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[Drama 2019-2020] Elegant Mother and Daughter/Gracious Revenge, 우아한 모녀


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Welp, Janice clearly doesn’t seem to care about Pee Hands, since she had no trouble placing a phone Phillip used next to her face. 

Fun episode. We had lots of action, and MiYun seems to be the one getting places in the revenge in her tiny scene. The rest are going crazy over the love triangle, but it was entertaining, especially Sera’s eye flutters, and her mother’s Crazy Eyes. Anyone else think both actresses look anemic, though?

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Here is the recap of episode 19 as promised.




The episode starts with Baby Face asking what it will take to settle with Sleazebag Who responds that Baby Face better send him Janice to the shock and disgust to both Danny and Baby Face. Baby Face refuses. He is about to leave by telling him that sending him to prison might just be a good thing. But Sleazebag isn’t through. He realizes that Baby Face probably has feelings for Janice as well. This guy may be a jerk but he does have a point when he tells Baby Face that he is simply cheating on his fiancée to whom he is getting married to. He also tells him to either man up by ending one relationship to begin the other or just continue with being with his girlfriend than to cheat on her. This initially ticks of Baby Face who is about to beat him up but realizes that he is making sense so he leaves it at that. Plus, he also must have realized that hitting Sleazebag at this point would only make matters worse for himself so he tells him that he isn’t worth it and leaves. Sleazebag on the other hand realizes that he must have hit the mark since Baby Face didn’t deny any of his accusations.


Janice has arrived at this point for her meeting with Sleazebag when she is informed of his demands to Baby Face and how he refused to submit to them. She spots Baby Face leaving but stays back from going to him and wondering just what she is going to do with him.


Baby Face has returned to the office and is ticked off at the gall of Sleazebags request though he does think on the words that he was told by him as well about first removing his engagement ring with Sera (thus ending it with her) if he wanted to be with Janice.


Janice is in her meeting with Sleazebag and asks him what are his terms for dropping all charges against Baby Face. He tells her the same thing that he wants her since he likes her. She points out to him that since she has nothing to do with Baby Face why should she agree to such absurd terms. He tells her that he just wants to be with her so she should give him a chance and that they can slowly get to know each other etc.. She has somehow heard about the bet that he made with Baby Face (that he could make her his after 3 dates). So she tells him let those same rules apply but he has already gotten 2 strikes so the third one better count. He is a bit hesitant but agrees to it in the hopes that it will work and the way she phrases the request seems to him like she already is his and just needs a slight nudge to be with him for good. Since they have agreed to these terms she tells him to contact his lawyer so that he can have all charges dropped against Baby Face.


Sera is with Baby Face wanting to know about the results about his meeting with Sleazebag and what his terms were to settle. Clearly he can’t tell her what they were since she would have urged him to throw Janice under the bridge just tells her that he has no intention to settle with him. She tries to bring up the interview that he has to do and how this might affect them and when he says that he won’t do it she even volunteers to have a chat with Sleazebag. But before they can discuss this further he gets a call from his lawyer who informs him of the good news that Sleazebag has decided to drop all charges against him. Sera is wondering what exactly is going on since this wasn’t part of her plan. So they head over to the lawyer to find out the exact details. The lawyer simply tells him the story that is given to him which is clearly fake and both Baby Face and Sera know this but can’t do anything about it. Each of them know that there is more to the story but what.


The moment that Sera is alone in her office she contacts Sleazebag to know why he is going off script. So he lets her know that he kept his part of the bargain and got what he wanted from all of this so they are even. Sera though wonders what Janice was even doing there and if she came with Baby Face. Only to be informed by him that this wasn’t the case since he had meeting plans with her prior to his meeting with Baby Face (meaning that he had made plans with her earlier but that they were after his meeting with Baby Face). Sera is so mad at him since this has messed up her plans and that he should have discussed this with her before he went ahead. Oh and conveniently his conversation was in a toilet at a public place this allowed Danny to covertly listen in on it and know for certainty that somebody was behind him to file charges against Baby Face.


Eun Ha and Yoo Kyung are discussing Baby Face and his recent actions. Eun Ha is sure that he is cheating with Janice but Yoo Kyung finds this absurd. After all nobody in that family would ever cheat correct. Though she does tell Eun Ha that she couldn’t confirm with him at the moment since he was busy trying to settle with Sleazebag. Though she points out that her son has no reason to cheat instead he is a hero and she should be prasing him for rescuing a girl being taken advantage of instead of accusing him of cheating with her. Eun Ha is weird since she is glad that Yoo Kyung is mad at her. Not sure I can understand her reasoning but oh well who cares. She then tries to use the standard guilt trip card that Yoo Kyung owes her since she was the one that saved her son’s life back in the past etc…. Yoo Kyung admits to that fact but once alone wonders if Eun Ha doesn’t get the situation since if they were to end the relationship she (Eun Ha) would be the one that loses out the most. But this reminds her of what her son said earlier of how he was slightly unsure if the marriage would ever take place. This starts to make her wonder if there was any truth to what the others were saying (that baby face was cheating with Janice). Just then Eun Ha announces to her the good news that Baby Face settled thanks to Sera informing her. She is happy to hear this news.


Sera and Baby Face are alone in his office. Sera decides to strike the iron while it is still hot and asks him to hurry up with their honeymoon plans since all the rest has already been decided upon. She notes that he doesn’t seem all gung ho about said marriage and asks him downright if he has no intention to marry her and leave her in the lurch. He is about to answer when she decides better against it and refuses to listen to it afraid of the answer. At this point she gets an invite from Danny Kent to have a meal. She thinks that this might be the perfect opportunity to get a rise from Baby Face by making him feel jealous. So she lets him know about the slight accident that she had with Danny Kent and how he now wants a meal with her in return. Even when she offered to pay his medical bills. She is disappointed that he isn’t jealous or seems to care that she is going out with a stranger and mentions this. Only then he asks her to send him his number so that he can settle the matter on her behalf. But the damage has already been done and she is so irked at him that she tells him to forget about it. She does wish him good luck though on his TV appearance and leaves.


Janice gets the confirmation from Danny that Sera was behind the assault instigation incident. So she tells him that they now just need to gather evidence to prove this. After he call ends she bumps into her fan club which seems to have grown. Now even more directors are impressed by how she has managed to increase the company profits and all. This is where Sera spots her. I guess that she isn’t happy that someone else is getting all this attention but she is enough of a professional to not let it show. The directors notice her and congratulate her on her upcoming wedding and she lets them know that she is playing the role of the supporting girlfriend/fiancée well. At this point Janice has to excuse herself since she has a phone call to receive. It turns out that it is from the TV station where she and Baby Face have to meet for their next appearance. She is finalizing the details about it (apparently it is about first loves being reunited after 3 years).


Sera catches up with her just as her call is done and informs her that they might need to increase the production level as J Thief wants due to the popularity of the items. Janice simply points out that would be good as this would mean more profit. She then asks Sera about her connection with Sleazebag as she felt that she (Sera) was more close to him than Baby Face. When Sera demands an explanation. Janice points out that it felt to her that it seemed more like Sera set her up with Sleazebag than Baby Face. Sera not only denies this but points out that he is definitely more close to Baby Face since he finally agreed to settle without asking for anything in return. (okay are you seriously going with that. Guess you are). Sera makes a hasty getaway while she still can and Janice just laughs out to herself since she knows the truth. Sera is worried that Janice may have caught on to something so she phones Sleazebag to inquire if he told Janice anything about her. (we don’t know his answer)


The mothers end up meeting at Mi Yun’s restaurant (she already has a new painting set up in place of the one that she sold to Eun Ha not that this is important) Yoo Kyung is clearly wearing one of her company’s products (jacket) nice PPL by the way. Anyway she gifts one to Mi Yun as well. Apparently Eun Ha has also gotten her share and she has also gifted some of them to her VIP clients who have also loved them. Yoo Kyung thanks Mi Yun for the investment as the kids seem motivated by it. This brings up Mi Yun to her next point. She decides to stoke the flames of discord between the two mothers by pointing out that Baby Face didn’t seem all that thrilled to hear this news and that she should consider her investment on its own not as part of his marriage with Sera. So she was wondering if all was fine on the wedding front. Both mothers are shocked to hear this and quickly assure her that all is well. Mi Yun pretends to believe them. Mi Yun asks about the invitations and Eun Ha quickly uses this as an excuse to invite her to her place on the weekend where she would give her the invitation.


Dumb and Dumber are having a meeting where Inchul is giving J Thief the status report regarding the farm and how he will get it out of the restricted zone. J Thief seems to be glad to hear this. Though he wonders why Inchul didn’t simply call him on a phone and tell him about this. Turns out that Inchul wanted to bring up the rumor of Baby Face and Janice being an item (or cheating on Sera however one wants to look at it). J Thief tries to reassure him that it is a mere rumor so he has nothing to worry about. Inchul tries to point out that if Baby Face has cold feet and decides to end up with someone else it is natural for J Thief to take his sons side since that is what family does. J Thief tries to calm him down to no avail. Instead Inchul reminds him of the secret that binds the two families together and that the event isn’t over. J Thief wonders if he is threatening him with it. Inchul merely points out to him that a blackmailer is threatening both of them with what happened back then means that somebody is trying to dig up the past. If that happens they would all go down. They should instead be working together to find the blackmailer because if he succeeds then the wedding would certainly fail and that would naturally mean that the family partnership and friendship would also end. J Thief seems to agree with all of this.


Janice (who clearly has wardrobe budget concerns) and Baby Face are heading out for their TV appearance bump into Inchul who has just finished his meeting with J Thief. He asks to have a word with Baby Face. So Baby Face tells Janice to wait for him while he has the chat with Inchul. Once on their own Inchul gets busy trying to guilt trip Baby Face and to an extent it seems to work.


Next we find ourselves at the hospital where nurse is being kept. Mi Yun and her assistant have shown up with the actor playing their spy to gather information and keep tabs on the nurse. Apparently Mi Yun has also gotten one of the other nurses on the payroll who informs her that as per instructions the spy is placed in a room opposite the nurse. Mi Yun wants to see the nurse if possible. As for the nurse she is being taken care of by her caregiver. The caregiver decides to turn on the TV for some entertainment. Unfortunately, her timing can’t be worse since she selects some period drama where one of the characters (probably the evil future MiL) swaps the babies which results in the nurse getting another stroke. Thus Mi Yun is unable to meet her. While the nurse is checking to see if this is possible Mi Yun and her assistant are informing their spy on certain things that she needs to look into. The nurse (on Mi Yun’s Payroll) announces to her that since the nurse has suffered another stroke it won’t be possible for her to meet her at this point. So Mi Yun asks to just see the nurse when she is sleeping. The nurse agrees to do so.


While the nurse goes to check if the coast is clear Mi Yun receives a call from Eun Ha to thank her for sending her the painting and that she will send her the money soon. Mi Yun does give her a few more days but Eun Ha promises to send it by today. She then tells her assistant to make sure that Eun Ha takes out a loan on that painting by giving out her number to some art association. The assistant promises to get right on it.


The nurse informs Mi Yun that the coast is clear so Mi Yun heads in towards the nurses’ room but before asking the nurse if they what are causing the episodes. The nurse tells them that they have no idea just that the only thing in common is that both times she was watching TV. Mi Yun gets some alone time with the sleeping nurse and talks with her wondering why she is in this condition and all before leaving. She is thankful though that the nurse is still alive.


Janice and Baby Face are busy doing some PPL to the people they are supposed to help reunite after 3 years on the TV show that they are to appear on while also giving them support and advice what to do when they meet each other (they are doing this separately so it seems that the other party isn’t aware that the other has also agreed to meet up with them).


