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  1. I loved the first episode. But seriously looks like she is having a multiple personality disorder ,through the centuries, without the subs! That child actor was a riot when she woke up from her coma! Now I need to watch with subs!
  2. The waiting for second season gets longer. But I wanna see what happens to Yangcha so I will bide my time patiently!
  3. Just stopping by to say I love this drama and it's lovely way of telling stories. Saying that I wonder when they will visit the world made up of nightmares! Maybe Yerin is the personification of a dream catcher! Where all dreams get neutralized!! Also I wonder if that jade ring is an inheritance/family heirloom of Kangbae!! --------------------------- PS:Can anyone tell what , Weoljoo name means. Does it mean cursed moon by any chance?
  4. This is going to be angsty for the leads I see. Anyways Hyunmin and Seo Jihoon again! I'm ready to watch it and don't mind if Seo Jihoon is the second male lead!! Just hope he is not written as an annoying second male lead though!! Anyways I just want him to be memorable even though he become annoying!! What am I saying is hope his portfolio is not just the sweet second lead who gets rejected in every drama!!
  5. Did not get a chance to watch the new epiodes will be back after i watch it to write what I liked about the latest episodes
  6. How fast did the Team Leader change his getup while on the plane. First he was wearing keffiah and head scarf and then next he was wearing tang suit of sorts! I thought a bad guy was getting the ex manager of WW! I wish WW be stopped from being so childish by YE! I love that BCM does not listen to these shady superiors of hers though she fly off the handle in a minute! Maybe she will end up getting the whole NIS bosses tumbling down for their corruptness! Wow! She does her own stunts!! EDIT: I love that all the bad guys are getting a beating from BCM . At this rate their is three more she has to go after. That shady politician looking guy ,her superior and that obnoxious woman who intimidates her superior!!
  7. -------------------------------------------- I don't want to make this a bigger point but I do hate that the criminals seem more smarter than even the team leader!!!
  8. I ask why she had to go through that without loosening the screws and get her butt stuck. Must feel like a racket stuck to your body!! This part I felt pain and could not laugh?? LOL. I don't know what they really saying but seems they try to guess current slang terms in SK! And Jun is bad at it and they tease him for it!!!(He's not in his 20's now)something like that LOL
  9. This was hilarious! Love that Jun is ready to do this kind of comedy! Is he going to realize that she is his high school crush/sweetheart?? Also why do I love the BGM music it sounds like it's going thorai thorai(돌아이= crazy person) that is at the start of the video!!! Maybe it's just me! LOL ======================================== Was this posted ,the making video??
  10. Wow! The team of several years ago had to regroup again to catch the spy called "Michael" who escaped Baek ChanMi's hands and killed one of her team members. The team member is the spouse of her current team member Im Yeeun. I wonder if BCM told IYE how her husband died or does she know a version of it where he was on a mission and he got killed. Guess if she finds out she will go on revenge and get in shape real quick. I loved the practice fight scene BCM and IYE and can sort of understand why she is do hard on her and herself! Loved the prison scene where she was a prisoner working on a case of espionage within the jail! Thank to the writer that was a quick setup of the story but I hope we go deeper into this world of Good Casting! ------------------------------------------ Preview for today
  11. Wow! The first 5 seconds drew me into the episode. Also loved how we got introduced to the 3 protagonists of the show. I'll have to watch with subs now before I can say more!