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[Drama 2019-2020] Elegant Mother and Daughter/Gracious Revenge, 우아한 모녀


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6 hours ago, tulip06 said:

Something I don’t quite understand from the preview: did she steal the doctor’s daughter?


No. The doctor, Eun Ha, is the daughter of the hospital owner, and is also the "ace" maternity doctor of the hospital. She is best friends with Yoon Kyung, the wife of the evil conglomerate Ji Cosmetics head, are best friends. When Yoon Kyung gave birth, her baby was very sick and was in an incubator. The protagonist woman, Mi Yun's, baby was also a bit premature, but was recovering well. While the doctor Eun Ha was supposed to be on call, though, she went out to meet a lover in hotel and also drank a lot. When she saw an emergency code on her pager (pre-cell phone period, remember), she panicked and hurried back to the hospital, but couldn't save Yoon Kyung's baby. Since she was entrusted with Yoon Kyung's baby as he was the heir to the conglomerate, and if the conglomerate found out she was both drunk and off premises while on duty, she probably would have been severely punished if not thrown into jail. So she switched Yoon Kyung's dead baby with Mi Yun's live baby.


Hope that explanation gets you up to speed :)


This is an interesting drama so far. The Revenge Tropes are Way Out There!

  1. Dead husband murdered by thug paid for by evil business conglomerate...check
  2. Presumed dead baby (though alive, and living as evil business conglomerate heir)...check
  3. Work product stolen by evil business conglomerate that's worth millions...check
  4. Forfeited land, house, business, and employees to evil business conglomerate...check
  5. Dead husband's best friend becomes turncoat and marries the evil doctor...check
  6. False conviction and imprisonment based on charge by evil business conglomerate...check
  7. Rest of family prevented by evil business conglomerate from visiting her...check

Looks like something cold and delicious to look forward to :D

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OK,so we've got the backstory out of the way. 30 years later, she returns w/a daughter. I'm curious to see just what she's told her daughter. 


At the moment, I'm also watching Hercai, a Turkish drama. It's really heavy: a grandson has been raised to seek revenge against a family who supposedly killed his mother & father. Thus, he was raised by this rich mean old woman (describes me except take out the word rich). Kdramas are mild in comparison to Turkish dramas, so I'm thinking I will survive Gracious Revenge. As long as they don't abuse a child I think I can handle it. So far, I don't think I could classify the mom & daughter as villains. The conglomerate family & their cohorts are the villains.

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hmmm, think it is because of the actress but it is hard for me to sympathize with mi yeon or feel like her anger is justified. so her baby died because he was a premature baby. the baby was getting treatment from the other staff but there was not much the doctor could do after arrival. if the drama had a staff say that the doctor arriving late caused the death, then mi yeon's anger would make sense. the doctor lady has awful bedside manners compounded by guilt but it doesn't make sense to blame a doctor for the cycle of life and acting all aggressive. what does she want the doctor to apologize for? the cycle of life may seem vicious but it is what it is. sorry for the rant but this is the kind of thinking that leads to violence against those in the medical fraternity in the real world.


anyways, back to the drama -- if she was angry at the company being stolen, her husband being killed, it would feel a bit more justified. instead, she is putting black eye on kids because she is so angry and filled with rage; little toddlers who happened to have stupid immoral parents but that doesn't mean she needs to curse them and feel like they too should be held responsible for her misery. guess, she is really going to lose it when she finds out that her revenge wrecked havoc on her own biological son. that said, this drama is not meant to be taken seriously and so as long as we watch with one eye closed, it looks like the over dramatics will be kind of entertaining. am loving the background score that gives a total makjang feel to it.


9 hours ago, tulip06 said:

Something I don’t quite understand from the preview: did she steal the doctor’s daughter?

thats what it looked like to me. unless she has an affair with someone just to have a child, it looks like she is going to be stealing the doctor's child. also in the initial teaser for the series (was it page 1?), it showed a young woman who wears a necklace but it turns out to be chains. so it looks like another toxic mother daughter relationship -- will we get another version of shady mom and jenny?


