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  1. Also Yerim got promoted to Captain rank . I love that for her. And I feel Jo Dongjin and Yerim will work out their relationship and start to fall in love in the future. Open to our own conclusions! --------------------------------------------------
  2. After finishing the show, I think it was a good show though somethings would have been a bit better. But Overall I liked the show. But the biggest thing that kept me watching was Jang Dongyoon. I watched Solomon's Perjury and did not follow any other drama of him after that. I wish story-wise it was bit more complex and the monster sent out search parties to ferret out Lee Hyuk rather than sit for long hours of periods!
  3. I don't know why Lee Hyuk personally entered this mission to kill everything on sight in sector 21! Guess he will come to face the monster he created and come to the conclusion that actually he is the monster after all these years.
  4. Will we get a flash back of what happened in NK and why they had to smuggle Yerim out of NK! How that substance came to be and all that stuff.
  5. OMG his dad! (He is Yeon Woo-Jin who was in Priest, Marriage Not Dating and slew of other lead roles!!!) https://asianwiki.com/Yeon_Woo-Jin PS: I watched live today but I'm not going to spoil too much. I still need to watch with subs.
  6. Is that Dongjin's mother photo on the news article Dajung was reading. The photo was a bit blurred but I believe it's Mrs.Heera's photo on that article regarding the protest the against north korean defector. ------------------------ Guess the team will have to deal with the green eyed monster now! All this time 'it' was keeping an eye on Dongjin and Yerim when they were on their missions! I wonder what the real deal is with Song MinKyu
  7. @Ima04 Thanks for the clarification. Now I wonder if the camcorder memory card not break. At first I thought it would be the type of camcorder used with mini tape for film recording!! Well looks like the 1990's were the early stages of digital media! https://global.canon/en/c-museum/history/story09.html All I used in year 1997 as I remember was video recorder mini tape 8 mm! heheh
  8. Is the drama going to shift her focus on Kim Dajung and her daughter being kidnapped by the zombies/north koreans. Does she know more about the 1997 incident. I sure hope she does know some keypoints of the event for YD to figure out who killed his father. I need to know if the show will go that way but that incident needs to be brought to light coz we need justice for Captain Jo and the others who were betrayed by that Lee Hyuk person! Also maybe we will come to know of Yerim finding out what happened to her parents! What else are they going to find in the forest
  9. I keep forgetting that there is a Youtube channel for OCN drama. Preview for episode 7! Looks like Kim DaJung will get her fatigues on coz her daughter is kidnapped by the mutant zombie(s)!
  10. Maybe the third man is the one who took the baby and gave it to Yerim's gaurdian doctor! But I'm confused on this part too! Also I was a bit confused with the last part after the credits. Also Head of Defense Han DaeSik is lousy in his directives. He should have told Song Mingyu what exactly he is trying to recover or kill. Now he is blaming SM for siding with LeeHyuk. I wonder if the mutant they caught is Captain Jo!!! That would be so entertaining as both LeeHyuk and Daesik will be running scared to cover it up again!!
  11. Will Kim Dajung's special military training be of any help to the villagers and the soldiers. I feel Song Mingyu is now very curious how a villager like her is ready to overpower a soldier carrying a gun! So will the North Korean mutant come out into the open. Or will Yerim figure out that she got her radioactive sample near that derelict building! What happens when they get the South Korean mutant!! Will the other one come out in to the open! Why I wish today I watch this live coz my expectations going up with this drama!!
  12. Why do I feel that the NK mutant is controlling the wild dogs and the other zombies. I feel DJ has met both the NK mutant and the SK uniform wearing zombie (minor gripe : why is the uniform so spick and span! I mean so clean. should it not be spoiled after all these years in the jungle!) The NK mutant does not seem to attack DJ . He just observes him and why? And then randomly ran away from DJ, why? The NK mutant's hideout is that random derelict building in the DMZ. I wanted DJ to investigate it but guess that's for later!
  13. The nonlinear story telling of this show confused the heck out of me the first two episode coz I watched first without subs. One time he is lost in the DMZ forrest! Next he is playing with his dog! Next the DMZ village is shown! Next he is doing karaoke with his ex! But after watching with subs it's not so confusing! I wonder if the original zombie virus defector is related to Son Yerim ! Her mum seemed to be waiting for him near the boat! Anyway I love this zombie virus show! Wonder how grand scale this travesty is going to unfold! Also is
  14. I love that administrative teacher who handles enrollment and other logistical details! The one DaeYoung's friend has a huge crush on! She needs a drama of her own whereby day she is a teacher but during night a pro gamer!! I'd love to see her live her double life!!!
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