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  1. I tried to watch today’s episode but so very disappointing at watching Su Ji being standoff ish. She has had a terrible trauma that she refuses to face. It will only make her out to be mean and ungrateful @tulip06 @yamiyugi @mjmartinez have you watched this episode
  2. I was wonder the same thing. All this time she dressed shabbily and had no money. All this point out to me that Na Young and her mother must be in on this/ Did you guys see the way she talked about Su Ji. This woman had no compassion for her at all. I think her actions played a bigger role in Na Young being cruel to Su Ji. Lately I had a strange thought popped up in my head. That Jin Do-Young is not Jang-Soo son (아들 ). I don’t see any resemblance between them but check out the casting on for this drama who is playing Na Young’s dad. Lately his mom has been on his case for not supporting Na Young’s bad behavior . https://mydramalist.com/764791-a-profitable-cage @tulip06 what do you think ?
  3. I watched ep 35-36 and really enjoyed how it all played out. Su Ji- a doctor who loves helping people and dedicated in healing her patients. SJ prevented a patient from committing suicide and became an TV personality. Doing her job as a psychiatrist and TV personality was good thing but it was not her passion. If SJ was never a TV personality, she would not have fallen this badly to a point she end up broke. Right now SJ is truly not at place where she can be friendly. She is at stage where she just wants to be alone but Woo Ri’s family will break down the wall she uses a shield. I want to feel bad for Na Young but I can’t because she purposely put herself in harms way. Smh smh Why did she have follow her family just to listen in in the meeting but not stay till the end. Na Young is just like her mom, Selfish and has no class. She also has a victim complex and that is why I believe Na Young isn’t sick. She has the nerve of her to ask their Future in Laws, open up a Cafe for her family. I wasn’t so shocked to see ask that and believe she did the right thing. I wonder what is the writer intentin for this character. I am curious who does that kind of stuff .
  4. Episode 36 was good but didn’t finish it. Waiting for subs so I can comment on what I saw and report back here. Su Ji’s ste To be honest, I started having this strange feeling, or it is my imagination trying to drive me insane. I am so afraid that Na Young will either play the orphan role or claim to be Mr Ji biological daughter and Su Ji is the step daughter. I don’t know why this thought keep occupying my mind. Someone please help me stop thinking about this scenario. Subtitles are out yay Wow, Seon Young ex family did her dirty.
  5. Exactly, like Soo Jin said. Na Young inferiority complex is at play. She can't not see her families real heart because her mother is a terrible parent. Her mother clearly doesn't like SJ and will openly usee Soo Jin for everything she is willing to give to her family.
  6. I can not stand Han Jin Tae nor his son Han Hyun Sun. Both of them are overbearing. @yamiyugi You said this is a family drama , does that mean Hyun Sun and Na Young won’t end up together due to Na Young jealousy, obsession and wanting to get rich. Na Young and her mom have the same mind set. Proof that her daughter’s happiness will always come first and will always step on Soo Jin so her daughter can be happy. One thing that make me angry is that , they believe everything should be handed to them without any hard work. For example, NY’s mom never worked a day in her life and she doesn’t even take care of the household. She is lazy and now expects Soo Jin to introduce her to Hyun Sun. She is dying to be a rich madame or connected to one. Will she accept?? Is that the look of a woman in love!!
  7. Hello everyone I Have a QUESTION? Are Korean people face Blind? How can a grown woman forget what her husband and ex-best friend look like?? SuJin's mom saw her ex but doubted herself because she was thinking of them. Is she for real???? Her kid is suffering right now and needs a lot of love right now.
  8. So true @mjmartinez NY will continue to have the upper hand because of her selfishness. I am a big fan of Eunjung too and have watched most of her films and drama. I personally loved Love Twist just because of Eunjung. Love twist made no sense until the Male lead came back to Korea. He grew up and had a spine finally. Before he was a doormat. I tend to re-watch some scenes when I am in a bad mood or have nothing else to watch. I agree at the beginning it was kind of weird for me too but continued it till the end.
  9. Na Young does not have mental issues. I so badly did not want to see her as a mental patient but all Google search point that N.A. Young may have borderline personality illness. But she isn’t doing this from compulsion. She is doing it so nobody finds out she is a horrible person. There is a big difference for mental illness to personal gain. With compulsion there is no emotion or desire. I can not for certain claim she is not mentally ill. With mental illness, O don’t think patients believe they did anything wrong or be afraid of the truth to come out because in their mind they did nothing wrong. Na Young is troubled but I don’t think she has ever been mistreated by Su Jo’s family. I believe Su Ji suffered more than Na Young. Na Young is never disciplined when she mistreats Su Ji. Her perception of the night she was sick was construed. I believe once she saw them asking Su Ji how she is , when they saw she was conscious and tried to confort her, she would not let them. I believe a flashback is warranted so we can ne the judge of what really happened that night. hi @nohamahamoud2002
  10. This is my opinion @Lmangla I believe that being a a weddings designer has too much connection with Wang Je Guk. She had to start a new chapter in her life without any bad memories. I hope writers create more villains like Wang Je Guk. A character with no moral compass but still had enough space for one true love.
