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  1. I love that it is SIMPLE. I particularly like KJH's line about "do we still have some ham?". This one line pretty much sums it up for me. They are probably living together because they cook together. They eat many dinners at his home because CSH loves home cooked food and the loving atmosphere. They enjoy their time together like normal couples ... walking around, eating and doing welfies. KJH visits CSH's dad and attempts to connect with him but doesn't make a fuss and tells her about his visits. They have made one year happily together despite by the wealth/status issue, and they will live the rest of their lives like this.
  2. I read it here: http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/10/jang-seung-jo-joins-boyfriends-star-studded-cast/ Anyone else has other sources?
  3. I don't like it either, but he filmed in Cuba, so I had to fit him into the picture. I'll trade 15 minutes of kissing for 3 minutes on El Malecon beach and 3 more minutes on the balcony/room at Hotel Havana.
  4. I totally agree the cafe will play a part. And if I may add: SH goes to Cuba as planned, determined to break up with JH. JH goes to Cuba in pursuit, determined to change her mind. Ex-husband goes to Cuba with expectations that he can now win SH because she has broken up with JH. Final scene, SH and JH back on El Malecon beach, watching the sunset, kissed (3 minutes on our screen).
  5. Sorry if I'm repeating here. I can't keep up with all the posts :-) This is the scene where mom confronted dad about merging the parties and withdrawing from the candidacy. The scene ended with dad saying "I need you to help me with something". In an earlier episode, dad mentioned something about Mom getting illicit funds from Taegyeong. And now that he has withdrawn his candidacy for President, and settled personal affairs (leaving daughter in the good hands of KJH), I think he's about to drop a bombshell. I think he is asking mom to help him gather evidence (perhaps record a conversation with evil mother-in-law) then he will surrender to the authorities for using illicit funds. Just my guess. What do you think?
  6. CSH's doing everything KJH wants. Openly date, cafes and bookstores. OH NO.
  7. CSH's tears is gut wrenching and I'm suffering from twice the heart break because this is how I watch.... I watch on my laptop and play it on the TV with low volume about 30 seconds later. This way I can look up at the TV in case I missed anything on my laptop.
  8. Sounds familiar? Yes, they are adults and madly in love, and this is what happens in REAL life. I like how the show doesn't avoid these REAL situations and REAL conversations. And I think this is why so many of us feel a connection with the show and our OTP
  9. They don't usually include deodorant in the amenities kit :-) I hope he brought deodorant and baby wipes. I'm getting carried away here. ¿Por qué no? ¿Para reparar la relación con CSH? ¿O sabotage la relación de Jinsoo? Podemos esperar mucho más drama. ¡Excitado!
  10. Overnight and I still can't stop grinning. Some thoughts here. #1 They filmed in Cuba for a month. That's more than enough footage for episode 1, 10 and then some. I read here that ex-husband actor also filmed in Cuba so I'm expecting at least another round of drama there. #2 I agree. KJH is wearing jeans, just like the poster. And if they weren't, I really hope they showered and changed. KJH has been wearing that gray sweater plus shirt for at least 48 hours! Home->airport>13-hr flight->running around Havana->sleeping under the stars->reuniting with CSH->another round at El Malecon. Ha ha, I'm too practical and cynical :-) #3 Ex-husband will work in hotel! In the trailer, he told the PR team that he has no hotel experience and hope they will help him. See 0:20s mark:
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE EPISODE 10!!! The show ended like 30 minutes ago, and I'm still grinning like an idiot. And based on the reaction of my chinggus on this forum, I'm not alone. Be still my heart! Another 2.5 hours to go before Viu puts up the subtitled episode. I've always wondered how they will do the inevitable bedroom scene. And with SHK and PBG, it really must be in a tasteful manner. And I think the hot kiss on the balcony leaves little to the imagination without actually showing strewn clothes and tumbling onto bed. Kudos! Cuban babies will really be good. Side note, I always thought they can really play up the rest stop date. They can meet halfway (1.25hr each) and rendezvous at the rest stop EVERYDAY! Piece of cake to commute. But I'm glad he's making a triumph return to Seoul next week. Apart from the kisses and Face Time call, Secretary Jang helping out at the restaurant got me giggling too.
  12. I start refreshing my Viu page around 12:30 :-) But I don't sleep until 3 because I watch the same episode with English and then Chinese subtitles. English is easier to read (less keystrokes) for me but I always find the Chinese version translates the nuances better perhaps because the Korean language (Hanja) has Chinese roots and many phrases are similar to Chinese phrases.
  13. I think the "melo" will be the process (episodes 1-15) , and the ending will be "happy" with both of them living happily ever after in Cuba running their hotel with the gorgeous garden.
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