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  1. 3x points kisses like typical fanfic content; eyes, nose, lips by nokdu to dongj ,he's claming that her features esp her forehead, nose and lips belongs to him c DC
  2. BTS ********* DC The Tale of Nokdu (episodes 3 and 4) Love this show so much! Is there a way to love a playful romantic sageuk any more than I love this show right now? It is so fun, it has me smiling at random moments throughout the week and rethinking moments that happened in the show, and I actually look forward to covering it come Monday. I love this show so much that we are going to start to cover it first on Mondays and Tuesdays COMMENTS This show is the bombdiggity. I love it so much, it is so fun and playful and keeps me on my toes and wondering what is going to happen next. I love how the widow storyline has played out in actually becoming the truth as Nokdu hugged the actual widow. And I love how Nokdu and Dongju ended up in the carriage with her determinedly taking off his clothing to switch with her and him really not wanting to do it. This show is so aces, I love it to much. I love it when a show can give me goosebumps and happy feelings while I watch it that subsequently end up lasting all day long. It is so wonderful and makes me wish that this show aired everyday of the week. I definitely am putting it up there with a TV show that I would recommend first time Kdrama watchers check out. Of course, we have to see how it progresses (and how it ends) but right now, everything about it is great. Recaps: episode 3 (5&6) and episode 4 (7&8) PREVIEW Caption – CHAOS ND – *stumbles out of the carriage and slaps one of the men* How dare you matter in this! Caption – DESTROY ND – *is carried from a horse by the guy that crushes on her* AD – Husba-a-a-a-a-and! ND – *runs away from the little girl he was supposed to marry. Caption – FORGETTING ND – *pins Yool-moo against a tree as if he likes him* Mister. DJ – *tosses and turns in bed* Ah, that stupid dream. credit https://twitter.com/dramamilk_
  3. when your crush looks at u for sec ====== moonlightsdream I’m saying this because I’m proud. If we were born into a middle-class family,I would’ve gone around the neighborhood telling everyone that my younger brother is Maehwa and that he wrote this book. But you and I have a lot to carry on our shoulders.
  4. “Hotel Del Luna” Reveals Sneak Peek Of Lee Joon Gi And IU’s Tense Encounter DRAMA PREVIEW Jul 19, 2019 by E. Cha Get ready for an exciting special appearance by Lee Joon Gi on the upcoming episode of “Hotel Del Luna”! As previously reported, Lee Joon Gi will be making a cameo appearance in the tvN drama out of loyalty to his friend and former co-star IU, with whom he previously starred in the 2016 drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.” On July 20, tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna” unveiled its first glimpse of Lee Joon Gi and IU’s highly-anticipated on-screen reunion. The newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode show Lee Joon Gi dressed as a priest, staring at IU with a fierce look in his eyes. For her part, IU looks equally serious as her character Jang Man Wol, who appears to be saying something to Lee Joon Gi’s character. Meanwhile, an adorable behind-the-scenes shot of the two actors reveals just how different their vibe is off-camera, with the close friends looking relaxed and cheerful as they pose for a photo together on set. The producers of “Hotel Del Luna” expressed their gratitude to Lee Joon Gi for readily agreeing to the cameo, explaining, “After Lee Ji Eun [IU’s given name] contacted him, Lee Joon Gi immediately agreed to make a special appearance. Even in a surprise cameo, he shows amazing presence [as an actor].” The drama’s production staff also revealed that even though Lee Joon Gi was only making a brief appearance in “Hotel Del Luna,” he still showed an incredible work ethic and meticulous attention detail in his acting. Even when the director gave him the OK to move on to the next scene, Lee Joon Gi requested one more take so that he could do an even better job. The producers added, “Because of the flawless chemistry between [Lee Joon Gi and IU] throughout filming, the set was filled with laughter. Please tune in tonight to find out when and in what role Lee Joon Gi will make his appearance.” To catch Lee Joon Gi on “Hotel Del Luna,” tune in to the next episode on July 20 at 9 p.m KST. In the meantime, you can check out the latest episode of the drama with English subtitles below! Source (1)
