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  1. @bebebisous33 I am yet to read your recent analysis as I am caught up in my travel!! Going by the praise and appreciation, am soo much looking forward to it!! Am sure its going to be an awesome analysis!! Please do tag me in the romcom drama as well..I will start watching the drama only from March, but when I watch, I would definitely want to read your analysis!! Am soo happy that this thread is still hot and moving fast, sadly not able to put much time into reading this last 1 week..have to catch up lots on all the comments !! Appreciate everyone for still being active..esp the gifs..gives me my Encounter dosage for the day
  2. Am really astounded at the kind of ridiculous questions that are asked.. Seriously it was such a beautiful dreams with amazing performances and the interviewer asked THIS? Admire PBG for handling it well.. this question made me sooo angry @bebebisous33beautiful interpretation of eyes..Ep 16 was pbly the only time WS mother showed what she felt about CSH, but looking at your analysis. it was implied in the earlier episode as well... SHK eye expression.. wow her eyes are definitely her strongest points.. no dialogues needed indeed!!!
  3. @bebebisous33 your analysis just astounds me!! I never would have thought these just from this drama..Thank you so much for putting in so much time in each analysis!! I think you should really put all these analysis in a blog, invaluable to viewers of Encounter!! By any chance, have you written CSH analysis for Ep 8 ending ( when they meet after the 1 month time off? where JH hugs her and her hands are in her pockets initially) . Please do let me know, I will revisit the pages if you have already written.!! Also, did you notice the paintings in WS's room..it came only once or twice!! I vaguely remembered the story of the Little Prince, but am going to get myself a copy just to understand everything you said!! ETA: Did anyone try calling CSH or KJH phone numbers? The numbers were so plainly visible ..I was sooo tempted many times ..now its anyways too late.. Never called coz of my highly limited korean even if somebody did pick up ..am pretty sure it was one of the staff's nos or pbly numbers taken just for this show!!
  4. Reliving encounter through reruns and the BTS..wish we can get BTS for every episode!! Pls PD nim..atleast the BTS for all episodes...and the deleted scenes , if not season 2!! Still hanging on for every update on this beautiful drama!!
  5. Snow fall in korea is rare in feb/ early march.. but it does happen.. since they showed a light snow fall it is acceptable to be feb end Yes it's one year after they get back together I have to rewatch this.. were they discussing new year? Even korean new year is early feb.. so it can't be new year. But I don't think thereis a time jump before breakup.. except for the new year line.. nothing else indicates time jump
  6. My fav is don't hesitate love , that night and take me on This thread is moving so fast.. I have to travel in a week and instead of planning and packing, my mind is just playing encounter scenes in my head.. trying to watch encounter in all my spare time
  7. Please do tag me.. waiting for all your analysis.. esp the last 2 episodes I think @leedonghaek posted a few pages back..
  8. Apart from the beautiful love story, I realized this when I thought about the characters.. All the 3 leads had moms who weren't perfect.. but that didn't stop any of them from respecting/ loving their mom.. the leads ( including WS) don't agree with their moms and are even threatened, yet they don't raise their voice or show any disrespect... this seemed highly unrealistic.. but in the end the they are were able to change the mindset of their moms ( excluding ws mom) ... in a very calm manner.. which was profound to me.. Esp the way KJH handled his mother.. with care and affection and convinced her in his own way without any drama...this scene shows how thoughtful and calm he is.. he thinks a lot before he responds to any situation.. !!! Love doesn't change because ppl make mistakes.. he understands the reasoning behind the action..a beautiful learning indeed None of the characters screamed or did any over the top acting .. which I have often noticed in many dramas.. the characters behavior was consistent with the role.. The pace of the drama.. right from Ep 1 to ep16 was consistent.. very smooth took the very end.. never felt rushed at any time... The background music .. gives me the feels everytime the leads meet or in every significant scene.. the silence when JH finds out about what his mom did....i was holding my breath