their life. Now that the engagement is set she is partially secure but he is now behaving strangely which is worrying her. She also knows that at best he might marry her out of gratitude towards her mother for saving his life when he was a kid but not because he has feelings for her. At this point she may be willing to take even that.


Then we have that drop from the roof. Really how many times were they going to show us that video. Clearly they don’t have anything else to add in the story so they are repeating that scene. Which I will admit is funny at times but it can also get equally annoying at times. It probably also doesn’t help that the fall was clearly done by strings. This can be seen by the way they fall down. If someone were to jump from a great height (or pushed) they will most probably fall horizontally and perhaps even move their hands (granted in this case since he was holding her that part may be excused) but the way they fell down was in a vertical fashion as if someone was holding them up. Perhaps Baby Face really does have the power of flight thus he could control his level of decent. Then comes the matter of the video. Like I mentioned earlier that video was in a really high definition quality. It would be safe to assume that if anyone were to take that video they would probably be using their smart phones and I doubt that any camera in phones these days may actually be so good to catch a video of that quality. Perhaps one of Hawaei’s models could do that but other than that no other phone should have been able to do so. I also doubt that anyone was just passing by with a recording camera at that point to capture said fall. Perhaps the media had already been alerted so they could have taken that video. Not that it is really important.


Then we have Mi Yun and how she seems to turn her concern regarding Janice On and Off like it was nothing. Danny seems to be more consistent in his concern for Janice.


Speaking of the Nurse. It seems that Mi Yun will finally be able to locate her but she too will probably find her in that state that Eun Ha did. But the question we need to ask is whether her state is normal or deliberate. I am going with the latter. It seems to me like Eun Ha has her deliberately drugged like that so that she can’t do anything and reveal the past. Why would the nurse want to do that is simple? She only remained silent back in the day because Eun Ha promised to look after her daughter and make sure that she would survive. Unfortunately, Karma struck the daughter and she died in an accident. At this point the nurse had nothing to lose and perhaps realized that her actions were being repaid by Karma and decided to do the right thing. So she finally returned to Korea to make amends. Unfortunately for her Eun Ha realized what she was upto and stopped her by having her locked up in that hospital.


So the question now is what will Mi Yun and company do when they will get their hands on the nurse. Will they have her removed secretly and make Eun Ha panic or will they bribe her doctors to stop giving her the meds and hope that she will be lucid enough to tell them the truth. Then again it probably is too soon for Mi Yun and company to learn the truth. So perhaps this hospital is a red herring and the nurse is actually at some other hospital. Also perhaps seeing Mi Yun might trigger some sort of reaction from the nurse but not enough to bring her to her senses.


As for the fact that Mi Yun seems to have connected with a lot of people nobody finds that the least bit suspicious and think that it is some great part of fate. The bunch of fools. Also I am surprised that nobody could recognize Mi Yun by this point. Some of them had wronged her and her family yet they don’t know who she is. She doesn’t look any different since back then. At the most Inchul mentioned that she seemed familiar. What is that all about I can probably understand Eun Ha since she met her only once and perhaps even J Thief but it seemed like Inchul knew her quite well but even now he can’t recognize her. I can totally understand them not being able to recognize Janice since she has greatly changed since they last saw her but not Mi Yun.


As for Sera I am still not moved by her. Sure she had slightly bad luck but that doesn’t seem to justify her actions towards others. Oh and while we are on the topic of her parents I am sure at this point that Eun Ha is fully aware of all the stunts that J Thief pulls but doesn’t seem to care about them as long as she gets paid. Since staying silent she gets to keep being Yoo Kyung’s friend and thus gains said benefits of being associated with her. To be honest I am hoping that she is cheating with J Thief. The hurt and betrayal that Yoo Kyung will feel might be enough to wake her up and realize all the other things those two could have been upto and try and do the right thing.


As for Baby Face I know that he is restricted by what he can and can’t do at the company I feel like he should still try and do more of an effort to fix the crimes that his father has done. For instance, the Detox Inventor getting his due was more due to the actions of Mi Yun and company and pushing forward with their plan. Does anyone think that if they hadn’t interfered that he would have been able to come to some sort of satisfactory arrangement with the inventor on his own? His father would have prevented him from doing so and the inventor would have been cheated out of his invention like all the other past victims. He didn’t even thank Janice for setting things right and for managing to do something that he couldn’t do on his own. So I doubt that he would have been successful even if he continued to meet with the inventor on his own. J Thief is so greedy that I doubt that he would even be willing to pay the inventor at this point. As for Sera and her involvement I really would be interested in finding out about it. She was against making any kind of deal with the inventor or even willing to give him credit. Nor did she want to shut down the Detox Line as if she had a personal interested vested in that project what is up with that


On to her parents it seems like only Inchul seems to remember and care about the incident in the past and feels a sense of guilt regarding his actions since he told Eun Ha to stop taking credit for saving Yoo Kyung’s kid. Perhaps he feels guilty that his friend and his family passed away due to his silence and he can’t do anything to fix it. Eun Ha doesn’t seem to care about it any longer and probably feels like she did nothing wrong.


Initially I felt bad at her for losing her kid like that and not have any kind of closure regarding her loss. But then I remember scenes like that and feel like she is still reaping her dose of Karma. She probably needs to lose a few more things important to her like her reputation and status before she is brought to her senses for her karma to finally end.


I am still enjoying Baby Face and him continuing on with his K-Drama Tropes. Perhaps he will eventually get the right ones and solve the case on his own. Though I do wonder how he will ever fix this family tragedy that has been set in motion. Speaking of that did anyone notice the look of concern on Mi Yun’s face when she heard about his earlier accident. Was that some of her motherly instincts kicking in and she wondering what that was all about.


On a side note I did feel that this episode had a few fun lines. Especially the part when she tells Sera that she never looked at her man but on the other hand he has been glancing at her. Also Sera’s reaction towards it. I did also enjoy the nice moments between Janice and Danny. A pity that they won’t work out. Still I hope that he can survive till the end and get his own happy ending. He pretty much deserves that after working for that crazy family.



I guess this should cover most of my points for the time being. So take care all of you and keep posting. Am looking forward to reading them. now to watch the next episode and prepare the recap for that.


PS. @tulip06 what do people in Pakistan watch Korean Dramas on? Would love to know,

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@yamiyugi  I'm in the US, and my friend didn't watch Korean dramas, but was simply talking as a fellow Easterner, and as someone well-traveled - she has been all over the Far East - so that's how that conversation ended up going that way.  There is a lot of cultural similarities, though, and I saw exactly what she meant.  However, in a Pakistani drama, which would be much more conservative in dress, the "modern" woman would be in some sort of trouser outfit that covered her legs.  My friend simply picked up on the extremity of the dress in the drama office vs real life to show a "modern" mindset.



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On 11/19/2019 at 10:20 PM, Lmangla said:

despite the many slaps, the episode felt like bit of a snooze. ^_^ part of it is the lack of chemistry between baby face and janice. what difference does it make if she is jane or janice? with the lack of chemistry, you are left wondering if baby face never travels and why he is obsessing with someone he met 3 years once on a train. baby face is such an idiot because he goes along with the lie that janice says -- he was whispering to her (eye roll) and it was not an almost kiss.

