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[Drama 2019-2020] Elegant Mother and Daughter/Gracious Revenge, 우아한 모녀


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7 hours ago, yamiyugi said:


@Lmangla thanks for clarifying that you meant Janice to be Sleazebags love interest. Not sure where I stand on that though. As a person to perhaps help in her revenge plan I might be okay but not sure about a love interest. ......... If Janice is with him she will probably end up cleaning his mess and she doesn’t deserve and of that.

yea, he will probably be an awful love interest but at least for now, his scenes with janice are far more interesting and there seems to be a genuine spark where I can see why philip seems intent on pursuing her. it is not like janice is even trying to catch his interest but there is something interesting about their interactions compared to the borefest that is baby face and janice... 


so from what we have seen, philip isn't lazy, he is just unmotivated. he tells janice that he has always been on top and on the winning side whereas sera has everything but still seems to be losing -- which is why he vaguely feels sorry for her and basically lets her tag along with him. since he is not required to work for anything, he is sort of going through the motions of life. but despite that, he is the one who has a good read on people. I will not be surprised if he ends up being the only one who recognizes clark kent as danny and everyone will be like "what I didn't know that?" ^_^ LOL..... philip reminds me of these anime characters who just lazes around in the corner and no one takes him seriously and then in crisis, he is the one who leaps in and wins the fight because he knows exactly what has to be done as he has a good read on people and situations.


7 hours ago, yamiyugi said:


@Lmangla I think you were the one that mentioned how you think that J Thief may actually love his wife. I think to an extent that may be true and I fear that when it comes to redeem him it will be revealed that he actually was a good guy but was forced/pressurized to do all the bad things that he did. Sure he married his wife to save her face and accepted her kid as her own and not only that agreed to have no future kid with her as well. Actually I have an issue with that but will let it drop for now. But back to the point we know that the chairwoman (Yoo Kyung’s mother) was very demanding since she laid down such terms to accept him as part of her family. We also know that she didn’t care how he achieved results as long as they got a profit. ..........

I find the relationship between J thief and yoo kyung really cute. usually in other dramas, there is a kind of contempt, anger and barely held civility between such couples with a similar story line. the wife will look down on the husband for being low class and hate that she had to marry him because of pregnancy. he will feel resentful that despite all that he has achieved, he is not given respect and may have a mistress or two to fulfill his need for affection etc.. that is typically how the older couples in these dramas are written. so I really am enjoying how happy J thief and yoo kyung are.


J thief is obviously low class and a bit of goof ball -- the sort that would be looked down upon by other rich people but yoo kyung always treats him with gentleness and affection. she finds him funny and enjoys his company. he also treats her with respect but wants her approval. there is genuine affection between the two and their scenes are fun. she treats him as hae joon's father and is not moping for the first love that died. hae joon does not seem to be even aware that J thief is not his biological father -- the tug of war between the two is because they have opposite ideals and characters and is not because of a stepfather vs stepson dynamic like in other dramas.


the chairwoman was indeed horrible and we really did see her pushing J thief to achieve things. despite marrying yoo kyung, the chairwoman made it very clear that J thief had no security. so there was a bit of desperation to his actions. now it has become second nature. it will be interesting to see how J thief fares in the ending because he also seems to care for hae joon in some ways. chairwoman demanding J thief can't have kids felt like she didn't want her bloodline getting polluted by mixing with his and he was just the servant caretaker of yoo kyung and baby. while they could have tried for another baby, there was something that went wrong with the pregnancy. eun ha and her father were freaking out when the baby died because yoo kyung could not have another child.


15 hours ago, tulip06 said:

@Lmangla @chococarmela I think the point is to distract the families with the breakup and to make the investment depend on the marriage so that the two families take loans and have financial dealings dependent on the marriage and, then, when the marriage doesn't happen, Carrie sweeps in and takes all the property.  

do you think hae joon and janice will get married? or will they also break up once carie takes all the property?

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ep 23 ~ this episode should be titled "death threats"; so now it is eun ha's turn to threaten janice but eun ha seems even more psychotic that she might actually do something. was eun ha trying to make it sound like a sob story? janice then asks an interesting question -- is hae joon obligated to look after sera when that is the role of the parents? personally, whenever I see the tagline "healing love" or "healing drama", I want to start yawning. it seems to be a bit of a myth that somehow a grand love will cure all heartbreaks and fix things but then people find nothing has really been fixed. in this case, sera is clinging on to hae joon as she feels like somehow his presence drives the hurt away but does it really? she is still miserable even when he has been on her side. she is still hurt and seething that her parents didn't give her affection. so does a romantic relationship with hae joon really solve anything?


the most interesting bit was the shaman. yoo kyung worried visits the only lady shaman in dramaland (she has popped up in so many dramas as the shaman hahahahha). the shaman questions if hae joon is really her child because yoo kyung is not supposed to have a child. yoo kyung just dismisses it as the shaman losing touch.


carrie is behind the scenes ensuring that people don't attack janice with physical assault. while she seems apologetic for putting janice in this position, she thinks it is the only way. @yamiyugi ~ it is interesting that with danny, there is a distance between miyun and him. she is not promising him the moon but he is grateful and willing to follow her orders. whereas with janice, she is the daughter but it is almost like she has to bribe or reassure that it will be okay in the end. think thats why she is giving this false promise that after the revenge, it will be fine. perhaps janice didn't want to do any revenge and wanted her own life?


@tulip06 ~ wonder if the reason miyun is using janice as a honey trap is so that the two families also turn on each other and start attacking each other. so divide and conquer?


23 hours ago, chococarmela said:

I can foresee most of the endings now... Sera going insane, MY in jail, EH in a mental ward... This drama is one crazy ride.

what about hae joon and janice? do you think they will end up together?

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@yamiyugi Thank you for continuing to recap!  My understanding of the revenge plot, though, is that Janice splits up the marriage and the business and Carrie makes off with the money and the IOUs that were signed based on that marriage that never happened, and no one is ever wiser about the filial relationships.  Carrie just holds that card.


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5 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

preview shows danny pushing hae joon away -- feels right though; hae joon feels like such an useless male lead. she is better off with someone else. anyone else feel that way?

I do too.  I think all women would be better off with someone other than Hae Joon.  

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6 hours ago, Lmangla said:

what about hae joon and janice? do you think they will end up together?


One of them may die. From what I see, they won't end up together. HJ is a really bad male lead and there's no chemistry between the two of them.

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7 hours ago, chococarmela said:


One of them may die. From what I see, they won't end up together. HJ is a really bad male lead and there's no chemistry between the two of them.

feel macabre hitting 'awesome' or 'love' reaction button on this but thats how I feel too! ^_^

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ep 24 thoughts ~ the episode is further filled with threats. have to laugh at yoo kyung and eun ha's interactions. rather than enemies, they are like frenemies. yoo kyung always seems to find eun ha overbearing and kind of scary. eun ha is really bossy. she tells that this marriage is business and if it is does not happen, J group secrets will come out. yoo kyung has no idea what eun has is referring to. when she asks J thief later, he denies that there is anything to worry about.


eun ha has inchul do a background check on janice so that they can contact her mom and humiliate them in the overseas korean community. wonder what the check will reveal.


carrie is behind the scenes and suggests that J thief get janice to resign. if she doesn't agree, then make some bogus embezzlement charges against her. was wondering what on earth miyun is up to with that idea. any ideas chingus? this seems to be part of the plan because danny suggests that janice skip work for a day out as she won't be there too long anyway. hae joon pops up acting like a boyfriend which irks danny. he rightly points out that hae joon needs to break off his engagement first when the wedding invite/announcement shows up on the company site. sera thinks bulldozing hae joon by announcing the wedding will keep him quiet but he says that he will withdraw the announcement from the company bulletin. ouch!


since bulldozing doesn't seem to work, next plan of action is lets trap janice in an elevator. does anyone know if claustrophobia can cause brain damage for real? at the most, it can be a traumatic incident but brain damage? :huh:

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Oh boy episode 22 was a blast. We literally had fireworks explode in this episode with bombs going of like it was the fourth of July or did it come early in Korea. I wonder what @sava2sava would think about this episode had they been watching this show.


Anyway here comes the recap for episode 22 as promised.




Yoo Kyung has just asked Janice to leave Korea in return she will promise to help her out in any way possible. This is the point when Baby Face makes his entrance. He has heard his mother’s request and he isn’t pleased to hear about this. He becomes extremely rude towards her at this point shocking her as well. Janice tries to calm the situation down but it isn’t helping. He seems to be mad at her for even considering such a thing and for allowing herself to be pushed around by those around her when she has done nothing wrong. Yoo Kyun tries to snap him back to his senses by reminding him that he is engaged and about to get married with Sera. He then informs her that he has no intention of doing that shocking her. Unfortunately for all of them Sera who has followed Baby Face here has also managed to overhear this and she is in shock. Yoo Kyung clearly believes in the Ostrich theory (that they stick their necks in the ground when they face danger thinking that the threat isn’t there and can’t see them in this way so they will be safe). Thus she asks Sera to pretend that she never heard his confession and that he simply said that because he was currently out of his mind. Sera asks him his intent that is he planning on cancelling their wedding so that he can marry Janice. Yoo Kyung tries to continue that the matter should be ignored. But Sera finally decides to talk with Janice privately and solve the problem on her own. So she asks Yoo Kyung to take Baby Face outside while she handles the problem. Baby Face is reluctant to leave is he is fully aware of what Sera is capable of doing and asks to talk with him since the matter concerns the both of them. Sera doesn’t take it well nor does Yoo Kyung. She has to forcefully drag him out of there. He only leaves because Janice promises him that she will be fine.


