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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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1 minute ago, lolly84 said:

I really don't see the acting here... it's so natural that i start to doubt both actor's emotions... Sorry but i really liked this love story and this couple and i don't feel bad for her real husband... :lol:

That is how they are called as Hallyu Stars.. They are the Cream of the Crops. That is why we can see it naturally. Like you how I really love this couple. Sorry Joongki. This will pass... Lol. 

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12 minutes ago, Glycie Manongsong said:

That is how they are called as Hallyu Stars.. They are the Cream of the Crops. That is why we can see it naturally. Like you how I really love this couple. Sorry Joongki. This will pass... Lol. 

Hallyu stars might be named for their high fame/stardom but the Hallyu stars who are real actors/actresses will act with utmost to portray and create the roles to exist in the audiences' drama world and forget their own identity and status.


Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo have worked the best as a professional to bring Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun to the screens we all have watched, worth to be highly appreciated.


PD Nim who interviewed that audiences will forget their real identity but their chemistry will be memorized, he spoke from his own eyes after watching Park Bo Gum's and Song Hye Kyo's acting...as we have just watched. :thumbsup:

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This thread is going hotter with bitting,sucking lips from our OTP :rolleyes: which is I'm not complaining at all..

What's gonna happen with all of us here,if director-nim n writer-nim bring us to the 'next level'..I can imagine that all of the post here mostly type with screaming, grinning, n screen cap of the scene..


Seems like its gonna be heaten up not only their relationship but also with people around them..brace yourself chingu for the upcoming storm n rainbow..sail all the way SH x JHB)

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1. +1620, -57 Today Jinhyuk and Suhyun were so lovely and so cute. Hwaiting to the drama and both actors~~ I can feel Jinhyuk's feelings, it's really beautiful. When these two meet it's so heart-fluttering. The deep kiss and when they said I love you to each other were so sweet~ 
2. +1174, -32 Today was really crazy, daebak!!! Park Bogum daebak so cool!!!
3. +888, -30 The kiss scene is daebak~ Park Bogum, you~ These two actors are really good at acting. If Jinhyuk-ie and Suhyun-ie are happy, I'll be really happy too
4. +722, -17 Kiss daebak........
5. +303, -7 This episode is the best ㅠㅠ Both of them are so heart-fluttering and their acting is good. Park Bogum is really good at kissing too 
6. +163, -0 The kiss scene was really long ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7. +154, -32 Song Joongki-ssi close your eyes ㅋ Or just don't watch the TV ㅋㅋ They really match well ㅋㅋ Su & Jin couple~~^♡♡♡
8.+118, -10 Today I bet there's no one who didn't go crazy~~
9. +64, -1 Best kiss scene.....source credit @https://kkumnetz.blogspot.com/2019/01/drama-boyfriend-ep-10.html?m=1
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Seriously...all men should take note of the books he read about Love...even better if they read them ! Understanding them is another story....

And i'm not talking about any technical books about kissing...obviously he didn't need any !! :thumbsup:

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22 hours ago, shyguitar said:

And that kiss. That forceful, playful, goodbye-baby-see-you-later-kiss! OMG can’t believe they lasted a month after that. As a new couple it must’ve been tough to be away. Especially now that they are more comfortable in exchanging hugs n kisses. 


@shyguitar I totally agree.  Those were all amazing kisses and if I were KJH, there is no way I would have lasted a month without more of those kisses.  When my wife and I started dating, we were kissing so much we were going through like a tube of chapstick every other day.

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1 hour ago, ahdrianaa said:

When the old Cuban gentleman asked KJH if he loved CSH and KJH wouldn’t give him a straight answer, he said he missed her a lot. I think the reason why he wouldn’t say so isn’t because he wasn’t sure about his feelings.


It’s just that KJH is that much of a romantic that he wouldn’t feel right telling someone else that he is in love with CSH before he can confess to CSh outloud that he is in love with her. Two episodes ago he told her that she was the reason behind him understanding the true meaning of love but he didn’t say he was in love with her.


KJH, you are such a fluffy marshmallow. 


Interested in everyone else’s opinion about why KJH wouldn’t say he was in love with CSH to ole Samuel. 

I interpreted JinHyuk's response like this:

1) JinHyuk has his own way of phrasing things.  If he can say what needs to be said and choose words that give color and life to his statements, that's what he'll do.  At heart, JinHyuk seems to be an artist and words and photography are his mediums.

2) My thoughts are kind of similar to your second point about JinHyuk being a romantic.  However, I think he also knows that SooHyun is detail-oriented and straightforward.  So even though he'd already told her once that he knows now what love is, he realized (decided?) that he should do it again, so that she can have no doubt.

3) He hasn't even told his parents that he's in love with someone yet.  If he hasn't told them, he probably feels a bit nervous about telling Samuel. 



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47 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

Last translation for this episode for me. This is the video call between JH and SH.

This is just such a cute conversation between JH and SH as they tease and flirt and are just comfortable speaking with each other.  And, JH, as always, is thinking of SH, and going to lengths to help her become comfortable as much as he can. Sweetie. :wub:



When KJH set his hair before Video call, I wanna tell him no need, you are very handsome already.

Likewise, when CSH ran to pick cloth to cover her pajama, I wanna shout CSH is too beautiful, no need to be not confident.  :wub:




By the way, I have just finished watching Encounter ep10 with English Subtitle. 

I like one part of KJH&CSH’s conversation.


CSH: Were you upset when I said we should take some time away from each other?


KJH: That didn’t upset me but something else did. 


CSH: What upset you?


KJH: We promised to overcome it with our good memories but you were worried that I wouldn’t be able to persist. That made me upset. 

I’ve got so many texts these days. KJH is a gossip topic among my old classmates and my family is worried. 

Many different reactions are gusting towards me.

So, do I want to hide from it all? 

Or am I hesitating because I’m startled.

I don’t intend doing that. 

I don’t have a solution but I’m determined to resolve it. 

But maybe I looked too weak. 

That’s what I thought


{We understood from what KJH shared to CSH all obstacles he faced and in ep9 when he asked to bet a break why he endured not to cry because he don’t want to be weak.}

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11 minutes ago, Jemrie said:

Balcony scene 1f48f.pngwow2 onion headWe can all survive another week,TVN never dissappointed us 


I think I'm going nuts.

When I think I got over the kiss, and then another gif is posted, in slow-mo this time

I start to squeal and blush again.

Please stop it! :joy:



14 hours ago, africandramalover said:

Honestly, shiny tears are her signature move!!


What's funny is, SHK rarely cries. That's what her friends say. I think she's reserving her tears to when she needs it to appear. And YES, shiny tears is her signature move. She lets those stay in her eyes before she lets them fall. I noticed that too.


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