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  1. Really at the end, the footsteps sounded like the one of a woman walking... It really looks like she killed her son. She knew the address, since she gave it to secretary Yoon. Maybe she did it in a fit of anger and blamed JES for it. If she had not ran away, if she had behaved like a good wife, if she ... hence she is desperate to justify her wrongdoing by accusing the daughter-in-law.
  2. My impression is that the chairman's right-hand is the culprit behind the death of JES's ex-husband. With him removed, he can benefit from the chairman's support. That's why blaming JES was the best solution for him
  3. I don't think, the chairman had her son killed. IT was someone who knew Eun Soo and was close to her violent husband. Since she was unconscious, when the police arrived... something must have happened, after she protected herself with the knife. It is definitely possible that her husband choke her so that she fainted. Thinking that he had killed her, he must have called someone close to him for help. The latter chose to get rid of both. I am quite sure that the husband must have told this person that Eun Soo was pregnant and her child represented a thread. She could become the future heir. It is definitely related to the company and inheritance..
  4. Yes, we know for sure that the chairman's brother is linked to the prosecution office as SDJ used to work for the father. So since he visited the chairman, they must think, he was the one leaking the info about LYB's condition which is not entirely false. However, I suspect that his disappearance and even murder will have terrible consequences for Choi Bit and Woo in the long run. Because this will reveal the dirty corruption on both sides. Remember that during their investigation about Song's suicide, they noticed that the prosecution didn't press charges against the captain and even the sentences were not equal. This case is actually explosive for both sides. Since SDJ is missing, they will have to investigate Song's case and the connection with LYB.
  5. Right from the start, I perceived Choi Bit as very ambitious and manipulative. The way she used the press in order to improve the police's image disturbed me a lot. She never cared for truth or justice. What motivates her the most is power and her gestures at her new desk proved it. She is using the fight between police and prosecution for her own career. This has nothing to do with helping the police officers on the field.The way she gained the support from that assemblyman is disgusting. What she fails to realize is that now, she helped the chairman, they are both dependent on each each. If he becomes a target of an investigation again, he can use his connection with her. One hand washes the other.
  6. I have the impression that the nurse is more involved because she seems so sure that POR won't come back. In my opinion, she has already killed her in order to keep a secret. Remember that POR was an actress and in my opinion, she must have acted as MY's mother at some point. I have always said that MY's mother had a sister because we were never shown her face. From my point of view, MY didn't know that she had to deal with someone else. Let's not forget that MY dreamed of a body in the lake... so there is someone there. What is sure is that the person monitoring MY saw KT's mother as a thread and got rid of her.
  7. But just because he is an Autist, that doesn't mean that he has no sexual desire or doesn't want a wife. She was by his side in the picture. Furthermore, it is not like he has no idea that his brother had no girlfriend. He is well aware what a girlfriend means. Sure, he wants to keep KT for himself, yet I sense there is more to it because of the hair. This is very intimate and is connected to seduction. And his words were: MY is very beautiful.
  8. There is no doubt about it. Even the last scene in the episode 9 is quite telling. When ST yelled that his brother wanted to kill and abandoned him in the lake, he was actually talking about himself. ST wasn't honest here because he is the one who abandoned his brother and let him die there. Remember that MY asked him if there was one time when he wished his brother had died, it was at the lake. He felt betrayed by his brother's initial reaction (turning around and walking away) hence he wanted to do the same thing. If MY hadn't been there, KT would have died. Right from the start, ST was interested in MY as a woman, he already got upset, when KT presented him a fake signature. The long hair is the sign of seduction and womanhood so ST was so happy to hear that they had become best friends. For him, it was a step closer to his dream. Having MY as his girlfriend/wife and his brother by his side that's the reason why he is so opposed to the idea that MY can have KT. For him, it would ruin his dream: a van where he is with MY and KT together and MY is by his side. Since he has learnt that his brother has always put him first, he wants to keep it this way. By yelling that his brother was a murderer, he had the intention to ruin his reputation in front of MY and to make him feel guilty because he is well aware that his brother has never revealed his pain in front of him and suffered from guilt. ST is smart in his way.
