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  1. If I am not mistaken, RMH (RJH's brother was murdered because he discovered the illegal activities within. The illegal activities and corruption which Cho Cheol Gang leads and which some officers/higher ups are involved in (the graft and corruption involved). The plan to ruin the family of Ri JH, I think is just a collateral decision. one of which is the military director who wants the postition being held by his father. While CCG I think is he just hates rich people being poor and an orphan. It just so happens that they became involved with one another due to the discovery of RJH of CCG' being the murderer of his older brother.
  2. I am afraid the ending will be one of those endings that leave you hanging and disappointed. No closure at all. Which I hate very much. However, it would really be totally awesome if the writer is able to make the ending a believable one in which Ri Jeong Hyuk and Yoon Seri are able to stay together in South Korea, married and living a happy live with kids. But of course, this is wishful thinking since how can a North Korean be able to live a peaceful and legitimate life in South Korea without his family who are left in NK and will undoubtedly be in danger or be killed. Unless they all defect to SK the plus 5 hahaha. Ri Jeong Hyuk can also fake his death, why not? and be able to stay in SK with another identity (but this is still living in fear and for sure many will want to divulge that secret for their own ends so not reall feasible. I hope the ending will be a good one with closure. Hanging endings are just for movies with sequels and is so not acceptable with dramas.
  3. The actors/actresses of "Crash Landing on You" is doing very well with their acting. They are able to portray what would be a dreary and gloomy life on the other side and were able to make it lighthearted. The storyline is fiction after all although details of real life used and recreated were reseached very well. The impact of a drama is very relative and is not the same for all viewers so one cannot say that life on the other side is being glorified. Because if you think about it realistically, what kind of life would you rather have? There are only 2 sides to choose from. In reality, when hardship comes to fore no matter how much two people love each other, love diminishes and before you know it, it is gone. Life is hard and everyone knows it. Good if you come from a well off family, but riches can be gone before you know it due to mismanagement and splurging. What more if a person comes from a well off family and then suddenly becomes dirt poor. At first they will do their best to adapt. But for how long will they really last? So in the end, when you are burdened with no means to provide for your loved ones, and fall into debt without any recourse, hell breaks loose. This drama is interesting in itself, I just hope that the real world does not politicize it and ruin the viewers' love of watching dramas in general. I hope the writers and the production staff as well as all the actors/actresses continue to do their job well and give us the viewers a beauriful and well remembered drama for its merits. And of course a beautiful heart wrenching fluttering ending.
  4. Finished watching 6 episodes. I am also hooked on this kdrama. I hope it does not go sideways and maintain its pull on me. (also watching Selection: War Between Women" and "Gracious Revenge".
  5. I started watching this kdrama and I am hooked. It is such a disappointment that there are no episodes after the 4th. I was so expecting to.
  6. I so agree. He is currently 12 years old. With all that is happening, we could add another year or 2 so 13-14 years old. So following the timeline, after 3 years he should be 16-17 years old already. They should have gotten another actor for the 3 years later. [I am guessing that they are either short of budget or just did not care anymore to make the drama a bit more in tune with the timeline]. One more thing. The drama's storyline began in 1997 more or less. After 12 years the year would be 2009. Add 1-2 years 2011. Three years later (time jump) so this drama's timeline ended more or less 2014. The writer could have made it end in the current year 2019. why o why did the writer not do so? This is one reason too why extensions are not really a good idea. It leads to wishy washy work. Anyways, it is good that the drama finally ended with the leads going to live together. Though I totally agree with Auntie Mame's comment above. I also tried to watch this drama but dropped it. The actors/actresses did not give off much impact and plus the story, too. The aesthetics of the drama itself did not help, it was very gloomy from the beginning. ** But I always enjoy the forums and the interactions and exchange of opinions and ideas. I hope to find another interesting kdrama and forum with you guys.
  7. I think the title of that drama is "Endless Love" . This is an exception to the exception, since the girl kept the child who was a product of multiple rape ( she was raped by many men the goons [ prison guards if I recall right] of the politician). She is a very strong woman and what happened to her did not make her loose hope. She raised her daughter and became someone of importance. It is good that she did not opt for putting up the child for adoption being strong as she is.
  8. Of course, there is always an exception. Pregnancy resulting from a violent act such as rape is an exception. It is better to give up the child for adoption than the victim of rape and her family raising the child. It is also better for the child. There would always be a psychological trauma on the rape victim and the child would be a reminder of such violent act. The innocent child would also be subjected to emotional and psychological trauma in the event he/she is raised by them. It is better for all concerned to start over with a clean slate.
