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[Drama 2019-2020] Elegant Mother and Daughter/Gracious Revenge, 우아한 모녀


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Due to the delay in subs we managed to get two episodes yesterday. This episode was okay but I felt that the next episode had more humor in it than this one but that seems to be story for another day.


So without further ado let’s start with a recap of episode 14.




Eun Ha is freaking out at the missing picture of Yura suspecting that someone stole it. Yoo Kyung is a bit more rational thinking that she may have misplaced it but Eun Ha isn’t having any of it determined to find the thief and picture. She sends of her terrified employer to fetch the security tapes from the CCTV to try and catch the thief. Yoo Kyung realizing what a high maintenance friend she is decides to leave before she gets on the receiving end of her frustration. She wonders which sane person would want to even steal a baby picture once she is outside.


Turns out that Mi Yun is that not so sane person that has stolen the picture (as we all knew from the previous episode). While she is removing the picture from its frame it falls and breaks. It seems like she is snapped back to reality due to this (previously she was wondering why she stole the picture). (guess not). She quickly manages to hide the picture in the drawer before her assistant enters due to hearing the noise of the crashing frame and shows her concern wondering if she was hurt. Mi Yun manages to reassure her that she was fine and to clear up the mess.


Eun Ha is busy trying to track the thief in regards to the missing picture by watching the security recordings of outside her office. She finally catches a suspicious person. She spots Janice entering her office and exiting shortly. Since Janice has no reason to do so she becomes her prime suspect. She calls the cleaning lady who she spotted entering shortly after Janice entered and asked her what that was all about. (didn’t she question why a stranger was in the boss’s office without her being present etc…)


By the way it seems like Mi Yun is a certified nut job since she not only considers Janice her daughter she even has plans to make it so. According to her she was talking to her dead husband’s picture and tells him this. Wait how exactly is she going to do that. Clearly the crazy has finally gotten to her. She then hides the baby picture in the same frame as her husbands (behind it)


Eun Ha is back to the interrogation with the cleaning lady who reveals that Janice claimed that she was back to pick up her scarf which she had dropped and that she left shortly after she entered. Though she does note that Janice might have been looking at the baby picture as well when she entered. Apparently this is sufficient evidence for Eun Ha to finger Janice as the thief. She even believes that Janice may have used the scarf as an excuse to return later just to steal the picture. But then she asks herself the million dollar question as to why would Janice even want to steal a baby picture until she suddenly remembers that Janice had mistaken said picture for Sera. This makes her jump to conclusions. Due to receiving those suspicious packages she was on edge and her husband had warned her to watch out for any suspicious characters nearby as those people would probably have ill intent towards their family. Clearly she thinks that Janice would fall into said category. Little does she know that she is right but for the wrong reasons. Regardless she freaks out that Sera may be in danger (especially considering the fact that Janice works in close proximity with her). Fortunately for her Sera is just fine. She does explain to her to be careful as someone stole Yura’s picture. Even Sera seems puzzled as to why anyone would even want to steal her sisters picture.


Mi Yun finally gets informed by Danny about the fact that Janice was briefly trapped in the lift with Sera and her phobia even happened. Danny is concerned on multiple levels about this since Sera was the one that witnessed said event as well and that he was wondering what exactly was the source of the phobia. Mi Yun who is a terrible mother still hasn’t realized that she herself was the source and that her locking up her daughter like that could be the thing that caused it. Though she does show enough concern when she heard that she was trapped and wonders why she wasn’t notified earlier. Apparently Janice had sworn Danny to silence since she didn’t want her mother to worry.


Turns out that tonight also happens to be the day of the double date that Sera managed to set up. Minus Janice the rest of the party seem to be present so these people are catching up on old times. Sera on the other hand is more interested in having Sleazebag quickly win over Janice so that she doesn’t have to worry about her love rival. Sleazebag quickly assures her that with his great skills and experience he will have Janice become his after three mere dates. Sera thinks that he probably is losing his touch but she has no choice but to believe it. Guys being guys can’t always thing with their brains but with their egos see this as a challenge so Baby Face wagers a bet with Sleazebag that won’t happen since Janice isn’t like other girls that he has dated. Sleazebag not wanting to hurt his own ego accepts the challenge. The bet being that the loser will grant the winner any wish. Even Sera feels that this is childish. Though before things get any further Janice finally makes her appearance.


She had Danny drop her of and then sent him of by telling him not to worry. Though he pointed out that she always does that even though she knows that this won’t be the case.


Once Janice enters Sleazebag tries to turn on the charm and flatter her. Sera tells him to be careful with her since they don’t want Janice to be insulted especially after the scouted her with great difficulty and all. He reassures her that he will keep that in mind. Baby Face clearly has forgotten that they were supposed to be on a double date wants to leave as soon as Janice showed up and the introductions were done. But Janice who clearly plans to make him uncomfortable and jealous tells him to stay atleast for dinner which is what Sera wants. Unfortunately for her one of her lies get exposed due to this. She had claimed that it was Sleazebag that had suggested that they do a double date but according to him it was Sera’s idea. (busted lady)


Yoo Kyung has finally gotten her batch of herbal tonics (that she planned on giving her son due to his nightmares) while telling him about her day (or rather the fact that Yura’s picture got stolen) and even he is wondering just who exactly would even want to steal that. He is clearly eyeing the herbal tonics wanting some for himself only to be disappointed that his wife only got some for her son. Plus, he thinks that his son isn’t man enough since the source of those nightmares is a girl. As for the picture they figure that the logical explanation is that she herself misplaced the picture. Yoo Kyung thinks that it might be a good idea for Eun Ha to check herself for dementia. Anyway J Thief walks away in a huff once he realizes that he isn’t getting any herbal tonics for himself. (he thinks that he is worth more than wasting said things on his son)


Eun Ha is back at home and tries to get someone else on her cause regarding the missing picture namely her husband. She tells him her entire list of suspicions regarding Janice and even the fact that there might be more between the three kids but she can’t seem to place her fingers regarding it. He does admit that those things do indeed suspicious but he being the rational one tells her that she has no proof to backup those claims. This really irritates her to no end. She also apparently never has heard of the saying “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. She is so ticked off at her husband for not supporting her and taking her side even if it is an unreasonable request and that he should follow her lead and accuse Janice or get mad at her. He tries to explain his actions but she wants nothing of it and storms out of the room. With him left wondering if it was even worth all the hassle to marry his dream girl since they have faced nothing but tragedy instead of happiness.


The kids are still busy with their double date and it seems to be going fine or atleast it does on the surface but Janice is back to her mind games and it is clearly affecting Baby Face. For instance, the topic of honeymoon locations has come up. Turns out that each one of them have a different idea. Sera wants to please Baby Face and let him decide where to go. Apparently he wants to stay close to work so that he can do both at the same time. As for Janice she seems to deliberately mention the site of his accident as her choice. Since the others don’t get the significance they let it go. Sleazebag even volunteers to take her there beforehand and then he would give her an entire tour of Korea if she likes (clearly trying to impress her). She pretends that it is working.


Time to get grossed out so I won’t tell where the guys end up with to have their round of conversation. Baby Face tells Sleazebag to be nice to Janice and not treat her badly. He uses the excuse of the company scouting her so he doesn’t want any troubles later on and to date her seriously unlike his usual method. Even Sleazebag seems to think of his actions as suspicious but has to let it go for the time being. Meanwhile the girls are left alone in their dinner room and Sera tries to sing praises of Sleazebag so that Janice remains interested and try and make a move on her man. Sera is even willing to help Janice find another person if Sleazebag isn’t to her liking. Janice merely thanks her for the offer but that she would handle the situation if necessary since Sera would probably be too busy to worry about her due to her upcoming marriage. Sera does wonder if Janice has never been in love due to a few of her comments but before they can continue with this the guys make their comeback. Sleazebag even stopped over somewhere to get some flowers for Janice and tries to flatter her some more. It seems to work since Janice asks them to go for a round of drinks and he seems to like that.


Apparently there seems to be trouble in paradise. Sera is wondering if Sleazebag will be successful in solving her problem when Baby Face admonishes her that she made a mistake by choosing Sleazebag has a potential date for anyone. He points out that she should be more considerate of people and their feelings as if she was selecting someone for her own sister. She clearly takes it the wrong way and is mad at him for not only taking Janice’s side but for also mentioning her sister when he knows that it’s a sore topic for her. He has a hard time persuading her to not get mad and leave him and apologizes to her for being so insensitive. She on the other hand defends her actions for selecting Sleazebag has Janice’s better half and also the reason why she went ahead with the double date. Since he doesn’t want to argue with her anymore he lets the matter slide.


