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  1. @calledtoteach I hope that Ms. Yang's nephew (may be her son or not and I hope not and not with the grandfather/old chairman). No more complications please. Maybe her son with Choi Tae Joon ?!?! I don't think so. There is no indication of this. Ms. Yang did want to leave the Jang household. I think she is sick and wants to live with her nephew/son? for the time she has left as she has devoted all her life to Yangji Corporation family. or she wants to leave since she has been able to buy enough Yangji Corporation shares. What I cannot understand is why hide it and buy it in a different name? Considering that she must have bought it from legitimate funding like her salary and bonuses. I don't think the Grandfather was stingy towards her. He even gave her a building. Besides she seems to have a crush on Mr. Jung (shaman/fortune teller) so I believe she is an old maid through and through with no kids and the nephew is really just her nephew.
  2. @lu09 thank you for the correction regarding Yeo Rum's family name. So there is a possibility that Yeo Rum is not Sang Won's son. There may be other children at the orphanage who arrived at the same period or time as Yeo Rum. And also I hope the Adoption Center abides by the laws and rules and regulations regarding confidentiality of information on the children that are in the orphanage. No more hilarious, unrealistic, situations please.
  3. @calledtoteach maybe she is that woman. She had plastic surgery to change her face....
  4. Very good drama but the ending is a cliffhanger. I hope they release season 2 soon.
  5. I guess it is better that one is a deer (Choi Kwang Il) and the other one a duck (Chae Duk Sil) than a predator like CTJ and IMR who are nothing but evil monsters
  6. I can't believe really why in Kdramas the mothers can be so mean as to go to the extent of forcing a girl knocked up by their son to - (1) have an abortion; (2) give up the child for adoption (even if the kid is of their blood). You really cannot imagine the emotional turmoil that goes through a mother who loses their child by force; or the fact that the blood grandparents can give up the child for adoption to complete strangers; (3) forcibly taking a child from the mistress to be raised by the legal wife or the family of the father (usually when they are awfully wealthy) (4) abandoning the pregnant girl; (5) offering money to the girl to disappear. this also applies to the boy if he is poor though of course boys do not get pregnant and do not lose as much as a girl. Back to 'Home for Summer' - - I hope the mother of Sang Won does not find his and Bora's child first. And if it turns out to be Yeo Rum ( I recall that Yeo Rum's family name is Kim???) it's going to be another problem for Geum Hee. Her adoption of Yeo Rum will again be blocked since as of now she is just fostering Yeo Rum and the adoption is not yet final. - The Aunt's husband must be very desperate because of his brothers' debt. He needs $100,000 (100,000,000 won) that s a lot of money. He should do something about his brothers' problem. He can't bail him out forever. - With regards to Geum Hee and Sang Won's current relationship - (a) employer-employee (b) good friends So I don't really see anything wrong with her asking how he is doing since in the first place Sang Won also did that to her when she was down. She is just trying to be of help. - Someone pointed out that the couple who knew Bora seemed to be acting weird and suspicious. There might be something there. What could it be? But if they were trying to hide the fact I see no logic to it when Bora is already dead. The Uncle was able to learn that Bora was already dead through his connections. Not necessarily from the couple but from public records. But going into the death of Bora is another story for another time. We have very few episodes left with 4 different couples story lines. - I hope the Father of Sang Won would be more proactive in the lives of his children. It seems it is only the mother who is monitoring their children (Sang Mi and Sang Won) and it is a disaster. He just accepts what is told to him he does neither observant nor cares. I wonder what he saw in the mother when they were young,..... he even married her. If he really divorces her maybe she will wake up. Sang Mi is very much like her mother. - Are there really women in Korea who are clingy just like the character of Sang MI as well as in other Korean dramas? Do they have no self-esteem or pride? Why go after a man who obviously does not like you back? And worse still when you have been outright rejected and told to your face that he 'does not like you', 'not attracted to you', or 'love you'? If you love a person you let him/her go. Or you court/woo the person until they fall in love with you. But not to forcefully throw yourself at them. That is so not nice. -
  7. I really hope that this time Shi Wol tells Kim Yoo Wol/Oh Tae Young the truth and ask for his help to get Ji Min back and to keep him safe (get him from where he is abroad and hide him from Choi Tae Joon and Choi Kwang Il. The nerve of these people, taking what is not theirs. I hope the writer punishes them in this drama big time! Duk Shil on the other hand is a collateral damage, however I hope she does not do anything bad like her mother. Losing Set Byul was a punishment (karma). I hope she and her mother realizes this before it is too late. As it is now her mother is still being greedy and not repentant of what she did many many years ago.
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