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  1. Now that I said that I feel sad for Sparkling. But I hope Sparkling don't disband and Yujin will have to go into self reflection and maybe he will realize what's important. Is it his career or is it going to be love. I think that other idol who was replaced when Ryuk joined Shax and now is in sparkling will be really against Yujin coming back if he is boycotted at some point because of this fight. Well this is all speculation but let's see what happens on Friday.
  2. I wonder how Ryuk fans will protect him when this fight breaks out between Ryuk and Yoojin. Maybe it will turn into an all out fanwar. OMG! I would love to see this depicted on the show!
  3. I don't have much to say but I enjoyed the episode very much. Now Haekang has claimed the badminton team as his friends. But his dad was getting on my nerves with his his careless attitude. Even if it's about getting a pay check atleast he should be more responsible towards his team. ----------------------------------
  4. I love how Haekang fought on his sister's behalf for his mom to take more care of her. He want's his mom to have her dreams but also he wants her care. I love this show is showing the complex emotions and decisions of a teenager. Also I'm laughing at how he treated the class president. One minute he is hating (I think hate is not the correct word here though) him but the other minute he tells him to come join them.
  5. I guess that was a flash back of how Jihak met Eunjoo! Guess he is very fond of Eunjoo but why is he not in search of him I wonder. Maybe he is hiding Eunjoo and helped Eunjoo escape public scrutiny! Also I wonder what's going to happen in episode 6 Why don't they have longer clips like this????
  6. I wonder if he ghosted her after he was scouted to become a boy idol group member! Also he is always dismissive when around her so that he don't have to explain anything to her. Maha seems to like Ryuk very much but she knows she can't have him. I don't know how this is so but I feel this in the way she portrays her character! Also I wish Hyunjin don't break her heart, but she is already on the way to it! I feel bad for her.
  7. I love this drama and found the actor Tang Junsang riveting in his acting so that I watched his other drama , Move to Heaven in one sitting! That said all the other characters in this drama are all so good at what they portray. I did not realize that the first two episodes were long and they separated it in three parts until it was over. Having said that Haekang is just as head strong as his mother. I wonder how his mother raised him to be so independent and self reliant that he does not back down from situation even if he gets in trouble for it. I wonder if the bullies
  8. I feel bad for Ryok. He want's to be nice towards Maha but can't coz every move of his has consequences to his agency, towards his fans and ultimately his career. I feel the real clumsy funny Ryok is all hidden inside him wanting to come out! When Maha cried because of his word hit her heart . I felt that! I just hope the sasaeng fans don't break in to his room! But why is Maha so clueless on these things. Why does she go out of her way to find Ryok. I guess she more than likes him too much.
  9. Does Mine refer to the other meaning of this term in the drama too? Like a mine that's going to explode when you step on it. Or the other meaning of mine? Which is to excavate gold mine, copper mine. Anyways guess all these meanings are there in the drama already. I need to watch the last 4 episodes.
  10. Every episode I wonder when is Eunjo going to appear suddenly. Is KR (Kwon Ryeok) so traumatized after the disappearance of Eunjo. He acts as if he is just going through the motions of living unless he is performing or doing that sageuk drama. I got used to watching Korean drama 2 days a week now I have to adjust for this drama once a week watch. There is a lot happening but the story is a bit slow moving forward. That mysterious ahjumma should stop lurking and do something already, I wish. Also I wonder if Spark is going to have a member leaving
  11. Mrs. Cream Bun's husband needs to get away from her coz she is perpetrating domestic violence towards him. Both verbal and physical , why do he needs the family's approval to do this I do not understand. Do they have any children not show in the show?I don't believe he can start a lovely family with her the immature way she behaves.
  12. Now I understand why the First Madam had that shocking reaction when she saw that video of herself in that phone of the Head Maid. Guess she is keeping the Head Maid closer to her. Make your enemies your friends strategy I guess. I was wondering why that hand that touched her face was feminine and beautiful. I thought her secret lover was a very beautiful male ballet dancer. What with her reminiscing of ballet and all that. But its a deep elegant and intricate closest she is in and which she is not willing to open to the world! But this nun is also a weird character! I
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