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  1. It is so sad that this drama has only 4 more episodes. We have seen so many dramas where they drag things on and on for weeks and people get so annoyed with everything. But here is a drama that could have had twice as many episodes, with enough interesting characters and a story with many possibilities. The Korean drama industry can never get things right. Such a gem of a drama, but it is going to end soon. Just when we all fell madly in love with it. Argh!
  2. Yeah, the ladies were nice in the end. They are also acting well. They were supposed to provide some humor, and so were expected to act funny. But they have not overdone it to a stupid extent and annoyed me. Especially the chief lady. She was great with her "what did we do?" expressions when our man gave them a piece of his mind! By the way, is it just me, or does Oh Yeon Seo keep getting prettier as time goes by? I have always liked her as an actress in many dramas, but she looks the cutest in this role. Just a man's opinion. She has been tremendous in this role. Can't be
  3. It may even get into my top-10 all time, actually! A really well-made drama. Little quirky things in the drama catch my attention. Like, today, in the restaurant scene in Epidoe 9. She did not chew or swallow the food in her mouth for almost three minutes from when he said "what do you mean nobody is on your side?" till he said "eat!"... All through that serious and touching conversation, and taking the picture for proof and all that, you can see that she has food in her mouth. She was that stunned at what he was saying. It could not have been accidental. The PD must have as
  4. The quirky nature of the characters and the writing keeps me totally hooked. The ending of Ep 7 had me seriously LOL. Oh Yeon Seo has been superb in this drama. And I appreciate it that the psychological issues are shown in all seriousness.
  5. Damn, this is good. I just happened to run into this drama on Netflix, and I love it after watching 5 episodes. Surprised that not many are talking about it here. I agree @confusedheart326 that the leads are both such natural actors. The drama is actually quite well-written so far too.
  6. It has been some 3 weeks now. Shall we take it that the posts are lost for ever, @Lmangla? Unfortunate. There were so much of interesting discussions we had in that thread (and others). Why does this happen at Soompi? Not the first time, I think. Are nothing backed up? It is strange if stuff gets lost like this, these days.
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