  5. REVIEWS Angel’s last Mission: Love Episodes 25-28 Thoughts/Review https://www.netizendrama.com/angels-last-mission-love-episodes-25-28-thoughts-review/ Kiss in the Rain And this!!! This kiss was so hot, Myung Soo improved a lot and I’m glad we got a female lead who actually kisses back lol. I think that this is not gonna be easy for them, Dan can’t become human that easily they still have to go through pain i guess there’s gonna be a time lapse. And woah, they spent the night!!! I’m not sure but that’s how it looks! So the first thing that Dan wanna do when he becomes human is spend the night with Yeon Seo lmao. Dan’s Fading I don’t get the point here that he’s fading or she’s fading. To be honest, I don’t understand the point of Yeon Seo fading!! Hu sunbae said her fate was to die that day like what? I think there’s more to it, Hu sunbae perhaps loves Dan and he cares for him like a father but this is messed up. A sad Proposal And finally!!! He asked her to marry him. I couldn’t think much here i was in shock, i got no hope when Yeon Seo kept saying lets get married and Dan kept denying it, It was definitely because he’s an angel and can’t be human. Episode 27-28 Turning point for Dan Ughhh!!! Kim dan has no confidence now that he’ll become a human! To be honest, it’s understandable though he literally tried every goddamn method like he prayed and wrote his report so many times but it got burned!!! Now even a strong character would’ve lose his hope and he’s an angel he’s meant to be this soft!! But thanks to Yeon Seo she comforted him a bit. Unfair dealing of deity I was ugly crying while watching this episode, they’re getting married but can’t be by each others side!! I personally feel like Dan’s gonna become a human because the deity’s gonna see how much efforts they both are making just to be together, but if we see, Kang Woo’s love was also not effortless but he was being disrespectful towards them that’s why the deity planned to kill him. But Kim Dan is unlike Kang Woo he didn’t abandon them but is convincing them to let him be with Yeon Seo. At the end i wanna say have mercy on these souls you deities!!! Yeon Seo bursts in anger EXACTLY MY POINT!! Lee Yeon Seo is not a cry baby!!! She said it clearly!! I’ve been thinking that his mission was to make her fall in love and she is in love so why make them suffer?! It’s not like they’re gonna betray you, they’ve shown you enough of their weakness now please have mercy on them and let Dan become a human! Marriage that might end sadly I’m crying!!! They looked so pretty here. Yeon Seo crosses her path and arm with Kim Dan. This was actually a sad scene to look at cause we already know that something’s gonna happen to one of them. Earlier Yeon Seo also said that they don’t know who’ll die or dissipate first. I don’t know, i’ve a feeling that Yeon Seo might get in danger in the upcoming episodes. We have Ru Na, we must worry! And at the end the vows they wrote also burnt like what, we have 10 reasons to believe its a sad ending and not even a single one to believe its gonna be a happy ending. It richard simmons me off. Ms.Jung the ultimate shipper THIS!!! Firstly, can we please appreciate Ms. Jung. Like she’s really sincere to Yeon Seo, she’s like a mother to her. She was so excited for their marriage!!! And the wedding vows y’all the way they said WE BELIEVE IN OURSELVES damn like the undying love they have for each other is everything. Evil Ru Na Kim Dan looked so serious warning Ru Na!! If they make Dan kill Ru Na I’ll be so mad, like, Dan is a goddamn angel he can’t commit such a sin!!! He’s not thinking at all. Why are they making him look so stupid? Death will come to Yeon Seo even if Ru Na dies, it is her destiny, it’s inevitable. Written by: @gonelikewinter
  6. Angel’s Last Mission really messes us with emotions, like there are some totally cute cheesy romcom esque type moments and then bam it goes all makjang or hard to believe that was happen. the way his thumb runs across her hand source gurdyroots
  7. ======= “Pursuing happiness not thru others, instead i’m looking for the happiness by myself, to become happier” -Ji Chang Wook The Big Issue Korea vol. 205
  8. Lee yeon seo outfits ******* Does anyone else keep thinking about the inevitable angst angel’s last mission is gonna give us? because i am both scared and excited for it
  9. Their chemistry is just romance filled with fireworks!What a beautiful happy ending,that wrapped up the storyline well! The first part of the episode was wonderful that it brought out together all the team efforts. Will definitely miss seeing them looking so lovingly into each other, maybe we could see them reunite for work again or better yet IN REAL LIFE. ---------------------
  10. It’s the finale already, time has gone way too quick first script reading vs final script
  11. throwback fangirling mode ------------------------------------------------ I was surprised about that DMs-brother-out-of-nowhere story line, but i’ll take it anytime, rather than they-break-up story line, i'm glad they did not went to that route because after showing their maturity (DM&RG) in this drama, it will look like they are immature people if they suddenly break-up because of that revelation. ---------- Happy memories
  12. One more episode left! I’m happy that everything is straight with everything, and I am not really looking forward to any more out of the blue revelations or big story moments in this last episode, just let 's RG and DM enjoy their moments together Saddest part of being a kdrama fan is to see one of your favorite kdrama come to an end. DC
