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  1. SF9’s Rowoon Talks About Receiving Best New Actor Award + Plans As Idol-Actor In 2020 SF9’s Rowoon shared thoughts and reactions to his latest acting achievement. On December 30, the idol-actor attended the 2019 MBC Drama Awards and won Best New Actor along with co-star Lee Jae Wook for their performances in “Extraordinary You.” In an interview with OSEN on January 1, Rowoon began, “I was so nervous that I forgot to mention my beloved parents [in my acceptance speech], who I respect and allowed me to be here today. I also feel really regretful that I didn’t mention my members who’ve been beside me, and my manager, staff members, and agency employees who worked hard for six months.” He continued, “In the car on the way to the Drama Awards, my manager asked me, ‘What do you think it’ll be like?’ I didn’t have any expectations and didn’t prepare anything, so I wasn’t nervous and said that I would enjoy it. As soon as I received the award, my members contacted me to congratulate me. I left a message in our group chatroom as soon as the awards show ended.” Rowoon was recognized for his portrayal of his character Ha Roo in “Extraordinary You” and his acting skills which shone as the story switched back and forth between a drama of present-day life and a sageuk (Korean historical drama). “It’s a project where I discovered a new kind of fun in acting,” said Rowoon. “And it’s a project that made me think of acting in a more precious way, so I don’t think I’ll be able to forget it for the rest of my life.” “Extraordinary You” took home many honors at the MBC Drama Awards including Rowoon and Lee Jae Wook’s Best New Actor awards, Kim Hye Yoon‘s Excellence Award for an Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama and Best New Actress award, and Viewers’ Choice for Drama of the Year. About this, Rowoon commented, “I think the award chosen by viewers is especially more meaningful, and I think that the [drama’s] unique concept and story were charming.” The idol also won Best New Actor at the 2019 Grimae Awards and Male Idol-Actor award at the 2020 Korea First Brand Awards. Rowoon will now shift gears to prepare for SF9’s comeback. The group is preparing to release their first full album “First Collection” and title track “Good Guy” on January 7. He concluded, “I first plan on focusing on SF9 promotions in 2020. Thanks to interest and love from many people, we’re gaining strength and working hard to prepare for it. If there’s a good character, I want to do it regardless of whether it’s a small or big role.”
  2. Netizen comments :(+34,0) Congratulations for your Best New Actor awards! Thanks to Rowoon, I've been watching Extraordinary You. I will look forward to your future from now on.(+18,0) Congratulations as Best New Actor! Please do a great job next year, Rowoon!(+11,0) I'm nervous, but I don't know how good he talks.(+8,0) Congratulations for the awards! I look forward to more activities next year.ᆢ(+6,0) See you soon with better work next year.(+1,0) 2019 means a lot more to me because I got to know Ro Woon. I will always support you no matter what path you take. Congratulations on the award.
  3. SBS aired other drama teaser today I think The King In July really because other two drama Friday-Sat they will air before The King
  4. same, agree, when I saw theirs best couple nominees I didn't expect anything them at least they give drama award and we don't need couple award , everyone knows best couple I am happy Rowoon won 3 awards this year finally everyone recognize him , I want from new year just SF9 first win I want to see while Rowoon weep for joy and for Rowoon good new drama and partner
  5. I hope MBC won't upset us , I don't trust them already I am so stressful because of SF9's first win again and again I hope 2020 will give Rowoon and us happiness
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