5 hours ago, Takingthehighroad said:

At the moment, I'm also watching Hercai, a Turkish drama. It's really heavy: a grandson has been raised to seek revenge against a family who supposedly killed his mother & father. Thus, he was raised by this rich mean old woman (describes me except take out the word rich). Kdramas are mild in comparison to Turkish dramas,

kekeke... I know what you mean -- I watched siyah beyaz ask and while I tremendously enjoyed it, the drama was like on steroids! hahahaha... a chingu recommended to watch hercai. will check it out eventually. from your description, it sounds pretty dramatic.

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So I finally managed to catch up with this show. Not bad but not perfect either. I did have a few theories but I guess this drama likes to prove me wrong. Then there are a few parts where I feel the writer takes drama logic into consideration but when one thinks about them they totally fail. Will probably get down to them later on.


So let’s get on with the drama itself first before I get of topic.




I am sure many people would be disappointed in Yoo Kyung since she has clearly jumped ship and is now on her husband’s side especially considering that she had evidence in the form of those sample bottles which her husband threw away. Totally suspicious behavior by the way. So in this case why is she not on Mi Yuns side now. Shouldn’t she have been waiting for her to bring some evidence. Good points but I have to remind the viewers that two years have passed since she last met Mi Yun and those two years were spent in jail. I feel that the problem arose at this point. First of all, she was framed for embezzlement and then on top of all this she was denied all visitation rights as well this meant that she couldn’t plead her case to anyone. Now the problem here is that even if Yoo Kyung would want to see her she wouldn’t be able to due the block on visitation rights (something she was unaware of and would have simply assumed that was from Mi Yun’s part). Then secondly her being charged with embezzlement might also have been used to bring doubt to her character as her husband could easily say that she was so untrustworthy that she stole from her own company so in other words she could easily be making up stuff again. Also like I mentioned since she couldn’t verify such facts she might have eventually started to believe what she was told.


Then on top of all this we have to remember something else her husband moved on to another project. This was to purchase the farm that her husband worked on creating the herbal product line and all and not only that but he tried to get all of the husband’s top workers and research materials for their company once Mi Yun and her husband were out of the way. Pretty sure that he would have forced them to work for him one way or the other such as not letting them get a job anywhere else thus forcing them to work for him. All You Kyung would need to know is that those people are working for J Cosmetics now (not how or why). This would further make her doubt Mi Yun’s tale as to if it was true then why would her workers end up working for the company that wronged then and even if she were to inquire from them about this fact they probably would have lied to her (to protect their jobs) that Mi Yun was probably making up stuff and all and that J Cosmetics was innocent. At this point I doubt that Yoo Kyung could do anything but perhaps doubt Mi Yun herself. So unless they show that she actually knew what her family did to Mi Yun I am going to be giving her a small pass.


As for Mi Yun getting a daughter for revenge it certainly is interesting. Stealing Eun Ha’s baby and raising it for revenge certainly is interesting. In many ways it is Karma getting back to her but it ruined my theory sadly. For instance, I assumed that we would probably be introduced to that nurse once again. Remember her daughter had leukemia and needed treatment so Eun Ha promised her that her father would take care of the expenses and help her move abroad so that she couldn’t reveal anything to Mi Yun. Well I assumed that since they were taking care of her expenses to buy of her silence she would be quite rich and all. But unfortunately Karma would end up catching up to her as well. Thus she would have managed to contact Mi Yun somehow and get to meet her for one final time and either confess the truth to her at this point or atleast ask her for a favour to look after her daughter as she had no family in return she would leave all her wealth to Mi Yun (hoping that she would use that to look after her daughter) but Mi Yun would end up using that for her revenge. I guess that isn’t in the cards then. Unless that is what has happened sort of.


Now let’s move on to the matter of Jailbird. What does it say about the show when criminals are much more humane than all the villains of the show? But while we are on the topic of this I would love to hear the logical explanation regarding Jailbird. From what I managed to gather is that she has a rich mother who is living in Canada. To this she even asked Mi Yun to join her over there and she would use her mother’s wealth to help her in her revenge. Sure that is all well and good and it even explains where Mi Yun ended up with her wealth for her revenge. Just a small problem with this logic. That would be if her mother was so rich and well of that she could live in Canada then why was the daughter living in Korea and even being a criminal. She could have had a good and comfortable life with her mother back there. We also know that Jailbird didn’t have any family here in Korea and that is why she and Mi Yun were living together after their release.