  9. @Lmangla I am not expecting any romance, rather the start of the real bromance between KDC and OJH. @joccu The ex general prosecutor is just using LDC's case in order to pressure the highers-up/the involved parties so that he can get released much earlier. I am not buying it that he is doing it because he feels remorse. That's the reason why the involved parties sent PGW to kill the innocent man before the announcement of his death execution. LDC was supposed to be dead before and it is linked to the corruption scandal with the ex general prosecutor. Since he has some knowledge and evidence he can blackmail them to change his situation. He chose the one who defeated him because he knows that she won't back down. The lack of integrity and remorse is visible because KGT hired a murderer, a criminal who has a long past. As for the sister, her behavior was also irresponsible. She blames her brother for her situation but fact is that she chose herself such a man as husband. I think, her addiction is related to the divorce but I have the impression, she is not reflecting on her own behavior and decision. Her husband is definitely shaddy and I am wondering if there isn't more than a problem with custody...
  10. Yes, she is making sure that KDC will lose his position for corruption so that he can't investigate any longer. I am quite sure that Moon is somehow related to this. They used the carrot and stick method in order to control KDC, well aware that he could change his mind. The carrot was the future promotion and the stick the intervention of the internal investigation. There is no doubt that Yoon Sang Mi has become an accomplice of the conspiracy. What the team fails to see is that they need to work together, note that they are trying to divide in order to rule. That's why Kwon was approached with a tempting bait. However, the moment all the detectives work together, it is much more difficult hence I hate KDC's superior to always convince them to give up on their conscience and drink in order to feel less guilty. He is as dangerous as the other people who dirtied their hands. Seeing it and doing nothing is as worse as the culprit. That's why the Holocaust could occur because people thought, they just needed to close their eyes and were not concerned anyway or they were supporters of the system. @thistle @fluffyloaf By the way, Kang Gi Tae is not Park's murderer, KGT is the ex-prosecutor in jail.
  11. I have to say this isn't just one case (LDC), but there are at least three cases, even 4 cases. They incriminated LDC for Jang Jin-Su's death and we have Oh Ji Hyuk investigating his father's murder. Besides, we have the woman's urn that the politician visited. It looks like there isn't just one murderer but many who used their position and connection in order to find the perfect scapegoat. Since the corrupt chief Nam recognized the watch, I came to the conclusion that he must have discovered the watch on the crime scene and somehow used this to make a deal with the culprit. What caught my attention is the role played by Yoon Sang Mi. First, you had a rather good impression because she seemed to be someone fighting against corruption and KDC didn't seem to act like a good detective. However, the 4th episode revealed that she sided with the higher-up. First, she was tricked with the loss of the evidence, then she must have realized at some point that she had been played. But she decided to overlook that and chose to take advantage of her supposed "mistake" hence she could advance unlike her sunbae who remained a detective. From my point of view, the ex prosecutor in jail Kim Gi Tae is using the reporter Jin Seo Kyung in order to pressure the ones who betrayed him in the first place. He is definitely not having a conscience so suddenly. Notice that he hired a killer as a driver/accomplice. He needed to act under the radar. So he knows perfectly that the chief Kim Shin Chul has been using Jin hence he approached her. What annoys me is JSK's naivety. Her article had been changed and she hasn't even doubted her boss yet. He seems to target LDC intentionally. The present chief, Moon Sang Bum, is much more involved than just emotionally blackmailing KDC. He faked the evidence and made a false testimony. From my point of view, he was far more involved than it looks like. I mean, Jang Jin-Su could have reported Moon Sang Bum and the former told his partner Nam about it. On the other hand, Nam was cheating on his partner with his wife.. and they could have partnered up. The two of them had a motive for their colleague's murder and used the death of the artist in order to get rid of their "problem". KDC did a really bad job back then and I am surprised that he could be convinced so quickly about LDC's guilt.
