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  1. @Lmangla I think MS feels guilt for what his mom did but his mom loves Jenny so much. Shady mom ( I have call her that) hates and love Jenny. She really can’t bare to lose her. MS can’t bare to hurt his mom even though she has never love him. He too hates and love his mom. Because she is his mom “ I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY HE CHOSSES TO BE LOYAL TO HER .” I wouldn’t but the fact that he does feel the need to be loyal to her shows that he has a heart. For him it isn’t about his one sided love but because he loves his mom. ( THIS IS KDRAMA LAND)- > where loyalty to family has no bounds , which really richard simmons me off. <- This is just my interpretation and I don’t agree. MS could have told the truth but guess what, he would been looked at badly or would have been called COLD and the drama would have ended.
  2. He has been acting since 2005. Annyeong @nohamahamoud2002 I understand MS’s actions even though I don’t understand it. I can already see the here this drama is going. I can’t help but fee so bad for MS. MS wanted a mom , even now she still doesn’t love him but she will use MS’s loyalty to her to help her keep Jenny. All children inherit their parents traits. Right now Jenny is still loyal to Her mom but once she finds out she isn’t her mother she will turn on her. Jenny feeling towards the woman who raised her is real. Just like Jenny can’t abandon her , MS can’t either. MS also give ES clues , but ES is still to slow to pick up on the truthZ he even heard Jenny confronting Her mom for being the Black Rose. But still ES is still in denial. It is so frustrating seeing him e so slow. Now Jenny and ES will have to break up , when it is so stupid. If they break up, Jenny and Shady mom can really escape and Jenny will never know about her real parents, unles Jenny has an accident for her to get all her memories back. Smh smh smh
  3. Question Is this drama a pre-production??? I have feeling we will be mislead a lot in this drama. 1. That women who killed herself at the be of Ep 1? Made me think Hubby was having an affair?? 2. Turns out hubby and FIL was working together on a mystery? 3. When was hubby kidnapped?? I fee hubby was kidnapped first before FIL died? 4. Hubby’s father seems very evil . He seems to be very fake toward hi DIL? 5. SH was blackmailed with her husband’s corpse with phones video? FIL -> Did he give his ok to scare DIL ?? 6. Reall culprit used her as bait or conspirators on the death of her husband? Will come back with more of my POV
  4. @chococarmela @lu09 That was a good drama because this is the first drama where the FM is AWESOME and STRONG. Although her background was poor but she had her own business where she didn’t need her husband wealth to survive. Sadly I it was never officially subbed.
  5. @10192123sangre That is because the their character was so lost and their need for revenge driven them to the pits of HELL. They had no way to turn back the time and start all over.
  6. @10192123sangre OMG!!!! You have got to be kidding me. No way. I will not be watching than , if they extended it. Yep they extended it .
  7. OMO @10192123sangre I watched both of these dramas. It broke my heart, I don’t think the main lead would die because this drama isn’t categorized as a melodrama
  8. @Susu I can never understand MiRan. After watching episode 89. I feel that MiRan doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. When DS asked why kill Mr Hwang? She said because she was crazy. I was like ????? What do you mean you are crazy. Another time she tells her daughter she was a fool, that I believe but I still feel that she is not telling the truth. I see a woman who was greedy even knowing she committed a sin. She would have kept sinning if no one knew about the switch. What she said is crap?? Some people believe in HEAVEN. Not trying to start a war on religion at all . For some reason , I wonder aHow does Mr Hwang feel about Mi Ran knowing she killed him. Would he still sympathize with her? How many of you were offended with the question. “ WHY DID MR HWANG LEAVE 3 BILLION DOLLARS TO KIM YOO WOL??? I was so offended because they made it seem like he was forcing KYW to forgive MiRan. No amount of money can make a person forgive someone for hurting you. What is worse, she has now realized DS nor KII truly appreciate her. KII really is something, his mother is saying goodbye ans he looks annoyed. While looking annoyed , she made sure to protect her son from being prosecuted. It wwas so funny to me because I knees , all Ki wanted was to stop talking to her. He never once felt any kingship to his mom or sister. That is so sad. Smh smh smh p I am so mad at this woman for not receiving punished for what she did. Instead she get the chance to live in a small town . I wonder if she took her inheritance.
  9. KII , decide to stay at the company. This guy is so shameless and he is still having finding it difficult to have any feelings for her. JiMin loved KYW from the first time he met him but KII felt nothing. Smh smh smh Even DS is trying to make him try to be worried over his own mother who is missing. MiRan is also shameless. Thank bateau of going to the police she leaves town to go kill herself. Is this write serious??
  10. Happy Thursday @angelangie How far along are you in the novel? Does LuoLuo end up with TianYa’s bio dad. Does TianYan’s bio mom get married?? i am on Ch 330 wow Wow TianYa step sister sure is dumb. I would have thought she would learned her lesson inmessing with TianYa’s family. What boggles my mind is the fact that Qu Wen, her daughter, her WX husband are evil but MeiYi can actually change for the better when both her parents aren’t nice people. It showed how the choices you make in life leads people to either a good life or a bad one.
  11. @angelangie Reading #11 Mercedes Thompson Series Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs If you love the supernatural world , you will love this. Mercy Thompson Mercedes is Volkswagen mechanic living in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. Her Native American heritage has gifted her with the ability to take the form of a coyote at will. She's surrounded by far more powerful supernatural beings, including werewolves, vampires and an assortment of fey.
