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  1. Actually the 4th one to find that TY has changed the light bulb already, and then that the bulb that needed change was anyway not this one. By the way, who here named them "goof troop"?? Haha, such an apt name! They annoyed me at first, but now I appreciate them for all the humor.
  2. Ep 71 Blurb: 숙희네가 합병 무효소송에 동참한다는 기사가 나고, 자매끼리 경영권 다툼을 하는 게 아니냐는 말이 나오는데.. 태준은 숙희네가 왜 이런 일을 벌이는지 알아내기 위해 장회장 병실에 도청기를 설치한다. 한편, 태양은 태준과 미란의 관계를 궁금해하는 황노인에게 두 사람이 저지른 일에 대해 말해주는데.... Translation: As news reports come out that the SH side is joining in legal voiding of the merger, the word is out that the sisters are in a quarrel over management rights. CTJ gets a bug installed in the hospital room to find out why the SH side is doing causing this trouble. Meanwhile, as old man Hwang is curious about the relationship between CTJ and MR, TY tells him about what those two had done. --------- Have you ever seen any drama that needed this much of complicated book-keeping by the writer? I get a headache every now and then, trying to figure out what each person knows. Like, today we saw MinJae suddenly guessing that KI might already know that he is not JH's son. I wondered how he would make that guess.... and he said that it was because of a line "what is the big deal about a bloodline?" that KI told him on the rooftop once. Holy crap. How does the writer keep track of these things? We also saw old man Hwang remembering the way TY was talking to him about his MIL earlier. Was the writer writing all these things with clear plans on when and where the flash-backs would come? It is like he/she has written the whole drama script before the filming. That is never done for daily dramas though. I don't remember any drama like this. It is border-line crazy. And I don't think we have found a hole in the writing either - like a flaw in the logic that every person follows based on everything they had each seen and heard.
  3. Ep 70 Blurb: 광일이 정희의 친아들이 아니라는 사실을 알게 된 숙희네는 기함하고, 황노인은 태준과 미란이 함께 있는 모습을 보고 두 사람의 관계를 의심한다. 한편, 시월은 여전히 자신의 연락을 받지 않는 지민을 찾아가고, 태양의 집 앞에서 덕실과 지민을 두고 신경전을 벌이는데.... Translation: As SukHui basically passes out on finding out that KI is not JH's son, old man Hwang sees MR and CTJ together and gets suspicious of the two people's relationship. Meanwhile, SW goes looking for JM who isn't taking her calls like before, and is in a psychological war with DS over JM in front of TY's house. ----------------------------- So, more of DS' smug mug to see in Ep 70. I mean, I was on her side a lot of episodes, as she had hardly done anything wrong except to have sex with a guy she liked even if he wasn't in love with her. But, boy, has she become a disgusting character, like many here had always taken her to be! ....
  4. Blurb for Ep 69 (Tuesday??) - 광일은 지민이 태양을 찾아갔다는 소식에 상처받고, 지민은 시월이 보고 싶지 않다며 태양의 집에서 지내겠다고 하는데.. 지민을 찾아간 시월은 자신을 외면하는 지민을 보고 상처받는다. 한편, 태양은 민재를 만나 양지 로지스와 양지 물산의 합병 무효소송에 동참해 달라고 말하는데.... Translation: KI is hurt from knowing that JM went looking for TY, while JM says he doesn't want to see SW and that he would stay at TY's house. SW is hurt when she goes looking for JM, as he doesn't care for her. Meanwhile, TY meets MJ and asks him to join hands in a lawsuit to nullify the merger of Yangji Logis and Yangji Products.