I agree. He is very frustrating. He reminds of those chaebol male leads that string along the poor female lead without breaking off their arranged engagement courageously. It’s like he finally considers breaking it off only after talking to her younger brother but it’s like, dude you are so selfish that you were still aboutto marry pitiful SR even though you have feelings for someone else, unrequited or not (another story if SR would still wan to go through marriage, which honestly it seems she would even if he lies and cheats on her even worse, but still as the male lead it’s turn off to me how he’s doing it). Especially because i feel like at least compared to female lead he got it good. Grew up in rich family, never was left in enclosed space to be traumatized or even kidnapped for revenge and spent entire childhood being brainwashed to give revenge.


On 11/19/2019 at 10:20 PM, Lmangla said:

instead of wondering who will find out first, am more curious about why danny and ms oh are working for miyun and how much do they know. are they like janice who knows some part of the story but not all? who is this mysterious ms oh and danny?

So far Danny has revealed he was a rebellious teen living on the streets after a failed adoption in Canada. Possibly maybe one of these two families were supposed to adopt him? And I feel like ms oh, maybe ehr parents died like MY’s husband did? It jut seeems like if one were to get revenge, what better way than with a team of people out for vengeance on the same target too. What’s interesting is they also use the word ‘mark’. Had they practiced on previous people in past before getting this far? I wonder where the money came from. Scamming and conning?

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Before I get into recapping Episode 12 I want to start with thanking @tulip06 for their explanation. I was planning to go to Pakistan hopefully by the end of this year. Since they had mentioned there point I was hoping that Pakistan had some legal way to watch Korean Dramas like over here in the Middle East we used to have KBS World. Ah well I guess I will have to do with Netflix and the same sites that I use. Though I do agree with their assessment of conservative clothes that characters in our dramas would wear (though I haven’t watched one in ages). But comparing the current characters dresses I would say that Janice still wears clothes that would match with the conservative style than Sera. Certain parties over there would probably be throwing a fit if they saw her there.


Anyway let’s get back to topic and the drama recap.




We get back to the scene from the last episode when Baby Face questions Janice how long she is going to play dumb and not recognize him when that isn’t the case. I guess that he gave Sera the job of selecting a wine while he decided to confront Janice because Sera returns with her choice only to find that he still hasn’t arrived. She finds that weird and tried to find him. Meanwhile Baby Face is trying to convince Janice to give up the act since he recognized her anyway (clearly she slipped up somewhere). Since he is from a business family he tries to use a similar metaphor. So Janice admits to stop acting but at the same time asks him if it would make any difference at this point on what her real identity would be. Clearly the guy is now engaged so unless he plans on breaking up with his fiancée it won’t make a difference (atleast that is what it seems like she meant). To further stress her point that they are over she tells him that regardless of who she was she still wouldn’t take him.


Baby Face seems to get irked by this and moves in to try and kiss her. Will the get the kiss or not. Apparently not. It turns out that just before the kiss can happen Sera walks in and catches them in this awkward position. The shock is enough for her to drop the wine bottle that she is carrying (fortunately the bottle is made of sturdy stuff and doesn’t break) but it does alert the two of her presence which snaps Baby Face out of whatever spell he was under. Apparently the bottle falling is heard by Yoo Kyung who wonders if everything is okay and Baby Face tells her that all is well.


Unfortunately, that is far from the case and Sera demands to have a word regarding the incident with Janice and takes her outside to talk. Baby Face is left wondering just how he will get of this mess. Once outside Sera instead of talking with words decides to talk with action and slaps Janice. Ouch. Janice tries to repay the favour but is stopped by Baby Face. Oh dear he really is digging his own grave isn’t he. He tells Janice to let the matter slide shocking all parties present. Janice is wondering what I get slapped and you do nothing but when I try and touch your precious fiancée you stop me where is the justice in that. Baby Face not wanting to see a cat fight erupt just flat out lies to Sera that the entire thing was a misunderstanding and there was more than meets the eye. Sera clearly isn’t a total idiot and asks him exactly what she misunderstood. It looked like he was about to kiss Janice and not only that but if felt like those two had feelings for each other so she wanted to know just how long he had been cheating on her or was it the other way around. Baby Face continues to maintain his innocence and asks her to trust and believe him. So Sera thinks she will get a better answer out of Janice and ask her about the near kiss. Janice seeing that since Baby Face wasn’t going to confess decides to play along and tells her that she saw no kiss and even eggs him on to admit whether or not he was trying to kiss her or not. Probably trying to give him a chance to admit his feelings and what not. He tells her not to make matters worse. Sera is still insisting on answers and even asks whether it was perhaps the other way around and that he was trying to seduce Janice (considering that he is taken that is quite a serious offense). Janice realizing that the guy is a total idiot and needs a helping hand comes up with a convincing story. She said something which hurt his ego to which he was whispering in her ear that he was equally disappointed in her. So what she witnessed could be easily misinterpreted due to different angles. Clearly Sera still isn’t buying any of that.


They probably would have stayed out debating this the entire day if Eun Ha didn’t come out to find them and wonder what was holding them up. I guess they really needed that wine inside. Janice uses the distraction to receive a call and excuses herself. (Whoever called her then must have perfect timing). Eun Ha sensing something amiss asks the two if they were fighting (and also wondering to herself if Janice was the cause). Sera who had her pride assures her mother that they were discussing work and would return after it was done. Eun Ha leaves them for the moment.


Sera is still ticked off at Baby Face for behaving like that with an employee no less a female one. He is still going with the excuse that nothing was going on between them and that she should trust him (don’t all cheaters go with that line?) So Sera points out to him what would have happened if the positions had been reversed and he found her with some random dude wouldn’t he also misinterpret the situation even if it was something innocent etc. (well he probably would have used it as an excuse to breakup with her and go be with Janice). He is still apologizing to her about it and for her to trust him. She finally agrees to do so but warns him that if she ever finds him in a compromising position with Janice she won’t let it slide and that there would be bodies to deal with. Baby Face gets the picture finally and tells her to head back inside as the parents would be waiting. Sera agrees but needs one final bout of assuring that he won’t cheat on her. So she tells him to convince his mother to quickly set the wedding date so that they can get married and thus she would have a guarantee that he wouldn’t wander of. He agrees to her request.


The mothers on the other hand are have a private moment of their own and discussing art like pros. Mi Yun clearly knows her stuff. They then move on to discussing the kids and naturally Janice comes up and each of them share their opinion of her. Yoo Kyung goes so far as to say that she would even approve of her as a DiL if she had an another son (well you can use your current one) Eun Ha does have some reservation but does think that she has potential Yoo Kyung mentions something amusing that Janice isn’t transparent like Sera and when Eun Ha asks her to explain what she means by this she is told that Sera is transparent enough to be innocent. Yeah right.