As for Yoo Kyung she discovers that Club Janice has had front row seats to this family drama without paying any kind of fee for watching it on a cable channel. She warns them to stay silent about what they have just witnessed before moving ahead with Baby Face. The club members initially wonder if it is safe for them to leave Janice alone with Sera. But in the end decide that more free drama for them is better so they let those two duke it out for the time being. Sera has clearly lost it. She ends up throwing everything on Janice’s desk to the ground that isn’t bolted. Well almost everything. She has enough sense not to touch the laptop since that would be coming out of her pocket since it wasn’t in the drama budget. She even throws down Janice’s name thingy on the ground and tramples on it. Her intent is clear that she thinks of her as nothing as thrash and that is her way of treating the matter. She even lets her know this. Janice calmly listens to all this and asks her that if she is trash like this then what does that make Baby Face who has such poor choice to fall for her. This enrages Sera to the extent and is about to slap her but barely manages to control herself. Janice tries to egg her on by pointing to her that her mother already did that so why should she be left behind. Sera claims that since she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty she will let the matter slide for now.


She does point out that Janice’s actions paint her in a negative light and lists of a bunch of description that match her character. Janice only wonders just what they have been teaching Sera at school since she got all of them wrong and points this out by correcting her and informing her that those words only allude to a woman going after a married man and Baby Face is still single so this can’t apply to her. (Best line of the entire episode in my opinion) Sera is so infuriated at that she wants to attempt and slap Janice again but stops herself in time when one of Club Janice enters to clean up the mess that Sera made. (Janice had called her in a moment ago to get rid of the trash. She probably meant Sera but the worker was smart enough to figure out that she meant the mess that was made). Sera knows when enough of a scene has been made so she leaves at this point.


Yoo Kyung is having a chat with Baby Face in his office and wants to know just what he meant by when he said that he wanted to call of the wedding earlier. She tries to point out that it is too late to back out from such a commitment and that he shouldn’t be like that. He lets her know that he isn’t happy with her actions and that he felt like she was threatening Janice by telling her to leave. She only tells him that he better end it before his dad finds out otherwise the Golf clubs would be coming out again and she may not be able to protect him. He refuses to budge on this matter and this really frustrates her. She simply can’t seem to figure out why he would want to throw away his life for some other woman like this.


He tries to point out that he is doing this because he loves Janice and not Sera. Unfortunately, she isn’t ready to accept this and points out a bunch of reasons why she is specifically against Janice and that it would be a good thing if he listened to her. He isn’t having any of that and tries to pull of those points as accidents and something beyond Janice’s control and thus she shouldn’t be held accountable for them. She feels like she isn’t getting anywhere for the time being so she lets him know that this conversation is far from over but he better be prepared to hear more about it later. She also reminds him that they have a family meeting at Eun Ha’s place and he better keep his act straight since even Mi Yun will be there. He tries to bring up the matter of how that would be unfair to Sera since he loves Janice. But she points out that people get married without being in love with their respective partners but that can come with time so he should man up and do that as it is the best choice. He points out that this isn’t a love marriage but one suited for a business. She agrees to that but tells him that they don’t have to be mutually different and can be the same thing. She does seem to claim that he comes first to her before the company (but she has a strange way of doing it doesn’t she). She feels like she has said all that she can for the time being so she leaves at this point to do some damage control with Sera.


She now tries to console Sera by letting her know that wedding can’t be called off so easily so she has nothing to fear. Sera chooses to believe this for the moment. Yoo Kyung is then interested in knowing about Janice’s response to all this. Sera takes the opportunity to paint her in a negative light, Sera wants to involve her mother as well into this explosive mix but Yoo Kyung barely manages to talk her out of it. She points out that if her mother gets involved then things are bound to get out of hand and even a scandal can happen (abuse of power, the fact that Sera is losing her man to another co-worker). So Sera decides to change tracks and points out to Yoo Kyun just how determined Baby Face is to end this engagement since he removed his ring. This shocks her since she didn’t notice this fact and wonders why Sera didn’t bring her into the loop earlier. Sera tries to play it cool and tells her that she wanted to take care of the matter on her own before it got so out of control. Yoo Kyung seems impressed by this and lets her know that she plans on persuading Baby Face to come back to his senses meanwhile to keep it from the rest of the family especially at the family dinner in the evening. Sera agrees to these terms.


Janice and her fan club member are busy cleaning up the mess that Sera made earlier when she gets a call from Baby Face. She deliberately chooses to ignore it for the time being.


Baby Face on the other hand gets concerned since he isn’t receiving any answer from her. He probably expects the worst and thinks that she may have ended up in the hospital after getting seriously injured by Sera. So he is about to head out to check up on her when Sera enters his office. She is clearly aware of his intention and tries to stop him. She points out that the only time that she saw him as miserable as he is currently was three years back (she still hasn’t connected the dots). She refuses to back down and still insists that she wants to marry him no matter what even when he tells her that he isn’t interested. She also reminds him of the fact that they have the family meeting at her place so they should go together to show the appearance that all is well and that he will even have to put his ring back on. She then leaves after warning him to get his act together. The poor guy is so frustrated because nobody seems to be listening to what he wants.


J Thief on the other hand is having a good day since he has just received the good news that he has already received the initial investment money that Mi Yun had promised them. Yoo Kyung makes her next stopover at his office to not only remind him of the family dinner at Eun Ha’s place but more importantly if he has any way to legally fire Janice from the company. He is initially suspicious that the rumors between Janice and Baby Face may actually be true. But Yoo Kyung lies and tells him that there is nothing going on in between them. she just wants to have Janice removed so that others can’t talk about it or cause any kind of misunderstanding. He points out that firing people like that may be construed as an abuse of power plus once they start work on their new farm project she is going to get extremely busy. She points out that he has numerous workers so he doesn’t really need her. But the moment that he mentions that Mi Yun has heavily invested in them so not to jinx the mood. She is clearly shocked to hear this.


Mi Yun is back to talking to her dead husband’s picture while also holding the pictures of their farm that she got from J Thief. She promises her husband that she will get back their farm and return it to its original purpose of making it into a herbal farm.


As for Eun Ha she is informing Inchul of the offer that the art fund gave her. He wants to know if the matter is legit and she assures him that is indeed the case and that it is a common thing that members at auctions do. But she still has him promise her not to let Yoo Kyung know about this as her pride would get hurt. He seems more interested in the evening meal so she lets him know that it is under control and he should get home early.


Sera on the other hand had forgotten all about the fact that Sleazebag wanted a meeting with her and that he had promised to head over to her office since she was busy doing damage control. She tells him to have a chat with him later on but he is having none of that and hangs up. She rushes out to prevent him from showing upstairs for the talk.


Baby Face on the other hand is having a chat with Janice and hopes that she is doing well and apologizes for his mother’s actions and tells her not to mind it. She tries to give him another chance to back down from his choice of being with her. But he refuses to do so and tells her the same thing (that she is also not allowed to back out at this point). She warns him that if he continues on this path he is only going to suffer. So he lets her know that he would rather regret if he watches her suffer. She points out that this might mean that he is okay if he suffers instead. He is okay with that since it would be his price for making others suffer. This is just his karma.


Sera is nervously waiting for Sleazebag infront of the elevators and tries to get rid of him before anyone else can spot him but he is having none of that. Nor is he willing to talk somewhere else. He wants to confess everything to Baby Face. She can’t have any of that so she drags him away. What she doesn’t realize is that Baby Face has just witnessed her dragging him like that and he becomes suspicious as to why she was hanging about with Sleazebag. So he ends up following them. this is where he overhears their entire conversation and discovers the fact that she was responsible for having Sleazebag report him for assault as well as the fact that Janice is aware of this. Both of them are shocked at this news.


Mi Yun has arrived early at Eun Ha’s place thus she even gets to admire the fake painting that she sold to Eun Ha. She is probably laughing inside that Eun Ha still hasn’t discovered this fact. Eun Ha asks her to select a painting later on for the charity auction after dinner. She agrees to this. At this point Yoo Kyung makes her appearance as well. At this point Mi Yun receives a phone call so she excuses herself. Eun Ha uses this moment to drag Yoo Kyun to the side and wonders how her meeting went with Janice. Yoo Kyung lets her know that she told Janice to leave the country. Eun Ha lets her know that if this isn’t sufficient then she would have to get involved and teach anyone that messes with her child a lesson. They don’t realize that Mi Yun has overheard this entire conversation.


Sera on the other hand is mad at Janice for all the wrong reasons. She figures that since Janice is aware of the fact that she made Sleazebag file a complaint against Baby Face she must have reported it to Baby Face and that is the reason why he wants to break of the marriage with her. Therefore, this must mean that Janice is manipulating the situation in her favour and this makes her mad. She is heading out somewhere when she manages to bump into Janice and lets her know how disappointed she is in her for playing dirty. She had atleast expected Janice to play fair. Janice has no idea of what Sera is saying. So she simply decides to ignore her and go her own way.


Baby Face is trying to figure out what everything that he has just heard means. It is all so confusing for his little brain and he is wondering where he can get a better one when Sera enters his office to bring him home for the family dinner. She wonders if he knows everything but doesn’t have the courage to ask him. She just reminds him that the parents will be there so he shouldn’t keep them waiting. Finally, he agrees to go with her.


At the family dinner everyone except the kids seem to be in a good mood due the reason that Mi Yun has invested in their marriage so they are going to get more rich and all. Especially J Thief he thinks that Christmas must have come early for him and this is Santa’s gift for him for being good all year round. Mi Yun stresses that she only makes investments on winning deals and everyone seems to agree to this. Baby Face on the other hand is being affected by the zombie virus and doesn’t seem to be aware of what is going around or perhaps he knows that he is a lamb for slaughter and wants to enjoy his last few moments in peace. He unfortunately isn’t getting any of that.


