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  1. June 14, 2021 7 Korean Celebrities Who are Really Brainy Get to know these Korean stars who are not just blessed with good looks and talent, but higher than average IQ levels too 1. BTS’s RM The leader of BTS is well known for his intelligence—his IQ is a whopping 148. FYI, an average person’s IQ is about 100. Rap Monster, or RM, is the most fluent in English in the group, famously taught himself the language while watching Friends, and has been key in BTS’ success in English-speaking markets and continuing world dominance. He has a g
  2. May 22, 2021 Lim Jeong Hee was on Yoo Huiyeol’s Sketchbook and mentioned pre-debut RM Lim Jeong Hee said, “In my album, RM featured in a song called ‘Ashes’ and it was before the group BTS was even put together. I remember when he would rap on stage with me at concerts. There was a time when we traveled on a tour bus together and I was worried if he would do well when seeing him practice while wearing a hoodie. I remember he did perform really well with the same skills as he has now.” Other sources: Lim Jeong Hee said, “When we w
  3. March 2015 ‘Problematic Men’ cast members on Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine 2015 Source: Cosmopolitan Korea _________________________________________________
  4. June 4, 2021 On the June 4 broadcast of MBC’s “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”), Kim Ji Seok appeared as a guest. He invited his fellow ‘Problematic Men’ cast members Ha Seok Jin and Lee Jang Won to his house. In the area where there are bookshelves with various stuff, they noticed an album on display. It was signed HYYH album gifted by RM. © LemonamuRM / Source (1) (2) ________________________________________ August 2015 RM with other ‘Problematic Men’ cast members on GQ Korea Magazine 2015
  5. Becky G talks about RM and Jimin singing her parts on ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ “I feel so honored & I’m so happy & they killed it, accent and everything in Spanish.” © dalbitbangtan ________________________________________________ #McDonald’s What a coincidence, I too love Namjoon Source (1) (2)
  6. June 14, 2021 From Elite Daily Writer, MICHELE MENDEZ RM showed off his amazing rapping skills by performing Becky G’s Spanish lyrics effortlessly. Jimin finished off the verse by offering his vocals in Spanish as well. As a Spanish speaker myself, I have to say their pronunciation was so impressive. Fans shared the guys’ performance on Twitter, hoping Becky G would see it. (Yup, she saw it) Source (1) (2) __________________________________________ June 13, 2021 2021 BTS Muster Sowoozoo Day 1
  7. June 14, 2021 Wow, new drama Sung Yu Bin to star in KBS Drama Special 비트윈. UAA sent a coffee truck for him and drama 비트윈. Source (1) (2) (3) (4)
  8. June 14, 2021 2021 BTS Muster Sowoozoo Day 2 NAMJOON SUPREMACY Well, my day just instantly got betterthank you, V, JHope & RM! RM & Jimin rapping and singing Becky’s part (Chicken Noodle Soup) in Spanish. Becky saw it. Omg RM & Jimin KILLED it!!! Meeeee muerooooo Becky also replied to Army’s tweet, They BOTH killed the Spanish parts!! iHeartRadio 96.5 TDY BeckyG (1) (2)
  9. June 13, 2021 2021 FESTA Dday Calendar (D-Day) CLOSING CEREMONY Source (1) (2) | (1) (2) (3) | (1)
  10. June 13, 2021 8th anniversary of BTS’s debut COEX Mall, Seoul 8th anniversary of RM’s debut Sinyongsan Station (Seoul Subway Line 4) Lotte World Mall, Seoul Source (1) | (1) (2) | (1) (2) (3)
  11. June 13, 2021 Actress Lim Soo Jung listened to “Bicycle” by RM She posted the screenshot of the song on her Instagram stories. “Bicycle” — RM (Piano Cover). Beautiful Radio in Latinoamérica played the song “Bicycle” by RM. “Bicycle” by RM on KX FM Laguna Beach, California. Source (1) (2) (3) (4)
  12. June 14, 2021 #GeniusCharts 2021 Mid-Year Genius Korea Chart | Top K-R&B 1. Fever - ENHYPEN 2. Don’t - eAeon (feat. RM) 3. Bambi - Baekhyun 4. Pillows - eaJ, keshi 5. Nerves - DPR IAN 6. Switch It Up - JAY B (feat. sokodomo) 7. Amusement Park - Baekhyun 8. Advice - Taemin 9. Coin - IU 10. Dark Clouds - Taeyong ______________________________ June 9, 2021 Buntone restaurant in Jeddah played eAeon & RM’s song “Don’t” The restaurant also played another RM’s song “B
  13. On June 9, South Korea’s former prime minister Lee Nak Yeon appeared on tvN’s retro music talk show “Kwak Cine LP Bar”. He chose BTS song “Answer : Love Myself” as one of his favorite songs. He knew the song from RM’s speech at UN General Assembly and said BTS was a great help in terms of diplomacy. Source (1) (2) (3) ____________________________________ On the June 9 broadcast of ENHYPEN’s reality show “EN-O’CLOCK” EP.1, Jungwon revealed that he watered every month the cactus that RM gave him and he named them Injang & Garden.
  14. June 11, 2021 #2021BTSFESTA 'BTS ROOM LIVE' On Air “Look Here” “Save Me” “Ugh!” Watch the full video here / Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) There’s a trending post on Pann about RM’s verse in Look Here especially the 우쭈쭈 jjujju part. She (knetizen) got attacked by RM’s verse and ended up being a fan. Source (1) (2) (3) (4)
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