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  1. BM is so stupid. She will put herself in more danger and ruin GH revenge if GH does not come back as EJ?
  2. I don't like Zombie drama's but this one got my attention so far. Mystery with bit of a zombie.
  3. BM is so annoying. Leave GH alone so she can do her revenge. All she cares about is to have her brother and GH back together.
  4. At this point she's asking for it . I really don't even feel sorry for her.
  5. Thanks for making this thread. The drama went into a direction that I don't like ;(
  6. I really cant stand that female reporter. She knows so much and is covering up. It upsets me the most that she is that detective's daughter but watches her mom and dad suffer.
  7. When are they going to tell us why JS was kidnapped as a child? I am surprised JS doesn't recognize BRie dad. I am kinda sad that there is no progression to JS and AR relation. How long is AR dad going to go around mad? So what if grandfather sold his house, to BRie dad? That's not his house? Why is he mad?
  8. I have been fast forwarding their parts , JS/AR, Baby organic and Byeo-ri is all I need. JS parents are also more entertaining. They should give them more screen time.
  9. So now is Grandpa turn? Saying he wont approve of Ahri and Junsoo marriage . Who is he again? Of course Ahri's father sat there and didn't defend his daughter. And HS made a fetal attempt. I have said time and time again. Ahri needs to cut ties with her loser family.
  10. Ahri seems so defeated. Now is JS to push and fight for her and his unborn child. Ahri's dad has not seen her in a while. And does not even ask how she is doing. But demands she postpone her weeding. More of whiny Bora, I am the victim next week.
  11. Due to BR stunt. Next episode preview Ahri father says to Junsoo, I think was a nasty decision for you and Ahri to marry. I really wish Ahri, ByR and Junsoo all leave ASAP.
  12. Finally Ahri and Junsoo open up with each other. They have have been denying their true feels for each other for so long. I am loving where their relationship is going. And Bora no word for her. Is she trying to commit suicide here? Over a guy she had a crush on and never dated. I am so confused with her character.
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