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  1. Damn. This drama came out of the left field. I suddenly saw it on Netflix and started watching. It's terrific. It's way cool. I am at the 6th episode, and it is humming along. Nicely paced story. Great plot line, that shows the potential dark sides of teenage lives in striking ways. The female lead (Park Ju Hyun) is incredible in her acting. All round talent. I can't believe that this is basically her first serious role. What a find for KDrama!! Well, Jung Da Bin, who is well-known, was advertised as the female lead, but PJH is the real lead and there is no question.
  2. Boy, is she good!! She has already got some newcomer awards. She is probably the best actress to come into Korean dramas in the last few years, in my opinion. Just incredibly good. Sometimes I get so caught up in the kind of unique expressions (often so unexpected) that come on her face, that I forget to listen to what she said and have to rewind! At the start of the first episode, we saw her briefly, but then we didn't see her till the end of the second episode. By then SA was looking like the lead female in the story. I wondered how Kim Dami could even become a lead female (like we had expected from the web pages). Then I saw just 5 or 10 minutes of Kim Dami, and went , "damnit, she is the lead". I mean, she has that kind of incredible acting abilities. Not many can pull off the unique kind of role she is playing here to perfection. It is not the lines she is saying, or what the PD tells her to do. It is just what she does. Take a look at her saying "hi" with a hand flip when the police guy and his girl walked in. Was she asked to do it, or did she just do it? I don't know. It is one unexpected thing after another from her role. She just dominates the scenes. Like in the scenes you mentioned above with JDH and GW. We still don't know what kind of a person YS is. I don't know if I should like YS the character or not. But I know that I am thoroughly enjoying how Kim Dami is acting as the character.
  3. I liked the drama. I watched it at one go in 2-3 days, so I certainly enjoyed it... but also had a few complaints. One, the costumes given to the lead lady. Yikes. Did they have to pick every dress that would not suit her, all the time? (till the final scene when she looked really nice in a simple one-piece!). I was also annoyed at the careless way in which they brought Halo into many scenes, and showed like everybody who are not even wearing the glasses could see him. Lots of careless scenes. Another was the lack of care with the face-blindness of female lead... But she was always recognizing everybody anyway... I am sure they will have some excuse like she is adept at sounds etc, but it all annoyed me. But the worst was a Netflix thing. This drama had absolutely the worst subtitles I have ever seen on Netflix. Normally their Korean subtitles are quite good. But this was rank bad. I know Korean quite well, though I leave subtitles on. So many very poor translations. I was even finding a couple of totally wrong subtitles every episode too. Then I turned the subtitles off, as I was so annoyed. But, a nice drama! I had fun with it. And I really liked the villain's son, in the end. We almost never see a son standing up against the dad, but this guy not only stood up, but took it all up a whole other notch!