Anyway let’s see what is to happen next according to the preview and hopefully my theory will be more accurate. Mi Yun clearly won’t commit suicide. Somehow she will be prevented. Either by having last minute doubts (or her dead husbands ghost will dissuade her) or she will be rescued by someone else. Some might think this person would be Jailbird but I don’t think that it will be her. The reason for that being is as follows. We know from the preview for the next episode that a fire will break out and that there will be a few casualties and one of the suspected fatalities would be Mi Yun herself. Clearly that is impossible since we know that she is the one after revenge and all and we see her returning to Korea after a few years to get her revenge. This clearly means that Jailbird is the one that is going to die and the investigators are going to find her body and Mi Yun’s identification cards or something (which she may have left there since she wouldn’t need them or something to that extent) Once Mi Yun realizes this she will decide to use this confusion to her advantage. She will use this to probably take over Jailbirds identity and use it to leave for Canada (just how easy was it to forge documents back in the day I wonder. Perhaps it might have helped since they might not all have been computerized like today). Once in Canada she would either tell Jailbirds mother a partial truth that she died but before she passed away she told her to come to her or she would maintain the lie to the mother and claim to be Jailbird and she probably would be able to get away with this fact. That is if we consider that the mother probably hasn’t seen her daughter in ages so she wouldn’t be able to recognize her and take Mi Yun at face value. This way Mi Yun now as access to Jailbirds mothers vast fortune which she will use in her revenge against the people that wronged her and her family.


As for Eun Ha she really needs to get a mental checkup. Her claiming that they should pity her friend because the friend probably never could have another child while Mi Yun could easily have another one. Seriously the loss of one child cannot be made up by another. Yes, it is sad that Yoo Kyung can’t have future kids but that also doesn’t justify stealing another child and claiming it as your own. Heck once Mi Yun’s husband passed away Eun Ha could probably think would be okay since Mi Yun can easily marry somebody new and have a kid with them. That and her other weird thinking just makes her look crazy. She will end up getting her own doze of Karma eventually. Oh wait her as already started. She lost one child but by her logic she can easily have another one later on as she is still healthy


Is it wrong for me to still hold out hope for the reporter to do the right thing down the line. As of now even though he has sold his soul to marry his dream girl he still seems to have a tiny bit of conscience. Similar to Yoo Kyung. I doubt that he will do the right thing right of the bat but perhaps down the line. For instance, I am hoping that he still has the documents that Mi Yun’s husband gave to her and hasn’t handed them over to Thief. Then again he probably would have to since Thief knows that he has those documents on him. Unless the reporter is holding on to them as some sort of insurance policy. This way when his conscience awakens once again he can hand them over to Mi Yun or even Yoo Kyung and this could go a bit for mending some of the bridges between the characters. Also I hope that Yoo Kyung is also holding onto evidence that she can use to take out her husband and fix this problem that her family has caused. I really want the two mothers to become good friends again by the end of the show. But that probably would be too much to ask as her family as caused Mi Yun’s family to much pain. But then again the son might be the bridge between the two families.


So far it seems like the Reporter is the only one that knows everything. Such as he knows the truth that Thief stole from Mi Yun’s family (research and documents etc..) and the fact that there has been a baby swap.


In a manner of speaking it seems like Mi Yun already has the perfect revenge if she already knew everything. Her son will inherit the company that ruined his family and it won’t be the blood of J Cosmetics or even Thief himself. Ofcourse this being a drama things will never be as simple as they sound. We have already seen just how ambitious Thief is and to what extent he will go to maintain his power and position. Meaning he won’t simply hand it over to anyone. Unlike in the previous drama Choi Tae Joon switched the real Heir with his own child thus he was willing to hand the company down to his son because he actually was his son. But in this case this isn’t true so he won’t be so generous to give up his seat of power for Yoo Kyung’s kid. He has probably realized by this point that once the son takes over the grandmother is going to kick him out as she will have no more need of him and that he has served his purpose. She won’t see how loyal that he has been or all that he has done to raise the company and its wealth and how many laws that he has broken to get there. She might not even be willing to pay him for his services by claiming that he got full benefits by being part of the family for all these years etc..