Janice and Sleazebag find themselves at some fried chicken restaurant continuing their chat or rather she is using him to grab intel on Baby Face that she can use to her advantage. Danny is also nearby in protective mode but seated on another table keeping tabs on them. What neither of them realize is that this restaurant owner seems to be the same one that was at the bar or whatever place they last met (the one where Janice pretended to be drunk and we learned some of Danny’s backstory when he was telling it to Baby Face in the last episode). He finds this odd so he immediately reports this fact to Baby Face and perhaps wonders if Janice is cheating on him and the guy is trying to probably gather some evidence on her before they breakup or something. Since Baby Face knows who he is being talked about explains that it isn’t anything as shady as the owner thinks since that guy is the girls brother and is probably trying to protect her by gauging the guy that she is with. Though after the call he notes that Janice seems to be surrounded by men these days regardless of who they are in relationship to her. Probably getting a bit jealous.


The only valuable information that she manages to gather from her conversation is that Baby Face is probably still not over his first love since he had been looking for her until recently but has given up the search since he started dating Sera a year ago and the fact that Sera is probably aware of his past girlfriend but still is okay with marrying him since she can’t live without him. Etc.. How will she use these facts remains to be seen?


Baby Face who is clearly worried about Janice being set up is trying to find out if the leopard can actually change is spots aka Sleazebag. So he is contacting mutal friends between them and asking about his status whether or not they guy is any kind of trouble or even if he is still with some girlfriend or not etc..


Sera has finally returned home and her mother tries to even get her on board with the fact that Janice stole Yura’s picture. Eun Ha warns Sera to be careful as she has no idea what Janice could do to harm her and she is like well at most she can try and steal my man but I set her up with a jerk so that won’t be an issue plus I got all my bases covered since I even know her weakness. Eun Ha leaves her after once again telling her to be careful. Once she leaves even Sera wonders why in the nine heavens would Janice even want to steal her picture. It doesn’t seem like Janice had a crush on her or was a pedophile so it makes little to no sense. Regardless she is so happy that the picture is missing and wants to even thank the person that stole it. Such a selfish and self centered person.


Janice and Danny have also returned home after their night out. Danny wants to get down to the source of her phobia so that they can help cure it. But she claims that she has no idea as well when it happened. But clearly she is lying. She remembers that the cause was due to her mother leaving her locked up in a locked room all alone which caused it but she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings since he holds her mother in high regards.


Turns out that Janice has figured out that Mi Yun isn’t her mother and is confronting her about it and isn’t listening to her reasoning and excuses etc.. it seems like a nightmare for Mi Yun her only daughter thinking that she was a monster and leaving her. Only it turns out that it indeed was a nightmare. Janice still isn’t aware of this fact. Her assistant who has also woken up due to her nightmare rushes to her side and even wonders if she should inform Janice about it but Mi Yun tells her not to worry her.


Janice who is totally oblivious to all this is talking to her mother’s pictures and tells her that she forgives the mother (for leaving her like that) since she understands that the mother was going through a hard time as well and that she knows that her mother must love her since she eventually returned for her.


J Thief is having a bad day. Apparently since he couldn’t recall what the first blackmail message meant he has received another one but this time sent to his office. He is wondering why the blackmailer isn’t more clear. Can’t they help him out by giving him more clues. How else is he going to play the game if he doesn’t know the full rules? Fortunately, it seems like the blackmailer can read his mind because this time he gives him a phone call but has his voice disguised so J Thief still doesn’t have any idea who could be on the other end. The blackmailer tries to help him jog his memory but it seems like J Thief still isn’t getting the clues. He does suspect that the person may be the one responsible for his earlier accident and that he won’t let the matter slide and if the blackmailer had any guts he would show himself face to face rather than play these cloak and dagger games with him. The blackmailer seems to think that this is a good idea so gives him a time and location and warns him to come alone otherwise he will reveal his entire dirty laundry to the world and then ends the call. J Thief thinks that he works for the NIS orders someone on the other end to trace the last call on his phone (note this is the company phone not a mobile phone incase people were wondering and haven’t watched the episode) J Thief still has no clue as to who could be on the other end or when he killed an innocent person. Not only that he is wondering why the blackmailer is targeting him when there are hundreds of innocent people who have also died what makes him so special


Turns out that the blackmailers have upped their game because they seem to have done the same thing to Inchul as well. Called him and accused him of crimes as well. He is wondering who they can be but they aren’t giving him much to work with. He does figure out that they may have been the ones that sent those packages to his house earlier. Regardless it seems like the blackmailer is having fun messing with these two men because he gives Inchul the same time and location as the ones they gave J Thief. Inchul though seems to be slightly smarter these days because he suddenly seems to have an idea of what all this could be and needs to get confirmation once he confronts the blackmailers.


Mi Yun is about to leave for somewhere when her assistant comes baring some good news. They have finally managed to locate the missing nurse. She was indeed at the hospital that Eun Ha and family were sponsoring. Hidden away safely. As for the nurse we are shown that she is still in the same state that we saw her last though it seems like she still recalls Eun Ha’s last visit to her. Though the recollection seems to hurt her head so I can only assume that she is being drugged on Eun Ha’s orders. Will Mi Yun rush over to confront the nurse let’s wait and find out.


Janice is with Baby Face to give him a report regarding the Detox Line. He apologizes to her for setting her up with a Sleazebag and even tries to warn her of by informing her that he is a player. But since her actual purpose is to play a few more rounds of mind games she pretends that it is okay but when that doesn’t exactly get the response that she desired she moves on to the next step by informing him that it is indeed true that she still has feelings for him like her brother told him and isn’t he curious as to why she had to leave so suddenly like that and only returned now. She is clearly getting to him but he lies that he is not only interested in her and has no feelings for her but that he isn’t going to waver in his current decision of marrying Sera so she shouldn’t try to waste her time doing things like this. She pretends to believe him and leaves. But once alone she tells herself that she will ensure that Baby Face and Sera never become an item (marry).


Meanwhile it seems that J Thief and Inchul are discovering that the blackmailer seems to be a pro and not some novice as they thought since he was calling them via burner phones and what not. Thus they have no luck in tracing him. For now, J Thief tells his guy to find out the phones last location (when the called him) and try and triangulate it hoping to have a better chance to get them. as for Inchul he tells his guy to keep the matter confidential for the time being.


This show really likes to rewatch videos doesn’t it. Eun Ha is back to watching the security video of Janice entering and exiting her room and still thinks that if she accuses her without evidence Janice will merely deny the fact and she doesn’t have any people that will be willing to break the law and search her place for it. Oh what is she going to do. She suddenly has an idea which is that she will ask Mi Yun for advice. So she decides to head out and have a word with her.


Mi Yun on the other hand is having a conversation with Yoo Kyung and pretends to discover the fact that Eun Ha was also interested in the picture that she purchased at the auction. So she pretends to even feel bad about it but Yoo Kyung assures her not to as she didn’t do it deliberately. Yoo Kyung clearly is the type of person that sees the glass as half full or half empty since she claims that Eun Ha can still look at the picture whenever she likes since it has been purchased by a friend. Mi Yun then moves on to the point of asking whether Eun Ha has gotten any closer to finding out her missing daughter only to be informed there hasn’t been much progress since the person is in another country but at this point it might be better if she just knows whether or not her child is still alive or not. Before anything else can be mentioned Mi Yun’s assistant shows up to announce that Eun Ha has shown up and brings her in.


Is Yoo Kyung getting a bit jealous now that she has to share Eun Ha with someone else since she seems to be keeping things from her such as the fact that it was Mi Yun that had purchased the painting and she failed to tell her that also since when was Eun Ha on such good terms with Mi Yun that she could come meet her whenever she liked to the extent of even asking her to leave. Regardless Yoo Kyung leaves without making any kind of fuss.


As mentioned earlier Eun Ha is to see Mi Yun to get advice regarding the missing picture and Janice being the one to steal it. I guess she wants someone in her corner but today is still not her lucky day. Infact if anything she seems to get flabbergasted at Mi Yun’s suggestion of even adding her to the list of suspects because according to her anyone that was alone in her office should be counted and she was to was alone there for some time.


