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  1. I thought Witch Heera would say she just want GilYoung's heart! But she wants him from head to toe! Maybe she is looking for a pure human spirit! Also there was a lady waving in a portrait in a scene, behind where Heera and Jin were talking. I thought Jin would end up talking to that portrait like she is trying to befriend the mandrake!
  2. off topic but....future main leads!! ------------------------------ Hope Haekang gets to announce he is a couple with Seyoon and win the match too!!!
  3. Are they going to be friends for until they grow old and have gray hair and lines on their faces! Or are they going to say they love each other and still be together until they grow old and have lines on their faces!
  4. I was wondering how Choi Jaesun from another show , could be in high school. But Jonghyeop looks good in school uniform! I love the two episodes. But what's with the blue pill or red pill choice for the female lead. Maybe she will become the next witch coz this witch seems to be hunting her down, in child hood. Also why does Heera want these two!
  5. I have no beef with red hair girl. She should know that life with Nam Soohyun is not going to be easy in real life. She needs someone who would treat her like a real princess! I also have no beef with Youngran but I like her better. But the choice lies with Nam Soohyun. All I hope is he don't get indigestion after ingesting all these beef! https://imgur.com/a/diyYqSI
  6. Now Nam Soohyun is freaked about expensive korean beef! Maybe his thought process is like, "I may be poor but I'm not a beggar!" But I guess Jun loves to tease his new hyung! ------------------------------------------------------------
  7. I see Nam Soohyun is scolding Jun for buying expensive truffle for breakfast and everything on the table is expensive! edit: I see it is expensive mushroom soup ( ie:truffle soup.) But guess Jun is happy, for being scolded like a brother.
  8. YeoJun needs to give that Nam Soohyun's journal back to him before he finds it among Yeojun's books. I hope this don't create problems down the road. I just want Nam Soohyun to be happy where ever he may go or who ever he may end up with!
  9. -------------------- Also how do you post instagram things in here. I tried for 30 mins and gave up. Just trying to put victory contents instagram some behind pics. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRGg80Ftpd-/ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Edited on 07/10/2021 Making of~~~~~
  10. Doesn't Ryuk want to get rich. Why is he such an idealist! I don't want their future kids to suffer like them!
  11. I keep wondering why YeoJun needs Nam Soohyun in his life: 1. Is it to gaurd his apartment and be his bodyguard. 2. He wants a to replace YeoJunwan his real brother. 3. It's becuase daddy issues. 4. Or is it all of the above. Hmm. I need to know more. Anyways he did say he want's NS to be his roommate so people unwanted don't keep barging in into his private space!
  12. The school authorities should expel this sunbae and put him behind bars and try to show the error of his ways. Soobin being kidnapped and I just hope she don't withdraw more into herself after she gets rescued. I really feel bad for her. This sunbae thinks he can extort money from Yeojun this way. What a fool he is. I think I'm getting ahead of myself with this preview. Oh my gosh! Nam Soohyun is awestruck at that lavish breakfast. I feel he is going to scold Yeojun for being too extra! hehehhe -------------------------------------------------------
  13. Haein is not just an extension of Haekang or her parents. I just love how she went around asking :"What is love?" I would have loved it if she had asked the haramoni haraboji duo too. Hehe, but that reminds me of a song called what is love? ------------------------------- I feel bad for Youngtae and he is being so hard on himself. He can't stop his mouth galloping away at being nice to people who are downtrodden. Little did he know that his information will be taken advantage of. It's good that he learned this lesson early when he is young. Looks li
  14. Now I wonder what will happen to Nam Soohyun's brother. He says he will start working I just hope he don't create problems for Nam Soohyun in the future. Speaking of brothers I hope the preview is not just misleading about Jun and Junwan relationship troubles. I'll wait for the Tuesday episode of it to unravel. Coz Monday episodes looks like things start to lead somewhere only to culminate at the end of Tuesday episode. Also it looks like Yeojun has unreliable memory of what really went down in his childhood. Maybe it's due to coz of him being just a toddler. I jus
  15. These sunbaes have little tiny rocks in their brains and no guilty conscience whatsoever! Wow Nam Soohyun is on fire! ------------------------------ -------------------------- Right now after watching episode 6 my thoughts: Question: Why did they kiss with blood on his lips in episode 6? Answer: They must be vampires! Loved the birthday party scene. Why does the red head girl starting to feel a bit stalkerish. Youngran I love her. The direction of Yeojun being hit repeatedly weirded me out. Why did no one e
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