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  1. Ahri seems so defeated. Now is JS to push and fight for her and his unborn child. Ahri's dad has not seen her in a while. And does not even ask how she is doing. But demands she postpone her weeding. More of whiny Bora, I am the victim next week.
  2. Due to BR stunt. Next episode preview Ahri father says to Junsoo, I think was a nasty decision for you and Ahri to marry. I really wish Ahri, ByR and Junsoo all leave ASAP.
  3. Finally Ahri and Junsoo open up with each other. They have have been denying their true feels for each other for so long. I am loving where their relationship is going. And Bora no word for her. Is she trying to commit suicide here? Over a guy she had a crush on and never dated. I am so confused with her character.
  4. Ok thanks. Bora is more desperate than PD. AR dad is getting angry that her stepmother is showing care for AR and her unborn child. I swear, her dad is the worst out of all the characters in the drama.
  5. KIM BO RA, why is she so obsessed ? Didn't she say that JS had a crush on her when they where younger? I think it was the other way around. At least sunny had relationship with JS that's why she is hung up on him. But why is she obsessed with him. How many times has JS rejected BORA. I am really worried for Ah Ri. Looks like her dad will find out tomorrow episode about her pregnancy. Honest I despise Ah Ri father.
  6. Also the cross dresser kidnapped Na Joon when he was a kid. I feel like he is running away more than creditors.
  7. Bora dad is such a jerk. He basically told his current wife that his ex got pregnant to trap him. Honestly there is no redeeming her dad and his wife.
  8. IKR, he wants to get revenge on YR. But the people that killed and put his mother in prison are still out there.
  9. I am dropping this. The lead FL is so annoying. Why does the drama look old?
  10. I love this daily drama. So far my favorite characters are Ah Ri and Byeo-Ri. I am shipping the CEO with Ah Ri.
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