Mi Yun sensing the fireworks that are about to explode politely excuses herself. At this point Eun Ha is the only one to note that Baby Face isn’t wearing his ring anymore. He wants to let them know that it isn’t the one ring that rules them all so it isn’t important if he has one. But his mother instead decides to cover for him by lying and saying that he removed it at home and forgot about it. Sera who knows the truth decides to play along with this lie (as her pride would have been affected) tells the others that Baby Face tends to do this a few times and is totally normal behavior on his end. Baby Face simply can’t believe what he is hearing. Eun Ha just wants him to wear the ring at all times so that other people don’t get the wrong idea.


Mi Yun meanwhile is having a chat with Janice and reporting the current status of their plan to her. She lets her know that it appears for now that Eun Ha and Inchul don’t seem to know for now that Baby Face has ended his relationship with Sera so now is her moment to make her move and make Baby Face hers before any more of the adults decide to get involved. Janice agrees to this.


J Thief is glad that everything is going well on the business end but now they should focus on the wedding preparations. They are informed that all is going well on that end (mothers side). Inchul is glad that Sera got involved to take care of the Janice rumor and J Thief seems to agree with this praising her for her smart thinking and all. He hopes to get a toast for the success of their business and their wedding to go well. Baby Face who had gone back into zombie mode finally snaps out of it and decides to drop his bombshell that he has no intention of getting married with Sera even though both Sera and his mother try and prevent him from doing so. J Thief is so mad that he searches for his golf clubs to beat some sense into him only to realize that they aren’t at his home so he can’t do that. He is forced to settle with a slap to Baby Faces face. Yoo Kyung has to prevent him from getting any more physical. Sera on the other hand faints from the shock that he actually had the audacity to cancel the wedding infront of the parents. Mi Yun finally hears this good news from where she is. Eun Ha on the other hand wants an explanation for his behavior. She wonders if this has anything to do with Janice and he is forced to admit that is indeed the case. Clearly nobody is taking that news well.


Sera is quickly rushed to her room and Eun Ha asks Inchul to bring one of her IV’s to help Sera recover (why else would they be there in the house. They must have been used when she had one of her fits or so) Inchul runs out to get it. Meanwhile Yoo Kyung shows some concern for Sera’s condition but Eun Ha doesn’t want to deal with her family for the time being and tells her to get out.


J Thief is still mad at the stunt that Baby Face just pulled until he realizes that he has a visitor aka Mi Yun and apologizes for this family drama. Mi Yun seems to be cool about it and tells him that Baby Face must have a good reason for his actions and perhaps he should listen to it. At this point Yoo Kyung and Baby Face leave Sera’s room since they have been kicked out from it by Eun Ha. Baby Face tells his parents to leave first and he will join them later on once Sera awakens. J Thief wants to beat him some more but Yoo Kyung manages to prevent him and Mi Yun seems to agree with his request. So in the end everyone leaves.


J Thief is still mad when he arrives at home and wonders what is wrong with his son and how can he fall for a girl he just met and if he messes up this wedding then things won’t be good for him. At this point Yoo Kyung decides to drop another bomb for him by informing him that Janice just so happened to be the mystery girl from 3 years back. Clearly he is shocked to hear this. His facial expression seems to be saying (Wait, what was that?)


Janice meanwhile is working out to clear her mind. She has moved on to a treadmill this time around instead of her work bicycle. She receives a message from her mother informing her that Baby Face just broke of his engagement infront of the parents so congratulations are finally due.


Baby Face decides to check up on Sera once more. Eun Ha who is still nursing her thinks that it was a good thing that he decided to call of the wedding in regards to Janice since if he had continued his relationship with her it would have been considered cheating and she wouldn't have forgiven him at that point. Still she wants to give him a chance to make things right even now. If he decides to take back what he just declared she is willing to forgive him. He apologizes to her but lets her know that he can’t do that. She tries to let him know that the situation still hasn’t changed even if he wants and that the marriage is still going ahead. Meanwhile if he wants to stay with Sera he should pretend that nothing went wrong etc.. saying this she leaves.


Inchul is busy doing some heavy drinking after this entire drama when Baby Face joins him. Inchul is so mad at his actions that he wants to beat Baby Face to his senses. But looking at his face he has second thoughts. (his face was like go ahead beat me if you like and it makes you happy. I feel bad but won’t change my stance) it might also be that he doesn’t want to beat the son of his friend. So he lets it slide for the moment and invites Baby Face for a drink and to solve it like how men should do. (with drinks) Sera finally awakes and to her dismay finds herself alone. She clearly was expecting Baby Face to be there and realizes that he isn’t there because he actually doesn’t feel anything for her at this point.


Inchul lets Baby Face that neither he nor anyone else in both families is going to accept his terms to drop this marriage no matter what happens and that he should consider the long term consequences of his actions than the short term. Baby Face tries to talk some sense into someone but to no avail. He points out to him that he doesn’t love Sera so why should he go ahead with this. Inchul points out that everyone knows that Sera loves him more so this should be sufficient as she can love them for both. Baby Face has his doubts if that is even the case (since he knows what she did to him). Inchul wants an explanation but he isn’t getting one. Inchul even tries to point out the fact that Sera’s feelings for him are pure and that she loves him more than her own parents. But Baby Face isn’t budging on his points. Sera who has slightly recovered had left her room and overheard this conversation. She has figured out exactly why he is acting like this now.


Eun Ha decides to check up on Sera only to find her missing. She lets everyone in the house know this fact and has them search for her. They don’t seem to have much luck. She seems to be worried that perhaps Aliens have abducted her and wants them to find her no matter the cost.


Turns out that Sera has somehow managed to arrive at Janice’s place (surprisingly in her condition) and wants a word with her. Janice is irked that her tea drinking was disturbed and knows that by the time the entire matter is resolved the tea will have gotten cold. Nobody likes cold tea unless it is Iced Tea. Janice wonders what to do at this point since Sera is demanding to be let in. This is the million dollar question and she needs help. So she decides to use one of her lifelines. She chooses to use call a friend. But can’t seem to initially decide which one to pick. She has the option of either calling Baby Face or Danny. She finally decides on the later. He is busy in lawyer mode and tells her that he is on his way to her rescue but till then not to let Sera inside. Janice lets him know that she needs to have a chat with her anyway. Danny rushes to her rescue. He probably is also worried that the things at home don’t have an insurance policy and they may get damaged. Janice finally lets Sera inside. The moment Sera has entered she starts throwing stuff on the ground. She suspects that Janice was the one that ratted on her and informed Baby Face that she was responsible for getting Sleazebag to report Baby Face to the police. Janice is totally innocent of this matter and lets her know this but Sera refuses to believe this and points out that there is no other way for him to find out otherwise. Sera loses it at this point that she takes it out on the poor teapot and cups. Guess Janice isn’t having any calming tea when this is all over. Sera challenges Janice to pull all the tricks that she can to win over Baby Face but she is still going to lose. Janice seems to agree to this and tells her that the rules of fair play are now on and she must win him over at any cost while Sera must do her level best to keep Baby Face to herself.


Sera totally loses it at that point. She ends up doing her latest hobby by slapping Janice for the second time. She then tries to strangle her as well. Fortunately, she is in a weakened condition that Janice manages to push her away. Sera ends up taking a seat (she falls on one when Janice pushes her away. She doesn’t take it voluntarily) Janice lets her know that loving someone isn’t a crime and therefore she is going to love Baby Face to best of her ability for the time being and when the time for punishment comes she will even accept that. Sera is clearly going in mental mode and ends up throwing a few more things. Janice is cool with all of this since all the expensive things are safely locked away from her reach. Sera simply warns her that she will have the last laugh because no matter what Janice will do in the end she will never have Baby Face because she will personally give her a slow and painful death. Feeling that she has finally made her point Sera decides to finally leave. Janice pretends to stay strong while Sera was there and seems to find it amusing but the moment that she is gone her strength seems to give way and she needs to have a seat. She is also left with cleaning up the entire new mess that Sera has left her with and this time she doesn’t have anyone from her fan club to help her out. Sera is the same. While she appeared strong infront of Janice and was probably on an Aderline rush it seems to wear of and she feels a bout of weakness come about her as well. What will happen next we need to find out in the next episode since this one ends here at this point.



Now some of my thoughts regarding this episode.




What I like about Yoo Kyung is that she isn’t exactly like all those other Future MiL who don’t like their potential DiL due to them not being so well off ie coming from a poor family. In this case she is against Janice simply because she doesn’t like her for hurting her son in the past and endangering his life in the future. So in other words she has a genuine reason to disapprove of Janice. I wish people would just heed her advice. It certainly isn’t helping Baby Face’s cause that he is being rude and disrespectful to her as well just over a girl. Though perhaps he is simply overreacting to a few things. Such as when she asked Janice to leave Korea it certainly didn’t sound like a threat to me. Yet Baby Face claimed it to be. If it had been a threat she would have told Janice to quit or else suffer the consequences. She on the other hand was willing to give a good recommendation if needed or even financially to Janice. That certainly sounds more of a request to me than a threat. She also claims that he comes first yet she is still pushing on his marriage with Sera. I can understand her not wanting him to be with Janice due to the reasons she cited so she can give him another option of being with someone else other than Sera and Janice. He won’t take it we all know that but as someone who claims to care for him she should have made an offer like that.


So J Thief is finally aware that Janice was the mystery girl of three years ago. Now it seems like Sera and her family are the only people in the dark regarding this. Would like to see their reaction when they discover this fact. Not that it will change anything for them. they need the business edge so they will still want the marriage to go ahead as planned. Sera noticed that he was like this 3 years back but she surprisingly still hasn’t figured it out that she could have been his first love from back then. Though if she is like this now I wonder what her reaction would have been to Janice back then. Second Female Leads always feel justified that since they have been in love with the male lead for ages they deserve them over this new person that they claim to love and how dare such a person showed up. Had they not done so they would have ended up with the male lead. In this case Sera would have been slightly justified considering that she atleast got to the point where she was engaged unlike the others.


