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  1. There are air dates stated on this page, but the dates and days don't tally, so I am not sure if it's legit info... http://www.yue365.com/tv/608/bochushijian.shtml
  2. Her name is 何倩影 and I think this is her first drama, so perhaps that's why you can't find much on her. You can follow her on weibo if you read Chinese.
  3. His name is Wei Chao 魏超 and is pretty well-known. Here's some of his works...from what I googled https://www.bilibili.com/video/av25538671/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.3
  4. Don't think so. There are many uploaded versions and I'm under the impression some have audio with timing that's off while some are in sync, so I don't think that's a production issue.
  5. They had very limited budget and thus the audio equipment they had was not able to consistently capture their voices during the shoot. As such, they had to do post shoot dubbing.
  6. Yep, they are discussing the marital contract, likely just before they registered their marriage. He was crossing out clauses she wrote and she said he could discuss with her but he says there's no need for discussion and continued crossing clauses out until she held his hand to stop him from crossing out the one that states the marriage is to be kept a secret. At her insistence, he said "to be discussed" but she persisted and said there's no room for discussion on that, the clause stays. Then PA Wen came in to say the meeting is to begin and he asks for 5 more minutes but before they end the discussion, he tells her to wait while he goes for meeting but she wonders why there's a need to wait...though now we know...wait so he could drag her to register marriage I guess? https://m.weibo.cn/6578191796/4346506456526218 BTS...watch till the end...You won't regret
  7. Lots of people are asking the director to continue directing season 2! Another cut scene! https://m.weibo.cn/6578191796/4346422084449918
  8. @angelangie that's the director Wu Qiang, the same guy who directed The Eternal Love 2...
  9. https://www.weibo.com/6578191796/Hj5i4tC1S Seeking storyline for season 2! The official account on Weibo just announced that they are opening up to anyone to provide the storyline for season 2 and the one that is selected to be the script for season 2 production will get 50k RMB, deadline 1 May 2019. We may not be eligible to participate, but at least we know this means season 2 is being planned
  10. I watched random bits and pieces of the show, mostly because I'm curious how the story will go. I like the lead couple, they look good together. Chemistry isn't the strongest I have seen but it's believable at least. I like Qin Shang for being adaptable and recognizing the world has "changed". He was definitely humbled in the process. I like Guo Yan as the level headed friend of both leads and he also seems to be the one who leads the trio in discovering the secrets of their destinies, even though there is no official recognition of that leadership role. No offence to any fans, but I really can't stand Murong Yu. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so there could be others who find him good looking although I definitely do not feel so. The fact that he is effeminate can also be overlooked if the role requires so, but I don't think it does. His character is quite tiresome in that he doesn't seem to be able to let go of Luo Xi, despite her 3Rs...Repeated Respectful Rejections... Can't expect feelings to just disappear, but when the other party has to keep rejecting you, that means you have been making her uncomfortable with your feelings (or the show of it). The way he pouts and sulks when the lead couple are behaving as a normal couple should, is nothing short of eye rolling irritating, at least to me. The worst? His acting...I find his acting really awkward most of the time, compared to the others. I haven't watched any shows by anyone from this drama but the rest are doing fine in general at least. He really needs to brush up on his acting...
  11. Cut scene...The morning after their first night together. This scene also explains clearly why PA Wen was made to clean the lobby after XL was hit by CY's father.
  12. I like their chemistry too! Not just main but the other two secondary couples are cute too! And I rarely see an OTP in Chinese dramas that have good chemistry and can act well...the last I recall was Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying in Lu Zhen. A lot of other shows, the lead couple may look good but the chemistry isn't entirely convincing. I tried watching the Dali Pet, and I agree the girl is cute too, but just can't match up to Mu Mu! So I gave up after watching some snippets... They aren't course mates. XKC majored in ballet from Shanghai Theatre Academy while WS was from Beijing Dance Academy, Folk Dance. @pad-hari XKC was born in 1990, WS in 1991...6 months apart...close enough for development in the romantic department?
  13. I got bored a few episodes down and skipped to the end after reading recaps. I dislike the ending too...neither here nor there. It's like they couldn't decide what to do with the love line...
  14. @pad-hari did you mean the first scene in the BTS where he is wearing a vest and the director is beside them? What he said was part of the dialogue. She is supposed to kiss him and ask "Are you satisfied now?" but she did not say it after rehearsing the action, so he said it for her are you satisfied now?" and then he rehearsed his action of pulling her in for his kiss before responding with his line "Now, I'm satisfied..." But the director was at the back acting his scene in an exaggerated manner, which is why he looked a bit "errmmm..." after that. The FL isn't new. She has been acting since 2011 with around 16 dramas and 3 movies under belt but this is the first time I noticed her. The interesting thing is, both ML & FL graduated from dance schools in 2007. One from Shanghai in ballet and the other from Beijing in folk dance.
  15. There were 42 kiss scenes in The Eternal Love II, so all the lovey-dovey...this director is quite the expert haha
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