Sera is leaving for somewhere when she bumps into Danny Kent. Her first assumption is that he is probably stalking her since he asked her out for a meal once again. She does point out that she is already spoken for. He simply informs her that this meeting was purely by chance but he is here as a lawyer and to meet someone else. She does warn him that if he doesn’t contact her with his account information she will refuse to pay him later on and leaves. While she is leaving he again invites her out to a meal or drink if she wants to. Clearly she is enjoying all the attention that she is receiving from someone.


Janice and Baby Face have finished their show and apparently they were successful in their coaching as the TV people liked the result. They invite them to a congratulatory meal but Janice has to decline since she already has plans. The assistant that had booked an expensive place tries to get Baby Face atleast to join them but he manages to get away with great difficulty citing plans of his own. He clearly tries to chase after Janice. But it seems like Janice has practiced at a ninja academy since she has disappeared again and she won’t answer his calls much to his frustration.


Mi Yun has finally arrived home and wonders why the nurse is in her current condition and what could be the cause of it. Her assistant tells her to relax since she now has two people on the inside at the hospital that will keep tabs on the nurse.


Eun Ha and Inchul are finally admiring the fake painting that she bought and she tells him how happy and comforting it is since she believes that their daughter is doing well. In return he tells her that in return for some good news perhaps they should get something more expensive since he is pretty close on tracking down all those people that went to Canada that year and that they should get a DNA test from all of them if possible. Eun Ha is ecstatic to hear this and has him promise to inform her once they contact him. He agrees to do that. He then tells her that he decided to take a page out of her book and threaten J Thief with their secret as she requested. She is happy to hear that and her only regret was that she wasn’t there to witness his reaction towards it. Her next plan is to get rid of Janice.


Meanwhile J Thief is also remembering how Inchul used their past to blackmail him and he is ticked about it. But this also makes him wonder just what Baby Face is upto that Inchul was resorted to bringing this matter up after all these years.


Sera shows up for a surprise visit as well. Her visit is meant to congratulate the parents on Baby Faces settlement and what not. Clearly those two like her for different reasons.


Apparently the plans that Janice had was Date Number 3 with Sleazebag. It seems like he has learned his lesson from last time and probably also to reassure her he removes his phone and places it on the table indicating that he can’t take any pictures of her without her being aware of it. She two places her phone on the table but not before turing the recorder on it to gather any incriminating conversation linking him with Sera and her inciting him to go to the police to place charges against Baby Face. Unfortunately she doesn’t get much out of him because he gets a call and then so does she but we will get to that later on.


Sera on the other hand has been sent off to Baby Face’s room to wait for him. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been taught proper etiquettes about not touching other people’s things without their permission. While cleaning up his room she picks up Baby Face’s copy of The Great Gatsby and in it finds a picture of him and Janice from 3 years ago. She quickly slips it in her pocket when she hears him arrive. She then pretends to get back to cleaning when Baby Face enters his room. She then quickly makes his escape by telling him to quickly change and come down to eat. Once outside she checks out the picture once again. Thankfully this is the blury picture that Baby Face took of Janice thus she can’t make out the details and recognize her for the time being.


Sleazebag and Janice are back on their talk where he tells her that he feels sorry for Sera and why also that she needs saving since she is mentally unstable and Baby Face is one of the people that has sort of saved her etc.. at this point Janice receives her phone call (the one that I mentioned earlier). She is in for some bad news. Someone has heard about the assault incident that Baby Face was involved in and that she was there as well. She wonders how he found out and he tells her that someone has posted this news even regarding the settlement on their website and that she should check it out. She then contacts Baby Face to inform him of this new development as well just as he is about to go to dinner. He asks who could have done such a thing and she merely tells him that it must be somebody who wants to harm their reputation. Sera who had shortly entered his room to call him for dinner asks him what is wrong when he looks at her after what Janice just informed him. Episode ends at this point.



Okay here are my thoughts regarding the episode.




First of all, let me say something without offending any of the fans of this show over here. This show is getting absurd by the day. Clearly people aren’t keeping tabs on what is happening properly which is making me laugh.


For instance, let’s take the settlement between Baby Face and Sleazebag. He agreed to it after he had a chat with Janice and she agreed to his terms. Baby Face doesn’t know about this but he does have his suspicions. But Sera on the other hand clearly know this fact yet she tells Janice that Sleazebag agreed to drop all charges without asking for anything in return. Please tell me how does this work. Is she pretending that Sleazebag never told her that. Even if we go by that Janice is supposedly aware since she herself agreed to said terms so she knows that is a lie and she could perhaps expose that to Sera if she liked.


About Danny overhearing the conversation that Sleazebag had with Sera it won’t fully work. To an extent it only proves that he was doing all of that on someone’s orders but since he never mentions her name her identity is still safe and that is why they need more concrete evidence to take her down.


The ending when Baby Face looks at Sera thinking that she might have been the one that posted that new post linking the incident might probably be untrue. By this I mean that he may think that she is the one responsible but I get the feeling that Eun Ha might actually be the one that has pulled the stunt this time to get rid of Janice. I guess he is going to end up apologizing to Sera for this misunderstanding.


Also does this drama have serious budget issues. Normally in these shows the characters always have a set of fresh clothes but this show indicates that Janice wore the same outfit on two different days. Or more likely two days in a row. I get the fact that in real life this is no big deal but this isn’t generally the case in dramas. Unless the character isn’t well of then that is understandable but well of characters always have a spare set to wear. Though none of this relates to the drama plot wise.


I guess the nurse should be stopped from watching any kind of TV if they want to prevent her from getting any more strokes. Though Mi Yun should perhaps try to find out what was on the TV at those times to get a better idea of the source. Speaking of the show that the nurse ended up reacting to in this episode does anyone know from which drama that was. Usually people in shows watch another one of KBS shows as well. A good way for KBS to advertise their own shows. I remember a daily that showed a family watching Bridal Mask. But my favorite would have to be Thorn Birds and Detectives In Trouble. Since in that show characters were watching the others show. Clearly that wasn’t smart planning on KBS side. Anyway let’s ignore this since it has nothing to do with the plot as well. Though I do wonder just how much the nurse heard what Mi Yun was saying to her. We know that she was asleep but it is possible that she could still hear some of that but couldn’t make sense of it for the time being.


Things that I am afraid of in how this part of the plan may end up going wrong. The woman that they chose as a spy herself is old and while she hasn’t shown any signs of losing her mind I feel that it may be possible so if she discovers something she may forget it due to some reason or the other thus delaying the leads to discover something important.


Another issue that I sort of had at the hospital scene was when the nurse had a stroke. Let’s say that I buy that but how was it that Mi Yun wasn’t aware of this fact till the spy nurse told her about it. We know for a fact that her spy’s room is exactly opposite the nurses room. This means that while she was escorting her spy to the room she should have noticed the nurse’s stroke happening or while she was in the room with the nurse. I doubt that it was possible to subdue said nurse while they were still coming. Though I guess it might be slightly believable if I want to give it a shot.


Never liked toilet humour and I don’t find what people may find funny in it. Saw it in Black and didn’t like it even there. Couldn’t they find the same way to do it somewhere else.


Frankly I can’t wait for Yoo Kyung to dump her friendship with Eun Ha since she is so high maintenance and also because she isn’t right in her mind. One could blame that on losing her daughter but she was like that from before. Also her liking Yoo Kyung getting mad at her doesn’t make sense how is that even good for her daughter. I mind need to get my head checked after this show is done and find out just how many of my brain cells have died from trying to understand the logic and actions of character in this show. We probably know that the friendship won’t end because Janice is Yoo Kyung’s daughter and since she is the main female lead she has to end up with Baby Face unless they decide to leave it open ended such as them breaking up but meeting up again after X years where their wounds have all healed up from this revenge plan and realize that they still have feelings for each other. So they get back together.


Sleazebag you got to hate him because of the terrible things that he does such as take pictures and videos of women without their consent but atleast he at times speaks the most sense. Such as telling Baby Face if he wants to be fair to both girls he needs to end one relationship cleanly before he can get on with the next. Or the part when he feels bad for Sera since he knows exactly what she has gone through. From everyone else in this show who only wants to use her he actually seems to be the one that likes her for who she is. I probably wouldn’t want to pair him with her due to his other flaws but I do kind of like that about him. Speaking of Sera getting hurt I feel that is coming to her again once she discovers that Danny was playing with her. She clearly likes the attention that he gives her. We can tell that by her small smiles when he asks her out and calls her pretty. She isn’t getting any of that from Baby Face.


Now as to the picture that she took of Janice and Baby Face from his room. I can understand her anger that is bound to follow after said discovery. Her man still keeps a picture of his Ex even after he is engaged to her. It probably would be grounds for a breakup if it was a normal person. Also it isn’t like Baby Face can ask her to return it to him.


I suspect that somebody is finally going to find out something important at the end of next week if my drama predictions are correct I just don’t know who and what that will be.


For instance, there are two things that can be done. While Sera can’t make out Janice’s face in the current picture (which I was sure was bound to show up at some point) she can have the detective she knows about to look into it. If the place is still, there then there is a good chance that their picture is still posted there and he can send it to her so she finds out that Janice was the girl from the past. The other thing that might happen is the fact that Eun Ha finally gets a report on the DNA test that her husband has done. I doubt that today’s episode will have a positive result. But we know that she is trying to kick Janice out so what will happen if she does succeed only for her to get a DNA test result that indicates that Janice was her long lost daughter. She is going to go nuts and will try her level best to get her back. Though the way drams normally follow I would wager that Sera needs to find out that Janice was they mystery girl first and then later on find out that she is also the missing sister so she has more reason to try and get rid of her before anyone in her family discover this fact as well.


This will eventually result in people hating her more when they discover her role in all of this. Currently her father is on her side but she will even lose that because of her foolishness. Or am I just making wild guesses and that it is too early for anyone to discover any secrets at this point. Perhaps it can also be Mi Yun who discovers the baby switch due to the nurse getting back her senses. What will she do next and how will she want to proceed with her revenge plan are also things to look forward to but I feel that she won’t find it out so early


The TV show was an interesting choice on one hand I suspect that it was Mi Yun that set up the topic that was to be aired but then I was reminder that couldn’t be possible since she isn’t aware that it was her daughter that met up with Baby Face but I still find the topic suspicious. Unless it was Janice that was responsible somehow. I do wonder just how many other people will also realize that Janice and Baby Face could be related like this after watching said show.


Conflict between the two families is finally starting to brew. Which is good I guess. Sending those items to blackmail them only speeded up the process. We just need to see who will try and backstab the other first. Frankly I put my money on J Thief since he is more of a villain and doesn’t seem to have any remorse for any of his past, present and future actions. As for Inchul and Eun Ha I would wager on the later. Inchul may have sold his soul to be with the woman that he loves but he still feels guilty towards the events of that day. Since he keeps trying to tell his wife not to take credit for saving Yoo Kyung’s kids life when he was the baby when they know the actual truth. So for him it will indeed be a card that he uses as a last resort but Eun Ha on the other hand might use it whenever she thinks it is best to do so. I also wonder if he likes Baby Face for not only being there for his daughter but also for the fact that he used to be the son of his actual friend in the past.


To be honest I felt that this episode while okay was a bit to slow since I didn’t feel like any major development was made in the story.


So now let’s get on to other matters regarding the show.


@tulip06 Yes my headache is all better now. A goodnights rest and some relaxation can do wonders but thanks for your concern.