The mothers are then called out for dessert and at this time Baby Face and Sera return inside at the same time after making their peace. Yoo Kyung also wonders if they had been fighting but Sera protects him and tells her that he doesn’t let her fight (probably meaning that he goes along with whatever she wants). Baby Face takes this moment to ask his mother to set the wedding date. Janice manages to enter at this exact moment and she knows that she needs to act fast if she wants to break it up. Yoo Kyung leaves the date selection to Eun Ha who gladly accepts it.


J Thief is glad that all three women are bonding well (mothers) and notes that since they have art in common they should check out a few galleries only to be informed that they have already planned something like that further making the husbands happy. Inchul hopes that the ladies become close as sisters and have a great friendship and he can’t wait till that happens. Mi Yun advises Janice to continue using the incident video as advertisement purposes which Janice tells her is already being considered and since she is involved with Baby Face she will discuss the details with him. Sera not wanting to be left out of the group offers her assistance to the both of them and tells them not to forget her if they need it. They all agree to that. J Thief wants the younger generation to come up with something great so that the company can soar to new heights.


While this is going on Eun Ha suddenly receives a call from a Detective so she excuses herself to receive it. Mi Yun manages to make an excuse at some point because she overhears some of her conversation and what she hears seems to worry her. Apparently the detective has found out people that left abroad with a year old child (when Yura was kidnapper) and wants to share said information with Eun Ha as soon as possible. This is bad news for Mi Yun as she could get caught.


Meanwhile the rest of the people are discussing other things when the maid comes with some drinks. Sera asks for one but accidentally drops it while taking it from the maid which ends up ruining both her and Janice’s dress. The poor maid apologizes for her actions and even promises to pay for the dry-cleaning. Janice is cool with it but Sera is a bit mad. Regardless Yoo Kyung tells her to go to Baby Faces room with Janice and clean up. Sera having no choice follows the request but once inside she gives Janice a cloth and tells her to leave her man’s room as no other woman is allowed inside without her permission. Janice is like what are you smoking lady this isn’t your room like you said and that she has every right to be in the room since she is inside with the owner’s permission. Clearly Sera doesn’t like what she is hearing. She insists that Janice leave and Janice has had enough of her rude behaviors that she finally manages to get in that slap that she was prevented from doing so. Janice hopes that Sera gets that it hurts the other person as well so next time she shouldn’t be like that because Janice will make sure to pay her back eye for an eye so she should be careful in the future. To herself she tells her that she should wait because she was going to make her and her family beg her mother for forgiveness for hurting her. Unfortunately, Sera not being a telepath doesn’t get this message. She does pick up on her murderous intent but is unable to do anything. Janice just warns her that she got the wrong person as the person that wronged her was Baby Face and not her. Saying this she leaves the room.


Janice returns downstairs and excuses herself as she had dinner plans. (Yoo Kyung wanted her to stay for dinner). J Thief wants his son to be a proper gentleman and thus wants him to drop of Janice. Sera has also come down and overhears this much to her frustration. Janice notices this and tells them that won’t be necessary as she lives in the neighborhood so she will walk home by herself. (the family is real glad that she lives close by) Baby Face is still enough of a gentleman and escorts her outside and tries to apologize to her for Sera slapping her like that. But she tells him that is water under the bridge and that the girls have already made up. As she is about to leave for the day she does tell him that while she knows that he was pretending to kiss her she was briefly excited but now he should head back inside since his clingy girl would be waiting for him. Ignoring his protests that the almost kiss was a mistake.


Sera comes at this time to tell him that the remaining adults are waiting for him. Mu Yun wants to give the families some sort of gift for getting engaged but they want to hear nothing about it and that her presence would be more than enough. Mi Yun agrees but still wants to do something. She even points out that she would have loved to have kids like them. Sera seeing this as a way to curry favour with her tells her to then consider her and Baby Face as one whenever she thinks of kids. They will be there. Mi Yun pretends to be moved. Mi Yun claims to be jealous of how close the two families are to the extent that they are getting married and even see that as a blessing. J Thief is all about then why don’t you become good friends with us as well etc..


Eun Ha and her husband have finally contacted the detective that had called her. What they don’t know is that Danny has been keeping tabs on them (I guess that is why he didn’t come with Janice to the lunch meal) so he discreetly overhears and records the conversation between the three, turns out that the detective has been busy tracking every passenger that had left Korea with a 1 year old child 30 years ago trying to track down their daughter. So far he had managed to eliminate everyone from that list apart from three passengers. Fortunately for him they all headed to Canada. Unfortunately for him the trail went cold and he couldn’t exactly find out their identities because conveniently the information on their end was destroyed and the International Committee wasn’t ready to play ball and share private information. If Inchul on the other hand tried to use his political clout they might be more successful. He agrees to do what he can after all they just received more hope than in all these years.


Sera is finally Home Alone. She tries to remove her pearl necklace but is reminded of the slap that she received earlier from Janice that instead of removing it she snatches it of thus breaking her poor necklace. She then contacts some random playboy that she knows (and is even on speed dial interesting) and tells him that she wants to set him up with someone and doesn’t care whether thy guy has a new woman or not. Clearly she is trying to get rid of her rival.


As for the main leads they say that exercise is good for working out stress and when things are on their minds. So this is exactly where we find them. Janice is working out on her exercise bicycle and thinking about how Baby Face got hurt while waiting for her. As for Baby Face he is out for a night jog when he spots Janice running towards him. Only it turns out that his mind is playing tricks on him. It is just some random jogger. He apparently has a lot more things going on in his mind. Janice telling him that it wouldn’t matter if she was Jane or not since she still didn’t think that he was the one for her or the moment before she left telling him that the pretend kiss almost got her excited and finally Sera telling him to stay away from Janice as she would die but not before taking someone else along with her (probably all three of them or just Janice with her). He tries to convince himself to move on for the sake of everyone. But I doubt that he is convincing anyone over here.


Sera on the other hand is getting bored all alone and that none of her parents are back even though it is so late when they left. She wonders what is up when she suddenly remembers how they tried to hide something in a box when she went to them earlier to ask them to remove the video from the internet. She has a bad feeling about that so she enters her parents room without their permission and starts to search it. Clearly manners haven’t been taught to her. She eventually finds the box and its contents. She realizes that it must either belong to her missing sister or that somebody is preying on her parent’s grief. Regardless she isn’t happy to see the items as this would mean that her parents won’t be paying any attention to her once again. She would have ripped apart the dress if able but at that time she hears her parents return so she quickly heads out to greet them. The parents give her the good news that there has been a lead on her sister and they seem hopeful that it is the real deal and that they will find her soon. She pretends to be happy for them and she hopes that the entire family will be reunited. Eun Ha says that it would be great if Sera gets married to Baby Face and they find her sister at the same time then that would be the happiest day. Eun Ha wonders if they should even involve Mi Yun and her connections in Canada to help them find their daughter but Inchul tells her to wait as he would try and use his connections first and if all that fails then they could fall back on Mi Yun. She seems to agree to this for the time being.


