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  1. @roshzanna thank you very much. We are there!! Great track. Do you have the adress for the playground? Thank you very much!
  2. Thank you so much. I didn't read your answer but we were at Gaetgol Ecopark today, too! How can I go to the bridge? Kakao map doesn't find it. It should be good to reach with public transportation because we have a toddler with us We want to go to Ilsan Lake Park with the trees, where JH gave SH the ring too
  3. I'm now in Seoul. Does someone know, what's the name of the tower in episode 8? They were there to see the wind and Jin hyuk got a cold after that? I would like to visit this place. And the bridge with the pictures in episode 5 too please?
  4. I miss Encounter and our JinSoo-Couple so much. I still can't get over them
  5. @stroppyse Please don't say sorry about the length of the post. I must say thank you for your post. I enjoyed your writing and thoughts so much and really agree with you!
  6. @thistle I'm sorry to hear that some posts sickened you so badly. I didn't really read the bashing posts about JH's mother because it was too much for me so I don't really remember, how it was. But I really hope that you don't put your happiness in someone's hand. You enjoyed the show so ignore the bad comments or posts if you can and have a nice time!
  7. I like all the songs in Encounter, esp. Take me on, Omara, Fairy tales but really enjoy all of them!
  8. @caileysmiley I've always visited this thread from time to time but didn't write anything. Thank you so much for keeping this thread updated! I always love Hye Kyo and I'm even prouder of her after Encounter
  9. Does someone know if the DVD has engsub? For commentary too? I would immediately buy it when it has!!!
  10. Thank you soooo much for recapping and pics!!!! I love this drama, every second of it!!! I´m so happy right now!!!
  11. @twtwb @NongpeeP Thank you so much for your comments! I really feel the same but can't write as beautifully as you did. Encounter is really a masterpiece for me. Cast and crew stay loyal to their plan and it's wonderful. The story is reasonable and beautifully told. Their acting is amazing! I really appreciate this drama so much!
  12. @ahdrianaa I totallly agree with you. I don´t know which emoji I should choose Thanks or In Love or Insightful!
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