We now move to Sera and Janice alone together at the office. Sera is back to her pet project of setting up Janice with Sleazebag. So while having a hot drink (tea/coffee) she tries to fish for information by pointing out that Sleazebag likes her and what her opinion was of him. Janice realizing that she can cause some damage between Baby Face and her relationship tells her that she heard that Sleazebag was a player. Sera knows that only Baby Face could have told her that asks as much before informing her that those are all rumors and that she can vouch for Sleazebag personally (wait did she date him before she got ditched by him. Now that would be great). Janice tells her not to worry as she will look into the matter herself though she did make sure to point out that Baby Face felt bad about setting her up with such a kind of person etc.. Since Sera still didn’t leave after telling her all this Janice wonders if she had anything else to say. Clearly she didn’t want to spend any time with her even if it was drinking with her if it could be helped.


So Sera brings up the missing picture. Janice rightly points out that it wasn’t her and that she had no reason to take it. This is when Sera reveals a bombshell to her that the picture wasn’t hers but her elder sisters whose name was Yura and that she went missing when she was young. The episode ends at this point.



Thoughts regarding the episode.




So Janice finally knows that there is a mssing sister what is she going to do once she discovers that she is the person that is missing. Will she react like in Mi Yun’s nightmare or will she be more forgiving towards her?


The blackmailer has set up a meeting between J Thief and Inchul at the same time and location. I wonder what the plan here is. Do they hope that once they see each other they will suspect that the other one is blackmailing them and turn on each other. To an extent that is true. Inchul is aware of the fact that J Thief stole the invention from Mi Yun’s husband and is probably also responsible for his accident and J Thief is aware that Inchul knows all this as well. So in a way it makes sense if they start suspecting each other and try to backstab them in a way of protecting themselves. This way Mi Yun just needs to step back and let them do all the dirty work and watch for the fireworks from there. Apparently that seems to be her MO for this revenge.


Remember when I mentioned in my last post that I found it weird that Eun Ha only has one picture on her table and that it belongs to Yura. Well her making a fuss about it going missing is just as weird. Sure the picture went missing and that is an issue in itself but are you trying to tell me that is the only picture that you have of her. Just get a new one and have it replaced. Actually we know that she has more of them since she showed Inchul a picture of her from the photo album at home. Why are you so hell bent on trying to find this picture and the person that stole it? Like everyone is pointing out to her Janice has no reason to steal it so why insist that it was her. Sure someone was sending her threatening packages but none of them even seemed to indicate that Sera was ever the target. They were clearly meant for Yura so Janice even mistaking the picture for Sera should have eliminated her from the list of suspects. She really has a thing for Janice doesn’t she.


Now for the matter of Janice and Sleazebag eating at that restaurant where the guy that knows Baby Face works. We know how these things generally work in drama since they have to do budget constraints and all. This means that a lot of these characters are eventually going to end up at his place and discuss matters which he will eventually mention to someone else which might be the wrong people. For instance, in this case he is one of the few people that are close to Baby Face for him to confide that his first love showed up in his life again. It is possible that he may let this fact slip to Sera who will then manage to connect the dots to his suspicious behavior and realize that said person is Janice.


Speaking of Janice and her mind games when she was with Baby Face at his office she first apologizes if her brother may have done anything wrong and when Baby Face tells her that he made no mistake she informs him that her brother was correct when he told him that she still had feelings for him. If the guy was even a bit smart he would have realized that she just contradicted herself. But then again probably due to her mind games he didn’t realize that. For instance, her first part seemed to indicate that she had no idea what Danny did due to her being knocked out due to being drunk. But her later statement that her brother was right about her still having feelings for him shows that she was aware of the conversation going on at that point.


Any scene with J Thief is always a blast. Sure when he was being blackmailed it always is interesting to realize that he still has no clue as to why he is being blackmailed but also scenes when he is jealous that his wife gets things like herbal tonic for their son and he gets nothing. But what I don’t seem to get is how the writer seems to make him a bit inconsistent in his feelings towards Baby Face. While 3 years back we hear that he nearly beat him up with a golf club (reason not disclosed so perhaps he was making that up) and in this episode he seemed jealous that the son got those tonics and he didn’t. plus, he seems to think that his son is to soft that he became ill due to a girl. But in the first episode he pushes him out of harm’s way when that statue nearly fell on them and injured them. thus only he got hurt. How does he maintain his level of concern regarding him?


Then we have the poor nurse that is aware of the birth secret locked up in a hospital most likely drugged. How long is Mi Yun planning on leaving her there. The more she delays it the better the chance someone will get wise and have her moved. They are already sending Eun Ha and company items from the past that she might get nervous especially if she thinks that can discover her actions. Though at this point I think that it would probably be a mistake for Mi Yun to try and remove the nurse from the hospital since that would instantly raise red flags for Eun Ha and her family and would do their best to locate the nurse before she reveals anything important. Also considering the nurse’s status, it will probably take some time for her to recover and knowing drama rules it will be this exact moment when Eun Ha and company will manage to locate her again and will then end up either end up kidnapping her again or cause an accident where she will probably end up dying before she reveals anything. At best some clue but nobody will get that till later on.


Mi Yun clearly doesn’t think straight at times when it comes to her revenge. Such as when she stole Yura’s picture. Like I mentioned earlier she had no reason to do so and this act has only jeopardized her own revenge as Eun Ha and her husband have suddenly become more aware of Janice. Earlier at best they knew that someone was targeting them they had no idea of who that may be and what to look out for. But now they have a suspect even though that person is partially innocent they do have ulterior motives to harm their family and all thus they may be on more of a guard against them. This means that Janice and company need more of a distraction for them to make their move which will further complicate their plans.


So from the preview of the next episode Janice wants to search for the missing daughter. We all know that is a bad idea atleast for her but I don’t get her agenda in that. How will that help in their revenge plot. Does she plan on holding the child hostage and threaten Eun Ha (assuming that it was someone else)? Or was she hoping to get some sort of confession by revealing her location in return for it. Some of these revenge shows make my head confused.



Onto other matters.




Well I guess this will be short since there has only been just two comments after my last recap and one was a preview.


@tulip06 apparently Canada probably had higher immigration laws in regards to babies travelling that year that is why only three of them went to Canada that year or perhaps not a lot of people could afford the trip due to financial depression or something to that extent. Thus the limited number of people. Oh a better one it was so cold due to being winter when she left that parents didn’t want their kids to catch a cold as it would probably also be cold over there so that could also be the reason why they didn’t have more that year. Those are jokes by the way. A more logical explanation could be that the detective probably eliminated others that didn’t match his suspect list. For example, if a baby was probably escorted with parents (or two adults assumed to be their parents) then it might have been a smaller chance that they kidnapped the child. But a single person with a child could be a bit suspicious. We know how Korean Dramas are about single mothers so they may have been something that could have raised a red flag for him as to how they got a child and why were they leaving. Was the husband dead or was he abusive etc.. then again since this is a drama I would recommend throwing logic out of the window before realizing that isn’t enough when it comes to dramas so go back down and decide to pack it in a box before throwing it down again and hope that it stays there after the show is done. That is how much frustrating these shows can get and I have no idea why I come back for such punishments like a lot of you.



Anyway that covers most of my post for now. So take care and I hope that you found it helpful. Keep posting as I look forward to reading them. also have a happy weekend all of you.  

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ep 14 - thoughts


22 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

Any scene with J Thief is always a blast. Sure when he was being blackmailed it always is interesting to realize that he still has no clue as to why he is being blackmailed but also scenes when he is jealous that his wife gets things like herbal tonic for their son and he gets nothing. But what I don’t seem to get is how the writer seems to make him a bit inconsistent in his feelings towards Baby Face.


J thief is turning out to be the character to watch in this drama for me because he is really hilarious. I was cracking over his reactions to the herbal tonic. he was initially delighted when he thinks eun kyung is preparing this tonic for him and then is offended. I actually like their relationship vibe and find it oddly cute. it is interesting especially as eun kyung married him as she was left pregnant and alone after her boyfriend died. yet, she seems to have taken a shine to J thief and even though he married her to move up, she is still important to him and he enjoys her company. so if we remove his villainy, they are kind of cute together.


