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  1. There is an upcoming election in 2020 and one of the co-founders of UAA is a very political person. Just posting a very small number of proof shots of Koreans buying Suecomma Bonnie shoes and which is popularly known as SongHyeKyo shoes. Kyo effect. Credit owners.
  2. All Kyo fans should be ready, in the next few days you will see her being attacked due to politics between the left and right parties in Korea. I already see these “posts” being posted on Naver. She will be attacked for earning money in China. Her intentions behind refusing Mitsubishi deal will be questioned. Her tax scandal will be brought back to life.
  3. The only man at Kyo’s table at Ralph Lauren is Edward Enninful, Editor in Chief of British Vogue which makes him the third most powerful Editor in the Vogue Heirarchy after Anna Wintour and Angelica Cheung. Kyo forever rubbing shoulders with the most influential and powerful people in the fashion world. Seriously, we as a fandom should DM him and tell him how we’d want to see Kyo do a shoot for British Vogue.
  4. Please fill this post with comments about Kyo, RL posted her picture in the second slide. We need to make RL understand that Kyo deserves ALL THE LOVE!! Ask all Kyo fans to do the same.
  5. Yes, that’s the hope and all Asian Vogue edition ( Korea, China, HK, Taiwan) She was hanging out with two Vogue Korea fashion editors and Shin HyunJi (Model) Then Kyo started following Hyunji on IG. I think Kyo gets along with people with love for fashion and artistic dispositions, clearly the reason why most of the people she is close friends with and follows on Instagram are editors, stylists and models. It was super cute when Hyunji walked for Ralph Lauren, she was all serious but when she saw Kyo .. she gave the hugest smile. I think it was a proud moment where the two were acknowledging the significance of seeing each other, for Kyo she sees a rising Korean Model making a big name for herself in the global fashion industry and for Hyunji to see Kyo, a Korean actress who is a global powerhouse sitting amongst the other Hollywood celebrities in the Audience. The camera didn’t cut to Kyo but Hyunji was definitely smiling because she saw Kyo.
  6. So the picture was definitely taken in NYC because the other person in the picture is Nam Hyunji, Vogue Korea Fashion Editor. Nam Hyunji in the same outfit earlier today.
  7. Kyo. her skin is like white jade and just perfect to look at really. Judging by the roads and the background, it looks like NYC. credit owner
  8. Sure but you’ll have to post the green hat post too, the one where C-netizens were discussing the implications of certain fashion choices...otherwise some fans may not get the context.
  9. I see, I had checked the fashion week official site and it said Maison Dior instead of Christian Dior. so I got real excited thinking that maybe Maison Dior was asking Kyo to be the face of their newest fragrance called Spice blend, it gave me soooo many Encounter feels! The inspiration for this fragrance is Cuba and I thought it was perfect for Kyo. Maybe we should all start a petition to Dior telling them to make Kyo the face of Spice Blend. It’s high time Kyo endorses a fragrance!
  10. What haters don’t understand about Kyo, she could be dressed as if she is lounging at home and she would still get more attention than everyone. She is consistently the only Korean celebrity who doesn’t wear sponsored clothes at the airport yet her views during the few times that the media has been able to spot her are crazy high. If she actually agreed to wear clothes from any brand just imagine the amount of publicity it would get. This airport fancam alone is almost reaching a million views Once this video hits a million she will the first Korean actress whose solo airport fancam will reach a million views on YouTube. Her other airport fancams also get crazy views at the airport , numbers equivalent to idols like BTS and BlackPink, which means even after 20+ years in the industry she still enjoys the support of that sort of a fandom. Ralph Lauren’s 4th tweet about Kyo. I think they are realizing that they made a mistake not uploading about Kyo earlier, seeing how many likes and retweets she is getting. I’ve sent them a DM on their Instagram reminding them that they still haven’t uploaded any pictures of her, it’s just weird that they’re only uploading on Twitter. Would appreciate it if all of you could do the same and don’t forget to mention Kyo’s Instagram account.
  11. @oaklove great post! does anyone know what Dior Show E-online is referring too? I checked the PFW schedule and it ends on October 1st. The only shows I see on the 1st of October that makes sense for Kyo to attend is the Chanel show at 10:30 am and Louis Vuitton at 6:30 pm. The Maison Dior (different line but under the same brand as Christian Dior) show is for perfumes(?) , that’s on the 24th of September and there are no Dior Haute Couture shows. E-online also stated how this was her first appearance at NYFW when she literally attended Prada show earlier this year. I am however keeping my fingers crossed that she attends PFW this year, it’s practically a tradition for her to attend at least one show in Paris every year unless she has work at the time. Last show she attended at PFW was the Dior show, since there is no Dior this time .. I would love it if she attended show the Chanel/LV show but I would die of happiness if she attended the Elie Saab show in Paris. Seriously it’s a crime that Hyunkyoung hasn’t ever dressed Kyo in an Elie Saab gown.
  12. Age is no bar to a fanboys heart. At the end of the video he calls her Omma <mother>, the mother wrote that he refers to all women as either Omma or Halmoni <grandmother> based on their age. That’s probably what he thinks is the correct way to call all women. looks like Ralph Lauren realized that Kyo posts get a lot of traction on social media. They posted two more times, though I’m still waiting for an IG post.
  13. We need to make this tweet go viral ! Like retweet and comment. RL is the grandest American designer house and it’s a really big deal for such an iconic brand to reach out to Kyo. Another close friend of Kyo, Reming9 makes a post on her IG story showing support for Kyo.
  14. This is the founder of the PR agency talking to Kyo at the RL show. His message is really sweet.
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