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[Drama 2019] Romance Is A Supplement, 로맨스는 별책부록

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I have OST questions. Some of the OSTs have been released or at least named. But naturally, the ones I am most interested in have not. 


Anyone know the names/artists for the following songs? 


1. Ep 2, around 28 minutes, when Dani gets a call to say she got the job at the publishing place

2. Ep 2, around 32 minutes in, where Dani is sneaking out of the house for her first day of work, steals a piece of toast, and goes skipping down the street (starts with the line, Walking on Sunshine)

3. Ep 10, around 7 minutes in, when CEH is washing his father's feet 


Really enjoying the drama so far!

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haha thanks for sharing @ibru I was watching this scene and I just started laughing because it made me think of the ab's gang, where are you all at?@supergal99 @sushilicious @Ameera Ali @staygold @Sar

I started watching this drama without so much of background info except, being here for LJS...   So far I love it and I can totally relate to the female lead...because I've been in her situa

I have a confession to make.  I have something rather embarrassing to share with friends and former colleagues but I can SOOOOO relate to Kang Dan Yi .  I am in the exact same situation.   I have a ma

On 2/24/2019 at 12:36 AM, greezlybee said:

woah. tonight’s episode starts to open up some question boxes. i fell in love with how DY define EH as a book.... writer-nim, thank you for such a beautiful episode!!!


ms. Go! finally we can see that smile of yours towards DY at the office. and to JY... im starting to dislike you sorry. 


my heart aches for both HR and EH. HR is too lovable and too strong. even when she’s hurting, she smiles throughout EH’s rejection. i can’t imagine what will happen to her when she finds out that DY is the one who’s living with EH. 


And EH... your sobs are very heart breaking and heart warming at the same time. (children who cries out for their parents somehow warms my heart, it tells me their genuine love for them y know. i know im weird.) I think his father is mentally ill because his hands and arms are tied up.


oh and one more thing, I’m hoping that HR and SJ ends up together! they have the same vision and their chemistry is daebak. go on a date! get married! and make books (babies)! :D

I like Hr character. Meanwhile, I remember her from W. Her character also got rejected by LJS character in W. How sad is that....huhuhu.


I actually found her characteristic interesting as a person more than Dan-i herself. For me Dan-i is still in the dark about her feeling and what is actually need in her life. While HR already knows what she want. I like that she accept rejection in a good way. I also like how the writer portray her family reaction to the rejection. Its cute...

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[Romance is a Bonus Book] Ep 10 spoilers,

Lee Jong Suk & Lee Na Young



Article: Naver 'Romance is a Bonus Book' Lee Jong Suk kisses Lee Na Young, "A day that's difficult to endure" 


1. [+851,-4]
Lee Jong Suk made my heart flutter. He's so cool when he confesses too.
2. [+423,-5]
Lee Jong Suk is so heart fluttering.. Isn't this too sweet?  ㅠㅠ

3. [+209,-3]
His confession is so cool. Cha Eun Ho, Lee Jong Suk. 

4. [+157,-4]
Lee Jong Suk is cool. 

5. [+109,-2]
I'm not sure.. When did it begin? I'm not sure when I began falling for you. Do you know when the seasons change? Do you know when exactly winter turns into spring? I don't know when I began falling for you too.

6. [+97,-0]
He couldn't touch her because she's too precious, and he kissed her with his hands on his back. I didn't know that could be so heart fluttering and sexy. The words at the end are really good too.. This is really a beautiful drama. People who aren't watching this, please watch it~ It makes your world beautiful.  

7. [+68,-1]
The ending kiss is so heart fluttering. And his confession when he used the changing seasons to describe his feelings, why does that make me tear up? Eun Ho-ya.

8. [+64,-0]
The scriptwriter writes her lines so well. Our Eun Ho said his lines really gently and with his pretty mouth. Ah.. what a sweet night. 

9. [+58,-0]
Just how much effort did the scriptwriter put into this? Every word is filled with sincerity. 