  12. There is one thing I have to correct in the k-drama. The novel "The Beauty and the Beast" wasn't written during the Middle-Age. Middle Age ends at the end of the 15th Century and the fairy tale Jeanne Marie Le prince de Beaumont wrote was published in the 18th Century. Sure, the story existed before through oral tradition but the author lived in the Absolutist period. And what people tend to forget is that the Beast was not just ugly, it has poor manners and behaved like "a wild animal". Belle was not just beautiful, she was famous for her modesty and her open-mindedness. So here, we have our ML turning into a Beast, a modernized version... as KT has been restraining himself for too long. For the first time, he expressed his true feelings.
  13. The last episode was really interesting because it showed how truthful memories are. KT had forgotten what happened when it rained because his negative emotions left a bigger impression than the good ones. It was the same for the mother who lost her daughter. So what appeared as a reality in KT's mind was in fact not the reality. As a young boy, he missed things. Someone needed to remind him that he couldn't see the whole picture. I have the feeling that it is the same for MY. Her mother left such a negative impression on her that she is like a ghost in her life. But just like KT, she might have forgotten good memories. She seems only to remember the bad ones, like her father strangling her or her mother threatening her. The mother could have decided to disappear and live at the OK hospital because she realized that she represented a danger to her own daughter.
  14. I don't think that she is treating ST as a pawn because she protected him at her event. She recognized the injustice. In my opinion, she is very sensitive, when it comes to stigmatization. She has been labelled all her life which doesn't mean that she doesn't care. Quite the opposite... Her mother seems to have treated her like a doll (brushing her hair, describing her as her best creation), in other words like an object with no feeling at all. She did resent her situation but with no one acting like a role model how could she express her anger and her pain? She is neither a doll nor an empty can because she shows feelings. So her intervention underlines a certain sense of justice. She knew how people would perceive ST's behavior and show disdain towards him. She has a good perception of the dynamic between the two brothers too. As for ST, I sense that he likes MY very much because he can understand her through the fairy tales. He is able to understand her sensitivity through her stories despite the dark colors and titles. The brother might not be able to understand certain things but he is much more intelligent than he looks like.
  15. I know that MY met the head nurse. I was replying to someone who was thinking that she might be MY's mother.
  16. @madmad min @YongZura⁷ @vangsweetie637 I have the feeling that maybe MY's mother could have had a sister. We know nothing about her family. Striking is that the face of the mother has never been properly revealed. So we have two possibilities: MY could have been harassed by someone else... like f. ex. the twin sister. I know that it sounds crazy but her mother was never properly introduced.
  17. I thought that I had changed the color but it seems that I had overlooked the older ones. The nurse was present, when MY was strangled the second time. So the person who observed her from afar was someone else. I agree with @YongZura⁷ that Yuri's mother can't be MY's mother because she remembers the face of Juri's mother.
  18. Well, I have to say that when I wrote this, I was more thinking about the modernized version which I liked it very much. The woman was not her biological mother but this doesn't matter... she acted like the step-mother in the older fairy tales. Fact is that she wanted the girl to remain by her side so that she could stay young. And this is definitely connected to the fact that the moment the "children" leave the house, the parents realize that they have grown old. Besides, if you take this story on another level, you'll notice that the witch wanted Rapunzel to rely only on her. She never allowed the girl to leave the tower, to meet new people and discover the world. That's I interpret this story.... But like I mentioned it a few days ago, each person learns a different lesson from a fairy tale. But this interpretation fits the story because in the episodes 5 and 6, one of the main topics was to let go of a child... here ST. KT acts like a mother.
