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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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The cinematography is lighting is so wonderful in this drama. The team on set must be really good. I really appreciate the director who knows how to capture simple moments in such a beautiful way. The photographer are also doing a magnificent job. All the BTs pictures released are so great. These shots are so dreamy I love it. Everything about this drama is so aesthetically pleasing 


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It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr

49 minutes ago, Jillia said:

On another note, I really love how Dan Oh and Ha Ru are rooting for Do Hwa and Joo Da. Like can these two please end up together

It's unlikely for Do Hwa and Joo Da to end up together as it will mess up real story of the Manhwa. Moreover it's not possible for every couple to get their happy ending and I am willing to compromise their happy ending for Dan Oh and Haru. Though I also like sweet Do Hwa a lot.

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I'm getting The Heirs vibes when Kyung did the triple wrist grab with Haru & Dan Oh:w00t: There's 2 love triangles, with the other between Do Hwa-Ju Da-Nam Joo. Why am I shipping Kyung with Haru though LMFAo?!:P And I kind of like the idea of Do Hwa & Dan Oh together:D

    Ah~ what's a bad boy without the cliched mommy issues:rolleyes: Kyung is truly a bipolar maniac (probably alluding to the writer?) I don't know, either change him or make him stay that way consistently. The constant hot/cold vibes Kyung gives is gettin' on my nerves tbh. He's still trash to me.

    Ha-ha at Why does he have such wide shoulders?:lol: and oh no poor Haru has vanished...:(

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Extraordinary You - The Official Character Descriptions

The official character descriptions have been released on the English MBC website (and since it’s an official description I’m not putting it under spoiler tags but READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK) and still might be subjected to change because remember what happened in Empress Ki; however be prepared because it’s a MINDBLOW!



Eun Dan-oh (Female, 18) / Kim Hye-yoon

  • She is the pretty only daughter of a rich family. 
  • She is stuck-up and takes it for granted when people are nice to her. However, born with a weak heart, she always wears a cardio tachometer like others wearing a watch. Nevertheless, she isn’t pessimistic about her life, nor does she pity herself. She has to be calm and can’t let her emotions get the better of her so it doesn’t affects her heart. But there are times when she can’t control her emotions and that’s when she sees a good-looking guy.
  • The moment she lays eyes on Baek Gyeong, she makes up her mind to marry him. Young Dan-oh’s world consisted of Baek Gyeong and the rectangular ceiling which she sees from her hospital bed. No wonder her feelings for Baek Gyeong became so strong. Baek Gyeong thinks Dan-oh is bothering him. He is a well-known Casanova, but Dan-oh only has eyes for him. She had a crush on him for a long time. It becomes more like an obligation to her. However, she doesn’t get butterflies when she sees him anymore, nor does he look handsome. Her mind tells her she likes him, but her heart says otherwise. At one point, she realizes her crush on Baek Gyeong is like homework she has to get done.
  • When she realizes something unexplainable within her has changed, she finds out that she’s a character within a cartoon, and an extra at that. The only comforting thing is that she achieved the ability to see the script that shows the future. She tries to use this ability to write her own story, but once she sees the script, the storyline doesn’t change. One day, she notices the storyline slightly changing and that it has to do with a boy named Haru. She goes after him and finds out that she will be able to change this world with Haru, she feels weird emotions. Her heart starts pounding whenever she sees Haru. It isn’t just a normal fluttering heart. It is totally different from the setting created by the writer. Does she really have to speak, act and go as the writer decides even if it isn’t her destiny? Even if the world doesn’t revolve around her, if she looks at the world from her point of view, she was the center of it.