Then we have the part where Sera is blaming Janice of manipulating Baby Face by revealing the truth about her involvement with Sleazebag. Not sure what she is thinking about here. Sure that may have been a deciding moment for him to drop the wedding but he was having cold feet way before that. Not only that but her actions were indeed wrong and it shouldn’t matter who let him know about it. If she knew that it was wrong and that if she got caught she shouldn’t have pulled a stunt like that in the first place. I feel her calling Janice on playing dirty instead of playing fair as she expected is pretty hypocritical of her considering that she is the one playing dirty as well. I guess she goes by the saying that all is fair in love and war. So anything goes for her but not for the other side.


I will certainly like to see how far each side will go at this point. Also her threatening to kill Janice just so that she can’t have Baby Face seems to be on par with her character and due to her mental instability I don’t have a doubt that she might not go that far at some point. Though what she doesn’t seem to get that it won’t matter if Janice is dead or not he still isn’t coming to her. So what does she plan on becoming a serial killer and kill any girl that comes close to Baby Face. With that track record she is either going to end up in jail or a psych ward.


The only good thing about this episode was that Baby Face let everyone know that he has no intention of getting married to Sera. The people are clearly shocked and some people are bound to do something drastic regarding this. Yes, I am looking at you Eun Ha. I do wonder if she is also like this to make up for not being able to take care of her daughter all those years ago so she now wants to give her everything that she couldn’t then. But even then I wonder why go ahead with a marriage that you know that everyone is going to end up suffering. If she is only in it for the financial gains, then Eun Ha is still a terrible parent. Infact all these parents are in the same boat they don’t care how their child feels just what they will gain out of it. Well Inchul is the opposite. He wants his daughter to be happy with whoever she wants but he doesn’t seem to care what the other guy feels. But then he goes and tells Baby Face to think of the long term plans instead of the short terms and being fooled by his current emotions. I think that he needs to get his priorities straight since he has gotten them all wrong. If we go by his theory, then Sera might be happy in the short terms since she got what she wanted but as time goes by she might start to regret her choice of marrying a man that doesn’t love her back. So in other words the long term planning here has failed.


Janice is interesting since she claims that she will enjoy her love now for as long as she can but when the time comes she will be ready to receive whatever punishment that she gets. This clearly shows that she wants to be atleast faithful for as long as possible before the revenge plan is exposed. Then at that point she will accept any kind of punishment that she is asked of since she knows that what she is doing is wrong and bad. On another point I hope that she has insured everything that belongs to her. Sera seems to like throwing her things and destroying them. A good insurance plan might be a good thing to invest in at this point.


It has been mentioned here by a few people that the parents simply don’t believe in true love since they themselves married due to various reasons when they themselves weren’t in love with their respective partners yet they have managed to do okay for the time being so they feel that the kids will just be fine. But atleast in those cases they wanted to make it work to some extent this isn’t the case over here. Then again it might not have been that for all of them. Eun Ha clearly had someone else that she loved at that point but was forced to choose her current husband perhaps she feels that if she could give up on her love at that point and still have a happy life of sorts with her current husband others can do the same so Baby Face and Sera’s condition is similar to her own.



Now on to other points.




@Lmangla I think that Sleazebag probably is interested in Janice because she is different than other women that he has met in the past. He clearly has a reputation to an extent. He meets a girl and shows an interest in them. they generally do the same because he is rich and well off. They perhaps think that they will be the lucky girl to end up with him especially if he offers them gifts to win them over. Sometimes they end up with a one night stand much to their dismay when they were expecting something more. These are generally the gold digging variety type so they might not have heard about his one night stands just that he likes to party etc. But Janice is different because she is aware of said fact and she is more than okay with it. Nor is she asking for anything more in return like some expensive breakup gift. Then on top of all this he can see that she is just as smart. So why wouldn’t he be interested in her. He did want to marry her so he might have seen something else that he liked about her than all those other girls that he met previously.


Yes, it certainly will be amusing if he is the one that figures out that Danny as Clark Kent and that will be the others response as you describe. Come to think about it in this episode Inchul was trying to give the same message as he was wearing his glasses at one point and then during talks even removing them for a moment to tell the others look I am the same guy not a different person don’t you all agree. To bad the others didn’t figure out his message.


I agree that I also enjoy J Thief and Yoo Kyung’s reaction together and that they work well most of the time unless he wants to beat his son up and she has to stop him but I guess that is one of their charms as well. Yep Baby Face probably doesn’t know that he isn’t his real father at this point unlike in the previous show. A good thing I guess. Too bad a DNA test by Mi Yun won’t be good for her at this point. Ha I got you. The wife cheated on you and claimed another man’s son as yours. Nope I already knew that and I am good with that. Also thanks for reminding me that Yoo Kyung couldn’t have another kid down the road and that is why Eun Ha was freaking out when she swapped the kids. I had forgotten that scene till you reminded me of it.


As for your question of whether or not Baby Face and Janice will get married or not depends on how far the revenge plot goes. For instance, if she gets all the property before she doesn’t need the kids to get married but if that doesn’t happen then you can be sure that she will want them to get married and then later on ask for a breakup once she has gotten everything that she needs. She clearly doesn’t want to be related to those two families if she can help it in anyway. Once she discovers the truth it might be a different story. Infact the way Eun Ha is going about these days totally unrepentant of her past actions I can see her telling Mi Yun that she should be thanking her for letting her son have a great life something that he could never have had if he had remained with her.


In regards to Mi Yun and Danny I feel like her actions are a bit two fold. Like you mentioned earlier she probably senses that Janice’s heart really isn’t into this revenge and she is only doing so because it is part of the family business of sorts. Remember in an earlier episode she told Danny not to let her know about the missing daughter because she might get weakened and have second thoughts. This clearly indicates that she knows that Janice is only doing the revenge for her sake and can all see how much she is suffering. She wants Janice to atleast have a happy ending by the end of it all. Danny comes into the picture this way. She knows that he likes Janice and cares for her. This means that if he gets to marry her he will do his best to keep her happy. Naturally she doesn’t know about Janice and Baby Face her reaction to that might be different. Unfortunately, the other reason just slipped my mind while I was writing this post. So forgive me for that. Will add that in my next one if I recall it.


@tulip06 thanks for liking my recaps. Will try to continue to do so for as long as I can. Though it still isn’t helping get more posters to feel interested in this drama which was clearly one of my intents. Have been a bit busy so I couldn’t recap as often as I could and also had computer troubles. Hopefully the later has been resolved. Also thanks for your explanation of Mi Yun’s motivation for her revenge and plan.


LOL both of you definitely agree here. Baby Face is definitely a poor male lead. Have seen a few better ones in the past. So I guess it is true that Janice probably deserves someone better. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to get that.


@Lmangla still haven’t watched episodes 23 and 24 so can’t really comment on that but about framing Janice for embezzling makes me laugh. Who exactly is going to fall for a joke like that. Never mind don’t bother answering that. I recall something similar happened in Mysterious Personal Shopper and I couldn’t believe my ears. The cops or whoever took here were extremely dumb there and I would pretty much try and use the same logic here. But that isn’t the question is it. I think Mi Yun probably suspects that J Thief has a slush fund stashed away somewhere or knows for a fact that he has one. This will probably help her expose it when he uses that account to frame Janice with. After that Janice is going to be proven innocent (perhaps Baby Face will get the evidence or Danny will provide it or secretly give it to Baby Face). This will end up with two things. firstly, J Thief is going to lose out on that money since it never was and he may have needed it down the line. As for Baby Face if he finds out that his father was not only involved in framing Janice but that he also had a Slush Fund stashed away it would cause a rift between them. something which would benefit Mi Yun greatly as the families would now be divided instead of being united. Meaning taking her revenge on them would become much easier especially if the others communicate less with each other since they can’t trust them or have differences etc..



Well that will be all from my end for the time being. Take care all of you and keep posting as I look forward to reading them as well. I might try and get another recap out today but no promises. Tomorrow there won’t be any because I will be busy taking part in a 11 Km walkathon that I take part for the last few years. Will be probably tired after the even so will be needing my rest then and will also perhaps be catching up on a few other dramas. We certainly have gotten a few interesting ones out these days. Can’t wait to try out Psychopaths Diary. Hope that it is good as it sounds.

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Some considerations (on the long run):


- Baby face is REALLY Cherry son

- Theres no heir to the company then

- Sera/Jenni are the daughters of the doctor who killed her baby so his mother will not aprove the marriage 

- everyone will be either arrested or commited to the cucu ward ... Jenni will be the one to run the family business and babyface is cherry boy so he will run her business in the end 

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great points @Sota Baka; so we really can't expect a nice happy ending with everything neatly tied up. there will be some disasters from which there is no recovery. lets keep our fingers crossed that the conclusion feels logical. since we are not really attached to the main leads, am alright if they break up and go their separate paths in the end.



7 hours ago, tulip06 said:

Ha, I laughed several times at yamiyugi’s thoughts and recap.

kekekek... me too! my favourite line was no one likes cold tea unless it is iced tea. this drama is tailor made for snarky recaps where we don't take any character seriously. :lol:@yamiyugi ~ have a great run!