Therefore, it might make more sense if he keeps telling his son not to worry about the company for now and to enjoy himself for the time being. Perhaps trying to show that the son is incompetent so that the chairwoman is forced to keep him around. Though regardless of all this he is eventually going to have to step down because he will eventually die so why be greedy till then is something to wonder. Unless like I said earlier that he will be kicked out of the house once the son takes over the throne.


Speaking of children, I wonder why the Chairwoman is against him having any more kids with her daughter. Regardless of who inherits the company the child will still be of her daughter’s bloodline as well so in other words the company would still remain in her family but due to her rule she is the one responsible for ending her own bloodline. I guess she gets her dose of Karma when she discovers the truth in regards to the baby swap. So I don’t feel a bit sorry for her. Is that wrong of me?


Things that I am interested in right now is what exactly happened to the Aunt. According to Thief everyone has a price and can thus be bought aka bribed or has skeletons in their closets. Therefore, if we are to believe him one of the above two must have happened for her to abandon Mi Yun.  I don’t think that she could be bought over especially with her willing to beat up J Cosmetics for stealing their hard work and all. This must mean that the later must be true so I wonder what that could be and if that will turn up useful in the future.


In regards to Eun Ha and her not wanting there to be any autopsy doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. The only reason that they would want to prevent it is if the child didn’t actually die of blood poisoning as the report said. But why lie about that. If the child did indeed die of blood poisoning, then she wouldn’t really be at fault (or at a 100% responsible). It wasn’t like Mi Yun was asking for a DNA test between them. Clearly since I’m not a doctor this is a bit strange to me.


@Takingthehighroad Take your time to remember said drama and let me know when you do as well as the second drama that you mentioned. They sound interesting.


@Lmangla Totally agree with you that she should stop dreaming since she seems to have some sort of psychic powers but then perhaps that is how she made her fortune back in Canada. Perhaps she dreamt of the jackpot numbers in a lottery and they turned out to be correct.


@tulip06 how did she and Jailbird think of going to Canada since they were convicts is a good question. Perhaps as lu09 mentioned that drama rules applied and the immigration guys were pretty lax. But my take into that is that Jailbird had her mother living over there so it would be reasonable to believe that the mother might be willing to take responsibility for them and on the basis of that they might have approved of letting them go. Also point to be noted they may have been convicts but they had been released after their terms had been served. Meaning that they weren’t escapees so the immigration might not have much of an issue to let them go at this point. Perhaps their systems hadn’t been fully updated that might not have indicated that they were convicts etc.. atleast these are the few things that I can come up with. Whether any of them are true or not we probably won’t have to wait and see since the writer will never try and explain this point. We have to remember that when we watch these dramas we should be prepared to throw logic out of the window otherwise we will be pondering over those things till the end of the show rather on the story.


Speaking of the show before I leave. I do feel sorry for some of the workers at J Cosmetics especially when they have to deal with Mi Yun. For instance, when Mi Yun damaged all those products. Hopefully she wasn’t fired or had her pay docked for Mi Yun’s actions. It isn’t like she was aware what the company did to Mi Yun and her family. Then we have her coming to the company in her funeral attire and seem like a mad woman. Sure people didn’t think that she was some wrathful ghost that is going to haunt them for life. Now that would be fun. Perhaps the writer will change their mind later on and decide to make this a horror story rather than a revenge one.



Anyway that will be all from my end for the time being. So take care all of you and keep posting. Will look forward to reading them and have a happy weekend as well.

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Okay, my guess, from the crazy doctor and turncoat reporter’s tears in the preview, is that Mi Yun stole their daughter and took it to Canada.


@yamiyugi I find your analysis insightful as always. 

@Lmangla MiYun was angry at Lymph-drinking doctor because she a) smelled of alcohol, b) was on call, but had left the hospital to drink, and c) was not at the hospital early enough to save the baby who was sick (that MY was told was hers). 

I personally don’t know why the nurses didn’t call a backup doctor. Even an on-call doctor can have a situation, and this an ICU baby.

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10 hours ago, tulip06 said:

I personally don’t know why the nurses didn’t call a backup doctor. Even an on-call doctor can have a situation, and this an ICU baby.

there was a lot of staff in scrubs and so just assumed that one of them might have been a junior or backup doctor. but yea, we can't use too much brain for this kind of drama. :sweatingbullets:


16 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Is it wrong for me to still hold out hope for the reporter to do the right thing down the line. As of now even though he has sold his soul to marry his dream girl he still seems to have a tiny bit of conscience. Similar to Yoo Kyung. I doubt that he will do the right thing right of the bat but perhaps down the line.