Haru (Male, 18) / Kim Ro-woon (SF9)

  • Before Dan-oh started calling him Haru, he was merely the 13th person in the attendance book. He was an extra in the romantic cartoon “Secret” and didn’t even had a name. One say, Haru wakes up in the world of “Secret”. He is number 13 in class 7 of the junior year at Seuri High School. A few numbers is everything that describes him. He has nothing other than the numbers. Not even a name. No one remembers him and he is just part of the background. Every day is like a nightmare he can’t wake up from. Haru has been instinctively protecting someone. Who is this person? Why is he protecting her? Finally, Haru meets the person he was curious about. Dan-oh was part of his world before he even knew it. Haru immediately felt attracted to Dan-oh. It might be his destiny. After meeting Dan-oh, Haru starts adjusting to life in the cartoon. She is the only person that acknowledged him when not even he remembered anything about himself. Soon, Dan-oh becomes everything to Haru.
  • Haru and Dan-oh are two extras in a cartoon and they have to move according to the storyline of the main characters. Most would hate this situation, as they can’t even meet when they want to. However, Haru thinks Dan-oh, who always finds him and smiles at him, is adorable. He didn’t have a single line, but Dan-oh gave him the gift of a dramatic life. He is merely an extra, but he feels like the protagonist when he is with Dan-oh. He discovers things he didn’t know about himself when he is with her. Haru’s only wish is to live happily ever after with Dan-oh.
  • However, Haru faces the past he had forgotten about. He met Dan-oh in a different "Secret”. He couldn’t defy the writer and killed the woman he loved with his hands. He hoped to meet Dan-oh in a different story and lived through several lives. Haru makes up his mind. He decided to do everything to protect Dan-oh wherever and whenever, even if it means he has to die.

Baek Gyeong (Male, 18) / Lee Jae-wook

  • Supporting role in “Secret”, 3rd most popular student at Seuri High School
  • He is Dan-oh’s crush for a decade and her fiancé. He is also officially known as Seuri High School’s Casanova. He is rude and audacious, but always has girls chasing after him because of his aura and looks. He never loved or cared about anyone, nor does he plans to. He can’t stand seeing someone he cares about leaving him. Baek-Gyung’s mom died a long time ago from an illness. After experiencing his mother’s death, he hates everything related to illnesses.
  • Baek Gyeong was raised by a father that puts money first. His father used his only son to make money. Knowing how Dan-oh felt about Baek Gyeong since she was little, Baek Gyeong’s father betrothed him to her to strengthen his position as a business partner. He feels helpless, as his father doesn’t treat him as a son, but as a business measure. He can’t go against his father’s will, but doesn’t want to be obedient. That’s why he picks on Dan-oh and ignores her even when he knows how she feels.
  • However, Bae Gyung finds himself thinking about Dan-oh. She is the only person in the world that truly likes him. When he sees Dan-oh in the hospital, he is worried she’ll leave him like his mother did. One day, Dan-oh suddenly seems weird. She still says she likes him, but it doesn’t seem like she feels the way she did before. Because of Dan-oh’s weird behavior, Baek Gyeong develops an ego and realizes that he is just a supporting role to Oh Nam-joo. The girl he was afraid to lose, is interested in someone else, a boy that doesn’t even have a name. Using the fact that he is the important character in the cartoon, he comes between Dan-oh and Haru, trying to keep Dan-oh by his side. He feels painful to see Dan-oh becoming colder every time he tries. He decides he has to be with Dan-oh in this world. If he can’t have her, no one can. He will do everything he can to keep her beside him.

Lee Do-hwa (Male, 18) / Jeong Geon-ju

  • 2nd most important character of “Secret”, 2nd most popular student at Seuri High School
  • He is the second most popular of the A4 and was always best friends with Nam-joo. He lacks 5% in everything compared to Nam-joo. Outgoing and friendly, he gets along with everyone. He likes to play soccer or basketball with his classmates. He doesn’t worry about much and is happy most of the time. He looks carefree and as if he doesn’t take anything seriously, but is secretly depressed. No one knows about his loneliness and sadness. No one cares to know about it. They like the bright and goofy side of Do-hwa. However, someone catches him with an expressionless face. He runs into the new kid in school Yeo Joo-da on the rooftop of their school.
  • Come to think of it, Joo-da became part of every moment of his life since then and he becomes attracted to her. He likes her, but just watches her from afar when she is with Nam-joo. He is worried she will fall for Nam-joo. He needs to make a move! However, he finds himself doing nothing other than watching her from afar and comforting her, and he is disappointed with himself. Something is wrong, but he doesn’t know what.
  • Dan-oh is the one who helps Do-hwa answer this question. He is in a cartoon world and he has an ego unlike the other characters. He had been moving according to the will of the writer and played the role of a supporting character that has a crush on Joo-da. But he ended up really liking her. Is this part of the setting, or are these feelings of his own?
  • With the help of Dan-oh, who can see the future, he decides to try his best to make the relationship work. He hopes he can end up like Dan-oh and Haru.


