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  1. Yes, he is cable of anything so is crazy DS. I fear they will try to murder YW or SW or even Jimin.
  2. I think the grandfather didn't want to abandon KI. But after refusing to clear YW name, that was the straw that broke the camel back. KI should have known. But he is an idiot like his father, mother and sister.
  3. But how long are they going to tip toe around her? She's crazy all ready lol. I am laughing at KI surprised expression when grandfather told him to leave. Why is he surprised after all he and his father did to this family.
  4. Finally KI is told to get out. When will they tell this to DS? I am so tired of her.
  5. Both of MR kids hate her, do I feel bad for her? Not one bit. You reap what you sow. Instead of facing her crime she runs away from punishment.
  6. DS going psycho mode. Typical. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to her or her mom and that will stop the obsession. Also when is it going to be revealed that they killed Mr. Hwang ?
  7. I looked up that drama, very interesting. I don't usually watch Cdrama's. As for Miran, the think that gets me is she keeps doing horrible things over and over. Crying and regretting it and doing it again. Her character to me is the worse.
  8. Hard to believe but I hate Miran more than anyone in this drama, even more than CTJ. She is so wishy washy, pretends to do these evil deeds to save her children by hurting others.
  9. Finally KYW and SW will be together. DS can't do anything about it. Both half-sibling will have to let their spouses go. All of IMR evil deeds coming back to her. I honestly don't want a happy ending for her and CTJ.
  10. The interaction between JM and JiWook was so adorable. I hope CTJ doesn't find JM first.
  11. Finally TY knows everything. TY will protect JM and SW. Cant wait for next weeks episode.
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