@yamiyugi ~ actually, find his reactions to baby face also amusing and on point. so J thief is by nature quite selfish and he only took this kid as his own because of the company. as he spent so much time with hae joon as his son, there is a part of him that thinks of hae joon as his own, loves him and wants to protect him. so it is natural that he feels exasperated as father and son are very different in temperament and beliefs. at the same time, there is a selfish part of him that is aware that this isn't his biological son and hae joon is just a tool. so it is an interesting duality. actually wonder if the writer will write an interesting arc where we see a complex fallout for J thief instead of something one-dimensional. even if it isn't, J thief brings a really energy to all his scenes that it is fun to watch. not sure why all the other actors look like they are acting asleep. :sweatingbullets:


eun kyung also cracked me up in ep 14. had to laugh when she eye rolled and said eun ha was such high maintenance and why would anyone steal baby pics. then she was discussing it with J thief whether eun ha has onset of dementia or alzheimer because who acts like that over baby pic. :lol: even later, when she rolls her eyes and asks when did eun ha become such good friends with carrie that she can't sit in on their conversation -- it was like watching a milder, gentler version of J thief. LOL. :lol::lol:


does anyone know if a photo breaking has any cultural significance in korea? was like "omo" when the baby pic slipped out of miyun's hands and broke. in my culture, a photo frame breaking is seen as bad luck and in movies and dramas, it is often used by PDs to foreshadow something bad to happen.. and I was wondering what does eun ha think someone would do with a baby pic? some kind of black magic?


danny as usual walks janice to the date. why is he always sending her off to war? and does anyone else find it bizarre that everyone talks of this grand love of hae joon from 3 years ago -- it was one day. one day. one day! and she didn't show up. a tourist he met for one day and she didn't meet him the next day. she was a tourist -- she could have just flown back for a variety of reasons or not able to make it. why does everyone know about this one day affair? feels so bizarre to be so hung up about it that family members and friends all know about it.. am on J thief side who thinks it is ridiculous that hae joon needs herbal tonics to recover from a 1 day meeting. :lol:

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ep 15 thoughts -


21 hours ago, chococarmela said:

So Mi Yun tried to kill herself? She clearly has some problems that need to be checked out.

yea, she was really depressed and the neighbour basically found her because janice wouldn't stop crying. it was interesting that the neighbour warned her that if it happened again, she would report miyun to the police for child abuse. so in ep 14, danny keeps asking janice and miyun on what would have led to the claustrophobia and both say nothing. miyun genuinely seems to not remember or was she fibbing and tried to kill herself at another point? janice clearly remembers but doesn't want to tell danny and feels it was understandable consider how miyun felt. so maybe miyun continued to be depressed and had break downs?


started laughing when eun kyung called eun ha and asked very cutely if she should get checked out for dementia. :lol: eun ha was so annoyed but then when eun kyung asks what was discussed with carrie, eun ha actually keeps the phone away from her ears and just mutters "business matters" and then quickly cuts the call. LOL. eun kyung is so irritated and mutters that she does have a right to know about the business since she is J group owner's wife. she also said that she is only friends with eun ha because she saved hae joon's life. :lol: seriously, eun kyung and J thief are turning out to be quite funny.


J thief and in chul both turn out at the park. @yamiyugi ~ they don't turn on each other. instead, it was mildly amusing because they pretend they both had come for a walk and then wondering how to ask why the other are there. however, back at office, both quickly come to the conclusion and wonder if it is related to miyun and her hubby. J thief is wondering how to ask but inchul is decisive and calls for a meeting to discuss.


inchul meeting janice was interesting. he apologizes for his wife's behaviour because of the picture and then shares that his daughter possibly went to canda and would be around janice age. janice makes this interesting comment to miyun when she finds out the existence of yoora from sera -- that eun ha has suffered for so many years in torment. miyun thinks that janice may be sympathetic but then jancie says she is actually mean and wants to use this yoora as revenge as that would be the perfect revenge. so did janice become totally corrupted under miyun's influence?


and why is danny and janice always eating breaking together and plotting? do they live together? their breakfast meetings feel like a married couple discussing their plans for the day.. does anyone else get that vibe?

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Frankly I much prefer the humor in this episode than in the last one or atleast a few of the scenes. There might even be an interesting development by the end of the show but I guess that will be talked about at the end of the recap.


So without further ado here is the Recap for Episode 15 as promised.




Mi Yun is busy doing damage control for her own idiotic actions since Eun Ha is convinced that Janice is the one that stole Yura’s picture. Mi Yun tries to divert her from it by rightly pointing out that she should also be added to the list of suspects as by her reasoning she was also alone in her office thus she could have taken the picture as well. Eun Ha is more like no way what would a classy lady like you want with my baby’s picture. People like us don’t steal (she clearly hasn’t heard of celebrities that have been arrested for shoplifting. Guess she doesn’t pay attention to international gossip). Thus she isn’t willing to accept Mi Yun as a suspect and wants to directly confront Janice in regards to this. Mi Yun barely manages to prevent her from doing so by telling her that if she were to confront Janice without any evidence then she would only be made to look like a fool and that the picture will probably show back up if she is patient. (especially if Janice is indeed innocent) Eun Ha barely manages to accept to these terms.


Janice on the other hand has just been informed by Sera about the missing picture as well to the extent that Sera asks Janice to hand over the picture if she did take it and she would let the matter slide. Janice being innocent of this accusation points out to her that she doesn’t have it. Sera having said what she needed to say leaves the office to do god know what. Probably dream about her marriage that will never happen. As for Janice she starts to put the pieces together of Eun Ha’s past behaviors (mistaking someone else has her daughter etc..) she slaps herself silly for not noticing the commonality between the two names. This then makes her wonder if her mother is aware of this fact and how they can use this to their advantage. So she contacts Danny and informs him of this new development only to be surprised that she is the only one out of the loop in regards to this development. She is also informed that she probably wasn’t informed because this doesn’t help their revenge cause.


Janice then tries to discuss this development with her mother but since she wasn’t answering her phone (due to being busy with Eun Ha) Janice has to head over to her restaurant where she bumps into Eun Ha just leaving. She tells her that she heard about the missing picture and hopes that she finds it soon. Eun Ha who still believes that Janice is the culprit (not even suspect) barely manages to hold back from causing a scene due to the advice that she received from Mi Yun and leaves.


Mi Yun at first admonished Janice for coming unannounced as this could jeopardize their plans if people start to become too suspicious of their relationship. Janice gets right to the point which is in regards to the missing daughter and how it would be a boon to find her and why she wasn’t brought into the loop regarding this. Even she notes that it is weird that somebody would want to steal a baby picture as well. Mi Yun is against looking into the missing daughter for obvious reasons and informs her that the reason that she didn’t want her to find out about is because she knew that she was a bit sentimental and might feel bad to take revenge on a grieving family. She also warns her that due to missing picture incident Eun Ha is going to get even more suspicious if Baby Face and Sera’s engagement breaks up and she is going to take it out on her primary suspect (who would indeed be guilty for this crime atleast) But Janice is well prepared to accept any backlash in regards to this. Mi Yun does seem to feel a bit of guilt for getting her involved in this revenge scheme (especially since some of her ideas seem to hit to close to home). But Janice reassures her that she is a willing participant and not to mistake her for being a kind person since she can be equally cruel (hurting the man that she loves for the sake of her family’s revenge).


Eun Ha is back on the band wagon hoping to get atleast one person on her cause that Janice could have stolen her daughters picture. This time she is trying to get Yoo Kyung on board. Only it isn’t working as planned. Yoo Kyung thinking that she is simply overreacting about a picture when she may have misplaced her advices her to get a checkup for dementia. This goes as well as expected. Eun Ha is mad that her friend thinks that she is losing her marble and points out that as a doctor she is well aware of the symptoms regarding it and she has none of them. Eun Ha is ticked off at this request that she is about to sign out but Yoo Kyung does wonder what she discussed with Mi Yun only to be told that since it was about work Yoo Kyung doesn’t need to concern herself about it. On one hand Yoo Kyung probably is getting a bit jealous that somebody is taking her special friend time from her but on the other hand she is probably thanking herself that she won’t need to deal with the crazy anymore which would be good for her. She had been letting the matter slide due to the fact that Eun Ha had saved her son’s life in the past but she was beginning to get more out of control as time went by such as the missing picture. What would she accuse her next of stealing the picture if she wasn’t careful?


Mi Yun is back home and the first thing that she asks about to her assistant is the progress on bribing the detective so that he comes on their side and gives up locating the missing child. The assistant informs her that even loyalty has a price these days and soon he will be fully swayed to their cause. The detective is currently hesitating because he knew the family for such a long time but he too wants his rest and relaxation after retirement as promised therefore a slight nudge and he would take their deal. She assures her that by tomorrow she will have fully taken care of the matter.


Mi Yun returns to her room and thinks about what Janice told her about using the missing daughter as a tool for their revenge. But at this point we realize the reason why Mi Yun doesn’t consider her Eun Ha’s daughter anymore but her own and the reason why those few moments of concern towards her feel genuine due to another flashback.