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ep 25 thoughts ~ should be titled "murder plot of janice #1" -- from the looks of it, mother and daughter have a murderous rage and so won't stop. feels like we are going to see numerous near accidents for janice, death threats, assaults and more. after all that, if janice bonds with her biological family, let us eye roll collectively. kekekek....


carrie figures out that it is la la clinic and calls danny. not sure why danny would bother to call hae joon but he does. hae joon does something useful for a change and goes to the equipment room to turn on the elevator. at the same time, danny reaches and starts the process of putting a plastic bag over her nose to help even out her breathing. all hae joon can say is "are you sure this is the right protocol" -- ummm, dummy, can you please move?


she is taken to the hospital where danny is fuming. he rightly pushes hae joon from joining in the ambulance but in the hospital, he has to stop with only a punch to kick hae joon out. am on danny's side -- hae joon is acting so agressive but he does have to realize that it is because of his actions that sera is psycho. he doesn't even put it together that the incident happens at la la clinic and only vaguely wonders whether it is indeed an accident. ummm, really dummy. danny rightly calls hae joon a cheater and to stop acting like a boyfriend when he can't seem to choose two women. bravo danny!  . @tulip06 @chococarmela ~ how do we end up with such a bad male lead? is he really better than J thief or any of the other bad characters here? it looks like the entire set is rotten.


carrie can't even come up to the room till hae joon leaves and is sitting in the parking lot with ms. oh. danny is annoyed that this pest is disturbing their family and tells hae joon to go home. he leaves for a bit only to come back with flowers. he heard carrie's lullaby from outside and wondering who is in there singing. is lullaby some dangerous activity? what difference is there who is in the room? am sure danny will come up with an appropriate response and kick the pest out...


inchul gets really emotionally slapped. he has some sense and is alarmed at eun ha and sera's murderous behaviours. eun ha turns it around to him being a bad father. she then says that sera is love obsessed because of his blood and that marriage without love is normal. ouch! after 30 years, eun ha is still rejecting inchul in some form. he wisely says that their actions might harm their kids and her response is that she will be responsible for her sins. he ominously says that it is not within her control.


found the conversation between yoo kyung and J thief really interesting. she is wondering what is this crimes that eun ha was threatening with. he denies and says that maybe it was the chairwoman. yoo kyung doesn't even bat an eye lid at that -- guess she knew her mom was rotten? she then asks if he stole others technology and he denies it. not sure if she believes it or wants to. @yamiyugi ~ given their good vibe, wonder if in the end, they will turn it around to where the blame is also pushed partially onto chairwoman and J thief says he she pushed him to do crimes in order to marry eun kyung...

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I just saw Friday's episode, and can our male lead get more entitled and dislikable? Even Phillip is better than him right now. He is cheating on both women, and he has the nerve to threaten to hit the brother and ask who is singing a lullaby to the sleeping patient. People can have relatives, you richard simmons! Or friends! Or even nurses! 


At any rate, he should know what is or isn't his business, and when he is still engaged to another woman, it's not his business who is singing lullabies to Janice when he and she aren't even formally cheating!

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indeed @tulip06 ~ phiip is actually more likeable. he does not pretend to be some saint or act helpless. it is annoying to watch hae joon act so aggressive when he acts like a wimp in front of sera and their families. he wants to call off the engagement. fine, where is the will power? he is making porridge for sera and hovering in the house like he is still her fiance. he has not told anyone outside the family circle that he is not engaged and called it off. so for all practical purposes, this is a fluid decision that can be changed. yet, he is acting all aggressive around danny as if janice is not allowed to have family check him. hae joon just wants to have his cake and eat it too. in other dramas, his character would be the template for the cheating husband who gets karma in the end. here, he is the male lead. weird.

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Before I start on the recap for episode 23 I just want to thank @Lmangla for the good luck wish. Just wanted to point out that it was a walking event not a running one. Got a sprained ankle an hour before the event actually started still managed to complete it despite it and had lots of fun as usual. Call me weird in that way. Also I want to thank everyone that seem to be enjoying my recaps. Means a lot to me.


Anyway here comes the recap as promised.




Janice is extremely exhausted after her latest encounter with the slightly unstable Sera. Yet she still has to clear up the mess that was made by her. While do that and supporting herself to not fall down completely she remembers the threat that Sera just made to her that she would kill her just so that she could keep Baby Face all to herself.


Danny rushes to the rescue of Janice when he bumps into and equally drained Sera. He pretends that meeting her here was another coincidence and pretends to be slightly concerned for her. To this extent he offers his usual invitation for having a drink with him. Initially Sera is in no mood to deal with him and lets him know that. But at that point she receives a call from Baby Face. She chooses to ignore it so that he can fret it out and agrees to have a drink with Danny Kent.


Once there Danny excuses himself to check up on Janice who informs him that she is fine and that will inform her mother about this incident later on and to make sure that he escorts Sera back home. (perhaps it is her sisterly instincts kicking in or she has an ulterior motive such as making Eun Ha wonder who he is and all). Danny agrees to this but tells her not to bother cleaning up. Perhaps they need Sera’s fingerprints as evidence and he is afraid that Janice will mess it up. Too bad Janice is already taking care of the matter. Once done with his call he rejoins Sera. He notices that she is getting a lot of calls but she isn’t answering any of them and he brings it up only to mind his own beeswax. Turns out that it is Baby Face that is concerned about her disappearance just as her mother. He reports to Eun Ha that he has had no luck in contacting or locating Sera. Eun Ha doesn’t want to lose another child thinks that it would be best to contact the police and report Sera missing. Fortunately, at this point Sera contacts her. The moment that Eun Ha finds out that Sera is with someone she excuses herself and heads into her room leaving a frustrated Baby Face behind.


Turns out that Sera in her drunk state still thinks that she is with Janice and tells her mother that. (probably some error in translation or she doesn’t want to let her mother know that she is drinking with some random stranger that keeps hitting on her). Eun Ha is more concerned about what Janice had to say about all this. She is shocked to know that Janice wants to play fair and square to win Baby Faces heart. She wants to know if Sera left her alive after this. Much to her dismay she finds out that Sera didn’t have it in her to go through with her threats and all that she accomplished was wrecking Janice’s house. So she tells her to back down for the time being and that she will deal with Janice on her own. She then asks her for her location and wonders if she should pick her up. But Sera tells her that isn’t necessary as she can manage on her own and will come home in a taxi. Inchul on the other hand has just found out that Sera has contacted them so he rushes in to find out her status and location. Inchul is then told that she had just wrecked Janice’s home and that she should be on her way back shortly but that this didn’t deter Janice at all. Inchul knows what is coming next and seems equally frustrated. Baby Face has gotten tired of waiting outside and enters to get a status update as well and that he will pick her up. Instead of getting her location he receives a tongue lashing from Eun Ha who wonders if he is actually worried about Sera. She also warns him to get his act straight since neither he nor Janice will live a happy life after making Sera unhappy (well she didn’t exactly say that but that was the meaning behind her words).


Baby Faces parents are having their own frustrated night as well. Yoo Kyung had tried to go to bed and sleep but she can’t get to do that since she disapproves of Janice (since she is girl from three years back). J Thief is in his study and is just as mad that Baby Face is throwing away his chance at success and wants to be instead with some woman that he met three years ago. He points out to his former MiL’s picture that this clearly indicates that Baby Face isn’t his son since if he was he should be more like him and chase after profits no matter what the cost. Instead Baby Face seems to have more of a moral code. But atleast since he raised Baby Face and increased the family wealth he feels like she should bow to him in gratitude after he joins her in the afterlife.


He hears Baby Face enter at this time so he decides to confront him in regards to cancelling the wedding to no avail as Baby Face isn’t willing to budge in regards to this. This only seems to infuriate him more. But before he can say something that he can never take back he is stopped by Yoo Kyung. She reminds him that he is their son. But he points out the same thing that he was angry about earlier that if Baby Face was indeed his son then he would try to improve J Group by any means necessary yet he is not doing that. (this marriage would have helped them both financially and in other ways as well. Making both families and companies stronger as well). So he should just get on with the program and get back with Sera. Baby Face simply points out that since it is own life he gets to make his own choices in regards to this. Yoo Kyung sensing that if she doesn’t step in and do some damage control things are going to explode and not in a good way. So she urges Baby Face to head to his room while she calms J Thief and heads after Baby Face.


It is now her turn to persuade him to back down from his intention of being with Janice and return back with Sera. She points out that if he continues on this path only Janice is going to get hurt especially if the workers at the company discover what she did. Clearly she isn’t aware of Janice’s fan club at the company. If she did she wouldn’t be saying that. Baby Face tries to point out that this isn’t totally Janice’s fault but Yoo Kyung isn’t buying that. Baby Face tries to point out for the umpteenth time to her that he just doesn’t love Sera like that and that since it was his mistake into rushing into his engagement he plans on resolving this mess as well but regardless of that he can’t leave Janice in the lurch and marry Sera when he doesn’t love the later but the former. Yoo Kyung is smart enough to realize what is going on and asks him if this was Janice’s idea and that she would agree to marry him if he broke up with Sera. She also tries to point out just how unfair his actions were to Sera. He first agrees to marry her and then suddenly without any warning decides to break up with her over a girl he met in the past. What woman would be okay with such a humiliation. He tells her that he tried to do that but he simply has come to realize that isn’t possible. (as usual this writer likes to repeat lines because then have nothing better to fill it) so he wonders out if Sera actually even loves him (in regards to setting him up). Yoo Kyung wonders what he is talking about and points out the same thing that Inchul did earlier that she loves him more than anybody even her own family. She wonders if Sera has had a change of heart and told him that she doesn’t love him anymore because then this would be a different story. Since this isn’t the case he can’t say so.


Meanwhile Sera clearly needs to go to school and learn to count. She had agreed to have a single drink with Danny Kent but she seems to have more than one (unless she is a total lightweight). He tries to get her to stop. But she thinks that maybe he can’t afford her drinking habbit. (if that is the case he probably is already out). He points out that money isn’t the issue here he is just worried that she might end up with alcohol poisoning and that just wouldn’t be nice especially when she was heartbroken. He didn’t want her to suffer anymore. She tells him that if he continues to be a killjoy (Nothing to do with the TV Show) then he should just leave. He wonders if her drinking like that has anything to being dumped and points out that there are numerous other men out there (clearly implying himself) that she can have her pick. Sera only points out that there is only one Baby Face. He has always been there for her and has saved her life numerous times especially when she wanted to end it. This is the reason that she loves him and that she will kill anyone that tries to take what belongs to her. Also that she is tired of being second place to her lost sister. Saying this she eventually gets knocked out as the alcohol finally takes effect. Before her head hits the table he prevents it from happening. Only for it to be noticed by two customers. (guess those actors finally got their minute of fame)


This results in him carrying her home (guess this is the famous piggyback ride or shorter version of it for this drama for the time being). Her parents are grateful to him for doing this but wonder who he is. He claims to be a friend of hers and they believe it. He then makes a hasty retreat before someone can recognize him or make further questions. (wait will Inchul be able to recognize him later on if he bumps him into Danny mode since they both seem to wear glasses. Perhaps he has better eyesight at that moment). Even in her drunk state Sera can’t help but call out for Baby Face and for him to return. This infuriates Eun Ha who had staid back to tuck her in bed. She is ticked of that this is how he repays her after she made him the heir of J Group and she swears that he will suffer if continues on this path.


