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  1. Would you love it if someone who loses money on business deals wants to continue to own a big portion of your company. Of course not. Expecting the Jangs to accept him and not switch is emotional. 40yrs your real family was an orphan. Its shameless. How can KI expect to be remain their family. He is a reminder of the 40 yrs they missed with their real family.
  2. I disagree. KI stole someone life and now KI and his father threatening a kid ,his mother and their family You cannot force family, KI is not competent so he cant force the Jangs to love him. And it's crazy that KI expects to be accepted. Well at least in the end KI too should end up in jail with his father. But I dont like the extensions and the dragging. It's time to wrap this drama up it's starting to be unnecessary. And this does not seem like a happy ending. Ki and DK I fear they will hurt someone in their obsession to be a Jang.
  3. I agree. The bad guys have to come up with something. KI is a joke, won't even leave the house . Has no shame and acts like KI has a right to yangji. Isn't KI incompetent as of I dont know 90 episodes. When is mama imran coming to write more confessions to go you know what DK mental institution, actually KI is like his father and he is an accomplice. I fear for Ji min and SW. KI seems also unstable. Wanting to keep claiming someone else's son. Go get your own lol.
  4. Actually KI would not win a custody battle. Ji Min is a real yangji group bloodline. They wont let him or her take Ji Min. And they wont let ji min live with DK because it Is clear she is not well. I wish someone would tell us what the preview says
  5. A best ending. Is actually grandpa confession. Leaving all his assets to his real grandson. And the arrest of Imran with a report. Imran was such a conniving woman she switched the heir of yangi group to become an orphan so her son could have his life. And after she found that she and her daughter held him hostage to force an illegal marriage and she poisoned mr Hwang and framed kyw for murder to cover her murderous crime to keep preventing the yangi group real heir from taking his life back. And have DK sent to a mental institution. Arrest kwang il for accomplice to murder and misrepresentation of identity. Throw the book at CTJ.
  6. Imran is the real villian. She wont tell the truth . She wont move out with her daughter I dont think imran ever intends to let her son go until imran son can have his life forever. Because think when he got arrested for it. What stopped her. Something she did. If she is so sorry. Why not offer herself to jail first. Why is she letting her children and ctj hold others ransom.
  7. I disagree. Mi Ran is the most dangerous she just saw her daughter acting crazy and still she is having him live in a house with her. She"s not sorry. She fed someone drugs because her son asked her to and she thought it was sleeping pills. He is not listening as far as she is concerned cant her children just have his life. She thought it was sleeping pills to keep him from winning . Red flag. Next time he has a board meeting why is he waiting for her to kill him and say she did it for her child. Is he insane? Why is he still living with them? I dont think he should hold what the old man told him to heart. The old man did not know she would feed him sleeping pills that was actually death pills. She is just as crazy as her children. He should kick them out of his house for his safety. Who in their right mind lives with a murderer.
  8. At first i was so disappointed. Until Episode 12 made all the patience worth it. So that's why SAYA is the mirror. He is exactly a mirror to Tagon, and that's how Tagon will realize Tagon is/was a monster. The reason why Saya will be worse than Tagon, Tagon has the ever faithful Taehla who loves him back. But Saya no one actually loves him, and he has been lonely all his life. Saya will be more dangerous because who was Tagon supposed to marry Asa Rot, but now Tagon will want to marry Tanya. She doesnt hate Igutu's, she grew up with Euseoum, and she told him so when Tagon realized she didnt care if he was an Igutu. Which brings us to Taehla, Tanya will make her turn evil. Now there is someone more beautiful and more powerful for Tagon. Oh baby Oh, i fear for Tanya, Euseoum needs to come quick, she is surrounded by monsters.
  9. Being a while Soompi. Starting over as Drama Boss. I notice the maid was drinking tea like creep when she miscarried. I suspect the maid. Two kids soon that maid would start to outlive her welcome. That maid is up to no good. A maid that sits on Family meetings, always giving opinions. Even if she was invited, why does she speak. Would a true maid just sit. That maid, because i think that maid knows Ji Min is not her husband son. If she had another kid, She would have two kids from the family and be mama queen, regardless who gets the company she would control both men remember. The fake heir checked with a kid, and she has the kid of the real heir already who was switched. It was the maid for sure.
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