Danny is giving his briefing of what he overheard from the detective to Mi Yun and her assistant in regards to this. Turns out that this was the same detective that was incharge of finding Yura to the extent that Inchul even hired him to continue to do even after he retired. Naturally Mi Yun realizes that if the detective continues on his path he would track her down and her plan would be ruined. So she asks her assistant to meet the detective and buy his loyalty so that she could buy some more time with her. Danny wonders why she is going that far and if she intends to help Eun Ha find her daughter. Mi Yun tells them that it will all depend on Eun Ha’s response when she will come to see her. (since the detective will have no success since they will buy them of) she expects Eun Ha to come calling her asking for a favour. If she feels that Eun Ha has repented for her actions in the past she probably will reveal Janice to her as her daughter otherwise she will continue on her path or revenge.


The next day Sera is looking up Janice’s profile searching for any weakness to use against her. So far she hasn’t found anything. She does note that she moved from Canada to France and then was scouted to Korea so if that means that her mother is still in Canada. But before she can look into the matter her assistant shows up and informs her that the interview between Janice and Baby Face is taking place. So she heads over to observe it. Nothing much happens in the interview though the reporter does mention that some viewers noticed the chemistry between the two and wondered if they were lovers. Janice points out that Baby Face is already spoken for much to the delight of Sera and that pretty soon she would be busy to since Baby Face had promised to find her someone to date as well.


After the interview she is back to taking a relaxing coffee break when Sera comes up and lies to her that Baby Face has found her a person to date and tells her of the Playboy only lying that he is a great person and all. Janice doesn’t seem to really care and tells her to set it up. At this point Sera gets a call from her mother informing her that the wedding date has been set up and that it will be held next year. Finally, Sera breathes a sigh of relief.


Baby Face is still on his assistant to find out exactly who was backing the Detox Inventor as he wouldn’t have been so bold otherwise. He tells him to look into the matter and even question the inventors lawyer for information.


Speaking of Danny, he is back with the Detox Inventor moving on to the next phase of the plan. They plan on selling some company. (I didn’t seem to get the exact details regarding it. From what I gather it seems like the inventors own company) but the inventor must manage to keep this a secret from others especially J Group. The inventor is curious as to who will purchase the company but he is assured that he won’t suffer any loss so it is okay to go ahead with the sale. At this point he receives a call from Baby Faces Assistant (this guy even got his info that’s impressive) so Danny tells him to meet up at the office to discuss whatever he needs to.


Janice manages to call him immediately after his call ends with the assistant and she informs him that since Baby Faces wedding date has already been set she needs to meet a certain someone so he should set it up. Who is this mysterious new person now I wonder? Anyway after her call is done she enters the elevator and is joined by Sera.is finally sure that she is safe tells her as much and hopes that she too can be this lucky with Philipp etc.. Unfortunately, anything else that she may have wanted to say is interrupted when the lift suddenly stops due to some technical error or so and the phone signal doesn’t go out so they can’t call for help. Janice begins to have her panic attack and it only seems to get worse once even the light go out in the elevator. Sera seems to show some sort of concern towards her. Fortunately, the matter is resolved soon and the lift is back on its merry path. Janice manages to barely recover herself and heads over to her office. Sera does ask if she is okay but Janice simply tries to pass it of as a dizzy spell. But she is afraid that Sera might not buy that and might have noticed that she actually had a panic attack. Seems like her fears were justified because Sera has managed to contact some friend of hers and has gotten confirmation that this was a panic attack and this could also affect the victims mind and all. Regardless Sera seems to be happy to hear this because she finally has something to use against Janice. How will that play out we will have to wait and see since the episode ends at this point.



Thoughts regarding the episode.




Someone wondered as to why the detective suddenly thought into looking into people going abroad with babies at that time. A good question but how do we know that the detective got that idea just now. We know that the detective had been searching for information regarding the other passengers and he only had three left. It is possible that all this time he had been searching for those people and since he was so close decided to reveal his findings to Eun Ha and company


Janice seems to have a panic attack when she is in closed dark places due to her trauma as a child. We can be sure that Sera will try to use that to her advantage at some point though that will probably end up backfiring on her.


I am surprised that nobody seems to have made the connection that Janice is also from Canada unlike Sera. Heck none of them even noticed that Janice arrived on the same flight as Mi Yun and Sera was even at the airport that day. Then again it probably didn’t help that she didn’t know what Janice looked like so she probably wouldn’t remember each and every passenger that disembarked that day. So it is understandable why she could have overlooked this fact.


I do wonder just how exactly Mi Yun plans on stalling Eun Ha from finding her child. Will she either tell her that the search led to a dead-end or the fact that her daughter was dead (lie to her) Let her suffer some despair as well. But that might be too easy for Eun Ha and Mi Yun wants her to suffer more.


As for the fact that they are trying to get the inventor to sell his company without J Group being aware is interesting. I can only imagine the complications that it can cause. They want to sell their product but another company announces that they have the rights to sell the same product as they have the permission from the inventor as well. They will be then stuck in a long legal battle. Well it does depend on certain factors. Normally when someone co creates something it is with the intent of working with that party together and reaping the benefits together with them. So normally it doesn’t make sense to stab them in the back like this. Selling of his company usually means that any deals that he has signed need to be honoured by the new company and that they would have to deal with J Group as well. But in this case he fortunately hasn’t signed any deal with them regarding the joint partnership they may try and use that to their advantage and not be held by legal issues. Granted since he has publically admitted that it was a joint inventor ship he needs to do his part by informing said people of his desire to break away or something. Though I can still see the new company try and work with J Group but they can ask for more of a share when they want to sell the product or else they will backout. (it does depend if Inventor has given them the rights to his invention as well which he probably has done)


Baby Face is getting annoying with him claiming that there is nothing going on between him and Janice and for Sera to trust him. Anyone can see that there is more between them and this is only hurting the both of them in the long run. If he is unsure of where he stands then he should ask for a time out while he clears his head instead of pushing ahead with their marriage. I can see him sort of pressurized to the we saved your life as a kid so you now owe us. But that is still wrong to both parties. Everyone seems to play along to Sera’s requests because of the so call loneliness that she has suffered while growing up since her family was all about trying to find her long lost sister. Now the Crazy Sera has given him an ultimatum that she would kill herself and Janice if she catches them in a compromising position again (he might also be included in that hit list) so he is going along with her plans. It would have been better if he had been honest with her from the start when she was asking him since how long those two had been an item. This way she could have challenged Janice to fight fair in trying to win over Baby Face but that might not have fully worked since she could have tried to use the engagement card for Janice to back down.


Janice did point out that J Group in the past had also stolen other peoples hard work I wonder if any of them will also come out now or was she only referring to her parent’s invention. Has J Group actually gotten better and only restarted their old ways. This might get complicated then.


