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  1. Are you thinking of "Oh my Ghost" where he plays an innocent looking police officer but is actually the one who murdered the "ghost"? @Latte_Anyday I was thinking the same! When the medical cart was thrown against the old patient, I could understand his immediate response was to go to her but after that, he should let others take care of him and return to check on the girl, which would have interrupted the murder. But no! He continued to tend to the old patient as if that was his main job and totally left the poor girl alone (forgetting that the mother was away). I wanted to whack him! He deserves to lose his job because he lost focus and discipline and a discipline force... The parents are another thing... To hear the mother say "he is always ignoring my calls" and then proceeding to still do what "he" told her to do i.e. settle the bills, which should be the least of worries when you know you have a killer waiting to strike at your daughter. And the father who never learns his lesson and continues to ignore his wife's calls which led to his daughter being killed...
  2. Am I the only one who is looking forward to a scene where JH tries to pull CA (like the typical way male leads do to female leads) when she ignores him and walk away, only to have her turn around and tackle him and restrain him because she is no weak damsel but a trained police officer
  3. FJ: Donghua, xiaojiu (referring to herself) is feeling hungry again... DH: ok, ok, here's some cash... FJ: YAY, I can get some food...*a whole list of food items* DH: At the rate she is eating, I need to get Yehua to get me another job to sustain...
  4. ok, I watched bits and pieces of TMOPB back when it was launched but never read the novel it was adapted from and just happened to pop by this thread (page 63 and not before, so please pardon me if whatever I share has already been shared previously). I saw the questions on Dijun 帝君 and Shangshen 上神... Here's my understanding, based on knowledge (of Chinese mythology) I previously had (which is minimal), and some quick research (in Chinese, thus my terminology may not be the same as English translations of the series, since I have not read any translated versions) online...so please correct me if I am wrong... One thing to bear in mind...the "Three Lives" series is a fiction that's loosely based on Chinese mythology and may have borrowed elements from Chinese mythology and other similar based books, and has it's own "self-created ecosystem" that's not necessarily in line with Chinese mythology. E.g. I don't think Chinese mythology had so many different realms as reflected in the series, and even if there was, the balance of power between the realms, is a whole system of it's own within the series. 帝 in general, refers to emperor (皇帝) and 君 (not 俊) generally means Lord, so 帝君 is sort of a "Ruler / In-Charge" title. Tianjun 天君 is the Ruler of the Heavenly (天) Realm. Based on what I read online, within the series, the Heavenly Realm isn't necessarily considered the most powerful, even though it is deemed as the highest in authority in name. The various realms basically just co-exist, although the balance of powers aren't all equal. On the other hand, Shangshen 上神 is a "level of immortality", which is dependent on various factors, including "birthright", "age", "trials and tribulations endured", "good works", etc. and is the highest possible level of immortality. So, Donghua Dijun 东华帝君 holds a ruler title of 帝君 but is also 上神 Shangshen, an immortal of the highest level. Same for Fengjiu's grandfather / Bai Qian's father 白止 Bai Zhi, since he is the ruler of the Fox Realm. Although Donghua is no longer a ruler, he still holds the title probably out of reverence by all immortals. He was the ruler of ALL realms long ago, and distributed them out to the various realms, e.g. he apparently gave up the rulership of Heavenly Realm to the current 天君 Tianjun's predecessor (uncertain how many generations before current though), which is also why 天君 Tianjun also seem so afraid of him. So in a way, Donghua is like the retired CEO (who doesn't bother with daily operations) while the various rulers of each realm are like the Managers within their realms? There appears to be many (at least 15, of which 2 are no longer around) 上神 Shangshen in the series: 8 in the Bai family: 白浅 Bai Qian and her 4 elder brothers (including Fengjiu's father), her eldest sister-in-law 未书 Weishu (eldest sister of 玄女 Xuan'nv, former by wife and latter by concubine, thus the different status), and their parents 白止 Bai Zhi and his wife 瑶光 Yao Guang: she appeared in TMOPB and stays near Moyuan because she is his admirer and was sort of jealous of Bai Qian when she was his disciple as 司音 Siyin 天君 Tianjun: Ruler of the Heavenly Realm 折颜 Zheyan: Born as a phoenix and brought up by "Father god", so he is somewhat like Moyuan's elder brother 墨渊 Moyuan: Son of "Father god" and elder brother of 夜华 Yehua (but was originally not born properly because their mother was injured during pregnancy, thus only his spirit was born and kept within the golden lotus for many years, until rebirthed as 夜华 Yehua) 东华帝君 Donghua: Born of a rock but established his worth based on his own strengths, and is the oldest "living" immortals 父神 "Father god" and 母神 "Mother god" (possibly Fuxi and Nvwa from ancient Chinese mythology): Both have "passed on" Main sources: https://kuaibao.qq.com/s/20180414A1EQU700 https://new.qq.com/omn/20180714/20180714A1LOLP.html http://k.sina.com.cn/article_6516282627_18466950300100ct0s.html http://k.sina.com.cn/article_6694625122_18f07df6200100h3ez.html https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/25339029