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  1. I dont know what happen, it's up on netflix but i can't click it, yesterday it was available at the same time
  2. I'M FREAKIN' LOVE THIS DRAMA! it's dark, comedic, imaginative! Dir. Park Shin Woo did great job with choosing animation as drama opening! And the two leads chemistry is burning! This drama will be huge. I love how different it is with any other drama, it's imaginative but it's not fantasy drama, it's comedic but not like any other romcom, and yes it's romantic but it's dark and mysterious. Thank God it's on Netflix we dont have to wait for engsub. Can't wait for tomorrow!!
  3. Haven't been active in soompi forum for months, and finally got excited for another drama of dir. Park Shin Woo. Love his previous work in Encounter and now he's also working with Jamsan74? The artist who also did the illustration of Encounter. KSH & SYJ look so gewd together!! Thank God it's on Netflix, Let's be ready for tonight!
  4. @gigivillaceran Wonder where She and Ock Joo Hyun spent their coffee o'clock (or maybe tea?)
  5. SHK with Ms. Ellen Park from BTS Encounter in Cuba (Credit Gumtaek soompi forum Encounter)
  6. Thank you @gumtaek & @Sakurafairy been a year since the last episode, and this DVD release make me miss Jin Hyuk & Soo Hyun much
  7. Dramamunchers Otvn they talked about meaning behind Encounter/Boyfriend scenes. I couldn't find english sub, but i guess every meaning behind those scenes were something that we talked about here in this forum, maybe otvn read our forum?