@Lmangla True what does it say when characters like Sleazebag make more sense than the characters that we are supposed to root for. LoL good point on the fact that Baby Face wont note the lack of scars on Danny.


@tulip06 Mi Yun was actually busy for a change in this show which is nice to see. Plus she also seems to have an agenda regarding the painting that she sold to Eun Ha so we need to see how that goes on.



Anyway thanks for taking time to read the recap and hope you all liked it. So continue to post as I enjoy reading them as well. Take care all of you till then and sorry for the delay in the recap.

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10 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

First of all, let me say something without offending any of the fans of this show over here. This show is getting absurd by the day. Clearly people aren’t keeping tabs on what is happening properly which is making me laugh.

all of us who are watching can pretty much say that this drama should not be taken seriously at all and that is the only way to enjoy it! basically, the absurdity adds to the unintended humour! :D

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Lets check out what happens in the latest episode and if there are any more absurd things in it.


So here comes a recap for Episode 20.




Baby Face has just been informed by Janice of the post relating to them has been posted on a website (correction on my part it isn’t the company website but for the TV Show that they were on). He asks who may have been responsible for doing such a thing just when Sera enters his room asking him to join them for dinner. Janice tells him that it is probably someone that wants to harm their reputation. Sera wants to get in on the loop but he simply tells her to be quiet while the adults are talking (so he doesn’t suspect her at the moment). Regardless he tells Janice that he will look into the matter and for the meantime deny the report. While checking out the post on his computer he lets Sera know what is going on and she also seems to wonder just who could have written such a thing. Regardless he contacts the studio and lets them know that the entire matter is fake. Is Sera enjoying him being in a tight spot.


Sleazebag who is with Janice is looking up the article as well and he initially suspects that it must be competitor who is probably doing it to reduce their (Janice’s) companies stock or something. But Janice doubts that this is the case as it seems a bit to personal. This makes the wheels in Sleazebag’s brain turn and feels that the most likely suspect to gain from all of this would be Sera since he thought that the initial matter would have ended the moment that he settled with Baby Face (he doesn’t right out say her name just the fact that she seems to be milking the incident for all it’s worth). Janice manages to catch is slip of tongue and asks him to elaborate. He pretends to have no idea. So she accuses him of probably being responsible for this incident as well. She points out to him that the timing of all these events seem to suspicious to not be connected. For instance, he files for charges then as soon as he settles shortly afterwards this post shows up and not only that it is also on the same site for the show that she and Baby Face were supposed to be on. It is almost like the person behind all this is aware of all these other factors and that clearly reduces the number of people in the know how. Sleazebag tries to get her of the case by telling her that he may have many issues such as taking videos in secret but his writing skills are terrible (just check his school records if she doesn’t believe him) he therefore suspects that it must be an inside job. She catches onto this slip as well and asks him whether he has any suspects or knows who the guilty party could be. He doesn’t rat out Sera and pretends to play dumb. Janice has to leave it at that point.


Meal time at Baby Faces place is going as expected considering what he has heard and how he has to deal with it. At first the parents don’t seem to notice how he is feeling and J Thief asks how the wedding plans are going. Sera pretends to be a good supportive wife and he likes that already. As for Yoo Kyung she informs him that all is going as scheduled all they need to do is to redecorate their (the kids) room and buy furniture according to it. So she tells Sera to inform her mother about these plans. Clearly the mothers are in charge of this department. it is at this point that Yoo Kyung senses something wrong with Baby Face. He should be happy considering the situation yet he looks tired as if he has some burden that he is carrying. Sera makes it sound that he is only like that since he must have been tired after showing up on that TV show.


Janice is at home pondering on her conversation with Sleazebag regarding Sera. She realizes that the saying Ignorance is Bliss would probably be apt right now because now even she is feeling slightly bad over what she is doing to her and figures that her mother was probably right by telling her not to get to personal and all. At this point Danny (Lawyer Mode) returns him and informs her that the post has already been taken down and while he suspects that Sera might have been behind it he hasn’t gotten any proof regarding this. He wonders if she managed to get anything of value from her date with Sleazebag. Apparently her recording is just till before he gets a phone call. Any conversation after that hasn’t been recorded or if it has it’s been deleted. Unfortunately, it isn’t sufficient to prove Sera’s guilt in all of this. Danny is sure that if they gather enough evidence then the wedding would be called off. But Janice with her current awareness of the situation informs him that even if that were to happen Sera wouldn’t back of since she considers Baby Face her savior. This only complicates matter for all of them.


Sera has returned home and passes on Yoo Kyung’s message to her mother that (the mothers) need to go shopping in regards to setting up the room and all. Eun Ha then informs Sera that her father went to see J Thief and Baby Face to give them a piece of his mind and how they better take these marriage talks seriously and not to hurt his daughter’s feelings. Sera is very happy to hear all of this and glad to see that someone is still on her side. Sera is still concerned about the Janice situation but Eun Ha tells her not to worry since she has the matter well in hand so she will take care of Janice. So no matter what happens she will ensure that Sera will marry Baby Face. Sera seems to be moved by this and thanks her mother.


Yoo Kyung is with Baby Face trying to wonder how people could even accuse her son of cheating on his fiancée. He was only being a gentleman when he rescued Janice from a pervert. Unfortunately, it seems like he has been watching those videos of Yura that turn you into a zombie (must be a gift from Eun Ha) since he seems to have entered into said mode and has to be snapped out of it by his mother who is starting to get suspicious. So he is forced to admit his feelings for Janice which seems to get her all riled up and she starts to believe everything that Eun Ha told her about Janice until he reveals to her that Janice happens to be his first love which shocks her. She wonders what kind of drama they must be in but tells him that he better end it with Janice because she won’t approve of her as well as the fact that nobody apart from them must be aware of this secret especially Sera and her mother. she also warns him of the repercussions their family would have to face if he tries to break the engagement at this point.


Before anything more can be discussed his father shows up. He wonders what the two of them are discussing about so she lies and tells him that they were just discussing the wedding. He just tells his wife that she should go to bed. So she leaves with him leaving Baby Face with his tormented thoughts since he still can’t decide to be with which girl.


Once in their room dad wonders what those two discussed and whether or not she confirmed if the rumours regarding the son and Janice were true. She lies that isn’t the case. So he warns her that nothing should jeopardize the wedding as it would affect the family relationships then he invites her to bed. But with all these revelations she is simply not in the mood to sleep and wonder a way to fix this problem. So she tells him to sleep first as she has a lot on her mind.


Next day Eun Ha receives a phone call informing her that the nurse has had another stroke (this is probably the one she had when Mi Yun had gone to the hospital). So she asks to be updated if she has another episode and Inchul advices her that they should find the source of these episodes to prevent them. (my advice would be to stop showing her any TV as they were the common factors). Inchul at this point receives a call from their detective who informs him that he has managed to locate one of the three girls that went to Canada and they need verification at this point. Both parents seem excited to hear this news. They know that this isn’t confirmation that she could be their missing daughter but it is enough hope to sustain them for now. Eun Ha wants to get a status report ASAP and he agrees and waits for the detectives next report.


Mi Yun is getting a status update by her assistant who informs her that Eun Ha has probably received news about the nurse’s stroke. Mi Yun is more interested in the Detectives status and if they have managed to buy is silence. The assistant informs him that is the case and that he is now supposed to feed Eun Ha and her husband false information while giving them the real deal. Mi Yun is glad to hear this but just for being on the safe side she wants the detective to give up the search entirely in Canada. The assistant tells her that she will do her level best to make it so.


Janice’s fan club is having its weekly meeting and they all seem to be impressed by her video appearance that she made with Baby Face. Especially since it helps market their product as well and thus increases their profits and this is right after their Detox Line being popular after just being launched and all. Baby Face makes his appearance at this point wondering if it is okay for him to become a member as well. Unfortunately, the club is currently fully booked and they aren’t looking for new members unless it is a potential match for Janice. Since he is already booked to marry someone else he isn’t eligible for that spot so they just congratulate him on his good work and his upcoming marriage and tell him that it must be the good luck from all of that is making them successful. President of her club is so happy that he just hands over the company card to Baby Face and tells him to treat out the entire team (not the fan club but his team) and also to get a gift for Janice along the way. But he should also keep up the profit rising. Baby Face sadly accepts the card wondering what to get Janice.


Apparently Janice has another fan club as well. This one is totally consisted of females and are from her own personal team. They are also impressed in regards to her TV appearance. Not only that they have also read the post that was posted earlier and noted that it was immediately taken down. Regardless of that they are on her side and refuse to believe it. Turns out that they are also shipping for her and Baby Face since they consider them a great looking couple. Janice decides this moment to make an appearance and already knows that they would be curious about the earlier post so she informs them of what to say incase any of them are confronted by reporters for damage control and all.


Sera meanwhile is getting an update from Sleazebag to watch her back since Janice is suspecting her of posting that post and explains the exact same reasons that Janice told him. Sera is in denial about being the one that posted it but not even Sleazebag seems to believe it and tells her as such. Letting her know that she is the prime suspect here as she has the most to gain from that. She thought that it was him but when he continues on about this she ends the call confident that she is safe since without any evidence it will be hard to prove it.


Mi Yun is meeting with J Thief who informs her of the status of the farm and where they are in progress of getting to be able to use it for their project. Mi Yun appears to be so happy that she wants to invest in the project right away but wants the farm as collateral. This makes J Thief slightly uncomfortable. Mi Yun sensing this lets him know that she isn’t in any hurry so he can look over the contract and agree to sign it later on and then she can hand over the money to him as well or whenever he wants since she has it ready. She also lets him know that just incase the project can’t get passed even with the full effort of Dumb and Dumber he can simply return her money at that point thus neither will lose out from this deal. So he agrees to have a look at the contract but not its fine print and will get back to her.


Each of the three kids now are watching the video that was made and have their own thoughts regarding it and the message that it might be sending to the other. Janice and Baby Face seem conflicted for their own reasons. Sera on the other hand isn’t happy about it since she realizes from Baby Faces advice he will want to return to his first love if she appears before him at this point. She checks out the picture that she borrowed <ahem stole> from him before checking out the post that was posted on the TV shows site (really how is that possible). She seems to enjoy what she reads in it.


Eun Ha shows up at Yoo Kyung’s place to inspect Baby Face’s room to check out what furniture needs to be replaced for after the wedding. She also tries to tell her to do her part as well when she notes that Yoo Kyung seems to be zoning out for some reason. She suspects that it might be related to the Janice matter and asks her if she looked into it. Yoo Kyung lies to her as well that she was unable to do so since she was feeling under the weather. The mothers are finally made aware of that internet article and use their smartphones to check it out. They are dumbfounded at such accusations and who could have posted them. Yoo Kyung tells the person asking her that this is Fake News. Donald Trump is possible to blame. So nobody should pay any heed to it especially when a guy like Trump likes to trumpet a lot.


Baby Face and Sera are discussing the post and he apologizes to her in regard to it claiming that he thought that the problem would have died down once the post is removed. Sera pretends not to be concerned since she claims that she has nothing to be worried about since it is fake. But to her dismay she notes that he doesn’t refute this claim. She instantly knows that there is therefore a grain of truth in the post. But she knows better to make an issue about it at this point. Janice then shows up to discuss the matter as well. She mentions that the TV people want to put a hold on their show for the time being but fortunately they don’t want to cancel yet. Baby Face thinks that it is wise to hold back as they might get more negative press due to this. Sera on the other hand thinks that this would be a bad idea since if they do that it would be like admitting their guilt to the world. Plus, if they are innocent they have nothing to lose. Thus no matter what people say they won’t find any skeletons in their closet so they will eventually give up on these rumors and all. She is confident that Baby Face has nothing to hide so he should be safe. She pretends that Janice might have something to hide but Janice knows how to play this game as well. So she tells them that she is okay for people to look into her as well since she has nothing to hide as well.


