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  1. While the ending is realistic.. still not happy with it!! The voiceover we got in ep 5/8 from both JH n HJ about loving each other.. n HJ mentioning looking back at her.. those were made when they were 28 after breakup or when they are 30? HH also voiced thst he has a chance now.. was that when he was 28 or 30.? Guess this show was also a slice of life kind of drama.. where a lot of things are left to our imaginations!! It was great reading all your views and opinions!! Will miss this forum
  2. I have too many questions n thoughts but will wait for subs..but def dont like the ending..too vague
  3. Joining this discuss All of you guys echoed my thoughts.. Tbh ep15 is probably my least favorite in this series the breakup came towards the end and all of us were pretty much still left hanging in three same state thst we were last week.. jh not agreeing to breakup was the main highlight fr me Yes we got to see the what happened before breakup but still didn't explain correctly JH's main reason for breakup.. using the sorry reason seemed quite feeble imo.. As HJ pointed out in ep 14, JH doesn't like conflicts and would rather escape than
  4. That reporter actually spoke in Banmal to JH..She must have threatened or something..but still shouldnt JH trust MJ Noona and HJ to handle this instead of just breaking up? I think the reporter meeting her and threatening was perhaps the last straw in an already confused JH? For all her talk abt being independent..its really painful to watch her struggle so much to be in a relationship..From all the clips shown in the last few epsidoes..HJ is really doing his best...We really dont know whats going on in JH's mind.. Will wait for subs before I decide whr to be angry wi
  5. What I hope/want to happen in the next 3 episodes Ep 14 JH and HJ wont break up. I am guessing that Jin A will hint to JH about HH and this will make JH to draw a line with HH..hence the dialgoue ..wont be your emotional outlet anymore - to HH. HJ decides to give more priority to their relationship and both have a frank discussion. Ep 15 - JH goes to HJ house for lunch and end of ep 15 maybe HJ goes to military, while they are still together . Ep-16 HJ is back from military by which time JH is also established firmly ..their relationship is stronger
  6. Jh asks HJ if he is happy since he achieved his dreams n I guess tells him that everyone knows his schedule but her??( my Korean is limited)..JH is upset n in tears n apologies to her n keeps thinking abt their conversation Episode ends with Lee Tae Su warning JH abt morning's headlines .. which is abt HJs mysterious girlfriend
  7. @MinLyn love your insights..its bang on !! Except for the below!! Am sure HJ would understand and will be ok with it..infact he would be greatful to HH for dropping her so late ( though he is getting jealous of HH)!! A lso in Ep13 preview of why she chose to call HH and not JH, I think it refers to getting the contract of the actress that HH referred. My guess is JH wud have told HH abt getting the contract first and not JH which is why he would have asked that question!!
  8. Like many have already posted, I too don't find anything wrong in JH inviting HH inside her house.. yes its late at night but she views HH just as a friend n nothing more.. it's HH who has all these feelings fr her.. since its late night ppl r speculating on the reason.. maybe HH complains to her thst you never invite me in... One observation is.. what would JH have done if she didn't have a bf or HJ/HH.. being in makeup field she woukd have expected late night shifts. N being independent she would have booked a taxi or planned something ahead had she been single!! N
  9. Yes in the video call scene, i would have expected shj to talk to jh or say something instead of just brushing it under the carpet.. clearly both of them felt bad so they should have talked it out!! Poor jh
  10. Silent lurker n regular follower here. Annyeong chingus!! had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived these scenes differently I felt that SHJ isn't giving priority to his relationship with JH/ that he has taken it fr granted 1. Only when jinwu asked him what JH would think abt his ex-gf interview, SHJ thought abt it n called JH 2. Also Jinwu reminded SHJ wouldn't it be better for him to see his gf now than n his friends.. given the situation 3. Shj is going overseas
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