Apparently since her revenge plan wasn’t going as planned probably due to numerous reasons (not enough money or influence. And the other things that go in hand with a revenge plan. Perhaps not having the necessary smarts as well). She decided to give up on her life and took pills. Unless she thought those were candy pills. Young Janice needing attention tried to cry out to get attention but to no avail since Mi Yun was out cold. Fortunately for her one of the house owners overheard the cries and rushed in to find her in such a state that she rushed her over to the hospital and later on brought Janice to her. She not only admonished her for taking her life like that but warns her that the next time she pulled a stunt like that she would call child services on her (thus she could die on her own like that if she wanted) but right now she should be thankful for Janice who saved her life due to crying. Otherwise she would have also died since nobody could take care of her. This made Mi Yun grateful towards Janice and saw her in a new light. (still not enough to not involve her in her revenge plan but something is still better than nothing.)


Janice still isn’t willing to let the mater of Yura go and still thinks that it would be a good idea to find the missing daughter so she tries to rope Danny into looking into the matter secretly. But he rightly points out to her that the trail probably has already gone cold since her parents were looking for 30 years already without any luck what would they be able to do so at such a late time. Clearly he isn’t as confident in their intelligence gathering network as he should be. Perhaps they should get a refund or try and infiltrate the NIS and rope them into helping them. (do they need to find a missing son he can pretend to be one). He tells Janice that this is the exact reason why they didn’t want to involve her in this part of their revenge plan as she would get soft. Janice tries to stress really hard how she isn’t as nice as everyone thinks but doesn’t elaborate further (she doesn’t want to disappoint her family or hear their anger in her previous actions.) Danny apparently does have spies everywhere because he just gets an alert on Baby Face and Sera’s current movement and he shows it to her. (sure these people don’t have access to the NIS or Edward Park)


Turns out that those two are shopping for their wedding rings. Sera seems to be the only one interested in that though. She seems to want the best quality ring and price doesn’t seem to be an object for her. Baby Face seems to be out of it. Perhaps he has been hit by a Zombie Virus and is slowly turning into one. Actually it turns out that Janice’s mind games finally have started to take effect. Sera notices this and is ticked of at him for not paying attention nor from receiving any helpful advice during the ring selection.


But if she thought that was bad he seemed to show no real interest in their wedding plans such as where to go for their honeymoon and other stuff later on. She wonders if she should marry on her own the way things were going. Hey if that is an option I suggest that you take it. But her point is that marriage is a two party job and they need to be on the same page if they plan to make it work. Unfortunately, he isn’t showing the proper level of interest by leaving everything to her family and her. He should make some sort of input himself otherwise it might seem like he was forced into this marriage. He was a human and not a lamb for slaughter. Holding her hands seems to do the trick for shutting her up for a moment.


Baby Face does his nightly jog or he is perhaps just running to clear his mind when he runs across Janice doing a nightly run as well and no he doesn’t mistake a random jogger for Janice this time. It actually is really her. He tries to call out to her to catch her attention but she ignores him and goes on her way. He tries to chase after her. Unfortunately for him Sera has impeccable timing and decides to call him at this exact moment. Well he already has his fair share of drama from her for the day and he is own his jogging break which he hates to be interrupted from. So he tries to chase after Janice who seems to have disappeared. Is she really that fast? No it turns out that she is simply hiding behind a tree hoping that he leaves so that she can continue her jog without being interrupted by him. Fortunately for him he remembers his phone in his hand and decides to use to call Janice. Unfortunately for him his super powers (or lack of them) are unable to hear the ringing of her phone and she totally ignores him much to his dismay. Pretty sure if Sera was in his position she would have been able to hear that ringing phone bell but she wasn’t there now was she.


Yoo Kyung is finally getting to use the herbal tonic that she bought for Baby Face and give it to him. J Thief is still in a huff since he isn’t even getting a sip from it. She tries to get him in a better mood by offering to place an order for him or to loan him one from the current batch but he doesn’t want to seem petty by taking his sons lets the matter slide. Though he might be hoping that his wife would change his mind later on and ask again. That doesn’t happen much to his disappointment. Baby Face who is back from his jog is irked that Janice seems to be ignoring him especially after the big reveal that she indeed was Jane and wonders what to do about it.


The next day he bumps into her at work and notes that she seems to be getting along with Sleazebag since she seems to have agreed on attending a musical with him. He does manage to ask her why she is ignoring him but she tells him that wasn’t the case. She never saw him yesterday and doesn’t answer work calls after work hours and why else would a supervisor want to contact a subordinate if it wasn’t about work. Clearly he is frustrated but he can’t do anything about it.


Sera wants a status report from Sleazebag. She is probably trying to keep track of how many dates he has gone on and whether he has kept his end of the bargain in winning over Janice. He wonders what her angle in all of this is such as whether she was jealous of Janice for some reason. She tells him that she is Hong Sera and no man can say no to her so he better get a grip and get his act straight. Sleazebag is busy planning his next move (though he probably was at that shop looking for his next mark) and tells her that he has already selected his next location for a date and where it is.


Sera is now in a meeting with Baby Face and they are discussing how J Group is being mentioned a lot especially due to the last interview that they did (him and Janice) and due to this even bloggers are advertising their products and making comments on it. Free advertisement is good for them. apparently there are weird watchers because like some people were more interested in Janice’s fashion sense there were others that liked Baby Faces engagement ring. Sera is thankful for a change to Janice for this interview due to the positive buzz that was causing to the company as well as people noticing the ring as this seemed to be good advertisement for their company (jewelry) as well. Making it a win win situation for both parties. Unfortunately, the mention of Janice sends Baby Face’s mind to his last conversation with her and how she was ignoring him. Sera doesn’t seem to like his snicker regarding his thoughts and he doesn’t help enlighten her as well. But her mood was probably going to get worse. Turns out that Baby Faces assistant was finally able to get an appointment with Danny (in his lawyer mode of the Detox Inventor). Unfortunately, he managed to select the same location that Janice was supposed to have a date with Sleazebag. Since Baby Face was unaware of this fact he was okay with the selection. Sera on the other hand being fully aware of the location was uncomfortable and wonders why it had to be that exact spot. She tries to gauge his interest in whether she should wait up for him after his meeting but he tells her that she would be better of chilling since they would get busy preparing for the wedding. She is clearly uncomfortable about this but can’t make a fuss otherwise she would seem like an insecure person who can’t seem to trust her own man.


Now to the fried chicken restaurant where Baby Faces’ friend works is joined by J Thief. WoW this guy must be a family friend or something since both father and son know him or atleast some sort of business associate. J Thief clearly wants to compete with KFC so he encourages the guy to keep raising their sales. I guess that might be is next target to steal their secret formula. This guy certainly likes branching out doesn’t he. Bet that will all come back to bit him in the end. Regardless the owner gives him some new samples that are of their latest product and I assume that they are a big hit because even J Thief seems to approve of them. J Thief does note however that the restaurant is empty despite the owners claim of it being sucesful and when he points this out to him the owner informs him that he came just as they opened their place (clearly they don’t serve breakfast). This reminds him that he has an appointment with the blackmailer. No please don’t leave and waste all that delicious looking chicken. I guess since he has more important things on his mind he excuses himself after wondering whether he should fill his stomach or his curiosity as to who could be blackmailing him.


Meanwhile Inchul is facing the same dilemma at his work. The question is to be or not to be.


Turns out that Dumb and Dumber think that they have successfully attended Spy Academy decide to head over to the meeting spot and bump into each other. Clearly both parties aren’t willing to admit the real reason why they are there and make up lame excuses. Such as them just passing there due to it being near work or the fact that he needs to burn the extra calories from lunch.


As for the mothers they have gathered at Mi Yun’s restaurant and Eun Ha is still suspecting Janice as the culprit even without sufficient evidence and not even Yoo Kyung is sucesful in persuading her not to do so. She wonders how the thief may try and use it against her. But at this moment Mi Yun receives a phone call and they discover that she has a few more popular artworks and that she is deciding to sell them or donate them for charity purposes but she won’t go down from the initial price that she bought them to suffer a loss. At this point she brings up the fact that she is willing to sell Eun Ha the same picture that she wanted (the one that Mi Yun got at the auction house) and if she wanted it to let her know. Yoo Kyung even offers to loan Eun Ha the money if she is short but Eun Ha refuses since she has that much on her. Ooh I sense trouble. Yoo Kyung then agrees to sugest some of her own paintings as well for charity if Mi Yun is okay with that. Making Eun Ha also agreeing to said terms. This gives Mi Yun an excuse to visit each person’s house and inspect it and perhaps do more. Unfortunately, neither of her marks have realized this yet.