So we were put on hold this episode in searching for the nurse because most of the episode was about the lunch date and Sera’s parents meeting with the detective and as they now have the more urgent thing to do and locate and bribe the detective before he is onto them this plot line is probably going to go on hold. Plus, like I said the nurses condition isn’t well so even if they do find her there will probably be nothing that they can do for the time being. As for Mi Yun just when did she learn all that about art. We know for a fact that for a few years when Janice was growing up they weren’t as rich as they are now. They had a small room as well as the fact that they might have been on the street since they had their stuff when they were in the park and she was telling Janice about her revenge. So how did she get rich and prepare for her revenge and what exactly is Danny’s story in all of this. I was hoping that he was the child of someone else that J Group wronged and Mi Yun got him for her part in revenge as they had a common enemy. My other guess is that she remarried someone else in Canada and Danny was a kid from that marriage. The said person was rich and now that he has probably passed away Mi Yun is using his wealth for revenge purposes.


As for the other assistant and Danny being aware of her plans and how much they know about her revenge is probably just as much as Janice knows. Meaning just what she tells them. This can be seen in this episode when he asks her whether she will help Eun Ha in her search for her missing daughter. To which she tells them that it will all depend on how Eun Ha treats her. This means that they have no idea that the person that took the daughter in the first place is Mi Yun and that Janice is that child. Infact Danny didn’t even know until later that Eun Ha even had a missing daughter and when he brought it up he was told not to inform Janice about it. Nor did he manage to connect the dots that even Mi Yun and family were in Canada as well during the time that the child went missing. Perhaps he also believes that her family other than Janice died in an accident in Canada. But still things don’t make a whole lot of sense.


I can already picture the scene when Baby Face decides to call of the wedding so that he can be with Janice. Some of the reactions are going to be pretty predictable. Eun Ha who can also sense the tension between the three is going to get mad at Janice. Which will end up her slapping her for not knowing her place and trying to take things that don’t belong to her and how dare she tries to covet things that belong to her daughter. Poor Janice. Will Mi Yun be affected by this. Probably not. She is going to jumping with glee to discover that Eun Ha slapped her own child and isn’t even aware of this fact. Though speaking of this I wonder what people’s reactions are going to be when they discover Janice’s true identity. Just how will their tune end up changing. For instance, will it suddenly be okay for Janice to be with Baby Face because she is her daughter as well. It doesn’t matter that he was previously engaged to her daughter and that said daughter still has feelings for him. We can assume that Sera won’t take that well.


Also in regards to Sera how has she managed to fool all these people that she is a nice and innocent girl surprises me. For instance, in this episode she is planning on setting up Janice with some sort of playboy and what is worse is that she is using Baby Faces name to do so. Clearly Janice doesn’t seem to care who she is being set up with because she has her own agenda. The reasoning behind Sera’s actions are quite simple. The date goes wrong somehow and this will end up with Janice blaming him for setting her up with the wrong kind of person when she trusted him and what not and thus she can’t trust him anymore. (thus her now keeping her distance from him) Ofcourse if Janice was really interested in dating someone else she could thank Sera for passing on the message but if Baby Face wanted to set her up with someone then he could come and tell her personally.


I kind of feel bad for Danny and his unrequited love towards Janice. He even confessed his feelings towards her in the previous episode. Well I guess that he will get the other sister as a consolation prize though I hope that isn’t the case. Sera is a handful and like I said she isn’t as sweet as people think that she is and her loneliness is no excuse for her behavior. Even her level of concern towards others is short lived and one can’t even tell if it is genuine or an act that she is putting on to discover another person’s flaws to use against them. when Janice saved her from those falling dyes her sisterly instincts kicked in without even being aware of them. she had no ulterior motive but with Sera it is hard to read whether she shared the same feelings or it was an act because in just a short scene later she is wondering how exactly to use this to her own advantage.



Now on to other matters


@tulip06 LoL I also noticed how the subbers suddenly changed the spelling of Janice. Not so much Mi Yun since my mind automatically corrects it to Mi Yun so I didn’t notice that they were calling her Carry. It feels like someone from Korea is now editing those subs. Whenever I see spelling mistakes like that I laugh out loud. For instance in real life I once went to a store over here and in one of the aisles instead of Pop Corn it was written Bob Corn. Anyway I hope that they rectify this situation soon as it seems weird for them suddenly changing this so out of the blue. I probably wouldn’t have an issue if they started out with this.


Anyway I think this covers most of my points for the time being. Take care all of you till next time and keep posting as I look forward to reading them will be watching the latest episode probably after I get back from work or during my Lunch Break. Recap will then hopefully be done when I get the time.

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ep 12 -- any time the episode is heavily focused on hae joon and janice, it is actually really boring. the writer seems to have loved that ethan hawke movie where these 2 characters randomly meet in vienna? or some place and wander around the whole day as tourists and then separate the next day as they are traveling to different locations. that story worked because of the chemistry between the 2 actors. here, there is a real lack of spark that I was skipping their scenes. in fact, it feels silly that these two are still hung on one meeting that happened 3 years ago especially as the conversation was so incredibly mundane. nothing remotely entertaining.


janice and danny on the other hand have a kind of spark in the few scenes they have -- so it means I am going to be actively hoping hae joon/janice never get together or break up! :lol:


@philosophie ~  exactly! hae joon is a turn off. he is in some sense cheating on sera and is doing it openly to the point where employees are raising their eyebrows at why he would grab janice in the lobby.  at least if he was stringing sera along because of a serious previous relationship, it would be a little more believable. instead, he is playing around because of a one day travel experience. (eye roll). in a regular daily, hae joon would be the moron boyfriend that sera dumps after suffering pain and then finds someone fabolous while he and janice spiral out in self-destruction in the end. :lol: but here, even sera is so annoying that I won't wish her on danny either. :sweatingbullets:


20 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

She then contacts some random playboy that she knows (and is even on speed dial interesting)

hahahahha.... that is funny she has this philip character on speed dial but it was kind of a silly move. if you really want to get rid of a rival, wouldn't it be better to set her up with someone good and interesting so that her interest is diverted?


the only interesting bits in this episode were basically danny and the scenes at the clinic. danny's past makes more sense on why he feels like he is quasi family but is not. so his feelings about janice are very open but he can't exactly pursue them. wonder if janice doesn't take him seriously and thinks it is all part of their plot. wonder why janice lied and came to korea for a few days 3 years ago. was she just looking for a break from her mom? but it seems like plotting has been going forever because she got the email 3 years ago about hae joon's details. so how long has the planning been going on and how long is this plot supposed to take?


the clinic scene was interesting -- janice shows up for some work related stuff and sees a baby photo on eun ha's desk. eun ha immediately removes it from her hand and puts it away. janice thinks it is sera's photo and before eun ha responds, miyun does a deflection. in the lobby, they meet eun kyung who has shown up for wedding related shopping to do with eun ha. eun kyung then makes a stray comment about how janice and eun ha look like mother and daughter. eun ha bristles and eun kyung just said they look related from a certain angle and it was just a casual comment. eun kyung certainly has a good eye! after shopping, eun ha and eun kyung come back to the office and eun ha is shocked to discover the baby photo missing. it turns out miyun took it but she herself isn't sure why she made such a move and is shaken by her own actions. what do chingus think? why did miyun do that?


