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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Awww love that pic...thanks @gumtaek

I’ve been waiting for SHK and PBG pic together outside the drama.  Hope production team will release a blue ray/dvd with tons of bts of them together.  I just want to see more of our JinSoo coz I’m starting to miss them  :bawling:

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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Hello my dear chingu,

That beautiful pic of our lovely couple brings a smile to my face right away!


Awww.....They look so sweet together....hehe.. (please let me just fangirl them since the drama ended)    :D


Thank you for sharing. PD NIM - I really want to give you  hug for pairing this amazing couple. They're super talented and super beautiful. How can we let go of the drama? I can't. I demand a special episode next week!!


P/s: Mostly, I see PBG's closed lips smile in the party pics. So glad I get to see him smile showing his lovely white teeth when he's cutting the cake with Kyo......haha..

Gratz for a an amazing drama, both of you!

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1 hour ago, htk9207 said:



Thank you Encounter for being so meaningful and heartwarming. And thank you for this thread with everyone's lively discussion and analysis. Thank you for the live recaps. Thank you to each and everyone here. Good night.



Love all of your mentioned point in the comment indeed, beautifully described. 


1 hour ago, nikir said:



Love PBG's sense of humor. 

Can anyone understand what PBG wrote in korean?  his writing is sooo difficult to decipher.. partly coz of the marker.  All i could make out was 'thank you'


I do not understand what he said and what he wrote.

Could you please explain what they were talking?


1 hour ago, nikir said:

Cake is very beautiful esp edition of the camera n slippers...

Cake reads" if the waves job is to think of dra, it's our job to think of boyfriend" 

The same poem.. with the drama title:wub:


I am not the type of appreciating poem but I did in every word Kim Jin Hyuk mentioned. 


KJH made me remind to read more and go to bookstore more often while CSH made me wanna start appreciating arts. (while I ignore museums when on trip) 


1 hour ago, jl08 said:



And if the sons are smart after watching "Boyfriend", they surely will say "I love her a much as I love my mum, dad and brother/sister".  Sure-win formula, thanks to this drama.   :D


I like that we can learn so much from this cliche love story - press on, don't give up. Love conquers all.


From the party pics posted, I surmise that both PBG and SHK attract gals and guys like bees to honey...lol. It's obvious especially for SHK who is surrounded by lots of fanboys....can't you blame them? It's like seeing divine beauty right in front of you!


All's well that ends well. Thanks to SHK and PBG for doing an amazing drama together.

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@gumtaek thank you for that picture, I I love it, cutting their cake while smiling and look at their hands together... I hope they are close now like Yoo Ah In and SHK in real life just like a real Noona dongsaeng friendship... will miss both of them as CSH and KJH..

Wishing they can work together again...

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15 minutes ago, NongpeeP said:

The castmembers can't even afford to fall ill. (I think I heard Kyo sniffing in the last scene)

Haha, that might be the reason why audiences lost the smooch in the last date which PBG&SHK have just filmed to save PBG for his fan meeting this Saturday free of the cold. 


Haha...so that's why I demand a special episode to cover all the lost kisses to satiate our hunger since the Cuban balcony steamy kiss was dangled as a mere carrot to lure us hungry and innocent rabbits to the drama's den. 


And we're still being dangled right up to the last episode.


Why do I feel they're a little emotional in one of the pics.....I see Kyo holding a tissue and PBG looked solemn too.. I guess they really invested a lot of effort and emotions to bring us a great melodrama.

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This is what PBG wrote ( credit to Hubby’s limited Korean)


”pretty (girl’s name Hye in?)! Thanks for brightening the set with your cute voice.  It was fun working with you. Let’s meet again. God Bless! 

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:heart: it when :

1. We requested for hot and steamy kisses, they gave us “cold” but steamy kisses instead

2. We requested for 30mins-1hr of lovey dovey scene, they gave us 15mins lovely scene with 50s spent on the kissing scene

3. We thought love begin and completed in the Cuba garden, whilst all this time their love starts and completed at JH’s playground.... :sweat_smile:


Thank you to the writer, PD, the casts and crews for creating such a wonderful drama.

Thank you to fellow soompiers for all your posts here in this thread.

I enjoy it thoroughly. 

Till we meet again. 



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Apart from the beautiful love story, I realized this when I thought about the characters..


All the 3 leads had moms who weren't perfect.. but that didn't stop any of them from respecting/ loving  their mom.. the leads ( including WS) don't agree with their moms and are even threatened, yet they don't raise their voice or show any disrespect... this seemed highly unrealistic.. but in the end the they are were able to change the mindset of their moms ( excluding ws mom) ... in a very calm manner.. which was profound to me..

   Esp the way KJH handled his mother.. with care and affection and convinced her in his own way without any drama...this scene shows how thoughtful and calm he is.. he thinks a lot before he responds to any situation..  !!! Love doesn't change because ppl make mistakes.. he understands the reasoning behind the action..a beautiful learning indeed


None of the characters screamed or did any over the top acting .. which I have often noticed in many dramas.. the characters behavior was consistent with the role.. 

The pace of the drama.. right from Ep 1 to ep16 was  consistent.. very smooth took the very end.. never felt rushed at any time...


The background music .. gives me the feels everytime the leads meet or in every significant scene.. the silence when JH finds out about what his mom did....i was holding my breath  almost throughout ep 15.. the silence and the background music was perfect.. the music spoke in volumes what the audience felt..


I haven't watched many kdramas but i still think this is a rare masterpiece that I will watch again and again.. my comfort food!!

This is my first PBG drama and to be honest. I didn't find him appealing ( don't scold me) when I saw the teaser. But he is seriously amazing and handsome..esp in the emotional scenes and the stubborn look that he gives:wub:. I am soo waiting fwd for his next. am so happy I decided to watch this show. This  drama has definitely changed my perspective on many things.


SHK rocks!!! You guys have written so beautifully about her.  I don't even have to say anything.. just hope to see another of her drama soon pls.. not every 2 years!!


I have to look up on the other work of the PD n scriptwriter.. thank you for giving us Encounter with such a brilliant casting !!! Saranghaeyo

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13 minutes ago, rosiepeonie188 said:

Thank you for being brave”

Why do i feel like crying.


Kyo is crying in the pic, alright :tears:



I didn't know I can love her more but after taking all the backlash after this drama, and knowing that it could happen before she agreed to it but still taking on this role, makes me love her more. 

I just want to shield her. Why does everything have to be this hard for her :bawling: 

All the effing time.



Wish somebody would release vids of their party.

There's bound to be!

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