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  1. I am so glad I'm not watching. I'd just found a daily I enjoyed watching then... I remember the words that splattered across the screen when I watched Adam West in Batman. Those words convey my feelings exactly - Splat! Crash! Boom! I guess because I'm so good at creating drama around the house, it's best I don't watch them.
  2. Well, if GH's laying in a hospital bed & Swarmy is sticking close then it's....scissor-cut time. That's the problem with Kdramas - the lead's hairdo. In my fav Chinese dramas, especially wuxia dramas, the FL always has long hair. The longer the hair & the higher the pony-tail, the tougher the FL. I know it's not feasible for GH to carry a sword, but a little martial arts wouldn't have hurt the plot. Also, in Chinese historical dramas the weirder the hairdo the meaner the consort. So, see, it's all in the hair. Well, now it's time to get back to NOT watching.
  3. If the illness had appeared at the beginning of the drama, it might have even helped the story-line. But now - no can do. Personally, I can see why GH is pushing YR & SW away. She thinks she will die - she doesn't want SW or YR to see that. Having always supported/helped everyone else, it's hard to change from a supporter to a supported. No one wants to be a burden, especially to the ones we love. You who've always been strong are now weak, helpless, lost, & confused. You don't want your loved ones to see you as you become even more helpless. Perhaps it isn't fair to SW & YR but then your illness isn't fair either. So you do what you feel you have to do - SW is not her husband but a boyfriend. YR has found his father who loves him dearly. SW & YR can support each other now. In her weakened state, she can die in peace; hence, in essence, GH is giving up, resigned to die. Of course, this is just my morbid opinion on a drama I'm NOT watching. I think the scripts should always contain a well-written just-in-case scenario submitted with the original plot. That way we wouldn't get a Pee Wee Herman surprise.
  4. At least this thread is lively enough that these few days waiting for the climax is bearable. Ms.Han is admirable in a way - she always has her ducks in a row. Just thinking - could she be SH's mother? She seemed to want SH away from all the goings on. But SH is just like her - determined to see it through. SH won't give up until she finds out who murdered her mother. I think Ms. Han's obsession in wanting to put the second son at the top is to prepare for her final revenge. She has everything planned - to destroy that which destroyed her. I can't imagine her actually murdering anyone but she knows who did & that, too, will be part of her final done deal. Why would she bring down the prosecutor? I think that, too, has something to do with long ago. He must have had a hand in ruining her career.
  5. Having dropped this drama, I want to thank everyone for this thread - That way I don't have to watch the misery, etc. I'm going to stay in my happy place...the harem with all the poisonings, torture, slapping, Cold Palaces...and watch these weird hairdo-ed women fight for the favors of one ugly emperor. The one thing they lack in this drama (the one I'm NOT watching) is a kungfu guy or girl who can whip the heck out of Swarmy. Oh, how I wish it was GH. Imagine..as she lies sick in a hospital bed, JH leans down & whispers: I want to come back to you, GH. GH then scissors cuts his head with her legs, twists Swarmy onto the hospital bed, ties him down...then plugs him full of those acupuncture needles.
  6. I tore myself away from my harem dramas in order to see what's new. This little gem has captivated me right from the start. If it doesn't win an award - if all the characters aren't recognized for their amazing interpretation of the script - then I'll just stick with my murdering consorts. The music, especially when they start the "I'm on fire" ...I am glued to my seat.
  7. I think I know where his confidence lies. Anyway, there's an old farmer around these ways that can fix that "confidence" for him. I had an bull once that became a little full of himself - guess what? That old farmer fixed that bull right up. I'm not watching the drama; just reading the forum. I'm crazy as it is and sure don't need anything to drive me over the edge.
  8. I'm going on a lengthy hiatus - can't take this illness stuff. Repeatedly using GH's tragedies to carry the drama...and you could also say SW's & YR's tragedies while everyone else only has to change their tires when they hit bumps in the road. I think I need to stick with harem dramas where all the women suffer...
  9. After Arthdal Chronicles & Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung, I was thrilled to see Netflix streaming this drama. Their catalog is fast becoming the go-to place for international fans. I fully expect this drama to be good - unfortunately, I'm preparing myself for a lot of angst.
  10. Well, scrap (I didn't want to be Richard Simmons-ed so I substituted the s for the c). This illness thing (pronounced thang in my neck of the woods) is an unexpected turn. I can't remember but how did Bora die? I prefer to think that it's just a temporary thing, serving to bring the families together. What would be absolutely horrific would be to find out that there was a paperwork mishap & she's still legally married to Swarmy. BTW As I was looking for something to watch, I decided to re-watch the 2000 200-episode Emperor Wang Gun. And who do you think popped up in episode 10? The young actress who is now playing SW's mom. Very pretty lady but...her voice, though softer, sounds the same.
  11. I firmly believe Swarmy & GH had a very boring marriage. Swarmy's vocabulary consists of just one word - "what." His expression as he utters this marvelous word is always the same, too. GH to Swarmy: "It's none of your business! Stay away from me!" Swarmy: "What?" SW to Swarmy: "I'm going to protect GH & YR. Don't interfere!" Swarmy: "What?" SM's mom to Swarmy: "If you want to get the clinic, then behave yourself." Swarmy: "What?" To be continued.
  12. I've watched through episode 44 & things are starting to be revealed. Still, I'm not impressed - I was excited at the beginning though. Now Sabina has told EDJ that they are blood sisters & and she has been haunted by not acknowledging her as such. Shin Nan Sook told our ML that she did kill his parents in a hit & run, but there was nothing he could do about it because of the Statute of Limitations. So nothing gained.
  13. So Grandma Biddy's kidnapping of YR backfired. You know, she actually looks scarier in her role as a "good grandmother" than she does as a snarky mom. And poor Swarmy - he's so slow to take a hint. Even after SW & GH get married, he'll probably still be out there peeping in the dark. I also wish he'd comb his hair back - I'd like to see what's under there. I definitely will watch tomorrow's episode. I want to see what happens when YR sees his parents.
  14. I can't think of anything to say that wouldn't get Richard Simmons-ed! And I don't want to watch until YR is "saved" from that house, so I will just lurk & read your posts until then. I'm an Angst-er Avoider at heart -
  15. Poor Swarmy - he just doesn't get it. Even with his pea-sized brain you'd thought some realizations would have penetrated. Swarmy, you've burned your bridges with GH. You might as well stay on your side of the river with SM & her lovable family. Family - a wonderful support system but unfortunately every member seems to think he or she is smarter than the other. What you think is for a member's own good actually hurts or hinders them. There's a fine line between advice & demands. I was always taught to be very careful with my words (unless it's on a Kdrama forum ). And this goes for both GH & SM's families. I would like to know a bit more about SM's mother, like her upbringing/background.
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