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On one hand the latest episode hasn’t been subbed so I guess we are stuck with this recap for the time being. A good thing since I can catch up on a few of my other dramas that I missed. Therefore, even if the episode will be subbed don’t expect another recap today apart from this one. Sorry about that. Anyway here goes the recap for episode 13. Hope that you all enjoy it.




Baby Face is totally in brooding mode. The reason being that he recalls that Janice told the world in their interview that he was not only spoken for but that he would also help set her up with someone else. He is so sad that he is going to disappoint his fans and all those that were shipping him with Janice. If he thought that was bad enough he was wrong because Sera decides to choose this exact moment to pop in and inform him that his wedding date with her was set. He was a bit surprised that it was as fast as that. But wait I need more time before I can be sure that I want to be with you. Unfortunately, Sera isn’t having enough of that and tells him about how she was briefly trapped in the elevator and how she found it interesting (due to her discovering Janice’s weakness though she doesn’t tell him the reason). Baby Face is all about her concern and how the company should be doing better elevator maintenance. Not that Sera cares about any of that.


Janice doesn’t want to be the left out in telling someone about her incident so she contacts Danny who seems to be concerned about her being trapped like that. But she manages to reassure her that since it was for a short time she is okay now. Regardless Danny is still worried since Sera might decide to use this against her if she noticed this. Janice tells him to instead to a background check on Philip the guy that she was set up with.


Janice then heads over to Baby Face to give him the report on their marketing plan for the Detox line. He apologies to her for his past behavior in regards to mistaking her for Jane but tells her that he has now moved on and won’t care about her identity anymore. She realizes that would be bad for her plan pretends to be okay with that before thanking him for setting her up with Philip. He is like wait who and who set you up with him. So Janice informs him that Sera told her all about it and how he arranged the meeting with Philip and that she hoped that it would work out between them. she then finally admits that she is indeed Jane not that it would matter since he has already moved on and leaves his office.


The confession briefly stuns him but then he realizes that she has been set up with a playboy and that isn’t okay for him as she deserves much better. So he quickly rushes out after her to convince her to ditch they guy and let him find someone better. But he doesn’t get a chance to tell her any of that since she doesn’t want to speak to him. He even grabs her hand which is noted by some of the workers there who now have something to talk about. He has no choice but to let her go before this news spreads like wildfire and the wrong people get to hear about this.


Unfortunately for him it is too late as those two people have reported this face to Sera who seems to be initially livid to hear this especially after she warned him to be careful around Janice after the previous incident. She does manage to tell those two workers to keep this fact to themselves otherwise she would have their heads on a platter. They agree to do that lucky that was all they got from her. She then heads to confront Baby Face in regards to this incident. But when she arrives there she is reminded of his promise to trust him. So instead of attacking him as she initially planned she gently broaches the topic wondering what was up and to be more careful since workers might get the wrong idea and all. He promises her to do so.


He suddenly remembers that she used his name to set up Janice with Philip and asked her if that was true and why. She is like well the guy is rich and if she likes money he is an equally good catch. She does wonder briefly if he might be jealous but he is more concerned about Philips dating habits and wouldn’t that be an issue if he dates Janice. She quickly lies to him that the guy has turned over a new leaf so they have nothing to worry about. He has nothing to say about that and drops the matter. She then mentions that Philip is interested in doing a Double Date and if they go along they can help play cupid between Janice and Philip. He is unsure if that is such a good idea and would somebody be interested in doing that especially on their first date with someone. But Sera in interested in this and asks him if Janice would be okay with it then he shouldn’t have an issue. She then heads over to Janice’s office to inform her of this new development.


Little does Sera know about the awesome information gathering team that Janice has because Danny already has the lowdown on Philip. It turns out that the guy is worse than a playboy and is instead a Sleazebag. This has him worried about her safety since things may go ofscript again. Instead he suggests that it would be better if they locate Baby Faces mystery woman and use that to play mind games with him. She doesn’t want that to happen for obvious reasons. So she is okay with going ahead with the plan especially since she realizes that it was actually Sera that tried to set her up with Sleazebag and how she could use that to her advantage. Speaking of Sera, she chooses this exact moment to enter and mention to Janice about Sleazebags suggestion for a double date. Janice is okay with that so Sera leaves after delivering her message.


The three mothers are back to their charity work at the children’s hospital. After their work each of them briefly mention as to why they are there. Mi Yun mentions that her case is because of her loss each child reminds her of what she lost. Eun Ha admits that hers is a bit more selfish since is there due to her lost daughter and how she hopes that her Karma is being paid forward. (If she treats these kids well she hopes that her own daughter is happy and has grown up well.) Unfortunately for her this isn’t enough repentance for Mi Yun so she is going to keep her daughter’s identity a secret for now. Mi Yun mentions that Yoo Kyung seems to be the only one who appears to do this work without any ulterior motive. Turns out that Yoo Kyung is doing it out of her friendship with Mi Yun and that she feels bad for the baby that she lost. Though she can’t seem to reveal all this because the moment that she mentioned her baby it seems to affect Mi Yun that she quickly changes the topic. She brings up the fact that Eun Ha used to be gynecologist obstetrician so why did she quit. She is informed that since her dad initially owned the hospital it was natural that she would eventually take it over. Mi Yun then receives a call and she makes it sound like she is tying up some deal and when asked if she was making another investment. She admits to that and how she is planning on getting some area in Hong Kong. The other two ladies seem to be impressed by this. Mi Yun then congratulates them on the wedding date being set while secretly wondering that they should enjoy this moment before she destroys it.


Baby Face clearly is having doubts about his wedding as he is concerned that the wedding is a bit too soon. But his parents think that a quick wedding is better than those long engagements where one of the parties could get cold feet due to the delay and break it off. Plus, in this case they don’t have a reserve candidate to replace Sera so he better man up and go with the plan. His mother is a bit concerned since he was the one that wanted to get married quickly. His dad who is still enjoying the free advertisement that their company is getting tells him to continue to use it as a marketing strategy before being admonished by his wife not to bring up work at home as this is meant to be a place where they take a break from work and relax. Poor J Thief has nothing to say about it and wonders who he will find that can enjoy work just like him.


Sera and her family are also discussing the marriage at dinner. Eun Ha is all about having a reservation done so that Sera and Baby Face can select their wedding dresses. Dad seems to be the only one sad that he is losing his other daughter as well and wonders if Sera doesn’t feel sad. Sera pretends to deny that is the case and promises to visit often so they won’t miss her presence but in truth she is more than happy to finally leave the house which she still feels is haunted by her sister’s ghost. None of the parents know this and Eun Ha gushes on about how great it would be if they can find Yura before the wedding so that it would be a great family reunion and double the happiness factor as her other daughter would be married as well. Her dad mentions that he is using his connections to find her. Since they have already waited for 30 years a few more days or months would be bearable and Sera seems to agree to their faces (secretly she must be hoping that they never find her sister)


Baby Face clearly has a lot on his mind. Both concerning his upcoming marriage and Janice’s confession that she is indeed Jane. So he finds himself drinking at some place which also belong to some friend of his or atleast someone that knows about his past as well. The friend is wondering what Baby Face is going to do since he seems conflicted about his first love popping back up and her perfect timing. So what is he going to do and who will he select. A good question indeed.


