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  1. Is Jaewook shipping Haru Danoh!! But looks like all three of them find Hyeyoon cute and adorable! Though she seems unfazed with all eyes on her acting in the cake scene.
  2. ----------------------------- On another note I wanted to see Dohwa win that swimming race between him and Namjoo. Dang but Baekkyung rang that alarm and everyone scrambled!! ---------------------------- I wanna see the full video of this !!!!
  3. @Jillia With these gifs, I think you are making me wanna watch the episode again a second time! Lol! Maybe I will just do that! credit: heliophile ☼ I think I'm going to love this extra Art Teacher if I was in her class!!!
  4. Now I wish Rowoon do an ost for this drama. Just listened to his sweet voice on Masked Singer video clip. Maybe he can sing this. lol Also I wanna see the new BTS video of Extraordinary You, I know it's on naver but I can't watch it. Hope it get's uploaded to Youtube soon! -------
  5. What in the....! ------------ @Jillia So according to Shin Saemi and many other tropes they have indirectly kissed now I hope the fans don't object if Haru kiss Danoh. I hope that happens in the drama. Or maybe Danoh should kiss him after she finds him with the disappearance trope happened to wake up the sleeping beauty!!
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