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  1. just came back from watching finale with sub wow, they did focus to one, ONE SWAT MAN WHO SHOT KANG WOO.. it definitely bang je soo in that camouflage. he got his revenge huh? yeah, at the point of this ep, kang woo just beyond exhausted of life, of running, of being in pain seeing all the people around him killed by his own blood brother. on top of that, his brother actively trying to forced him to become monster like him. and he dont want that. and he know even after killing his brother, there might someone else wiil brainwashed him again to become a monster like them. poor guy. his own version of happy ending was where he died instead. that's the only peace he wants. and i hope he gets it. edit: even if he still alive, he already pronounced dead to the world. the team will no longer bother him about work anymore. maybe we will get reunion centre kang- detective moo- kang woo if bad thing happen to centre kang and the team end up with dead end and require a lot of help from her past partner "delusional thinking"
  2. in what universe are you talking about, LEE JIN WOOK SHI?!!
  3. I dont mind another season but this season really take tolls on Lee Ha Na and lee Jin wook the most. . Lee jin wook didnt smile much in voice. I dont really mind if the next season came after 1-2 years like God's Quiz. They establish the show and already has loyal followers. Waiting 1-3 years shouldn't be a problem. Let them go back to rom com or movie first.
  4. yeah..kinda weird seeing him and that sniper gun at the end. plus with the swat team covered up like that, who knows if he might blend in as them?
  5. You can survive headshot but functioning normally without any side effect? I doubt it .
  6. No wonder lee jinwook wearing such a bright color for wrap up party . Ways to sooth our broken heart for the finale. He broke my heart when he shed tears before giving final blow that kill his brother. Then, Center Kang and the other detectives broke my heart for thev 2nd time when they cried for leader Do dying. Hello everyone here. Just unlurking for a while. welcome back bang je soo for 4th installment of Voice
  7. ep 15 (almost to the end... ) WHEE!!!SHE WIN THE CONTEST, GOT HIRED AND GOT 200 % INCREASED IN SALARY . I felt so proud for danyi when she do that push and pull trick with Kim Ceo . go girl. show how sly you are more when you report for duty . show em!!! i wonder is ms seo playing her ex-husband or really did fall in love with other man? poor guy, so devastated that his ex-wife move on with close acquaintance of them jiyul is being doofus like danyi. gosh. girl, please and learn from danyi how to recognize your own heart later. you are so head over heel over your so called roommate. that girl who sold danyi name as the devil, name is cheon seongyi? really ..... glad that you get busted. i can't wait to see you get ruled by danyi. the arc with Kang writer msytery dissapearance finally come to the end. eunho out of his good nature has been loyal companion to that ailing writer. such a good boy that i want to know who raised you so badly. the old man knew the existence of his only son in moment of his loosing his memories one by one, but he remember him enough to jot it down on piece of paper. poor ji seo jun not knowing he met his dad in that cirmustances and now must learn that his father doesn't have much time left. eunho now will be the only connection he has in knowing who his father is. tomorrow is the last ep!!! tsk...tsk...tsk.... so dramatic
  8. Ep 14 impression ( Danyi starting anew and another secret reveal) Gosh, Gyeoroo become so weird just a day after danyi was notified of her contract termination. The awkward atmosphere,the stolen glances,avoiding her.... I FELT THAT DEEP INTO MY BONES. And then, richard simmons happen. That girl,she find a perfect person to blame for her own mistake. That moment,i cheer danyi for walking away. EUnho is a walking angel,instead of asking her to reconsider,he just comfort her with hug and taking days off to accompany her at home. That domestic bliss... make me....CRINGE Ms Go looks a bit better in my eyes when she offer danyi a place in small and a lil bit shady publishing house. A great challenge that i hope danyi can overcome with success. FIGHTING KAND DANYI. WE WILL CHEER YOU AS A WATCHER!!! A new part of Kang Author 10 year ++ secret revealed. He did has alzheimer. The notes,seems to indicate that. The burning question,is the manuscript send to gyeoroo which indicate as kang author unfinish work yet was send in someone else name, or we know that person as Ji Seo Jun. What so mysterious about him,eunho and author kang? Great week as usual. Great week to spend lee jong suk absent for 2 years like i said... CRINGE
