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  1. We've been voting like crazy for AAA. Some even sleep late at night just to vote. its fun doing it though. Especially when other actresses votes start to increase, we get challenged. I really hope youre right @ahdrianaa. That Kyo is getting ready for a project. Maybe something out of Korea? I hope she stays in NY for now and rest. I wonder where she's living.
  2. Eeeeeek! Kyo and Dior. I'd love to see her in another CF again! I hope this will really happen! Im excited too!
  3. Somebody said in twitter that the Dior show in Paris is scheduled on Sept 24 and not October. I hope Kyo will be there credits to zeejayee -Twitter
  4. @oaklove dear, i love every word of your post. Let me post this in ig and twitter, chigu
  5. Kyos endorsements are flying off the shelves. First the Sulwhasoo awards and then Suecomma. Wow DAEBAK! I cant help but be so happy for her. I bet if Chaumet wasnt too expensive people will buy those too.. i wont be surprised if there are rip offs already. So damn happy for her!
  6. i cant even imagine Kyo calling herself pretty that word is maybe so used to her by now, it's not a word anymore.
  7. I read this article somewhere before.... and i saw the YT version... so true... everything she does turns into news
  8. Some of the people in Twitter were talking about that. They ran a test and looks like instagram is cleaning-up. Other actresses's ig will followers will drop soon too. Although, I really hope thats the reason and not some abracadabra magic again whenever someone needs to be popular
  9. So many issues happening. Posts and comments disappearing. Even shkwordlwirde ig account disappeared but they were able to retrieve it thanks to the people who helped report it to instagram. the timing of everything is just so suspicious. I hope they dont get us for fools.
  10. Hello everyone. I’ve stayed out for the past weeks for some issues I’m back now though. I think(?) I missed all of the people posting here. Thanks to @gigivillaceran for keeping this thread alive and all the other members who are keeping tabs and posting. I see some of your posts here in Soompi being posted in other SNS and I couln’t be more happy bout it. we are cooking up something for kyo, watch out for it!
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