Article: Naver 'Romance is a Bonus Book' Lee Jong Suk kisses Lee Na Young 
1. [+1311,-15]
Today's episode is the best. I cried together during Eun Ho's confession, got jealous and laughed together with him. The kiss was heart fluttering to death. 

2. [+810,-14]
Lee Jong Suk is just made of honey....... He's so sweet. 

3. [+554,-9]
Ah, my heart is hurting. Why is even my hand trembling? It's not even a kiss but a light peck, but my heart is fluttering like crazy!! It's as expected of Lee Jong Suk in romcoms!!

4. [+407,-12]
How is Cha Eun Ho so sweet and heart fluttering? I didn't know they'd match each other so well. 

5. [+301,-12]
Eun Ho-ya, you did well!! ♡♡

6. [+166,-4]
It's my first time knowing that kissing while putting your hands behind your back is so heart fluttering. Ah, Lee Jong Suk is such an inconsiderate and ruthless man. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, get lost!!!!!!

7. [+155,-1]
Did you see Eun Ho's lines when he confessed? I liked it so much that my heart hurt. Lee Jong Suk's acting is so good that I teared up. My heart is fluttering too much at the ending kiss that I don't think I'll be able to sleep. 

8. [+159,-12]
Song Hae Rin is really charismatic. She loves what she's doing and works hard. Her love is as pretty as a leaf used as a bookmark in a book too... Cha Eun Ho and Ji Seo Joon match Dan Yi well. I hope they won't torture Kang Dan Yi because they are jealous. 



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Me while watching the end of episode 10




When EH was telling DY that she can do whatever she wants despite his feelings for her. I was like BOY! Do not be a noble idiot! But thank the lord what he says and what he does is different for this matter. Although he said that to DY, I love how he casually intercepts SJ asking DY out on a dinner, by asking SJ out on a "congratulation for a first successful meeting" dinner.

Y'all did you see EH face when he realised that SJ is cooking and literally brought out everything DY loves. And then his happy face when DY didn't give SJ a bandage for his cut. How can he be so freaking adorable!!!

And the writer-nim was so kind enough to end the episode off with a KISS!


On a more serious note KBJ it seems isn't EH biological father, and some of you have already determined this from the dialogue exchange with KBJ doctor(?) friend. Also although we don't know the exact details of the illness KBJ has, it can definitely as again some of youse have guessed be dementia. If the public finds out that KBJ has dementia, there are massive legal ramification for Gyoreoo especially if someone argues that KBJ was not in his right mind when signing his copyright ownership away. I also find it ironic that SJ (who we are assuming is KBJ bio dad) mother works as a volunteer at the hospital. This parallel of KBJ dad being sick and bed-bound and SJ mum recovering from cancer and actively volunteering care for sick people is not coincidental.


Also on a side note, I understand this is a drama but the rope to tie up KBJ dad really left a bad taste. It provided a shock factor but assuming he has dementia, I'm pretty sure the physical restraints method (using special bondages that do not hurt the patient) is the last resort by medical professionals. Also there are MANY other ways to "restrain" a patient including making sure their environment they live in has procedures in place to minimise accident. When the dude said this wasn't the first time he has fallen, I was like WTF? The second time should never have happened if they actually reassessed his living environment for potential hazards that can lead to injury. Anyways that's just a mini rant! I'm so pumped for this weeks episode! 

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@xXMzSmilesXx I still believe that CEH is KBJ's son despite the words "better than his children". In my opinion, these words underlined that CEH is an illegitimate son and as such, he is not recognized as his son by the law. The writer didn't put him on his family register. So "his children" are the legitimate ones. That's why KBJ offered his copy rights to G. company as CEH was working there. Notice that the company is not making any profit with his books sale as they are donated to orphanages. CEH grew up in an orphanage in my opinion hence CEH never told DY that he had found his biological father. A heavy secret. CEH is taking care of KBJ because he was "happy" to have found his biological father. He loves him despite his childhood. Nonetheless, CEH cares more for him than his own children. I believe that the children know about his illness but they are unaware of their special relationship. 


I also love how CEH decided to move DY's heart. Just like he said that growing feelings are like the changing of seasons, you don't notice how it started changing. CEH did little things towards DY which had an impact on her heart. Her mind/heart started changing. 

