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[Drama 2019] A Place in the Sun, 태양의 계절


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2 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

KI was always a villain those shoes fit comfortably on him.


I think he became a villain gradually. At the beginning he wasn't evil. But later on he started to do evil things, after his suicide attempt failed. This was the start. When he sent Jimin away.

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1 hour ago, angelwingssf said:


I think my mind is blocked off to DS antics -  just everything that she does is off putting.  Sorry that I cannot see - what you all see. 

@angelwingssf  I am put off by DS too chingu. But when she started acting like child in Friday’s episode it was funny. I used the wrong word to describe what I saw. The actress is playing part of someone who is insane. Seeing her talk to the doll is proof she is ha omg a meltdown. But once she finds out more terrible stuff her mom has done , DS will definitely be put in a mental house. She won’t be able to cope at all. I think she deserves this ending. Her actions towards her husband was cruel. She had no sympathy for him which disgusted me. 

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2 minutes ago, joan0528 said:

In tomorrows episode Junghee tell DS about her mother wrongdoing to mr.hwang in front of her mother IMR but lets see how DS will react to that matter..maybe she still will doubt or will not accept the fact and keep denying it...


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Finally im back on posting comment in this thread, my UC browser was blocked in all forum soompi thread so now i use firefox browser...


@joan0528  Welcome back
She will be shocked and then she will find away to under her mother. Only hearing about her mom’s involvement with Set Byul’s death will finally hit home. Then DS will hate her mom because “ SHE WILL BECAUSE OF YOU I LOST THE ONLY THING I CAN KEEP LYW BY MY SIDE” her selfish side will surfaced which in the end will drive to point of no return. The she was will fee extreme guilt for caring more about keeping KYW than Justice for her own kid. 

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18 hours ago, UnniSarah said:


@UnniSarah My weekend was great. Hope your's was as well.


I haven't watched the latest episode, but I've been turning out here and there or just FFing many scenes and just catch up with the recaps here, which btw, is much better than the drama itself. I may just tune again daily for the last week. Can't stand CTJ & KI now. I was sympathetic to KI, but not anymore as of last week. CTJ has lured him to the dark side and won't be coming back anytime at all. 


I am so hoping that Chairman Jiang, JH, TY & SW can come up with some plan to oust them as well as MR & DS!!! The four needs to be buried 10 feet under. 

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2 hours ago, whome said:

. I was sympathetic to KI, but not anymore as of last week. CTJ has lured him to the dark side and won't be coming back anytime at all. 


I stopped watching after KI turned to a devil. He is so scary. I miss his naïve old self, it fitted Choi Seungjae more


It was easier for me watching Namjun as a psychopath

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15 hours ago, dramaninja said:


KBS' preview for Ep 87 (Tuesday): 광일은 유월에게 황노인 살해범 누명을 씌우기 위해 증권가에 정보를 흘리고, 미란은 광일이 걱정돼 찾아가는데.. 광일은 또다시 약통을 미란에게 건넨다. 한편, 정희는 태준이 아니라 광일이 꾸민 짓이란 걸 알고 더 이상 참을 수 없어 미란을 찾아가는데....

Translation: KI leaks stock information, to put the blame for Mr. Hwang's murder on YW, and MR goes to KI, worried about him.. KI brings a pills-bottle to MR, yet again. Meanwhile, JH learns that this was KI's doing and not CTJ's, and goes to see MR, as she cannot stand this.


Looks like some utter confusion is coming up.  This writer is too much.  The story is so complex that he/she can come up with any number of things to keep the confusion going.  But frankly, though it is dragging, I am not particularly bored with the drama either!


The goof troop guys were all funny again in today's episode. SH was great when she got cheesed off at JiEun and left sayin, "Fine, I will have to go fight all alone. You just sit here and have your tea!".

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Plot to daily or short kdrama  with Birth secret involving the rich below @whome @nohamahamoud2002 @angelwingssf @dramaninja @Barbara Riley @tulip06 @lu09 @joan0528 @DramaBoss @10192123sangre @Susu


For a character to turn evil completely they would have to have NO MORALS in the first place before ever turning evil. WHEN  the character has morals , they will never turn evil no matter how they are brought up. 
If you are able to find this daily will be proof that GENES doesn’t and does say who you are  only if you have a good heart already. 
In Still Green Day’s 







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@UnniSarah my friend. God created everyone with freedom of choice. If a person, for example  like Cain  (who is the son of prophet Adam), has an evil nature,  it is inherent in him. He chose the path of evil. He doesn't need anything to determine what he will do. 


For KI, he was raised in a good household. The grandfather and Junghee  showered him with love. But CTJ the great devil was there to poison everything. At certain times, the good side of KI was there, he wanted to do the right thing, but still he was weak and hesitant. The great devil CTJ kept convincing him to join him. KI went on being hesitant for a while. But then the evil in him was stronger than good. There was a conflict inside him, but he ended up smothering his conscience.


I think it is not only genes, it is the devil inside everyone of us. We are born with two things, good and evil. In KI's case, the devilish side is stronger. It is not his parents. 


What I want to say is that sometimes it is the other way round, the parents are good but sons are evil, like Prophet Noah too,  whose son refused to join him in the ark. Or even the opposite, an evil father has a good son, like prophet Abraham who was good despite having a bad father.



So it has nothing to do with the parents, it is the amount of good and evil inside us that keeps battling, either evil wins or goodness wins, and the person ends up choosing.

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@angelwingssf @UnniSarah I have to admit that in 90% of the cases, evil parents give birth to evil children, which is the case of DS and KI. 


Also good parents give birth to good children such as YW, being JH's son.


However the environment has an impact on a person's character too. 


Also we shouldn't over generalize, because often in kdrama some villains repent.


I just don't like the writer's changing KI and DS from semi-bad persons to total villains. This is over generalization and stereotypical  

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