  5. The txt says jimin went from place to place and lost his bag and also he find someone on the road...i wondee who is the new character to be introduce in this show... I think it says he goes and finds somebody. I guess it may not be a new character though. Here is the full blurb and translation... 광일은 지민의 소식을 듣고 태양의 집을 찾아가는데... 미란은 지민을 애타게 찾는 광일이 안쓰럽기만 하고, 정희는 지민의 일은 신경 쓰지 않고 장회장의 사후를 걱정하는 태준에게 화가 난다. 한편, 집을 나온 지민은 이곳저곳을 떠돌다 가방을 잃어버리고, 갈 곳이 없어 길에서 고민하다 누군가를 찾아가는데.... Translation: KI hears the JM news and goes out looking, to TY's house. MR finds it pathetic that KI is so anxiously looking for JM, and JH gets angry at CTJ who is not concerned about JM but is worrying about what comes once Chmn Jang goes. Meanwhile, JM loses his bag as he wanders here and there, and goes looking for somebody, as he is on the street, worried of having nowhere to go. -------- But to whom does JM go?... Who else does he know?
  6. E67 (Thursday) Blurb: 장회장은 숙희에게 덕실의 말이 사실임을 확인하고 충격에 쓰러진다. 시월은 장회장을 걱정하는 태양에게 할아버지를 뵈러 가자고 말하는데.. 망설이는 태양. 한편, 민재는 정희와 광일에게 태양의 아들인 지민을 키우겠다는 게 말이 되냐고 따지고, 지민이 그 모습을 보게 되는데.... Translation: Chmn Jang faints, on confirming from SukHui that DS' words were true. As TY is concerned about Chmn Jang, SW suggests visiting his grandpa.. but TY hesitates. Meanwhile, as MJ quarrels with JH and KI that raising TY's son JM was ridiculous, JM ends up witnessing the scene. ------------- Interesting. After the next episode, I suppose everybody will know about everything related to JM. What secrets are there to keep this going for another 35 episodes? I suppose the switch matter is all that remains. Or some new things like the secretary's nephew/niece in the US. Or, maybe it will all be about some business shenanigans from CTJ who might try to steal the company from the Chairman and TY. Or, perhaps CTJ will try to threaten the Chairman saying it was the Chairman who ordered to kill TY the first time (though I think we only saw the chairman say "take care of him"). We will see. -------------- I think JM will be fine. HE is bonded better with OTY than with KI. I hope the transition will be smooth. I think he will not be sad to know that TY is his dad, but he will surely be sad and even apologetic to KI who loved him all along and still does. He will need some time to adjust to the second part, but the first part will help.
  7. Sorry that I couldn't join all the discussions and give preview blurb translations the last few days, as I was traveling... @nohamahamoud2002 has been standing up for the KI and DS, for being hated for mostly their parents' crimes while their own sins are much less serious and would never even be necessary but for others' acts... I tend to agree (and @nohamahamoud2002, I am no fan of Bollywood either, though sometimes I like it that I don't have to think much whether the villains have redeeming features... They never have any). -------------------------- And here is the preview for Ep 66 (Wednesday) - http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,65,796764 Blurb: 시월은 다른 식구들 모르게 태양에게 지민을 만나게 해주는데... 집으로 돌아온 광일은 지민과 시월이 보이지 않자 찾아 나선다. 한편, 덕실은 지민의 일에 나서지 말라는 태양의 말에 기분 상하고, 지민의 일을 걱정하는 미란에게 무슨 수를 써서라도 지민을 데려올 거라고 말하는데.... Translation: SW lets TY meet JM without the knowledge of the rest of the family. As KI comes home, he doesn't see JM and SW, and comes out looking for them. Meanwhile, DS takes offense at TY asking her not to get into the JM matter, and tells MR who worries about the JM matter, that she would bring JM over, whatever it takes. So it looks like KI may see SW taking JM to meet SW??... Uh oh, problems... Everybody is running around, trying to figure out how to use JM for their own purposes. Disgusting. ---------------------------- Meanwhile, the drama is getting very interesting, and it is reflecting in the ratings. TNmS ratings have gone up from 12-13 at the beginning to 17+ now. The Nielsen ratings (typically 3-4 lower than TNmS) have gone up from 9-10 at the beginning to 14.5 now. After being #3 and #4 in its time slot all the time (and only a couple of times at #2) for the first 45 or so episodes, now it has been solidly at the second spot. It has been #2 for the last eight episodes!