It seems like what Sera is saying makes sense to the others that they are willing to consider it. Sera even volunteers that if things still don’t go smoothly she is more than willing to step up and tell the others that they are all fake rumors since her wedding is still going strong and there is therefore nothing going on between Baby Face and Janice. They let her know that while her help is appreciated they don’t need it at the moment and are looking into ways to solve it on their own and they fail then she can step in. she seems to agree to those terms for the time being. Turns out at this point even J Thief has become aware of the post that he has Baby Face summoned to his office.


Janice who has returned to her office has already figured out Sera’s plan to try and salvage the situation. Since if she solves it then Baby Face and his family are going to be extremely grateful to her and thus since he would feel indebted to her he would find it harder to break up with her at this point. She knows that she needs to find said evidence quickly. So she contacts Sleazebag and lets him know that he gets a bonus date and thus arranges a meeting at Pandora. After all she needs to use her membership points over there. He agrees to the meetup. Janice at this point is also summoned to J Thief’s office so she heads up there as well.


J Thief while waiting for Janice to show up as well is asking what steps Baby Face is taking to solve the current situation and what he is doing to track the culprit. He is disappointed that no real progress has been made so far and even wants to involve the police who thanks to their skills now days have a better chance of tracing said person. But Baby Face has to convince him that it would be a bad idea to involve them especially so close to the TV Show coming up. As this would give people for fuel for the fodder plus there was no guarantee that they would be able to catch him. Before J Thief can lecture him anymore Janice also manages to show up. So he asks for her recommendation. She informs him that for the moment she has taken all the legal actions as possible. But he feels that isn’t enough because the longer they Dilly Dally the higher the chances that their stock prices will lower and they will suffer a loss. So she suggests that she will personally talk with Sleazebag and if he admits to the truth then people will have to back down. J Thief is unsure if that would work but he has no choice but to let the matter rest for the time being and lets them know that they would be responsible for this situation (meaning if this goes south they will be the ones to take the fall). They leave J Thief’s office at this point.


Baby Face is against Janice meeting with Sleazebag especially if they are alone he is afraid that he might secretly film Janice again and he won’t be there to protect her this time. He thinks that he would be a better option to go himself. She shoots down that idea and corrects him that she is the better candidate and she already had plans to see him anyway so she can just add this to the points to discuss. He is curious as to why she has met him when she points out to him that as long as he hasn’t made a choice she is free to see whoever she likes till then. She leaves him at this point. What neither of them realize is that Sera has gotten super hearing and thus overheard their entire conversation from a great distance/height. So she contacts Sleazebag and informs him of what is going on and that no matter what he isn’t supposed to accept Janice’s deal.


The two mothers are trying to contact their children to no avail. Yoo Kyung suspects that they are busy trying to do damage control. But Eun Ha isn’t so sure she is suspects that the article must be true. So Yoo Kyung points out that if she were to believe everything that she reads then she might as believe in Aliens and what not since they are also posted online. But this isn’t the case since that is considered fake news just like this silly rumor concerning their children. Eun Ha wants to know J Thief’s stance on the matter. So Yoo Kyung tells him that he just wants to focus on the wedding and that this affair business is a total hogwash. Eun Ha still doesn’t believe any of that and feels like Yoo Kyung is hiding something. But for the time being she decides to drop the matter. Instead to keep the peace she blames the entire fault on Janice’s shoulders since she was the one trying to seduce Baby Face. Yoo Kyung who knows the truth tries to instead pass the blame on Sleazebag but then decides to add Janice into the mix as well. Since if she never went out with him this situation would have never risen up. Eun Ha tries to guilt trip Yoo Kyung one last time by reminding her that she was the one that saved her son. But to herself she tells her that if this marriage fails then she would make their family suffer as a consequence before deciding to leave.


Once in her car Eun Ha regrets that she didn’t get rid of Janice when she supposedly stole her daughters picture. But then realizes that had she done so she would have looked like a madwoman fortunately she intends to use this as an excuse to finally get rid of her for good. While coming up a plan she realizes that two heads are better than one. So she decides to get some of Mi Yun’s council in regards to this situation. Thus she arranges a meeting at Mi Yun’s restaurant.


Janice is finally done for the day and is about to head out for her meeting with Sleazebag when Baby Face pops in her office to talk her out of it one final time. When he realizes that isn’t working he even tries to pull rank by ordering her to let him tag along as well. So she has to remind him of his place. He had asked her to give him time to work out his feelings and she wonders if this means that he has made up his mind. But he informs her that he needs more time to do so. She tells him then to let her know when he does but this means that he can’t involve himself in this matter yet. He has no choice but to let it go for now.


Apparently this conversation of theirs was overheard by a member of Club Janice and she can’t wait to share this news with the other members. (there seems to be another person here as well is he a new member or a potential new recruit). This makes each of the remaining members wonder about the rumor that was posted and its truth. One member thinks that Baby Face was just being a gentleman and protecting his employee from a jerk like Sleazebag. But the member that had overheard the conversation points out that she should be able to tell when sparks are flying between two people or they just have a simple boss to employee relationship. Perhaps she should watch more dramas and movies to get a better idea. Another member of the fan club mentions that it makes total sense for someone to fall in love with a woman as cool as Janice and only a fool wouldn’t and that she was sure that Sera was already aware of this since she seemed to be in a jealous mood recently according to her team. What none of these people realize is that Sera has overheard their entire conversation and leaves angry at what she has just heard.


Eun Ha finally meets with Mi Yun and lets her know what is going on and how she plans to get rid of Janice to solve it. She points out that a love triangle like a drama in a work place is bad for everyone and since her daughter is the innocent type she won’t be able to get rid of Janice therefore she needs to get involved to save the day. She clearly doesn’t know her daughter since she never bothered to raise her. Mi Yun also realizes that Eun Ha never seems to learn from the past and likes accusing people without any evidence. So she asks her just to make sure. Turns out that Eun Ha as usual is going on gut feelings. Mi Yun then asks her just how exactly she was planning on getting rid of Janice. Eun Ha informs her that she really isn’t as smart as people think that she is since she simply follows the advice of others. Also she only became a doctor because her father managed to pull some strings. She doesn’t even know the basics about being on call and what medicine to give to others. But she has been fooling the world so far (okay she doesn’t say any of that but she must by dying to tell people this). Therefore, she wants some recommendations from Mi Yun to kick out Janice from Korea for good. Mi Yun still wants to give her a chance (probably to not harm her own daughter) or perhaps she merely wants to fan the flames. (though I would wager on the former) and suggests that it would be best if they could make Janice leave on her own accord rather than get involved personally and get blood on her own hands. Eun Ha seems intrigued by the idea and asks for clarification.


Janice seems to have shown up for her meeting with Sleazebag and is on her way to meet him. Mi Yun on the other hand explains what she means. She points out that people like Janice all have their pride and ego to think about it. So if they try to shame her for her actions one of two things may happen. The embarrassment might be enough for them to leave quietly or they turn into fighters and fight back against the so called injustice they are facing. She then asks Eun Ha what kind of personality does Janice have and how she will predict her actions. Eun Ha points out that Janice seems more of a fighter. Mi Yun seems to agree with this assessment and therefore advices her not to start a fight with Janice first no matter what unless she wants to lose. This frustrates Eun Ha to no end and she points out that time is running out as this could result in the wedding breaking up. Mi Yun simply tells her to wait for the perfect moment.


Before anything more can be discussed Eun Ha receives a phone call from a distressed Sera. (Mi Yun leaves Eun Ha to her call) Sera informs her of everything that she heard at the office from members of Club Janice and how it is effecting her and how hurt and embarrassed that makes her. Eun Ha tells her to calm down and head home while she deals with that jerk called Baby Face and how everything will be fine.


Baby Face is in his office trying to contact Sleazebag so that he deals with him instead of Janice but to no avail that he is forced to leave him with a voice message. He then is reminded of Janice’s words to him pointing out that he is running out of time. This makes him consider the situation that he is in and is probably thinking of removing and returning the ring only for Sera to choose this moment to enter his office demanding to have a talk with him.


Janice while on the way to Sleazebag bumps into Eun Ha to whom she offers her greeting. Eun Ha showing signs of dementia asks her if she doesn’t know who she is. Janice simply points out that she should be Sera’s mother last time she checked. This seems to irk Eun Ha who admits that is indeed the case and she also happens to be the future MiL of Baby Face so how dare she try and covet something that doesn’t belong to her. She then ends up slapping Janice in her rage. This is just witnessed by Mi Yun who barely holds in her anger at how dare Eun Ha hurt a single part of her daughter. The episode ends at this point.



Now here are some of my thoughts regarding this episode.




So Janice finally receives her second slap from her biological family. Only her dad seems to have been left out. But while we are on topic regarding it. Mi Yun seems angrier to witness said event. One might have thought that she would have been overjoyed by the fact that Eun Ha not only failed to recognize her own daughter that she has been searching for so long but she was equally abusive towards her. To be honest how Mi Yun feels on any given day is different. For instance, she was happy that Eun Ha failed to recognize Janice even after meeting her. Meaning that her revenge plan was working perfectly. Then in this episode she was mad that Eun Ha had the audacity to hit her daughter. She even tends to show concern over Janice at times. If she really cared about her daughter as I keep saying she wouldn’t have involved her in her revenge plot.


Then we have members of Club Janice (the workers not directors) just what kind of people are they. They know that Baby Face is engaged to Sera. This is no secret yet they seem to be willing to ship Janice with him. This is wrong on so many levels. They should be speaking ill of both of them or one of them. Perhaps Baby Face since he is cheating on his fiancée. That is in no way cool. Would they like if their significant other does the same? I don’t think so.


Now on to the matter about the report that was posted on the TV Shows website. According to Baby Face that was taken down yet sometime after we see Sera reading it and liking what she read. Heck the parents got to also read it. This was supposed to happen after it was taken down. How did that happen. Did Sera perhaps upload it the second time. She might have been innocent the first time but not this time around. Meaning she is going to get into a major fix when she is found out.


J Thief is still a terrible dad. He is more focused on the marriage happening rather than what his son wants and his happiness.


Meanwhile it seems like Mi Yun’s plan seems to be taking shape slowly. Atleast this is what I happen to make out of it. She is giving J Thief the invest money even before the land gets an approval. But in returns she holds the farm as collateral. This means that she intends that J Thief can’t return the money thus he will be forced to give the farm to her. There are two ways that this can work out or perhaps both. Firstly, we know that the Detox Inventor sold his company to a mystery buyer (which we know is Mi Yun or someone that is under her). This means that J Group can’t sell and market the Detox item without this new buyer’s permission. If they do the company can ask to be compensated for damages. According to drama rules. In real life it probably depends on how the company was bought. Generally, they are still bound by any contracts that were signed by the old company. The old contract only becomes void if new terms are added to it and sent to the other party. Since this didn’t happen they should probably be still respecting the old contract. The second factor is that if the land doesn’t get an approval to be used for the Fashion Park even after the best efforts of Dumb and Dumber. This means that he needs to return the money but if problem one arises and he is forced to use that money as settlement then he will have to give up that farm as well. Also stock prices might also be affected by all this as well as the incident report. Meaning that he will be on the receiving end of loss.


Sleazebag made a few slip of tongues but he still didn’t confess to anything yet. His loyalty seems impressive so I wonder what will make him admit to anything at this point. I don’t see Sera betray him so it has to be something else.