Impressively Dumb and Dumber manage to hold out for one hour at their designated meeting point hoping for the blackmailer to contact them to no avail that they haven’t noticed that the other hasn’t still left as well. Until now when they both decide to leave after getting frustrated at being played at. Each of them suspects that there might be another reason why they are there but don’t manage to ask about it directly. They try to give hints such as perhaps wondering if nothing strange happened to them after the incident at the engagement party ie no more accidents etc.. Since neither party knows that the other is being blackmailed or how to admit their own guilt they don’t get proper answers. So they decide to believe what the other party is telling them.


J Thief returns back to work irked that his day was wasted and he missed out on a tasty lunch break. Wondering what this could all be about. His slow brain finally gets a clue when a light bulb lights above his head and realizes that the timeframe that the blackmailer was using was the same time when his son was born and when he launched My Herb (the technique that he stole from Mi Yun’s husband and claimed it as his own). He wonders for a brief moment if that could be the case before coming to the conclusion that doesn’t make a lot of sense since anyone seriously related to it had already passed away. Even the poor baby was dead so it couldn’t be the son all grown up ready for revenge for his family. He does wonder though if Inchul could have also been there for the same reason but realizes that he can’t simply ask him without sounding weird or suspecting him for something so he lets it go for the moment.


Inchul is the slightly smarter one these days so he was busy trying to connect the dots between the things happening now and what could have possibly been the case and how they were related. He does come to a few points that are similar and how something wasn’t. He is also smart enough to figure out that J Thief may have been there for similar reasons that he decides to contact him for a meeting to discuss said matters. He then starts to believe that his wife may actually be correct that Janice may have stolen his daughters picture as the timing was just to strange to not be a coincidence (also considering that the blackmailer and kidnapper might have been the same person) Thus stealing of the picture could be a sign that he was sending to them. perhaps it was to say that they could get to his family no matter where and perhaps even harm them. So he is like Janice I smell a rat.


Sera is at the company break room for a coffee break when Janice pops in for the same reason. Sera once again brings up the missing picture. Janice is frustrated that Sera still suspects her. But after the following conversation she thinks that Sera may be slightly high. Quick take away that coffee from her it probably has some drugs mixed in it. Instead of the picture missing like her parents (especially the mother) she is quite happy that it is missing and hopes that it remains so. If she knew who the thief was she was even willing to treat them to a congratulatory diner and if by chance Janice was indeed the thief she could keep it with her for all Sera cared. Janice is wondering what is up with this crazy family and wouldn’t Sera want to find her missing sister. Sera calmly informs her that only her mother is interested in finding the sister as for her she doesn’t want anything to do with her. Saying this she leaves her. Thankfully before she can take some of that drugged coffee she gets a call from another one of that Kooky family. Turns out that it is the dad’s turn to finally contact her and request a meeting.


She finally goes to meet him. Turns out that he seems to be slightly more reasonable than the rest of his family since he even apologizes to her for his wife suspecting her and all. Janice on the other hopes that they finally find the picture so that she gets removed from the suspect list. Inchul being the smart one (for the time being) tries to get some information out of her) but before that he hopes that she and Sera can get along with each other. She pretends to agree but in reality thinks of how she is going to ruin her life and marriage for her family’s revenge. Inchul then asks her if she saw something weird at the clinic. You know like a suspicious person hanging about or something that shouldn’t be there etc.. She wants more elaboration but he can’t give it to her apart from telling her that he doesn’t think that the picture going missing was by chance and that it was indeed a deliberate action. He then brings up the fact that as he understood she was raised in Canada and that she should be the same age as his missing daughter who was supposedly taken there. Naturally she is baffled about all this.


Mi Yun has finally gotten an update about Janice meeting Inchul and at first she wonders what he could have to say to her before remembering the fact that 3 children that had gone to Canada haven’t been located and she is afraid that Inchul has finally connected the dots and figured out that Janice is his long lost daughter much to her dismay. As for Inchul he is glancing at a puzzled looking Janice when the episode ends.



Now for some thoughts regarding the show.




My favorite moment had to be when Dumb and Dumber went to that meeting spot. They really looked weird. If they were trying to look inconspicuous they literally failed and their reactions to each other both times were a blast.


Inchul seems to be the smarter one these days and does he suspect that Janice is his long lost daughter who is sent here for revenge on his family from the kidnapper. That will be interesting though I doubt that he will get his answer right away. If he asks for a DNA test Janice is probably going to feel insulted and refuse or gets called away before she tells him that she accepts. Remember we can have Miran call her at the exact moment before he can ask her to take the test.


Plus, I wonder if Janice would even want to return to that family if she discovers the truth. She already knows that she won’t be welcome by Sera and as for her parents it will probably depend on how they currently treat her. She knows that Eun Ha is desperately searching for her but if she feels like she has failed as a mother by not only recognizing her but also treating her badly such as slapping her especially when she doesn’t deserve it then she might not be willing to return to that home.


Though you know what will be more interesting in my opinion. She discovers the truth but decides to continue the family revenge in her own way. She agrees to return to her biological family so even Mi Yun thinks that she has abandoned her and is hurt but secretly she is still out to take revenge on that family since she considers Mi Yun as her mother but she is doing that since she wants her mother to share the same pain that she would also be feeling especially after such a major betrayal on her part.


Frankly by the end of the show all 3 mothers need to make peace if they want to continue the relationship. Yoo Kyung and Mi Yun need to realize that they share the same son so they need to be nice because of that. As for Mi Yun and Eun Ha they get a double reason for peace. Firstly, they share the same daughter and secondly if Janice and Baby Face end up marrying then they have also become In Laws. This means that they have become family whether the like it or not. This would have been equally true if Sera had married him as well.


While I admit that would be the best outcome I wouldn’t be averse to seeing Karma get Eun Ha. If my assumption is indeed correct that she has the nurse locked up at that hospital and drugged like that to protect her secret, then I would feel it quite fair if she ended up in one herself. She can be there for losing her mind for mistreating her beloved daughter and not recognizing her as well as the fact that her own child could be used as an instrument to hurt her. We can also have Sera be the one looking after her.


Another point that I wanted to bring up was about the time that Mi Yun tried to commit suicide. It was after she failed and realized that Janice was the reason that she was alive that she decided to accept her as her daughter. I guess it might have been a good thing that she kidnapped her because she really seems to have suicidal tendencies and this was her second failed attempt. Anyway as I was saying if this was the moment that she decided to accept her as her daughter then why would she have her locked in the room all alone like that which resulted in her getting that trauma or even think of abandoning her for a short while before returning to get her like Janice mentioned. If she actually cared for her she shouldn’t have left her like that no matter when. I would have also said that she shouldn’t have involved her in her personal revenge at this point as well but I will let that slide for the moment.


Mi Yun is actually quite smart in the sense that she is recouping some of her losses so to speak. She must have spent a lot on those paintings. We know that one she has cost a million dollars and the one Eun Ha wanted was the double of that. She intends to sell some of her works no less than what she initially dished out. Means that she will get a profit even if she does indeed share some of it with charity. Her being invited to Eun Ha and Yoo Kyung’s house to inspect their artworks to donate for charity allows her access to the place allowing her to get the lay of the land and perhaps even plant a few bugs if possible to have a better idea what the people there are thinking and how to use that fact against them.


Another thing of interest that happened in one of the previous episodes. Mi Yun mentioned that she would really like to have someone like Baby Face as her son or Sera like a daughter. Sera then volunteered their services if she was ever in the mood. I get the feeling that once she discovers the truth she is going to be availing this option before she gets caught. I do hope that she doesn’t decide to ditch Janice once she discovers this fact though. That would be unfair to all parties involved.


I still don’t get why Janice is the prime suspect of stealing the picture since he gains nothing from doing that. Eun Ha is to blind to realize this as everyone seems to be pointing this out as well. Inchul might be onto something but I doubt that it is what he thinks it is. So I doubt that he will ask for a DNA test right away. But even then i get the feeling that if he even suggests that she may be his missing daughter she is going to get very offended at that. Infact while we are on the topic of the missing picture we don’t yet have a clear timeline in regards to it. It would make the most sense that Mi Yun grabbed it when she was alone but according to the cleaning lady Janice was looking at it before taking her scarf and leaving. That would mean that the picture was still there at that point. Meaning that Mi Yun had to either have grabbed it later on or got/paid someone else to do it. Perhaps the cleaning lady herself. Also Janice would have to be extremely brazen to steal a picture in front of a witness so to speak. Which thief is such an idiot (assuming that the picture was indeed there like the cleaning lady mentioned.) I get why Eun Ha is all freaked out that the picture is missing but at the same time I am wondering why she isn’t having it replaced and why she only has a picture of Yura over there. No wonder Sera is so ticked off at her missing sister.


