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  1. A beautiful drama if we don't analyze the time travel logic.. To me the last few episodes made me to de-lurk and post my thoughts and questions!! While most dramas wrap up in last few episodes.. this one had the most action and nail biting scenes ( Ignoring 2nd half of ep 16 ofcoz).. I was initially shocked when I saw LR escape with the whole flute ..my mind was racing with thoughts of what next til I saw LG n LR in bamboo forest.. KES kept the suspense till ep16.. hats off!! I loved reading all the wonderful theories and analysis of fellow soompiers here!! Thanks guys for your enthusiasm n even better logic / theories fr the finale
  2. I have to read 20 pages to catch up.. dunno if anyone said this.. but this is what I think may happen / hope to happen 1. LG n JY stop the flute from breaking which means before bbLG breaks it n bfre bb LG is choked!! 2. JTE takes care of bbLG sho instead of ID card bbLG remembers JTE n like LG, JTE tells bbLG to remember her n come fr her in 2019. Which bbLG remembers n goes to her with whole flute! 3. SJ will pbly die while trying to save JTE if he goes to the past. SJ or LUuna brings LR to the forest.. LR is not in the car with JTE. SJ's mom was trying to commit suicide in 94 n trying to push SJ..so SJ may likely die without the swap. so am guessing he will end up dying fr JTE instead.
  3. In Ep 15 during the time freeze of LG n LR confrontation..are SJ n JY frozen ? They came with LG to ROK..so the persons traveling with either LG/LR are not frozen when they travel? If thats the case then JTE should also have noticed that time freezes when she moves from one world to another? JTE isn't aware of the time freeze till LG tells her..
  4. I still didn't get how LR is alive... wil wait fr the subs to check out that scene!!
  5. Why? LR died in 94 but is still present.. so why not JY.. And JTE has now two memories of falling in love with LG?? The original timeline n the new timeline which started after she hugged LG.. how can JTE remember both? It should be 2 different timelines ..ergo 2 different JTE..not the same JTE with both memories!
  6. So if Lee Rim's death in 1994 by his past self does not affect his future self.. then even if JY dies in past.. his future shouldn't be affected right RIGHT ??
  7. My jaw was literally open when I saw the ending/ preview..OMG This is the first kdrama where 15th episode left me totally shocked!! Other dramas wrap up everything by this point but TKEM can start a season just with ep15 ending!!
  8. Silent lurker!! Couldn't contain myself after today's episode!! OMG!!! LG N JY go back to 1994 coup!! WHAT AN ENDING!! TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!!
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