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  1. Do u wanna see her face at least once when she receive her coffee truck? Cz i really wanna see it..but every single time she always take picture only the coffee truck n her finger I won't complain but still i want complain,hahaha Oh yeah I come over to Michaa IG n I saw jisoo BP pic for new campaign??its been a while though but I just forgot to asked u guys..if I'm not mistaken,Jisoo is BA for itMichaa(?) Clothing line,is it the same company as Michaachannel that SHK endorse?cz I'm confused is SHK still their BA?
  2. Thanks @twtwb for answering.. Hope for the safety n success for the drama.. I get a lil bit in curious about the writer previous work which is Misty helmed by a veteran actors kim nam joo n ji jin hee..to tell the truth,I never watched the drama becz its not piqued my interest nor it will now,sorry,,haha.. But I try to read about the review n the ending (yes,ending,why?cz when the drama start, the first thing pop up in my mind is the beginning n ending,so yeah) becz this is SHK comeback drama so I wanna to check the previous work of the writer..so,for the starter her first wo
  3. There's some news that NWBU will finish shooting until mid September n its pre produced..so it really is for 5 months of work..n the glory will air in early 2022..wow,really back to back drama,non stop shoot n a lot of preparations.. I hope for the best for their hard work..becz its pre produced I hope from the qualities wise will be high..n I really, really, really wish SHK will not take a long break after finish for the both work..hope she will take on 2 movies after this 2 dramas,hehehe
  4. How long do u guys think,for 16 epi drama will take usually?more than 5 months or less? Is it already final that it will be air in November?or it still can be change?I still have hope they can change it so it will be faster,hahaha (Sighhh) Waiting is sure a torture..........
  5. Hufftttt!!!! I imagined that NWBU will premier their first epi in July/August but its much longer than that..so basically it will be full pre produce..I hope the shoot will be smooth n the result will be great So please SBS, be generous to us..pleaseeeeeeeee give us sneak peak..a script reading,posters or whatever it is
  6. So we could predict that they already start to shoot..I hope SBS will be nice enough to release a pict for their script reading or still cuts (which is quite impossible,cz their premier will be in November..still long way to go) Why there is no JKY pict received same flower? hahaha..maybe he still shoot his other drama that will air on May(?)so he couldn't met with the others cast.. So this year her two dramas will be full pre produced.. NWBU air in Nov n the glory air for next year..hope she will not take a break after this..maybe take movie offer?I think that will be
  7. I wanna see their script reading session soooooo bad.... I think there will be another kyo's project,with Chaumet n maybe another photoshoot for mags (hopefully for vogue or elle)?or maybe for Fendi champaign (hope so!!! We haven't see their newest champaign after harpers bazaar) wanna see her face all over Fendi's ad board I hope Kyo's style in NWBU more bold,edgy n feminine,all at once hahahaha..I don't know anything bout fashion n what so ever so I hope u understand what I meant
  8. Yeyyyy!!!! At last Vitalbeautie ad!!! Hopefully in this month we will see sneak peak from the script reading process N hopefully we will have another cover magazine for April edition?maybe with JKY,hehehe..she already in vogue hongkong,w korea,harper bazaar korea..so maybe for Elle?haha,my wishful thought.. don't know why I always think that she always appear in this top 4 magazine,its like she always be reserve for it, not I'm complaint though, not many artist can be the cover of this magazine,many can be featured in it, but to be cover magazine I think its a big deal, e
  9. The supporting actresses that I fully recognize is the one that had been her mother both in DOTS n Encounter n her ex mother in law in Encounter as well.. I feel giddy n excited cz it will be soon around the corner that they will start shooting
  10. I think for the meantime writer KES n PD Ahn Gil Ho will busy with other project..I heard writer KES will be in drama 'write your destiny'..so maybe the glory will be in production later this year..so much news about her this month n I hope we will see script reading session for Now we are breaking up.. actually I never thought that JKY will accept this drama cz he still busy with his newest drama with Hyeri n I heard that he will in military service soon.. Ok,let see this,SHK news/ project in 2021: W cover Jan 2021 : done Harpers Bazaar cover March 2021: done
  11. So happy that we already have a new thread for her drama comeback beside the glory thanks @twtwb I hope this drama will be smooth sailing until the end
  12. Guyssssssss.. I don't know if its true or not,I saw from IG from one of SHK fans that she already confirmed to play at Let's breaking up drama n with Jang Ki Young!!!!!! From the person that said they did not received the offered... Its a WOW!!!!!! Like Really??? This is happening? Yeah!!!! So its confirmed guys..she will be comeback earlier than we expected she really know how to surprise her fans....hahaha..I never expected her to accept this project.. can I really hope that she will be featured in hong sisters drama with lee jong suk then?hahaha Can't wai
  13. Yeah,I think of her like the female version of WB in a good way of course,they have that aura of mysteriousness.. especially in a sense of acting,they are very meticulous, veeeerrryyyy selective, in SHK case I see her as a type of actress that least concerned about how well a movies or dramas in the end, but selected a dramas/movies more about the depth of the story,director or behind the scene people etc n if audiences appreciate what they do n gets an awards, its a bonus..so she's like the process more type of person Regarding I'm breaking up now drama,why I don't have quite fait
  14. Its already March n there is no single update about her drama n I wanna cry Although I'm also happy she's doing photoshoot n all other project,the news that I really waiting for is about her comeback drama,call me dramatic that's ok,becz I am.. it feels like my dream to see her in multiple filming project is not gonna happen..time flies really fast u know..n then maybe we are gonna see her in one drama comeback n that suck..sorry just my rant for today Oh n I read it somewhere that the PD of the glory will direct a new drama about people lives among covid(?) Sort off or maybe
  15. @sunflower91_ thanx for answering..her campaign for SC its kind of iconic for me..yes,I'm waiting for her collaboration with Fendi in the future,can't wait for her other photos for Harper's march issue.. Guess we will have to wait other photoshoot for Chaumet maybe? that she n her team already spill the other day ohhh don't forget her new ad for vitalbeautie.. this year become full of surprised from her,don't u guys think?not I'm complaint though..hope her other projects will surprise us more
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