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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Won’t recap the english parts. 


CSH lands in Cuba, sec Jang calls her to

let her know that he is in Cuba too. She calls him but his battery is over, she is walking all over Cuba in the places where they had spent time looking for him. She remembers the place where they were supposed to meet. 


He he is not there but she sees his message!!!  “Had we met again, I wanted to ask you if you had a boyfriend

he walks in and asks her if she has any money!!! Music swells in the background 

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Satisfied with the kiss?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


From the preview KJH makes his way back to the head office by virtue of meritocracy. After all, he was instrumental in making the Cuban haraboji to change his mind!

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Thank you for all the posts.

the most awaited message is revealed. I can't stop smiling, really:). No, actually, i laughed loud.

everything is in sync. In a previous ep, i just can't remember, SH reading an article about cuba's tourism, something about being doomed(?). And now the problem in cuba.

WS, please move on. Idk if i should hate you or should i curse you, there is no other option.


Jh and Sh, the telepathic couple, i def agree 10000%

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OMG THE KISS!! Its the hottest kiss  I have seen in Kdrama!! Cant believe it!! Cant get over it!! WOW

Wow..Just wow..grinning like anything:wub: Am sure the kiss will be trending for the next few weeks!! :wub:


And the preview..is that what I think it is in the end? Cant wait one week!! Omg!!! 


At this rate..wouldnt be surprised if they go all the way in this series!! OMG



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