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  1. Oh well i already expect that the ending will be open for the viewers to fill..im just satisfied that JH and GY, HK and JB are together and SN get 10yrs in prison..of course they didnot enumerate one by one the happenings..Songyi is with GY family because SN told GY to take care of her until she finish her term in jail,,in the scene they show today songyi is with her grandmother and visit SN to the jail for new yrs eve maybe.. As for GY and JH the family only told tgem to reregister again their marriage so maybe they didnot get married again,, Junghan business i think hes working in the factory of GY family while doing glass art that he loves from my point of view JH focus on his family now because he want to make up the 6yrs hes not with them..
  2. I still want to rewatch this drama again and again... For now i am watching gangnam scandal and the story is quiet good hoping that it will continue..
  3. Lee young ah also is setting next to kang eun tak and smiling while KET giving his speech..both hong soo ah, jubg hae in at lee young ah are nominated but didnot win
  4. I already saw the whole episode 3hrs ago raw version only, even though little timeonly they give for GY and JH scene because of SN trial still good ending,,the last part is the best the kiss scene hahaha
  5. Then why did he date someone if hes not interested in marriage, its unfair on other parties involve right?..maybe as time goes by he will also change his mimd
  6. I think its better for them like that..they want their relationship private even though they announce to the public that they are dating still aside from acting in drama they want their relationship private which for me is okay..lets just hope and pray that their relationshi0 will last until they married..
  7. Yes really, they knew because they are couple, in the red carpet they already teasing this two..they said another kbs drama couple that become real life couple like song joong ki at song hye kyo...
  8. They still new as a couple so maybe hes shy to mention her but i saw lee young ah smiling at him when he making a speech..
  9. Really like/love this couple hoping for more project for them..hope kang eun tak get to act in weekly drama not only in daily drama he is a good actor
  10. Yes i think both of two didnot have any bad rumors for them right? I never hear kang eun tak and lee young ah involve in any kinds of scandal or whatever, their image is clean..i just hoping that their relationship will last and get married soon.. When kang eun tak walk in todsys red carpet the mc ask why he alone ( they pertaining to Lee young ah) then kang eun tak replied " she know already what to do" hahaha Then when lee young ah ask by the mc why shes alone she just smile she cant talk just like she is shy hehehe they very cute really..
  11. Its not true i think,,, they only become lead stars in drama but not become couple, there a rumor that they dated then park hana break up with him and dated another guy but its not confirm also park hana and lee young ah are good friends.. Part 2 of kbs drama awards now maybe couples award will be announce..
  12. Not yet finish the couples award still waiting... Also kang sena nominated in same category with lee young ah and park hana but park hana won..
  13. Just finish watching kbs drama awards, kang eun tak win for male daily drama awards, lee young ah nominated but didnot win... Congratz kang eun tak / yoon jung han and lee young ah / han ga young well deserve award..
  14. Yes i want to expect that in real life they we get married and we can see the happy ending that we want in the drama they been together,,having them married and have a children same as Yoon Soo their adorable son in this drama.. I now rewatching from the beggining episodes of their drama again, i cant get over with them even when they together or not in every episode...
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