  19. @fluffyloafLLet us not forget that the episode 5 was called "Rapunzel" hence MY's life is connected to Rapunzel and BlueBeard. Some said that the story about "Rapunzel" is about child abuse, yet there is another message in this story. The mother refuses her child to grow up and discover the world. By being captive in her castle, it was as if the child was forced to remain by the parents's side, their refusal that the child had at some point to leave them. When it comes to BlueBeard, it can be perceived as domestic violence against the spouse, especially from our modern perspective. The wives were mistreated until they died. However, the morals written at the end of Bluebeard are totally different: wives are supposed to listen to their husband. Strict obedience is asked. Women in Perrault's fairy tales are often ridiculed and criticized: Griselidis, Bluebeard, Cinderella etc. The image of women is not very positive, except for the heroine which represents the exception. Furthermore what people don't usually know is that the original fairy tale written by Charles Perrault is in reality an accurate description of the society and indirectly a satire. Impoverished aristocrats are ready for monstrous alliances/marriages with the rising bourgeoisie...The last wife married him because of his wealth and not title. Bluebeard was not a noble, but a bourgeois, while the protagonist belonged the declining nobility. Furthermore the author Perrault criticized the venality of offices. The wife's brothers could buy their office as captains thanks to the fortune of their brother-in-law, Bluebeard. As you can see, even there the heroine and her family are criticized through the fairy tale. We have to remember that Perrault wrote in a period where critic was not allowed and there was censure. When MY is threatened by her mother, she would kill the prince who would come to rescue her, it could definitely be a reference to Rapunzel. She was saved by a prince who climbed the tower. Her mother was brutal in her words but she didn't want to be left alone in that big house. We shouldn't forget that MY's father built that house for his wife, MY's mother. I have the impression that he had an obsession for his wife and she ended up held captive in that cursed castle. His obsession is palpable through the building and the different portraits of her. I can imagine that due to his abnormal jealousy and obsession, the mother got so isolated that she ended up suffering from depression. I have the impression that she did attempt to commit suicide because she couldn't bear her situation. This could explain why the mother became so obsessed with her daughter. She represented the only comfort in her life hence she couldn't allow her daughter to run away with the prince. This would explain her violence as well because she was so desperate. I have the feeling that at some point the mother must have resented her husband so much that she might have attempted to strangle him. Moreover, I suspect that the birth of his daughter changed the dynamic in the dysfunctional couple. The father might have resented his daughter because she diverted her attention from him hence he might have started abusing her and at some point she ended up in the cellar. He wanted his wife to focus only on him. So when she strangled him but failed, this might have caused the father to retaliate against his own daughter, blaming her for the estrangement with his wife and her violent and strange behavior. This could be another explanation. From my point of view, both parents are to blame for MY's traumas.
  20. @40somethingahjumma Yes, the problem is using this kind of word has become a normality. However, we shouldn't forget that words have power. Just like Hitler kept using more and more violent expressions to the point that the listeners had got used to it and were not surprised if the spoken words became a reality: it is called desensibilisation. Fact is that no one can judge like that... due to the internet, it has become a normality to judge too quickly, f. ex. push the button "like". However, time is essential for a judgement and verdict. Nothing can be rushed, hence I abhor this kind of behavior. That's why I like this drama, the so-called normal people like JR or KT and KT's friend are not actually sensitive and good. KT told MY harsh things twice... especially with the money, while he is not free from issues... just like MY. KT keeps lying to his brother ("I'll never lie to you again", this is a promise that can never be fulfilled). KT knows that lies hurt his brother, yet he is constantly lying to him and to himself.
