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  1. I have to say, this drama was one of the most complicated, unpredictable drama I have watched. Am glad our leads will have a happy ending. And to finally see LS move forward with her. It was sweet to see her and her daughter take the train she promised her. GH really saved LS in so many ways. She would be trapped a terrible fate forever. GH was HJ true partner. Professor was complicated character we didn't get a background from his character. Why he did what he did? Maybe he is such an evil person like SH.
  2. Its so confusing; so SH didn't drive but her boyfriend drove that's why her friend got killed and not paralyzed ? She was drunk cause she broke up with him and drove. OK i got I think. I am even confusing myself here.
  3. @nrllee I believe someone answered this, the reason why GH friend dies this time instead of getting paralyzed is Seo Yoon was driving the car this time instead of her boyfriend. Now I am wondering if LS told HJ that SH was a serial killer, would he believe her? Even GH couldn't convince him, he needed to check for himself.
  4. Just watched the latest episode. I think HJ surrendered to keep GH alive. If he is arrested SH can't kill her. What will SH do now?
  5. Am I the only one not sad about the Gamer dying ? After the bullying.... We where right about SH. I have not watched latest episode yet, no subs.
  6. I never thought of the idea of doppelgänger’s . If that is the case it complicates everything. So many ideas and scenario. I think I will need more prove on that, but anything is possible.
  7. I recently binged watched this drama and couldn't stop because its so addictive. LS is defiantly doing this for her daughter "more time with her daughter. We see a little sadness whenever she is with her, especially when she said to her daughter,"she wanter to see her go to school." When her doctor friend was talking to her, I got the feeling that she was telling her she had little time/ dying? LHJ did not kill Bae, got there after he was killed. I am suspicious of the people that work with LHJ, his partner, younger detective and his female partner. I have so far ruled out the time travels as the killer as of right now. We have figured out everyone motive to time travel except the old man. I don't believe about the coffee shop thing either. I am really interested in his reason, that might give us more clues and why the killer is killing them. There is a reason, maybe vengeance?