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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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1 hour ago, leedonghaek said:



cr : as labeled


In addition to acting skills and favorable voice, from your captured picture, we can realize the beautiful visuals is crucial to be the top actor / actress.


Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo with their work-out figure and firm face looks gorgeous and hard to stop staring indeed. 



@stroppyse @ahdrianaa @bubblechoco Or anyone who know::

By the way, I have a question from the welcoming card to newly hired employee, who wrote with handwriting on Kim Jin Hyuk’s card? What did the handwriting mean? 

Why did another newly hired employee have no hand writing? 

Thank you in advance. 



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Naver was late in posting the Video Cuts of Tonight's Episode



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Watching the Naver Video Cut of the First Snowfall Kiss and the Top 2 and 3 Comments made me smile...


"The KISS Was Real Craftmanship/Artisanship." :wub:



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SHK's still there. I think she just move from wrap up party (place) to cafe?? (the place that they're all watching final episode of Encounter together).

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1 hour ago, jl08 said:


Haha...chingu, it takes Kyo's finale to draw you out! So glad you did. I'll see you at the next Kyo's project..hehe...


Yeah, you had a bit of discomfort like some at the start and it's normal cos of the age gap but I love the pairing right from the start!

Cos I know that they'll look stunning together and that since kyo looks so young and pretty, the gap will not be too obvious and BINGO! PBG made the job easier with his back-combed hair in the hotel and at the masquerade - look how mature is. His seriousness is so charismatic and his kisses...that's a real man out there!  :D 


I can see him taking charge of the kiss in ep 16, compared to his shyness in Cuba at the end of the balcony kiss....did you see him tugging at her lips after each kiss.....it's a mini-Cuba sexy kiss alright.....   :wub:


He certainly has grown to be the man that SH comes to rely on...in all aspects.... hehe..


Serious PBG is sexy & mature

Cute SHK is adorable & cuddly



Anyone knows where to watch the raw ep 16? :)



Same here. At the very beginning, it is a big problem with age gap, Park Bo Gum has paired with younger actresses but never with older female lead BUT from now on, I wanna hope for him to pair with experienced and skillful actress as Song Hye Kyo’s features. 


Wow, sharp eyes with thorough observation, Kim Jin Hyuk is leading for deep kiss, he has more experience now. 


Working out made Park Bo Gum much more manly and look tougher while working out made Song Hye Kyo healthier and more petite...perfect match. 


Hair stylists, make-up artists, cloth stylists should be praised for all of Park Bo Gum’s and Song Hye Kyo’s gorgeous look, they made PBG manly and more matured while made SHK petite and freshly younger. 


1 hour ago, dianss23 said:

I was wondering before why KJH still has CSH shoes, now I know it will be the biggest symbol of her coming back to him, omg just like Cinderella... :wub: and the memo Cuba note to be preserved in a glass jar together with the flower when he proposed to her my gosh it’s really so romantic, they will always remember the first time they meet each other looking at that jar...Writernim I salute you, you created a wonderful love story like fairytale but so realistic too.... I will miss CSH and KJH... 


I am looking forward to watching ep16 with subtitle to absorb their beautiful moments about their shoes and their reconciling from breaking up


Shoes might reflect how KJH treasures even a little thing about CSH from day one which they knew each other, CSH is always special to KJH from the start, as same as evidence of note in Cuba cafe. Kudo scriptwriter. 


1 hour ago, htk9207 said:

I love how the writer wrapped up the story. I never thought seeing a pair of shoes could have so much impact on me. My heart stopped for a second fearing that JH is letting her go but then I realized it was the opposite. I love the playground scene, it was perfect. It could have ended right there and I wouldn't have minded. :D 



I thought in a short flash of moment when CSH appeared, did KJH reconcile too easily but he is obedient.


As audiences have known, to be able to love and be with CSH, KJH has not had much pride but he is ready to do whatever and whenever for CSH, that’s CSH’s Kim Jin Hyuk as special Kim Jin Hyuk, her one and only in the world. 


1 hour ago, leedonghaek said:



Oh, Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo looked pretty tired from non-stop filming even their visual looks naturally great.

Could I complain about Park Bo Gum’s hat? I wanna see his hair. I like SHK with ponytail in the last dating scene and in wrap up party. 


1 hour ago, bebebisous33 said:


"It's the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important.”

 We could say that KJH is resembling a lot to the little prince. He spent a lot of time with his rose, took great care of her but due to her words, he ended up leaving her behind. The rose could be perceived either as CSH (she broke up with him) or his mother (who hurt him by forcing CSH to break up with him). Moreover, moving closer to CSH who is the archetype of the adult means facing reality and the world of the grown-ups.


CSH and KJH are both saying the same at the end: they make the other a better person. CSH can become more cheerful and playful again, KJH has become a real man. He is her fence and her protector. They complete each other.   

@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse  @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08




Thank you so much. 

The writer creates both KJH and CSH to be the persons which is different from other people around themselves. 

Even KJH and CSH come from different world but they are together with similar inner as the quote

“It’s the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important” 


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It's been an incredible Ride with everyone in this thread.

To the Cast & Crew, thank you for this wonderful journey.


Can't wait to watch the End Sub of the last episode. 

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@NongpeeP You are right, they are different from the people around them because they come from a different world... not just literally speaking (she comes from the upper social class, him from the lower middle-class) but also she represents the adulthood (worries, seriousness), whereas he embodies the youth and innocence.

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