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  1. CD just need to move on hell at this point I hope him and the brat start a romance while YW continue on in her miserable life. At this point the only one YW stand up to is CD who is the only one helping her.
  2. Your top 4 for daily drama I agree they were good and the FIL was awesome, once they got back up after being knocked down was enough for them. In First Love Again the birth mom, the grandfather and YW's son was in it playing the same roles.
  3. It's literally like one week left and if today's episode is any indication of what left I am done. I really don't understand how this drama started so good and we at this point now. *sigh*
  4. Ok that's one way of looking at it. How many episodes did they add? They really can mess up a good drama by adding extra episodes and how can you originally write drama that have 100/120 episodes but somewhere along the way you need more episodes to finish the story, that always confuses me.
  5. Even though the doctor told YW that DS is normal he can not be that stupid to believe him and why is everybody treating her like her and YW is still married this part of the drama is dumb for lack of a better word like at this point DS needs a reality check.
  6. I guess with his half-wit/half-sibling DS keep bothering him I guess he maybe become a tiger but at the very least he will become a damn hyena along with his half-wit/half-sibling DS.
  7. At this point I welcome the Stupids to get rid of DS because YW and SW seem to be stuck on stupid when it comes to DS. It's time for DS to find her "place in the sun (hospital)" because she's just annoyingly crazy at this point. I just want to reach inside the TV and slap all hell and craziness out of her, damn that would just feel so go! Thx @joan0528 and @dramaninja for ya'll daily translations and posting of the previews definitely the real VIP's!!!
  8. At this point every character is annoying as hell!! The grandfather is never going to change (I thought he would after his near death experience), DS is just annoying as all hell, SW always looks sad and tired of life, JH just always have a lost look on her face, well KI is just KI he's just there at this point and JM is the only one that makes sense oh wait the aunt family aka The Stupids or just that stupid. I thought Place for Summer and Shady Mom In Law was train wrecks, oh well **sigh**
  9. Seriously what is wrong with DS when is she going to start getting help or someone just slap her with a dose of reality preferably YW. I am just over everybody excusing her behavior at this point.
  10. @angelwingssf JM is. Mr. Jang great-grandson and YW/TY is his real grandson/daughter's son, maybe I should have added the great-grandson when I spoke about JM, my bad..
  11. I honestly don't think Mr. Jang had a heart attack because JM is not his grandson (remember SW would only do a DNA test with the grandfather and JM), I think the shock that TY is his real grandson is what sent him over the edge. I definitely believe the Suspicious Housekeeper know that KI is not the real grandson after all she did teach Dennis the Menace (the in-laws grandchild) that song he sung at the table, which leads me to believe the grandfather knows the truth. Anyway it would be a nice twist nonetheless.
  12. Quick question, will an episode of A Place In the Sun air today? Thanks.
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