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  1. The first thing that put me off was the rape scene in the early episodes; consequently, as the guy kept harassing (too nice a word for it) her I got more & more irritated. The ML always has a pitiful look, the FL hasn't done much to impress me, and the sister, though mistreated at first, has moved up in rank after giving in to the boss. Then another awful scene was depicted in later episodes... I watch it intermittently if I can't find anything else to catch my attention.
  2. I've heard that it has a sad ending, but I won't spoil it for those who are watching it. I will comment that I don't like the purple-eyed, red-dot sister. In one of the episodes, some who-do guy tells her to get with the elder Yuan guy. Says he knows they (her & the ML) like each other. Did I look over something? I thought he liked the sister nobody-seems-to-like. Looks like my thinking has become just as messed up as the storyline.
  3. The cinem - heck, let's just say scenery is nice, the music is good, good-looking cast...But the scene where that bad guy does the "bad" thing to one of the sisters - I wasn't prepared - at all! Plus I need to go back and watch the first episode so I can remember who is who. Already one of the good guys is showing his ulterior motives & the one sister is very ambitious & is showing signs of an unrequited love. But hey, I'm sticking with it. Question: Why do the majority of viewers seem to hate Mujin?
  4. I'm enjoying so far, mainly because there's no annoying female lead. I'm just worried that it will have an unhappy ending - I sure hate to vest a lot of time for it to end in tragedy.
  5. @maribella About Ed's wardrobe, remember in Teacher Oh Soon-nam the FL always dressed down until about half way through the drama: hair always up, wearing hanboks, etc. Until she walked into the boardroom of the company - voila! I look at TI & I'm reminded of that drama that aired not too long ago. Cornbread! The husband was his wife's boss & was having an affair. Even though the audience was red-faced & blubbering, the guy's expression never changed. NOTE: One of my shortcomings is that I can't multi-think. I'm cooking cornbread at the moment so trying to think of the name of a drama at the same time....No can do. So when I forget from this point on, I will insert the word "cornbread."
  6. Of course not being that familiar w/the Korean language, I used the auto-translate on this clip. Leave it to auto-translate to lighten my mood. I was deep into Magnificent Century: Kosem, all horrified & depressed, when the subtitles read: "Keep your p... up!" And I mean the word begins with a p and ends with an r. Needless to say, I bolted out of depression. And another time, Sultan Murad asked his would be assassin who she was & she replied Miley Cyrus. Consequently, the above clip held absolutely no seriousness for me. One of the all-time best!
  7. Well, I've watched or re-watched all but 3 or 4 of them. So I guess I'm a old-jumma. Drats! I don't feel old though, until I look in the mirror & can't see what I look like. My all time favorite is The Person I Love (2007) starring Han Da Gam & Hwang Jung Eum. I think that is the drama that aged me.
  8. I've been watching this drama since day 1, but...I was confused then & even more confused now. Hopefully, things will begin to straighten out soon. Right now I'm watching just to see TI's lips. Pretty, aren't they? He could work 'em a tad more though.
  9. The title has been changed yet again; I'm sure you're aware of that. But it's already airing & absolutely intriguing & emotional. Can you please take "Upcoming" off the forum thread; maybe that way others will visit?
  10. I know...I know...yes you're right. But I have this terrible flaw - I can't separate what little I know about history from the character betrayed in the drama. For example, the Yongle emperor killed all those palace/harem women because of a few having affairs w/eunuchs. So hopefully, because I like Feng Shaofeng I'll watch it anyway.
  11. But after watching Ming Dynasty, I've taken an immense dislike of the Yongle emperor...
  12. YouTube has it but it hasn't been completely subbed yet. They do offer google-translated versions though until subbing is caught up. I personally only watched up until ZJ died & then only checked in occasionally. My drama-watching flaw is that I can't put aside what little I know of Chinese history. No matter the Yongle Emperor's intentions, no matter his contributions to history, his actions only begot violence & betrayal. We can romanticize the history all we want but his offspring generations-down were just as cruel. It's such a mind-boggling part of history & also, eye-opening. But it makes one wonder about the "truthfulness" of some historians, since we know that Emperors took the initiative to only record what they wanted known. Zhu Ya Wen's superb acting kept me riveted to the screen for 40+ episodes. Once he left, the drama went abruptly downhill as well as my interest.
  13. I can't disagree because I only watched 2 episodes since ZJ's death (and I skimmed those). The reason I like that part I guess, besides having lost the gist of the story, is because in the end while dying you forget or forgive recent occurrences and only "remember when..." I believe only RW felt a sibling's love for her sister - her sister only pretended when it suited her. The sister had now been abandoned by everyone (which she most likely deserved) but RW, I guess in order to survive had lived with & in the past memories. Hence, her unabiding love of Xu Bin & her sister. I haven't seen TW act in anything else & I will admit that this drama wasn't a star performance. Still, as with RW, her character is the moth compared to her sister's butterfly (the more beautiful & elegant of the two). But TW does cut a good figure in armor
  14. I am so disheartened with this drama's progression. Gosh, how I loved it in the beginning. But then I was excited about Royal NIrvana, too. I had thought that the son would return & become a benevolent ruler - where or where did I read that? The entire lineage of that family was toxic & cruel, to their own family & others ('cept for the one who only reigned a year, ZJ's father). I knew ZJ was cruel, too, but that wasn't really shown, reeling me in to what I thought was going to be a wonderful historical drama. Maybe it's the word "historical" that misleads me, especially in Cdramas. I always end up so disappointed from about midway on... The part that moved me the most was when the two sisters were together & RW was reliving their childhood. I can say RW never swayed from her true self - she never quit loving her sister. That scene showcased Tang Wei & it was the only scene that moved me to tears in the whole drama.
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