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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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So finally we're done with the Boyfriend drama series. I would say that everyone is satisfied with the ending. For me, the ending should have been much better. The reconciliation at the park was really good and the dinner ironed out everything about the couple. The scenes after that  however brought down the excitement of the drama. Those scenes could have been taken out without affecting the continuity of the drama. The Director should have pursued more the question of KJH to CSH about going to Santiago Cuba as newlywed.  The drama is over and I'm happy with the outcome but somewhat dissatisfied.


To the administrator of the thread, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this drama interaction. Hoping that another drama will bring us all back to throw in some of our POVs. Hasta la vista. :thumbsup:

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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Random thought


I just realized that Congressman Cha’s release may be just around the corner, making his prison sentence a little over a year


The ending scene was winter 2020. So if they were to go to Santiago/Spain during the second quarter, that would be around spring to summer. I highly doubt JH would’ve asked her to marry him if her Dad won’t be around. So yeah, it smells like a spring wedding for the two



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Boyfriend, JH, SH have really gotten into my system. Im not sure if there is a way out.  Yes, JH, its not only you who can say im in trouble... im so much in trouble:wub:

So much embarassed yesterday going to work,having  teary eyes thinking of JinSoo.


What can i complain about?  Only one thing, it already ended.

Though there are still questions i want answers but i remembered what brought me here in this thread, defending the drama,  that we should read between the lines to understand and appreciate the story. 


I want to see them in the actual spring season....but Jh said...when they ride the bike together and eat together and when Sh said it looks like a boyfriend, thats spring. And maybe, their actual wedding will happen next spring.

On a 2nd thought they may not be married yet but i'll bet that they are living together. What his mother said Sh as girlfriend... but his mother is always the last to know, right?. With Sh father still in prison, a secret marriage or a registered marriage is possible. Well, its all up to our own imagination and interpretation.


Oh @bebebisous33, please still tag me on your posts. I can only read posts  few at a time right now , mostly in passing but promise to do so when there's no work. 


When i saw that pic of Shk/Pbg at the wrap up party cutting cake...yaay...if we are deprived of a wedding in the drama at least we see them cutting cake together, hands together in actual not only as JinSoo but as Shk/Pbg as well:lol:


Yaazzz, SHKPBG, JH/SH.... i love you to the moon and back.:heart:

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So.... it’s the weekend and what better way to spend it but rewatch episodes 15&16 (gosh I’m feeling such a masochist watching the break up scene all over again :sweatingbullets:). Like @stardustvoid, I’m feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest (make that a dinosaur). :tears:



And I keep making up scenarios in my head what if CSH was so stubborn with her decision and then JH will decide to move on. He ended up getting too close to HI and then CSH witnesses. Aigooooo! Nothing can change a stubborn mind but jealousy :lol: she might drink soju again and we get another crying drunk scene.


Some of my musings...


Now guess who can’t get over this drama?

There’s really no escape from it. 

Who’s feeling like I do? :ph34r:

or am I just too abnormal?

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@dukesa1122Me too can't get over this drama the same after I watch My Mister.  


And I'm convincing all my kdrama friend to watch Encounter. Last night I also rewatch Episode 15&16. And PBG his acting is superb. SHK is a great actress. So happy that they accept this drama. Cant imagine any actor or Actress portray SH & JH.



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Hahaha @dukesa1122 count me in..still remembering all of their love story from the beginning until the end..

When I saw a story like this,how the two leads actually cross path before, without they're realize,n become one in the end its like beautiful fate..sounds cliche but that's likely what happen in real life..


Today its KJH fanmeeting right?I hope it will be a successful,maybe CSH will visit him :P..

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36 minutes ago, redbeanbuns said:

I hope it will be a successful,maybe CSH will visit him 


Much as I would love to see Kyo drop a surprise visit at PBG's FM today, I think it's highly unlikely cos it's like entering a lion's den with all the female fans going crazy over the National Boyfriend...just look at the crowd and media at their wrap up party..cameras flashing away & the crowd cheering...

PBG is owned by the nation now....haha...


I noticed that SHK has an endearing childlike quality in her that draws fanboys to her, besides her beauty. In the drama, during the library scene, she was teasing KJH about the tiny book covering his eyes only - that was cutely delivered in her own way. Also, at the last scene, take a look at her innocent eyes darting away when KJH asked her what happened to the camera cover that she was supposed to make for him, it's one year already....SHK was busy making excuses and it was kinda cute....both time it made KJH/PBG laughed genuinely. I think it's so apt of SHK because she needs to keep her guard up in real life (plenty of bashing) so she'll only let down with the ones who are close/familiar with her.....and you can see her being herself and I'm not surprised if she teases PBG in bts....like how she reacted when she discovered that he practised salsa on his own....lol.


The effect of the script was nuanced by their superb delivery of their lines and emotions and that made the drama so much more realistic and endearing because we were drawn into the world of KJH and CSH and their love story. We laugh and cry with them. I wish I was one of those shoes or cameras that literally stayed with them through thick and thin.....so that I can walk good times with them and capture precious moments of their passion.......

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@Just reminded that Encounter / Boyfriend’s original story with synopsis, CSH has one child with divorced ex-husband. 

It’s great to cut such part out because it might be complicated to involve with the mom’s virtue and appropriateness.   




I am rewatching from time to time and found out KJH and CSH have been drawn by the writer differentiated from several lead characters in other dramas:


- Ex-Husband as 2nd male lead no matter what he did to CSH, she has never had no manner or no mercy.


Even when she knew he loves her and tried to help free up by divorcing or plan with execution to procure Donghwa Hotel, CSH just asked to stop and no meed more. 


Female lead characters in several Kdrama are not consistently like this with several attempts by 2nd lead role or at least they might have manner and made audiences feel that’s why such 2nd male lead characters kept pursuing. 


This is the clip when the director who used to close to CSH’s father, who used to convince CSH’s father to accept CSH’s marriage offer that ex-husband was different from his siblings, came to ask CSH to accept Ex-husband’s offered majority shares of Dong Hwa Hotel Group, CSH has just rejected.


No matter how CSH is beautiful and no matter ex-husband did anything to pursue CSH, KJH can trust her loyal feature, she is hard-hearted.



CSH’s one flaw in KJH&CSH’s relationship is concerning her beloved one too much, she can not trust herself be able to bear pains from seeing KJH’s negative intervention by being with CSH.


Plus, she doubted one day KJH or his family can exhaust from the adverse effect of being with CSH till in coming worst case scenario with the worst effect, he or his family regrets from this decision to involve with her. 



The most heartbreaking word with  trembled voive when I rewatched Encounter / Boyfriend is


“Why are you abandoning me?” 



Google translate from TVN drama: 

Joy + tears of happiness.Thank you for the beauty of the snow. Thank you ... until now < Boyfriend > Thank you for loving me #tvN#수목드라마#남자친구#송혜교#박보검





Please also add me to your coming observation. 

Thank you.

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The problem when a thread moves so fast if you come once every few hours you can't find the post you want.


Has anyone read and can remember what the KNetizen commented about ep 16? You know the posts where someone posts the translated comments?

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@jl08 don't worry dear I never expected SHK would do that..its a rare case scenario :sweatingbullets: 


but I wanna have a little bit hope,SHK as his noona with SJK as his close hyung, will give him video message to congratulate him :phew: songsong couple+PBG its a treat for the eye :wub:


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