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  1. I can understand that. But JY hesitation to throw away things that reminde him of JK is not a good sign. If what he told HH that he no longer likes JK, he should not hesitate to throw away things that link them together. I like how SA deal with DY. She told him directly that they can never be good friend or friend any more considering their situation. She dont want to give him hope that he might have a chance with her. I hope that JY did the same. He should not linger around JK too much an encourage her to think that he still likes her...(she already is in her own fantasy abou
  2. Honestly I can deal with all the nasty professors and stupid brainless not so friend as long as the writer keep JY & SA together. Dont make this drama a typical k-drama where the OTP need to break up to add makjang to excite viewer. Create makjang from other direction. Let them be together. Let them find way to communicate. Learn to understand each other, learn to share their burden. Learn to navigate their life to be a better person *Side Note: I kind of worry that they seem to be still awkward around each other. Should a couple be more friendlier ??? This situation make
  3. Kind of agree. the preview also misleading the sequence of what actually happened in the drama... I am dreading it but I think we can aspect a sad time in tomorrow episode. But 1 thing I like is SA is proactive in these relationship. Hope that will help JY open up about everything in his life to SA *Site Note : thank you so much for the live recapper. U guys rocks.
  4. I think I really really got it bad. I keep getting excited looking at JY big hand holding SA small face.... I am predicting the trouble brewing in the near future but I feel like I can go back to this moment to get through the rough time...
  5. True. Fee l like JY need to feel the connection when playing the piano. I think he can feel it with SA. Its like them flirting using a musical instruments. Honestly the 1st part of their romance feel a bit suffocating. The push and full by JY annoyed me a bit. I understand the reason behind it but still its annoyed me JY is so honest in saying he miss her, he looking for her when he;s in a bad mood. She bring him joy n such but then he cant share what really bugging him or what's his problem is... Both of them are quiet honest about their feeling toward each other but they cant seem
  6. wah...I feel like u read my mind. I am happy he confessed but I some how feel he was pushed to do it cos he need a shield from JK. He still feel indebted to JK family and feel like he need to help her some how. *Side Note : I didnt know Minjae can kiss like that. U go man!!!! keep up the good work. Just my POV his kissed scene before feel lack something. The cinematography of the kiss was very good. Just an observation. SA need to know about JY piano block. She need to find out what's really going on inside JY head so she can be there for him. Btw JK can be a good mentor for
  7. from the preciew, it feel like JY has not actually turn SA down. If he turn her down they wouldnt be in a position to be gossiped about for being a couple.... but then again..kdrama preview most of the time are misleading of the event sequence in the drama... most of the time the 1st sequence in the preview come out later in the episode *analyzing kdrama is such a hard work
  8. Beside being handsome Kim Min Jae have that deep voice also...but he's just a baby....huhhuhu I stumble upon this drama because I am curious about KMJ next project as lead after Flower Crew. Honestly reading the synopsis does not invite my interest much. But now, I am excited waiting for what happen next between the OTP
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