Mi Yun’s resource network seems to be impressive since she has people even in the Korean Embassy in her pay since they will also side with her and not give the proper information to Inchul and his family. So we all know at this point that the DNA result will be a negative. I doubt that Mi Yun has enough skills to get a fake result to fool Eun Ha. Janice seems to be equally bad as Sera. Just in the last episode she mentions how Sera was the one that instigated Sleazebag to press charges against Baby Face not caring whether he gets hurt or not that is why she didn’t accept her help when she offered to give a witness statement. Only in this episode she is pretty much the same. Sera offers to step in and she refuses her help knowing that if she does then Baby Face won’t be able to breakup with her. Granted one could say in her defense that it was Baby Face who told Sera that they didn’t need her help at that moment so Janice simply went along with that.


So Yoo Kyung is finally aware that Janice was the other woman. Unfortunately, this means that she is against those two ending up together because her son was hurt because of her 3 years back. This was both mentally and physically and we all know that she doesn’t like seeing her son suffer or anyone that has made him so. This means that even if she gets Baby Face to break up the engagement it still won’t mean smooth sailing for her.


If I didn’t know that super hearing was a trope of K Dramas, I would believe that we have the first case of it in this show. Thus we can justify things like Danny Kent and how people can’t recognize him with glasses. She either overheard the entire conversation from up there between Janice and Baby Face that she was able to warn Sleazebag not to accept Janice’s deal or she was a very good guesser.


Eun Ha and her family have greatly benefitted from the lie she uses that she is Baby Faces’ savior. Thanks to it she has gotten not only numerous business opportunities but also the fact that their personal connections have also increased which have probably helped in her husband’s political career as well. Though we have in this episode thinking to herself that if the marriage falls through then there would be hell to pay on Yoo Kyung’s side. What is she thinking of doing? Will she reveal the secret to one of the characters in the hopes of hurting them? If that is the case who will be the one that it is revealed to. I get the sinking feeling that it will be Baby Face but he will try and keep this fact from others so that he doesn’t hurt them and this will also not be informed to anyone else like Janice for other reasons. Not that it should matter to her since she fell for him as a person not for what he had.


While we are on the topic of Eun Ha let’s talk about how she likes to run everything that she does by Mi Yun first. What is up with that. I get that this helps the plot since Mi Yun and her team find out what Eun Ha is upto these days and how to help it along or counter it. But my point here is why does she do that. Mi Yun is a total stranger compared to let’s say someone like Yoo Kyung. She just met her recently but she has known Yoo Kyung for years. Is it perhaps because Yoo Kyung doesn’t take her seriously but Mi Yun actually seems to listen to her rants. But that is still no excuse to trust her to that level. Should I perhaps attribute this to dumb characters as well?


Someone mentioned how Sleazebag seems to know and understand Sera so well so perhaps he should be on standby as a love interest for her. I am going to disagree with that point. Just because he knows her doesn’t make him a right person for her. The biggest issue here is that she needs stability in her life something that he may not be able to provide. We know for a fact that he used to be a playboy if he still isn’t one. Even if he were to agree to marry her she would always be afraid of when he would get tired of her and move on to some other girl. This certainly wouldn’t help her mental state. Then on top of all this he has other issues which would equally affect both her and her family. For instance, he does drugs. Unless he decides to give her some drugs from under the counter for her mental problems I don’t think that makes him a good enough match for her. Plus, if he ever gets caught doing it after his marriage to her then her father’s political career is going to get affected. She probably wouldn’t want that to happen since the dad seems to be the only one in her family that showed her some attention when he wasn’t focused on locating her missing sister. Then most importantly the guy is totally unhygienic. Both of them may end up with shorter lifespans because of that.


Janice is already starting to feel sorry for Sera after her conversation with Sleazebag that she didn’t share her entire conversation with him to Danny. Does this mean that the slap from Eun Ha will wake her up and she will start to become more active in her revenge plans?



Now on to other matters in this drama.


@tulip06 and @Lmangla I totally agree with you guys that the absurd elements make this drama more fun to watch. This is totally different from any of the past revenge dramas that I have watched. It is also possibly one of the reasons that I am sticking around watching it. I had to drop the last drama (A Place Under The Sun) I used time constraints as an excuse because I realized later on that I had simply moved onto other shows that appealed to me. If I gave them priority sub consciously that says a lot. I normally never leave a show in the middle until something happens such as missing to many episodes in the middle for some reason. Then due to the flow breaking down I may decide to drop it. Perhaps this was the case for the previous drama I started it from the middle so I didn’t have the same connection to the characters as others. The only fun people in that show were the Goof Troop. But over here we seem to have more people that are idiots and I seem to be enjoying that.


Anyway that will be all from my end for the time being so take care all of you and keep posting as I look forward to reading them.

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@yamiyugi I think Eunha likes to run things by MiYun because she thinks MiYun understands her as a woman who has lost a child. Plus, EH feels that YK looks down on her, and so she doesn’t like to confide in her. She doesn’t want to show any weakness to YK. 

I have no doubt Janice is getting Family Slap Number 3 before long, and it will probably be when she breaks up Baby Face and Sera, and the dad comes after her. And for some reason, that will cause her the actual emotional distress.

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5 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Someone mentioned how Sleazebag seems to know and understand Sera so well so perhaps he should be on standby as a love interest for her. I am going to disagree with that point. Just because he knows her doesn’t make him a right person for her. The biggest issue here is that she needs stability in her life something that he may not be able to provide.........

actually, it was janice that I had in mind for sleazy when I mentioned he should be on standby. ^_^ he has a good read on people, would be the perfect side kick for any revenge plan and has some actual spark with janice in his scenes. so we are not bored and debating whether to press the fast forward button. hahahahha...

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ep 20 thoughts ~


15 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Sleazebag tries to get her of the case by telling her that he may have many issues such as taking videos in secret but his writing skills are terrible (just check his school records if she doesn’t believe him) he therefore suspects that it must be an inside job.

LOL... it was fun how much sleazy gave away and didn't. wonder what he gets out of hanging out with sera. it looks like he will be an asset to janice and based on the preview, he seems to think they will start dating? almost like a deflection to the scandal news. it is clear sera is nuts or as sleazy put it -- there is no level a revenge seeking woman will go to. sera obviously has no brains because how does a scandal help her potential marriage? but since she is psycho as sleazy said, there is no way to analyze her behaviour.


started cracking up when J thief said he can't sleep unless yoo kyung is there beside him. when she exasperatedly said she was hot, he wonders if she has menopause. they really are cute together that it is hard to believe that he married her just to get rich. and yoo kyung's reaction to finding out that janice was the girl from 3 years ago had me giggling -- the way everyone is going on, one would think these two had an affair that resulted in a pregnancy but somehow they lost the baby and now they are running into each other again. it was one date people! one date! has no one in this drama heard of the modern aspect of dating where people block someone after a date? ^_^ wonder what the feedback is from the local viewers because we are certainly not feeling any chemistry between the leads.


15 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

To be honest how Mi Yun feels on any given day is different. For instance, she was happy that Eun Ha failed to recognize Janice even after meeting her. Meaning that her revenge plan was working perfectly. Then in this episode she was mad that Eun Ha had the audacity to hit her daughter. She even tends to show concern over Janice at times. If she really cared about her daughter as I keep saying she wouldn’t have involved her in her revenge plot.

true; it is difficult to tell whether miyun really cares or is just bothered that someone touched her pawn.



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I think MiYun cares, and now considers Janice her daughter, hers and her late husband’s. That’s why she both gets upset at the slap at Janice and can involve her in the revenge plot, because she thinks of it as a child getting revenge for her brother and father. MiYun is a bit crazy too.

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ep 21 should be titled "trying to escape!" hahahaha.....

while the so called grand love is still unbelievable, what is believable is hae joon's desperation to get out of the clutches of sera. he actually takes off his ring but sera is not having any of it. she tells him to date jennis or even set her up as mistress but the marriage must go on. ummm, why? because sera would be miserable otherwise. what is this love that she doesn't even care if hae joon loves her but it is all about whether she will be happy? but it was fun to see sera holding herself from going full on psycho on hae joon. the guy should be afraid but obsessive second leads never turn out to be dangerous in dramaland and so he just gives her dead eyes at her demands. 


eun ha thinks she has accomplished the moon by slapping janice. both mi yun and danny watch and hold themselves back but janice just shrugs it off and sees it one step closer. it is interesting that mi yun knows danny likes janice and tells him to keep an eye on janice and protect her. he promises they will be one family when this is over. well that isn't going to happen but a boy can dream.


philip was really entertaining. he basically gives away the game by sharing that sera was behind it and that sera has a bit of a victim mentality. even though she has everything, she still seems to be on the losing end. so does he feel sorry for her? janice agrees to date him if he spins a story about how it was all misunderstanding. he is delighted and agrees. had to really at hae joon and philip's conversation. hae joon is like "talk to me!" and philip says "I like janice. so I want to talk to her, not you!" :lol: philip actually likes janice and is highly disappointed when sera squashes his plan by making a video to kill the scandal about how they are each other first love. hope we keep seeing philip because there is something entertaining about his scenes compared to the snoozefest of baby face and janice.


find this whole scandal laughable. these guys are not celebs, just some random folks working in the company. do people outside the company really care if some corp exec is dating some marking exec instead of whoever he is engaged to? but moving on... danny goes to meet hae joon and tells him that eun ha slapped janice and now his mom are going after janice. hae joon apologizes but danny is like sorry is just a word. so to prove that he means it, hae joon runs to janice room and tells his mom that he is breaking off the engagement.

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Gosh, I feel like I'm all alone here!


Another good episode.  I really enjoyed it.  I think I'm now a fan of this actress playing Sera. She really gave it her all.  Also, she does those Ma Tian Yu distressed eyes really well (I was wondering where I'd seen that flutter before, and it's from Cdrama where he acts).  Anyway, she went absolutely nuts and it was fun.  And I'm actually beginning to be on her side now where before I wasn't really on anyone's, though I did feel bad for MiYun. 

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ep 22 thoughts ~


@tulip06 ~ you are not alone! at least for me, this drama isn't a must watch at the moment and so I am not itching to catch up when I wake up in the morning (subs come in night time for me). but yea, lots happened in this episode. title should "sera goes psycho" well, these two women are never going to bond as sisters. either sera will end up in a psych ward, kill herself or something in between. maybe we will have a drama ending where everyone goes their separate ways?


hae joon finally speaks some sense. so he is being harassed into going along with the engagement. everyone knows he is not in love with sera but no one seems to think it is a obstacle to getting married. when he tells his mom that he can't get married with someone else in his heart, she is very nonchalant about it and shrugs it off as a non-issue. he correctly understand that rather than a matter of principle, it is a matter of business. well, she got married while carrying someone else's child and managed to build a successful marriage. so for her, all of this really is a non-issue. she just can't stand janice and sees her as bad luck.


hae joon might have had second thoughts and gone back to sera. however, philip comes and fights with sera and hae joon overhears that sera was the one who convinced philip to file the case. hae joon is suitably stunned and so over the family dinner, announces that he is breaking off the engagement. all the adults are shocked but when asked for the reason, he still doesn't want to reveal what's going on. they all ask if it is because of janice and he just nods. so much for love at first sight from 3 years ago. yea, lets throw her under the bus and make her face all their hate. sera faints in shock that her threats didn't work. eun ha is as psycho as her daughter and is thrown between wanting to throw out hae joon and kidnapping him into marrying sera. she also seems to think hae joon's feelings as a non-issue. well, she married a man to keep a secret and managed to have somewhat happy marriage. so she obviously thinks lack of feelings is not an obstacle.


inchul is frustrated and asks him why hae joon would break it off when sera loves him to the moon and back. they all know that sera is the one invested but again, for him, this is a non-issue because he also married eun ha that way and hey, he is content with his life. hae joon then makes an interesting statement -- he does not believe that sera loves him either. inchul is stunned and wonders what sera did but hae joon does not want to talk about it. sera is now convinced that hae joon is breaking off the engagement because janice told him about the deal between philip and sera. the girl is really psycho and is mad janice has rocked the boat. as all obsessive second leads, she breaks things and throws stuff around. she calls janice garbage but janice has the last word. their fights are actually fun to watch because sera is not in control at all. after sera leaves, janice just slumps -- so you can see how much energy it takes out of her.


am just wondering what is miyun's grand plan in all of this -- is it really necessary to break off the engagement? why should janice be used as a honey trap? it is not like hae joon has some important national secret that has to be pried out of him. so why bother? why not attack the parents directly for their mistakes? the romance between hae joon and janice remains incredibly boring and unbelievable that the drama lacks the voltage that is typical in dramas of this genre.