Baby Face finds his picture with his mother on the floor with the frame cracked and he hurts his finger while trying to clear it up. Clearly signs of trouble to come in the future (as we all know from watching these dramas. Meaning something bad is going to happen to one of the characters in the picture or both of them.)


Mi Yun is getting is getting ready for bed when she recalls the evening events of how Baby Face declared that the wedding was of and how this resulted in Sera fainting from shock. She clearly feels guilty of all the hardships that Janice must go through this but feels that this is the fastest way for their revenge to succeed as she tells this to her dead husband’s picture.


The following day we find Sera still in bad and recalling the events of the previous nights. (Baby Face calling of the wedding and her encounter later with Janice). When her mother brings her some honey water to help with her hangover. Eun Ha tries to convince her that nothing is wrong and that all will go as planned (in regards to her marriage). Sera points out that this isn’t the stone age where they could go all caveman on Baby Face and drag him down the aisle. But Eun Ha reassures her that she has a plan and he will eventually submit and if he refuses to play ball he will suffer for messing with things that belong to her so to just trust her for the time being and regain her strength so that she has enough energy (either to have a fight with Janice or to persuade Baby Face). It seems to work until Sera realizes the real reason why Baby Face is so mad at her. She then confesses what she did and Eun Ha is frustrated to learn this and wonders why she had to go so far. Sera explains her reasoning (which in a way does sound sound in a crazy sort of way). She also lets her mother know that Janice is aware of this fact. This leads Eun Ha to jump to the same conclusion that Janice must have tattled on Baby Face in regards to this and that is why he decided to breakup with Sera. She also doesn’t believe for a moment that Janice wasn’t the one to do so (Janice claims that she didn’t report this fact to Baby Face.) so in other words she assumes that Janice is lying in regards to this. She wonders if Janice has any evidence to back up her claims. When Sera reports that there isn’t any. Eun Ha tells her to continue to play dumb and eventually Baby Face will have to accept her word over someone he just met. She promises to take care of this mess as well. She wonders if Janice has some sort of weakness that they can exploit. It is at this point that Sera reveals to her that Janice has Claustrophobia and that it is quite serious from what she witnessed and according to her friend if Janice suffers it for too long it might affect her mental state. Eun Ha seems to agree with this assessment and ponders on how best to use it.


Danny and Janice are having their breakfast together. Since he has partly experienced some of Sera’s nutty behavior (her threating to kill anyone that steals what belongs to her and heard about the damage that she did at their place) he warns Janice to never meet her alone if she values her life. Janice simply warns him not to report any of this to her mother. He reminds he of how he got into trouble the last time he listened to her request of not informing Mi Yun when she got trapped in the lift. Janice just points out to him that she would just worry but be unable to do anything in regards to this. Danny then points out how she and Sera share a similar fate. While she is taking revenge for her parents Sera is suffering for her parent’s sake. Janice seems to agree with this assessment.


Janice is getting ready for work when she receives a call from Eun Ha requesting that they meet up. So she agrees to do so when she gets free. Somehow Mi Yun’s assistant also discovers this fact and lets Mi Yun know about this as well. Even the assistant seems to be concerned about Janice’s wellbeing that Mi Yun asks her to inform Danny to accompany Janice incase things get out of hand thus he can protect her. Mi Yun then contacts Eun Ha to have a chat with her. Eun Ha is apologetic to her considering the family drama that she witnessed the last night and how she couldn’t attend to her properly. MI Yun lets the matter slide and pretends to be sympathetic towards her offers her services to help her in anyway possible. Eun Ha seems grateful for that and informs her that she is going to meet Janice and will let her know what happens after that. Mi Yun then advices her to be careful in said meeting and that she better not use any kind of violence on Janice (regardless if it is verbal or physical) since Janice could be recording said conversation and use it against her. In other words, she shouldn’t underestimate Janice. Eun Ha is grateful for said advice. Mi Yun once again tells her not to hit Janice before the call ends.


Dumb and Dumber finally have their weekly meeting. J Thief asks about Sera’s condition. Only to be informed that she isn’t the only one shocked at Baby Faces declaration but so is his he and his wife. J Thief claims that it is understandable since the same applies to him as well and that he can’t understand why his son is acting out like this but that he will get him back on board to go ahead with his marriage with Sera. If all fails, he promises to play the role of head caveman and drag his son down the aisle himself (he might also need to drug him as well) Inchul agrees that he must since the fate of two family’s rests on this marriage. His threat is clear to understand and J Thief gets the message. J Thief is sure that atleast if the parents/fathers are steadfast in this then nothing can go wrong. J Thief is sure that the matter can easily be resolved if they simply get rid of Janice. Inchul knows that it won’t be so easy so he wonders if he has any plans to get rid of her. J Thief doesn’t care about plans. Who has the time to come up with some sort of elaborate scheme these days to get rid of someone. Just go with the basics and add up some trumped up charges against her and use it go get rid of her. (wonder what they can come up with).


Yoo Kyung on the other hand feels more traditional ways is the way to go. So she ends up at Creepy Shamans place (well the Shaman isn’t so creepy this time round). Yoo Kyung gives her some information and picture regarding Janice and wonders if she can provide her some sort of talisman to get rid of her or use any other method. The Shaman has none. Nor can she see good things between Baby Face and Sera as well. The only way that Janice can leave her son is if one of them dies. Clearly that isn’t an option for Yoo Kyung. The Shaman on the other hand clearly senses something is off and points out that she shouldn’t have any children. Perhaps this son of hers was brought in by her husband. Yoo Kyung is shocked to hear such a thing and points out that shouldn’t be possible since she gave birth to him herself. After a few more calculations the Shaman is sure that there is something fishy since she wasn’t supposed to have any children. Yoo Kyung wonders if the Shaman is losing her touch. Clearly the Shaman is offended to hear this and points out that she has been doing this for over 30 years and has never had a complaint prior to this. Yoo Kyung states that is why she thought that the Shaman might be getting her signals mixed up. Perhaps she needs a service checkup. Ticked of Shaman warns her the more she or others try and intervene between Baby Face and Janice the stronger their bond shall become and harder to break them up. Yoo Kyung is really distressed to hear this. She even shows the picture of Sera with her information and tells her if she can’t provide a talisman or something to that effect that her son ends up with her. We never find out what she gets or doesn’t get due to a change in scenery.


Baby Face contacts Sera to wonder about her health. She wants to see him but he thinks that it would be a good idea to keep their distance for the time being. She starts wailing about how she is sick and could possibly die. So how could he change so suddenly and abandon her at such a moment.


Janice is busy working when she recalls that she has an appointment with Eun Ha later on and wonders if she should attend it or not. At this point Baby Face pops in for a quick word. He seems a whole lot free ever since he broke off with Sera and is glad to see her and is planning on leaving for the time being since he has done that. Janice again warns him to let the matter go if things are too hard for him. He wonders if that is the case for her. She tells him it isn’t. He tries to get all romantic and holds her hand and lets her know that it took a long time for him to do so again and he has no intention of doing so she better not think of running away again since he isn’t going to have that.


Mi Yun and Yoo Kyung are having a chat regarding Baby Face and how he just ended his engagement over a girl he barely knows and how upset that makes her (Yoo Kyung). She points out that his actions have complicated things for everyone since she is to embarrassed to face Sera and Eun Ha and her husband also refuses to budge on this matter and insists that the marriage must go on no matter what. Mi Yun then advices her to pretend to be on Baby Face’s side and try and support him otherwise he might do something drastic which won’t be good for anyone. When Yoo Kyung asks for clarification. Mi Yun points out that he could either get Janice pregnant or take her and leave the country without a word and they might have a hard time locating them. Yoo Kyung realizes that would indeed be a bad thing but it would be worse for her to lose her son. So Mi Yun tells her that she should then heed her advice to prevent such things from happening. She claims that she totally understands where Yoo Kyung is coming from but this is the best solution and if she tries to mistreat Janice in any way she will only end up losing her son. Mi Yun hopes that Yoo Kyung didn’t try and confront Janice on her own. Yoo Kyung is forced to admit that was indeed the case. Though she assures Mi Yun that she didn’t do anything drastic and just told Janice to leave Korea quietly but her son overheard her and was angry at her. She wonders if that is the case why he wants to end the engagement. Mi Yun hopes that is indeed the case since it makes sense for Baby Face to get angry if he sees anyone mistreating the woman that he loves. To prevent a repeat of such an action the best thing would be to only discuss the matter with him civilly and try to come to some sort of arrangement but never to confront Janice. Yoo Kyung seems to think about all of this.


Eun Ha has arrived early at her meeting place and is deep in thought when Janice shows up for it. The moment that Janice has her seat Eun Ha thinks to herself about the fact that Janice is aware that Sera told Sleazebag to report Baby Face to the police yet she denied informing Baby Face about this. She clearly believes that to be a lie. But instead of bringing this up she brings up the point that Janice used to live in Canada and how she volunteered to her husband that she would help them search for their missing daughter. Janice admits that to be the case and hopes that they find the missing daughter soon. Eun Ha informs her that while they did indeed have a clue to their daughter being in Canada it didn’t pan out as they hoped. She then brings up the point due to them focusing so much on locating their missing daughter they didn’t have time for Sera. This is where Baby Face came in. he was there for her when they couldn’t and saved her life. This ensures that he should always be there. Since then they have already considered him like a son and this has further brought the two families closer and that is the way it should remain. Therefore, this relationship between the two kids can’t be easily broken or even attempted. Janice points out that this reasoning is flawed since Baby Face really isn’t obligated to look after their daughter for their own shortcomings and that they should pick up that slack and take responsibility now. Clearly Eun Ha isn’t happy to hear this and realize that Janice isn’t getting the message that she was trying to convey.


