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  1. Absolutely correct. In fact secondary characters are more consistent and coherent than the female protagonist. That lack of logic in everything she says and does only causes irritation. It is not a pleasant thing to see. At this point, nothing SaBin can say in the future will be credible. She as a character is so damaged that not even reincarnation can save her.
  2. Hi. So long to be drama-free after "Extraordinary You." And I'm hooked on the most frustrating drama of all time. Anyway. The funny thing is that I came to this drama because I love Jang Ki Yong and I'm going to be watching this because of Lee Soo Hyuk. LOL. Honestly, a week ago there was speculation that SaBin would have a radical change and I didn't believe it because it seemed like a huge nonsense to me and after 10 years of watching dramas I had never seen anything like it... Well, apparently every day you learn that the life can surprise you. And not in a pleasant way. Completely ridiculous the way the character was destroyed in just 2 episodes. We must recognize the writer something. When she destroys she does it big. Anyway. I'm part of the people who expect SaBin to end up more alone than a mushroom. I think she deserves it after all she did in these last two episodes. And seriously I'm thinking that the writer must be a misogynist because what she has done with her female protagonist has been criminal. As I said, I'm going to watch this drama without meaning because Lee Soo Hyuk deserves it. PS. Too bad we lost Ha Eun 32 years ago. Hopefully she will be reborn in someone else. But not SaBin please.
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