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@Lmangla @chococarmela I think the point is to distract the families with the breakup and to make the investment depend on the marriage so that the two families take loans and have financial dealings dependent on the marriage and, then, when the marriage doesn't happen, Carrie sweeps in and takes all the property.  

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Sorry I couldn’t watch the last two episodes earlier so I couldn’t recap them as usual. Still need to watch episode 22 after this recap.


Anyway here is the recap of Episode 21 as promised




Sera is clearly concerned about all the rumors that she has been hearing about Baby Face and Janice so she is in his office at the start of the episode to tell him to get his act straight so that she doesn’t have to hear any of these absurd rumors. She tries to show that by further telling him that while she doesn’t believe them and trusts him he should consider her feelings as well because they and her pride get hurt whenever she hears them. she feels that she has passed on her point only to receive a shock when she receives his answer. He lets her know that he has had enough of her drama and thus he is seriously reconsidering marrying her. Clearly she doesn’t take this well.



Meanwhile Janice who is totally oblivious to all this is heading to her meeting with Sleazebag when she bumps into Eun Ha. She stops for a greeting. Instead of getting the same she receives a slap from her. (Eun Ha has just received a report from Sera in a few minutes back reporting to her about what some of Baby Face’s shenanigans in the last episode so she was mad). This slap was witnessed by both Danny and Mi Yun. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do much without blowing their covers. Eun Ha is ticked off at Janice’s attitude since she doesn’t seem to be showing any kind of remorse and thinks that her words are a joke. (she had wondered if Janice was behaving towards Baby Face knowing that he was already engaged to Sera and still making a move on him and then had the audacity to laugh at her even though she was aware that she was Sera’s mother considering her actions) So she attempts to slap her again only this time Mi Yun manages to prevent her from doing so and manages to calm her enough to currently drop the matter. Janice promises her that she will make her repay for being slapped like that. Eun Ha still can’t believe the audacity that Janice is still showing even after all this and she wants to go after her to teach a lesson. But she is prevented by Mi Yun who tells her to hold her horses and she warned her that she shouldn’t go after Janice since she is now going to fight back when she wasn’t prepared for it. Eun Ha is forced to let it slide for the moment but wonder (out loud) just how Janice was raised and how she would love to meet her parents (and probably give them a piece of her mind). Guess what lady she has an excuses since she was never raised by her parents that won’t work.


Janice heads to the washroom to check if the slap mark can be seen and is so she wants to cover it up by makeup and also wonder if Eun Ha even has any class since she likes slapping people like that.


Back to Sera and Baby Face who are still having their conversation in regards to the marriage being reconsidered. She can’t seem to accept this fact or the reason behind it. That he doesn’t love her and that he would rather be with Janice than her or the fact that he is heads over heals with someone he just met compared to her that has known him for so many years. Unfortunately, her poor mind can’t seem to take his next set of actions as well when he shows just how determined he is to end this relationship by removing his engagement ring even after she warns him not to do so.


Danny checks on Janice to see if she is okay from the slap that she received earlier. She tells him not to worry as she was expecting this much and knows worse is to come as their actions escalate in the name of their revenge. He knows this fact but can’t do anything about it for the time being. Janice stops over in her mother’s office to slightly recover when Mi Yun comes after her and seems to show genuine concern towards her getting slapped like that. She also lets Janice know that she barely contained herself from returning the favour to Eun Ha. Janice reassures her that all is well and that she is protected as long as she keeps the good luck charm that her mother gave her. Mi Yun hugs her and promises her that once this is over she intends to live just for her to make up for all that she has done.


Sera is continuing to lose her mind when she realizes that Baby Face has no intention of taking her back to his feeling for Janice. She still thinks that she may have a shot to salvage the situation if it is just a one sided crush on his part. But she is shocked and disappointed to find out that Janice reciprocates his feelings as well. Naturally she gets mad at being played at by the both of them and wants to know exactly when it all started but he refuses to inform her of this. She even quotes him his advice back that she should trust him and that nothing was happening between him and Janice so they would be together in the end. All that he can do is ask for forgiveness but she isn’t having any of it. She also figures out that he wants to ditch their engagement and marry Janice and she isn’t having any of that. She is willing to give him a pass by letting him like and date Janice till their wedding but end it before it (or after it) and before their parents discover whats going on and decide to intervene. He tries to point out that the marriage is between them and as they are adults they should work out the matter between themselves. Unfortunately, she isn’t willing to compromise in regards to this matter. She then decides to leave but doesn’t bother picking up his ring. I guess this means that he is going to need to go to the Han River on his own later on to discard it.


Once she leaves she takes a moment before composing herself before contacting the TV Show that had Baby Face and Janice appear on it and lets them know that she has something to add in regards to this matter (rumor)


Janice has finally gotten to her meeting with Sleazebag. She tries to come to some sort of settlement with him in regards to the entire mess by coaching him of what story to spin. He wants something in return so she promises to go out with him as agreed. But at the same time she is secretly recording their conversation and manages to get it out of him that he did all of this on the behest of Sera. She also appears to be unconcerned about Baby Face’s feelings towards her and asks him to help play Cupid between Baby Face and Sera. He finally seems to agree to her terms since he has nothing to lose but a lot to gain.


Mi Yun and Danny are having a chat where she lets him know that she is still ticked off at by the actions of Eun Ha and how she hasn’t changed one bit since she last met her. Danny is still concerned about Janice’s current status and about how mother and daughter seem to feel sorry for each other (especially in regards to this revenge plan and all). As for him he feels bad for the both of them since he understands both side. Apparently Mi Yun seems to like him as well that she is more than willing to give her blessing to him to become her potential SiL by the time this revenge plot is done and all and wonders if he has confessed his feelings to Janice. He simply lets her know that he is simply waiting for the proper time to do so. (you better not wait for too long before it becomes to late)


We have a continuation scene between Janice and Sleazebag and their mealtime conversation (the part where he confesses Sera’s involvement in all this and how she told him not to settle). Here he tells us why he feels bad for Sera.


Sera is at home with the rest of her family and after the terrible day she finally hears some good news. Eun Ha can’t help but brag to the rest of the family how she slapped Janice that day. Inchul clearly worried what this may do to his reputation warns her to be careful in the future in case someone else doesn’t stay quiet like Janice and instead report her for assault. But Eun Ha doesn’t seem to care and thinks that thanks to her influence and connections she will be fine. To this extent she doesn’t even take Janice’s waring that she will pay for the slap seriously. Sera is even happy to hear that her mother will make anyone pay that hurts her. So she asks her to kick Janice out of the country only to learn that her mother is already working on said plan. At this point Inchul receives a call from the detective who has some good and bad news. The bad news is that the tip from Canada turned out to be a bust. From the three children two turned out to be males and the one that was a female had died fortunately the good news was that it wasn’t their daughter as she had migrated with her family this meant that their daughter was probably still alive and he would continue to look into the matter. Oh and on a side note he was speaking from the other popular restaurant (this is where the common folk generally visit for their conversations as it is more affordable) Sera as usual pretends to be supportive of her mother’s situation but all the while wishes that her mother will never meet up with her sister. Her day went back to bad. (even thinking that she might be rid of her sister’s ghost was taken away from her at this point).


Baby Face finally gets a meeting with Sleazebag. He wants him to make a deal with him instead of with Janice and not make it count. Only to be told that it is too late and that he should focus on pleasing Sera while he gets the girl that he likes aka Janice. This way both sides win and at best if he wants to thank Janice for convincing him to go with her idea (by not making him the Sleazebag that he is) Baby Face should give her a raise but nothing more. Baby Face leaves the meeting frustrated.


Janice on the other hand is with Danny and they are listening to the recording of Sleazebag where he admits his and Sera’s involvement in the filing of charges against Baby Face and not agreeing to settle right of the bat. They realize that they have enough to take her down but how do they leak it without incriminating themselves. They do feel a bit bad considering that she has had a hard life till now. This brings Janice to wonder if Danny is losing his touch since Sera still hasn’t contacted him after Danny has expressed his interest in her. He defends himself that his opponent isn’t an easy one since he has saved her life. But speaking of him Janice receives a call from Baby Face. He is downstairs and wants to have a word with her. She refuses to meet with him till he resolves his girl troubles as she doesn’t want people to gossip about them and make things worse. She ends the call at this point. (he did ask her why she was willing to sacrifice herself by dating Sleazebag in return to which she told him that it was worth it since he would be explaining to everyone else that it was a huge misunderstanding and all). Danny wonders what the call was all about but she passes it of like nothing.


Sera can’t sleep and is thinking about how Baby Face removed his ring and refused to put it back on. She is determined to make all parties involved to pay for their action and how she will ensure that the wedding will go as planned not caring what the other side may like or feel.


Baby Face on the other hand is with his friend in the other popular place (fried chicken restaurant) he probably is there for a free meal (since the owner is his friend) though he ends up with some free advice as well. Friend initially doubts that Baby Face has the guts in him to go ahead and break of the wedding since he has never caused any kind of trouble. Baby Face agrees that it is hard since he has never done so but he is still adamant in going ahead with his plan. His friend does wonder why Janice took her time to make her appearance and decided to do so now. Fortunately, he points out that she showed up now instead of after the wedding because the way Baby Face is acting like at present he would have at that point caused an affair. So atleast they have to thank for that. While the friend is supportive of his decision he tries to make him see some sense by pointing out that things don’t go as planned thus even if he wants to call of the wedding others like Sera and their parents won’t approve of it so he needs to get his act together. He offers him some of the free chicken that he has set him up with and even uses it as a metaphor. Unfortunately for him Baby Face is just interested in the free beer.


This results in him coming home drunk. His mother who wants a word with him regarding this entire fiasco is shocked to see this as he has never done anything like this in the past. She manages to sneak him upstairs to his room before his dad wakes up and catches him in said state.


The next day she tries to be a good mother to him and makes him some honey water to cure his hangover only to find him gone. She wonders where he could be and heads back downstairs where she is informed by J Thief how Sera just gave an interview regarding the incident and how it is just a mere rumour. She knows the truth so she suspects that something is off but she can’t tell that. J Thief on the other hands thinks that he has done is good deed of the day thus wants the Honey Water as a reward since he assumes that she made it for him. She just leaves with it much to his dismay.