P.S -- can you make your font size normal size? makes it hard to read. :) anyways, so again I had a slightly different take to this situation because mi yun annoyed me. the actress came off as super bossy and demanding that inchul do what she says. instead of asking "will you help me?", she ordered. but here is the thing -- he is just a classmate of her husband but didn't look like they were very tight family friends or anything; meaning he has his own life and his own decisions. it is not imperative that he only does stuff for her interest. while it was sleazy to sell off his ideals in order marry eun ha, he was trying his best to protect mi yun. he went to talk to the J thief about settling. however, mi yun was unwilling to listen and wanted it all on her terms. at this point, he washes his hands off her. part of me feels that he is not obligated to do anything more. it was her call not to settle.


as for yoo kyung, I didn't feel like she was responsible either for mi yun's misery. yoo kyung was willing to listen and was very practical when she asked for evidence. in a business, there can often be claims of copying but without proof, even authorities will not intervene. so mi yun simply waltzing in like a ghost (and scaring the poor staff) does not achieve anything. without evidence, how can yoo kyung know that mi yun was telling the truth? generally in copycat cases, what is customary is to not do a 100% copy but instead dilute the product and change some chemicals so that it is maybe 80-90% the same. this way, they can claim that it is different. guessing how sneaky J thief is, am sure he would have taken such a countermeasure. so it possible that even with the samples, yoo kyung may have felt it is a bit similar but then believes her husband. since claims cannot be taken at face value, yoo kyung's move came across as measured to me. yoo kyung felt that mi yun was acting out of grief and had lost it.


it is hard to believe that mi yun had zero evidence and everything was handed over to inchul. did photocopy machines not exist? :sweatingbullets: even with the notes, was there enough evidence of stealing? if there was, then they should have gone to authorities and filed a complaint with the patent office instead of a reporter no? makes me feel like they didn't have enough evidence in the first place which is why mi yun's husband wanted the news in order to initiate investigation...

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@Lmangla Sure I will try and use a normal font as you like from now on. Sigh got to say goodbye to my favorite Star Trek font but it is the least that I can do for someone who reads my long posts and doesn’t complain about them atlesat you aren’t asking me to shorten the posts which might be a bit more difficult for me.


Now as to some of your points that you brought up I will admit that I might concede on some of them but at the same time we have to take drama law into consideration so the rest not so much. Let’s try and get into the points that you brought up.




You jokingly brought up the point regarding whether or not they didn’t have photocopy machines. They probably did have them even though we are in the past we clearly aren’t that far of that they didn’t have one. We even saw one of those ancient brick mobile phones with some character and I know for a fact that photocopy machines existed during that period. Why they didn’t have any backup copies is indeed a bit strange but I leave that at drama logic at its best. How many times have we actually seen main leads use modern technology at their best? They have smart phones on them now but we have hardly ever seen them use it’s recording functions to record incriminating conversations. Sure there have been a few cases but even when they do such a thing they fail to make adequate backups of their evidence thus when the villains steal or destroy said evidence they lose everything. Perhaps in this case there was a shortage of times. We see the husband get into an accident whether or not he made any backups remains to be seen. As for Mi Yun we see her released from hospital (since the time of the accident and her giving birth etc…) only for her to handle her husband’s funeral and all. She immediately heads out to confront J Cosmetics about their theft and when she is told to gather evidence she causes an incident which has her arrested. Probably she didn’t have time therefore to find any evidence. Though it is true that it is hard to gauge drama time. For instance, she is showing to tie up a banner which is looking for witness to her husband’s accident. She probably had that made and it might have taken a few days (since it didn’t look handmade) so I guess she did have time but no real evidence as you said.