  8. Blurb at the E62 preview page - 정희는 광일이 자신의 아들이 아니라는 사실에 이성을 잃고... 자신을 속인 태준에 대한 배신감에 분노를 참지 못하고 오열한다. 한편, 덕실은 태양을 위해 지민이를 키우겠다고 말하고, 태양은 시월을 협박할 때와 전혀 다른 덕실의 이중적인 모습에 실망하는데.... Translation: JH is beside herself, about KI's not being her son. She wails, unable to contain her anger toward CTJ's betrayal in deceiving her. Meanwhile, TY is disappointed at seeing DS' duplicity, as she says she would raise JM for TY, but is totally different when she threatens SW.
  9. KBS preview of Ep 61 (Wednesday) - http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,60,796582 Blurb: 정희의 만류에도 집으로 들어간 태양은 장회장, 정희와 함께 식사를 하게 되는데.. 장회장은 평소와 달리 능구렁이처럼 구는 태양이 수상하다. 한편, 함께 있는 세 사람의 모습을 본 광일은 화를 참지 못하고, 태양은 지민이를 자신이 키우겠다며 광일을 자극하는데.... Translation: Despite JH dissuading him, TY went into the house, and ends up having a meal with Chairman Jang and JH. Chmn Jang finds it odd that TY acts unusually sly like a snake. Meanwhile, just as KI is unable to hide his anger at seeing the three people being together, TY provokes KI by saying he will raise JM. Sounds like fun, in the next episode. The video shows JH asking CTJ how he knew that she had seen MR, and then JH seeing them together. Excrement is really beginning to hit the fan!! By the way, an unrelated question. Where is this "Fairfax school" they talk about, where JM is? Fairfax, Virginia? Is there a real school that is famous, or did they just make it up?
  10. Blurb at the KBS site for Ep 60 (Tuesday) - 시월은 태준을 찾아가 이혼문제를 해결해 달라고 말하고, 태준은 지민이를 후계자로 키우겠다는 광일과 대립하는데.. 정희는 우연히 두 사람의 대화를 듣고 지민이 친손자가 아니라는 사실을 알게 되고 충격에 빠진다. 한편, 태양은 정희에게 모든 사실을 말하겠다는 시월에게 밝히지 말라고 하는데.... Translation: SW goes to CTJ and asks him to wrap up the divorce issue, and CTJ locks horns with KI who says he will raise JM as the successor. JH accidentally hears the two guys and is shocked that JM is not her real grandson. Meanwhile, SW says to TY that she will tell JH all the facts, but TY asks her not to reveal them. Argh... So the misery continues for SW, who just can't get it over with by revealing everything. Now it is TY who asks her to keep it all a secret. The poor lady may have to take more slaps, I guess.... By the way, what happened to the scene of DS meeting SW outside her office that we thought would be more ugliness today? I thought it was in the preview, but wasn't there in today's E59.
  11. Poor choice of words by me. I meant it was of her own doing, and not caused by YW. Not exactly her fault, so you are right. I guess one can fault her for poor judgment and for being rash, but that was not my point and I was not trying to blame her. Just that he certainly can't be blamed.
  12. That pretty silly think for the assistant to say considering what TY being through and what the she know, how dumb. On the argument above on this - actually she did not exactly say that he destroyed SW's life. "Because of you, her life got ruined" is what she said. Like @dramaninja said, it would be too much for her to say that he did anything in it. But it is correct for her to say that SW's life got ruined "because of him" - though it wasn't his fault, but SW's own fault. The assistant's point was that YW should see it the right way. The "because of you" (너 때문에) is more like "on account of you" here, and it seems TY took it that way, and didn't argue with her... So @angelwingssf is justified too, in loving how she kicked butt ....