  21. Then why quote the text? You could have tagged me. But thanks for the recommendation.
  22. @vangsweetie637 You are right that ST might have feelings for MY and it could also explain why KT is determined to do anything so that ST doesn't meet MY. From my point of view, KT is the one clinging onto ST and not the other way around. He has spent his whole childhood and even his entire life dedicated to his brother. Imagine the brother starts to live his life on his own. Then the brother's life has no meaning, he has lost his purpose. I sense that he resents his brother because he can't show his true feelings (his pain, his frustration and anger) but at the time, he is afraid of losing his brother. He would become an empty can ... @40somethingahjumma I loved your posts, especially the one where you mentioned the responsibility of the parents. Diagnosis or not, the moment it is outspoken, it can change the perspective of the parents and actually contribute to worsen the conditions of the child. My problem with the diagnosis is that it stigmatizes the patient and takes away his identity. The doctors might speak for the best interest of their patients but the problem is how people around them react. And it shows that even the nurses at the hospital are not immune to categorize the patients. The colleague from Juri couldn't even imagine that the father wanted to kill the daughter. She diminished the intention behind his action due to the surgery. Only the psychiatrist could understand that no matter what there was no excuse for this behavior. What annoyed me the most in this episode is KT's friend who kept insulting MY... she is a lunatic, crazy aso. Fact is that he wasn't present at the scene and has no idea what really happened. And now, let's talk about the fairy tales. Like @40somethingahjumma mentioned, on the one side fairy tales reflect the society and its mentality, hence the image of the wolf in fairy tales has drastically changed. In the older stories, wolves were scary creatures and associated to evil and danger. Now, it is different because wolf is species in danger. In the French story "Le plus féroce des loups" (Fierest wolf) written by Sylvie Poillevé, the wolf is actually the hero of this story, while the human beings are the bad ones. The hunter, the butcher and the ogre want to kill sweet and weak animals and the wolf protects them by eating the hunter, the butcher and the ogre. This story reminds us that we are no different from the wolf in reality as we are also eating animals. Furthermore, we shouldn't judge people based on their reputation. It contrasts so much to the elder stories like Red riding hood and the wolf. That's why MY used the idea of a zombie, a rather modern idea. On the other side, a fairy tale helps the children to learn through these stories. It helps them to find and construct their identity and their own thoughts that's why it is important for children to have access to fairy tales. I believe that KT had never had the time to read these stories and learn lessons for himself. Here, Bettelheim wrote a book about fairy tales in term of Freudian psychoanalysis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Uses_of_Enchantment The problem with this kind of story is each person can interpret it so differently. Let's take the example with the little Mermaid: - one might perceive the power of love. She is willing to die because of her love for the prince and they consider it as something amazing - MY said that she shouldn't have tried to steal the fiance - However, we could also say that the prince could never love the mermaid because she was different. Let's not forget that she was mute. She might have been beautiful but she couldn't speak. Here, the prince doesn't appear as prince charming at all, rather superficial and shallow. He couldn't fall in love with her because she was impaired. - The fact that she dies at the end and the prince doesn't notice it could be perceived as something negative too. All her sacrifices have been pointless. No one shouldn't sacrifice himself/herself because of love. People shouldn't give up their own identity. Let's not forget that she was a mermaid in the beginning. And now, I would like to talk about the zombie kid: - One might admire the mother because she is willing to die for her son. She must have loved her son very much. - one might criticize the mother because she only made sure that her son would have enough to eat. So she prioritizes too much his physical well-being - another might notice that the mother never talked to her son her whole life. The only communication she had with him was just before her death. Here, this could be seen as a warning: parents should talk to their children in order to know what children really need. The boy was longing for love. Communication is the key word. - another could come to the conclusion that the mother already had a prejudice about her son and made sure that no one would meet him. She feared for her reputation: how could she have given birth to such a child? She wasn't even willing to leave the village, when it was necessary. Image was more important than life. (here an allusion to the politician's son). He represents the shame of the family. He needs to be kept hidden. - Another could perceive the unrealism of the mother's sacrifice. No parent would be willing to sacrifice himself/herself for the child - Another reader could come to the conclusion that her sacrifice is totally pointless because after her death, her son will die. - One might see the mother's possessive and obsessive behavior. She wanted to keep her son by her side hence she never allowed him to live on his own and discover the world. Or she feared that the child might get hurt by the comments from others and wanted to protect him, however the love for her son led to his death because as soon as the mother dies, the son will die... Here you could see some parallels with ST and KT is the mother... he is forgetting to live his own life. As you can see, KT can be the mother and the zombie kid in the end, just like MY is the zombie kid.
  23. Thanks for the compliment! I am no psychologist, just a teacher and as such, I am very careful with any diagnosis/judgement. I had one student who was suffering from Tourette Syndrome and it was only diagnosed, when I was his teacher. The thing is that due to his behavior, his teacher from his primary school got a very bad impression of him and even thought that he would never get a high school diploma. She was expecting he would get bad grads in my French class, when I met her by coincidence. But even if his "illness" meant more work for me, I did everything in my power so that his classmates wouldn't condemn him therefore I took deliberately his side, showing that this was nothing extraordinary. He just had an handicap. So he did get his high school diploma and this parents rewarded me for my encouraging behavior. That's why it is very important to be careful with any judgement or diagnosis (first he was categorized as child suffering from ADHD) and always show understanding. Understanding doesn't mean that the person won't get scolded for wrongdoings.