As for the matter of the husband perhaps having not enough evidence therefore going to the reporters instead of the authorities is a bit different. The problem that I see with this is that he may have felt that the later might be a bit more effective than the former. I do agree with his thinking though. Let’s see what would have most likely have happened if he had gone to the authorities. They would have been bought over and he would have also probably lost all his evidence as well. This could easily be seen in regards to his accident. The police initially told Mi Yun that there had been a witness to her husband’s accident but by the end they completely denied ever mentioning such a fact to her and blamed it all on faulty brakes. Even if we assume that J Cosmetics might have gotten to the mechanics to write a false report the witness shouldn’t have disappeared or rather the detective shouldn’t have said that he never said that there was ever a witness (since the witness could also have been bought). This seems to indicate that the detectives were also bribed and hired by J Cosmetics. If this could happen for the accident I wouldn’t doubt that the same could have been said and done for the evidence and case against them in regards to the perfume etc..


On the other hand, going to the media would be a different matter. If the newspapers had actually published the article, then the normal common folk would have made a huge hue and cry and the unfairness and would have probably put pressure on the government or law agencies to rectify said problem. J Cosmetics would have most likely lost their deal and would have suffered a huge loss at the same time. Naturally they had to prevent this from happening.


In regards to the matter about the patent office this might be a bit tricky. From what I could tell the procedure to make the perfume was quite tricky and only they had the knowledge to make it. Anyone else would have to steal the procedure and that is why they would have an edge when the sold the product. Now the point that we have to note is that who registered the patent first (even if you add minor changes in it) if Mi Yun and her family did it before then J Cosmetics wouldn’t stand much of a chance unless they managed to bribe the courts and all but that might be a bit harder to do if the patent information isn’t just in Korea. Mi Yun’s family could use this evidence against any foreign investors and all and get the deal cancelled. But on the other hand if J Cosmetics managed to buy themselves some time when the set fire to their workshop and used it to register the patent under their name then Mi Yun and her family would have the disadvantage. Though come to think of it if her family had indeed patented their technology she could have requested the form from the patent office and given it to Yoo Kyung. Perhaps she wasn’t in her right mind then so she couldn’t figure that out then. I guess I should give her a pass.


As for the part of Mi Yun not wanting to listen to the reporters request to back down and have everything on her terms makes sense. If she backed down, then it would be admitting that she was wrong and that J Cosmetics was in the right. This meant that her husbands and others hard work would have all gone down the drain for nothing. Not only that but if they gave up on their claims then all these workers wouldn’t get paid while others benefited from their hard work. Also she might not have any means to survive. Sure she may be claiming that it isn’t about the money but some things just are. This deal would have allowed her to have a better life and it may have just supported her even if her husband passed away. But now that he is dead how exactly was she to survive. Even if J Cosmetics gave her a bunch of money it would eventually run out and they wouldn’t give her a dime more. Infact if they wanted to make a deal with her they would have still tried. They wanted to save up on their money so they not only stole the technique after it was refused to them they didn’t try and make any offer with Mi Yun. Naturally she would have refused because like I said it affected more than just her.


But for the rest I more or less agree with you. It is true that she was quite bossy towards the Reporter. But I am a bit unsure just how close he was to the family. To the extent that he was the only friend that bailed her out when she was sent to jail the first time (for destroying J Cosmetics products) and even visited her in hospital a few times. Then again he only came there the first time because he heard about her husband’s death and he was investigating the case for him. That is until he discovered a few of Eun Ha’s secrets and then he went towards the dark side. So I guess that you do have a point that he did have his own life and that he didn’t need to take her case all times and that he did try his best for her till he didn’t.


In regards to Eun Ha and Mi Yun being unreasonable towards her in regards to the child’s death. I think part of it was grief on her part but also that she wanted Eun Ha to take responsibility for her actions. Let’s say that the child indeed did die due to sickness Eun Ha is still partially responsible because she wasn’t present that day and was busy drinking. Now from what I can tell Mi Yun at this point just wants one thing and that is for Eun Ha to acknowledge this fact instead of trying to cover it up. Mi Yun may be an idiot but she is smart enough to know that something is wrong when the hospital can’t keep their stories straight. She is sensing a cover up and to an extent that is indeed the case. For instance, the nurse and Eun Ha haven’t gotten the time straight when her child fell ill. One claimed that it was early in the morning while the other is claiming that it started since the day before. To this she claims that why wasn’t she informed since she was already at the hospital. Perhaps she would have been more reasonable had she been at home and they had a hard time contacting her. But this shouldn’t have been an issue since she was already there and a few of the staff must have already been aware of where she was that day but none of them informed her. Then the biggest issue was that she encountered Eun Ha that day and knows for a fact that she was drunk since could smell alcohol on her breath. How she can be sure that she wasn’t present at the hospital might be trickier. Perhaps she knows that there is no place over there for her to get drunk or something similar.


