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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Still like a fly over the moon chingus :rolleyes:? Becz that's what I'm feeling right now..I've already saw epi 9 yesterday,n yes exactly like I thought, I'm cried..a lot n wiped my tears alone..apart from happy little thing happens,when they made decision to take a break,I'm felt it too..the sadness..kudos to PBGxSHK who delivered those feeling perfectly..n jang seung jo(?) who play as ex hubby,he nailed it as a how should I describe it? horrible yet pitiful yet little kind(yes just a little,don't throw me chingu :sweatingbullets:)ex hubby..if u don't have CSH,just come to me,I will pat u in the back :phew:

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I just got this crazy idea about future development in this story. consider it seems like they take the relationship to the next level next week I just got this thought about them getting a baby... To me it feels right moving somewhat away from everyone that is against them and show their marriage as a family with children. I remember Secret garden had the OTP marrying and having kids, and they showed how they manage it and also that his mother backed somewhat away, but acted as a grandmother to the kids. I am not sure if this is gonna be right for this story, but I would love to see the story move away from everyone doing stuff to separate our OTP to seeing them being a couple, also to me it is not always we see drama showing OTP marriage life and how they handle that. I also believe here being married will be a shield from the world because it is harder for other to do something about that status. 


sorry for my rambling, I am really looking forward to see what's next for our lovely couple :wub:

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Okay, I need to take a deep breath Or else I’m going to be hyperventilated.

This episode is so sweet , steamy hot and passionate.

as a fan of SHK , I watched several kiss scenes but this one just blew me away. To answer some questions about whether SHK kiss like this before , she does in several other dramas; however , only this one , especially  the balcony one is just so passionate, so hot and steamy which  just makes me feel so real , so natural, makes my heart flutters and my face is grinning and happy looking at them as Im not watching a drama but  sneakingly see  two lovebirds hungry for each other , miss each other and cannot even have enough.

I asked dramagod several favors and she did answer back.

1. I’m dying to know what Will JH ask CSH on the day if the meet at cafeteria and here I have the answer, yes, JH, if you are stuck by the Cupid love l, go for it,do not hesitate, pick it up what left and make she become yours. This show how different JH and WS is , one is so determined in what they want and take action vs one still struggle of finding the right communication to the person he loves.

2. Until when JH will drop honorific and call SH by name instead and here I have the answer, omggg I’m so happy and jumping screaming like yesss, there you go boy , you nailed it again.

3. Please somebody get that mother witch some purnishment, she drove me nuts , and here she humiliated herself , yes please kneel more and humiliated yourself more , you deserve that.


Dramagods, I know you already grant all my wishes but I know my greed have no limit just like JH 

here are my wishes :

1 . Please keep the good momentum like this and please have them a good happy juice ending. 

2. Please give driver Nam some courage so that he can confess his love to Mrs Kim , he deserve happiness as I love him so much.

3. Please keep the hong-Jae playground for JH and CSH

4. WS is not bad , I don’t like him but he also deserves his inward peace as he does receive the prize( losing his love)

5. The best way MIL receives purnishment is WS leaving her and taeyoung group and start his own life.

Also to answer the question why JH didn’t answer that he love CSH to the landowner instead just saying he miss her, my interpretation is : since the owner said his answer will play the crucial roles to make the owner decide so JH is very careful with words. He love CSH but if he answers he loves her than that makes the owner think his intention to come to meet the owner is not sincere . The owner wants people to know that that the garden is special because it held the beautiful memories, 

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Pheww!!! I woke up in the morning and wonder if I am still alive...hahaha....thank god I am still breathing...hmmm...planning to rewatch the kiss again...and again....oh my.....

Thank you so much all chingus here...you all are amazing...thank you for all the post here...:kiss_wink:

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Last night's episode was so, so hot and steamy.
I dropped my phone when watching KJH said I love you and kissed CSH, due to trembling hand...
So romantic and crazily hot!!!!

I am a fan of SHK since Autumn in My Heart...
Then a fan of SHK and SJK - uri SongSong couple...
I have huge appreciation towards SHK's actings and how she portrayed every characters she's in. 
However, I came across a lot of negative comments like her being kissed/kissed PBG as a sign of her falling in love with PBG. About how she's cheating on SJK..
Oh come on...
But what I see is those two, SHK and PBG, as two professional actor and actress who are doing their jobs perfectly, to act and give audiences a wonderful melodrama... 

The kisses are between Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk, in the drama nation called Encounter/Boyfriend...

I cannot wait to see what this drama will offer... I sure hope CSH's ex-husband would not joined the evil forces against CSH... It is unfortunate that his love towards CSH was not felt by her.. It's just too late for them both anyway... and CSH' heart belongs to KJH...
I wanted to know how will KJH's family reacted to CSH... especially the mother... 
I hope that cute Secretary will end up with the snail soup owner... :D
Their bickering is fun to watch!

This drama is so beautiful... From the cinematography, OST, actors and actresses, the story, the actings.... 

Now, back to the kissing..
I am having goosebumps again to see especially the HD GIF!!! :blush::wub::kiss_wink:

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