  11. I can not for the life of me really give the drama an overall score of 10 because we didn’t find out about the real villain until the very last three episodes. To find out WKG is was really an awful human being who believed his accomplishments was the right thing to do. The writer did not give the good guys a good story line. Their story was so flat and left me so unsatisfying. Even after Min Hae In found out WJG tried take away her memories she cried and touched his hand. In real life , I don’t think anyone can really forgive/mourn the person who tried to harm them and possess them. For 27 years this man has controlled her every movement in her life. He manipulated her just so she can love him back. I will give my vote of ten Stars to THE Best VILLAIN : Wang Je Guk and Kang Se Ra. The writer kept their character true til the end. I believe when creating a character, if there is growth then you can change their fate, but if there is no growth then they remain evil until the end and have no remorse. WJG is a true psychopath, i mean has psychopathic traits, and only live for himself and desire. Kang Se Ra feeling like she has had no control in her life beyond WJG actions. She was a smart girl and knew a man like WJG should not live. She even warned / gave signs she was going to jump but as always DA JUNG is so slow, dimwitted. Se Ra never got the chance to grow up happy after her dad died because her mom was a terrible human being. If she has at least tried to convince her daughter to go down the right path, none of this would have happened. Her daughter would be alive and WJG would be in prison. The ending to this drama was the right ending. SR would have never been able to live with herself because she killed the wrong person. s/ mom should have cleared all the misunderstanding. TIL this day, the memory KSR has was when SR saw LDS beating up her father , not the day of the murderer. I don’t think her mom ever told her how her father died. Which is bad parenting. SR’s mom going crazy is the right choice because her daughter died because she could not convince her daughter down the right path. I hope this answers your question @maribella
  12. It seems that this isn’t the first time Su Ji had to stp back for Na Young. That selfish witch, will start getting much attention while Su Ji will continue to suffer and never heal. I suspect Su Ji will lose her job while Na Young become famous. Na Young will enjoy the limelight until people start to realize her true nature and will lose all she has worked for. I believe after she loses her job, she will move in with U Ri.
  13. lol lol Why did it have to take this long for her to find out?? The writer really messed up in this storyline in my opinion @kboramint @maribella @tulip06
  14. @kboramint This erasing her memory again will backfire since the doctor said there will be complications. Is that all that happened today??
  15. I think so too, they maybe the first one to get pregnant too. But I believe URi’s sister is going to help him be more mature. He has already taken the first step to grow up but it is always a woman that give immature men the incentive to grow up Exqmple in box I also think since he married hi second wife ( a lazy and did not contribute financially for household is why he is always failing. I think his first wife was disciplined and that is why he was successful. A man like SuJi’s father need a woman to order him around to be successful and didn’t give him free rein wilt the money he earned.
  16. Same with me @tulip06 Na You g has made it worse. From the preview, I think Su Ji may have a mental health issues, which is connected to her stepmother and step sister. I feel bad for Su Jin, i don’t even feel the love her father or grandmother has for her. I think they just think of her as MONEY TREE. I suspect that Su Ji has been supporting them for years while her brother and Na Young lived and did whatever they wanted.
  17. I don't like bashing actors and actresses but Noel is stupid. Since tomorrow is episode 131, Noel being hooked to an IV is part of the plan for GO STUPID TEAM!- -> ( Da Jung, WYH, Bobae and Noel) I have no idea what WJG said to convince to go with him. SHM SHM But it must be a plan. From episode 130, when he made the call to the mysterious caller about doing something. I am going to assume it was the Doctor, informed him that there would some consequences to giving her Drugs. It looks like he has been drugging Noel, it may be the reason why it took her 20 years to figure out WHO SHE IS??? In the preview , he said she can not be at the shareholder, I think this means that she must be BIGGEST SHAREHOLDER OF DREAM FOOD. WJG has been stealing her money for years and I don't think she has even realized it yet. I think the headache may have been headaches due to long lasting drugs she has been given through out the years @kboramint
  18. He certainly deserves to be fooled by Cheon Ja and Kang Se Ra. Neither of them feel bad for what they did. look at how she talks to SC.
  19. What if ?? “ You haven’t changed? What did Sun Jae mean from the original timeline. Do you think he was talking about “the time she knew his existence” or meant when she did not know his existence. “You have not changed! must mean something right chingus. the time @LeftCoastOppa If I recall Sun Jae fought with the serial killer in the original timeline. Sun Jae never saw the Serial Killer from my recollection in the second timeline. I believe she got the watch after the fight occurred in the original timeline. I believe Sun Jae changed his watch to Pocket watch. In Epicode 5 , pocket watch had a short scene with the director kinda zoomed in for us viewers. It was the scene when SJ came home and looked at the picture of him and Im Sol. I don’t Im Sol knew she actually had Sun Jae’s watch but she thought she has one just LIKE Sun Jae. Remember the clothes Im Sol wore is very different from the original timeline.
  20. Im Sol is back in 2023. Im Sol: I FOUND YOU ! lol lol At least in this timeline he is not depressed.
  21. Another amazing episode I hope no more time jump please. This episode clears up what happens to Sun Jae in the original timeline. - Sol’s Grandma knows about the Time Jump but still isn’t normal. - Serial Killer is out -Serial Kill is targeting Sol and Sun Jae but thanks to the time Jump. He has no had the chance to harm her. - Sol and Sun Jae’s life are still in danger - Sun Jae is still very much in love with Sol I can finally see that Baek In Hyuk is still Sun Jae’s best friend and they are still close . I am happy for that. same clothes and sneaker Why would they release a SERIAL KILLER???? Koreans really need a wake up call
  22. I told you they would try to forgive all her wrong because her father was murdered @kboramint I am glad, I stop watching
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