  13. Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Face Immense Tension As They Uncover The Past In “Her Private Life” DRAMA PREVIEW May 28, 2019 by S. Nam tvN’s “Her Private Life” has revealed new stills showcasing a very tense atmosphere! In the released stills, Park Min Young appears to be full of concern while Kim Jae Wook is unsmiling with a strained expression. In another photo, Park Min Young is crying and looks completely devastated. In particular, viewers were shocked to spot Kim Jae Wook leaving Park Min Young’s side, making them suspect that something has gone seriously wrong due to seeing Kim Jae Wook’s cold expression for the first time. The tension is even more palpable with Kim Mi Kyung’s expression. In the previous episode, Kim Mi Kyung becomes uneasy after she sees a photo of Kim Jae Wook with his real name “Heo Yoon Jae” written on it. As Kim Jae Wook’s past has yet to be completely revealed, viewers are curious to discover what will occur in the upcoming episode as they suspect Park Min Young and Kim Mi Kyung to have some sort of connection with his past. The production staff of “Her Private Life” said, “In the [May] 29 broadcast, all will be revealed regarding Park Min Young’s and Kim Jae Wook’s entangled pasts. Park Min Young will make the viewers tear up with her ardent emotional acting as she faces the truth that had been forgotten.” “Her Private Life” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST. https://www.soompi.com/article/1328305wpp/kim-jae-wook-and-park-min-young-face-immense-tension-as-they-uncover-the-past-in-her-private-life ----------------- The tvN drama "Her Private Life" released stills of the 'lipstick kiss', which awakens all dead love cells. "Her Private Life" Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook's Lipstick Moment 2019/05/28 | "Her Private Life" Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook are close to each other, as he is helping her apply lipstick and she pecks him on the lips afterwards. The tvN drama "Her Private Life" released stills of the 'lipstick kiss', which awakens all dead love cells. The stills show the two people not wanting to stay apart even for a while. Kim Jae-wook's Ryan Gold is helping Park Min-young's Seong Deok-mi get ready for work and puts make-up on her himself. He fills her lips up with lipstick as if drawing on them. He looks very gentle and sensitive while doing this, but at the same time, his lips are curled into a smile that shows how adorable she looks to him. Seong Deok-mi then pecks Ryan Gold on the lips as if to prove that he belongs to her. She looks loveable, and the romance here makes all dormant love cells awaken. With two more episodes to go, "Her Private Life" gets sweeter and sweeter. Meanwhile, "Her Private Life" begins at 9:30PM today. ___________ "Her Private Life" is directed by Hong Jong-chan, written by Kim Hye-young, and features Park Min-young, Kim Jae-wook, Ahn Bo-hyun, One, Kim Bo-ra, Park Jin-joo. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/04/10~Now airing, Wed, Thu 21:30 on tvN. Source : /news.nate.com/view/2...
  14. I don’t think they are acting anymoreone of the best scene ever.The positive energy from both leads are strikingly impressive --------------
  15. I don't see any reason/point that our couple will break up with 2 episopes left they gone thru difficulties already and with their possitive out look in life they will try to overcome/solve the problem including what DM mom situation. ------------ marriage couple vibe Ryan trying to put lipstick on Deokmi lips is Ryan Gold really looks cute lion here ------------- ++++ 8 Reasons Why Kim Jae Wook From “Her Private Life” Is The Perfect K-Drama Boyfriend FEATURES May 27, 2019 by DianneP_Kim After making our hearts flutter and also giving us laughs and tears, “Her Private Life” is coming to an end, but Ryan Gold is the gift that keeps on giving. Kim Jae Wook, who plays this unforgettable character, is known for doing mostly serious and mysterious roles, but this time he’s taken on a lighter yet charismatic role — and viewers can’t get enough! He continues to enchant us with his superb acting and his undeniable chemistry with Park Min Young (Sung Duk Mi), which makes us believe that he just might be one of the most perfect K-drama leads. Here are eight reasons why: He’s got an amazing sense of style. And great hair. But besides his trendy outfits, his soft wavy hair adds to his charm. Kim Jae Wook, after all, always had great hair and first made us swoon with his signature long hair and man bun when he first burst into the scene. He’s a hopeless romantic. Does anyone else feel all the feels when he looks at or kisses Duk Mi? As he falls deeper and deeper in love with her, Ryan is not afraid to show it through his long, loving stares. It is sure to make anyone’s heart melt! We don’t even have to go into detail about the way he kisses her because he’s sweet, romantic, intense, and captivating! https://www.soompi.com/article/1327248wpp/8-reasons-why-kim-jae-wook-from-her-private-life-is-the-perfect-k-drama-boyfriend
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