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  1. Hello everyone, I'm so excited!!! And we have a thread already! Can't wait for more confirmed news! I miss Kyo so much
  2. I am so happy.. Can't wait to know who is the male lead and what's the drama about. But Kim Eun Sook... It will be something originell and special with good dialogs
  3. Well, I wished BinKyo to be true because when I watched the BTS or Presscon of WW, I saw Kyo so shy but so comfortable, so happy and blooming. I love how she laughed so happily back then. There was no reservation, she was herself. That's why I romanticized it all. I wished so badly that she can be happy and free of sorrow like that again.. But if the love were really strong and deep, it would not end along time ago. They would have fighted for it regardless what the antis or even the parents do. It was just my wish and my romantic heart. But as I said, I don't regret anything at all
  4. Yeah, we had fun chatting in this thread. We didn't bash or harm anyone. There's nothing we need to argue or feel bad for. I myself enjoyed the time here because you guys were funny and openminded. Thank you for the time. I hope we can chat more on Kyos thread or her new project
  5. @Nona They tried to laugh at this thread as if they themself had "archieved" something. It's so laughable It's just someone dates someone. It's the most normal thing in life. It's not because of the "effort" of shippers. There's nothing that they should be proud of They themself didn't archieve anything at all. @Sequia Girl thank you for speaking out loud your thought. This person came to this thread, pretend to be nice and at the end he/she is so petty. So toxic people... I didn't want to waste my time to write more to him/her.
  6. Hey guys, I suddenly saw someone sending laughing smiley at my posts and then I saw "his" face again. Lol. Some are still so bitter and keep following SHKs business. I'm glad that we are so relaxed and not that obsessed I can't care less about him and others but some are still interested and bitter PS: I viewed the profile. She/he even used to pretend SHK's fan to cheat us but we saw it all through
  7. Happy new year everyone! It's great that we have a confirmation now. For me nothing changes since I'm always SHK fan and just supporter of both Bin and Kyo. I just wonder, why the reveal is so clichéd through Dispatch and not on their own. But it's anyway their thing. They are all in good age to settle down. I just wish them the best. I wish for 2021 that Covid-19 will be defeated and we can see SHK in a new project again. SHK is happy and contented if with or without a partner. It's the most important thing for me as a fan.
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