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  1. Kyo posted said thank you to fans for supporting https://www.instagram.com/p/BtDOMFDHH3l/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=ushz9hesxyx5
  2. Thank you to everyone and for everything . it was a beautiful and a thoughtful drama indeed . Ep 16 was a beautiful closure and it wrapped up neatly. Love love Sohuyn and Jinhyuk and thank you kyo and Bogum for accepting this drama, I was a bit hesitate in the beginning bcos of the age gap but ending loving you both as the drama progressed. Hopefully seeing you both in a movie in the future though it seems odd . But who knows. and Kyo, when can I see you again in a next project? Ahhhhh... I miss them both already and I feel empty Thank you everyone
  3. Since jh’s mom is so stubborn, I hope jh moves out of her house and live with SH...eh , what can she do joking aside, I do think both need some times to sort out what is important and what’s not. Times to absorb and sort things out, we all need it at times. I think they won’t drag out at ep 16 , a happy ending with a lot of kisses and maybe babies , I believe .
  4. The boyfriend' production team said, "I would like to ask your attention to the romance of the two people, whether Suhyeon and Jinhyuk, who were hard in the crisis, can overcome all adversity and protect their love until the end. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001083852 I’m pretty sure we will get a happy ending...but first, some tears .
  5. “Please let me leave you with the good memory with which I can live forever.” After Suhyun’s father made a confession to recede from his position for Suhyun to be separated from Taekyung, Jin Hyuk made up his mind that he would protect Suhyun by her side. But, Suhyun is worried that Jinhyuk’s family will be damaged and says goodbye to JH. Jinhuk is unable to accept her sudden goodbye, and runs toward Suhyun. Oh @khxy already did the translation, thanks dear. btw, i believe that we will have a happy ending.
  6. @krisan hug hug , it’s ok chingu, it’s not like the end of the world i just finally realize why it’s fine not being here though I love kyo this much. Yep. I’m done with my postings. See ya. I hope kyo can have a good rest after the drama.
  7. ah, luckily i will only be here until the drama is over and then back on my hiatus until kyo's next drama...this is exhauting I am happy whatever kyo choose to do as long as she is happy... Happy watching chingus
  8. Well, i have never seen this strict elsewhere in my 12 years being here, but never mind ...today is Wednesday and I hope you guys have a great time watching bf and the continuation of the balcony kiss
  9. @sugarbunnee thank you so much for your awesome post . Just what exactly I have in heart as well but I’m bad in writing. I wonder why your post got deleted, is this thread being so strict that we cannot post anything we have in mind? Please be fair , it’s getting too silly and we are adults with open mind here.
  10. The report said that in this scene JH and SH will confirm their strong heart to each other . https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000701135
  11. Well it doesn’t surprise me if those nasty comments come from haters as this isn’t the first time they bash kyo for no reason. But like said kyo is a strong woman and she has now jk beside her, I am not worry. Let’s try to keep this thread happy and fun chingus. I just try to enjoy and support the drama the best I can cos we dun know when we get to see her in a next project ...anytime soon...
  12. Kyo had been through the hardships before, much more worse than this one. This is only for work and if those nonsense stupid fans bash her bcos it was her work, then they aren’t worth to mention. Those bashing could come from haters, not necessary from ss fans, of cos I know there are quite a lot of obsessive ss fans whom think kyo and jk can’t work with other actors, just them together “ crazy madness “ *grow up* and get a life. They aren’t fans in my book. Let’s just try our best to ignore them, this will be bygone, kyo is a strong cookie and she has tons of delicate fans whom support her. Those nasty comments always seems louder but they are few comparing to the positive supports. True fans would never bash her works. and pardon me, it was just a kiss for god sake . Why made that stupid noise , they are actors, it’s their jobs. Nuts . Ppl are getting crazy Fighting, just trying hanging in for a few weeks and let’s doing our best to support encounter . @tiendoank thanks for the kind words
  13. Encounter ranks as nr1 content influence index from des 31st to Jan 6th https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002753585
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