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  1. Gorgeous Kyo, as she is always.. and SB released new post with Kyo wearing their boots just a couple minutes ago.. I want that boots!!
  2. Even the sudden article about SHK fashion moments got me feeling suspicious. Of course i love that she's on the news but in that article the last choice is the PC of Dots, which was like years ago, and not matched well with other recent moments in the article. The article could be end with 7 fashion moments of SHK.. We know who will be linked in the end..
  3. And yet there’s No article bout this in Netizenbuzz, wonder why
  4. I was just gonna post it!! I hope they distribute it to other country as Well, But If it’s not, maybe i’ll just have to visit Seoul just to buy this one... loveeeeeeeeeee this coloring book so much, what a great idea to release a coloring book from the drama..
  5. Oh wow.. Did someone said "the truth will eventually reveal"? oh It did, like... in-their-face And it's only a piece of the truth (kyo was the one suggested the divorce).. But now, let's put potter's spell "EVANESCO!!!" (immediately dissolves away an object as if it never existed)-Just like how she cleaned her IG I hope her Suecomma Bonnie photoshoot will come out soon..
  6. Now that i've seen couple of pics from side, i kinda agree with you. But, if the loose side that we've seen in pic above is where they put the zipper, then a sudden alteration could be difficult.. I love that we have a lot to talk about from her last night appearance. I'm gonna put my bet to @ahdrianaa prediction that we will soon hear new project (s). @dukesa1122 haven't say hi to you, hope you're doing great
  7. Kudos to her stylist team! When i thought her mini dress was absolutely gorgeous, she looked even more beautiful and elegant for the gala dinner @ahdrianaa we knew how the press and even tv public labeled her, nevertheless her appearance in Chaumet Monaco today is a proof that she didn't affected with whatever box they tried to put her in.. i'm courious how's today headline will be, we'll see
  8. @ahdrianaa Remember those guys who talked about her body in YT video? Well, eat that! I'm loving this 'yeah-whatever- attitude. Song Hye Kyo waving goodbye to haters like a champ! These jewels i'm wearing cost much than your lawyer
  9. That plunging neckline and mini dress! H.O.T! Haters gonna hate, She just slayed them with these appearances.. She looks stronger than ever, and i think she tried to pay back all of her real fans support by looking absolutely fabulous! breathtaking, isn't she?
  10. So sweet, Manager-nim posted her pic! Let support Kyo by giving Sulwhasoo IG's post likes and comments @ahdrianaa what hashtags?
  11. Oh yass Queen!! Slay them all with your grace.. She looks amazing
  12. Omg, what have Kyo done to them? Done reporting them.. the amount of hate and abusive comments towards her are enormous.. At this time, i would want to hear UAA release strong warning to those who spread hateful rumors I pray for her health and strength..
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