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[Drama 2019] A Place in the Sun, 태양의 계절


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I will not be watching anymore. KYW refuses to leave that house and he is surrounded by snakes. Mr Jung might betray him. All my chingu’s contact me once KYW is released from prison. I don’t have the heart to watch. 

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3 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

I will not be watching anymore. KYW refuses to leave that house and he is surrounded by snakes. Mr Jung might betray him. All my chingu’s contact me once KYW is released from prison. I don’t have the heart to watch. 




@UnniSarah  - don't worry, YW and grandpa will untangled very soon.  This is the way YW can think and formulate a plan.  Also, the attorney is aware that YW did not know about the will.  May be he can be bribed too.  


In the preview DS comes to know that her mother gave the pills to Hwang.  So, both the siblings will fight against each other and one of them will out it to the cops.  Probably DS.  

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to be honest Gwanjil is the most handsome villain I saw till now :mrgreen:

instead of concentrating on his evil deeds, I am distracted by his handsome face :lol:



I can never take him seriously really. just compare him with Tae Hyun, who transforms his whole face to a monstrous devil. I used to be afraid of Namjun sometimes really :scream: in this sadistic scene below






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4 hours ago, tulip06 said:

@joan0528 KI has become Grendel! Staring at the family on the outside, all angry he’s not there. 

@tulip06  So true and so funny.  

I need everyone to call it what it is. KII is throwing a tantrum because in his eyes Mr Jang and Jung Hee are abandoning him. But what he failed to notice is that they are protecting form son truth about his father. 
What Mr Jang did was right , killing the monster he had a part in creating. After all CHOI TAE JOON HIRED SOMEONE TO KILL HKM WHILE JE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL BED.  KII is so used to getting away with anything and given what he wanted from those two people that he fees betrayed. Meanwhile forgetting he betrayed them first. He forgot that KYW has been abandoned his whole life and the people who took his place refuses to let him have it back. 
i have not seen today’s episode but let me say I AM SO TIRED OF WHATCHING THAT WENCH MiRan act like her life is horrible when she is the one making the choices she decided to make.  She cried when KII called her mom, KII is improving manipulating powers to be.  He is mastering it so wel. His daddy must be proud. He is creating a monster and he hasn’t realized yet how this will bite him in the you know what. Lol lol  I told everyone that MR can never be trusted. She still is afraid of telling DS everything. She still hasn’t told DS about SB’s death yet. What is she waiting for???  It is really pissing me off .  

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16 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

Thanks for the preview as always.


Tsk, tsk, tsk.... JH should not be getting on her knees instead, she should be pulling that woman's hair for ruining her and her son's life:rage:. Why do I have a feeling that recording will be found out and she will be run over by the truck of doom? I hope that happens<_<.


This is getting way too ridiculous and stupid. 


And why is SW still meeting with this mother and daughter duo after everything? It's common sense that DS wants TY in return if she does SW a favor for speaking up. But I have to say, that police officer reminding DS that TY got his old name back and that she has no relationship with him was priceless lolB).


@UnniSarah I had a good weekend:). I have stopped watching it too because this is way too much out of control. The drama is close to an ending and the good guys are still not winning the battle. 

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11 minutes ago, joan0528 said:

For the first time i hate SW being dumb and stupid..how come she can ask a favor for this mother and daughter duo when she know for sure that they not gonna help her and DS asking for a return if she give what SW want...

They must gather everything thry have power, connection and money to prove YW innocence not depending on other people when they all know that they are useless, junghee kneeling to MiRan was just a dumb kove althoughwe know that she will really do everything to save her son..



Me too<_<. It's like she left her brain somewhere when YW went to jail. Even in the preview, she is trying to reason with KI :crazy:


I still don't understand why they are not releasing that information with TY being the real heir. It could save them this entire trouble. 


True, JH would do anything for her child. 

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8 minutes ago, joan0528 said:

I think her mind or brain go together with YW in the police station...really while watching the episode i can help but throw my phone to my bed just to avoid seeing her being dumb talking to miran and also to DS...

I think its because YW ask them not to release anything about him being the true JAngs and also whats the point of releasing it now to the public when almost all the people in yangji group are CTJ side...actually YW dont want to be know as yangji heir and get the thing easily, he wanted to do it with his own skills but i think his skills are not good enough to overcome CTJ evilness, he really need back up..

Our phones are always a victim when it comes to Korean daily dramas lol:lol::D.


Unfortunately, not getting things the easy way is landing him in prison lol. He really needs a back up plan.


She really had the audacity to put blame on SW for her kid's mess. I couldn't believe my ears when I was watching that clip:crazy:.


@nohamahamoud2002 I think the writer forgot about it lol:lol:.

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@joan0528 And that's what makes him frustrating. The more he keeps quiet and want things his way, the more his loved ones gets hurt. He better up his game because this is just getting ridiculous<_<.


Indeed, our precious phones lol:joy:


@Mei Chng I'm saving Tale of Nokdu for later when it's done lol. I don't want to wait every week for 2 episodes. It's torturing:mrgreen:.

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Imran is the real villian.

She wont tell the truth . She wont move out with her daughter 

I dont think imran  ever intends to let her son go until imran son can have his life forever.

Because think when he got arrested for it. What stopped her. Something she did. If she is so sorry. Why not offer herself to jail first. Why is she letting her children and ctj hold others ransom.

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