  12. @nohamahamoud2002 She was teaching him a lesson. He ( Jiuj) used to break vases at his home but his family told him to break Jung Hee’s expensive stuff. So the maid flip the scrip on the family by scaring the hell out of him. Remeber she had explained it to the Mr Jang and he agreed with her method. But JiYuk was way to sensitive , which caused him psychological problems ( fear of the three bear songs. Lol lol Well good night everyone
  13. @tulip06 They are lovers / Mistress for years. Jung Hee told her this when she asked The Maid to help protect her dad . It was the episode where they tried to murder Mr Jang while he was in a coma.
  14. About the Maid, JUNG HEE TOLD US WHO SHE IS TO MR JANG. @dramaninja @angelwingssf @nohamahamoud2002 @joan0528 @tulip06 If you want to know the answer please respond @lu09 ha Glad to hear you had a good weekend.
  15. @Lmangla Hi chingu Great to see you here . @sava2sava Gald to see you here. I believe that Shady mom hates and love Jenny. This episode proves to you that in her own crazy way she loves Jenny. Jenny is such a good person but she has always forgiven her mom for all the bad treatment. She has grown to depend on Shady mom even though she has no class. That is just my opinion. Do you know what Shady Mom fears the most. She lied to her brother her fear is that Jenny HATES HATES. Jenny will hate her when the truth comes out but Jenny will forgive her because of her, she was able to accomplish her dreams. It is sick but I think that is what the writer is trying to show us viewers. I just started watching it and I skipped all the early episode. I love soompi because it is such a better experience to enjoy the drama especially when the story line can be so draggy. You guys tell us what happen in each chapter instead of watching it. There are times I feel bad for some characters going down the wrong path. I really can’t hate Ahn Man Soo. He is a very tortured soul because he wants Jenny but is scared of revealing the truth. At times I feel that he is still in denial that confuses the hell out of me. Lol lol Son Woo Hyuk is a good actor. He shows how tortured he is and how much he wants Jenny. Well done and I wish he would win an award.
  16. @tulip06 So true and so funny. I need everyone to call it what it is. KII is throwing a tantrum because in his eyes Mr Jang and Jung Hee are abandoning him. But what he failed to notice is that they are protecting form son truth about his father. What Mr Jang did was right , killing the monster he had a part in creating. After all CHOI TAE JOON HIRED SOMEONE TO KILL HKM WHILE JE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL BED. KII is so used to getting away with anything and given what he wanted from those two people that he fees betrayed. Meanwhile forgetting he betrayed them first. He forgot that KYW has been abandoned his whole life and the people who took his place refuses to let him have it back. i have not seen today’s episode but let me say I AM SO TIRED OF WHATCHING THAT WENCH MiRan act like her life is horrible when she is the one making the choices she decided to make. She cried when KII called her mom, KII is improving manipulating powers to be. He is mastering it so wel. His daddy must be proud. He is creating a monster and he hasn’t realized yet how this will bite him in the you know what. Lol lol I told everyone that MR can never be trusted. She still is afraid of telling DS everything. She still hasn’t told DS about SB’s death yet. What is she waiting for??? It is really pissing me off .
  17. Thank you Jenny for stating the obvious. Shin Da-Eun aka Jenny is a good actress. I wonder why she hasn’t won a award yet for her performance. I for one who shed she ended up with Ahn Man Soo. They had chemistry but this man is so tormented with the truth and refuses to tell her the truth. I sometimes wonder why she feel for Eun Sik. Their chemistry is so flat in my eyes. I don’t feel anything for Eun Suk. Although he frustrates me, I blame the writer for making Ahn Man Soo such a terrible person. thank you for liking my post @msmy
  18. I will not be watching anymore. KYW refuses to leave that house and he is surrounded by snakes. Mr Jung might betray him. All my chingu’s contact me once KYW is released from prison. I don’t have the heart to watch.
  19. @nohamahamoud2002 I was trying to explain to you the plot in Korean drama land about the reasons why a character turn evil or remain good.
  20. It is never for their child but for their own control issues. @angelangie Chapter 323-326 What whopper??? Yu LuoLuo is truly dumb and so are the rest of their family. Where the hell did Ling Tao fine Qu Wan??? I mean seriously, Both wife and Husband were working both side of each corner to make money. It is truly disgusting. Yu LuoLuo gets saved by LT and she decides t run away from her??? I mean really. They actually believe that Ling Tao sent Mr Huang Dawei to bleed them drive ans now there is attempted murder in this man’s belt. First he got 5 million dollars from Qu Wan and then got more money from the Yu. These duo are disgusting. I am getting the vibe they have been running a good scam . Now it is Huang Dawei’turn to be destroyed. The Yu’s disappointments in TianYa coming for a visit was all wrongZ what can a child do to visit her maternal family. They act like she had power? What power? Since her mom betrayed Ling Tao. Smh smh
  21. Plot to daily or short kdrama with Birth secret involving the rich below @whome @nohamahamoud2002 @angelwingssf @dramaninja @Barbara Riley @tulip06 @lu09 @joan0528 @DramaBoss @10192123sangre @Susu
  22. @joan0528 Welcome back She will be shocked and then she will find away to under her mother. Only hearing about her mom’s involvement with Set Byul’s death will finally hit home. Then DS will hate her mom because “ SHE WILL BECAUSE OF YOU I LOST THE ONLY THING I CAN KEEP LYW BY MY SIDE” her selfish side will surfaced which in the end will drive to point of no return. The she was will fee extreme guilt for caring more about keeping KYW than Justice for her own kid.
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