Oh Nam-joo (Male, 18) / Kim Young-dae

  • Leading male character of “Secret”, the most popular boy at Seuri High School
  • He is the most popular boy at Seuri High School and the center of A4. His father is Oh Jae Beol, a painter, designer and CEO of a clothing brand and his mother is Oh Ah Reum, an actress. He is a second generation chaebol of the global fashion company “Seline”. He is 187cm tall, good-looking, smart enough to get the highest grades in Korea, and never lost a fight. The compliment he gets most often is that he is good-looking. He knows he is a catch and arrogant. He is the type of boy you’d see in a drama.
  • He also has something that pains him like all children of chaebol families. Mixing colors and elaborate designs are the identity of Seline. However, all he sees is black and white. He has total color blindness. It is a critical flaw for an owner of a fashion company. This is his only flaw and his secret.
  • One day, Nam-joo sees color. It was when he bumped into Joo-da. He thinks he saw color. Could he have been mistaken? Nam-joo wants to get to know Joo-da better, but she doesn’t show any interest in him. She’s the first to show no interest in him and that’s when he starts picking on her. He also achieved a powerful ability. He’s become Joo-da’s GPS and shows up wherever she goes, especially when she needs help. He isn’t interested in other girls, but he is nice to Joo-da. Who knew a second generation chaebol that lacks nothing would fall for an ordinary girl like Joo-da?
  • Like any romantic cartoon, they end up learning about their feelings for each other after many twists and turns. Nam-joo doesn’t notice the sad face when she sees Do-hwa. He is caught within the setting of the cartoon, but he plans to be happy. At the end of the cartoon, he will “live happily ever after”.


Yeo Joo-da (Female, 18) / Lee Na-eun 

  • Leading female character of “Secret”, the new kid at Seuri High School
  • Joo-da is the typical heroine of a romantic cartoon. She is poor, but pretty and sweet. She had all kinds of part-time jobs because of her family’s financial circumstances. She was chosen for the CSR business of the global company Seline and is admitted to Seuri High School. Right from the start, school life wasn’t easy, but she is always smiling with positive attitude.
  • She wanted to have a quiet school life, but a boy picks on her, asking her to pay for dry cleaning just because she accidently ran into him. The boy is Oh Nam-joo, the most popular boy at school. On the other hand, there is a boy that is like her guardian angel, showing up and helping her whenever she is in a tough situation. It’s Lee Do-hwa, the second most popular boy at school. Joo-da always courageously stands up for justice, but becomes quiet when she is misunderstood. Sae Mi gets jealous to Nam-joo and starts telling people about Nam-joo’s vulnerable point and that Joo-da spread the rumor. All she had to do was say no when Nam-joo asked if she really is behind it. However, Joo-da doesn’t say anything. No wonder Nam-joo gets the wrong idea. In a nutshell, Joo-da is the typical heroine of a drama.
  • Then what is Joo-da like outside of the cartoon? When Joo-da develops an ego, she realizes how Nam-joo and Do-hwa feel about her. She was nice and just because that was the setting of her character. The real Joo-da is shrewd, clever and quick at making decisions that benefits her. The cartoon world revolves around Joo-da. She was planning to go back and forth between the two boys and end up with Nam-joo until Dan-oh messed with the storyline.
  • Her love story with the male protagonist and the spotlight that was focused on Joo-da have all changed. She becomes sensitive, greedy and easily angered. She feels uncomfortable when Do-hwa, who is merely a supporting character, tells her he is interested in her, and is outrageous when Dan-oh, an extra, struggles to make changes. How dare an extra mess with her story! This world cannot be ruptured. Joo-da has to be the one and only heroine of the cartoon “Secret”.
  • Joo-da tries everything to make the story go back to how it should have been when she faces a crisis. She starts showing interest in Do-hwa. She has to get with the main character to play the leading female role. Will she give up on her feelings and end the story with a happy ending or follow her heart as the real Joo-da, not a character of “Secret”?