But while he is thinking about it Danny and a drunk Janice also show up there. He leaves her at a table before excusing himself for a moment. At this point Baby Face notices her and heads to her table unfortunately for him she is to out of it to properly greet him or have a conversation. At this point Danny returns and introduces himself as her brother before checking up on Janice. Clearly he has met Clark Kent because Baby Face doesn’t recognize him as Detox Inventor’s lawyer. Then again it might be how close he is with his sister that is on his mind and brings up this fact. Thanks to this we get some of Danny’s backstory. He admits that he doesn’t share a drop of blood with Janice since her family adopted him which is all well and good since he has a family but the only drawback to this is that he can’t be with the woman that he loves. Aka Janice since he has developed feelings for her other than what a brother should have for his sister and what a man has for a woman that he wants. Clearly not something that Baby Face wants to hear. (his remaining backstory isn’t all that important so I won’t go into that here). He does acknowledge Baby Face as his romantic rival which seems to confuse Baby Face and asks for an elaboration.  So Danny tells him that his sister confided in him that she fell for a man that was engaged and she shouldn’t have feelings for such a person. It is the exact reason why Janice is so drunk due to her depression. Baby Face is a bit hesitant to believe all this initially but doubts are creeping up his mind. Clearly these two are busy playing mind games with him and Janice is faking her condition as we can see her listening to this conversation at times. (she has faked being drunk out [or whatever you call it]) But the moment that Baby Face is about to reveal their past connection to Danny she snaps back awake preventing him from doing so and asks to leave. Danny obliges her and they excuse themselves.


Baby Face chases after them but they have already left or so it seems. They are nearby in their car waiting till the coast is clear to leave. Danny can clearly tell that he does indeed have a love rival and points this out to Janice (just that it seems like Baby Face may have indeed fallen for her). She thinks that is a good thing for their plan but what is he basing that on. He tells her just like how women can be a good judge of character for other women the same rule applies for men. Though this makes Janice wonder if all men can be so easily tempted by another woman even when the have a fiancée and the other woman tells them that they like them. will they be willing to cheat or even break up with their fiancée? He tells her that it depends on the woman and how special that she is. This makes her carefully think about this matter and their past (Baby Face).


Poor frustrated Baby Face is also blasted into memories of when they met 3 years back. It’s cold and raining and while waiting for it to stop they discuss on a few more things that they discover that they have in common. Such as each of them started smoking due to their parents but have now stopped. She did so because her mother told her to. Etc.. since it didn’t seem like the rain was going to stop she invites him to have some instant noodles. Clearly this has some sort of double meaning which I don’t get but he does so he asks her if she even knows what it even means. Apparently nor does she. Regardless just like a tv show he uses his coat to cover them both (heads) and they rush out and find themselves at a convenience store where they get ready for their noodles to be made.


Turns out that is something that she wanted to do after watching a lot of Korean Dramas. She has little to no idea that the guy next to her is probably a K Drama Expert as well. They talk some more even mention how they feel that they are inadequate in regards to their family. So she can never betray her mother. as for him his dad must have also seen his fair share of dramas because according to him the dad nearly beat him up with a golf club a few days back etc.. they finish their noodles and move on.


Baby Face really wants to put his K-Drama diploma to good use and finally use as many tropes as possible from it. So he tells her that the main leads generally get to hold hands in three possible situations and mentions two of them Janice thinks that she knows the answer to the third one and tries to guess it but since she is taking too long to get it he simply grabs her hand and tells her now is the time and runs with her. I guess another of her K Drama scenes is fulfilled since she seems to be enjoying it while they cross the street like that.


He finally manages to walk her home or rather the guesthouse that she seems to be staying in and is impressed by it. He notices a polaroid camera and uses it to take two pictures of her since the first one according to him was a bit blurry. The second one seems to be better so they use it to stick it to the world map that the owners have left with other pictures. He then invites her to a meal tomorrow and she agrees to it. She is about to leave before she has a thought and returns to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek. But he is like that isn’t how you do it in dramas in gives her their first real kiss.


Next day has finally started and she is preparing herself for her lunch date with him. He even sends her a few options of what they can have. Unfortunately for her at this exact moment her mother gives her a call and wonders where she is. She lies that she is still in china and her mother seems to believe that. Mi Yun informs her that J Thief’s son has finally returned to Korea after studying abroad and that she has sent his profile to her so she should give it a look. Janice is clearly a Work Before Pleasure type person. So as soon as the call is ended she takes out her tablet and looks up on the profile that was sent. It turns out that her entire hopes and dreams have been dashed because she instantly recognizes Baby Face. She even confirms that they have the same name. She is so devastated that she loses track of time. Even when he tries to get in touch with her she refuses to answer back his call because she knows that she is going to have to hurt him due to her mother’s revenge and she doesn’t want to do that at the current moment but like she said she can’t betray her mother. I guess she packs her bags and leaves shortly. One would assume that Baby Face who was having his own version of a flashback because for him it turns out to be a nightmare which he wakes up from. His mother rushes in worried and wonders why they have started again and would could be triggering them. She tells him that she will get him some herbal tonics to calm him down soon.


The next day poor conflicted Baby Face is rewatching his interview and at the same time is recalling what Danny told him about Janice having feelings for him. He barely manages to convince himself that it doesn’t matter what she thinks about him as he is about to get married. At this point Sera decides to make her allotted daily meeting with him and shows up at his office. She had been trying to contact him last night to no avail to the extent that she even contacted his mother only to discover that he was outside. Surely he wasn’t with Janice was he. She brings up this fact (not about Janice since I added that) and wonders what was up. He apologizes and makes an excuse that his phone battery died and that is why he couldn’t call her back. She notices that this is becoming sort of common these days and probably wonders if everything is okay.


Janice is about to leave for a meeting at Eun Ha’s company. Before she leaves she is informed by her team that apparently she seems to have gained a few fashion fans that are interested in knowing which brand her clothes were from and not only that they liked her pairing with Baby Face and how those two looked like lovers (you better not let Sera overhear that). Janice tells her team to behave professionally and to post not only good comments but also find a way to advertise their new Detox Line as well. The team agrees.


LoL we finally get a moment with J Thief who is chilling at home watching her interview and he seems to be loving it. Apparently he has watched it numerous times already and still hasn’t gotten tired of it. He even makes an amusing comment that her and Baby Face do indeed make a good looking couple. I guess that means that they have a shipper on board. It is at this moment that he notices his wife is ready to go out somewhere and when he questions her she reminds him that she has to go shopping for wedding gifts for their children.