Turns out that both Baby Face and Janice are currently watching said interview where Sera clears up the air that it was all a huge misunderstanding and since they have known each other from the start someone new can’t shake things up between them. (she even shows some of their pictures as kids to prove her point) and even has the audacity to lie that they were each other’s first love. Baby Face is frustrated by all this because he realizes that breaking up with her is going to become harder due to this and if he does he will be the one that appears as a jerk. (Well Played Sera). Janice and Danny realize the same thing and also realize that all the hard work they went through to get Sleazebag to agree to their terms was unnecessary. Janice at this point receives a call from Yoo Kyung asking to have a meeting with her. Janice agrees. Danny points out that the mothers seem to be taking turns in confronting her and wonders if she will be okay. So he decides to do some damage control by reporting what Eun Ha did to her by informing Baby Face about it. She agrees to it.


Eun Ha has finally gotten a chance to watch her daughters interview and she is glad that Sera finally took the initiative in this situation and proud of her. Yoo Kyung gives her a call in regards to the interview and wonders if Eun Ha suggested this plan of action to Sera but is informed that she was just as surprised by this but this is good news as this should resolve all their problems. She then invites her to her place for dinner. Yoo Kyun agrees to do so after making a stopover at work to have a chat with Janice. Eun Ha is a bit suspicious regarding this but Yoo Kyung convinces her that it is nothing and while she trusts her son she should still warn Janice to be equally careful so nobody else gets the wrong idea. Eun Ha seems to believe this for the time being. Eun Ha is so glad that Yoo Kyung is taking an initiative in this matter and lets Sera know about this. Then telling her to bring Baby Face to the family dinner as well since she thinks that it is game over at this point. Sera also seems to agree with this assessment thinking that if Yoo Kyung gets involved then Baby Face will have no choice but to comply and get back on the marriage agenda and seems to get back in a good mood.


J Thief and Mi Yun finally sign their contract regarding the transformation of the farm into a fashion park. As promised she asks her assistant to transfer the agreed amount of initial investment funds. J Thief is glad that he has finally gotten rid of his 30 year itch and is even willing to throw his pictures of the farm when Mi Yun asks for them in return. He doesn’t get why she would want these old pictures when he can send her newer ones (also they will have work/signs of her investments not going to waste). She still manages to convince him to hand them over. Since he doesn’t want to offend such a major investor he agrees to it.


Eun Ha is busy at home preparing for the evening dinner for the families. Or rather she is managing it. Since she has gotten an expensive cook/caterer to make the meals look fancy enough for the guests and she isn’t sparing any expenses since she is asking her maid to set up the finest China that she has for the event. They all seem to know just how important this is for her and agree to her requests. At this point she gets a call from an art fund wondering if she owns the painting that Mi Yun sold to her. When they have confirmation they let her know about using the painting as a loan for collateral. She seems interested by this.


Yoo Kyung has finally arrived for her meeting with Janice. Danny is also here waiting for this exact moment and uses it to ask for a meeting with Baby Face.


Baby Face on the other hand is with Sera who is informing him of the fact that there has been no change of plans as far as she is concerned and that he needs to show up for the family dinner in the evening and if he hasn’t thrown his ring in the Han River he needs to have it on his finger when he shows up (if it has been thrown he needs to recover it). He tries to talk some sense into her that if they go ahead with this wedding they would all be unhappy. But she isn’t having any of it and tells him that she would be more miserable if the wedding doesn’t happen. Since she is totally bonkers by this point she is even willing to allow him to keep Janice as a mistress but the wedding must go on. He tries to talk some sense to her but he realizes that it is a lost cause since she doesn’t seem to get it. She leaves before warning him that the more he makes things difficult for her the more Janice is going to end up getting hurt especially if the parents discover what is going on and decide to get involved.


Clearly he is having a bad day when he is informed that Danny has shown up to have a chat with him. He wonders what is up so he agrees to see him.


Janice on the other hand is glad that she doesn’t have to date Sleazebag anymore thanks to the stunt that Sera pulled and lets him know that. He clearly isn’t happy to hear that since he assumed that she also liked him back. Yoo Kyung enters her office for the chat that she requested. She refuses any tea since she plans to be brief. Her requests are clearly understandable but we will get to them shortly since we are now back to Baby Face and Danny’s meeting. Over here he is informed by Danny about how Eun Ha slapped Janice. This is clearly news for him and he promises to take better care of Janice and protect her in the future so that she won’t have to go through any of that. Danny has a hard time believing any of that since he points out just how oblivious Baby Face is to the current situation such as how it is now his mother’s turn to confront Janice and that if he can’t back up his words it is best to let Janice go since he (Danny) will protect Janice from getting hurt no matter who that person is. Danny is confident that he can do a better job at this protection duty,


Sleazebag is ticked off at Sera’s stunt since this meant that he lost out on dating Janice and he lets her know how she messed up by intervening since he was about to take care of the matter himself. She doesn’t care and tells him that he should have been faster. He wants nothing of that and wants to have a word with her personally so he wants to have a meeting with her at the company. She wonders why he is behaving like a child but still doesn’t want him to show up at the company but before she can tell him that he hangs up the phone. At this time one of her workers informs her that Yoo Kyung has a meeting with Janice. She is happy to hear that because she feels like this would entail Janice to give up on Baby Face now that his mother has gotten involved (just like she warned him), She leaves her office to do some damage control with Sleazebag. On the other hand, her workers are actually worried about Janice and her wellbeing and even wonder if this means that there may be some truth regarding the rumor. Baby Face meanwhile thinks that he is faster than a Speeding Bullet so he is running to save Janice from the clutches from his mother. Since he is neither the Flash or Superman Sera spots him running like a mad man and instantly figures out where he is headed. She doesn’t like it but she chases after him. She probably wants to watch the fireworks. Will they happen let’s find out shortly. Danny simply observes this from the background.


Yoo Kyung on the other hand is still having her conversation with Janice and wants her help to convince Baby Face to stick with Sera and marry her. She is even willing to give Janice the benefit of doubt and believes that Janice isn’t intentionally chasing after him considering their past and all. Janice seems to agree with her requests and asks what else does she need to do to demonstrate her innocence (that all of them being in an affair is just a rumor). Yoo Kyung tells her that if she has heard the saying out of sight out of mind should be applied here. Thus she needs to leave the company and based on her skills she can easily find a job anywhere and if that doesn’t work she can place a good word for her to help her out and if she needs financial help while looking for a job she is even willing to go that far out. Clearly she hasn’t noticed Janice’s designer clothes. But then she goes too far in her request by telling Janice to leave not only Seoul but also Korea. (wait then how does your offer still apply). Unfortunately for them this is overheard by Baby Face who has finally made his appearance and he is shocked to hear it. He is totally rude to his mother at this point. Janice tries to calm him down but to no avail. His mother tries to remind him that he is getting married soon so he better get his act straight. But he lets her know that he has no intention of getting married to Sera. Sera enters the room at this point and overhears this. Clearly she isn’t pleased to hear this. Episode ends at this point everyone is shocked to hear this confession from Baby Face what will happen we have to wait and see in the next episode. Even I have to find out.




Now some thoughts regarding the episode.




Baby Face was totally rude to his mother and that to over a girl. I can probably see that there is another reason why Yoo Kyung isn’t going to approve of Janice at this point. Initially she was because he ended up getting hurt because of her 3 years back but now he is starting to change some more because of her. In all his 30 years he was a nice and obedient kid towards her and probably never rude to her. But now he was downright rude to her face and that to infront of someone else. Granted he makes sense that he doesn’t want to marry Sera and others need to listen to him but that doesn’t mean that he should be rude. He needs to explain his points calmly and clearly to them. His actions are only going to end up hurting Janice.



Everyone seems to be telling him to let this matter go if he isn’t confident that he can protect his girl. He is the only one not getting it.


Now as for the matter about Yoo Kyung telling Janice that she has enough skills that she can find work anywhere else is nice but she runs into a problem when she promises her that she is even willing to give her a recommendation to other companies to help her out. This is all fine and well until she tells her to leave Korea while she is at it. If that is the case, then how will the recommendation work. The way I see it would have more worth and merit if she was still working in Korea assuming that their company is well known and all. Unfortunately, once outside that recommendation will be of little value (not saying that it will be of zero value) but unless they have major branches outside of Korea and are well known there she might not have such an easy time finding a job even with that recommendation. Not that she really wants to leave.


Sera on the other hands has totally gone nuts at this point that she doesn’t care what Baby Face feels and still wants to go ahead with the wedding even to the extent that she is willing to let him have a mistress. Just what kind of married life is that. If she wants to suffer that is on her but it certainly isn’t fair to involve others in her misery as well. Then we have her not wanting her mother to meet her sister. So what exactly is she planning on doing once she discovers her real sister. Will she want to kill her just so that her mother continues to live in misery with the hope that she will meet her daughter one day.


I keep pointing out just how dumb these characters are and if they only paid attention they might catch onto things quicker. For instance, in this episode Danny introduces himself to Baby Face as Danny Jung. Since he claims to be Janice’s brother then it makes sense that Janice would also be a Jung. She clearly isn’t using her Korean name (the one that was given to her by Mi Yun [Yujin]). Now let’s consider Mi Yun’s Canadian/English Name (Carrie Jung) They both have the last surname. While this isn’t outright suspicious since a lot of people can have the last surname. Such as that there are a lot of Kim’s and Han’s in Korea (there is another name that is popular but it evades me at this point). Regardless this doesn’t indicate that those two can be connected but then add in the fact that they both came from Canada. This means that the chances of them not bumping into each other might be a bit off. They may be related somehow from a distance. So while one can still say that it might be impossible they should look into the matter. People here are simply blinded by money and greed to notice these things or they are blinded by love. Probably also the reason why nobody can recognize Danny Kent and Danny Jung are the same person. Perhaps this is the reason why he was waiting for Yoo Kyung to show up before he went for his meeting with Baby Face. He knows that he has fooled Baby Face so perhaps he is now confident that he can pull the same trick on Sera if she bumped into him downstairs.


It’s probably just me but I feel like we didn’t have much development in said episode. It was all pretty much repetitive. We had Baby Face tell Sera that he didn’t want to marry her and she was having none of that. Everyone else is telling him to let Janice go since he has no idea of what is going on and he is unable to protect her and the fact that he will have no choice but to go ahead with the wedding since the parents won’t approve of his refusal. The only thing worth noting was that two parts of Mi Yun’s plans are atleast going forward. The first is that she has managed to sign a deal with Baby Face with the farm as collateral and has an art fund approach Eun Ha to take out a loan using her painting as a collateral. My only question at this point would be is why does she need Eun Ha to take out a loan. With J Thief I can understand. She wants to trap him in a situation where he is forced to let go of the farm since he will be unable to pay her back due to various reasons such as the place won’t be approved for construction and he may need to pay her initial investment to another company to make up for other losses if they go that route. But how does any of her revenge work against Eun Ha. Stealing her daughter to use in her revenge plan makes sense. But getting her in debt doesn’t what does she want a confession from her when she is begging Mi Yun for help when she is kicked out on the street. I can probably see Eun Ha getting embarrassed when she discovers that she can’t get a loan out as planned due to the painting being a fake or the fact that it is revealed that she has to return the loan since she gave them a fake. But even then we have to ask why take out the loan. Perhaps J Thief asks her for a favour since he can’t pay back Mi Yun her investment fund. So she agrees to take out a loan using the painting only to discover that she can’t do so. This means that Mi Yun will finally get the farm back. Question what does she intend to do with said farm once she has it back.


As for Danny and his feelings towards Janice. I doubt that whether or not he can reveal it would be of much help. Not that I feel like he hasn’t. Unless Janice is a total idiot it should be quite obvious to her as well that he likes her. For instance, when she had to go attend that lunch meeting at Baby Face’s place he hugged her and clearly told her that wasn’t part of the show that they were putting on but his genuine feelings towards her. So unless she mistook that for brother love I don’t know what to say about that. I kind of do feel bad that he is on a one sided love but that is life.


