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  1. One more thing That I cannot understand is why the biological grandmother of Go Ya, who after all the effort to monitor her granddaughter ( making sure she knows who is raising/adopted her, gave money for business, etc. to the driver CTP) failed to make sure to leave a trust fund for her granddaughter to make sure she gets a proper education and financial support when she becomes an adult ( which is to be turned over to her when she turned 18.) The biological maternal grandmother knew that that family was not related by blood to her granddaughter. Why did not she make sure her granddaughter would have a good future??? She should not have trusted the driver CTP to take care of her granddaughter and entrusted all the money to him. She should have made a separated trust fund for Go Ya. Didn't she leave a will or something? Telling her daughter the truth and what became of the child? leaving something for Go Ya even without her daughter knowing the truth? What a shame.
  2. Thank you @UnniSarah for the information on Choi Tae Pyung. I just got back to watching this kdrama episode 118 and missed some of the episodes. Since CTP is not her biological father then he should have let this be known to his wife YS. Very sad. I so hope that Go Ya really does not come back to any of those families. She deserves much much better.
  3. So Choi Tae Pyung is really the real father of Go Ya??? If he really is her father ,what bad luck... what did her biological mother see in him? A very rich girl falling for her driver? Does that even make sense, when she knew all along that the her parents will never allow such a union. And she even got pregnant and the baby put up for adoption... supposedly. The driver taking the child and raising her with his bitter wife. If CTP is not the biological father, Choi Tae Pyung should have told his wife the truth and maybe would have raised the girl with love and care. And they would have had a happy marriage without him having an affair. Go Ya only gone for a year? I hoped she would have been gone for a longer time, made something of herself overseas. I agree with one of the forum members who wrote that all the three mothers sucks just like the awful evil aunt. Seems like the writer does not have much to go along with .... I am predicting a hanging and unsatisfactory ending with all the forgiveness crap. I hope not.... Will the chairwoman ever know who her real daughter is? Or should not she? Does she also have an ulterior motive in finding her biological daughter? How selfish too. If that is the case it is better that she does not find her. Go Ya is too selfless to be used by the people around her. I think it is better for her to start anew with out them all. And for a change I hope that Go Ya does not go back to either family. And that the non-registration of the marriage be a blessing in disguise as she wont need to go through a divorce. May Go Ya be living well free of all these sad, no good people that were around her and good riddance to them. I hope she does not go back to any of them and lived her own life when she disappeared and continue living that life. The people around her are not good for her and she should rid herself of them.
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