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  1. Thank you thank you @ahdrianaa The interview really moves me "love is something that one should do NOW, while one can, without thinking too much about the reasoning” This weekend i surely gonna re watch the drama for the hundred times.. can.seem.to.move.on. miss them too much!!!
  2. Me too me too @ahdrianaa I love love loveee the bold eye make up.. It gives her the edginess that suit the mood of the fashion show! Hope that Elle Korea took full body pictures.. need the HD snap Btw just read your translation in EC thread!! Thank youuu
  3. Absolutely disagree, she looks insanely beautiful! A very well done and toughtful choice of classic style. She's wearing a quite lavish necklace, which i assume from Chaumet. Her simple v neck black dress made the jewelleries stood out without getting too heavy. And that baby comment tho, wonder if you're really a fan..
  4. March 31, I saw someone's IG story just now and apparently it's snowing in Seoul right now! Suddenly i'm taken back to Encounter ending with snow poured down JinSoo couple We were wondering will it be possible to have snow in Seoul on late march? And there we have it... PD must be a soothsayer?
  5. Still missing JinSoo each and everytime.. I watch them everytime i need a good cry Thank you @bebebisous33 for continuing the analyses.. apart from the drama, reading your analyses is what i miss the most. we probably already losing hope for the dvd and their extra bts to be released but at least we can be assured that Encounter and the simbolism beyond the drama makes this drama a classic one.
  6. @dukesa1122 Seriously those fake news is ridiculous. It was as simple as because Chaumet sponsored her jewelleries at Sulwhasoo event yesterday. She wore the ring last year at Sulwhasoo event, when she haven't become the BA. People might think her ring is also sponsored if she wears it.
  7. Today's event heals all my disappointment about BF dvd.. her beautiful images are spreading everywhere
  8. I watched every beauty influencers and journalist's live IG who attend the event, they were all in awe with her beauty and how humble she is.. who won't? More and more CFs for the Goddess.. Ladies, the queen said: don't forget to use moisturizer everyday
  9. @ahdrianaa The first dress is sooooo beautiful i can't.. Goddess she is We still have Dyson CF to wait for
  10. Yess, i watched the live IG too.. So, so sad that we don't know when she will taking a project
  11. A new feeling! @avondale16 coudn't agree more. @bebebisous33 thank you won't be enough to represent my gratitude towards every analyses that you've shared in this thread. I didn't notice that the director also using the same approach to describe other character outside the OTP, even for side character like MJ. I'll make sure to check your blog
  12. @ahdrianaa and @gumtaek So, quite possibly the main reason why SD decided not to release DirCut dvd, because there's not much of the unseen footages? Won't people be interested only with actors, director, and writer commentary of important scene?
  13. @gumtaek Im using papago Average in here means, through all 16 episodes, BF average rating was 8,5. I don't think it means 8,5 is an average cable rating.
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