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  1. I myself don't really find this statement from both sides strong or obvious enough to stop shipping/ supporting BinKyo ship. But they send a statement what means they want the rumor and us to lie down. BinKyo will be less bashed, less attention from antis. So I will do what they want. I will still silently support them as I always do. Will the club be available again or it was closed forever? We can continue supporting them silently
  2. Yeah, let's see what the future brings. All I know and I'm pretty sure about that Kyo is very happy now. That's the most important thing for me. If they are meant to be, they will be. If not, it's also ok. I always wish them the best, regardless with whom they will end up with.
  3. This account on Twitter to debunk BinKyo is so funny. She/he spreads also hints, which we never used. Since there is no hint from their own ship, they keep themselves busy with our ship.
  4. Only in Asien it's bad/ashamed to be a divorcee. Because for the Asians the women have less value than men. It's the thing that needs to be changed. In which century do we live? We can not just "live and let live". Each person has his own decisions and his own life. Why do we keep judging others?
  5. She is so glowing!!! She looks so happy. I'm so happy
  6. I agree that we should not do anything to harm BK. We are just investigating and make our SPECULATIONS about their love story. Noone knows everything inside. We just guess the meaning of the songs, posts from squad. There's no guarantee that it's true. Maybe it's what Kyo felt or maybe she just liked the song. Who knows. I also listen to songs, although they have nothing to do with me. So it's all speculation. It would be silly from haters to use our speculations to bash Kyo. But it's right that we should be careful that we can create bad rumors about her. Even sometimes we found out, we were wrong such as the pics with the trees in YP. And the brother of YZ really watched MNKSS again So we make another speculations. It's all for fun here.
  7. CSH has so much in common with Kyo. I remember that last talk of CSH with her ex husband. It was something like "it's not about the break up. It's about how you did it. How you broke up, I will never forget how I felt..." It's just like in real life..
  8. Oh. Thank you for correcting. Then there's really no photo of our ninja. (Kim Hye Soo is pretty thin. )
  9. Please do not quote pic Kyo wears a lot of red recently
  10. Me too. I like Kim Jin Hyuk very much but Bo Gum is pretty different than JH I don't think he's Kyo's type
  11. Yeah. Cuba was really beautiful and special. The colors, the music, the Salsa.. I would fall in love in Encounter all over again while thinking about it
  12. Ah sorry, I didn't read it well. "Almost" was forgotten
  13. It was definitely Cuba, where Encounter was filmed. I'm a big fan of Encounter It's also my dream to go there to visit the filming locations like in Südkorea.
  14. Yeah. Let's call it coincidence . We are humble shippers of a humble couple
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