Janice finally arrives for her meeting at Eun Ha’s company and her timing coincides with Mi Yun’s as well because they are both sent to Eun Ha’s office but she isn’t there at the moment. So they wait for her to return. During this time Janice manages to spot a baby picture on Eun Ha’s desk and mistakenly assumes that it belongs to Sera. She shows it to Mi Yun who instantly recognizes it as Janice’s instead. She tells her to put it back. Janice does wistfully mention that she wishes that she had some pictures of when she was a baby. Apparently Mi Yun has been telling her that all of them got destroyed in a fire back then thus they have no pictures of that time. Eun Ha finally returns and notices the picture in Janice’s hand and snatches it back (even though Janice thought that it was Sera and that she looked cute). Before anything can get serious Mi Yun wonders if it is possible for Janice to leave unless Eun Ha had something important to discuss. Eun Ha glad to get rid of Janice sends her off Unknown to Janice she accidentally drops her scarf while leaving. Eun Ha has to also excuse herself from Mi Yun because it turns out that Yoo Kyung has also arrived and they need to head out for their wedding shopping.


Janice while on her way out notices Yoo Kyung and stops by to greet her. While doing that Eun Ha manages to catch up to them when she seems to get a bit insulted by Yoo Kyung who mentions that they look like a mother and daughter pair from a certain angle. She also mentions how her husband has become a fan of hers for doing a great interview. Janice credits its success to Baby Face leading the questions and her simply following his lead. Yoo Kyung seems to like her response just as much as Eun Ha getting ticked of it. Yoo Kyung even wonders who Janices mother could be as she seems to perfect. Someone clearly isn’t liking where this is going. Mi Yun joins them shortly.


Janice who by this time has arrived to her car finally realizes that her scarf is missing decides to backtrack to get it back. At the same time get prepared for Baby Face and Sera shopping for their wedding dresses. (fortunately we don’t show them selecting them but what they have already selected)


Eun Ha and Yoo Kyung have finally returned to her office after their shopping is done when she realizes that her daughters picture is missing and she starts to throw a fit regarding it and who could have taken it. She even asks one of her workers who entered her office without her permission. Turns out that the person that took the picture is Mi Yun herself but she seems equally confused as to why she took it. She seems to have justified her actions and is about to put it in her drawer before it slips from her hand and the picture frame breaks. Episode ends at this point.



Thoughts regarding the episode.




Since the ending is fresh in everyone’s mind and @Lmangla is wondering as to why Mi Yun could have taken the picture let’s start with that. She sort of herself told us the reason but breaking down like that I would say the following. Earlier when she kidnapped Janice she was merely a tool for a revenge so she didn’t seem to care much about her. Even locking her up in a dark room and not caring about that. But as time went by it seems like she has genuinely gotten attached towards her and has feelings for her. This could be seen when Janice fell of the roof. Her concern seemed to be genuine towards her before she became her cold and calculating self once again or that time when she found Janice sleeping on that couch she tried to cover her up. She was even planning on sending some of her home cooked meal to her later on. Sings that she seems to have more feelings towards her also from the preview when it seems like Janice is confronting her about discovering that she isn’t her real mother etc.. (clearly that is a nightmare on her part) but it seems to be affecting her more than if Janice was a tool for revenge. I guess she actually thinks that Janice is her daughter to an extent like she said and that is why she wants her daughters baby pictures as well.


Think about it she had no real reason to steal the picture otherwise. Apparently Janice never had any of her baby pictures so she wouldn’t be able to recognize herself even if they were shown to her. Nor would it matter if they showed her any of her baby clothes since I doubt Mi Yun actually kept them. Janice also thinks that the picture belonged to Sera and Mi Yun could have let her continue to do so. It isn’t like Janice was going to ask who that was anymore. Thus the picture was safe where it was and Mi Yun had no real reason to steal it. This means that she only took it for sentimental reasons as she said.


Unfortunately, we know that Eun Ha is going to mistakenly assume that the person that stole it was Janice since it is going to turn out that she was the last person to enter the office (looking for her scarf) but if she had any sense she would realize that makes no sense. She had no idea of who was in the picture so why would she bother stealing it. It isn’t like she could sell it to someone to make big money. Speaking of the scarf I wonder what the story behind it could be. I assume that it was a gift from Mi Yun her mother and that is why she seems to cherish it. Either this or that it was a gift from Baby Face when the met for the first time. I am hoping that it is the former though.


The phone call that Mi Yun had which she made it like she was about to do an investment deal is probably not true. I think it was her assistant who had managed to make contact with the detective and that was his price to finally enjoy is retirement package and take a permanent break from the hunt for Yura.


It seems like both Yoo Kyung and J Thief seem to consider Janice quite highly. Infact for the later he is her number one fan to the extent that he mentioned in this episode that her and his son make a good couple and also in a previous episode he told her that she can do anything that she wants and he will back her actions. I already sense trouble in that. What if she were to tell him that she seems to have developed feelings for Baby Face but is conflicted what to do since he is about to get married. Will he decide to keep his promise and help the two of them become an item. He seems to like her more than Sera and if she proves more capable I can see him try and play Cupid much to the dismay of the other parties involved. This may also end up causing a rift between the two families something that Mi Yun would be looking forward to.


Another thing of interest in this episode was the picture at the clinic. Surprisingly Eun Ha only has a picture of one of her daughters only. She doesn’t seem to have one for Sera as well. So the mistake on Janice’s part was understandable but the question here is why is this the case does the mother only have feelings for the missing daughter and not care about Sera at all. It is kind of sad.


This will also probably explain why Sera is so clingy towards Baby Face and why she may mistake his caring feelings that he has for her for love. Think about it in this way all her life her family hasn’t had time for her because they have been searching for her missing sister. This means that they may have also missed a lot of important events in her life. Her own engagement party was evidence of this when they had to run out when they heard a possible sighting of their daughter. Now imagine that a few more times and one will get the idea. It would therefore make sense if other people also looked out for her when said occasions happened. Those people would most likely be Baby Face and his family. They were the second family that she had and possibly mistook his kindness for the fact that he loved her (from him it was possibly brotherly love) but she doesn’t want to hear that from him and since he doesn’t want to hurt her he isn’t correcting her.


But Danny is correct the longer Baby Face delays telling the truth to her the more hurt she is going to get. The sooner he breaks it to her is better. She is going to get hurt either way but the sooner she knows she has more time to heal and move on. Baby Face is an idiot in more ways than one and that is why I don’t feel bad for him.


Also Danny must tell us how he managed to meet Clark Kent and learn his secret that glasses can disguise your identity that the other person can’t recognize you. I could have understood the first time since baby Face saw him from a distance so he couldn’t exactly make out his face. Thus he didn’t recognize him when he met him as a lawyer. He didn’t even wonder if Danny looked familiar and had they met before.



Anyway going now since it seems that the latest episode has finally been subbed just as soon as I finished this post. Good timing on my part if I don’t say so myself. So till then take care all of you and keep posting. See you soon and I hope that all of you have a nice weekend.


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Still no subs, I wonder why?

Subs are out on a certain site. Not sure if it is out on my normal site that I watch or the ones that you do.

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