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  1. Yeah it will be delightful news if she make back to back drama this year..n if its true then, we will overjoy about it Wonder if Breaking Up will bring drama or comedic side??hope the latter.. hmmm if I can choose I want her being pair up with kim jae wok,I've watched several works of him n I think he's one of versatile actors out there, plus I think they will be great pair (in sense of work ofc) hahaha..so much of delusional thinking, I have right know..
  2. Hi @caileysmileyyy it's nice to be back here.. @gigivillaceran hmm although I'm happy if that news its true,but I don't know why I'm not into the male lead..no offense to the actor,I know he is a good one,I have seen his work before,but..........hah,I don't want to have a prejudice about it,just feel a lil anxious about her comeback..I believe with her ability to have chemistry with all her co-star n it never failed to amaze us
  3. It's really need a lot of patience to hear confirmation of her drama ..it feels like she's gonna give us a 'present' ..I don't know with u guys but why I feel they like too 'hush hush' about her project this time around..or it just my impatient feel cz its been a while we will see her on screen Btw I like this new emojis,hehe
  4. Hi guys,great to be back here happy she will be back in drama soon..can I be a little more greedy to see her more in one project this year? The Glory only have 8 episodes so maybe the tiniest wish from me she will have another project to do so
  5. Wow..its been a while I've been in soompi since kyo latest drama..it's good to be back..so its basically only 8 episodes n in season?its sounds like in Netflix form for me.. nevertheless I'm excited to know how it will goes.. However I want Won Bin to be pair with her I doubt it he will agree to be part of it cz base from the storyline it's more like female centric theme..but who knows we will get great news to hear..
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