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  1. 11 K-Drama Actors Who Are Great At Kiss Scenes Many K-dramas often consist of a steamy kiss scene. It’s a part that we sometimes look forward to, especially if the main leads have a lot of chemistry. It takes a lot of experience and practice to really sell the passion of a kiss scene, so it’s no a surprise that there are a handful of K-drama actors who are known to be great kissers on the small screen. Here are 11 of those actors (in no particular order)! 7. Lee Jong Suk When it comes down to memorable kiss scenes, Lee Jong Suk has quite a few under
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPS-QPEHCzA/?utm_medium=copy_link May 25, 2021 Leejongsuk's IG Update ( posting the above video) Caption: Hehe well done Source: jongsuk0206
  3. YoonA in talks to work with Lee Jong Suk in new drama 'Big Mouth' According to media outlet reports on May 18, Girls' Generation's YoonA is in talks to play the female lead role of a new drama series known as 'Big Mouth'! YoonA has been offered the role of a woman named Go Mi Ho, a woman who holds the real reigns behind the scenes in the life of a big shot lawyer husband. During her college days, Go Mi Ho was known for her elegant, reserved image and unrivaled beauty. But after marrying a man with no talent or ambition, she takes it on herself to transform he
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