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  1. RM and Jung Kook (Run BTS! EP. 124) This fanart is so cute Source: @kookiechimm Original Video via @9497kive RM: “We can’t play that because of Jung Kook.” JK: “Why?” RM: “Nothing.” JK: “Why because of me?” RM: “Because you’re too good.” _____________________ A memorable day
  2. January 8, 2021 Jennifer Lopez and Kim Namjoon Agree: This '00s Trend Is Back Two fashion icons J.Lo and BTS' Kim Namjoon agree: bucket hats are back. [ ... ] Of course, Lopez isn't the only celebrity who is a fan of Dior's bucket hat offerings. Back in September, BTS band member and rapper Kim Namjoon (RM) wore a similar style during an interview with GQ. While his version was technically part of Dior's Jordan Brand collaboration, Air Dior, and was both solid and blue, there's no denying that our favorite fashion icons are really feeling this throwback sty
  3. January 14, 2021 #GeniusCharts | “Tokyo” expressed the hollowness of both missing something, from home to a person, and wanting to be comforted. The opening track from RM’s 2018, mono., re-peaks at #4 on K-Hip-Hop chart in Genius Korea. There is also “Change” from RM & Wale’s 2017, at #3. __________________________________ So cute Source: @dotgabi_rm
  4. April 24, 2019 RM talked about “Intro : Persona” on his VLive. “It was my first solo intro in five years, so I really felt so much pressure. I changed the lyrics a few times. ‘mono.’ had a chill and calm feeling, so I really wanted the more wild style that I’ve always liked. When we were filming the music video, I kept fixing it on set.” RM revealed that he’d recorded the song five times, and that he ended up using his first recording. “If I perform it live one day, I want to do it in a really cool way,” he said. “After it came out, Tablo and Gae
  5. [REVIEW] - Intro : Persona “Intro: Persona” is a solid showcase for the group’s leader, RM. His flow eases back and forth between Korean and English. “Who the hell am I?” he asks, but his delivery says it’s more of a rhetorical question. — Kim Jae Ha, Variety “Intro : Persona”, “HOME”, and “Dionysus” were chosen as the essential tracks of “Map of the Soul : Persona” by Consequence of Sound. March 28, 2019 After months of anticipation, South Korean superstars BTS — who obviously have no regard for anyone's productivity or
  6. REVIEW (2019) Intro – Comeback Trailer: Persona While talking about the idea of “Persona” and “Shadow”, Stein (the author from “Jung’s Map of the Soul: An Introduction”) explained how we spend most our lives making sure that we play our “social roles” well. But there are individuals who through self-introspection comes across the demarcation that has been both deliberately as well as unconsciously created between who they are and how they present themselves to be in the society or public sphere. By asking the question “Who am I”, such individuals embark
  7. September 2020 GIFs by @gif_namjoon (1) (2) (3) (4)
  8. January 9 - 10, 2021 The 35th Golden Disc Awards (GDA) Day 1 Day 2 Source (1) (2) (3) (4)
  9. Analyzing RM’s Verse On “Ddaeng” Sep 22, 2019 / by Elliot Sang Photo Credit. as labeled Speaking of RM, this thread specifically will discuss his verse on “ddaeng,” which has become the stuff of legend amongst ARMYs, and also the musical backdrop for a pretty cool viral dance video. Here’s some things to look out for in RM’s verse. For one, if you don’t speak korean and you don’t invest deeply into understanding the verse, you’re probably going to miss at least one or two things. Let’s get this part out of the way as well. In the
  10. January 8, 2021 [Interview] - John Eun talked about RM’s participation in his song “Hope” A lot of famous musicians contributed to “Hope.” RM of BTS, eAeon of Mot as vocals. Isaac Hong participated in the chorus. Etc. RM’s participation in “Hope” was a coincidence. It was a time when I gathered as many musician friends as possible to sing together. When the song was almost finished, I told RM that I wanted him to hear this new song, and he was happy to come to the studio. Source: Naver John Eun Instagram Spotify
  11. RM Weverse Update (210109) DTS current condition.. - Before and after - _____________________________________ Behind the Scenes (Japan TV) (Source)
  12. RM posted New Year’s letter on Weverse 2020 is ending. We all had high expectations for the year, as special as it sounded. But it ended up crushing our dreams. A stage without an audience. The performances without the cheers. Yesterday and the day before… I sat in the chair inside the studio’s waiting room and kept thinking. How could this be? Could this really be? I guess I do really live in a world where the most nonsense things make sense. Like a stream of water that flows between boulders, exhaustion and despair came seeping into our lives.
  13. January 5, 2021 Sunwoo Jung-A, “BTS RM, Thank You for Liking My Song.” DJ Ahn Young-mi: “I heard Sunwoo Jung-A is a musician’s musician. BTS RM also said he liked the song ‘Run with Me.’” Sunwoo Jung-A: “I’m just grateful. I don’t know what to do.” Source: Naver ____________________ RM Twitter Update (210107) DTS.. #쭌 Ducktan Sonyeondan (DTS) Credit. @nappynapkin
  14. Source: koreadispatch Instagram The drama production Hwa&Dam Pictures said on the 5th, “Song Hye Kyo will lead the new work of Kim Eun Sook.” But nothing specific details has been told about the story and role. However, industry officials are expecting the new work as a genre play. It is predicted that it won’t be another sweet romantic comedy which Kim Eun Sook’s main work. In a recent fashion magazine interview, Song Hye Kyo also hinted that “interesting works that cross the genre are increasing. There are various genre scripts coming for me.”
  15. On the January 3 broadcast of KBS2 TV’s “The Return of Superman,” William and Bentley Hammington visited Big Hit Entertainment and a restaurant that BTS used to come as trainees. The kids look cute, unfortunately they didn’t meet BTS. William named RM as his favorite member of BTS. William really adores RM. He kept saying, “RM hyung.” ❤️ William dressed as RM. He even got his hair sprayed blue. ❤️ William immitating RM’s dance → “look at my feet (look down)” ❤️ Captions: “RM hyung-ah really likes noodles.” (Hat
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