In this case all that Eun Ha should have done is admit that she was at fault and due to that the child died. This would ease Mi Yun greatly. She would have a reason to blame someone at best. But instead of doing that Eun Ha is lying to her that she isn’t at fault and covering it up and then trying to put her at ease by telling her that the hospital will take care of the child’s funeral. Pretty much insulting Mi Yun in other words. Mi Yun would probably not have taken legal action or threatened to do so if she knew the truth she may have held a grudge against Eun Ha for failing to do her job but she probably wouldn’t have gone to the extent of stealing her child just so that she too would have experienced a sense of loss as well. The reason being that Eun Ha would have been repentant towards her and would have admitted her mistake. But her denying her fault brought her in Mi Yun’s crosshairs and became part of her revenge. It also probably doesn’t help that since her husband is taking J Cosmetics side now as well the entire family has become a mark for revenge.


Now to finally add something else.


We can be sure to expect a love triangle in Korean Dramas. It is a K-Drama Trope 101 therefore you can expect it to go as follows.


Yoo Kyung’s kid and Mi Yun’s daughter are going to be the natural choices and their rival is going to turn out to be Eun Ha’s other daughter (the eldest). This means as usual two sisters are going to be fighting over the same guy.


Eun Ha’s daughter would think that she deserves the guy because she knows him for over 30 years and who is this new girl to suddenly come and try and take him from her. She will even probably try and hurt the main female lead. I guess this might not be part of Mi Yun’s revenge plan but I do wonder what her reaction will be to this news. Will she mock to Eun Ha how her own daughters have been harming each other since they weren’t aware of the truth and if they do figure it out what will their reactions be. Will they be begging for forgiveness at this point? Will Eun Ha finally lose it because we can pretty much figure out that Eun Ha will try to take the side of the daughter that she knows (the one that she has been raising for all these years. That means she is going to be rude towards her other daughter and perhaps even slap her as well as some point so that she leaves the guy alone.



Well that should cover most of my points for the time being. Let’s see how many things turn out correct in today’s episode. So till then take care all of you and keep posting.

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good points @yamiyugi; something about this mi yun character irks me. maybe it just reminds me of some selfish people I know who only think of their own problem but never think about the position of the other person. <_<


today's episode: so rather than feel sorry for her, am aggravated by the route she is taking. so if she wants to take revenge, she should do it by herself. by involving yoo jin, she just came off as wicked -- who says "let me watch you stab your parents in the back and I will delight." ummm, so she is a puppet master who will make someone else do the dirty job but won't get her own hands dirty?... and then to cause accidents that could have been fatal just to stop an engagement. ummm... what if inchul's accident caused a bystander to die? ... I need to throw out my brains to watch this drama ^_^


mi yun decides to take it as a sign from heaven when her jail roomie gets mistaken as mi yun in the fire accident. she takes on mi ra's identity to move to canada. so eun ha was having contractions while shopping for baby clothes and mi yun uses that time to steal the daughter who gets renamed as yoo jin. J thief is really quick and his first hunch is that the kidnapping is because of a grudge. yoo kyung finds that hard to believe and he states that it could be either because of medical malpractice, inchul's job as a reporter or a combination of both. he then asks if mi yun really died. the guy has brains! it looks like he won't be that easy to fool in terms of revenge?


so sera is born and eun ha blames the child's birth for losing her daughter. from birth, the two sisters are now entangled in a bitter fate. @yamiyugi ~ yea, it looks like we have the usual 2 sisters fighting for one man but there's this mysterious assistant guy who is flying with the revenge mother and daughter duo from canada. wonder who he is. hae joon (mi yun's son) seems like a gentle reasonable guy. guess he takes after yoo kyung. but he doesn't seem that enthusiastic to get engaged to sera but he might have been in shock. @tulip06 ~ am getting vibes of shady mom again. wondering if this yoo jin also got abused or brain washed....

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1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

so rather than feel sorry for her, am aggravated by the route she is taking. so if she wants to take revenge, she should do it by herself.