  9. I agree. In the end, everything is about choices. Choices that we make. And revenge is not good. Because in exacting revenge on the villains, you not only hurt the people you love but yourself too. There is always a price to pay. So it is really better to forgive or forget..... but we all know this is very hard to do and highly not possible so just move on and go forward. The best revenge is to do better, live better and have a happy life.
  10. That is good. So far in most kdramas babies are often given up for adoption (even if the child is of their blood) for reasons of shame more often than not and which is not really good. I have often wondered about this, how cold Koreans can be that they can easily give up their own children or grandchildren. Especially those who are really well off and rich. It would be understandable if the girl or family giving up the child is so poor that they cannot support the child and that child is better off being adopted by a good family. The finale of this drama turns out to be different in that it is promoting adoption. If you cannot have children and have the means and the patience to take care of another human being then go for adoption. So many children brought into this world by irresponsible parents who do not even think twice about having children when they could not even support themselves.
  11. The actress portraying Geum Hee is married. Her kissing scenes are usually just a smack on the lips. I have noticed this in many kdramas and kmovies wherein the actress is married and there are no kissing scenes and if there were it is usually a smack on the lips, kiss on the cheeks or forehead, hand. A hug or embrace but no kissing. Unlike married actors who still do kissing scenes (real ones) with the female leads. HAHAHA.
  12. I agree. We all make our choices whether it is the right one or the wrong one. We cannot blame anyone else because given the circumstances there is always 2 paths to take we only have to choose the right one. Kwang Il was inherently a good person thanks to the upbringing of the mother, Jung Hee however, the influence of his birth father is much stronger. Yoo Wol on the other hand, went through life the hard way. He knows how it is to live in a harsh and cruel world. He was able to overcome those factors and make something of himself without trampling on other peoples' lives. He stuck to his principles of what is right or wrong. He is not influenced by anybody except of course if it is doing good things. Unlike Kwang Il, who lived a pampered and comfortable life. He has no ambition contented with how his life was before he learned the truth and CTJ began influencing him. But there is one factor that is the cause of all that has happened and the results not of their choice. And the choices people involved eventually had to make. The grandfather who tried to stop Jung Hee and Sung Kyu from going to the US. Though he did not ask or tell Tae Joon to kill Sung Kyu, he started it all. Choi Tae Joon made his choice to kill Sung Kyu and Mr. Jung almost by causing the car accident. And so the choices have begun starting with Choi Tae Joon. We are all responsible for the choices we make in this life. Not all are choices are the right ones but then we still made them. We just have to accept the outcome and move forward and do the right one next time.
  13. The very reason why he took Geum Hee and their marriage for granted for 13 years (?). He only cared about himself and never took into consideration the sacrifices that Geum Hee made before and during their marriage. He did not even take care of her in ways like boyfriend and girlfriend even though they were already married (they did not have children so they could have stayed and treated each other that way). So the moment temptation comes he feels the excitement and falls for it. Regrets are only served in the end.
  14. Mo Wan Soo is such a tragic character. It turns out that he really suffered psychologically and emotionally from his mother mostly. His mother was a nurse and as such she should have known better than anyone how to treat people especially her own child. But then again I think she is also suffering psychologically and emotionally and it reflected on Wan Soo more than towards Wan Joon who in the eyes of his parents was perfect. If his mother had only loved them both equally, Wan Soo would have turned out a very successful and happy person. It is sad that during a psychological outburst he accidentally killed Seok Hee's mother. And in the end he killed himself. Very sad ending but not totally surprising. What I hate the most is Ms. Han just getting 4 years, since she knew the law and how to outwit it. Another thing is the fact that although Yeon Doo's mother was cleared of the crime, she was not justly compensated for the 15 years she was in prison. The ending was really fast tracked. Though they put closure in all the aspects the last episode leaves something of a bitter taste and that feeling of emptiness as if there is something missing. Recogition for Wan Soo's greatness despite his emotional and psychological wants came too late. Good drama though ... 16 episode dramas are really much better than very very long ones.
  15. Yes the ending of "Shark" and "Bad Guy (2010) was really sad and both unexpected. There is another one, "Temptation of an Angel" where the female lead died too in the end. She let herself fall from the cliff. Is extending a drama the trend nowadays? If they do that, they should at least beforehand have back ups (writers in their written story) for extensions so they don't just put in ridiculous and outrageous fillers that destroy the storyline and make the viewers' disappointed.
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