  24. I still don't believe in this diagnosis ASPD. First, it was stated by the journalist who tried to blackmail her. How can we take his words seriously? Secondly, these are the characteristics for a person suffering from ASPD. socially irresponsible behavior disregarding or violating the rights of others inability to distinguish between right and wrong difficulty with showing remorse or empathy tendency to lie often manipulating and hurting others recurring problems with the law Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, aggression or violence general disregard towards safety and responsibility (quoted from) https://www.healthline.com/health/psychopath#signs / Failure to consider the negative consequences of behavior or learn from them Impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead quoted from: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/antisocial-personality-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20353928 Just because she is stealing doesn't make her a sociopath. I would rather say that she is suffering from cleptomania. Then when she tried to stab the man, we shouldn't forget that she acted after witnessing how the little girl had been hurt and she had been called a lunatic due to her words. She was definitely affected by his words. Sure, her action was morally and legally wrong but even a normal person affected by a crime can retaliate. Why do we have people who ask for death penalty or kills someone out of revenge or hurt? These persons are never called sociopaths or psychopaths. They do it on affect. Then committing a crime like driving too fast... should we call all these persons who are driving carelessly also sociopaths? Sure, you will answer that the addition of her wrongdoings is the problem. Yet, if you read all the features, you'll notice that many of them are not visible in MY. She defended the right of ST and demonstrated that the person who committed a crime was the father. He assaulted ST first. Who lied later? The parents... She shows that she is able to feel empathy for others... and not just one person like ST but also for MT, the son of the politician and the patients from that psychiatry institution. She is willing to defend the weak ones. She knew what kind of problems they had hence she chose the right fairy tales for them. She is listening to MT and realized her mistake, hence she decided to keep her word in the end. She went to pay a visit to her father like she had promised. She followed MT's advice and reproach. So she is learning her lessons too and she shows some regret. She is not violent per se, she becomes aggressive, when she is threatened, like with the journalist or with the suicidal father. Then she doesn't lie as she is very honest with MT and even with the son of the politician. She doesn't hide her disdain and contempt for others... she is brutally honest. She knows how to be responsible for ST and she did that on many occasions. She shows more empathy towards weak persons because she knows deep down that the so-called normal people can be the most dangerous ones. That's why there is this work written by Hanna Arendt "Banalität des Bösen" (German)/ "Banality of Evil" because the normal people were the ones responsible for the Holocaust and not the mentally unstable ones. Her book represents an plea to civil courage and empathy... to stop people from discriminating and hurting others due to their differences. And this is exactly what MY is doing. Her methods might be too rough and unorthodox but her intention is clear. Besides, she wanted to suffer the consequences of her actions (she asked to be called for the "kidnapping") but MT chose otherwise. My point is the following. She has definitely issues but she is not per se suffering from ASPD. Her cleptomania is a signal. She wants to get attention as she has always felt lonely. If she was suffering from ASPD, no doctor in his right mind would entrust her with mentally unstable patients. This would be dangerous and could be considered as a crime. She has been isolated all her life hence she needs to be reintegrated into society and to meddle with people that's why the doctor proposed her this offer. He knows that she has problems but we shouldn't forget that she did sign the papers for her father in the end. She didn't even stop her father while he was strangling her, she didn't even retaliate which shows how his first murder attempt has left a deep scar in her heart. She is an asocial person as she didn't really grow up in society, was secluded due to her familial situation and later due to her career and stigmatization as sociopath/psychopath. In my opinion, there is a reason why she was hesitating to save the boy (the flower), she had never received any help before and she didn't know the true value of a human being. Her own mother described her as an object, the perfect creation.
  25. The thing is that the mother never followed the patient. So why ask in the first place? Furthermore why the need of the relative if the responsibility already lies in the hospital hands? She acts as if she wanted to help the family but in reality she was not, she definitely shows no empathy for any patient. Yes, I feel like Yuri is fake and even a little vicious. I know that the doctor was testing her but her words revealed more about herself. She even realized her pettiness after. But there is more pettiness, also jealousy and hypocrisy.
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