Jin Mi-chae (Male, Age unknown) / Lee Tae-ri

  • The 4th member of Seuri High School’s A4. 
  • His age, nationality, background and name are kept a secret. He isn’t even a student at the high school, but became one of the A4 because of his good looks. He always shows up when Jin Mi-chae, sautéed dried squid, is served at the school cafeteria and thus called “Jin Mi-chae fairy”. He is the closest character to the writer and the most secretive.
  • Unlike his bright expression and tone, he is pessimistic. He knows everything, but isn’t interesting in anything. He is the first to have an ego within the world of “Secret”. He knows many things as if he’s experienced other world and tells other about it. If the writer shows rebirth as love, he believes the writer loves him very much. He’s been in several of the writer’s works. However, when he sees Soo Hyang, a transfer student, he realizes he’s being punished in the worst way, not being loved.





sOURCE: http://content.mbc.co.kr/program/drama/3451760_64285.html

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Wow! @briseis... That was quite a mind-blowing revelation indeed :o



I have been wondering why the comic is named SECRET and I guess that's why... Everyone has a secret...


And I'm thinking, that's in a way, a reflection of life, where things are often not what it appears and many people have secrets they do not want others to find out.


As for YJD, I have been finding her character a little "weird" in the way she feels "intentionally bright and positive" towards LDH, and if the character descriptions turn out to be what's planned, then it makes sense now...


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@briseis, many thanks for the character descriptions. What is up with the manhwa writer? Why is he/she killing Dan Oh again? Ha Ru must have loved Dan Oh very much to live through several manhwa stories to find her and protect her. I hope he’s successful this time around in thwarting the writer’s will for Dan Oh. 

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20 hours ago, Jillia said:

It must be painful when Dan Oh is put on the stage. She can't do anything about it when the writer decides her it's "Baek Kyung Time". I had to laugh a bit when Dan Oh made that sarcastic comment. But also it must be painful for Ha Ru as well because he can't do anything either.


Also, very telling that as soon the stage is over Dan Oh just flees the scene. See what I did there. :D


I saw what you did there:lol:

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22 hours ago, Jillia said:

It must be painful when Dan Oh is put on the stage. She can't do anything about it when the writer decides her it's "Baek Kyung Time". I had to laugh a bit when Dan Oh made that sarcastic comment. But also it must be painful for Ha Ru as well because he can't do anything either.


Also, very telling that as soon the stage is over Dan Oh just flees the scene. See what I did there. :D


I THINK I see what you did there...:rolleyes:


I kept thinking there's something really familiar in what you wrote but it's like a mental block where I simply couldn't recall why it's so familiar... until now...I finally recall what that is... change in one syllable... :lol:


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IUwthNX.gifWhat in the....!



Is Juda going to become an antagonist towards Danoh and give her the Judas kiss!! Why I don't want that to go that way! Don't you think that's a bit predictable!!


@Jillia So according to Shin Saemi and many other tropes they have indirectly kissed now I hope the fans don't object if Haru kiss Danoh. I hope that happens in the drama. Or maybe Danoh should kiss him after she finds him with the disappearance trope happened to wake up the sleeping beauty!!

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Hi I was a little out of dramaland and I really didn't want to go back because this world is so absorbing but this drama... God. This drama has me screaming like a teenager. Shame on me. :lol:


I haven't read the webtoon, maybe in the future I will. Maybe. But what really caught me in this drama is Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon). This girl knows how to act and she is terribly adorable.


Besides the story has such a deep premise and a powerful message: You are always the protagonist of your own life.


Ps. Ha Roo is a dream. Great material for boyfriend, fiance, husband, etc... Goals!

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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