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  1. From my understanding, the Emperor had a hand in the killing of the CP's mom. He didn't do it personally, but he knew she had to be a "factional sacrifice" to balance the powers and so didn't follow up on it. That's why he dreamed that - guilt. Unfortunately like father, like son. Both men believed they could kill & still keep the love of their life. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: Not he is great who can alter matter but he who can alter my state of mind. The CP only heard the Li Family's view. Even though he schemed to bring his enemies down, he still only looked at a small portion of the painting. As they say, he was too close to the forest to see the trees.
  2. I've always enjoyed RJY's dramas. I'm so used to seeing him as a good guy. He's doing a marvelous job of scaring me to death. Plus, I enjoyed Park Han Byul in "A well-Raised Daughter" and "I have a Lover." Still, this role of a timid,abused woman - Maybe when she becomes strong & unafraid - maybe then she'll fit the role better. And too, when she is no longer submissive, it will make her less desirable to a man like KIW.
  3. Blaise Pascal wrote: The heart has its reasons which the reason knows nothing of. Unfortunately, the heart & mind don't always work in tandem. It's the strength within us that determines whether we follow our heart or listen to our "reason." What a tragedy life is sometimes.
  4. I've been watching-not watching this drama from the get-go. I've been so angry that I've quit watching...then gave in & started again. Next, I get so miserably sad that I quit watching...then give in & start watching again. I've gone from extremely high blood pressure to a nonexistent blood pressure (at least that's what it felt like). If I've learned one thing from watching GMP... it's that emotional roller-coaster dramas are NOT conducive to one's health. An acceptable ending for this drama is the original one. XF has endured more than enough - lost too many close friends & family to be able to live a good life. If she lives, she would need to rise up and exact revenge for all the things LCY has done (intentionally or not). Let hatred overcome her like it has LCY. Avenge her family/kingdom like LCY has been doing.
  5. New to this thread, coming from Legend of Dugu and YanXi and currently watching Story of Ming Lan. I'm excited about this one because of the cast, but I have to say the first few episodes almost did me in. Each drama is so different from the other that I spend a lot of time comparing one to the other. But I will stick with this one, if for no other reason than the cast.
  6. OK, rather than complaining about the drama I've decided to use the following emoji which, to me, means "no comment." But before I do.... I've been watching a C-drama Legend of Dugu (wonderful, absolutely amazing drama) which has a heroine who is constantly used, abused, misunderstood but continues to remain optimistic and courageous. Plus, it's this way until she dies as an empress. So the "doormat" heroine is prevalent everywhere. Questions: Do male scriptwriters think women are really like this or want us to be? Do female scriptwriters want us to be like this? Someone needs to produce a drama where the leads are a male and a female scriptwriter.
  7. I was really excited when I first began watching this drama. The synopsis sounded interesting and I recognized some of the cast. But the heroine became a doormat too soon. For it to be interesting to me, the heroine needs to be a little spunkier. There needs to be some give-and-take. Like the hair-pulling incident, get her hair pulled but pull back --- like my sister and I use to do. We'd be in a dead-lock & someone would have to intervene to break us apart . Anyway, in spite of my complaints I"m watching it to see if it gets better (not soon enough either).So, please don't be offended by my remarks. I'll try to have something nice to say next time.
  8. Sorry to cut your post. Still, in reference to the chicken that sacrificed its life....! This is off topic but....a rooster is a chicken, right? Or are hens the only chickens? So when we say fried chicken does that mean fried hen or fried rooster or both?
  9. Just started catching up with the episodes. There has been so many drama "disasters" lately that I was half-afraid to begin this one, but after seeing so many familiar faces (2-3 from Dal-Soon's Spring, Kang Nam-Gil from You Are The Only One & others) has my hopes up. So far I'm really enjoying it and praying it doesn't go off-the-charts unbelievable like the last two I watched.
  10. @sava2sava About the actress playing WJ...I have to give her credit for taking the role so soon after having lip injections. She can't show facial expressions because it takes all her energy to move her lips. (I am so sorry for showing that side of me. That remark of mine was soooooo tacky.) Why have I stuck with this drama, you ask? Again, I want to apologize to all those "Secrets and Lies" devotees who love this drama. My snide remarks will be a burden I will carry the rest of my life. But do you think the cast rehearsed? I mean besides the actress who plays HK. She must have practiced to be able to achieve that surprised-who me? expression.
  11. I keep trying to classify this drama into a category - stupid, stupider, stupidest. I've decided it is stupider-er-er-est-est. If these young actors/actresses are trying to use this drama as a springboard for their careers, well their agents picked a doozy. HK's sole facial expression aka "I love you. I hate you. I'm going to kill you! " will haunt me the rest of my life. Except for the eyes, this emoji looks just like her .......
  12. So Dumb - I love it! So appropriate for her. The actor playing the dad usually plays fairly good roles, but this one... I cringe every time I see him. Who does the writer/director model these characters after anyway? Someone in their family? So do you think Se Hyun will turn evil or something when Seo-Joon & So-Yoo start dating? Except for his mom he seems like a good guy & truly cares for So-Yoo. (Also, I'm not familiar with Korean nomenclature but there seems to be a lot of Se's and So's in this drama. I never could pronounce my s's very well.)
  13. Watching this episode...I felt nothing. It reminded me of a high school play where everybody is on the verge of losing it. Like you're trying to keep a straight face - The part where restaurant mom & dad were pleading for their lives supposedly - why, oh why have I stuck with this drama?
  14. I use to really enjoy daily dramas - examples: A Tale of Two Sisters, Blow Breeze, Lady, Make a Wish. All the ones I've watched lately are the pits. Even with seasoned actors/actresses they are so disappointing. I've taken to watching Turkish dramas (which are usually remakes of Kdramas) - and I am flabbergasted at the difference in both the quality and the acting skills. I'm laying my hopes now on Gangnam Scandal - no, I'm "praying" it will be a good one.
  15. So far I'm really enjoying this drama, even though I can predict how it will end up. I just hope it doesn't disappoint me like all the other dramas I've watched lately. I can take the angst if it's believable and supports the plot. I like the heroine's interactions with both guys - but she's got a long row to hoe ahead of her. So far I like that she's spunky in spite of her circumstances. She's only money-obsessed because of her mom's illness so I'm rooting for her. But I don't like So Dam' s story. Even though she also did it for her mom, I can see that she's going to be the downfall for her family. She's going to make it very hard for her sister.
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