On a side note the detective apparently has accepted Mi Yun’s request and decided to feed false information to Eun Ha and her family for the time being. Also what is it with everyone here enjoying fried chicken. Today we had three people having a shot at it. But the most fun would have to be Sleazebag and Janice having it at their meeting. Sleazebag must either have a great appetite or their conversation went on longer than expected because they were first eating some fancy food at the restaurant that they were in before moving on to the fried chicken and beer. I get that this combo is for some reason popular in Korea but have no idea why.


I want to see more J Thief or even him with Inchul so that we can have more Dumb and Dumber time compared to what we are currently getting. Like I mentioned it didn’t feel like we had much going on in today’s episode and we could have easily fast forwarded most of it and not missed a thing. Okay we might have missed out on a few good lines such as Sera letting Baby Face know that she was okay with him having a mistress showing us just how batty she is.


Also we learn a few things from this episode that while Mi Yun was clearly mad at Eun Ha for slapping Janice like that and felt bad about it since she now considers Janice like her daughter we know that Sera isn’t like that. Apparently she will be the one enjoying the fact that her mother has been so abusive towards the daughter that she has been searching for so long.


But while we are on the topic of this revenge plot there is something I don’t get. Yes, apparently there is a lot of that going on these days and I am glad whenever they can get answered. Mi Yun apologizes to Janice due to her getting slapped like that by Eun Ha and promises her that after this revenge plot is accomplished she is willing to just live for her daughter. A good point but just how does this work. By the end Janice is bound to find out that Eun Ha is part of the revenge and that she ended up hurting her own biological mother due to the lies that Mi Yun has been feeding her. What does Mi Yun expect to happen at this point. Does she think that Janice will understand why she did what she did and forgive her? Thus they can continue to live like mother and daughter. Perhaps she thinks that she can leave Janice with Danny since he loves her but even if she does that how will she live only for her at this point. Perhaps try and leave her but help her out from the shadows. though this doesn’t count as living for her daughter in my books.


Also still not getting the workers at J Group. They all seem to be worried about Janice getting hurt. Why would they do that. Everyone knows that Baby Face is already engaged so if anything that is happening on the side with Janice is wrong on both parties. Assuming that she was innocent she shouldn’t want to be with a guy like that and make sure that no misunderstanding arises. If he is going after her in his current state, then he is the jerk and one might feel a bit bad for Janice for having a boss/superior like that. If Janice wants to perhaps play her part she should make sure others hear her telling him to leave her alone and that she isn’t interested in him then I could feel sorrier for her. If not I don’t find her cool like the other workers do or the fact that they are shipping these two by considering that they make a good looking couple when they are fully aware that Baby Face is engaged. So unless he openly announces that he has broken up with Sera then I can understand them being on his side. If not sorry but it is just wrong. I can understand Sera’s frustration to overhear said conversations.




Now let’s get on to other things. So even though I haven’t watched the next episode so some of the things may be considered a spoiler I will try my best to get to them.




@tulip06 thanks for your explanation why Eun Ha seems to confide so much in Mi Yun when she just met her. It makes a lot of sense. Though it would certainly be interesting if she receives a slap from family number 3 I do have my doubts. I don’t think that I have ever watched a Korean Drama where a male slaps a female. Sure the other way round has been done. Infact Janice slapped Baby Face in an earlier episode. But I think that they can get away with that. But a male hitting a female might not go so well with the audience. If it has ever happened previously in a Korean Drama, it might be possible and I may have missed it. What were people’s reaction to it I wonder? It will be sad if she receives a slap from each member of her family. She just doesn’t have luck with them does she (Mi Yun included)


@Lmangla thanks for clarifying that you meant Janice to be Sleazebags love interest. Not sure where I stand on that though. As a person to perhaps help in her revenge plan I might be okay but not sure about a love interest. While I do agree that she doesn’t have that spark with Baby Face I can’t find anyone to place her with. Danny does indeed seem like a brother to her so he won’t do. Sleazebag does have good instincts when it comes to people so I wonder why he doesn’t actually do something about it and work hard instead of playing around. If he perhaps became serious I might have rooted for him and this is in regards to both people and work. Him being unhygienic is also an issue but I can overlook it for the time being. He does seem to be sincere in regards to wanting to be with Janice so that is a plus point and if he gives up his other vices like drugs and gambling then he gets more points. But when it comes to matters of work I feel bad for Janice being with him since she will probably have to do work for the both of them. When we first met him Baby Face asked him how work was going on. He told them that he has no idea since he lets others do the work and just signs their requests. In one way that strategy may work but on the other it may also backfire as he may end up signing for something that his company has to suffer a loss. If Janice is with him she will probably end up cleaning his mess and she doesn’t deserve and of that.


@tulip06 I think that almost everyone here is a bit nuts at this point. Yoo Kyung may be the sole exception here. I kind of do understand from where you are coming from now that you put it like why Mi Yun has involved Janice in her revenge plan since she is considering her like a daughter at this point and that her feelings towards her are genuine. But I am not so sure if that is the case she has ever considered what her daughter is going to go through mentally once she discovers the truth. Sera is nuts over her wedding with Baby Face and can’t stand to see a competitor show up nor has she gotten over the fact that her parents never had time for her so she hates her missing sister, Eun Ha is like that due to her missing daughter so is Inchul plus he is willing to sell his soul to get married. Though to an extent he does feel bad but if he is willing to continue to do things that he knows are wrong I won’t feel so bad for him. Then we have Mi Yun and her revenge plan where she feels that everything is okay in it. Janice on the surface seems normal until we realize that she is deliberately hurting the man she loves and tries to justify it as justice in their family’s revenge plot. Yoo Kyung gets a pass from all this simply because she is oblivious to the truth and perhaps that is her fault.


@Lmangla Love your short version of the recap. I feel that it is much better than mine. But I do agree with you that Sera is just plain nuts and isn’t considering what Baby Face wants or feels. I can’t understand what she gains by marrying him she will be unhappy either way so why go for that. If she truly wants to be happy she should find someone that genuinely likes her for who she is including all her baggage and all. She doesn’t care about any of that and wants to go ahead with the marriage. Also how can you be okay with your man having a mistress. I guess it might give her a legitimate reason to be abusive towards Janice at that point but not now. As for the matter about the scandal I feel like it would probably be something that other people would talk about but eventually forget when something better pops up. It might also depend on just how major J Group is. In that case it might last longer but other than that not much. Even celebrity scandals don’t generally last long unless there are some dedicated fans or so out there and even then it is in a close community meaning said fans. An average worker probably has more important things to worry about than such scandal such as paying his next cheque or dealing with clearing of his debt or something to that extent. I doubt even when former president Clinton had his scandal it went on for long. At best it was do we let him stay or impeach him and even in that I wonder just how much the actual people were involved. Perhaps since he wasn’t my president I didn’t pay that much attention to it and people in the States did take it seriously so in that case I might not be a good judge of character here regarding these scandals.


@tulip06 Sorry that you feel like you are alone. But I do get what you mean. At times it feels like it is just us three people over here keeping this thread alive. (excluding me) I know that probably other people are also reading these posts but since they aren’t commenting here it does feel a bit lonely. Plus, like I pointed out earlier I kind of got side tracked so due to it my recaps might be a bit delayed. Want to apologize for that again. As for feeling sorry for Sera am a bit on the fence regarding this. I do feel bad that her parents didn’t have time for her since they were more worried in searching for her missing sister and that is totally understandable. I would normally say that she should have been more understanding towards their condition especially as she became an adult but am still willing to give her a pass in regards to it and how her mother treated her. Such as beating her when she messed up her sister’s clothes and probably never apologized in regards to it. I do feel like Eun Ha to an extent is trying to make it up to her by being supportive of her marriage to Baby Face but then again I somehow feel like she is only doing that for financial gains that will continue to come to her if this marriage goes through. I base this on the fact as to how she still likes to claim credit for saving his life when he was a baby. As for the matter about Sera and Baby Face it is also debatable. I get that she is mad that he is starting to waver especially at this point and wants to be with another person. But who is to blame here.


I get why she is so attached to him. When her entire family ignored her he was there for her. But she also knows that he doesn’t love her and not only that but he has feelings for someone else and probably hasn’t gotten over her. Even knowing this she still wants to marry him. Even if we ignore the fact that Janice was the mystery woman from 3 years back and is someone new she should be understanding that he can actually fall in love with someone else and want to be with them than her who he probably never loved in the first place other than as a younger sister on the best of days. Not that he isn’t at fault here. When she first asked for the engagement he should have put his foot down at that point especially if he wasn’t over his first love since that was unfair to all parties involved. He should have spoken to his parents about this back then. Perhaps he couldn’t since they would have still wanted this marriage to go through for various reasons. But atleast then it wouldn’t have been his fault. His willing to go ahead with the engagement would have only given Sera false hope thus her hurt is understandable. But like I said she should know when to cut her losses if she actually was smart. She has nothing to offer to him even if she married him. I do understand that she is going through a hard time watching the man she loves being taken away infront of her and not being able to do anything about it but like I said Baby Face is a person and not an object. So if she actually loved him she would want to see him happy even if that means he isn’t with her. Instead what is her way to come about it tell him that she would be okay if he has a mistress. Not fair on either party in my books.


@Lmangla I think you were the one that mentioned how you think that J Thief may actually love his wife. I think to an extent that may be true and I fear that when it comes to redeem him it will be revealed that he actually was a good guy but was forced/pressurized to do all the bad things that he did. Sure he married his wife to save her face and accepted her kid as her own and not only that agreed to have no future kid with her as well. Actually I have an issue with that but will let it drop for now. But back to the point we know that the chairwoman (Yoo Kyung’s mother) was very demanding since she laid down such terms to accept him as part of her family. We also know that she didn’t care how he achieved results as long as they got a profit. This is the reason she didn’t care that he stole the invention from Mi Yun’s husband and claimed it as his own as long as he handled the problem. Again she didn’t care that his actions resulted in the husband getting involved in an accident. So it would be safe to assume that with her kind of nature she might have placed ultimatums on him that if he didn’t produce certain kinds of results he would be kicked out and that is why he made the choices that he did back then. Not that it helps that he is back to similar tactics in the present. He doesn’t have that excuse anymore. Plus, I wonder just how long that contract he signed with her is valid. Once she died and they inherited the fortune I am sure that nothing stopped him from having more kids with his wife. Can’t say that she has an issue with him regarding their current circumstances since they share the same bed unlike other drama characters that are only married to their significant others but don’t love them. for instance, we had examples of this in the previous drama. The female lead and her in Laws were married and used the same room but used different beds. Home for Summer was another example when the male leads parents did that or in more recent Seol Ah from Love is beautiful (or whatever the drama is called. Too long a name to write but people here would get it) she used to sleep in a different bed from her husband after marriage because she didn’t love him to the extent that he did or she didn’t have any feelings for him. This isn’t the case over here. I feel like the parents have come to some sort of understanding and can make it work. Plus, it probably also helps that she depends on him while she herself does nothing.



Oh dear I just realized just how long this post has gone on. So will leave it at this point and if I have any more points will add it in my next recap. So till then take care all of you and keep posting. Would also like if more people would join the discussions here. But then again is totally understandable since like I pointed out some of these episodes are so similar that you can fast forward them and not feel like we have lost anything at the current pace. I feel like we may get something in episode 26 but not so sure at this point. Anyway going now to bed so take care.

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