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  1. I found it funny when he hurt his angel wings when it hit the door entrance Did he forget to fold it like he usual y does when he is flying!! Or it only flaps when he is flying!! Man why do I have so many questions about a wing!!!
  2. Sorry to drop in abruptly to comment! Where has her guide dog disappeared to? Is it safe in it's house? Wish her guide dog was also in the mansion shouting woof woof when the chandelier fell! This drama is so entertaining and I wanna see how the story unfolds! I've always enjoyed Myungsoo's endeavors in acting so I'm partial towards him.
  3. Wow her grandson resembles her brother! Now I wonder if the doctor(NJH) is related to her!!!! Or is this all only in my head!!! and am watching a different show!!!
  4. They release this and today later we are gonna cry very much!!!!
  5. When timed stopped for Hyeja I got goosebumps. I loved the imagery of her standing infront of her younger self!
  6. The lady who took out the giant saw was a giant red flag that this was kind of an altered reality! In earlier episodes I was wondering where does she store all these stuff in her slender body! She must be a citizen of the wizarding world!!!
  7. Wow he reminds me of 70s/80s heart throb!~ I was so confused at the end of episode 10 and read the comments . I cried and then cried again!! But the story is written so beautifully! At first I thought this was a time traveling show! But now I understand a bit about the show....! Will have to wait for resolution of the story to say anything more!!
  8. I'm sorry I never meant to say that JH depresion started only with the disappearance of HyeJa, neither was I talking in absolutes when I mentioned this. I was merely perceiving what may have happened and maybe the catalyst to his depression started with her disappearance. Dearest grandmother died also he is labeled as a person who has forged a lie to convict his father. The only person he could rely on is a scam artist who has helped him and not go too far into the criminal world. Who knows what might have happened if young HJ had sticked around! Now I wonder about the middle aged man old HJ met in the preview , could it be JH picked up the watch and used it and now he is become a middle aged man!! I better stop with my runaway imagination coz I've watched too many time traveling shows where a lot of possibilities end up coming! Also I just want to mention the old HyeJa has this girlish charm with a determination to do the right thing! I love that about her! Also this is how I understand why old people give you advice whether you want to hear it or not! lol!
  9. Hi I just watched all the available episodes in one go! Even the unsubbed one. Lol. I forgot that Nam Joohyuk 's drama started. As a fan of him I failed!! Maybe the too titles confused the heck out of me. I did not like the title Radiant for this drama but this title is better. Also he had an angry burst pointing at his eyes!! The light in Your(His) Eyes, according to him is dead!! Anyways! Now I want to watch all of the story!! Also I keep holding back my tears... I think JoonHa is angry HyeJa has ghosted literally and figuratively out of his life. Now he has an allergic reaction to the name HJ who made him happy. I hope we get his perspective on this! All he ever does is get really annoyed with old HJ when she mention's the young HJ! She has created too many multiple time lines traveling back in time that her brain has erased some of the memories created through these timelines. And her prayer to higher power to make it alright showed her this dream that should have come about if she had not altered it. Also JoonHa singing made old HJ's heart flutter and put stars in her eyes I feel. Time does not belong to anyone but you have to seize it to make your destiny , seems the drama is saying!
  10. https://twitter.com/jtbclove/status/1085555320066199553 The production crew was doing their best to prevent any unfavorable situation such as content leakage as the topic and interest about drama is getting bigger. Nevertheless, I have confirmed that this week's screenplay has been leaked, and I am sorry to hear from viewers https://twitter.com/jtbclove/status/1085800343009542145 and I google translated it The crew of 'SKY Castle' officially commits an investigation for illegal distribution of scripts. Despite the strong warning against illegal distribution of scripts to protect the rights of viewers, scripts are still circulating online.
  11. Is grandma the culprit? I've been having this thought for days but too afraid to post it here. Coz I thought it was too wild and finally I'm loosing it. Would a grandma hate her grand child , but than I remembered there is also Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews which depicts a cruel grandma!
  12. Dang it! Parents still want Coach Kims to coordinate their kids studies!! But one thing is for sure Kim Seo hyung has become popular it seems and I love it! There are so many references to her character in tv shows too! https://twitter.com/iccairus/status/1085035690411216896 Now I wish this actress to play a bad 'richard simmons' cop in another drama as the lead!!! It's just a simple wish. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Also something to read about the writer https://pannative.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-previous-works-that-were-done-by.html
  13. The Butler did it! Anyways I was hoping the evidence in the trash lorry will fall onto the side of the road coz of a bumper! It looked a bit unsteady they way SJ put it on. It's a serious crime to tamper with evidence and i hope they arrest her for this crime. I'm really worried what will happen to Woojoo now. I don't feel he will come out unscathed before the drama is over.
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