Yoo Kyung is the only one that isn’t having trouble in paradise these days. Inchul and Eun Ha are fighting since he isn’t taking her side in regards to their missing daughters pictures and in their search for him. Sera and Baby Face are feeling their fair share sine he is moving away from her and thinking more about Janice and she can feel the drift and isn’t liking it.


Plus, Janice is full of mind games to throw him of his game. Even her agreeing to meeting someone like Sleazebag is a part of her perfect plan. Had she gone with a decent person she knows that at best he would feel jealous especially if they are getting along fine but he might let it go for the sake of her happiness and all. But on the other hand is she is dating a Sleazebag she knows that his protective instincts are going to kick in when he sees her being treated disrespectfully or being tried to be taken advantage of. Which as we can see in the preview of the next episode. This will have a bonus effect as Sera is bound to find out about Baby Faces actions. Due to her being the one setting her up with him. The guy is going to blame Baby Face for not only messing up his chance with Janice and also the fact that he could beat up over her. This means that Sera is bound to lose it and try and take it out on Janice. Which again is going to find some way to backfire on her. Meaning that there will now be even more of a rift between her and Baby Face. Something that Janice desires.


I do wonder about something though. Just how far is Mi Yun planning on going with her revenge in regards to Janice. For instance, breaking up Sera and Baby Face is definitely on her agenda but will she go as far as to ask Janice to marry him as well and if she discovers the truth will she give her blessing to them or will she want nothing to do with Eun Ha’s family. Even though she has started to consider Janice has her own daughter.


On a side note the actress that they got to portray that person from Canada. Didn’t seem able to act. There was something off about her I just can’t place my finger on it though.



Now on to other thoughts.




@chococarmela are we talking about Eun Ha being a bit sexist in regards to the missing picture as to how rich people would have no need to steal said picture but someone not so high such as Janice would be a better candidate as a thief. If that is the case then I agree with you.


@Lmangla I tend to agree with your observations they seem to be better than my guesses in regards to J Thieves feelings towards his son and the other stuff. As for the picture frame breaking it might be more of the glass shattering. They say that a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck I assume that broken frames have a similar meaning. In dramas as you pointed out something major is bound to happen to the character in the picture. They end up getting into some sort of accident and the parent or loved one gets this as a foreboding feeling but they can’t tell why that happens until it happens. In this case Janice may figure out the truth or she will probably need some blood thus Mi Yun may be forced to ask the actual family for help even if that means that she can’t ever be with her daughter again. Frankly the former would be better as after the wounds have healed they have a chance to mend their relationship.


As for the date between Janice and Baby Face I don’t think that happened on a period of one day. I will always admit that it is hard to gauge drama time. Heck even a day sometimes doesn’t add up. A guy goes to one place when it is quite sunny but arrives or leaves when the sun has almost gone down if it hasn’t fully done so. I might have to rewatch all their date scenes to note if they had the same clothes as that might be a better indicator of it being the same date. Otherwise I am going to assume that she was with him for a few days before she vanished on him. She had a stopover flight in a few days so it makes sense that was the case. At most they would have 2 – 3 days to spend together. I will agree that if it was just one day then them falling for each other like that is indeed strange. Okay even a 2 – 3 days’ time is equally strange. People do say that there is love at first sight and almost all the fairy tales go for that so perhaps this is the case over here. Plus, they might have realized that they have a lot of things in common so that might have been something that caused a connection between them. it also might be that due to her sudden disappearance neither party got the closure that they needed to move on.


As for Danny and Janice eating like that I also get the feeling that they live together. This is further implied when he drops her of for that double date not to worry and stay awake as she will be fine and he tells her that she tells him that even knowing that he is still going to do that. I guess this would mean that they live together otherwise how would he know that she ever got back home safely unless she is supposed to call him. I don’t know if they feel like a married couple. Though it does feel like she thinks of him as a younger brother and treats him like that even though he wants more.


The part where she claims to not be nice and the fact of her becoming corrupted under Mi Yun are interesting points. I think her claiming not to be nice is the fact that she not only gave up the man that she loved for the sake of revenge she is even willing to hurt him in the same name. as for her being corrupted is an interesting guess but for me it is hard to say. It is possible that she wants to quickly get the revenge done so that she can not only move on with her life but also help her mother heal and realizes that using the biological daughter would be the fastest way to achieve that.


Yes, you are correct Dumb and Dumber did indeed meet at the park but didn’t figure out that the other one may have been the one blackmailing the other but I say give it time. For instance, I can perhaps see the blackmailer give either one of them another call (or both of them) and tell them that they had a lot to say to them (as they claimed) yet they waited for them to make a move and they never did so were they just all talk. This might make them think that the other party is indeed the blackmailer so even if they have other suspicions they will forget that due to this.



Anyway this covers all of my points for the time being. Take care all of you and keep posting as I look forward to reading your posts and thoughts. It also helps come up with better theories as well.

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3 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

are we talking about Eun Ha being a bit sexist in regards to the missing picture as to how rich people would have no need to steal said picture but someone not so high such as Janice would be a better candidate as a thief. If that is the case then I agree with you.


No, the drama itself has sexist undertones with "tropes" of women, such as Eun Ha being extremely emotional, Sera being jealous and possessive, Janice being "surrounded by men", Mi Yun getting revenge and having suicidal tendencies, Yoo Kyung being completely oblivious to most things...


Kinda stereotypical, you know?

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11 hours ago, Lmangla said:

bizarre that everyone talks of this grand love of hae joon from 3 years ago -- it was one day. one day. one day! and she didn't show up. a tourist he met for one day and she didn't meet him the next day. she was a tourist -- she

This is funny! Grande passion for her just from chatting for one day. 
Another show Secret Love I think had the guy turned into some super duper corporate man after a tryst in a car. He was like a love zombie, longing for her so spent all his energy on work. I thought that was so dopey, stopped watching. It had one of the highest ratings. :lol:  At least, in this show Babyface moved on and got engaged to the sister. 

He is still engaged and they are making wedding plans but he is chasing after another woman, quite openly too.  Doesn't anyone else notice it? The staff perhaps.


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@yamiyugi ~ it was literally one day. they were wearing the same clothes and when he is dropping her off, he says something to the effect of "this was a great day. I enjoyed showing you around. shall we do it tomorrow?" -- and I was eye rolling at this point. so yes, one day! :lol:


@maribella ~ am not someone who believes in love at first sight but I can understand that kind of story if there is real spark, wit and chemistry with the leads. here, these two are like dead fish. the actors look at each other like they have taken cold medicine and want to go to sleep. hahahah... ^_^


am watching this turkish dizi and totally swooning over the looks the leads are giving each other. they look at each other a moment too long and you are aware that this is a man and woman in that moment. so delicious! that is the kind of energy we needed from this one day date to believe that he would still be hung up after 3 years. instead, it was a really boring discussion about great gatsby -- so obviously he has no intellectual friends but then again, if he has people like philip in the circle, maybe they are all brainless. and they both talk about feeling weighed by the expectations of their parents -- again, this is not the kind of conversation that indicates "oh, I never opened to anyone about this. I don't know why I am telling you this" kind of vibe. just mundane talk about students complaining about their parents.


in real life, have had some entertaining, memorable conversations with people while traveling on long train/plane journeys and in airport transits. (nothing romantic though, so sad! ^_^) so I can totally see the romantic appeal of meeting someone interesting while traveling. however, if this was the most interesting conversation that hae joon and janice had, their lives must have been really snoozing! :lol:

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I think, if any guy ever tries to manipulate me by saying I seem insecure, I’m going to counter by saying he seems suspicious, so I’m fine with looking insecure. Why is he suspicious? But I’ve never been okay with being manipulated and have always walked away from people who play games, since they’re always super-obvious, just like HJ here.

Sera’s willingness to be manipulated is creeping me out. 

Re Janice and her desire to use missing daughter for revenge, why does she think that would work?  That’s doing the family a solid.

and I’ve not understood how the honey trap is supposed to be a revenge, except to make the doctor’s family cry since Haejun doesn’t care. Nor is investing in the business a revenge. It makes more sense to buy up all its stock and kick the family out of it, and then get the Assemblyman shamed publicly so he has to resign. 