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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:



From the epilogue from episode 9, the translation:


Telling someone how you’ve felt for a long time is as difficult as translating ancient documents.
As time flows, all the different things that had been done,
how could you even tell categorically, one by one, everything that makes up the story of a lonely love.
Thus, you’re not even aware of the growing numbers of things you want to give.
A bouquet of the flower whose scent resembles your scent.
A hand warmer that can cover your cold hands.
Protecting the back of you who charges forward without weighing the risks…
The story of a lonely love like that continues to grow.



I actually liked how this verse is organized. It starts with a rather straightforward statement, and then it jumps almost from thought to thought as if to reflect the difficulty of how to even organize one's thoughts to tell the other person how one feels and has felt for a long time, and how to explain all the thoughts during that long one-sided love. :)


thank you once again  @stroppyse for this translation. i guess we only have you to translate the epilogue. :)

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Oh this show just makes me laugh, cry, squee, and heart flutter! <3
My jumble of thoughts/feelings from watching Ep 9 & 10:


  • YAAAAAASSSSSS! For a moment there I thought Ep 10 was going to end BEFORE he kissed her. I swear I stopped breathing when he swooped in with his arms behind his back and gave such a gentle open mouth kiss. AWuGHHH I am a puddle! No dead fish comments from me, to me it makes sense for her not to kiss back yet. It happened out of the blue(ish) and probably was still in shock from it. 
  • As much as I would love the two leads to just get together so we can have more episodes where they are together than not, I actually do like the fact that Dan-i is warming to the idea. Already the way she interacts with Seo-Jun is different and she has put a guard up. I think she def likes him as a person but is also flattered by the attention from him. Doesn't mean she is falling in love with him. 
  • The line where Dan-i says why does he like me? Oh man I totally get it lady! I'm going to enjoy watching her mind/heart open up. 
  • I sincerely love all the characters, no one is boring or useless. Even that silly womanchild, I love that they gave her a moment to start listening and observing the conversations around her so she can start growing up. 
  • Chingu convo in the lift! So cute
  • Two maknaes "asleep" on the table while they are having a meeting! So funny!
  • Watching all four romantic leads at the one table restaurant oh so funny, all of them acting so well and all the interconnections between all four. Oh So good. 
  • Hae-Rin getting mad at Seo-Jun. OH I SHIP them so much! Him finding it cute how much a of a fiery temper she has. Haha and even Eun-ho's reactions in that meeting were priceless. :joy:
  • I also love how Hae-Rin, even though she is quick tempered as soon as she saw what Seo-Jun was offering, she had no qualms in changing her mind. She has pride but isn't prideful. Such a cool chick. I would totally want to be friends with her. 
  • Everyone's relationships with books is so inspiring. I realise I haven't read a book in SO long, (too many kdramas to watch!) and I do miss it. Time to pick up a book again I think. 

Oh my heart feels so full. Never have I thought while watching a show that's currently airing that once it is all finished, I know I want to go back and binge watch the whole 16 episodes again. I feel like I will gain so much more out of a second viewing. 


Thank you to those who have translated the poems at the end. They are so beautiful and definitely the subtitling at the bottom does not do them justice. I hope in future, somewhere we can find all of the poems/prose available in English. 



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[Spoilers] Romance Is A Bonus Book E10 + Rating







Naver – Xports News: ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ Lee Jong Suk kissed Lee Na Young

1.[+1674, -24] Today was the best, I cried with Eun Ho’s confession, I laughed at his jealousy and my heart fluttered with the kiss

2.[+1058, -24] Lee Jong Suk is like honey…he is so sweet…ㅠ

3.[+714, -14] Ah my heart hurts, why are my hands shaking, it wasn’t even a kiss but a peck, It’s so heart fluttering!!! As expected of Lee Jong Suk


4.[+535, -17] Why is Cha Eun Ho this sweet and heart fluttering? I didn’t know they will match this well

5.[+387, -21] Good job, Eun Ho-ah!!♡♡

6.[+230, -18] Song Hae Rin is so charming, she loves her work so much and she works hard, her love is as beautiful as a leaf that used as a bookmark…Cha Eun Ho and Ji Seo Jun matches well with Dan Yi but I hope they don’t torture her a lot with their jealousy.