  9. The text preview regarding Director Go finding new work for danyi doesn't seem to be good thing .
  10. Ep 13 impression ( the looming of darkness surrounding danyi) A++ effort from eunho to find alternatives for danyi even though it's useless. I somehow can't comprehend the idea of Danyi contract termination are because they will find it uncomfortable how to address her because she used to go to great uni and advert agency?!!. She applies for Task Support Team and accepted into it. Treat her like what she hired to. Who cares about what she achieved 7 years before?!!! She applied the job,she do the job sincerely, she never complain about her tasks or her salary, she helped when she doesn't have to, what more could they thinks negatively of her? I know she resign at the end,but it's too much to her. We're gonna see what push her to resign. I don't think eunho will be the only reason. The way Director Go lashes at her in upcoming ep seems to indicate otherwise. She so hellbent on dismissing danyi from Gyeoroo and it makes my blood boil
  11. He's being doofus again . Is this before or after firing her(meaning sending her to another job interview,i mean?)
  12. ep 12 impression. smile and more smile. that's a lot of smiles in one ep. one of many things i love about this drama. it really succeed in making you smiles like a fool. i still didn't understand why director go discuss danyi issue with eunho. she can go directly deal with with the president instead. talking about her overqualification, a lot people do this too in my country. some omit their degree to apply for diploma level of work. usually there is no problem. it's all depend on the company. if the interviewer the type asking more than needed, so bye bye to the job you apply. usually nothing happen. even if they know about degree, it's not big issue to make. as long you did what you required to do and no complaining about the salary, it's all good. eunho and that sneaky almost kiss in the car, dan yi are so thirsty for his kiss and he damn well knows it i'm embarrased for danyi the bromance lolz. why can't they just call her parents. why cha eunho they are hugging in their sleep and eunho definitely dreaming of danyi in his sleep. gosh, so cringy we reach another point of KBJ mystery, the date, the last novel, April 23 indicate something. and eunho know the significant of the date for the novel better. the original title was supposed to be midnight blue too. i wonder if eunho, the one change the title? but why? and what's the correlation with JSJ again? did KBJ author stole JSJ work before retiring?( kinda reaching a bit here) or are they really related by blood somehow?
  13. yeah, at one point it's seem that show wants to redeem her character with sad story and glamorous night life, then she revert to the same cold and unapproachable director go persona again. she too seems enjoy making her subordinate uncomfortable by asking them to do the most hurtful things to another staff, and her target always haerin and eunho. is this what normally company does? did she have right to order another staff to fire another staff? haerin inability to move on and taking the rejection...as rejection seems pretty pathetic. she's a wonderful woman and has great career yet her letdown is unrequited love for her sunbae who has been rejecting her kindly(which probably a mistake,btw) and already put his distance since aeons ago.
  14. ep 11 impression. (EUNHO WHIPPED FOR ONE WOMAN) Today should really be call eunho fool and heart eye smile day. if he's not giving hearteye to danyi, he kept teasing danyi instead. and DOMESTIC FLUFF which end up with someone getting a scratch in his face. but no worry, he's too in luvvvv to notice any pain or getting angry Universe really siding with eunho this time eventhough danyi straight up lie to his face on getting out for a date with seo jun, he end up finding out the truth and tease that poor lady again Danyi worries with bad side of their getting together plausible and worth noted. it will never be easy transition from friends for life to lovers for life. the fear that everything will fall apart if they break up. Haerin unability to move on, and working near Eunho neighbourhood yet end up unknowingly getting cozy with seojun. . you already ready to move yet you still denying reality. aigoo the moment she put the pieces together about danyi-eunho , WOW. just one slip up from seojun and she manage to piece the truth in one snap. ouch. please don't ruin this beautiful friendship, writernim i guess, seo jun birthday date are related somehow with KBJ mystery? still didn't see any correlation. that is one beautiful cover books. and the reading events, so, so beautiful....until someone from danyi past decide to show up and get everything out in the open. i really dislike that interview manager lady. so haughty. and they hold hand... me so in love and in heaven right now, well at least for now until hell break loose in tomorrow ep. please don't let Director Go ask Eunho to fire danyi. i have no idea why she wants to make eunho fire danyi in the first place. ask HR dept or you, yourself can fire her on your own. why did you ask for Chief editor to do it? i can't understand. crazy guy who are so in love with his noona sure, kang danyi. it's only a headbutt....kiss
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