I find this route interesting. She didn't wait 20+ episodes to take revenge. She certainly isn't naive or a doormat like most female protagonists. She took action immediately. I agree that taking the child was wrong, but it was simple karma. She's playing their game.


MY is a morally grey villain. An anti-hero. She does bad things for a good reason. Like Mansoo, Namjoon, and Kwanjil. If she were male like those people I've listed, I'm sure people wouldn't be upset about this.

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So, it happened as I expected. How blind are the police that they can't match pictures to the person in front of them? They are using those pictures in the news!


Seems daughter is totally loyal to omma and the two are even gazing into each other's eyes. Icky.

@Lmangla I don't this Yoojin was abused, but brainwashed. And she remembers being left alone, maybe because the omma was out working?


That assistant of theirs is cute.


On an off-topic note, and only because some people here were planning to watch: is Wanna Taste postponed?

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I'm wondering what happened to YJ in her childhood? Was she abused? I'm hoping that MY/Carrie didn't abuse her... because then I'll end up hating her, and I love her!


It's pretty crazy how the friend and MY got mixed up? How?! They look completely different... but then again the death was needed for the sake of the plot. Would've loved to see them team up and destroy J Group.


Oh boy! The fake daughter is gonna seduce the real son! richard simmons is getting crazy! But that assistant is cute though... And Sera gives off bad vibes. Oooh.


did not feel sorry for EA at all. I felt absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. Maybe IC (barely), but not her. And y'all know I despise J Thief. Only sane ones are YK and HC. 


Wait, all of these names were in a KBS drama at some point.

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Every actor in this drama ('cept for a few) I've seen before - many times. Baby-Face (Kim Heung-Soo) seems a straight-up guy, suspicious of his dad's dealings & does't mind talking to him about it. Love that part. I remember him from Love & Secret. He hasn't changed a bit. 


Yep, the daughter seems afraid of the dark, but why would she imagine Baby-Face's face? (Yes I know those last three words are odd, but I couldn't think of a better way to put it). I don't know but Gracious Mom seems so cold w/her daughter and vice versa. Their relationship seems so business-like.That really irked me for some reason. And they talk about the revenge so cold & determined w/each other. I bet the daughter was raised that way. Don't like that part at all. 

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On 10/22/2019 at 8:23 PM, chococarmela said:


I'm in love with the female villain for Heaven's Promise too! I love her acting!


Wang Bitna is an incredible actress when it comes to female villains, she just happens to be typecasted a lot...

So very true, I have never seen her in First femal lead . They could still use her as a villain but make It the villains story. 

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am starting to really enjoy J thief as his mannerisms are really funny. started cracking up on his reaction to the anonymous blackmail note. he was like "I did so many bad things 30 years ago. shouldn't they be a bit more specific?" :joy:


hae joon and sera get engaged. sera hates her older sister even without meeting her and feels like her life has been robbed. eun ha and inchul still remember the date their daughter was kidnapped and sera has no problem scheduling the engagement for that day. sera is not only insensitive but then gets upset that her day is being upstaged by this invisible sister. ummm, one would think she has bit more empathy... she is even jealous of hae joon's time with yoo ra even though he doesn't remember because he was 3. so basically, we have a huge clinger who is going to get really nasty.


mi yun is not just coming back with yoo ra, aka janice, to get revenge but has a team. @tulip06 ~ cute assistant is danny and I am wondering what is his relationship to mother-daughter duo. he calls mi yun "omonim" and wishes yoo ra was his girlfriend. there is also another investigator/assistant/strategist called ms oh who is helping them put this plan together. what is strange is that mi yun seems to think this is yoo ra's first time to seoul. however, yoo ra apparently spent a summer 3 years ago in seoul and had a kind of fling with hae joon. he knew her as jane though. so what exactly was she doing in seoul? how didn't miyun know?


miyun is macabre enough to celebrate yoora's kidnapping as her birthday. :sweatingbullets: she also tells danny not to tell yoora about eunha losing a child as that will make her sympathetic. so did yoora not want to do this earlier and was coerced into this? is yoora a softie? will we see tons of conflicted tears? it looks like miyun is choosing a honey trap method for revenge but why? surely, there are other ways like destroying the business or hurting inchul's political career?

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