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  1. @hilllllllly Took me a moment to find it, but this is the article I was thinking of in particular: https://www.ajunews.com/view/20210331155559952 It says that CGV theaters were trying an experimental plan this quarter (April-June) and releasing movies simultaneously in theaters and via online streaming. They were raising the theater price by 1000 won as well. The hope is that if this does well, then they could get some films moving through the pipeline next quarter and boost the film industry (which was hit pretty hard by covid). I feel bad for everyone whose projects
  2. Thanks, @hilllllllly! Since it is still coming up in articles I've been reading on Naver about 2021 films, I guess I was just surprised that they were still shooting. But maybe this is a good timeline. It could come out at the end of the year after vaccinations have taken effect and people feel more comfortable going out in public (and well, are even allowed to).
  3. Unlike dramas, usually there is very little info on films while they are being shot/before they are released. Maybe it is because a movie is only 2 hours and it's easy to spoil it if too many people know about filming sites and have glimpses of the scenes. With a drama, you still have 16 hours' worth of plot development, even with a leaked scene here or there. I'm surprised they are still filming cause I thought they started shooting in December, but maybe with the backlog of films waiting to come out, there is no rush? Anyway, I hope it goes well.
  4. Reprise of Yi Soo (Beauty Inside) in Dramaworld 2 Awww, our Hyo Joo ssi is so pretty. And then when the camera isn't rolling, she's her cheery and funny self. In case this isn't working, here are the links: https://twitter.com/chasca85/status/1383352607167565825 https://twitter.com/banham_o/status/1383339362062983171 (Hm, the Twitter posts aren't embedding. Hopefully it's just because Twitter is having issues today...)
  5. Oh my, the industry has sure had a lot going on lately!! I thought the impact of covid was enough, but sometimes it feels like entertainment news has more drama than the actual drama plots. Sometimes rumors end up being true, but I have also seen innocent people completely destroyed by them, so my first inclination is to simply wait and see instead of immediately glomming onto it as fact. Sometimes I think that everyone who works in media and anyone who consumes media should be required to watch Pinocchio once every year. Just...tell the truth, and respect people's privacy. Deal with personal
  6. Yeah, I just keep seeing articles pop up on Naver about it, there is a huge backlog and yet Witch does keep floating up to the top, which is positive. But we're in the second quarter now and even now I don't know if they've set dates for releases in the third quarter (last time I looked, everything was quite nebulous). I am SURE that once there is a date, they will tell us about it! They want people back in theaters as soon as it is safe!
  7. Pretty much true with any such dating "news." And since we are not there and do not know them personally, we can only form opinions based on the information we see. Which is always going to be incomplete. For checking the reliability of the reporter, you can look him up on Korean wiki. He has quite an interesting entry. As for word on when Witch 2 will be out, they really want it to be this year (second half, I believe), but right now the film industry is cautiously watching how second quarter films do before scheduling the release of some of their bigger ones. They wa
  8. An American version of W? I saw this article on April 1 and er, sort of wondered about it because of the date. (Even though Dateline is normally an okay source for something like this.) But it's on imdb.com and also Wikipedia. And today there's even an article on Naver. So...I guess it's real? CBS (like an American version of MBC) wants to adapt it. They like the story and they've done a couple other adaptations of shows (never scripted ones, though). W won a special award at the Houston International Film Festival in 2017, so I'm sure that helps, too. For me nothing will ever tak
  9. I am SO happy to see this! It's been a long time. Hyo Joo is having a great year, it seems.
  10. It's super annoying but there is some issue with IG where it won't embed anymore. I asked the mods a while back and they said that it's fine to post a link (or whatever IG will do).
  11. Congratulations, winners! That was fun.
  12. Just for fun: Hi...can we get some help here? We are lost. Please send directions. And food. And maybe find us a place to stay? Cause the subway station isn't such a great place to hang out in long term. Oh. And we have a cat.
