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  1. The lights are not all on upstairs for people who believe the rumours being churned out by these so called “respected journalists” or “close friends” People ought to find more meaningful ways to spend their time
  2. The article is in broken English. It’s hard to make sense of it. Maybe next time it will be much better to wait for an official translation or someone who knows Korean before jumping to conclusions.
  3. Where is your source? I’ve never seen an article about this. Amore Pacific already said that the personal lives of their representatives doesn’t influence their contracts in any way. Before posting, can you please make sure the information you are sharing is valid. This is causing unnecessary worry for her fans who are already stressed as it its Please, let’s all be responsible fans here and learn how to discern what’s true and what’s rubbish. ETA: Naver? Share the link here then
  4. It's sweet that they're all in touch still...this begs the question...how about our Jinsoo reunion?
  5. Thanks for clarifying @ahdrianaa I totally agree. Nothing has been confirmed so far so we just have to keep still. Maybe the producers are really trying to drum up publicity by attaching Kyo’s name whether she confirms or not.
  6. Her outfit for this event just doesn’t fit the aesthetics of Sulwhasoo at all. What a miss. Her team needs some fashion pointers from good stylists. I’m sorry. It pains me to see her like this, as dramatic as it sounds. Can someone get her a stylist who is actually good and consistent
  7. Oh you meant the balcony kiss in episode 8? LMAO. My mind automatically thought of episode 10 I do agree with PD tho, it would be OOC to do it in front of everyone
  8. Indoor kiss you say? You mean it was supposed to happen inside her hotel room?? PD became a prude and opened it up to interpretation instead. That's as indoor-sy as we can get in that episode in Cuba.
  9. I'm still hoping that Japan can somehow be instrumental in the release of our DVD. Fingers and toes crossed! Can you believe it's been almost half a year since the first episode aired?? 6 months, ladies and gents, 6 months! Woah
  10. OMG. Ditto at the terrible service at Sulwhasoo Bloomingdale’s! I was there early this year and the sales representative just didn’t know what she was talking about. She almost got my shade wrong too when I was buying a CC cushion. Turns out the samples were not arranged properly in the stand. Can you imagine! I almost blew money on the wrong shade. It’s a good thing I double checked it. Can’t remember the layout of Bloomingdale’s Sulwhasoo kiosk. But she’s probably in the same place. I honestly won’t be too surprised if they didn’t recognise Kyo. They’re just terrible. Then again, I’ve never been impressed by sales representatives in America. Lol
  11. Ugh my heart. I was so surprised Kyo posted that too, @ahdrianaa! I want to see these two together again. Why is life so cruel. LOL
  12. Be still, my heart! Thank you for the translation chingu!! @ahdrianaa
  13. I was left a little confused about the Blossoms movie and WKW’s production company to which Kyo has signed with. Anyway for clarification here is what WKW said about the cast of Blossoms: “Despite reports to the contrary, which happens when projects are rumored to be in development for years, the filmmaker confirms that no casting has been done, yet, saying, “No actors have been cast yet, and they need to be able to speak Shanghainese.” Full article: https://theplaylist.net/wong-kar-wai-blossoms-trilogy-20190319/ I’m not sure if Kyo speaks Shanghainese but could it also mean she might be in a different WKW movie altogether? Like after he directs Blossoms. Hope she can star in something that gets recognised in Hollywood or at the Cannes or Venice Film Festival
  14. Just dropping by to say that people ought not to impose on her when she should have a baby Thanks for sharing the synopsis @ahdrianaa. Any news when it’ll be released?
  15. @ahdrianaa right in the feels, chingu. Lol. When will we see these two together again? When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east? Sigh
  16. They should all pull a Cersei Lannister walk of shame. Why are people assuming the diamond ring on her right middle finger is her wedding ring? She wore similar rings like those on her right middle finger in the past.
  17. Lol at some people over on IG thinking the “J” on that Hermes bag is related to SJK I guess when one is too blinded, they don’t notice the “O” behind the “J” So no, definitely not Kyo’s bag. Lol Thanks for pointing it out @ahdrianaa
  18. Just when I was about to move on these two keep pulling me back @ahdrianaa They better reunite in another drama soon! I miss them so much
  19. Hi @bebebisous33! It’s been a minute I completely agree with your analysis. I miss all the symbolisms we get to dissect with the drama. CSH - moonlight, KJH - sunlight It’s just a beautiful parallel. I know this symbolism has often been used to describe lovers. Miss Saigon comes to mind too. Even PBG sang the song “The Moon Represents My Heart” recently and reading the English lyrics, it could pass as the drama’s soundtrack.
  20. Aww they knew all along that a DVD would never see the light of day, so sad and infuriating. Never realized how far apart his legs were until you pointed it out @ahdrianaa. I think the Sokcho hug scene was filmed during the terrible cold in Korea, wasn’t it like minus 16? I can just imagine how much colder it was since they were next to the ocean. And I cannot for the life of me make out the position of his hands. And where is the rolling camera? I miss the OTP, but to be quite honest, the cancellation or non production of the DVD really left a bitter taste in my mouth. Can’t help but hate the studio now.
  21. I feel y’all on the Lord of the Rings issue. Poor Kyo, her life has been turned into a circus All we can do is hope for the best
  22. I like the second one the best. That can easily be a scene out of their future drama together! I miss them so much! Chingus this is driving me crazy can y’all remember this particular shot in episode 10? I think this was right after he said “I love you” based on the position of his hands, but we never saw this wide angle shot in the original broadcast! Right? Righhhht? Lol
  23. I miss you all, chingus! I know we all miss our OTP too When, where and in what form will they meet again? Only time will tell. Let’s all keep the faith, shall we?
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