almost throughout ep 15.. the silence and the background music was perfect.. the music spoke in volumes what the audience felt.. I haven't watched many kdramas but i still think this is a rare masterpiece that I will watch again and again.. my comfort food!! This is my first PBG drama and to be honest. I didn't find him appealing ( don't scold me) when I saw the teaser. But he is seriously amazing and handsome..esp in the emotional scenes and the stubborn look that he gives. I am soo waiting fwd for his next. am so happy I decided to watch this show. This drama has definitely changed my perspective on many things. SHK rocks!!! You guys have written so beautifully about her. I don't even have to say anything.. just hope to see another of her drama soon pls.. not every 2 years!! I have to look up on the other work of the PD n scriptwriter.. thank you for giving us Encounter with such a brilliant casting !!! Saranghaeyo
  9. Cake is very beautiful esp inclusion of the camera n slippers... Cake reads" if the sea's job is to make waves, our job is to think of boyfriend" The same poem.. with the drama title
  10. Love PBG's sense of humor. Can anyone understand what PBG wrote in korean? his writing is sooo difficult to decipher.. partly coz of the marker. All i could make out was 'thank you'
  11. The first thing I do after watching every episode of encounter subbed is visit this forum and read all your analysis/thoughts and add in mine!! Today, I just couldn't do it. I watched the episode..went into a daze after ep 16 ended, listened to the OSTs , watched ep 16 ending again, but just couldn't come to terms that it is over and hence didn't come here !! In denial mode now like most of you!! I am yet to read most of your posts!! Coz I dont want this show to end!! I loved loved loved this drama..everything about it was sooo beautiful I dont want to go into farewell mood yet!! Few things my greedy heart wanted to see: 1) More lovey dovey scenes after they make up..while ep 16 was perfect, I really wish they added atleast 1 episode to show JH n CSH ( I miss them sooooo much) 2)I really wish I could have seen CSH walk down the aisle to JH ( just like JH asked in earlier episode), but I can understand the complexities with CSH father in jail!! 3) WS finding someone or just not alone ( except his faithful PA) 4) CSH in JH home..in a family meal 5) CSH n JH in CSH house ( are they living together really??) And, I still have a few silly questions abt the ending..if any of you could kindly clarify my poor soul!! 1) It looks like JH's mom approval and then JH's sweet letter was the turning point!! Does that mean that CSH is no longer guilty abt burdening his family?Or she is convinced that their family is completely ok with it and so things will get better? or she is just not letting her guilt stand in her way of true happiness? 2) Do we know when CSH father is coming out of prison? how many years? 3) Nothing is shown about JH visiting CSH mom after she turned a new leaf..so that is left to our interpretation? 4) Why didn't WS mom ask WS to become sole CEO of Donghwa hotel and oust CSH? Is it coz she knew her son won't do it? She had already warned him that she wouldn't spare him if he didn't do what she wanted..so why didn't she ask/threaten him? Coz she is going to prison?
  12. You have expressed so beautifully in words what I feel but struggle to express. Thank you @NongpeeP for being so insightful !! This drama is a classic.. nothing cheesy, silly or cringe worthy.. every frame every visual, dialogue n above all the acting by all the characters in each scene.. amazing.. And the OSTs... without them the scenes are not complete.. the feelings they give us, the hope, love ... every feeling that we feel when we watch.. it's the culmination of hardwork of all the artists right from the actors to the scriptwriters, musicians ..all the people involved to give us such a masterpiece.. THANK YOU!!! PBG SHK.. my dedicated thanks to you tomorrow after watching ep16
  13. This is so true.. my perception of ep15 changed after i watched with subs.. the scenes,expressions and dialogues are soo meaningful with subs.. Will get back after watching ep16 with subs.. Lots of thank you to say..lots to share
  14. Who wudnt be.. feeling emotional.. happy.. sad. So many mixed feelings.. didn't feel like this for any kdrama... Good that they didn't drag JH mom issue or court scenes.. no loose ends ( JM HI for next season?) But really wish OTP had more happy scenes.. this show spoiled me.. will i find any other drama that can beat this? Lots to say.. can't wait for the subbed version
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