7.[+205, -1] Did you see Eun Ho’s lines when he confessed? ㅠㅠ It was so good to the point my heart hurt and Lee Jong Suk was so good at acting that I almost cried. The ending kiss was so heart fluttering, I don’t think I will be able to sleep

8.[+208, -6] This is the first time I know that kissing while putting your hands behind your back can be this sexy ㅜㅜ Ah Lee Jong Suk is such a ruthless and inconsiderate man ㅜㅜ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, get lost!!!!!!


9.[+163, -3] I have watched a lot of dramas where there is a big age difference between the leads and I was extremely disgusted but I like this drama so much, it’s driving me crazy. They seriously match each other so well, is it because of their height?

10.[+108, -2] A drama that I want to concentrate and watch it alone♡♡♡

11.[+87, -2] Lee Jong Suk is so perfect as Cha Eun Ho, he is affectionate, cute and heart fluttering, he does everything.

12.[+85, -2] Kya~ I screamed, Lee Jong Suk is the best!!

Rating: 5.8%



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Some relationships are like gifts. That’s what our relationship is like.
I read Dani-’s favorite books to understand her. That’s how I learned more about her. 
When I’m with him, I wish that the moment would continue and that my day would last longer. 


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let him live 





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CR: doontpanic
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15 hours ago, fieza1871 said:

I like Hr character. Meanwhile, I remember her from W. Her character also got rejected by LJS character in W. How sad is that....huhuhu.


I actually found her characteristic interesting as a person more than Dan-i herself. For me Dan-i is still in the dark about her feeling and what is actually need in her life. While HR already knows what she want. I like that she accept rejection in a good way. I also like how the writer portray her family reaction to the rejection. Its cute...


I like her, too. Lucky for her, she's a more fleshed-out character than Yoon So Hee, and will therefore not cease to exist when she is no longer the female love interest, lol. I loved the scene with her parents. You can totally see where she gets her temper from, oh my! :D

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Done. Ep 10 was lovely. Its in the middle of the night which is the only time I had.


CEH has been written as a lovely man. Not an a- hole male lead that needs to be redeemed. But a genuinely nice guy. In fact during the confession I was thinking that he is written like a nice 2nd male lead. So thank goodness he is the male lead. And he will get the girl.


And the drama is reaching my favourite part of a Kdrama. When the 1st confession is done and we are waiting for other lead to fall tumbling down. Danyi is so nice. How the heck did the ex- husband trample over her like that?


And don't care about SJH and CEH's familial connections. The sub- plot doesn't interest me. His growing plot line with SHR does. I like her. She is so cute and earnest. I wished I worked with her. I hope when the writer decides to flesh out her romance with SJH she gets a full blown love. Like not a token plot because the actress who is acting so well in it deserves to have a good story development too. 


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I love this drama.  I watched episode 10 last night and the kiss was short and very sweet and my response was AHHH.  I love all the characters in this drama, all the main characters have a back story which makes this drama a joy to watch.  Da Ni, even if she unaware of it, is already in love with Eun Ho.  She feels that because he is her beloved friend who is always there for her, he is off limits as a love interest.  She cannot fathom why he would be interested in her knowing her history. 

They are soulmates, and are so comfortable around each other. She claims that she does not see him as a man; however, I would wager that after that sweet kiss, she will recognize that he is definitely a man.   


I believe the screenwriter is the same one who wrote, I Need Romance.  I loved those dramas because they were aimed at an adult audience.  While I like watching young love, (high school), I am finding that dramas with matures characters and/or themes are appealing to me more.  

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I love how sweet Eun Ho is to Dan ni. The genuine care and concern for her makes me so envious. However, Im curious how would they be revealing their relationship. They dont even dare to tell others that they are staying together and have known each other for a long time. If the story gona move on to them dating in secret, it's so unfair. Will Eun Ho be man enough to tell the world his feeling for Dan ni? 

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