  13. I feel like we're getting a fire hose, lol. HJ did a roundup of what looks like some of her winter activities. The poem is an excerpt from one she wrote in 2020 that was included in the video when she read that poem on YouTube on Christmas Day. (Translation of this excerpt: Reaching out and holding your hand / Passionately embracing / Giving a hug.) Then her art projects. The ring making was in February, I think--I saw a couple of these pictures floating around IG then. Above are technically two images but I'll put the rest under the cut so the moderators d
  14. Thanks for sharing the translation, @kembie! In looking at his posts (his insta live, wandering around the train station and his picture all huddled down on the floor), I think it's amazing that no one noticed this lost puppy in the train station. Hope he finally found the display he was looking for!
  15. Thanks for organizing this! I have a great love for both making and also viewing Kdrama edits--a weird little interest that umm not all my neighbors share, lol. It's been great fun to look at all the entries.
  16. Just a roundup of recent activities from these lovely people: "Catwalk"--JS goes to Seoul Fashion Week and HJ goes off to explore nature, still finding a cat. And both enjoying all the art galleries and flowers you could ask for: JS is still sporting his long, long hair, I dunno if he is still filming for Witch 2 or not. (But he could take on a saguek next if he keeps going, lol.) HJ looks to have quite an upcoming year, with the drama Happiness filming this spring and Moving in the fall. I can never see pink on JS and
  17. Some slight scheduling news about HJ's upcoming projects: Because of the change in directors (plus a reshuffling of all scheduling plans of everything in the industry thanks to covid), Moving will start shooting in the fall, and meanwhile Happiness starts filming in I think May. It sounds like quite the year for HJ. No wonder she took a lovely trip to stock up and refill! (Photo above is spring on Jeju, by HJ.)
  18. I don't think anyone has shared this here, have they? It's partly quoted in the Soompi article above, but the whole letter JS wrote to fans is in the A-Man Naver post that includes all of the photos from the fashion show. This translation from https://www.instagram.com/p/CM0oA0_hDjW/: It's been a long time since I've been on the runway.In a recent interview, I mentioned I wanted to show you something different. One of them was standing on the runway^^Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, we had to shoot a non-face-to-face video, but we were truly grateful to be with you in a meaningful p
  19. A story, split between categories 1 (tweak my oppa) and 2 (the ship one): Will the student sleeping in the corner please WAKE UP? There is a literature test tomorrow morning. Which you might want to pass if you ever want to BECOME AN EDITOR, ahem. (This is 1. tweak my oppa) (Romance is a Bonus Book + School 2013) These next two references may be a bit too old for some drama watchers but it's part of the same story (call it category 2, or whichever one is about your ship). Anyway...Go Nam Soon found a reason to wake up in class (My Boss, My Teache
  20. Thank you for posting, @ibru! I always LOVE your edits.
  21. Wow. Way to come back with a bang. 1. Japanese film The Sun Does Not Move came out. (I saw a lot of reviews from people who specifically went to see this movie because of her. They were pleased with her performance.) 2. MBC is re-airing Dong Yi as part of their 60 years on air anniversary. 3. OCN is going to air Treadstone in Korea in the first half of this year. 4. Pirates 2 will come out this year. 5. I dunno what's going on with Moving exactly, it seems it keeps getting pushed into the future, but... 6. They just anno
  22. Hahahaha! Yes, Subway in EVERYTHING. (I have a Subway around the corner from where I live. It's to the point that when I pass that logo, I don't feel hungry--I feel like going home and watching a drama... I am well trained. )
  23. Yes indeed, it is all Lee Jong Suk! Or rather...Kang Chul from W, Jung Jae Chan from While You Were Sleeping, the real Lee Jong Suk from his Instagram story, and Park Soo Ha from I Hear Your Voice. The first two can't cook at ALL, lol. The other two are not bad. Another cross-drama LJS edit (sorry, I was pulled into this from a couple of LJS threads, this is what I've got): Title: Who is this strange man and what is he doing with my car? (I personally think that Kang Chul and Jae Chan would NOT get along; if you have seen both While You Were Sl
  24. Category 1: Tweak My Oppa/Unnie/Ship Title: Celebrity Cooking Class! Title: Editor Cha Eun Ho Edits Book for Hapless Writer: Title: Jong Joo Van Eyck (a little art history) (Dazed magazine (2016) + Jan Van Eyck (1434)
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