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  1. I think its not determine by DNA or genes...TY just have a good heart and also surrounded maybe by good people before when he was young( except by his adopted father who always abuse him)..meeting SW also is one of the reason because of her TY become a happy person and have a goal in life..
  2. Now CTJ know that Mr. Hwang is the one who is spying at them, i wonder what evilness he gonna do to this old man..TY and SW has a plan in order to save grandfather jang but the writer didnot go on the details haha...maybe in the next episode it will reveal what their plan... DS on the other hand threatened TY that he must be good to her if he dont want something happen to Jimin but TY only laugh at what she said..(as in DS has a nerve to tell that to TY like that??)
  3. Omo at the end really of the episode CTJ plan to kill grandfather jang already thats why in the preview Junghee already take his father and told CTJ that she will take care of her father from now on.. Jimin on the other hand ask his mother and father of what are they plan to do, that of what they already talk about what their plan let him know so that he (jimin) also know what he gonna do...he's really a grown up boy and smart one..
  4. Now i can see the evilness in KI..he wants both yangji and jimin..he is like his father now greedy for everything that is not for him...i think KI have a plan already looks like he know the OTY know already his identity...from the look in KI eyes and his previous question to SW if she told TY about his true identity i think he already suspected it and also he already done some investigation maybe KI secretly watching Junghee and SW meeting TY...molla molla i really dont know already whats happening next episode
  5. DS what did you do to Jimin hahaha now OTY is really determine to end the relationship with you.. So as we expect KI dna test with junghee is positive and the gooftroops are now out of the hospital..CTJ and KI now wondering who really is spying them why their secret known by Sookhee family.. The gooftroops wondering why and how the USB lost in the hospital and they think that somebody is watching them like theres a cctv or recorder in the room but to bad for them its already to late everything already lost with them..
  6. @UnniSarah from the time mr.jung read KI fate with SW because of the birthmonth, he already know that both are fated, so it means OTY and SW was fated to be together...but we dont know what destiny will bring to them, i think its better for OTY and SW to consult mr.jung about what they are planning and ask him about his idea about them that way they will not going to make a mistake because as what mr.jung said if two people are not meant to be together something bad might happen
  7. @jayakris the goof troops are not smart enough to hide the USB, in just a couple of days they know the switching, but that USB is now in the hands of CTJ already, how come they hide that thing in their hospital not in their house of safe box when that thing is really important..
  8. Junghee will go along with the DNA test, she know that TY is his real son and i think TY already told JH that he already done a DNA test and Also Jimin is a prof of her bloodline so JH will not doubt about what she know... As for DS stupidity for not looking at what TY has been doing, i think she is more focus on Hurting SW thats why she didnot lool at anything in her sorrounding..her main goal is to take jimin from SW so that SW will also suffer the pain she have..i bet she start investigating if she will notice Mr.hwang changes his attitude towards them (both mother and daughter) As for KI, i know he still have a concience about what his father did to his mother JH after all for 40yrs he was his mother and love herr, thats why i told in my previous post that i will still leave a blank of weither i will angry with KI or not..
  9. What will happen now in TY plan for invalidation of merger when Minjae family now dont have the power over CTJ, they lost the USB because CTJ already ask the doctor incharge to search the room..cant believe thay even the doctor of jang family who was their long time doctor also side with CTJ...Well the good thing is ms.yang already know that KI is not the true grAndsoN (she might do something againts CTJ now that she know the truth, maybe she will be on TY side for invalid the merger after all she have many shares in yangji group) also Mr. Hwang know the truth about Miran and CTJ and the fact that TY was switch to KI in Jang family..
  10. The goof troofs family are the dumbest of all, talking about their secret inside the hospital room and then call themselves smart..They never doubt about the doctor that come inside the room when they also said that now only they see that doctors... Jimin is slowly talking to his mom now even though he still not forgive hee at least he didnot ignore her.. Npw TJ know about the USB and he also know where to find it.. The next episode will be more complicated...Junghee asking for a DNA test for KI and CTJ ask the help of miran to get hair from TY so that they can assure the family that KI is Jang grandson, and sookhee family will be kick out from the hospital. And DS wow her real attitude is coming out shouting jimin like that, at least TY is there and see/hear what DS do to jimin..
  11. Latest instagram post of TY/ohchangseok, i think he have a date with SW in the upcoming episode SW/yoonsoy posted same photo in her ig few days ago...
  12. @10192123sangreIt was on ep59 where TY already know what SW did, it was after SW got home while she was outside of their room she reemember what TY told her then that time KI came out of the room.. @yamiyugi watch again ep59 and you will see the scene wher TY told SW about miran being KI father, it was a flashback memory when SW was already in the house after talking to TY..
  13. Yes, only 2 days no episode and were back to normal schedule..home for summer, kungdari and shady mom in law are still out only a place in the sun not....time to marathon some old drama for now..
  14. They change now,,because last monday they already announce the kdrama that are affected but all dailydrama are still ok..now they change again..
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