  13. The first scene has the secretary serving the family some soup (I believe some Moray Eeel soup) made by DS' mom that DS brought when she went there to see SW. The secretary tells the loser family that DS' mom once ran a Eel soup restaurant. The loser family is making digs at everybody. It is supposed to be good for summer, but tastes good in winter too, say the chairman and the other son in law. JiEun asks KI and SW how it tastes, hinting at what she knows about the one who made it. JH tells CTJ that he must be happy with the soup, as he always asks for "eel, eel" all summer (again, if I got the food item correct). He refutes that, but remembers later in his room MiRan serving him the soup, saying it is a regional dish not known to Seoul people, etc. At the end, JH starts to ask CTJ about OTY but decides against it. The seocnd scene is SW telling TY that she shouldn't meet him again. She then doesn't pick up the call. Then the two people's assistants meet at the cafe. When SW leaves from work, OTY is waiting there. She says this is hard on her, and he yells at her about how much harder it has been for him. Then he asks SW, "Ji Min... is my son, isn't he?" and shocks SW. Oh yikes, by the way, I just noticed that I had translated this line wrongly yesterday, as I put in the preview blurb translation - It was actually, TY is shocked on hearing from JM that SW told him of the grave at the woods being his real grandfather's. I read the Korean line too fast when I posted it. Mea culpa. I should never read Korean too fast ... Anyway, no damage. It just delayed SW's admission to TY to the end of Episode 57 and he knew it before she confirmed it, thanks to the phone call from JM. --------- And here is the preview for E58 (Friday) - http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,57,796398 Blurb: 시월은 태양이 모든 걸 알게 되자 미안한 마음에 자신이 왜 숨겼는지 사실대로 말하지 못하고 오히려 태양에게 아프게 말하는데... 태양은 시월이 자신을 속였다는 사실에 배신감을 느끼고 괴로워한다. 한편, 진팀장은 시월의 처지가 불쌍해 태양을 찾아가는데.... Translation: As TY has figured out everything, SW is apologetic and is unable to tell him truthfully why she had to conceal things, and her words are instead painful for TY. He is tormented by the feeling of betrayal at the fact that SW deceived him. Meanwhile, Team-leader Jin feels bad for SW's situation, and goes to see TY...
  14. Here is the Thursday (Ep 57) preview - http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,56,796397 Blurb: 덕실은 태양에게 사람을 붙이는데.. 또다시 태양과 시월이 함께 있는 모습을 본 덕실은 장회장 집으로 시월을 찾아간다. 한편, 태양은 지민으로부터 수목원의 묘가 진짜 할아버지 묘라는 사실을 시월에게서 들었다는 말에 충격에 빠지는데.... Translation: DS puts a tail on TY. On seeing TY again meeting SW, DS makes a visit to Chairman Jang's house. Meanwhile, TY is shocked on hearing from SW of JiMin and about the grave at the woods to be his real grandfather's. So, if SW tells him that it is JM's real grandfather's grave, it would be clear to TY that JM is his son, right? Exactly. Seeing the E58 (friday) preview, it seems like SW tells TY about JM at the end of E57 (thursday). The cafe discussion in the E58 preview should be at the beginning of the episode, then. He is asking SW, "you knew about me and KI being switched, right?"... He tells her that he won't forgive her, and seems to walk out. Looks like SW's assistant seonbae goes and yells at TY for doing that to SW. You go lady! ... That assistant has been great in the drama.
  15. Possible. But there is a chance that the suspicious secretary will start to play some role here too. The preview shows her observing CTJ and MR. So she may figure things out on her own, and do something about JM, since she is in charge of him. I continue to think that she is aiming to bring her nephew into the family. She may hide JM?..... If my suspicion is right, then SW and TY may soon have to take on the secretary also, along with fighting CTJ and KI. They may then have to open up to TY's mom and get her help in this fight. Oh, damn, this stuff could get really complex. What a drama story! No, it is the Friday episode. Ep 58. Unusual for the preview to be out so early for that, when Ep 57 is yet to air.
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