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Just checking in to let ya know I've dropped this drama. No particular reason; it just didn't draw me in. Actually, I haven't found a current daily that can compare to some of the old ones I watched or re-watched. I'm watching Turkish dramas at the moment (i.e., Hercai, Yemin, Yasak Elma). Kdramas are really mild in comparison. 


I still read the forums - I don't know if it's from interest or just plain nosiness (probably nosiness). I so enjoy reading all of your posts. 

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2 hours ago, tulip06 said:

I think, if any guy ever tries to manipulate me by saying I seem insecure, I’m going to counter by saying he seems suspicious, so I’m fine with looking insecure. Why is he suspicious? But I’ve never been okay with being manipulated and have always walked away from people who play games, since they’re always super-obvious, just like HJ here.

Sera’s willingness to be manipulated is creeping me out. 

Re Janice and her desire to use missing daughter for revenge, why does she think that would work?  That’s doing the family a solid.

and I’ve not understood how the honey trap is supposed to be a revenge, except to make the doctor’s family cry since Haejun doesn’t care. Nor is investing in the business a revenge. It makes more sense to buy up all its stock and kick the family out of it, and then get the Assemblyman shamed publicly so he has to resign. 

the way hae joon turns it around and makes it all about sera is a move that cheating husbands do in daily where the wifey is the lead and eventually wakes up to dump him. so it is weird to see such richard simmons behaviour from a male lead because he is supposed to be the nice guy but he actually isn't. perhaps, the idea is we are not supposed to be sympathetic towards them? and yea, so far, we haven't had an outline of what this grand revenge project that took 30 years to plan looks like. why is it necessary to break up hae joon and sera? like you said, a business move where they create chaos at the company would be far more effective revenge... this revenge is hardly gracious. ^_^


2 hours ago, Takingthehighroad said:

Just checking in to let ya know I've dropped this drama. No particular reason; it just didn't draw me in. Actually, I haven't found a current daily that can compare to some of the old ones I watched or re-watched

I hear ya. I hardly watched many kdramas this year. most didn't even entice me to check out. I don't mind recycled stories or tropes if the actors make it entertaining. perhaps, that juicy factor is missing?



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5 hours ago, Lmangla said:

I don't mind recycled stories or tropes if the actors make it entertaining. perhaps, that juicy factor is missing?


I stick to my claim... Older dramas were better.


But I am watching Secret Boutique, Temptation of Wife, and just started All About Eve. Been trying to find Miss Mermaid online...

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@chococarmela Thanks for explaining your points. I didn’t realize that till you did.


@maribella Pretty sure some of the office staff are noticing his behavior towards Janice they simply don’t know where to gossip about it. The last time a few of them caught him holding Janice’s hand at work and they reported it to Sera. Unfortunately, they not only got a tongue lashing from her but she also threatened to take legal action against them if they couldn’t back up their words. Who would want to risk their career after that. If Sera wants to remain oblivious to the threat against her then she more or less deserves what is coming for her.


@Lmangla Thankyou for confirming the fact that they were only seeing each other for one day when their so called epic romance began. It does seem weird when you put it like that.


Let’s see all that they managed to accomplish in that one day.




Met on a train. Baby Face rescued her from a jam (due to her phobia). After that they hung out and did the following things.

Sightseeing and shopping. From this we learn that she will be in Korea atleast for a couple of days before returning. This can be gathered by the fact that when they were at the Hanbok shop he informs the owner that she is leaving by Friday and was wondering if it could be ready by then. If she was going the next day, he would have said that she was going by then. Since he mentioned a day we can assume that there was a few days’ stopover.

Had a few meals and discussed a book (The Great Gatsby) I wonder how long that took. Probably depending on how far each of them reached to the extent that they agreed to meet on Friday to discuss the book after finishing it. That again probably indicates that it would take a few days to be done. Unless they just had a few chapters that could have been finished in a day or so.

Finally, there was that running in the rain scene so that they could grab some noodles at a convenience store which later on led to him getting to hold her hand to try out another scene from a Korean Drama before he dropped her off at her place.


Actually it was prior to running in the rain that had my doubts if they were dating for a few days since she was waiting for him outside pretending to smoke when he joined her. I guess he was busy paying for their dinner meal. But wait they still had enough room for having some cup noodles after that. Perhaps running made them hungry.


Other than that we know that they had conversations on their parents how they were still strict towards them, how they wanted them to stop smoking and yes let’s not forget the book. That is so important. If that indeed took the entire day they must really have a lot to talk about.


As for the matter of friends I can only imagine what some of them would go through. Janice was probably to focused on the family revenge to make any real friends. Infact I believe she even mentioned the fact that she had to become mature faster and that is why she didn’t have any friends over there. As for him I guess his family wouldn’t allow him to be with the common people telling to stay in his own class etc.. so he didn’t have any real friends. Probably the reason that he sort of clicked with her when they met because he could be the so called real him without her knowing that he came from a rich background thus if she liked him it would be for genuine reasons and not his wealth assuming that is what other girls were attracted to him for.


@tulip06 Totally agree with you sometimes it is better to be insecure just to be cautious especially when the other party is acting suspiciously. I can get at times when it can be tiring but that is mostly when they are being insecure for no real reason but if there is cause then it is understandable.


As for wanting to use the real daughter for revenge is even beyond me. Perhaps she was planning on lying to the daughter that the family initially abandoned her and that they were living a happy and well of life without her so it would be in her best interest to hurt them back. But I doubt that lie could be maintained for long if the daughter would be interested to know her parents even briefly then she would instantly realize the truth. Perhaps she should meet and introduce herself to Sera to believe Janice and company. It might make sense for her to help in the revenge plot.


As for the so called Honey Trap I have no idea as well. Perhaps they think that the next step would probably be to marry her (Janice) after she successfully manages to have him breakup with Sera. This means that the company would be under the family. Then slowly have the company exposed for all the criminal activities that they have done which will make them lose stock and face. Janice can then demand a divorce and ask for company stocks in return. This way Mi Yun and company will end up becoming the major shareholders since Janice will get some from the divorce and due to the exposures of the crime J Group’s stocks will also go down big time. Allowing Mi Yun to purchase all of them for cheap. This way they can then kick out J Thief and family and take over the company. Mi Yun gets her own family patent for My Herb and keeps it or claims it as her own. Then with new management she gets the company to grow properly without the influence of J Thief and is interference. Though on second thoughts I doubt that they are actually that smart to think all this through,


It seems to me like this group is winging most of their plans at the last situation.


@Takingthehighroad. No you can’t leave us just yet you will be missed :(:). Sure there is no way to convince you to stay.



Anyway since I am busy at work will end the post here for the time being. So all of you take care and keep posting will be looking forward to reading them. also lets wait for the next episode to pop up soon.

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14 hours ago, Lmangla said:

I hear ya. I hardly watched many kdramas this year. most didn't even entice me to check out. I don't mind recycled stories or tropes if the actors make it entertaining. perhaps, that juicy factor is missing?

I need some dramas like the following:

  • The Secret of My Love
  • The Person who Gives Happiness
  • Golden Pouch
  • Apgujeong Midnight Sun
  • The Promise
  • Father, I'll Take Care of You
  • Golden Rainbow
  • Jang Bo-Ri is Here (both Korea & Taiwanese versions)

I could go on but it would take up too much space (like my husband says about me :D). In other words, I like Cinnamon Toast Dramas - spicy with an equal amount of sweetness. Elegant Mother & Daughter hasn't accomplished that for me - no hitting the walls, no emergency visits to the ER - nada. Matter of fact, this drama hasn't even caused me to move from my chair, a bad sign of boredom.


9 hours ago, yamiyugi said:

@Takingthehighroad. No you can’t leave us just yet you will be missed :(:). Sure there is no way to convince you to stay.

I'm still lurking & reading...hoping someone mentions a daily I haven't seen. In the meantime, I'm watching Turkish dramas where the chemistry between leads is "smoking" (At my age, I should stay away from "smoking chemistry" - it's bad on nonexistent hormones. 

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@Takingthehighroad I don't think you will find 100 plus dramas to be a gripping, unforgettable type. Some of those 16-20 episodes are good. The excellent ones that are sometimes heartbreaking would 2-4 hour specials.

One of them had the main man die saying in a voiceover... 'Thank you for letting me leave with you in my heart', :dissapointed_relieved:

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