Baby Face finally decides to do a check up on Sera. Sera pretends to still be ill. She even applies makeup to pull her ruse. Baby Face feels sorry for her. But she doesn’t want to hear that she just wants him to return by her side. He can’t have that but hopes that if she has something in her stomach she might be made to see some sense. She refuses to do so. Willing to rather die than eat if she can’t have him. He points out that she needs to eat to have her medication and if she continues to refuse he will simply force feed her (sheesh this guy is totally unromantic how did two girls even fall for him). He then further tries to entice her by letting her know that he got her favorite porridge so she should join him shortly after he sets the table for her.


Back to Eun Ha and Janice’s meeting. Eun Ha is ticked of that Janice isn’t getting her meaning no matter how civilly she is trying to put it. She then uses a line that second female leads generally use (is she trying to compete for that spot) and tells her that Baby Face and Sera have always been together and thus that should remain the case and if Janice hadn’t popped up this would have remained the case. Janice clearly points out that Baby Face doesn’t want to be with Sera and instead with her. So instead of being mad at her they should be thanking her because of this they discovered something that might have been unveiled later on. Which would then cause more grief to everyone involved. This is that Baby Face doesn’t love Sera and even if it hadn’t been for her they would have eventually discovered it down the line. She simply saved everyone a lot of time and grief by showing up now. She also points out that it is very possible that two people that aren’t in love can get engaged or even married but at this point if one side doesn’t want to you can’t force them to do so. Eun Ha is getting extremely mad at listening to all this. And demands just who in carnations is Janice to meddle in all of this and tell her that. Janice simply tells her that those two love each other and thus are fully capable of making their own choices. Not to mention they are fully grown adults thus the others don’t get much of a say in their life. Eun Ha is so mad that she nearly throws the water in her glass on Janice but manages to prevent herself at the last moment when she recalls Mi Yun’s advice to her that Janice could possibly be recording this encounter.


So Eun Ha decides to change her strategy by deciding to involve her mother into this situation. She tells Janice if she doesn’t back down quietly and leave she is going to track down her mother and embarrass her to death by revealing her actions to her and if that doesn’t work let the others in her area know just what kind of person she is. Ie going after men that are already spoken for. Janice tries to let her know that involving her mother is totally unnecessary since they are both adults they should try and resolve the matter themselves instead of involving others. She also points out that she has no intention of leaving Korea anytime soon since she has started to take a liking to it so Eun Ha better deal with it. Eun Ha can’t believe what she is hearing.


Baby Face is getting the porridge ready for Sera when she has a flashback about the past when she refused to eat anything and he offered her some porridge as well. She refused to eat it on her own and asked him to feed it to her. He played along and did exactly that even though he teased her about it. She snaps out of the flashback and thinks that perhaps some sort of skin ship will solve all her problems. It just might make his heart flutter and make him come back to her. Unfortunately, she can’t find a good spot to touch him in a romantic way. So she ends up giving him a backhug and telling him not to abandon her. He tries to break free but her hold is strong on him. She then tries to guilt trip him by pointing out that he is fully aware of her mental state and she needs him for that and if he decides to leave then she is simply going to die. He finally realizes that he may needs some drastic measure to get her to her senses. So he tries to bring up Janice again. But she doesn’t want to hear that name from him. Regardless he continues to do so and reveals to her that Janice was they mystery girl from three years back. This does the trick. She is so shocked to hear this that she lets him go and demands a clarification of what he just revealed.


Eun Ha is trying to use every trick in the book to convince Janice to leave. Even constantly trying to bring her mother into the picture and how that will embarrass her. She even blames her mother for her poor upbringing. Janice eventually gets frustrated about this and simply points out that regardless of what her mother will think about this she still isn’t going to give up on Baby Face since he is the man that she loves. Eun Ha finally realizes that Janice doesn’t understand Korean and the only way to get to her is by doing something drastic. She then recalls what Sera told her that Janice is claustrophobic and that is she is locked up for too long she can suffer brain damage. She now starts plotting the best way to use this to her advantage. Eun Ha the idiot openly says to her that the only way that Janice is going to leave is if she dies. Well she is fine with that saying this Eun Ha simply leaves.


Back to Sera and Baby Face where he once again tells her that Janice is his first love and the mystery girl from three years and that he has no intention of ever leaving her. Sera is in a total shock to discover this. Unfortunately, the episode ends at this point so we don’t know if she gets another fit or faints from shock. (well the rest of you probably do since you have already watched the next episode unlike me.)



 Now let’s get into some other details regarding the episode.




Eun Ha has officially gone nuts. But hey we already knew that so that’s nothing new really. In this case she is openly threatening people. Well she could easily claim that she just said those words and didn’t really mean them. So it isn’t her fault if someone misread them as such.


I have come to the point where I believe that to an extent Mi Yun really does care about Janice as her daughter and this episode was a fine example of that. In this case she was warning each mother not to confront Janice or hurt her in anyway. This is currently the best that she can do in her current position without revealing that she is her mother.


Eun Ha telling Sera to keep denying her involvement is simply not going to work since Baby Face knows the truth on his own and as for evidence Janice further has a recording of her conversation with Sleazebag where he fully confessed everything. At this point it already is game over between the two. Problem is that since they don’t know this they are bound to take it out on Janice. Which will eventually backfire on them because as Mi Yun told Yoo Kyung will he simply stand for the woman that he loves be mistreated. This will mean that he will want to do nothing with Sera and her family.


Naturally this will have a cause and effect reaction. They won’t sit back quietly and take this. They can probably ask back for any investments that they have made at this point or if it gets really bad expose some of J Group’s shady dealings and get their stock prices go down and suffer because of that.


Also if Eun Ha tries to use Janice’s claustrophobia against her by lets saying locking her up in a room or elevator that would be attempted murder. Even if she just loses her mind I don’t think that her family has enough pull to get her out of that mess if she gets caught.


Has the actress for the shaman been type casted as one since this is probably the fifth time that I have watched her as one. As usual her scenes are fun. Wonder if she can use something to expose some lie down the line. Danny and Sera moments are cute. On the other hand,


As for the Sera and Baby Face relationship I really wish people stop thinking that Baby Face is some sort of object that can be passed around as they like. He is a person as well and should be able to make his own choices. If you don’t approve of them give him some more so, he can have better choices. In this case we even have his mother that is against him being with Janice but still wants him to be with Sera even if he doesn’t like her. As a mother she can perhaps let him know that while she respects his choice for not being with Sera she disapproves of him being with Janice and therefore they need to come to some sort of compromise and in this case he should find some other girl. As for Mi Yun I can see where her advice is going. By telling Yoo Kyung to pretend to be supportive of Baby Face’s choice it will seem like she is going to approve of Janice. For her it is only a delay tactic to keep her son and not lose him but Eun Ha is clearly not going to see it that way. She will think that Yoo Kyung is trying to change her tune and will use whatever means possible to keep Baby Face as part of her family even if this means exposing birth secrets or some of J Groups shady dealings.


Baby Face and Janice still don’t have enough chemistry for me to be invested in their love story. The comic reactions are all that are keeping me hooked to this show. But I doubt that is going to last for long. Even him holding her hand in this episode and trying to appear concerned about her didn’t call out for me. Sorry people. I really tried to give them a shot but it just isn’t getting to me. Normally this isn’t the case and I can even go with bad acting at times as long as the story is good or a bad story can be saved by great acting. Over here some of the supporting cast have much more fun. Heck even J Thief and Yoo Kyung seem to have better chemistry than the male leads.


A good thing about these recent episodes is that Inchul is getting tired of his relationship with J Thief thanks to the actions of Baby Face and is now constantly reminding him or threatening him (depending on one’s perspective) that if things go wrong he will be busy exposing dark secrets that are best forgotten. This means that the exciting stuff should be down the line when these characters get busy trying to backstab the other.


So Sera has finally discovered that Janice was the mystery girl from three years ago. This means that her mother won’t be far off. Regardless of this I doubt that this changes anything at this point. They are pretty much still going to try and use the same logic that since Baby Face knew Sera from birth and was always there for her Janice showing up three years ago or even now doesn’t make a difference since he always belonged to Sera and if she didn’t show up that would indeed have happened (regardless of when). Janice makes a very valid point that it doesn’t matter if she was there or not he simply isn’t into Sera in that way. They need to see that before any of them move on with their lives. Though this makes me wonder just how many other girls did the mother and daughter duo intimidate to keep Baby Face all for themselves or was Baby Face simply too busy to date prior to his engagement. If I recall correctly, he had a few girls before his engagement but none of them were ever serious. Perhaps Sera simply bided her time and waited till he was all alone or she did indeed scare them of so that he would have no choice to be with her.


Then we had Sera get drunk in that chicken shop with Danny. She just had the good luck that the owner wasn’t there since he would have probably recognized her and contacted Baby Face and thus put a wrench in Janice and Danny’s plan.


To be honest this episode didn’t have much going for it in my opinion. None of the advice was good. The main leads time was unromantic as usual and we didn’t even have much plot development. The only thing that the people discover is that Janice is claustrophobic (Eun Ha) and she plans on having to resort to using it and Sera discovering that Janice was the mystery woman from back then.



Now on to other matters in this show.




I remember a scene from the last episode that I found amusing. Back then when Eun Ha goes to Sera’s room to check up on her and finds her missing she makes a noise about it and Inchul and Baby Face come running to find out what is wrong. She mentions that Sera is missing. Inchul asks where or not she checked her room. Eun Ha points out that she did then sends Baby Face to double check said room naturally the room is empty. What was she thinking that she has poor eyesight so she couldn’t see if such a big thing as Sera was even in the room that she needed confirmation. Perhaps that is indeed the case and the moment she wears glasses she is immediately going to recognize Janice has her long lost daughter.


People have brought up the fact that Baby Face may be cheating on both women by this time even though he has feelings for Janice and yet he is still with Sera. Not sure if his actions qualify as cheating. He has officially declared to their families that the engagement is over and that he has no intention of marrying Sera. Had he not done that and continued to pursue Janice then one could claim that he was cheating on both of them. but this isn’t the case. Now it is simply the other party that isn’t ready to accept these facts. How can he be blamed for that? He probably does need to do a few things here and there to further reinforce his point. But like Sera pointed out they can’t force him down the aisle to marry her. So even if they send out all those invitations if he isn’t there it doesn’t count. Now on the other hand he does show up at the wedding hall for whatever reason then one might be able to accuse him. Also what exactly can he do to cancel the wedding (apart from not showing up and embarrassing the family). Make a public announcement that he isn’t with Sera anymore and instead with his first love. He does have the means by showing up on that TV show that he and Janice showed up earlier on and so did Sera. Ofcourse if that happens he will be shown as the jerk but that will officially free him to be with Janice.


Then again just how many people actually care who he ends up with. Club Janice will probably be on their side. The board of director fan club might have an issue with this initially but the moment they realize that Janice and Baby Face make a great team and keep on bringing the money they won’t care who he ends up with.


Speaking of well laid plans has the writer forgotten about the detox inventor and how someone has purchased his company (from Mi Yun’s side) or are they going to bring it up in one of the few episodes. Hope that comes soon because the drama is starting to drag and we need a few more explosions to get it exciting once again.


@Sota Baka brings up a few valid points especially in regards to the children but we have to remember these shows all follow a simply formula and once we figure them out the endings become quite predictable most of the time that is.


It is also the reason that I said earlier that by the time this show ends all three mothers need to sit down together and discuss how they are going to share the kids between them.


The matter of Baby Face – Yoo Kyung and Mi Yun is relatively the simplest of them all. Yoo Kyung loves Baby Face as her own and has always treated him well. I don’t see her feelings changing any time soon. In the previous drama the mother of the second lead seemed to turn her feelings on and off regarding him even though she had been raising him for x amount of years. But in that case it was slightly justified when she discovered that her own child had been swapped and that this son not only knew of this fact but also who her real son was and withheld said information and later on he even joined hands with his biological father to harm her biological son. So her feelings could be understood to an extent. But over here this isn’t the case. There is only one son (not her own since he died). So she probably won’t change her feelings towards him. Then on top of all this she sort of bonded well with Mi Yun since they both gave birth at the same time and also had their children in critical condition. She even does charity work a children’s hospital in memory of her son. I can probably see her afraid of losing her son to his biological mother but like I said if they can share if this problem is resolved. At best she can ask Mi Yun to move into her house and become something like an adopted or long lost sister. This way both mothers can keep their son together. Mi Yun will probably be the winner if Janice marries him since this way she loses nothing and gains everything.


The Janice – Mi Yun – Eun Ha relationship is a bit trickier since Mi Yun kidnapped Janice and partially lied to her about her mother she doesn’t know the real Eun Ha. But more importantly Eun Ha didn’t recognize her when she showed up and not only that she also endangered her life as well. It would be right of her to be mad at both mothers and perhaps not want to do anything with either of them. Eun Ha could probably try and defend that had she not been kidnapped she would have treated her with love and not behaved like that. Mi Yun might have to beg for her forgiveness as well. Probably by the end the choice to mend this relationship is going to be in Janice’s hand. Frankly I won’t be a bit surprised if by the end Janice decides to leave Korea once again to clear her head and decide what to do about all of this. Heck to make things more fun we can have poor Baby Face play the waiting game all over again and when Janice does decide to pop back in he was thinking of getting engaged to some random person before breaking that of as well to be with Janice. As for which mother should I root for is a hard call. Since both mothers will claim that they love her and while Mi Yun has shown her to some extent those motherly feelings since she lived with her makes the most sense but Eun Ha hasn’t. but since the latter hasn’t but was unable to recognize her own daughter and even went so far as slapping her and endangering her life a few times I am going for her to remain with Mi Yun.


As for the fact that people ending up in the ICU ward or being arrested. Good luck in that department. not that isn’t unheard of it is seldom used. Both Mi Yun and Eun Ha have a long list of crimes that could easily have them arrested but that probably won’t happen. At this point neither of them will be willing to place any kind of charge against the other since the other can do the same and it would be a situation where they would both lose. Not that I don’t doubt that the police won’t get involved in some of their various schemes but will have to drop the matter for some reason or the other.


For instance, both these mothers can file charges of kidnapping. Eun Ha can claim that Mi Yun kidnapped her daughter but so can Mi Yun. Eun Ha could probably claim that Yoo Kyung forced her to do so if we want to really drag this plotline.


Infact that is the only way Yoo Kyung and Mi Yun can’t easily come to some sort of agreement of sharing kids if Eun Ha goes that route. If I had more time I could probably make a list of some of the crimes that each mother caused.


As for the fact of people ending in the psych ward. Only two people qualify and they are Sera and Eun Ha. The later can perhaps go nuts after she discovers the way she treated her own daughter and failed to recognize her. As for Sera she can lose it when she realizes that Baby Face is never going to come to her and that she has lost out to her sister once again. If she does anything drastic after this point I feel she might be eligible for a trip in that ward.


Speaking of these things it is all a matter of time who discovers what first.


For instance, Janice’s true identity, I am 100% certain that it will be Sera if we follow standard drama formula. She will then try to keep this fact hidden from her parents and will try her level best to poison them against her. Not that she really needs to at this point. Thus she hopes that even when Janice discovers the truth she wouldn’t want to return to her family after they have treated her like that. Eun Ha might get mad at Sera once she discovers what she has done but what happens next will have to be seen. How Sera can use this as a bargaining chip also needs to be seen. Who is she going to try and blackmail to get what she needs. Mi Yun or Janice. To do this she is naturally going to suggest that Janice get a DNA test with her mother and discover that they don’t match. Then perhaps she can provide her with a report that she has which indicate that person a and person b have a mother and daughter relationship and will therefore promise to reveal who her real mother is if she is willing to leave Baby Face for good. How Sera discovers this remains to be seen. The highest probability is the detective tells her something which will be the clue that she needs.


As for Baby Face and Yoo Kyung. I feel that it will be Eun Ha that will reveal this fact to one of them simply out of spite and to torment them. if I had to make a wager I would say that she would do it to Baby Face since Yoo Kyung might not care at this point whether or not she gave birth to him since she considers him her son already. Speaking of Baby Face, I really hope that Mi Yun doesn’t decide to ditch Janice once she discovers the fact that he is her son. That would be so sad for Janice. In that case I wouldn’t want her to end up with either mother.




Well I think that should cover most of my points for the time being. Take care all of you and keep posting as I look forward to reading them as well. On a side note perhaps I should stop listening to drama recommendations as the more dramas that I get to enjoy the less time I get to recap here.

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14 hours ago, tulip06 said:

can our male lead get more entitled and dislikable? Even Phillip is better than him right now. He is cheating on both women, and he has the nerve to threaten to hit the brother and ask who is singing a lullaby to the sleeping patient. People can have relatives, you richard simmons! Or friends! Or even nurses! 


He reminds me of Jung Gyobin from "Cruel Temptation". Spineless and richard simmons coward.

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13 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Over here some of the supporting cast have much more fun. Heck even J Thief and Yoo Kyung seem to have better chemistry than the male leads.

hahahha... so true! it is really boring to watch janice and baby face.


13 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

People have brought up the fact that Baby Face may be cheating on both women by this time even though he has feelings for Janice and yet he is still with Sera. Not sure if his actions qualify as cheating.

like you said, hae joon is not an object but in terms of cheating, he is still in the grey area even though he has sort of broken up. janice really didn't have to do much in terms of seduction to shake things up. it is not like she invited him for dinner or coffee or called him over. instead, he was the one obsessed with proving that she was the girl from 3 years ago. like janice asked "so?" at that point, he was indeed cheating -- he was engaged to sera, making plans to get married and then pursuing janice on the side.


even while she was sort of seeing philip, he was insisting that she not see him. why? he is not her boyfriend and so why should she stay single? she can see whoever she wants even if it is sleazy. so that pattern hasn't changed even with him sort of breaking up with sera. he knows his family as well as hers. then he should know what would work and what wouldn't. he obviously knows that making porridge for sera, calling her to ask how she is, still staying in the house would be interpreted as him being a finance. so why is he doing it? he has not even confronted sera about how she used philip to file a case. instead, he has basically thrown janice under the bus by making it seem like it was all janice fault that he is being led astray. if janice is the woman he loves, then shouldn't he be protecting her? if he had told his parents about sera using philip, the reactions would be different. so far, his actions have been more to protect sera -- in a way, he is very much still in a relationship with her as well. so yea, thats why it feels like he is just waffling between two women and not making a choice like danny said. his actions are harming janice who is being seen as a 3rd party in an active ongoing relationship.


11 hours ago, chococarmela said:


He reminds me of Jung Gyobin from "Cruel Temptation". Spineless and richard simmons coward.

LOL... now I am going to be reminded of those expressions. actually the character there used to make similar expressions like hae joon. :lol:


13 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

I just want to thank @Lmangla for the good luck wish. Just wanted to point out that it was a walking event not a running one. Got a sprained ankle an hour before the event actually started still managed to complete it despite it and had lots of fun as usual.

thats super that you managed to finished it even with a bad ankle. :thumbsup:

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